#JigsawPuzzle progress Day 4: The cat joined in but this time his main game involved treating my moving hands as a thing to cuff at. We had several disagreements about whether he should crouch there and watch my hands and then flash his paw out. Made a little progress anyway. He's not in this picture of the puzzle because that's how I made progress. My current status: being glared at from underneath the kitchen table.

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Photo of a partially finished jigsaw puzzle from above. It rests on a green felt background. The frame is almost entirely done and several chunks have been connected inside the border at various places. Shapes of birds, bees, blossoms, buds, leaves, and oranges coming
Photo of a brown striped tabby with a white patch of fur on his chest and white paw toe tips crouched beneath a table. His expression doesn't say he's happy because he's not.
Andrea Borden, Photographer
16 hours ago

Hear me out. I love winter. I really do. As a native Californian, I will never get over the delight of having the real seasons I enjoy here in the Midwest.
... but I must admit, the lack of blooms to harvest right out my back porch, the distinct lack of roses in the air, and the absence of looking forward to weekly photo sessions with my flowers really has left a hole in my heart. I can't wait to ooh and aaah over my rose arbor again, or get fully stuck in on arranging once more.

Until then, I'll be putting together puzzles of my favorite floral images.
If you're that person, the person who right now feels like peony and rose season is much too far away, then my floral puzzle collection can be a balm for your soul. Pick a puzzle or two to save for a rainy day, or for a cozy and bright activity for two.
Rest assured any puzzle image you choose from my shop is *human made by me*, not AI created.

The deadline for Christmas puzzle shipping with the Priority option at the latest is December 13th and it's December 8th for Standard shipping.

Check it out and get yours here: https://

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A four image collage featuring a floral puzzle.
EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
23 hours ago That's a lovely memory to maintain. I'm about to move my kitchen table to my balcony window for the best location to work on my #Christmas #JigsawPuzzle
Evelyn in Montreal
23 hours ago

Iโ€™m the family keeper of things - stuff from deceased relatives & my own past lives (studying & teaching) & things people forgot theyโ€™d stored at my house ๐Ÿคฃ Iโ€™ve been slowly decluttering for about a year and I finally have room to spread!
This 1950s card table was my momโ€™s. I found a wonderful puzzle that comes in 24 little Christmas boxes. Itโ€™s perfect to work on with guests & reminds me of my mom who put out a family puzzle every year ๐Ÿงฉ
#Christmas #Xmas #JigsawPuzzle #Puzzle

View of an old card table with partially done Christmas puzzle and the accompanying box. In the background thereโ€™s a poster of the puzzle affixed to a freestanding bookcase.

#JigsawPuzzle progress Day 3: definitely slower going and a bit more haphazard than if I had a big tabletop to arrange the pieces on, but the stacking trays help keep them grouped somewhat by colors and patterns and away from Mr Helper Cat, who ignored the process tonight.

#puzzles #art #birds #CatsOfMastodon #cats #oranges #naranjas #GeninneZlatkis

Photo taken from above of a green felt background with a puzzle that's being worked on. The edge of the puzzle is complete and various patches of pieces are connected, starting to form images of the eyes of birds, bees, oranges, and a few buds and blossoms. In the upper lefthand corner a print illustrates what the finished puzzle will look like with bright turquoise birds with black and white striped wings sitting on the branches of trees full of oranges, leaves in two shades of green, blossoms, and buds.

#JigsawPuzzle progress, Day 2 (day 1 here Tiggs The Ever Interested And Helpful Cat was right there again. The stacking trays for storing pieces I got recently sure come in handy with him around.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Puzzles #Birds #Oranges #naranjas #GeninneZlatkis #art

Photoshot from above of green felt topping a small coffee table. On top of the felt, a jigsaw puzzle in progress. The frame is complete and several patches of connected pieces have been placed on the board. A brown striped tabby cat crouches on top of the upper right hand corner of the table.
Photo taken from above of a jigsaw puzzle in progress on a green felt background. The frame has been completed and several connected patches appear around the table top.
Photo of jigsaw pieces organized in stacking trays of different colors: light orange, gray, dark orange, teal, yellow, and dark blue with a turquoise lid. The lid is off to show pieces in the top tray. At left, a print of what the finished puzzle will look like. It's 5 teal and turquoise birds with black striped wings sitting on the branches of a tree filled with oranges, fuzzy white buds, and opened flowers white with turquoise stripes.
Alexis Bushnell
6 days ago

What's the best way to store a #JigsawPuzzle for display?

@Uselessgeneration and I finished our first, a Disney panorama, and would like to have it up somewhere to remember the journey (including my dog eating one of the pieces!) but it's huge and we had to stick together 2 large pieces of polystyrene to do it on!

#Jigsaw #Puzzle

Global Museum
2 weeks ago

Bored with life?.

Tired of online shopping?

Try solving Global Museum's latest online jigsaw puzzle.

#globalmuseum #museums #art #jigsawpuzzle #puzzles


I have a #Suggestion / #Recommendation; you're #EntirelyAtLiberty to #DiscardIT if it's #NotForYou / #NotYourStyle...

Have you ever tried #Writing by #PostITNote...?

#Pick a #ColourTheme for #EachCharacter; #Write what they #RevealToYou on the #CorrespondingNote and #BuildUp a #Library of #Events that are #CharacterSpecific as and when it occurs to you.

#Then, you can #TakeYourTime to #SortOut the #TimeLine; a bit like a #JigsawPuzzle...?

๐Ÿง™โš”๏ธ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿบ๐Ÿค–โš”๏ธ๐Ÿง™ | ๐ŸŽ โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿฆน๐Ÿปโ€‹๐Ÿฆนโ˜•๏ธ๐ŸŽ 

Steve Heap
4 weeks ago

I was processing photos from a trip on the Mississippi river and came across this one from St Louis. Wow - what a fantastic jigsaw puzzle! #JigsawPuzzle #BuyIntoArt

Reflections of a modern office block in the windows of a skyscraper opposite in St Louis, MO
Paul H
4 weeks ago

Finished my latest jigsaw puzzle - Classic [American] Cookbooks by the Princeton Architectural Press. A fun and relaxing puzzle, if not especially challenging. Unusually, I deliberately left the edges until last because they were all white pieces. Too difficult to start with them as I usually do with any other puzzle.

And sadly my Hieronymus puzzle doesn't fit my workspace. Oh well.

#Jigsaw #JigsawPuzzle #cookbooks

A completed 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of 5 rows of various American cookbook covers surrounded by a white edge.
The Zen Art Center :verified:
1 month ago

Now available, "The Mind of The Universe," jigsaw puzzle. Another unique holiday gift idea from The Zen Art Center. (30, 110, 252, 500, 1000-Piece available) #gifts #art #puzzles #jigsaw #jigsawpuzzle #jigsawpuzzlelover #jigsawpuzzleaddict #puzzlegame #space #universe #giftideas

As of just now, my #IsleofMull #jigsawpuzzles are back in stock!

1000 pieces - high quality sustainable materials - #madeinUK.

If you'd like one to help these long winter evenings fly by, or to give to a fellow Mull-lover, go here:

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Jigsaw puzzle of the Isle of Mull
โ˜† Ghost TARDIS โ™ก
1 month ago

Feeling myself so proud.
I complete this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in one day๐Ÿฅฐ ๐Ÿงฉ

#JigsawPuzzles #jigsawpuzzle #mine

[ID: a photo of complete 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles with Thames River and London twilight time panorama. Left to right: a Tower Bridge, Big Ben Tower and other houses or buildings with lightning windows. All sky in the picture is orange, pink, light blue and purple colour. It also mirroring in the Thames water and half of this picture little blurry. End ID]

@3goodthings #3goodthings #3GoodThingsToday #threegoodthings

1. Got caught up on all the laundry. Washed, dried, and put away!
2. Reloading the freshly dry locked and insulated basement room with the holiday decoration storage bins. The basement is much less claustrophobic and much more tidy.
3. Did some more work on the #HarryPotter #diagonalley #jigsawpuzzle. Neither of us care for it so once weโ€™re finished it will go in the pile to trade at our local library come February.

Thomas Michael Semmler
2 months ago

Got my first 2000 piece puzzle done!

#puzzle #jigsawpuzzle

Tipsier view of a Llarge puzzle spanning the majority of a table.

Puzzle shows variety of different Tay potions and ingredients in a comic style.
Geoffrey Dunn
2 months ago

The moment Alejandro won the 2023 world jigsaw puzzle competition in #Valladolid. Finishing a 500 piece puzzle in just under 38 minutes and retaining his title as the world's fastest.

#jigsawPuzzle #jigsaw

Video from the even with people applauding

Finally done with this #jigsawpuzzle. It was a very satisfying build. And pretty! 9 stacked quilts of many designs and colors.

This was our 2nd time. On our first pass we went strictly top down; this time, the wife and I just picked areas that drew us ... and some of the same pieces that were last to be found originally, managed to hide themselves again.

We appreciate that Cobblestone #puzzles include a good printed sheet of the #puzzle for working from.

Snapshot of a completed puzzle which has a design based on a stack of 9 folded quilts. They are all different thicknesses with very different designs but of course many pieces look like they could go in more than one spot ...
Thomas Michael Semmler
2 months ago

I bought this 1000 piece puzzle and have never been so captivated by a puzzle before. I really loved every minute of it, but today I realized that it had 3 pieces missing ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

#puzzle #jigsawpuzzle

King Artus themed puzzle on a table, with 3 pieces missing

The thing about buying used jigsaw puzzles is you expect to be missing a piece every now and again. So for the really rare puzzles, I sometimes buy two

And then it turns out that they're cut from different templates, and the pieces aren't interchangeable, and you realize how loud a scream echoes in the desert

#jigsaw #jigsawpuzzle

Two identical jigsaw puzzles, each missing one piece. The image is a cartoon drawing of a boat on pink water sailing away from a dock lowered by a drawbridge from a castle

If you look at each missing piece and find the identically placed piece in the grid of the other puzzle, you will see that they are not of the same shape and cannot be swapped for one another

Another repeat #jigsawpuzzle - Grandma's Quilts. 1000 pieces.

We love that this brand (Cobble Hill) includes a standalone picture of the completed puzzle. So helpful. Also TONS of color deceptively spread throughout puzzle.

Our (cloth) house chameleons as usual are enthusiastic about helping find edge pieces but seem to have very mixed emotions about how bad our color distinctions are in starting to sort #puzzle pieces... (& yes all 3 are there ... can you spot them?)

#JigsawPuzzles are fun

Picture shows box bottom with most of the pieces and two cloth chameleons well hid, plus a handful of plastic sorter boxes (orange) with a handful of pieces. One sorter has the edge pieces found so far and if you look close, one of the house chameleons....
3 months ago

...I DO MEAN TO BRAG!..๐Ÿ˜Žโ€‹

Please refer to me as,

#Puzzles #Jigsaw #JigsawPuzzle

A colourful puzzle featuring bright dinosaurs and insects when assembled from large pieces. CAPTIONED:

I don't mean to brag, but I just put a puzzle together in just one day
the box said 2 to 4 years!

The house chameleons are happy we've finally finished this #jigsawpuzzle after most of the month of August (here and there).

This was one where the top was pretty important because of the intricate (and impossible to guess because it's so whimsical) design.

Now we either have to choose a previous #jigsaw #puzzle to do again or go give business to the toy store that relocated within walking distance....

Very colorful puzzle on a bird and music theme, with birds and insects in highly stylized and colorful forms atop a stylized jungle (which is just dark greens against black).

If you have used this alt text please let me know it's worthwhile writing it for you.

#jigsawpuzzle in progress.

Highly stylized -- using color matching skills of my wife and my shape my matching skills. Has had its frustrating moments but the bright colors and surprising layout are starting to get more fun as we get our groove on.

It looks like we're a little over a third done or maybe it's more encouraging to say we're closing in on halfway!!!

#JigsawPuzzles #jigsaw

Puzzle in progress.... It's from a mod art piece it seems, featuring mostly highly stylized birds against what's maybe a tree (hard to say actually). Bright colors and confusing, that's the visual takeaway.

Liberty wooden #JigsawPuzzle OTD
Summer Fashion Number

pieces of an unassembled jigsaw puzzle laid out on a board in summer colors of yellow, orange, and blue
assembled puzzle, an art nouveau image of a woman walking on a beach, her feet in the blue ocean, yellow sand behind her, wearing a black dress with a pink scarf and an orange umbrella
select whimsey pieces in various summer shapes including a ship, an anchor, a multi-piece sun, surfers, palm trees, a seaplane, a seahorse, various birds, and a sandcastle
the assembled puzzle as seen from the back with a red circle highlighting a multi-piece whimsey of a ship in a bottle

I have a new #jigsawpuzzle design, especially for #Shakespeare lovers!

I'm taking pre-orders for #jigsawpuzzles of my handpainted #Map of All the Plays here:

Superb quality - made in UK of carefully sourced eco-materials - no nasty plastic packaging.

Thank you for looking! ๐Ÿ™

#shakespeareSunday #ShakespeareDaily #Shakespearequotes #DailyShakespeare #stratforduponavon
#jigsaws #puzzles #jigsaw #jigsawpuzzlers #williamshakespeare #stratforduponavon #theatre

Love #Mull? Love a #jigsaw?

I am having some more 1000-piece #JIGSAWPUZZLES made of my handpainted #map of the #IsleofMull. (The last batch sold out).

Pre-order from here:

High quality - no nasty plastic packaging - price includes P&P to UK.

Thank you for looking! ๐Ÿ™

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Liberty wooden #JigsawPuzzle OTD
Monet's Studio at Giverny

disassembled wooden jigsaw puzzle spread out on a board. The pieces are in pastel colors with shapes including easels, sailboats, and birds
select figural pieces including painters painting, a covered bridge, multi-piece butterfly, paint brushes, birds, clouds, gardening tools
completed jigsaw puzzle, image is a painting of an artist's studio showing a yellow fabric couch, a wooden secretary, and large picture windows with lots of trees and clouds outside
rear image of wooden puzzle showing pieces shaped like sailboats, butterflies, painters, easels, clouds, garden tools, birds, and an eagle
Amy Qualls
1 year ago

@kenshirriff I owe you a belated thanks. Two years ago, I saw your tweet with the image of the Intel 8008 chip for making a custom puzzle.

My bestie (callicrates on the birdsite) just received his #jigsawpuzzle Christmas present. ๐Ÿ˜