Miguel Corteguera
2 days ago

I went through this free short course (60-90 mins) over the weekend and it's great. I would summarize it as "How to guide ChatGPT to get what you want from it". It includes a jupyter notebook on the side so you can follow along for all the labs testing your own variations.

#ChatGPT #dev #jupyter

James C :python:
4 days ago

If you've been struggling with crashes on #jupyter notebooks with assertion errors coming from tornado / zmq, then it looks like a super helpful fix has come from the ipyflow kernel folks 🎉

Github issue is here:

ipyflow #python kernel for Jupyter notebooks is here:

6 days ago

My line manager is dead keen for me to use #Jupyter notebooks convinced they will solve any problem. I've used them before, I don't like them! #Python #DataScience

My main complaint is that execution order/state is not clear and Notebooks aren't particularly git friendly.

The easiest way to use Google Sheets data in Pandas is to make the Google Sheet public, change the end of the URL to "/export?format=csv", then import the data with

df = pd.read_csv(url)

where url is of course the URL.

Here's an example:

Please let me know if you found this tip useful!

#Pandas #Python #Jupyter #JupyterNotebooks #DataAnalysis

Jérôme Petazzoni
1 week ago

I've been playing with #Bokeh in #Jupyter Notebooks lately to visualize the performance of my #MachineLearning models, and it's been incredibly useful.

It also helps to understand the friction between folks who love using notebooks vs. folks who have to put that code in production later; and it makes me delve into ways to better integrate the two worlds 🤔

Screenshot of a bokeh visualization with a scatter of dots. When you hover over one of the dots, the associated image from the data set shows up in a tooltip.
Marcel Gaida
1 week ago

I explored some of the data from and gave the visualization of it a try.
Python Libraries used:
geopy (Nominatim)

I created a custom map style with mapbox to be more in line with my personal aesthetics. I adjusted the map color and the use of Montserrat for its typography.

The geocoding scripts I wrote can be found here:

Link to the tableau workbook:
#datascience #data #tableau #python #coding #jupyter

The image contains density points (heatmap) of locations in the United States with reported mass shooting occurrences according to
Chas Emerick
1 week ago

While I wasn't looking, it seems that #jupyter (and its cousins) have blossomed into pretty capable writing and publishing vehicles!

e.g. and

the reliance on markdown is unfortunate, but it feels like a WYSIWYG option for textual blocks shouldn't be too hard to add (or maybe already exists and I haven't found them yet)

James C :python:
1 week ago

For better or worse, I've got into the habit of prefixing my #jupyter notebook sections with emojis. Means that the methodology is easier to scan when rendered by the table of contents plugin 👌

TOC2 contents listing for a Jupyter notebook. The Load, Blend and Rename sections are prefixed with a writing hand emoji. Offload Data is prefixed with articulated truck emoji. Compare data section is prefixed with Face with Monocle emoji.
Erik L. Arneson :emacs:
2 weeks ago

I wrote a blog post about the process I use while working on #Jupyter notebooks, with #Emacs and #Pandoc. Enjoy!

2 weeks ago

will there be changes to folders when WSL is installed? #nvidia #windowssubsystemforlinux #cuda #jupyter #windows11

Juan Luis
2 weeks ago

At long last, JupyterLab 4.0 has been released 🍾

This version brings better performance and improved accessibility, a new text editor based on CodeMirror 6, improved Search and Replace functionality, and optional Real Time Collaboration (RTC).

Install it with `pip install "jupyterlab==4.0.0"`

The @Jupyter team will soon publish a blog post and a new version of the classic Notebook. Stay tuned!

Full release notes

#python #jupyter #JupyterLab #PyData

Screenshot of the Jupyter website
Impossible Umbrella :donor: :tux: :vim:
2 weeks ago

This is cool! I was sort of aware you could have non-Python kernels in #jupyter - but I had no idea about the part about running shell commands & writing files! Nice. (Via @hackaday )

Alex Enkerli
3 weeks ago

Interesting perspective on #Jupyter.

I’m neither a Pythonista nor a datascientist. More of a dabbler. And I’ve been enjoying Jupyter, over the years. It’s the kind of #FreeSoftware which is so useful that we take it for granted, in #HigherEd and other #KnowledgeWork. I’d say it’s particularly well-suited for #OpenEducation, for a number of reasons. Including #OER creation.
Of course, there’s been a lot of #Quarto talk, here, and I probably need to test that.

⌛ We're going live in 10 minutes with another 🎉 VS Code Release Party 🎉 Join us for demos on the newest features in #vscode and chat with the team! 🎬
#Jupyter #copilot #pylance


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Daniel Mietchen
3 weeks ago

The slides for our #JupyterCon session
"Computational reproducibility of Jupyter notebooks from biomedical publications" (today at 15:00–15:30 CET in Louis Armand 1)
are up at .

#openscience #reproducibility #Jupyter

3 weeks ago

So excited to be going to #JupyterCon2023! 🎉

We have a booth! @winston_chang @chrisderv & @fly_upside_down will be there, and are excited to chat about Shiny for Python, #quarto_pub, or anything @posit_pbc.

#rstats #python #jupyter

Joel Bennett
3 weeks ago

@thorstenbutz I am using #miniconda (via chocolatey), and the #dotnet global tool to get #jupyter with #powershell etc.

# new, elevated window
choco update miniconda dotnet-sdk -y

# new, elevated window
$ENV:PATH += ';C:\tools\miniconda3\Scripts'
(& "conda.exe" "shell.powershell" "hook") -join "`n" | Invoke-Expression

# conda init powershell
conda install jupyter
dotnet tool install -g Microsoft.dotnet-interactive
dotnet interactive jupyter install

# Double-check:
jupyter kernelspec list

Eli Wilson 🍍
3 weeks ago

I’m working on a talk for the Michigan Python meetup group about building a ChatGPT plugin using Python 🐍 the plugin will use @FastAPI and #Jupyter to allow ChatGPT to build a jupyter notebook!

⚠️ This will be a limited example of what we built at

Yann Büchau :python:
3 weeks ago

I added functions to examine the distance to the object surface to #pythonSDF. Coming from :openscad: @OpenSCAD, being able to examine the object on the fly and include e.g. measurement results into your design is huge. (In #OpenSCAD you need to code all dimensions from the start, no feedback possible).

Here is a demonstration of moving an object depending on its size so it's only in a specific quadrant. Handy! 👍

#3ddesign #3dprinting #HoneycombStorageWall #Screwiverse #Python #Jupyter

Screencast of Jupyter notebook next to OpenSCAD, demonstrating Python-SDF mesh generation and my new implemented function move_to_positive() that can move the object into wanted quadrants.
Gerard Braad
3 weeks ago

Also updated my notebooks template to #debian. This is a one-click deployment of a basic distro, with #vscode and #jupyter notebooks, running on #gitpod

This will always install the most recent version of the distro, vscode and ipython kernel. It is a template, so you can easily make this into your own version/fork.

3 weeks ago

Pour les adeptes de #jupyter #notebooks, #quarto semble fournir un export très performant. En ce qui me concerne, cela permettrait aux eleves de conserver leur travail en pdf ou d’en faire une présentation. Qqn a deja essayé ?

Matt Hodges
3 weeks ago

At our offsite, I asked the team to present any topic they chose — our political work was the only thing off limits. My presentation was building a Computer Vision #AI model to identify our pets. We walked a #Jupyter notebook on transfer learning, bias via "giraffed" models (@janellecshane),¹ and fine tuning.

It was a lot of fun! If you're technically inclined, I very much invite you to invest with your teams on learning these concepts and how they apply to your work.


A characterization of an AI looking at a pile of rocks. It says, "Giraffes!" and the human replies, "Those are just rocks." The AI says, "That strikes me as highly unlikely."

Below, it reads:

A giraffed Al does an excellent job at matching the data it saw but a pretty bad job at matching the real world. All sorts of things, not just animals and dirt, are overrepresented or underrepresented in the datasets we train Al on. For example, people have pointed out that female scientists are vastly underrepresented on Wikipedia compared to male scientists with similar accomplishments. An Al trained on Wikipedia articles might think there are verv few notable female scientists.
- Janelle Shane, You Look Like A Thing And I Love You
Tomas Ekeli
3 weeks ago

i just took the short (#free) course on prompt engineering large-language-models:

it was great! very clear and easy to understand. interactive with #jupyter - very little programming experience needed

#ai #course #chatGPT #promptEngineering

Benoît Bovy
3 weeks ago

Preparing demos for next week at #jupytercon. Here is a sneak peek (turn on the audio, best with headphones). See you there!

💨💨 🔊💨💨

#sonification #xarray #ipyleaflet #ipytone #jupyter

4 weeks ago

How many Rubyists use Jupyter Notebooks with iRuby? Would you prefer to use Jupyter Notebooks with iRuby, or would you be interested in a custom local webapp which mimics Jupyter Notebook's style of editing/running code with a bunch of gems preloaded?
#ruby #jupyter #jupyternotebooks

4 weeks ago

And that's a wrap! If you missed the live session, catch the recording while it's hot:

Refactor your Jupyter notebooks ​using Kedro​ 🔶

#kedro #python #datascience #jupyter #pydata #kedroviz

⏳ We're going live in 10 minutes with a demo on effortless #data analysis and cleaning with #datawrangler in #vscode! Join us and bring your questions for the team!
#jupyter #python @pythonvscode


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4 weeks ago

@im @nicolay_lilicre @eyssette @latexetlaplume moi j’ai opté pour produire du #LaTeX … directement en LaTeX ^_^ avec quelques racourcis claviers et snippets ce n’est pas plus long qu’en #markdown . Markdown (ou #orgmode en ce qui me concerne) c’est si je ne veux rien exporter (ou un doc très simple).

Les #jupyter notebooks c’est hyper bien mais l’export est quand même moyen je trouve.

4 weeks ago

See you all *today* for a Kedro virtual training! More than 190 signups so far and counting 😮

#kedro #python #pydata #jupyter #datascience #datapipelines

David W. Body
1 month ago

Excellent short course on prompt engineering for #ChatGPT.

Taught by Isa Fulford and Andrew Ng. Currently in beta and free.

About 90 minutes of video with #Jupyter notebooks that you can run and modify side by side with the videos. Examples are in #Python, but that almost doesn't matter.

I laughed the first time I heard the term "prompt engineering", but this course gave me respect for the skill.

I remain a skeptic, but anyone in tech should play with this.

Dan Drake
1 month ago

Goofing around with Julia and Pluto notebooks, and...this is what I always wanted Jupyter notebooks to be.

I'm having a total galaxy-brain moment: Pluto notebooks seem ideal for...everything. From:

"I want to do spreadsheet-y things to calculate my personal budget, but I want something with a nicer UI than a grid of cells"


"I want to write a simple document that has some math-y or code-y content"


"I am teaching a class and want to give students an interactive document"


"I am presenting research and want to make an interactive document that makes it easy to verify my work and fiddle with it". (For example, see -- wouldn't it be nice if the original paper had such a document, and folks right away found the error in Lemma 4?)

#julia #pluto #jupyter #reproducibileresearch #teaching #galaxybrain

The Taggart Institute
1 month ago

If you work in #CyberSecurity, you know vendors will sell you a million different tools, each claiming to be a "single pane of glass," in which you can observe all your telemetry. You also know it's more like a single PAIN of glass.

No matter how good a tool is, there will be gaps in functionality, or use cases for your specific situation not covered by the design of the product. A team empowered with #Python and #Jupyter can fill those gaps and make informed decisions about incoming data, and even discover threats that may have gone unnoticed in the kaleidoscope of information provided by vendor tools.

And the best part? It's free to learn how.

Python For Defenders, Pt. 1:

Python For Defenders, Pt. 2:

Quinn Dombrowski
1 month ago

@umblaetterer @IBI_HU Thanks for sharing this! It got me to update my list of #DigitalHumanities #Jupyter notebooks for the first time in ages: Other suggestions very welcome!

1 month ago

🚨 Open workshop alert: Learn how to refactor your Jupyter notebooks into maintainable data science code using Kedro! 🔶

Join us on May 4th at 14:00 UTC for a 2 hour, hands-on, open workshop on how to use Kedro to turn your Jupyter notebooks into maintainable science code.

Register now, and share with any colleagues who might be interested!

#kedro #jupyter #datascience #datapipelines #python #pydata

Will McGugan
1 month ago

Hey #Jupyter fans. If you could embed entire apps in a Jupyter cell, with full UI and network access. What would you use it for?

#ICYMI Check out this week's 🎉 Release Party 🎉 @OliviaGuzzardo @burkeholland @karthiknadig demo some of the exciting features from the March #vscode release including #copilotchat and cool #jupyter and #python updates! Check it out 🎥


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⌛ We're going live in 10 minutes with another #vscode Release Party 🥳 @burkeholland @OliviaGuzzardo @karthiknadig and Peng Lyu are talking about #copilot chat, #Python and #Jupyter updates! 🎬


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🥳 Join us this Thursday for another #VSCode 🎉 Release Party 🎉 We're talking about #copilot chat, #Python and #Jupyter updates! Add to calendar 📅 and join us ▶
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London
@burkeholland @OliviaGuzzardo @karthiknadig


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Devin Prater :blind:
1 month ago

Just starting to explore Jupyter notebooks. So it's like Emacs Lisp, or Org-mode where documents and code are together kinda?

#Jupyter #Python #coding #newbie

Trash Robot
1 month ago

data taken with #p5js, plotted with #jupyter

Juan Luis
1 month ago

Do you want to understand resistance to change? Have you heard the sentence "death by a thousand papercuts"?

Think about this for a moment: learning new things is hugely painful.

Thread about how I learned Polars, how I'm learning VSCode, how shitty it all feels, and trying to extrapolate some conclusions 🧵

#learning #thread #python #polars #vscode #jupyter

Matt Hodges
2 months ago

Here is a #Jupyter Notebook where I use the #LangChain framework + #LLM to write #SQL and build #dataviz in #python. It was extra fun to do this with real voter data. I learned a lot!
#projects #PoliticalTech

Juan Luis
2 months ago

Noticias sobre Python y Datos de la semana, episodio 71 🐍⚙️

En resumen: El impacto de NumFOCUS, versiones nuevas de Kedro-Viz, Fugue, y deepchecks, Markdown avanzado en JupyterLab, aplicaciones con PyScript, y la PyCon Latam en Mexico

Apoya el noticiero suscribiéndote por correo 📬

#numfocus #kedroviz #fugue #sql #markdown #jupyter #pyconlatam #pyscript #python #pydata #noticieropythonydatos

Noticias sobre Python y Datos de la semana, episodio 71 

En resumen: El impacto de NumFOCUS, versiones nuevas de Kedro-Viz, Fugue, y deepchecks, Markdown avanzado en JupyterLab, aplicaciones con PyScript, y la PyCon Latam en Mexico
MyST Markdown
2 months ago

New jupyterlab-myst release! v1.1.3

🗂 Render callouts, tabs, cards, diagrams
🔬 Collect frontmatter as data, render it beautifully
📈 Inline variables, sliders, charts

You can use inline {eval}`x` syntax to embed or evaluate expressions, they can be sparklines of a Matplotlib plot, or a variable or an f-string for formatting.

✅ Interactive task lists
🎨 Improvements to style to match #Jupyter

Claudia Regio
2 months ago

Did you miss our #vscode Polyglot Notebooks livestream this morning with @cecilphillip ?? Not a problem - catch up on the recording here to learn how notebooks are a great tool for exploring SDKs!

#jupyter #csharp #fsharp #powershell #javascript #html #sql #kql #mermaid #stripe #dotnet

Stefan Zitz
2 months ago

@sharoz Very interesting blog post and kudos to you for putting in that effort!
Do you have an idea how to streamline the process
E.g. mandatory journal hosted repos?
Or mandatory #jupyter notebooks for analysis?

Claudia Regio
2 months ago

Want to use multiple languages in a notebook while getting rich IntelliSense? Check out the #vscode Polyglot Notebooks extension, now in GA!🎉

#polyglotnotebooks has language server support and variable sharing for C#, JavaScript, SQL, & more!

#csharp #fsharp #javascript #powershell #javascript #html #sql #mermaid #kql #jupyter #dotnet

Want to use multiple languages in a notebook while getting rich IntelliSense? Check out the @code Polyglot Notebooks extension, now in GA! 🎉
#polyglotnotebooks has language server support and variable sharing for C#, JavaScript, SQL, & more!


Tom Mock
3 months ago

Quarto 1.3 is coming! The team will be blogging about some of the new features we are most excited about.

First up: Code Annotation!

You don't have to wait for the official release to try it out, download the pre-release at:

#RStats #QuartoPub #PyData #jupyter

Rui Carmo
3 months ago

I think I may have found something that can replace #openscad for me, and make good use of #python and #jupyter to boot. Needs a bit more experimentation before I can commit to using it for precision modeling and #3dprinting.

Screen recording of VS Code alongside a 3D viewer and me updating the model live.

🎈 Release Party 🎈 This week @OliviaGuzzardo and @burkeholland will be joined by @mattbierner and @sandy081 to demo what's new in Profiles, Markdown, #Jupyter updates! So mark your 📆 and join the party
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London


Media source:

Software performance is situational: the only completely accurate measure of your #DataScience job's speed is how it runs in production.

That's why the Sciagraph performance and memory profiler, designed for #Python data science and the like, is fast and robust enough to run in production, and why the initial versions were Linux only.

But measuring performance in development is also useful! So I've added e.g. #Jupyter support, and coming soon, a macOS version:

@proactivepaul @cs @obliviator @katesparkle

I'm still curious why you are seeing this - it's definitely something specific to #Jupyter (and a windows-specific bug I would guess?) - though I usually use Jupyter through the web browser interface (now jupyter-lab) which is going to process the incoming source code differently. I wonder if the Win10 shell is interfering in some way with the iPython interpreter. I don't use Windows, so donno for sure.

3 months ago

what is the coolest #JupyterNotebook you've seen lately? 👀

#jupyter #DataScience #MachineLearning #AI #dataviz

#ICYMI 🐍 On today's special edition of #ThePythonPulse @BajoranEngineer Dr. Sarah Kaiser and @soojinchoi_ gave an amazing overview and demo of #jupyter notebooks in #vscode! 🎥


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bajoran engineer :python:
3 months ago

We’re talking #Jupyter notebooks in #VSCode for a special ~*BONUS*~ episode of The Python Pulse with @crazy4pi314 and Soojin Choi !

11am PT / 7pm UTC - 24th of Feb

cc: #pythonvscode

I am a black woman talking to camera in a button up and yellow glasses. I’m sitting in my office.
Matt Hodges
3 months ago

Stephen Wolfram wrote an amazing #MachineLearning primer on how things like #ChatGPT and Neural Networks operate from a math perspective.¹ If you're looking for a shorter hands-on dig, I wrote a #Jupyter Notebook that implements a Computer Vision model using only NumPy.² For an incredible and approachable intro to the basics, I can't overstate how great @janellecshane's "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You"³ is.


Need to find performance bottlenecks in your #Python #Jupyter notebook? The Sciagraph performance and memory profiler, designed for data processing applications, now comes with a Jupyter integration:

Min RK
4 months ago

A lot of folks search for answers about #jupyter when they are really general Python questions, but including the Jupyter keyword eliminates most useful search results. You often have a much better chance of finding an answer if you replace “Jupyter” with “Python” in your search.

How are folks supposed to know it’s not a Jupyter-specific question without already know how both Jupyter (usually IPython, actually) and Python work? 🤷