Dimi Piraat
2 minutes ago

Forgot to listen to Lefto’s Think Outside the Kiosk radio show again when it was live earlier today. Luckily there’s Mixcloud!
#lefto #KioskRadio #ThinkOutsideTheKiosk #radioShow #LeftoEarlyBird #house #electronica #jazz #mixcloud

Eddie Jefferson
Two days before he was dead
Great Jazz vocalist
#Haiku #Jazz #History #Detroit #TuneSaturday I
saw him live 2xs

2 hours ago

I used to really really dislike this and... well... I gotta admit...'s part of Christmas for me now. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

I must be getting old. 🎄

#music #nowListening #jazz

Good Night, Mary Jane ...

Greg Burk - Sapphire mist


#leepvogel #goodnight #music #jazz #GregBurk

All About Jazz
4 hours ago

Album Review

Ahmad Jamal: Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse, 1966-1968

Ahmad Jamal, his uncluttered allegiance to cool, underscored syncopation, and profound ease and understanding of Erroll Garner's orchestral maneuvers, rides high the groove on Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse 1966-1968 and conclusively, both then and now, takes your mind off those, and these, turbulent times. #jazz

All About Jazz
4 hours ago

Multiple Reviews
Scary Goldings And The Adam Deitch Quartet: Funky But Chic

Having learned to find and make a place for himself in the bands of George Duke and Miles Davis, John Scofield has gone on to perform similar magic with artists as disparate as Medeski Martin & Wood plus Phil Lesh. His latest affiliations once again find the guitarist/composer displaying his uncanny ability to sublimate himself in a group setting...

Todd Crawshaw
4 hours ago

Today's playlist for Dec 3 2023 Fuse 'n Flow jazz show on

Join us in jazz fun every Sunday at 11 am Alberta, 1 pm Eastern, 6 pm UK, 8 pm Ukraine

#yeg #jazz #yyc #alberta #fusenflow #bigeradio #albertamusic #music #radio

Spotlight On
5 hours ago

Spotlight On recommends: An NTS Guide To the Avant-Garde Jazz of Blue Note Records:

"A tour of some of the avant-garde sounds released on Blue Note, featuring recordings from Art Blakey, Donald Byrd, Wayne Shorter, Solomon Ilori, and more."

#jazz #JazzMusic #AvantGardeJazz

A man playing a trumpet in a jazz setting.
6 hours ago

This morning's workout #music comes from #tvItaliana broadcasting Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers in 1963 #jazz #HardBop #BeBop

The band:
Art Blakey (drums), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Cedar Walton (piano), Curtis Fuller (trombone), Reggie Workman (contrabass).

Introduction by Adriana Serra 00:34
Children of the night 03:08
Skylark 15:17
In the wee small hours of the morning 23:40
That old feeling 29:14
I didn't what time it was 36:31
Mosaic 43:54

Brian Sullivan
7 hours ago

At Work in Europe

Ben Webster

#jazz #vinyl

At Work in Europe

Ben Webster

#jazz #vinyl
🎅🏻 Lisa HOHOHO Rabey 🎄
8 hours ago

Looking for #holiday #music? I present two mixes. "Lisa's Merry Motherfuckin' Holiday Mix 2006" ( which has about 2 hours worth of punk, pop, and covers. Then! "Punk Rock Xmas and Holiday Jamz" which has nearly 500 holiday tunes! (

#Christmas #MixTapes #PunkRock #Pop #Blues #Jazz #Indie #WorldMusic #Country

Todd Crawshaw
8 hours ago

Fuse 'n Flow;; 11 am AB, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK, 8 pm Ukraine

Today's 90-min jazz hour features some tracks from The Senator, an album recorded at the Yardbird Suite in celebration of Senator Tommy Banks, plus some swingin' Bop, and a few non-traditional-jazz cats. Featured artists include Hutchinson Andrew Trio, Al Muirhead, Caity Georgy, Art Blakey, Leonard Cohen, Gretchen Parlato, Jimmy Somerville and more
#yeg #jazz #radio #sundayjazz #yyc #albertamusic #jazzmasters

Photo of man slumped over drum kit, captioned "Too drunk to play jazz, too sober to play the blues"
jesse jarnow
8 hours ago

savoring every single page of john szwed's new harry smith bio, "cosmic scholar" & especially this description of harry's #jazz paintings, structured as mandalas (!!) where each brushstroke represents specific music. plus jordan belson's diagram of how to read one.

painting of Manteca by Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie's Lover Come Back To Me, plus diagram by Jordan Belson
excerpt of book text
excerpt of book text
Brian Sullivan
9 hours ago

The Amazing Bud Powell

#jazz #vinyl

The Amazing Bud Powell

#jazz #vinyl
Ken Laster 😎
9 hours ago

My Sunday morning listen. This overlooked Joe Farrell album also has fine playing playing by Freddie Hubbard and George Cables. A great pickup at a used record store for $3 in mint condition. #Nowplaying #jazz #vinyl

Richard Littler
9 hours ago

#NowPlaying. I bought this copy when I was a teen.
The record shop no longer exists.
The IRA blew it up.
#jazz #vinyl

Vinyl on a stand: Bill Evans - How My Heart Sings!
Inner Groove
12 hours ago


“Up A Step” by Hank Mobley (1964)

Solid hard bop album by tenor saxophonist #HankMobley, featuring on this track performances by Mobley, trumpeter Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock on piano, bassist Butch Warren, and drummer Philly Joe Jones.

#NowPlaying #Jazz

13 hours ago

Just got back from seeing Sadao Watanabe perform at Suntory Music Hall. He’s still got amazing chops. 90 years old and you can tell he would play buttery smooth jazz all night if he could. Still putting out new albums. What a legend.


14 hours ago

on now:
Sun Ra - Space is the Place,
the 2023 Verve By Request Third Man Pressing.

my first third man where quality control might have failed. some paper sticking in the vinyl between the run-outs. one minor tick, yet, ermm, not cool, for a €30+ product.
⚫ meh.

#SunRa #SpaceIsThePlace
#jazz @jazz
#vinyl @vinylrecords #RecordCollection

close-up on a vinyl record run-out groove with some paper particle ingrained.
closer close-up on a vinyl record run-out groove with some paper particle ingrained.
Nils Brederlow
15 hours ago

Nicht vergessen: "Pünktlich zum ersten Advent zündet die Fette Hupe mal wieder nicht nur die erste Kerze an, sondern brennt gleich ein ganzes musikalisches Feuerwerk in der Faust Warenannahme ab"
#fettehupe #percypursglove #live #jazz #jazzorchester #bigband #hannover

19 hours ago

[Post Game Thread] Our Utah Jazz (7-13) revel in a close win against the Portland Trailblazers in OT (6-13), 118-113

#basketball #Jazz #NationalBasketballAssociation #NBA #NBAWesternConference #NBAWesternConferenceNorthwestDivision #SaltLakeCity #Utah #UtahJazz

[Post Game Thread] Our Utah Jazz (7-13) revel in a close win against the Portland Trailblazers in OT (6-13), 118-113
Steve's Place
20 hours ago

The refs have decided #Utah should win this one. Absurd calls in OT. Shaedon had a 3 turned into a 2 before OT. Then he got hit on the arms by one player and the head by another. No call. But they called him before that for an over-the-back on a defensive play by the ref furthest from the play, though the closest ones called it side out for #Portland. The #Jazz will win this one over the #TrailBlazers. It will look like a bigger margin than the 1-point win for #PDX that it should have been.

Steve's Place
20 hours ago

The #TrailBlazers have caught the #Jazz 106-106. Heading to OT.

21 hours ago 【全力!脱力タイムズ】感動の再会SP!蒔田彩珠の戻れない涙にスタジオ騒然、漫才界の神降臨でノブコブ吉村が踊りだす!Datsuryoku Times 2022 10 14 【全力!脱力タイムズ】感動の再会SP!蒔田彩珠の戻れない涙にスタジオ騒然、漫才界の神降臨でノブコブ吉村が踊りだす!Datsury… #actress #BandaRomántica #BuenaCanción #dance #indie #Jazz #LatinLetra #letra #Letras #LetrasDeMusica #LetrasMúsica #Lírica #lyric #mix #MixLetra #music #Musica #MúsicaClásica #MúsicaJota #MúsicaLírica #MúsicaPopLatina #NuevaCanción #POP #PopMusic #RumbaCatalana #songs #SpectatorMúsica #女優 #蒔田彩珠

【全力!脱力タイムズ】感動の再会SP!蒔田彩珠の戻れない涙にスタジオ騒然、漫才界の神降臨でノブコブ吉村が踊りだす!Datsuryoku Times 2022 10 14
21 hours ago

Not how you want to treat your records...
So you can listen to mine instead - on tonight 8-11
Spinning some Saturday evening vinyl for you.
LP #CoverArt threaded below.
#Jazz #Blues #Soul (audio-only) (LP cover cam)


Sean Boyer
1 day ago

Gotta love it when one of your life-long musical hero's just pops in to your venue for a quick show! The second member of #ShuffleDemons I've mixed on this stage over the last few years.

It's (Demon) Mike Murley!

#jazz #cdnJazz #toronto #spadinaBus #mikeMurley

Mike Murley playing an antique tenor saxophone on stage at the Imperial Theatre.
Pascal Savelon 🎷
1 day ago

@allenmichie @aaj
Last Moment - Sylvain Beuf, Michel Perez et Diego Imbert

#jazz #MichelPerez #SylvainBeuf #DiegoImbert

Nathaniel Metz
1 day ago

I'm deeply grateful to announce that I wrote an article that was just published today in Christ and Pop Culture magazine. If you are interested, you are welcome to read it here.

#theology #music #jazz

Brian Sullivan
1 day ago

Big Miller

#jazz #vinyl

Big Miller

#jazz #vinyl
pfm 🧘
1 day ago
#NowPlaying: GoGo Penguin, "v2.0 (Deluxe Edition)"

I love "Hopopono" so much...

#Jazz #NuJazz
All About Jazz
1 day ago

Play This!
Yuhan Su: Naked Swimmer

For Liberated Gesture, her fourth release, Taiwan-born, New York vibraphonist Yuhan Su assembled a band of saxophonist Caroline Davis, pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Marty Kenney and drummer Dan Weiss, all of whom play at their usual exalted level. That's fast company, but Su holds her own, moving smoothly in and out of taut ensemble passages and soloing with the clarity and subtle color of tinted quartz. #jazz

All About Jazz
1 day ago

Album Review: Geri Allen & Kurt Rosenwinkel: A Lovesome Thing

Geri Allen and Kurt Rosenwinkel had a duo date as part of the Jazz à la Villette festival in Paris in 2012... They had only played together a couple of times and this concert was the first and only time they played in a duo together. There was no rehearsal. Perhaps surprisingly, this was an evening when the stars aligned and the night was a complete success. #jazz

1 day ago

I need some suggestions of contemplative jazz albums to download for a week off the grid. #jazz

bilbo_le_hobbit :bzh:
1 day ago

Youhou les mastopotes, votre discothèque #vinyle idéale absolument tous genres confondus, vous y mettez quoi (mis à part les Beatles pour éviter les sujets qui fâchent :aBlobCatBop: :ablobattention: ... et puis surtout que je les ai tous)
#rock #pop #folk #jazz #rap #electro #reggae #classique #chansonFrançaise #MusiqueDuMonde etc.

Allen Michie
1 day ago

Jazztodon artist of the week: Michel Perez! From @aaj: "French guitarist #michelperez has the reputation of being a sincere and humble musician, a respected composer and a master of his instrument. He's not thinking like a guitar player, but more like a sax player and a pianist. Self-taught, he started playing at the Hot Club de Lyon alongside many touring greats. Michel was featured in the film "Round About Midnight." Perez has been performing under his name and has recorded six albums.


Ether Diver
2 days ago

Look, the tight execution, sense of musical restraint and, of course, the lack of actual jamming means that "No Obsession" from @stereopolarity is *NOT* jam band music. That said, it features the same core fusion of jazz and funk, with just a touch of rock and some electronics, that powers nearly all jam bands -- and, to be completely honest, this tune would be fucking sick if it was jammed out to deep space and back.

#BandcampFriday #Jazz #JazzFusion #funk #jam

Flipboard Culture Desk
2 days ago

Explore the world of blues poetry this weekend, via the vocal talents of Aja Monet, who's this week's performer in the Tiny Desk studio. She performs five pieces that NPR producer Nikki Birch says offer "gentle gut punches to the soul and psyche," accompanied by piano, sax and bass. "Lean in closer and absorb every word," says Birch. "She's got bars."

#Music #Poetry #Jazz #AjaMonet #BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

Patrick Hadfield
2 days ago

What I did last Friday night. Well there was another event in-between gigs which involved political discussion and the best part of a bottle of wine. But this was the rest of Friday evening!

#jazz #Edinburgh #EwanHastie #ColinSteele

Patrick Hadfield
3 days ago

I reviewed Alex Hitchcock's new CD for LondonJazzNews. An impressive work!

#jazz #LJN

Sharon Murphy
3 days ago

Hello everyone. For #BandCampFriday I'm sneaking in one last 2023 offering: a re-release of a Christmas song myself & my son Leon wrote in 2021, with a B-Side to follow on the 30th of December called Not a Love song.
Both have a jazzy, early-20th-century feel.
The inspiration for Persevere was finding a Christmas card from December 2019 that began "I hope next year is better for us..." and then...2020!

#Jazz #Guitar #IrishMusic #NewMusicAlert #Musodon #FediArtists

3 days ago
Dave Nanian
3 days ago

The Great Jazz Trio at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 2

Recorded during the same booking at the first, with what sound like the same mic setup. Different material, of course, but four strong tracks - and more great performances.

I know The Great Jazz Trio name was kind of a joke, but they are pretty great.

#nowplaying #vinyl #jazz #thegreatjazztrio #VillageVanguard

The Great Jazz Trio at the Village Vanguard - Vol. 2 LP cover.

What looks to be a picture of a TV screen showing a baseball game from behind the pitcher’s mound. The batter is swinging at a pitch.

The black LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surrounding aluminum plinth are reflected in its underside.
Eleanor Rees
3 days ago

Humphrey Lyttelton, the #jazz musician and presenter of #ISIHAC, who died in 2008, used to have a nice personal website at Something weird has happened to it recently: some of the old homepage text is still there, but merged with nonsense about scratch cards & an 'iGaming entrepreneur'. AI-generated spam presumably?

Anyway, it would be good if someone could edit his Wikipedia entry to change the website link to the Wayback Machine archive version

Dave Nanian
3 days ago

Rip Rig + Panic - God

Serendipity - you search for an album, and run into a group from 1981 you've never heard of. Which is weird, because Neneh Cherry is in it. So, hell, why not buy all three of their LPs used? They're not expensive, double-45-RPM LPs.

And, hey! Good stuff - percussion-forward, a bit tribal, definitely post-punk with a jazz sensibility. And while they're not trying to be abrasive, they're not NOT trying either.

#nowplaying #vinyl #postpunk #jazz

Rip Rig + Panic - God

What looks to be a monkey, maybe, running in a bit of a panic. The word God is on a white spat in the upper right. A Japanese OBI strip runs down the left.

The black LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surrounding aluminum plinth are reflected in its underside.
Richard Littler
4 days ago

#NowPlaying Charles Lloyd (with Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette, and Cecil McBee), while the snow outside comes down like great wads of cotton wool...
#jazz #vinyl

Record on a stand: Forest Flower: Charles Lloyd at Monterey
Richard Littler
4 days ago

Ramsey Lewis recorded & released an LP of White Album covers *less than a month* after the release of the Beatles' White Album and reached #4 in the Billboard Jazz Albums chart. And he didn't even like #TheBeatles.

It's like the whole of the 60s encapsulated in just one album. #Jazz, kitsch strings, soul-funk, teenybop, and he even introduced early electronics (Ramsey beat The Beatles to the Moog by a year). There's a dreamy montage quality about it as if mixed by a DJ. I love it

album front cover: Ramsey Lewis: Mother Nature's Son
album rear cover: Ramsey Lewis: Mother Nature's Son
4 days ago

What’s Spotify? Anti-artist business model, worse than the record companies ever were 💀 Just pirate and buy the artist merch or vinyl

Anyway, my most played:
1. Tripped ⬆️ (from last year)
2. [KRTM] ⬇️
3. Soil & “Pimp” Sessions ⬆️
4. Neil Young ⬆️
5. Dominik Eulberg ⬇️

3. Discovering their full catalogue. High point: “Pimpoint”
4. After the Gold Rush, mainly

#hardcore #gabber #techno #jazz #rock #spotify

Roman ALAN
5 days ago

Wednesday goes so slow … but it is Music Women Wednesday, so here something to slow you down, give you some space before you go on –

Mary Lou Williams Quartet, "Yesterdays" (1954)

#MusicWomenWednesday #Jazz #MaryLouWilliams #MaryLouWilliamsQuartet

Ms Williams was an important influence on Tadd Dameron, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, and Bud Powell.

piano: Mary Lou Williams
bass: Ken Napper
drums: Tony Kinsey
bongos: Tony Scott

5 days ago

Trying to convince myself that my love of Frank Sinatra wouldn't result in me absorbing a lot of homophobic slurs in the process of hanging out with him. #music #jazz

John L. Roberson
5 days ago

Drew Friedman adapting one of Buddy Rich's brutal rants against his band, from a tape made secretly and handed around among musicians for years.
PS Rich was recently dead at the time this was drawn :)
#jazz #music #assholes #badboss

5 days ago

Thelonious Monk has been a constant in my life for well over 30 years. Always there in the good and bad times, just being Monk.

Here's a clip of the quartet from Japan 1963 being pretty wonderful. Charlie Rouse is so solid and Monk's dancing is well, very Monk. Worth a watch even if Jazz ain't your thing. It's happy music.

#Jazz #TheloniousMonk

Richard Littler
1 week ago

#NowPlaying Miles Davis (quintet) live at the Plugged Nickel. Recorded in 1965, with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams and Ron Carter.

#jazz #vinyl

Vinyl on a stand: Miles Davis live at the Plugged Nickel
Richard Littler
1 week ago

Monday Miles.

#NowPlaying Walkin'. Jazz people have always had a problem completin' gerunds.
#jazz #vinyl

Vinyl on a stand: Miles Davis All Stars: Walkin'
Dave Nanian
1 week ago

Grant Green - Live at Club Mozambique

Part of the 313 Third Man/Blue Note release series focusing on Detroit, this is definitely a fun set. Idris Muhammad lays down a funky groove, and Green is playing well, along with Clarence Thomas (no not that one) and Houston Person on sax, and Ronnie Foster on organ.

Very nice packaging. Pressing is very-good-not-great (straight black is likely better).

#nowplaying #vinyl #jazz #GrantGreen #funky

Grant Green - Live at Club Mozambique LP cover.

Orange background. Top is the album name in white with wavy lines through it. Supporting players to the right of "at" in small type. Grant Green large in black, with waves, below.

The black-with-yellow LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surround are reflected in its underside.
Ericka Simone
1 week ago

Hi #Mastodon Frens.

So I’ve been working with the legendary Mello Music Group to launch #multiinstrumental #producer #Elaquent’s new album, #REDISCOVERY. It’s a beautiful #HipHop project with elements of #jazz & #lofi throughout.

I’ve been working his single “Small Victories” featuring the talented Dom Chonicles. An encouraging & uplifting bop that’s been getting me through weird times.

Give it a listen. If you love it, give me a boost, and tell him I sent you.

Dave Nanian
1 week ago

The Great Jazz Trio - N.Y. Sophisticate

So, after the turntable-off, did I end up buying virtually all the Great Jazz Trio LPs I could find? Maaaayyyybeeee….

This is one of their lowest rated records (according to Allmusic, at least) and yes…the strings are a tad distracting on some tracks. But still great songs and playing.

(Note that I’ve listened to others that were also great but I neglected to post…I'll catch up eventually.)

#nowplaying #vinyl #jazz #thegreatjazztrio

The Great Jazz Trio - N.Y. Sophisticate

A black cover with a NY skyline in an inset color photograph, obscured mostly by clouds. A Japanese OBI strip runs down the left side.

The black LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surrounding aluminum plinth are reflected in its underside.
Ken Laster 😎
1 week ago

McCoy Tyner plays some of his familiar compositions and ones written for this fabulous quartet of Joe Lovano ts, Christian McBride b, Jeff Tain Watts d. #nowplaying #jazz

Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

Charles Unger and I trading horns for an afternoon: he was playing my horn (a Yamaha YAS-875EX alto), while he handed me his Selmer Mk VI tenor to play for a bit. He never lets anyone play his horn, he says, but he wanted me to have a go! It was... wonderful.

I so appreciate my afternoons with Charles. I learn so much from him.

(Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II, Kodak T-Max 400, Perceptol 1:2)

#BelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #Jazz #Music #JazzPhotos #BlackandWhite #Photography #FilmPhotography #Tmax

a scan of a photo of charles unger, the sax player, playing an alto sax in a music store
Randy (Bluesbreaker)
1 week ago

It's Friday in Hong Kong & Tokyo!

You can always stream it all free an unlimited number of times.
- Or-
Buy the full Digital Discography: Get all 137 tracks for less than $9

#IndieMusic #MusiciansOfMastodon #BandcampFriday #jazz #blues #rock #OriginalMusic

Covers of albums on Bandcamp
Resmo Fusion
Summer 2023
Lie Down, Relax
Soul for Rent
After the Party (40 years of music)
Trash Hitz
Child's Play
To Love (1995 CD)
2 weeks ago

John Coltrane - Greensleeves (Alternate Take)

I love the alternate take so much more than the main one, plus the Doxy version is chefskiss.gif as usual

YouTube Music

#music #nowplaying #jazz

I am listening to Greensleeves (Alternate Take) by John Coltrane right now
Devorah Ostrov
2 weeks ago

A CBS memorandum dated November 14, 1969, from producer Teo Macero saying, "Miles just called and said he wants this album to be titled: Bitches Brew. Please advise." #album #MilesDavis #jazz #rock #MusicHistory

On a piece of CBS Memorandum letterhead, producer Teo Macero writes to John Berg, Joe Agresti & Phyllis Mason for advice regarding the title requested by Miles Davis for project number 03802.

ok, #nerds, I am ready. Show me URL of you personal website if you write about #computers (#unix, #vim, #emacs, #interent and so on), #StarTrek, #anime, #jazz , #vintagecomputing, #vintagegaming (PC/Amiga/Any "computer"!):)

2 weeks ago

They also used to have a sign on the outside that said "Last Jazz Before Brooklyn"

Larry Coryell Group would appear on December 30th 1972, tickets for the NY Eve bash were $3.50

#jazz #punk #PunkRock

detengan lo que sea que están haciendo para escuchar a Los Pream, #jazz oaxaqueño:

Daniel Appelquist
2 weeks ago

Heading to Ronnie Scott’s tonight to see Avishai Cohen! 🎼 #jazz

Onj 🎶
2 weeks ago

#Jamulus track called 'The Ping is the Thing' which, when you're relying on having good ping between musicians to do absolutely anything, seems rather fitting.
#OnlineJamming #Jazz #Chill #Groove

Title: the Ping Is the Thing.  Recorded: 19 Sep 2023. Location: Online (Jamulus.) Musicians: Alf, Bass. Jona, Drums. Onj, Keys. Genre: Jazz/Chill. Description: a fairly laid-back vibe created by Alf and myself. Mainly switches between E Flat Major and D Minor with hints of C Minor thrown in.
Sharon Murphy
2 weeks ago


What a nice soon-to-be thread! Thank you!

It's just coming up to 7am here in Ireland and the doggies are waiting to be fed, so I'm going to quickly share my LinkTree, which has links to my single Can't Catch Polly released this month (#Indie #Blues) and my EP Not the Sea, released earlier this year (#Folk #Jazz #FolkPop)


🎺 Artist: #Parvati / #ParvatiArtwork
in City: #ChalonSurSaône L' Arrosoir, 30 Rue Saint-Georges, France 🇨🇵 2023 - Title: "Adieu L' Arrosoir 👋" - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #PasteUp #LArrosoir #Music #Jazz

Streetartwall. A finely drawn mural of a birdman playing a silver trumpet has been painted on an old house wall next to guttering. The "man" with the pink and black bird's head is wearing a light-colored jacket, a black shirt, rolled-up black jeans and heavy black shoes. He sits casually between a bare red branch and plays his instrument.
Info: The mural was created as a reminder of a concert hall for jazz and livemusic. It was a venue in a former prison for 51 years, which was run on a voluntary basis and could no longer be financed.
Al Wirtes
2 weeks ago

I spun up another #bot this evening with the current song playing on #KUVO #Jazz 89.3 in #Denver. One of the best stations anywhere!

This bot is unofficial. But they're a great station, so you should listen & support!

michael fulgenzi
2 weeks ago

Today we’re putting up the tree and’s Holiday Jazz is the playlist. Just heard Lionel Hampton’s “Swingle Jingle” for the first time since last year. It’s still🔥. #jazz #holidays

Dominic Umile
2 weeks ago

“I showed up the following Monday promptly at two to find the bar mostly empty and miraculously quiet. The bartender handed me a card that listed the six #records he'd be playing with informative and well-written descriptions, a kind of record menu for a session titled ‘Spiritual & Ambient Jazz’” — A largely fruitless search for an American “kissa” #jazz #kissa #audiophile #vinyl #music #nyc

Alex Halberstadt writes about the Japanese tradition of kissa bars in America. Pictured: Interior, In Sheep’s Clothing, NYC

Ok this is really great

I don’t know what tags to use…

#music #jazz #electronica

Pascal Savelon 🎷
2 weeks ago

The Mingus Big Band performs 'Fables of Faubus' | Next at the Kennedy Center | PBS

#jazz #MingusBigBand

2 weeks ago


Hey, any #BlossomDearie fans out there? I am a massive fan of this sometimes underrated #jazz maestro. Here's one of my faves.

Richard Littler
3 weeks ago

Morning jog while listening to Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters live in 1975. James Brown is great and everything, but #funk in the hands of highly-accomplished #jazz musicians is a whole new level. It almost makes you giddy in parts.
Plus you get covers with giant cosmic fish, spirit dancers, cyclones and jazz dudes dressed as astronauts.
#jazzfusion #vinyl

Vinyl on a stand: Flood by Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters

"In a restored and re-edited version of the 1960s jazz programme, Neneh Cherry introduces a session by trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie accompanied by Rudy Collins, Christopher White, Kenny Barren and James Moody."

"Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-(Jazz 625) 1966"

#music #jazz #blackstodon

Live jazz came to Alamogordo last night at Otero Artspace.

The band is Footprints from Las Cruces/El Paso.

They covered tunes from Fats Waller to Wayne Shorter.


Ngl listening to Dolby atmos masters of my jazz favourites on the AirPods Max kind of slays.


Mr. Completely
3 weeks ago

Shabaka Hutchings w/Esperanza Spalding and other

Brandee Younger doing her Alice Coltrane tribute (I've seen her play Alice, it's sublime)

Impulse! At winter jazz fest - Le Poisson Rouge in January

New York City jazz red alert 🚨 🚨🚨

Shabaka is my favorite live musician performing today - this is the debut of his new album material. If you live near the city check it out

Portland gets its Shabaka date in February 🙌

#nycmusic #jazz