Luca Congedo
9 hours ago

New tutorial as #Jupyter Notebook about using Remotior Sensus in #Copernicus #JupyterLab, which is a web-based environment offering several tools for working with the Copernicus Data Space.

The Notebook covers the following steps:
- Download and preprocess Sentinel-2 images
- Create a BandSet and prepare a training input
- Run a Random Forest classification

Ross Light
19 hours ago

New blog post about using #SQLite with #VSCode / #Jupyter notebooks:

This was a lot of fun! And it's nice to write a new debugging and scripting tool that I use a lot.

Laurent Abbal
2 days ago

MAJ @edupyter: #Python 3.8.10, 3.9.13, 3.10.11, 3.11.6, 3.12.0


#Python ~ #Jupyter ~ #Thonny...

Environnement de développement pour l'enseignement et l'apprentissage de Python. Peut être installé sur un disque dur ou une clé USB sans droits admin.

Ari 🦔
3 days ago

It's time for #AdventOfCode again! I never finish all 24 days with my rusty programming skills, but it's always fun to try a new language for the first 10-15 days.

Last year was #Swift, but this year will be #python and learning to work in #jupyter notebooks.

If you try it out and are comfortable doing so, don't forget to support the dev :)

#programming #code

💉Eliot B
3 days ago

@PetraOleum OK, I'm going to try #AdventOfCode again this year. I dropped out half way through last year...
Gonna be using #python in #jupyter notebook again.

3 days ago

#Machinelearning picked a sibling to make a team and reach for the moon.

The legend is not clear why, but it picked #python. And off they went and high and high.

Machine learning was still not satisfied and turned into #AI. And dragged Python ever further towards Mars and beyond.

But the air is missing up high and somebody is sculpting a new sibling, #mojo, to conquer the Universe.

Yet down here on Earth we'll always have the first three siblings: #jupyter


Andreas K
4 days ago

Not sure if anyone has noticed how cool MathJax in Jupyter is:

A not trivially to google subset of LaTeX that you can embed in Markdown (but you can also mix in HTML), that for extra *LOLs* does not spit out much of an error message if you have an error in your fake LaTeX.

So you are typing your formulas in LaTeX. Which is quite okay. BUT:

- it's an undefined sub/superset.
- and if you make a mistake, there is no indication what the issue might be.
#jupyter #latex #datascience

1 week ago

Also ich hab mir heute mal JupyterHub und Jupyter Notebook angeschaut. Ich hab's echt nicht so ganz gerafft... Kann das jemand mir mal so dynamisch erklären?

Ich glaube verstanden zu haben, dass es eine Art virtuelle Server sind, die eine dedizierte Coding und Entwicklungsumgebung simulieren, auf der man direkt Code ausführen kann....stimmt das so?

#ITBubble #jupyter

Michael Aye
1 week ago

It seems weird that the install of #jupyter collaboration plugin requires to downgrade jupyter_server_ydoc so much, from 0.8.0 to 0.1.4. Is that really supposed to happen? #notebook

Discover the key to unlocking impactful scientific contributions in the world of machine learning! 🤖📈

This tutorial aims to increase the quality of scientific contributions using reproducible methods, appropriate validation techniques, and better code quality.

Making models and data available increases the visibility of work and enables easier collaboration on future work.

Check it out here:

👋 Moin, I'm Jesper!

I share awesome machine learning finds like this every day to help you build better real-world ML!

𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗺𝗲 to stay in the loop!

#Programming #Ml4science #Jupyter #Data #Career #MachineLearning #Tech #Ai

Michael Zöllner
2 weeks ago

I set up a new Jupyter Notebook on our KI-Anwenderzentrum's servers. MeTRAbs estimating a surfer's pose and rendering the data in p5js.

#jupyter #p5js #machinelearning #dataviz #hofuniversity

River wave with superimposed surfer's pose.
2 weeks ago

SolarMarker: To Jupyter and Back

SolarMarker uses process injection to run the hVNC and data staging payload.
The actors behind SolarMarker primarily utilize .NET for the majority of their payloads, with the notable exception of the observed hVNC backdoor, which is written in Delphi.
The initial infection triggers numerous PowerShell processes, resulting in a highly noticeable activity pattern.
The threat actor(s) started crafting their own websites to host the landing pages.
eSentire are currently seeing versions JN-2, JN-10 and M-VII being deployed.

Pulse ID: 655e0d4bc019edf8513f0b15
Pulse Link:
Pulse Author: AlienVault
Created: 2023-11-22 14:16:42

Be advised, this data is unverified and should be considered preliminary. Always do further verification.

#OTX #OpenThreatExchange #InfoSec #bot #CyberSecurity #BackDoor #VNC #Jupyter #.NET #AlienVault

Michał Górny
2 weeks ago

Za sprawą zlecenia z #ExMakhina, Inc. (@cJ), sporo paczek Pythona w #Gentoo dorobiła się wsparcia #PyPy, #IPython, #Jupyter Notebook, #MatPlotLib, #ScIPy, #SymPy.

Chciałbym także podziękować autorom PyPy za ich wsparcie, zarówno w kwestii poprawiania błędów w PyPy, jak również udzielaniu pomocy innym projektom, by poprawić ich zgodność z PyPy. Praca z wami jest przyjemnością!

Na koniec, poznałem ważny argument za pracą nad wsparciem PyPy w projektach: nawet jeśli dana paczka nie działa szybciej na PyPy, to może być zależnością w większym projekcie, w którym PyPy ogółem przynosi lepszą wydajność.


Michał Górny
2 weeks ago

Thanks to the bounty from #ExMakhina, Inc. (@cJ), a bunch of #Python packages in #Gentoo has gained #PyPy support, notably: #IPython, #Jupyter Notebook, #MatPlotLib, #ScIPy, #SymPy.

I'd like also to thank the PyPy upstream for their support, both in fixing bugs in PyPy and in helping other projects improve their compatibility with PyPy. It's really a pleasure working with you!

Last but not least, an important point has been made for projects to work on PyPy support: even if your package doesn't work faster on PyPy, it could be used as a dependency of a bigger project where PyPy brings overall performance gain.

NYC Glue
2 weeks ago

installing jupyter notebook package now. Maybe after this. Fingers crossed.

Scott Francis
2 weeks ago

if any of you out there have tried using #Jupyter notebooks for #IR incident response on #AWS, I'd like to hear your thoughts:

Thomas Renkert🦞
2 weeks ago

Will try to extend that with a #Jupyter notebook for comparing human and AI graders in a more automated way...

2 weeks ago

💻 Jupyter Lab

One of my biggest gripes with jupyter has always been that I want to use a REPL to try all my code instead of notebook cells. If I'm building with #Python, I want interactive development.

I learned last night that #Jupyter Lab supports interactive consoles that update as you run cells, giving you a fully interactive experience


Screenshot of Jupyter Lab showing a notebook and a console that has variables declared in one of the two cells I have executed

@andreasgoebel @onkelmarkus

Für den genannten Einsatz könnte ein Blick auf (oder eine eigene Jupyter(Hub)-Instanz) lohnen. Jupyter ist auf Julia, Python und R ausgelegt (darum der Name), erlaubt sehr einfach Text und Code zu mischen und Plots direkt einzufügen bzw. sogar interaktiv mit Slidern zu verwenden. Grade Jupyter-Lab ist sehr nahe an einer IDE. Hoffe das hilft.
#Jupyter #JupyterHub #myBinder

Catalyst Cooperative
3 weeks ago

Made some improvements to this PUDL demonstration notebook up on Kaggle, exploring the costs, downtime, generation, and emissions of some soon to be retired coal plants in Colorado. Mostly it's showing how to pull data from the SQLite database and Parquet datasets.

What are some other use-cases that folks would like examples of?

#Jupyter #Energy #Kaggle #EnergyTransition #OpenData

M. Grégoire
3 weeks ago

What's my underlying task?

I am creating #StructuralEngineering design notes using #Jupyter. I can print them directly to pdf, but exporting as #LaTeX produces nicer documents. I do a bit of editing of the .tex files in #Emacs, reducing the font size of the #Python code for instance.

3 weeks ago


If it is in Jupyter you're running into issues, have you tried exporting your dataset once you're happy with it, and then processing it directly in Python, rather than in Jupyter?

Perhaps some of the tags I've added will bring this to the attention of people who actually know things about #Jupyter, #Pandas, etc...

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.


3 weeks ago

@rye Unfortunately, you've hit my exact areas of anti-#expertise. I've never used #Jupyter. So my suggestions are probably wrong or things you've already tried.

How are you storing the data? As plain Python objects, #numpy arrays, #Pandas #dataframes? If using native Python datatypes, it will use a ton more memory.

Have you looked at packages on PyPI? There are a bunch of hits for "sankey" - some of them use d3.js, but others don't, and might work better.


Madison Python
4 weeks ago

Tomorrow night, learn about #nbdev. Our speaker, Kevin Bird, is a contributor to the #FastAI community, and will show us how #jupyter notebooks could transform your development. This is a free event at the #Madison Public Library (Central Branch), & is open to all skill levels. There will be free pizza 🍕!

Stick around after, and join me in pressuring Kevin to leave the bird site and join us here in the fediverse 😆

#MadisonWI #UWMadison #Wisconsin #JupyterNotebooks

Ted Spence
4 weeks ago

Teaching students to use #jupyter with #MongoDB is interesting. Database connection strings and network access rules are obvious to me, but they aren't always clear to new developers:

Just Another Blue Teamer
4 weeks ago

Happy Tuesday!

The VMware Threat Analysis Unit recently published an update on the #Jupyter info stealer that they have been tracking for some time. With the most recent and "improved" version the malware attempts to "avoid detection and establish persistence" to the compromised victims. The malware was seen manipulating certificates, is delivered to the victim multiple ways (malicious websites, drive-by downloads, phishing emails), the file naming convention seemed to vary, and recently contained a signed Autodesk Create Installer. For the complete attack and more on the details, I recommend taking some time to read the article, it's a good one! Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

Jupyter Rising: An Update on Jupyter Infostealer

#CyberSecurity #ITSecurity #InfoSec #BlueTeam #ThreatIntel #ThreatHunting #ThreatDetection #HappyHunting #readoftheday

4 weeks ago

Jupyter Rising: An Update on Jupyter Infostealer

New Jupyter Infostealer variants continue to evolve with simple yet impactful changes to the techniques used by the malware author. This improvement aims to avoid detection and establishes persistence, enabling the attacker to stealthily compromise victims.

Pulse ID: 654a4773d937d004abd51d9a
Pulse Link:
Pulse Author: AlienVault
Created: 2023-11-07 14:19:31

Be advised, this data is unverified and should be considered preliminary. Always do further verification.

#OTX #OpenThreatExchange #InfoSec #bot #CyberSecurity #malware #Jupyter #AlienVault

Aalto Scientific Computing
1 month ago

#PythonForSciComp (#Python for Scientific Computing) starts tomorrow and as usual, it's online and #livestream, so anyone can watch (9:00 CET). Drop ins are welcome, and Q&A/videos are usually published same-day.

Day 1 (tomorrow) starts with basics to make sure we are all on the same page: #Jupyter, #Numpy, #Pandas.
#SciComp #HPC #AcademicMastodon #PhD

Mario W.
1 month ago

Jajaja, #jupyter hat eine ganz tolle Oberfläche im Browser, aber ... warum erfahre ich erst jetzt, dass das alles auch in VSCode geht? #wunderschoen

Random Geek
1 month ago

There's a #Jupyter plugin for #SiYuanNote and after a little puttering I got it to work!

Note "explore SiYuan Jupyter plugin" with Jupyter sidebar. Visible note text reads:

Extract the Jupyter token

	jupyter server list
	| lines
	| get 1
	| split row " :: "
	| get 0
	| url parse
	| select params.token
	| get params_token
	| to text
	| clip

#### result:

## Configure SiYuan Jupyter Plugin

## Write some code

Let's see if this works.

1 + 1




If anyone is interested I just created a Docker image for jupyterLabs that contains about a dozen different languages including Haskell, Javascript, Typescript, Go and several others.

You can run it with:

docker run -v "/home/freemo/source:/home/jovyan/work" -p 8888:8888 -it modjular/jupyterlab-all

Then just open it in your browser. Enjoy!

#Docker #Jupyter #Go #Javascript #Typescript #Java #Programming

Madison Python
1 month ago

One week from tonight, join us to learn about #nbdev and the radically transformative power of development within #jupyter notebooks. Our speaker, Kevin Bird, is a contributor to the #FastAI community and expert on #MachineLearning and #LiterateProgramming. All skill levels, from total beginners to software experts, are welcome. The event, held at #Madison Public Library, is free and open to the public. Free pizza 🍕 and beverages 🥤!

#MadisonWI #UWMadison #Wisconsin

@sygyzmundovych shows #Python and #Jupyter notebooks as part of the #SAPTechED #developer keynote.


Simon Li
1 month ago

Just discovered - great for quickly inspecting random HDF5 files in #Jupyter

T Strömberg 🚲🌳🛵
1 month ago

@Girgias This is the #CVE madness in container images I was alluding to.

It looks terrible, but trust me, there are far more "known vulnerability" issues in other "official" container images - like #nodejs #jupyter and #wordpress (882 vulns, 5 critical!)

Matt Hodges
1 month ago

Here it is in #Jupyter + Colab form — a #python Notebook demonstrating how I used text embeddings and a #LLM (LLaMA 2) to ask questions of #Biden's Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence. No API keys required, just some good ol' #OpenSource libraries and models. I learned a lot!

#AI #aiEthics #MachineLearning #NLP #projects

Joey deVilla 🪗
1 month ago

Here are a couple of photos from the last Tampa Bay AI Meetup, along with step-by-step instructions for what we made: a script that uses OpenAI to write a poem about the current weather conditions in a given city!

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #meetup #TampaBay #Tamp #Python #Jupyter #JupyterNotebook

Guía rápida y fácil para poner compuestos y reacciones químicas usando LaTeX en notebooks (jupyter o pluto.jl) o documentos en markdown para Quarto:

#química #jupyter #plutojl #quarto #mhchem

1 month ago

I could never get into #Jupyter notebooks (something about writing code in a browser window always strikes me as unintuitive), but looks pretty useful.

#Django #REPL #Python

Michał Krassowski
1 month ago

#JupyterLab Desktop 4.0.7-1 is now available. Includes improvements in environment selection and troubleshooting, native Python arm64 environment in Mac bundle, support for specifying remote server via CLI and all the bugfixes from #jupyter lab 4.0.7.

Michał Górny
1 month ago

I've finally managed some heavy #Python 3.12 porting in #Gentoo yesterday. The highlights include the scientific stack (#matplotlib, #pandas, #scipy) and the #IPython / #Jupyter stack.

The latter were particularly painful because 1) they're horribly tangled in cyclic dependencies that make it an all-or-none effort, and 2) they tend to depend on NIH packages, with some of them sooner or later turning up dead. On top of everything, Rust is creeping up everywhere and causing pain for "WD40" arches — I ended up having to WD40-ize jupyter-server.

I'm not 100% happy with my work. It took some minor deselects for test failures, it took a timeout on one keywording request and the commits aren't prettily ordered.

éric 🚲 🇪🇺 :emacs:
1 month ago

@rostre I cannot help you but would be interested in what solutions are presented.

I don't have to use #jupyter much and, when I do, it's usually only one way: converting a Jupyter notebook into an #Emacs #orgmode file (sequence of conversions from notebook to markdown to org with a sed script in between) so I can work on it. Haven't even considered the other direction so no two-way editing.

Michael Simons
1 month ago

TIL The name #Jupyter stems from #Julia, #Python and #R

2 months ago

What IF we could publish using notebooks??

excited to see @2i2c_org have a present at this meeting today! James Monroe is presenting now in the notebooks session about using the Jupyter ecosystem

Lots of energy & enthusiasm coming from James' presentation

@choldgraf #USRSE23 #jupyter #science #opensource

A slide with text that says:

What if we could publish notebooks - * Most notebook interfaces are focused on interactive data exploration - full kernel and environment. : Sometimes you want to reduce complexity and streamline the reading experience. How can we make Jupyter Notebooks more suitable for publication?
boB Rudis 🇺🇦
2 months ago

Today's Bonus Drop is free for all as an Unbirthday 🎁 (if you do share today’s emergence 🎉 w/me, pls 👀 the post tomorrow to make it a proper Unbirthday 🎁).

Since late September, there's a new #typescript #jupyter kernel in town thanks to the clever #deno folks.

In this somewhat abbreviated Drop, we 👀 at how to install & use it w/Observable Plot in both #Quarto & #ipynb contexts.

Bonus Drop #29: Cracking The Nut

Consuming A New JS Jupyter Kernel


Sven A. Schmidt
2 months ago

I've had more opportunities recently to create plots with #SwiftUI / Swift Charts / #Swift playgrounds and the process absolutely holds up in replacing #python / #matplotlib / #jupyter.

The dataset was larger this time, ~100k records, each containing a handful of data points, exported from a Postgres DB as JSON.

Massaging the data in a typesafe way is an absolute blessing – it's so easy to plot the wrong thing in python as you drill through three dicts.

Really happy with the results!

Sample graphs created with SwiftUI and Swift Charts in a Swift playground. They’re all histograms of the same underlying data set of 100k records, showing various distributions with blue bars on  white background, with SwiftUI providing the chart title and and same basic layout.
Zane Selvans
2 months ago

I feel like the #Jupyter ecosystem has withered tremendously over the last few years, even while there's a proliferation of other notebook tools that are clearly derived from it and add functionality, but only in a proprietary context.

Like I used to be able to install extensions to customize syntax highlighting and code formatting options... but now everything seems kind of derelict and incompatible.

What happened? Too many breaking major version changes fatiguing the extension ecosystem?

Michał Krassowski
2 months ago

If you missed it, jupyterlab-lsp 5.0 is now available with support for JupyterLab 4.0:

#jupyter #jupyterlab

Deno 1.37 起提供 Jupyter notebook 支持。

deno jupyter --unstable --install 即可将安装 Deno 的 kernel spec 供 jupyter 使用。

#Deno #Jupyter

Telegram 原文

Ready to take your data science skills to the next level? 🐍📈

Join this Skillshare course and learn how to leverage Python to load, clean, explore, model, and visualize data. Perfect for beginners and intermediates.

You'll use popular libraries like Pandas, Seaborn, and Scikit-Learn to build and evaluate machine learning models.

Enroll today and become a Python data science savant!

Check it out here:

👋 Moin, I'm Jesper!

I share awesome machine learning finds like this every day to help you build better real-world ML!

𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗺𝗲 to stay in the loop!

#Kaggle #Skillshare #Ml #Career #DataScience #Data #MachineLearning #Jupyter #Python

2 months ago

#FOSS4GNA has now a full description of the #GRASSGIS workshop 🎓 Unlock the power of GRASS GIS

Check it out at:

#gischat #geospatial #python #jupyter

David Zaslavsky
2 months ago

@krassowski Yeah, I would prefer to see that done differently. (or at least have an option for it, if there isn't one already)

I mean, it took me by surprise so I'd definitely say it's unintuitive, and it seems kind of unnecessary to me - since I already have a record of commands entered in Jupyter, namely the notebook, I don't need them to appear in a history file as well... although if Jupyter had its own history file separate from IPython I wouldn't be complaining.

But presumably somebody had a reason for implementing it that way, and I hesitate to call it "bad" without knowing what that reason is.

#Jupyter #IPython

David Zaslavsky
2 months ago

TIL that #Python commands you enter into #Jupyter also show up in your #IPython history 🤯

2 months ago

(Please do not dogpile!) I wrote a comment about approaching discord vs @zulip via the lens of @pluralistic's "enshittification" framework in the #jupyter community discussion about moving to a new chat system. Feel pretty good about it! If you have any thoughts about it, send 'em to me *here*!

Scott Williams 🐧
2 months ago

Very happy user of #AlmaLinux in my dayjob and am very honored to have this opportunity to write for their blog! Here's an article of one of the use cases for it. #Linux #DevOps #Jupyter #DataScience

Juan Luis
2 months ago

Struggling with out-of-order cells on Jupyter? No more: 

`pip install ipyflow`

#python #jupyter #datascience #pydata

Screencast of Jupyter cells being updated with cell dependency markers (small coloured dots) and cell execution hints (coloured bars) being shown
2 months ago

Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit Jupyter Notebook und RISE? Ich habe Schwierigkeiten die Shortcuts für die Präsentation zu deaktivieren.

Ich würde mir wünschen in der Präsentation auch direkt programmieren zu können. (Aber z.B. t öffnet die Präsentation-Tools)
#python #jupyter #rise

Tim Sherratt
2 months ago

New #openAccess publication! "An approach to assess the quality of Jupyter projects published by GLAM institutions": Hopefully it'll be a useful contribution to discussions around best practice. Thanks to my co-authors for doing most of the work! #GLAM #jupyter #collectionsAsData

2 months ago

using modern JS, TS, and npm in jupyter notebooks


#deno #jupyter #datascience

Eli Wilson 🍍
2 months ago

.@deno_land 1.37 was released today with support for #Jupyter notebooks! This is builtin to `deno` with a simple `deno jupyter --unstable`!

Read the blog post here:
Deno is also available in now too! Use libraries like d3.js and more in your notebooks.

Adam Austin
2 months ago

Charlotte Wickham gives us the gossip on what's coming in Quarto 1.4! I'm most excited about the VS Code and JupyterLab extensions to make Quarto more accessible to different kinds of teams.


#PositConf2023 #Quarto #vscode #jupyter

Matt Cengia
4 months ago

Found it!
A while ago I copied this PYTHONSTARTUP file, and the highlighted lines were the culprits: (from As soon as I commented out that line and re-started JupyterLab, it behaved as expected. 😅

/CC @KathyReid @allanchain
@somewheresouth @moshez #JupyterLab #JupyterNotebook #Jupyter #IPython

Matt Cengia
4 months ago

Can somebody familiar with #JupyterLab or #JupyterNotebook please tell me why the top cell in this notebook doesn't render the HTML, when the other two cells do? Everything I'm reading online suggests it should render it.
In the "Rich representation" section of this notebook ( it does something similar and Just Works (obviously that's #Pyodide rather than CPython, but I don't think that should matter).
I am guessing maybe there's a library I haven't installed; for this example I just created a new virtual environment and installed `jupyterlab` and nothing else.
#Jupyter #IPython

Jörg Kantel
4 months ago

Es muß nicht immer Thonny sein: Py5 und JupyterLab Desktop

Da ich mich in Erinnerung an meine frühen Jahre, in denen ich offenen Auges und mit wachsender Begeisterung in die Mac-Only-Falle getappt war, mittlerweile sehr unwohl fühle, wenn ich von einem Programm und/oder einem Betriebssystem abhängig bin, wollte ich mich bei meinen Py5-Experimenten aus meiner Abhängigkeit von Thonny lösen. #Py5 #Jupyter #JupyterLabDesktop #Python #Processing

#ICYMI Check out this month's VS Code 🎈 Release Party 🎈 with @OliviaGuzzardo and the #code team! They demo what's new in profiles, #jupyter notebooks and #GitHub Pull Request Issues ▶️


Media source:

⏳ We're live in 10 minutes. Join us for a 🎉 VS Code Release Party 🎉 Join @OliviaGuzzardo and team for the latest in Profiles, #Jupyter and GHPRI from the July release. ▶️


Media source:

It's a 🎉 VS Code Release Party 🎉 This week we're talking about Profiles, #Jupyter and GHPRI updates with @OliviaGuzzardo @IsidorN Alex Ross and Aaron Munger. Join us this Thursday to chat live with the team 🎬
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London


Media source:
Tim Sherratt
4 months ago

About ten years ago I downloaded details of 4 million articles from the front pages of digitised #newspapers in #Trove to explore changes in the contents of front pages over time. I've just repeated the experiment using #Jupyter notebooks and a fresh harvest of 19 million articles. Here's a short post about it with links to notebooks, datasets, visualisations, the works: #GLAM #digitalHumanities #histodons @histodons

4 months ago

Preprint from a small side project I worked on in the @kordinglab: A framework for automatic evaluation of open-ended questions, so that you can review course material on your own or enrich Jupyter notebooks with thoughtful questions!
#llm #preprint #jupyter #edutech

4 months ago

Our colleague @astrojuanlu will be at #PyConEstonia2023 in September leading a workshop titled "Refactor your Jupyter notebooks into maintainable data science code with Kedro"

Don't miss it!

#python #kedro #pydata #datascience #jupyter

Screenshot showing the name "Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez" in a futuristic style, a picture of the speaker on the left, and in the center the title and description of the workshop "Refactor your Jupyter notebooks into maintainable data science code with Kedro"
Juan Luis
4 months ago

It makes me so happy to use Jupyter Notebook 7.0 ❤️ I'm back to my beloved document-centric interface, while profiting from all the goodies from the underlying JupyterLab infrastructure, more modern UI...

In October 2021 I tweeted: "feel that this thread is a moment of reckoning for the Jupyter community". After 2 years of long discussions and hard work, it's a reality.

Huge appreciation to @fperez, @willingc , @jtp and the rest of the @Jupyter team!

#jupyter #python

Cheuk Ting Ho
5 months ago

@isabelapf2 is talking about #A11y in #Jupyter at SciPyConf #SciPy2023

Juan Luis
5 months ago

My #Python people, the #Fediverse needs you!

#Jupyter opened a consultation to the community about their social media strategy. You can comment on an anonymous poll or publicly on this GitHub issue:

If you care about community-owned social media and believe that open source projects should prioritize using the Fediverse, it's the time to voice your opinion.

Boosts appreciated!

Michael Friedrich 🦊
5 months ago

🤖 Ready to train your AI?

🌱 GitLab Runners with Docker and Nvidia GPU access
🏗️ First steps using runners in CI/CD
⚡ Examples for #ModelOps with Python, Scientific simulations and #HPC
💡 Hands-on Python Model training with custom Docker images
💥 #Jupyter notebook model training for ML-powered GitLab Issue triage

#AI #machinelearning #devsecops #gitlab #gpu #docker #nvidia #googlecloud

Juan Luis
5 months ago

Testing Kedro on Jupyter (Classic) Notebook 7.0.0rc, released mere minutes ago 😍 Looks like it's working nicely!

#python #kedro #jupyter #notebook #pydata

Screenshot of the Jupyter (Classic) Notebook 7.0.0rc0 UI with a Kedro project in the background
6 months ago

I want to contribute to other #FOSS projects in my spare time as well, and of course make some friends along the way.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
I have alot of experience in #physics #astronomy #astrophotography #raspberrypi #python #jupyter #telescopes and I have a comfortable amount of experience with #javascript #C++ #Fortran #julia #arduino #stem etc. But I'm willing to step outside my comfort zone to learn other things

6 months ago

New #Code4Thought [EN] episode: #jupytercon23 was held in Paris in May. Listen to the report with plenty of interviews
including the Jupyter team) on your podcast app or,, #rse #jupyter #code4thought #Paris

Juan Luis
6 months ago

Camino al @canodrombcn para la #PyDataBCN! Daré un taller sobre cómo refactorizar tus notebooks de Jupyter usando @kedro

#python #kedro #jupyter #pydata

Selfie de Juanlu con camiseta blanca de PyData Barcelona 2017
Juan Luis
6 months ago

The JupyterLab 4.0 + jupyter_collaboration 1.0.0 release is huge!

🔥 Much faster UI
♻️ Revamped Real Time Collaboration
📘 Upgraded text editor
⚙️ A new extension manager
👁️ Search and Replace

Check out the official blog post for more!

#jupyter #python #pydata

Animation of Jupyter Real Time Collaboration
6 months ago

My line manager is dead keen for me to use #Jupyter notebooks convinced they will solve any problem. I've used them before, I don't like them! #Python #DataScience

My main complaint is that execution order/state is not clear and Notebooks aren't particularly git friendly.

Chas Emerick
7 months ago

While I wasn't looking, it seems that #jupyter (and its cousins) have blossomed into pretty capable writing and publishing vehicles!

e.g. and

the reliance on markdown is unfortunate, but it feels like a WYSIWYG option for textual blocks shouldn't be too hard to add (or maybe already exists and I haven't found them yet)