Meinungsfreiheit @ Amnesty
1 day ago

In #Mexiko ist wieder ein #Journalist getötet worden. Der Reporter Jesús Gutiérrez #Vergara wurde erschossen, während er in der Nähe seines Hauses im Bundesstaat Sonora mit Polizisten sprach. Mexiko gehört zu den gefährlichsten Ländern für Journalisten.

Jew Of the Day
4 days ago

✡️ Today's Jew of the Day is Lesley Stahl!

Lesley Rene Stahl is journalist. She's best known for her work on the television program 60 Minutes, where she's been working since 1991.

Stahl began her journalism career joining a local CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) station in the Boston region in 1971. From there she worked as an on air reporter, and eventually moved to national coverage.

In the early 1980s, she began working the US political beat, hosting the public affairs program Face the Nation, and moderating US political debates, before moving to 60 Minutes.

On 60 Minutes, she largely does interviews, including politicians, business-people, controversial newsmakers, and more. She is known for a frank, hard hitting style while still keeping her interviewee at ease.

At age 81 she is still working at 60 Minutes and has no immediate plans to retire.

#JewOfTheDay #journalist #journalism #60Minutes #CBSNews #Jewdiverse

4 days ago

"In den Nachrichten hören wir nichts davon, aber der #Sudan rutscht in die dunklen Tiefen eines Völkermords.

In über 27 Städten wurde ein Blutbad angerichtet, [..] wurden Tausende Menschen gnadenlos ermordet [..]
Avaaz hat ein Netzwerk sudanesischer #Journalist:innen entdeckt, die bereit sind, von vorderster Front zu berichten. [..] doch sie benötigen finanzielle Unterstützung "

@Avaaz - Stoppen Sie den nächsten #Völkermord: Die Mediensperre im Sudan durchbrechen

Alexander Hay
5 days ago

How DOES one get a #MacBook or #iPhone repaired in #Havana? Its underground technicians work their magic against amazing odds.

"...García Padrón had mended her waterlogged laptop after her home in '#Cuba flooded, but when the #Journalist took it to an official #Apple Store in #Berlin, the authorized repair person had expressed disbelief, saying there was no trace of any water damage at all. 'Then my Cuban repairman must be a magician,' she recounted telling [him].

David Grayless
6 days ago

Christopher Hines is an American #documentaryFilmDirector and a #journalist Hines started as a journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area, reporting on politics, business, education and military affairs for the #OaklandTribune and #SanFranciscoChronicle. Hines was an embedded journalist during the #IraqWar and became an international correspondent reporting from Asia and the Middle East. He went on to produce news.

Anja Reul
1 week ago

@fairmuenchen @Finanzwende
Gerade solche Erfahrungen zerstören das Vertrauen in unseren #Rechtsstaat.
Dass dabei teilweise sogar Opfer zu Tatpersonen gemacht werden, setzt dem Ganzen noch die Krone auf: Von staatlichen #Ermittlungen gegen #Whistleblower & #Journalist*innen bis hin zu #Gegenanzeigen & (privatrechtlichen) Verfahren wegen #Geheimnisverrat|s.











Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 week ago
Death by Lambda
1 week ago

A #journalist's job is not to watch the people being #urinated on and tell us that it's raining...

Call the #fedHike for what it is. #oligarchy #greed.


Martin Nutty
1 week ago

@Athenae @damemagazine

Good piece!! The obligation for #journalism is not simply to report gridlock but to cover efforts to break it.

Questions a good #journalist needs to ask are:
a) Who is organizing to break the log jam
b) Who is invested in the status quo and why?
c) What are the proposed solutions

#Newsmedia #News

Xinjiang News :verified:
1 week ago

A group of 22 journalists from 14 countries have arrived in China's Xinjiang to attend a media event themed "approaching the core area on the Silk Road Economic Belt." #China #xinjiang #journalist #SilkRoad

Tracy Rosenberg
1 week ago

"Look, ‘#journalist’ was never a title one is handed after a test or standardized vetting as nurses, lawyers etc. have to go through. It is a reputation-built identity".
1 week ago

DJV: Besser Online 2023/YouTube: Mensch & Maschine – Welche Intelligenz Journalismus braucht

Livestream aus dem Hauptraum von Besser Online.Medienschaffende aus ganz Deutschland trafen sich am 16. September 2023 im codeks in Wuppertal zum Journalismu...
Besser Online 2023

1 week ago
Martin Nutty
1 week ago


The article does have the feel of a paid piece.

Is it an article masquerading as a lamentation for the end of a traditional way of life?

We are presented with a simple rural man who tugs his forelock in acknowledgment of #ClimateChange while slamming #GreenPolitics in the form of #EamonRyan, a bete noire who appears to be living a luxe lifestyle in his mansion in #Dublin

Is Matt Corbett being used by the #Carbonarchy, the #IrishTimes and #journalist Keith Duggan?

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 week ago

Newspaper advertisement warning to all Australians, that the #USA has a Law of #UniversalJurisdiction and that the scapegoat #journalist being blamed for the decline of the US, #JulianAssange is its target now, but "it can happen to anyone".

This is from #DickSmith's website (Jan 2022). Distractions might be tempting but #Australia need to start getting off their backsides on this.

#journalism #theLastJournalist #chillingEffect #technoFascism #warMachine #micimatt

Full advertisement as published by Dick on 20 January 2022 in the The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), The Age, The Australian Financial Review and the Canberra Times. Framed as a letter to the "PRIME MINISTER" and as a "Warning to all Australians", it also quotes a Letter to the Editor (of SMH) dated 15 December 2021 "For the US to claim sovereignty over the globe and seek to apply their law to anyone anywhere in the world at will is sheer arrogance."
Graham Ward
1 week ago

A profile of Arthur Adock. Another, perhaps forgotten 'giant' of Northampton's past. #Journalist, #Historian, #Liberal and #Nonconformist #Northampton

Sepia photograph of Arthur Adcock
2 weeks ago


Die #Grünen hatten sich immer darauf verlassen, dass sie geneigte #journalist'innen in den #Medien hätten.

Dass so etwas wie eigene Organe in der bezahlten und öffentlichen Presse nötig wäre, blieb unwichtig?

Die #CSU hat in der Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung eine eigene #Journo-Ausbildung, deren Wirkung sich nun schon lange nicht nur in #Bayern zeigt. (Laschet wohl auch)

Der #Vorwärts war mal wichtigste Zeitung, nicht nur im Reich ...

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago


LOL, talk about being humiliated.

I think many in the world of #journalism are reluctant to aggressively question would be politicians - (Duke barely qualifies). That reluctance likely stems from fear of access if they are tough on their guests.

Russert was particularly direct in the exchange you shared, totally warranted in my opinion for a subterranean bottom dweller like Duke. In general he was a less so wirh guests while being firm in his questioning

#NewsMedia #Journalist

Rafael Rigues
2 weeks ago

Any tips/leads for a #copywriter (ex #journalist) trying to get into the #games industry? Corporate #job pays well, but...

Anja Reul
2 weeks ago

Die #Spysoftware #Pegasus zeigt wieder einmal die politische Anpassungsfähigkeit der #Profit maximierenden Akteure dahinter.

Exiled media under attack: Access Now documents first-time use of Pegasus against #Russian #journalist

John M.
2 weeks ago

Nach der #Tortenattacke auf Grimme-Preis-Träger Constantin #Schreiber am 29.08.2023 will sich der #Journalist nicht mehr öffentlich zum #Islam äußern.

Währenddessen machen die ebenfalls mit #Torten attackierten Beatrix von #Storch (🍰2018) und Sahra #Wagenknecht (🍰2016) unbeirrt weiter mit #rechtsextremer Politik bzw. #linksnationalen #populistischen #Hassreden.

Schade irgendwie, dass die beiden #Politikerinnen so #unreflektiert und wenig #selbstkritisch sind…

Constantin Schreiber bekommt eine Torte ins Gesicht gedrückt
Beatrix von Storch mit Torte im Gesicht
Sahra Wagenknecht mit Schokotorte im Gesicht
2 weeks ago

Citizen Lab discovers Pegasus spyware infection on exiled Russian journalist Galina Timchenko's iPhone. The zero-click exploit targeted her while in Berlin, raising concerns about surveillance of independent media. #Pegasus #Spyware #Journalist

Burkhard Maria Zimmermann
2 weeks ago

Ich wäre gern einmal so gleichgültig gegenüber Süßigkeiten wie #Journalist:innen gegenüber der #Chatkontrolle.

2 weeks ago

@musevg @NaMi @Welchering
😃 Moin, servus, tach. 😃
Danke für deinen #Text.
? #Journalist en ?
#Recherche #Futter
Finde immer mehr fremdfinanzierte #Angriffe
auf #Demokratie, unsere #FDGO!
#Deutsche, die im #Ausland leben, aus allen Rohren auf unsere #Regierung schießen, HackerInnen, ProgrammiererInnen, die in #Ungarn, während ihrem Essenzubereiten #Bots programmieren, #Putin - #Nutten, #Trollarmeen, fast alle #Geheimdienste dieser #Welt.
Ganze #Netzwerke wie dieses:

it's kat!
2 weeks ago

just one more thing: my jessica mitford propaganda poster.
#propaganda #art #deccaMitford #journalist #communist #muckraker

a tribute i drew with digital ink & paint to commemorate the activism of muckraker extraordinaire, decca mitford.
it's my propaganda poster for her, in shades of olive, sage, coral & rose. decca has an olive-coloured 3/4 halo behind her 1930s be-bobbed head. stripes of coral & rose jut from the right side of the page & read 'decca mitford: top muckraker'.
it's kat!
2 weeks ago

#art #history:
that old quandary - nature or nurture - has been rankling the human race for as long as we've existed...or from the second generation, at least. if you think you've fixed your ideas on the subject, you may not be familiar with the mitford sisters.
buckle up for this thread about the hellaciously good mitford sister, decca. [a hefty thread]
#deccaMitford #jessicaMitford #illustration #portrait #author #activist #communism #muckraker #journalist

digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. there's a deep rose-pink, 3/4 halo behind her. colours are pale muted rose, bright rose & blue-grey.
digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. colours are pale sage, black, grey & white.
digital portrait i drew of journalist, activist & communist, decca mitford.
a young (1930s) decca looks directly at her audience, her wavy hair in a tousled bob. colours are pale sage, olive, deep rose & pale rose.
Anja Reul
2 weeks ago

Die @OttoBrennerStiftung hat besondere #Auszeichnungen für #Journalist*innen mit #Behinderungen ausgelobt:

Ausschreibung 2023 bis 30.09.
Auszeichnung für behinderte Journalist*innen

2 Recherche- #Stipendien in Höhe von 3.000€
2 #Preis|e in Höhe von 2.000€

Alles Weitere hier👇

Martin Nutty
3 weeks ago


Glad to have you on Mastodon!

I'm dissapointed by the number of distinguished journalists that continue to use #Twitter

What do you think is the greatest barrier for a #journalist to leave Twitter? Abandoning a substantial following? Losing a breaking news platform and being slow to a new story? Something else?

3 weeks ago


What's a #Journalist, #MisterDen...?

Asking on #Behalf of #FarageLePen and the #GiantBigotNetwork...

#BTW: #WhateverHappenedTo: #NatalieElphicke and her #PredatorySexPest, #ExHusband...?

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🎈🦹🍪🐻🍪🦹🎈

Jeff Brown
3 weeks ago

I am looking for someone to take over the stewardship and ownership of the site.

DM me for details.

#journalist #journalists

Twra Sun
3 weeks ago

Ein 20-Jähriger Zollbeamter ist in einer Hooligan-Gruppe, ruft für einen dort aktiven Neonazi die gesperrte Adresse eines Journalisten ab. Der Reporter hatte über den Nazi berichtet, dessen Wohnung wurde anschließend durchsucht . Der Zollbeamte zahlt eine Geldstrafe und... bleibt im Dienst.

Falls Ihr euch fragt, wie #Nazis weiterhin an Adressen kritischer #Journalist:Innen & #Antifa​s kommen...

Mastodon Migration
3 weeks ago

For a steady dose of world news, a great follow is BBC journalist Kriszta Satori @fulelo

Every day Kriszta posts links and intro summaries to a great selection of a dozen or more news stories from the BBC and other media across the globe.

#follow #BBC #journalist #Ukraine #WorldNews

berserk du soleil
3 weeks ago

i'd love to make a network here of science writers and researchers. if you're either one, let me know what you cover or study. please share this post!

i do a little of everything. recently:
- dinosaur shrimp
- zombie fungus
- jet ski gas mileage
- environmental un-lawns
- earth's tilt
- megalodon
- burgess shale

time for tags. and maybe a new tag for us, like #mastosci? does a tag already exist?

#science #research #journalism #journalist #writers #writer #sciencenews #academic #academia

3 weeks ago


Journalists for Propagandaministerium

"The Ministry has the task of carrying out an intellectual mobilization in Germany. In the field of the spirit it is thus the same as the Ministry of Defense in the field of security. [...] Spiritual mobilization [is] just as necessary, perhaps even more necessary, than making the people materially able to defend themselves."

#journalism #journalists #journalist

Gabriele Pollara
4 weeks ago

@dangillmor ironically, there's a small window of opportunity for #journalists of being "first" onto the #Fediverse and grabbing attention and v large following. (and then bring people with them). #mastodon #twitter #X #journalism #journalist

Rob Carlson
1 month ago

I'm glad I'm a software developer and not a #journalist, this is hard work.

On Tuesday a bus driver and a parent at my kids' #BaltimoreCounty elementary school got in an altercation where the bus driver needed medical attention.

On Tuesday night the principal sent out a letter *only to the parents of the children on the bus* and vaguely alluded to "an incident" during the start Back to School night. My kids walk so I did not receive a copy of the letter directly.

Other parents started reaching out to me for info on text message since I've usually got my finger on the pulse of these things. I managed to get a screen shot of the letter from another parent who received it secondhand themselves.

I wrote to the principal and told her that rumors were going around that she ought to release a statement to all the parents in the school. She wrote back:

"Thank you for your email. We have provided letters to the families of those students who were on that particular school bus. BCPS is investigating the matter and will follow up as appropriate. We appreciate your concern and feedback on the matter. We will continue to work with transportation to ensure our students are safe coming and going."

Since BCPS was investigating, I reached out to their Office of Communications to see if they would tell me or the other parents anything about it before I shared the letter I had. I wrote to them with a one sentence email: "Will the district be releasing a general statement regarding the physical altercation between a bus driver and a parent at a bus...stop on the afternoon of August 29?"

Right before close of business one of the department's communication specialists replied to me saying "Thank you for your inquiry; a letter from [the principal] was sent to the parents of children on [the bus] advising them of this incident."

On further pressing this morning I finally got an email back from him simply saying "I am not aware of any plans to release a general statement about this incident. Thank you."

Bottom line, if there's a parent and bus driver fighting at or related to my kids' elementary school I believe the district has an obligation to communicate with me directly and not make me seek out this information and stonewall me when I do.

Actual coverage (sourced through my Facebook posts to the PTA) are up and circulating anyway, and now the rumors are flying about exactly what happened.

In an article this week, Baltimore County Public School Superintendent Myriam Yarbrough was quoted as saying, "Any time parents are surprised by something, you'll always hear me say that there's room for us to improve communication."

I couldn't agree more.

#Maryland #PublicSchools

Terence Eden
1 month ago

I'm not quite ready to join Journalist Mastodon (or whatever it is called) but I have just set up a shiny new MuckRack profile:

Mostly to link to the blogs I wrote for other sites.

#Journalist #MuckRack #Portfolio

Our newspaper was delivered in the afternoon. And Dad always read the paper first before anyone else in the family.

We couldn’t read the paper until he was finished.

Which could take a while, since he would read the entire paper. Including the classified ads.

#journalist #journalism

Death by Lambda
1 month ago

#RonanFarrow is the best #storytelling #journalist after #MichaelLewis and it sucks that neither of them are here (even as tweet bots).

Arlyssa D. Becenti
1 month ago

Good friend and fellow #Navajo #journalist Alastair Bitsoi wrote this powerful piece for #highcountrynews!
‘Native mental health providers seek to heal boarding school scars with informed and appropriate treatment.’

He’s a proponent for #therapy and #mentalhealth. Therapy is something I’ve been putting off but shouldn’t.
#boardingSchool #mentalhealth #indigenous

Hannah Weinberger
1 month ago


I'm an investigative multimedia #journalist in #Seattle covering science & the #environment for Crosscut/KCTS9 #PBS. I write about climate #adaptation, human/ #wildlife relationships, enviro health, urban #ecology & ppl working to understand these things. I love reporting on assumptions, unintended consequences & grappling w/learning from mistakes. Also love #bikes & #dadjokes!

Excited to chat re: the above and scicomm/journo craft.

Photo tax: My #SalmonCannon Halloween costume.

The author dressed as a low-budget salmon cannon for Halloween, with a blue and red spandex onesie representing a dam wall and surrounding water; a vacuum hose decorated with plush fish; and lots of stuck-on Swedish Fish candies
Pascal Leinert 🌹🌻🗽
1 month ago

Diese "neutrale" #Berichterstattung von #Nachrichten kotzt mich einfach nur noch an. Ein:e #Journalist:in soll nicht einfach nur stur über etwas berichten, sondern die #Wahrheit vermitteln, den zu Benachrichtigenden bilden und dadurch #Fakten schaffen.

Wenn man über #Russland, die #AfD oder sonst irgendeiner ähnlichen Scheiße berichtet, hat man nicht einfach nur ihren Wortlaut zu vermitteln, sondern auch ihre #Lügen zu entlarven.

CC geht besonders an die @tagesschau.


@Azeckenbiss Wer nicht dafür sorgt dass #Faschos ragequitten wie #Bosbach oder wegrennen wie #FrankThelen, soll sich nicht #Journalist*in nennen dürfen denn dann bereiten diese nur ne #Propaganda - #Bühne vor!

1 month ago

@pallenberg Ob das wohl mehr #Journalist⁣innen-Accounts ins Fediverse bringt?
Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass sehr hohe Followerzahlen ohne Block-Funktion schnell zum Albtraum werden. 🤔

Matthias C. Rillig
1 month ago

In my latest substack newsletter (which profited from input from @anja), I write about the potential impacts of large language models (and generative AI in general) on environmental journalism/ reporting.

What do you think?

#environment #journalist

Just saw on the #CounterOffensive newsletter that @timkmak is hospitalised due to infection but improving.

Here's my favourite joke as Tim requested:

"Have you heard about the Italian chef? He pasta way. We cannoli do so much. His legacy will be a pizza history."

Get well soon! #Ukraine #journalism #journalist #TheCounterOffensive

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

33) Another day, another petulant use of power by #ElonMusk

#X formerly known as #Twitter is adding to its pile of reasons to leave the degrading #SocialMedia site

The site is still heavily favored by many #NewsMedia professionals. Is it time to reconsider their support for the blighted site?

#Journalism #Journalist

Bianca Nogrady
1 month ago

A sad day for #ScienceJournalism with the death of Egyptian science journalist Mohammed Yahia. He was a courageous and brilliant #journalist and editor at
@Nature and most recently at Chemical & Engineering News. Vale.

Aure Free Press
1 month ago

R. I. P. Joan ❤️ You did your country proud!

A Kansas newspaper whose offices were raided by an entire police department on Friday says its 98-year-old co-owner has now died after she was left “stressed beyond her limits.”

Joan Meyer “collapsed Saturday afternoon and died at her home,” the Marion County Record reported, noting that she had been “in good health for her age.
#News #Journalist #Journalism #kansas #AureFreePress

2 months ago

Without context of where said interviews appear (though I assume you refer to “mainstream” media), you may be interested in some independent publications like #StreetRoots (@streetrootsfeed), #HusForbi, or some other #StreetNewspaper.

I didn’t realize there was a term for them until just looking for the name of the Danish one, but #wikipedia has a brief list of some.

Would be nice if these #authors were better sourced by #journalist in mainstream #press.

2 months ago


Well said, just like the entire body of the journalistic profession condemned the abuse to the unison and walked out on strike when Prime Minister David Cameron harassed and ordered to raid the offices of The Guardian if they didn't comply with his censorship.

Wait, they didn't. No wonder it keeps happening.

#journalism #journalist #journalists #journos #FreedomFromThePress #PressCorps

Chris Hall
2 months ago

My article on the high level of education of youtubers. If you know of a fact-based youtuber, please let me know. I am trying to identify as many as I can

[independent YouTube content creator who talks face to camera about societal, political, economic etc issues].

#YouTube #youtuber #journalism #journalist #NewsMedia #Commodon #University #Career #UTS #CMT

Mashup of youtuber profile pics
Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
2 months ago

New Ukrainian military spokesperson enrages russian propagandists

Ukrainian Defense Ministry has responded to russian media attacking Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a military servicewoman of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces and #US #journalist, over her #transgender identity

Ashton-Cirillo has been defending Ukraine since March 2022, serving as a combat medic ..., and holds the rank of junior sergeant. She has been injured in frontline combat

Read more here🔗


2 months ago

Did you know that the “freedom of the press” principle is based on a #legal case against a #journalist?

John Peter Zenger owned ‘The New York Weekly Journal’ where he criticised William Cosby, the British colonial governor of New York.

In 1734, Cosby sued Zenger’s for libel.

His lawyers tried to establish that an opinion, even if defamatory, is not libel if it is provable to be #true. The groundwork for the later #law for #press protection was laid & Zenger was acquitted.


Mark Williams-Cook
2 months ago

Do I know someone working as a #journalist that would be happy to have a quick chat and answer some questions I have about how they prefer to work?

Burkhard Maria Zimmermann
2 months ago

Liebe #Journalist :innen,

sehen wir uns im Oktober in #Berlin auf dem Festival für Nonprofit-#Journalismus von #Vocer?

Freue mich über Boosts und interessante Begegnungen!

🙂 ☕

Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

BBC gives Mastodon a try for six months - The Hindu

>The BBC Research and Development team is administering the news company’s Mastodon presence and there are accounts for its portals such as Radio 4 and 5 Live.
BBC said its #Mastodon server was an “experiment” and that after six months, the company would assess the value received from its initiative, and the work required for daily operations #Fediverse #media #journalist #journalism #reporters #Twitter #BBC #UK #news

Martin Nutty
2 months ago


And then there are of course the #journalists who continue to attach themself to #Twitter despite the stench of its putrefacting #SocialMedia corpse

I wonder if these #journalist types are just hanging around like the denizens of a crumbling hotel right before the fall of Saigon?

Are #journalists jockeying for the bragging rights of being there to observe the final and absolute capitulation at the hands of economic reality - witnesses to the implosion of the final $billion?

2 months ago

Good for you! But the people who do the metrics on what headlines work do the "numbers game." Those headlines must generate more clicks cause they keep using them.

I'm a bad headline writer. I want to be clever & funny, but default to headlines optimized for search, & that doesn't make them "click bait." Sometimes I use questions, which a #journalist friend said not to because, "The answer is always, 'No.' "
Oh well.

#ElonMusk Destroys #Twitter Sign. Will #X Mark its Death?

Twitter sign comes down as name changes to X
Elon Musk Green Troll eating Twitter Bird
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

A question every #journalist should always ask themselves with everything they #report, regardless of #source (e.g. #insider, #whistleblower, #NewYorkTimes, etc.):

"Am I being a #reporter, or a #repeater?

#media #journalism #news