Markus Eisele
3 hours ago

#Java Heap Dump Analyzer that looks for problems proactively

Astra Kernel :verified:
7 hours ago

✨ Programming languages used in twitter algorithms (From GitHub)

Where is Go?

#rustlang #python #scala #java #cpp #programming #golang

Programming language in twitter algorithm

Scala 53.8%
Marek Küthe
14 hours ago

Worked on my first UnCiv Mod today and yesterday:

1 nation, 19 units, 7 buildings. Some units are based on reality, some on my imagination and some on FLOSS projects - so quite a mess.

You can meet Yumi from Ubuntu Touch as a worker, Moby as a ship from Docker, Xue as a scout from Xfce, Wilber as a Great Artist from GIMP, Ferris as a merres unit from Rust and Duke as a lab creature from Java.

#UnCiv #Yumi #UbuntuTouch #Moby #Docker #Xfce #GIMP #Rust #Duke #Java #Game

You can see writing on blue background (from Civilpedia from UnCiv). It is a cutout from the nation "Logicians". The symbol is pink/white bordered, black inside and has as logo a kind of mini flow chart. Below it, slightly larger than the other font, is "The logician of Logicans". Below that, the nation's "specialties" are listed. The list is so long that it no longer fits on the picture:
- +5% combat bonus for units fighting in Foreign Land
- Defense bonus for units fighting in Friendly Land
- +1 Food pert 1 population in capital
- +10% Food in capital
- Receive free Kernel when you discover Gunpowder
- When conquering an encampment, earn 5 Gold and recruit a Barbarian unit
- +5% City-State Influence degradation
- -5 Faith per 15 Population in all cities in which the majority religion is a major religion
- -10% Golden Age Length
- +200% maintenance costs for Nuclear Weapn units
- Receive free Xue when you discover Trapping
- -90% maintenance costs for Firefly units
- Defense bonus for Firefly units

Note: I have fixed the fact that "population" is written once in upper and once in lower case - now both are written in lower case.
Anthony Accioly
17 hours ago

Someone has reminded me that this question is now 9 years old. As far as I know JPA still haven't standardized an equivalent to Hibernate's @Generated annotation. Or at least I've failed to find anything promising in the latest Jakarta Persistence specs.
JPA experts in my network, can anyone confirm?

#java #jpa

Sven Ruppert
17 hours ago

#Security Short - about the infection method trojan package - what is is and how it works - #cybersecurity #howto #java #research #cyberdefense #devsecops

18 hours ago

Proposed to target JDK 21: JEP 444: Virtual Threads: #jdk21 #openjdk #java

Hibernate ORM 6.2.0 Final has been released.
- Hibernate now supports structured SQL types including struct, XML and JSON
- Hibernate now support the mapping of Java records as embeddables
- and more
#java #hibernate

21 hours ago

pylucene: my webapp django crash after first query pylucene query (version 9.1) #java #python3 #django

Java Bubble
23 hours ago

Awesome #java / #jvm savvy accounts to follow:

👋🏼 Lance Andersen - @lancea
👋🏼 Henrik Sachse - @0x7d7b
👋🏼 James Gosling - @JamesGosling
👋🏼 Thomas Darimont - @thomasdarimont
👋🏼 Sebastian Daschner - @daschners

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Michal Špondr
1 day ago

#Java profiling u aplikací běžících uvnitř Dockeru se dá celkem šikovně dělat pomocí nástroje Java Flight Recorder, jehož dump pak umí pěkně graficky zpracovat jak IntelliJ IDEA, tak zejména tool JDK Mission Control.

Máte někdo jiné zkušenosti s profilingem Java aplikací?

Sven Ruppert
1 day ago
1 day ago

#Chaquopy is a framework that can help #AndroidDevs run #Python scripts from #Java/#Kotlin code in #Android apps 🐍📱

Zachary Powell 🥑:androidHead:
1 day ago

My #SteamDeck arrived Wednesday and in the excitement, I forgot to post! Honestly, this thing is amazing! Not only can it play pretty much everything I have in my steam library but having a handle held #Linux machine is amazing. Reminds me of the days of running distros on my Android phone BUT with controls that work well 😂
It's also a beast at #retro #gaming and of course #Java #Minecraft runs flawlessly!

Tobias Frech
1 day ago

On the JavaLand #unconference we talked about improving the #Java developer experience. One key service is #Maven Central and they are doing a wonderful job for the whole ecosystem. Thank you for this!

How can this repository service be augmented with even more useful services?

I really like what is doing.

And only today I discovered that such a service like exists.

Do you have other examples?

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
1 day ago

- Why do #Java programmers wear glasses?
+ Because they can't C#.

1 day ago

Performance implications of -XX:+/-PerfDisableSharedMem #java #performance

1 day ago
Ted M. Young
1 day ago

Did you need another reason to attend KCDC in June? Good, because I'm giving a #Java talk on:

"AssertJ: The Hidden Gem of Unit Testing"

AssertJ is HUGE, and you're probably not aware of all that it can do. Let's see how much of it I can squeeze into a talk!

Ken Kousen :verified:
1 day ago

TIL: How to fix the code assist in my @Gradle build file that uses the Groovy DSL in @intellijidea :
It's a trivial fix, which I can't believe I didn't realize long ago #Java #Gradle #Groovy #Kotlin

2 days ago

Tick, Tick…Boom! 💥
#Dropwizard 3.0.0 *AND* 4.0.0 have been released with a plethora of changes. #Java

Both versions target a baseline of Java 11, and while Dropwizard 3.x still targets Jakarta EE 8 with the `java.*` namespace, Dropwizard 4.x targets Jakarta EE 9 with the `jakarta.*` namespace.

Thanks a lot to the countless contributors to this epic tandem release!

Release notes


Dioramic Life
2 days ago

Looks like I'm learning #python, as well as spending more time with #java, this year.

#pythonlang #javalang

2 days ago

#Dropwizard 2.1.6 has been released with a bunch of dependency updates and 3 bug fixes (documentation, dropwizard-healthcheck and dropwizard-dependencies). #Java

Release Notes:

IT News
2 days ago

JetBrains updates IDEs for Java, JavaScript, Ruby - JetBrains has released new versions of its IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine IDEs ... - #integrateddevelopmentenvironments #softwaredevelopment #developmenttools #javascript #typescript #kotlin #java #ruby

2 days ago
Sven Ruppert
2 days ago

Security Shorts - What is #Penetration Testing? The way white hackers are working - #fuzzing #devsecops #pentest #java #development #software #security

IT News
2 days ago

Generational garbage collection promises to boost Java performance - A proposal floating in the Java community would improve application performance by ext... - #programminglanguages #softwaredevelopment #java

RT NickZhu
Hi everyone, welcome to our March update of Visual Studio @code for #Java! This time we have UX improvements of running Java programs, live Spring Boot data visualization on cloud and smarter AWT code completion! Check this blog for details:


Media source:

Join @hpgrahsl and me live in 2 hours from now (18:00 CET / 12noon US Eastern) for a #DevNation Tech Talk about 3 #EventDriven Architecture Patterns: the claim-check pattern, the content enricher pattern, and the message translator pattern

#Kafka #Java

Markus Tacker
2 days ago

Second day of #BoosterConf starts with a #refactoring workshop run by Karoline Skylstad and Siv Midtun Rollup (, we are going to dive into a #Java codebase while applying some constraints.

The workshop room
Karoline Skylstad and Siv Midtun Rollup hosting the workshop
Karoline Skylstad speaking at BoosterConf 2023
Cloud Builders Community
2 days ago

Sky Cat and Sky Dog from Сloud Builders are making final preparations for the conf 🐾
Are you with us yet?

If not - catch the last chance to meow-gister😺

Incredible speakers & hosts will be with us today!

👀 What to expect?
Code & practice focused sessions, #Java puzzles, interactive demos, even survival guides and much more!

And who knows, maybe today we'll decide which team will win - Java cats or Java dogs😎😉

Frederik Hahne
3 days ago

Ich freue mich! Im April trifft sich die #java User Group in Paderborn wieder! Details folgen noch. Bitte weitersagen!

Erik C. Thauvin
3 days ago

Bld: Java Build System (via Erik's Weblog)

There's a new builder in town.


Shai Almog
3 days ago

This is the episode I've been waiting for!

Finally a working Wordle web app running on Spring Boot with Thymeleaf:

#tutorial #learntocode #java #springboot

Bart Louwers
3 days ago

Reading a 25 year old engineering book on #Java #JNI that is still the most up-to-date book on the subject. Native development is wild.

Essential JNI book
Guillaume Laforge
3 days ago

Neat tutorials showing how you can create your own #java profiler, in just 240 of Java code, by creating an agent, looking at the call stack, and even generating a flame graph in HTML!

Markus Eisele
3 days ago

#esProc: esProc SPL is a scripting language for data processing, with well-designed rich library functions and powerful syntax, which can be executed in #Java through #JDBC interface and computing independently.

Geert Bevin
3 days ago

My new project #bld gets noticed by #TheServerSide:
"Want to write your software #build logic entirely in #Java? There’s a new build tool out that does exactly that. Its name? Bld. It’s been built by two heavyweights of the software engineering world: Geert Bevin and @ethauvin ..."

Check the full article out here:

Logos of TheServerSide and bld
Java Bubble
5 days ago

Awesome #java / #jvm savvy accounts to follow:

👋🏼 Heiko Scherrer - @openwms
👋🏼 Zineb Bendhiba - @zbendhiba
👋🏼 Corneil du Plessis - @corneil
👋🏼 Spencer Gibb - @spencergibb
👋🏼 Pasha Finkelshteyn - @asm0dey

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👋🏼 Thorben Janssen - @thjanssen123
👋🏼 Andreas Gebhardt - @agebhar1
👋🏼 María Arias de Reyna - @delawen
👋🏼 Ben Rady - @benrady
👋🏼 Daniel Hinojosa - @dhinojosa

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Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

Today was spent writing a LOT of #java code. Surely there must be an easier way to read and write XML and JSON. By Odin, java's methods for this seem so much more complex than those of #PHP and #python.

I'm familiar with Jax, Stax, Saxon,, Jackson, and the DOM, but none of these are easy or straightforward. Enterprise documents do not live in a vacuum!


Because without caffeine I don't function.

An old-timey coffee shop sign.
Elan Hasson
1 week ago

Why are people still using #Java?

2 weeks ago

New candidate JEP: 443: Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview): #openjdk #java

Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

This #Maven and #Gradle plugin generates #TypeScript definition files from #Java JSON. It helps us a lot when frontend and backend teams collaborate:

Ken Kousen :verified:
2 weeks ago

This week's Tales from the jar side, about AI tools taking jobs, the four quadrants of American politics, a cliché from a memorial service, a new Mockito video, and the usual amusing assortment of tweets and toots
#Java #Mockito #ChatGPT

Ben Evans
2 weeks ago

It’s here! #java

A cardboard box of copies of a book called “Java in a Nutshell 8th Edition”
Hank G ☑️
2 weeks ago
It seems people are skittish enough now about Oracle that they are using OpenJDK instead at record rates, Oracle now only has 35% of the JVM install base. I made the "OpenJDK or bust" decision for any project I had sway over after watching a customer go through a licensing bait and switch with Oracle that cost them countless millions of dollars. After that I would never recommend their databases, Java, or cloud offerings. The problem though is that Oracle represents the overwhelming majority of the effort keeping OpenJDK and Java going. The more people run into the open source arms the more draconian I imagine Oracle will be. I'm mostly not using the JVM for projects right now but it is something to watch out for. #Java #openjdk #oracle…
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 weeks ago

I was asked why I use an #xpath approach to read #xml files in #java, rather than #marshaling using #jaxb or #jaxws. Well: apart from not feeling like spending the effort to recreate the XML document in Java, marshaling relies relies on functionality that can be abused and exploited easily, as a result of the XML standards. At least with the #Saxon xpath library, that particular danger can be avoided. #cybersecurity

2 weeks ago

New candidate JEP: 441: Pattern Matching for switch: #openjdk #java

Shai Almog
2 weeks ago

My Java Basics course is covering Thymeleaf HTML generation this week... Pretty close to a fully working web app from scratch!

#java #tutorial #learntocode

heise online
2 weeks ago

Java-Community-Konferenz: JavaLand wird nächste Woche Rekorde brechen

Die Vorträge und ihr Begleitprogramm des sogenannten JavaLand-Studios werden nächsten Dienstag und Mittwoch live auch auf heise online übertragen.

#Java #news

Tim Zöller
3 weeks ago

Anybody in the #Java world who would like to explain to me why this Sonar rule "Abstract classes without fields should be converted to interfaces" is a good idea?

I remember times when Interfaces were... interfaces? Am I the old fart now who still programs like it's 2015?

Josiah Winslow
3 weeks ago

More fun comments from ITDEV-140: Miss Hannigan's Revenge. #java

// Yes, I know some of these aren't fruits, but I like the name "fruits"
private final String[] fruits = {
    "Cherries", "Oranges", "Plums", "Bells", "Melons", "Bars"
double winnings; // double or nothing? haha
Die fishDie = new Die(6); // "fishDie" is an unfortunate name...
package sometime.ast;

public abstract class AST {
    // not much here
Josiah Winslow
3 weeks ago

I failed ITDEV-140 the first time I took it, so the second time, I made sure the teacher knew that I knew what I was talking about. #java

int[] symbolCounts = new int[fruits.length];
// This array is already all zeroes,
// according to Section 4.12.5 of the Java specs,
// so we don't need to uncomment this line (for now)
//Arrays.fill(symbolCounts, 0);
int[] playerPoints = new int[numberOfPlayers];
// We don't technically have to fill this with 0, but I'll do it anyways
Arrays.fill(playerPoints, 0);
int sum = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < digits.length(); i++) {
    sum += digits.charAt(i) - '0'; // Chars are integers in disguise!
// I don't really need to initialize these min/max ints here,
// no matter how much Netbeans yells at me if I don't
int minVal = 0;
int minIndex = 0;
int maxVal = 0;
int maxIndex = 0;
boolean minMaxInit = false;
Josiah Winslow
3 weeks ago

I've never liked that #Java has no nextChar() function. next().charAt(0) is just kinda annoying.

// What really annoys me about Java:
// There's no nextChar().
// You gotta get the 0th char of the next token
charIn =;
// There is no nextChar(), which saddens me.
// Also, we have to convert the character to a string
// to make contains() work right with everything.
choice = Character.toString(;
Josiah Winslow
3 weeks ago

I never knew what to put in as an exit message.

From ITDEV-140. #java

System.out.println("This counts as an exit message, right?");
System.out.println("Does this count as an exit message?");
System.out.println("I've used this multiple times...");
System.out.println("...surely this counts by now.y");