Hannah Celsius
2 days ago

Anyone knows a bit about .js files? I even don't know if it is #javascript or #jquery ....

I have made changes and it works, but the advice also says i should put this piece of code, but... i don't know where, because i don't see the sizeContainer function, only in a combination with something else.

(the whole thing can be found here, in the answer

The code i should add, with the advice to which function i should add it.
Simon Lhoir
3 days ago

Essayer de terminer proprement dans une entreprise que l'on ne souhaite que quitter au plus vite. Et se voir demander de faire le plus "quick & dirty" ajout de code dans le projet que je n'ai jamais eu à faire depuis 2014 ... les périodes de préavis c'est vraiment déprimant... #jquery

Fellow #webdev folks, can I get a hand #LookingForWork? #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired

Looking for a front-end web development position. The more focus on accessible, well-formed HTML and CSS, the better.

Part-time or full-time, either works. Part-time must have flexible schedule.

Must be either remote or in the SLC, Utah area.

My background: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, static websites, #jQuery, #Bootstrap, Mustache/Handlebars, and also LAMP stack, #JAMstack, #WordPress, #PHP, and SQL.

zıəs uɐɟəʇs ✪
1 week ago

Follower-Power, falls #jQuery-Spezialisten anwesend sind:

How to modify the query context when using a jQuery instance across iframes

Johannes Geppert
1 week ago

New #Struts2 #jQuery plugin version 5.0.3 released. This version is based on the latest #Struts version 6.1.2, #jquery 3.7.0 and it includes some improvement's and bug fixes.

#java #javascript #webdevelopment #webdev #RELEASE #struts #jqueryui

Pour une appliquette flash que je passe en #html, #CSS et #Javascript, j'avais trouvé du code Javascript sous #jQuery que je voulais faire fonctionner en Vanilla Javascript (c'est-à-dire sans dépendance). Et j'ai été stupéfait par le résultat proposé par Chat Gpt #OpenAI : conversion réussie avec du code fonctionnel.
Et en plus, l'IA explique les transformations, ce qui permet de comprendre les modifications.
Dans le domaine de la #programmation, #ChatGPT peut rendre de sacrés services.

David Bisset
2 weeks ago

Single Line Comments in #CSS

Good line from @jimniels

"Sass was like #jQuery: a wonderful proving ground for innovative, constructive ideas and APIs that eventually made their way into the web platform."

Currently filling out the #stackoverflow developer survey, but couldn't find #Preact in the list.
Also cropped out most of the list here, I also selected Next.js and #node in addition to what's pictured and #jQuery that I did briefly do something with last year... jQuery never dies lol

Cropped screenshot of the developer survey asking for "webframeworks and web technologies" worked with in the past year and interested in working with in the current/next year. The selected options here are React (both), Solid.js (next year), and "Other" where I put Preact, which I tend to use over React where possible (like Astro 🧡)
Alex Nedelcu ☕️
3 weeks ago

Yes, it's true that in the libraries / frameworks land, people have been changing #JavaScript dependencies like they've been changing socks. But one should note that #JQuery is still around, or the #React cultural hegemony and consolidation that's going on. Established projects want good ROI, experiments are for startups.

The lesson here, if you want to stay relevant, is to pick FOSS platforms that have been around for some time. As the popular ones do age like fine wine 😉

jQuery Foundation released #jQuery version 3.7.0.

"Cthulhu-lu Lemon"
1 month ago

It interested me enough to write a blog post on it and post the code:

Also, Final code still pending publishing. I still didn't need to debug it. I'll edit the post again when updated and functioning.
#jQuery #WordPress #ChatGPT #Coding

Wenn nur durch Abmahnungen Webseitenbetreiber endlich den ganzen Google Mist von ihren Webseiten entfernen, dient das doch einem höherem Wohl.

#Google #Fonts sind aber nur der Anfang.

Google #Analytics, #jquery im Google CDN gehostet oder Font #Awsome sind da keinen deut besser..

Das Zeug gehört, wenn man es denn überhaupt braucht, lokal gehostet.

Warum nehmen es sich so viele überhaupt raus, ihre Besucher nach Google zu leaken?

Tane Piper
1 month ago

@brad_frost Oh totally - #jquery-dev on freenode was where a lot of the web elders hung about

Petre Popescu
2 months ago

I am primarily a #java #developer. Sometimes, though, I write about other stuff. Here is how I made some simple # optimizations using #jquery and #javascript. It was for an internal tool I made at one of my jobs.

Von mir habt ihr lange nichts mehr gehört. Liegt daran, dass ich wieder mit #programmieren angefangen habe. #jquery ist tot, hat man mir gesagt. #bootstrap ist cool, habe ich mir gedacht. Auf der Suche bin ich dann auf #react 18 gestoßen.
Dass sich die Welt der Webseitenentwicklung aber in den 12 Jahren so stark verändert hat, ist für mich alten Herren schon etwas verstörend :vz3251:

Philip John Basile
2 months ago
Dan Sloan
2 months ago

So far, this experiment has been going pretty well. A tiny smattering of AlpineJS and liberal use of htmx (with Django-htmx) has allowed me to replace most of my jQuery usage. The hardest projects have been datatables and select2 widgets.
Datatables was pretty easy to replace with Django-tables2, with some custom templates and htmx magic. Bit of effort to get all the interactivity smooth tho, also the filters (using Django-filter) are not quite done #datatables #python #django #jquery #htmx

Dan Sloan
2 months ago

In todays instalment of “quitting jQuery”: attempting to find a way to render nice select drop downs with large amounts of data, without resorting to the likes of select2. Surprisingly hard. seems like a good candidate so far…but a bit of work involved to integrate it into a Django widget. #python #django #jquery

2 months ago

Then again ..

Reading in the (garbage #http ) from a https #site, then rendering it via some #arcane #bs magic #jquery


I don't think thats possible.

Effect of #code on #Alcea :

Mike McCaffrey
2 months ago

Well, I just spent two hours converting a relatively modest chunk of #jQuery into vanilla #javaScript, and some features are much easier replace than others. Sibling selectors are especially a pain.

Jobs for Developers
2 months ago
Dave Mason
2 months ago

So #JQuery is the 'old way' of doing things. That wasn't even a thing when I started out with web dev.
Damn, this makes me feel old. 🙁

Jobs for Developers
3 months ago
Colin aka ManiacalV
3 months ago

I can't even explain how much time I spent yesterday trying to figure out why the #jQuery #autocomplete #suggestions weren't showing up. Turns out I needed, like, 2 or so lines to fix it.

Colin aka ManiacalV
3 months ago

If ANYONE knows how to #style the #jQuery #autocomplete results, please, please let me know. I'm so frustrated I'm going to have to work on something else for a bit.

Jobs for Developers
3 months ago

jQuery Foundation released #jQuery version 3.6.4.

3 months ago

Starting Monday, Leland Long will begin the paid portion of his "React Native Apps with FileMaker JavaScript Training".

If you have staff that would like to sharpen their FileMaker + JavaScript skills, this is an excellent training course.

You can review the upcoming paid training course information, purchase access, etc here:

#training #webinar #paidtraining #filemaker #claris #lowcodenocode #lowcodeprocode #javascript #reactnative #jquery

Jobs for Developers
3 months ago
Jobs for Developers
3 months ago
Mike Harrison
3 months ago

rebuilding a venerable application that has been using FLOT charts for some simple visualization. I'd like to explore alternatives. The application is in PHP/MariaDB, and while I can use jQuery (FLOT does), I'd like to use something a little more self contained that does not require it. Anyone out there using something they like for charts/graphs of time series data? #charts #php #jquery

3 months ago

I'm not saying that #jquery is bad, or that you should stop using it, or remove it from your app. It was instrumental in my initial #javascript training, and sometimes it's just easier to use than #vanillajs.

What I _am_ saying, however, is that #javascript has matured since then, and I want to have fewer dependencies in my projects these days.

Thus, I'm planning to eradicate it from anything I work on if I can.

#css got better, too, so I'm probably gonna stop using #sass so much, as well.

Matthias Jörg Richter
3 months ago

@nblr Diesbezüglich hat sich im letzten Jahrzehnt offenbar generell viel weiterentwickelt. #JavaScript kann jetzt nativ viel wofür du vorher #jQuery brauchtest. und #HTML5 ist sowieso einfach nur ZUCKER, wenn du vorher nur #HTML4 kanntest :)

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4 months ago
Timo Tijhof
4 months ago

Back in 2009 on the jQuery Podcast, @paul_irish is introduced as an "mp3 blogger".

Podcasting, as RSS, is of course technically that. But it was also true socially. Early podcasting was as simple as creating a free site, attach an MP3 to your post, and straight to iTunes you went. That was it! I recall a few of us at school did, just among ourselves.

(I know Paul meant smth slightly different, ref

#podcasts #rss #mp3blog #jquery

Jobs for Developers
4 months ago

3Pillar Global is hiring JavaScript Software Developer

🔧 #css #java #awss3 #javascript #react #node #jquery #html #mvc
🌎 Costa Rica
⏰ Full-time
💰 $90k - $210k (Estimate)
🏢 3Pillar Global

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Guess i'll follow that up with something cool I made for Valentines day!

I originally posted this on my furry account over on!

I decided to learn some rudimentary 3d modelling to make my partners a cute model of my furry 'sona.

I also coded a terminal themed website in #Jquery that had plenty of romance themed commands. It was a fun little project that ended up well received!

An ASCII picture of a serval in green coloured text
A terminal page that has lots of personal statistics alongside progress bars. The text is green, white and pink.
A little resin statue of a cat in a dustbin, holding a heart, sat on a table.
A little resin statue of a cat in a dustbin, holding a heart, sat on a post outside BMAG in Brighton.
Kyle Davis
4 months ago

Today, in the year of our lord 2023, I wrote a #jQuery animation. AMA.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 months ago

I no longer criticise frameworks and stuff like Tailwind, even though I personally would not use them. I love it that the web is big enough for you to use whatever library, framework, system, or technique that you like, and that there are so many different ways to build stuff. It's a sign of strength in a system.

Heck you can even use #jquery or *gasp* #vanillajs and still have cool websites and apps.

Just, please only use #html tables for tabular data.

So many people have told me that you should become an expert in #react if you want to be successful as a #webdeveloper but that's like saying as a chef you should only know how to cook steaks. There's so much more to the web than React, but it's big enough that you can do that if you want, or use PHP , or Vue ( Just .. not Angular please ) .

The point is - if you stick to standards and use semantic tagging with accessibility in mind, you should be free to use whatever kind of code technique you want. And you should NOT have to feel like you have to just be a React / Tailwind developer. Be a #web developer.

Jobs for Developers
4 months ago
4 months ago

Since I moved to my own server, time for an updated #introduction. #pinned

I'm Michael. I'm a 30 something #WebDeveloper / #IT focusing on #WordPress #PHP #JS #JQuery, some #bash #mysql #datascience.

I enjoy #photography ( @alpha ) with my #SonyAlpha, mostly #landscape and #astrophotography and #drones.

I'm big into #OpenSource, #SelfHosted #3dprinting and taking back #privacy from #BigTech.

I #blog occasionly @

I tweet a lot about #USPOL and use a lot of profanity.

JS Party 🪩
4 months ago

Did you hear Chris Ferdinandi say on the show that he thinks #jQuery is better than #reactjs?!


4 months ago

Are you a long-time #JavaScript developer who has become used to using #jQuery?

There are fewer and fewer reasons to do so any more.

Here is a great cheat sheet showing modern JS equivalents to jQuery functionally.

Matt Wing
4 months ago

mfw I have to write some #jQuery to modify someone's #React app they used for their #WordPress plugin UI

Movie poster for "The Old Way", with the movie's title written in weathered capital letters at the bottom of the image. Above it, Nicolas Cage gruffly stares down the viewer beneath a weathered brown cowboy hat, wearing a black neckerchief around his neck and a brown leather duster.

Love to attempt to log in to pay my quarterly taxes in CA #jQuery #DevTools #IntermediateValuedotapplyisnotafunction

Craig Patik
5 months ago

How does one author a jQuery plugin in 2023? Is that still a thing? I have an old one that I want to keep alive as I move the main module to ESM. #frontend #webdev #jquery #javascript

@gardiner_bryant maybe it's because #JavaScript sucks and #jQuery was the first big framework that alleviated the burden of coding in it?

But that's just me guessing based off & @fuchsiii ...

David Bisset
5 months ago

Alpine.js is a #JavaScript "minimal tool" as a collection of 15 attributes, 6 properties, and 2 methods. Compares itself to a smaller #jQuery.

Maybe useful for smaller sites, but not seeing this scale at least in my work. But interesting.

Adam Fortuna
5 months ago

Totally geeking out about the history of #webdev watching this fantastic talk by @stevensanderson

It's a walk down memory lane: FrontPage, #Ajax, #jQuery, Web 2.0, #RubyOnRails, Backbone.js, Ember.js – all the way up to the present.

At Code School, we constantly tried to pick the "next big thing" to make courses on including so so many of these.

Major respect for anyone who creates tech education content. The speed of web dev innovation has only increased.

I have this one legacy chart written with flot & #jQuery I'm still using and maintaining after over a decade. Never seems to be quite worth the effort to replace it with SVG & Svelte or whatever - it works fine, and there are always more important things to do.

Today I'm adding a new feature to it. Feels weird to be mixing const & let & destructuring & fat arrow functions & "for of" loops with jQuery 🤓


Christiaan Kras
5 months ago

Having been in webdevelopment for about 20 years now (yikes!) using stuff like #MooTools, #jQuery, #Knockoutjs, #Backbonejs, #Marionettejs and #React sort of fixed the issue of making webapps interactive/reactive. It always felt cumbersome though as it required a lot of different stuff to make it possible. And now we suddenly had to manage state, validation etc. on the client side as well. More work.

But, I think I found the solution to this problem. One that reminds me of the good old days...

6 months ago
autumn [parody account]
6 months ago

as a child of #jQuery, i can't tell you how many times per day i look at this.

#frontEndDev #javascript

Timmy Willison
6 months ago
Cody Dostal :unverified:
6 months ago

Three new #job postings. If you or anyone you know qualifies for these positions, please DM me.
1) #SoftwareDeveloper - Journeyman: Must have a #SECRET clearance (confirming if we can sponsor, but start with an assumption that we can't). #FullyRemote. Three years experience with web scripting (#PHP, #Python, #JavaScript, #jQuery) and #automation required.
2) #Software #RequirementsEngineer: Three days onsite, two days #remote. Possible 100% on-site in the future, so be prepared for that. Will need a TS at start.
3) Field tech: Will start out on-site in Millersville, MD. But you will then be travelling back and forth to other Social Security Administration locations throughout the country. No #clearance required, but you will need to go through the SSA suitability check process. Your work will mostly be Server removal and install. Other minor IT Technician duties may be required as well. Basic IT/computer/server knowledge should be acceptable. Such as anyone coming out of college looking to get their foot in the door.

Elle 💗
6 months ago

<div id="foo" style="display: none"></div>
$('#foo').is(':visible'); // false

<div id="foo" style="visibility: hidden"></div>
$('#foo').is(':visible'); // true

Okay #jQuery. Okay.

About that news ticker: The #CoSo admin purchased it for $8, it was made for #jQuery (a very 2010s coder tool) and it hasn't been updated since 2019.

For #security's sake, I hope the server code isn't as #jerryrigged and outdated as the client code. But it looks like the admin just duct tapes components together.


A badly made comparison of the CounterSocial news ticker and the Ideabox Breaking News Ticker. (They are the same product.)
6 months ago

A "fun" fact about the podcasts I've recorded is that Descript can't recognise the name of any of the tech I've talked about and I've had to correct it in every transcript. 😒

#gitpod #jQuery #Umbraco #svelte and currently editing one about #coolify

(Yes, this post is a shameless self-promotion 😉 - have a listen if you want to know more about any of those things)

6 months ago

Contemplating about writing a web dev blog post on #react and #jquery... 🤔
Should I?

Amber Weinberg
7 months ago

Introductions: I’m an old school #frontend developer focused on non-Gutenberg #WordPress, obsessed with well-organized #CSS, #HTML, and #PHP, and head of development for Studio Simpatico.

I’ve been coding since I was 11 in the 90s, back when we had no CSS and used tables for layout and Java applets for animation(!). I don’t use any frameworks beyond #jQuery and the CMS itself. I enjoy learning about #accessibility and nerd out about the #UI of well done advanced #ACF admin layouts.

7 months ago

One of my side-projects is a little podcast called "Behind the Source"

Each episode is an interview with an expert in a topic - I ask questions to try and get an overview in the hope that someone who is new to the topic can spend 20/30 minutes finding out about it.

So far there are episodes on #DesignSystems, #Svelte, #Umbraco, #Gitpod and controversially, #jQuery

Would appreciate any feedback!

1 year ago

As I've been returning to Mastodon lately, it's time for a real #introduction. #pinned

I'm Michael. I'm a 30 something #WebDeveloper focusing on #WordPress #PHP #JS #JQuery, some #bash and some low-level #datascience.

I enjoy #photography (posted on @alpha ) with my #SonyAlpha, mostly #landscape and #astrophotography and #DJ #mavic drones

I'm big into #OpenSource and #SelfHosted #3dprinting and taking back #privacy from megacorps.

And I occasional #blog @