@matthew I enjoy #KDENLIVE (most my videos made in it).

I also used openshot previously.

2 days ago

The problem with looking for tutorials on making #videos with #KDEnlive is that literally everything is a bloody video! #hrmp

Estrellas Compartidas
3 days ago


Jugando un poco con herramientas muy muy poderosas...

Todo sobre #Trisquel

🐧 ❤️
A quienes hagan pistas con LMMS, cualquier crítica, sugerencia, recomendación, etc... ¡Más que bienvenida!

Nuevamente, sinceros respetos por el arte...

Video realizado con KDEnlive, se muestra una mezcla entre un vídeo del Sol y una captura de pantalla usando LMMS.
6 days ago

@ScruffyDux I'd love to use #Ultraschall (, but as a Linux user, that's not an option, unfortunately. My pipeline involved #Audacity for initial noise reduction, but with proper microphones, that's not necessary anymore. Handling multiple audio tracks, cutting here, blending there, maybe some volume adjustments - way more comfortable with #kdenlive than with Audacity. #Tenacity might be worth a look, never heard of it before.

Julio Alberto Lascano
6 days ago

16º edición de la bicicleteada "Por la vida" en homenaje al Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro. 14, 15 y 16 de Octubre 2023

La Bici Posta ya está anunciando su nueva edición de la bicicleteada por la vida Dr. René Favaloro. 14, 15 y 16 de Octubre 2023.

Acá un vídeo de lo que fue la 15º edición 2022 en la que estuvimos presentes.

#TDF #RioGrande #Tolhuin #Ushuaia #Favaloro #Cicloturismo #kdenlive

Mas info:

Holy shit #kdenlive has gotten good!

I got to use it today on a work project, making a video for all the vertical video platforms. The multiple sequences is an absolute game changer.

That plus all the other tools like color clips, gradients, transforms & crops, keyframing, corner tool and so on meant I didn't need to turn to Resolve, let alone (horror) Adobe for a relatively complex project.

This is getting closer and closer to replacing proprietary for everything I need.

#FOSS #OpenSource

1 week ago

Latest Olive Video Editor release is rock solid for me! Also tons of bugs are gone!

If you want to edit video on Linux or using free and open-source software - try Olive. It has an excellent suite of editing tools that beat everything else I have tried including the big names. Also multiple audio tracks. This rocks.

It is the only(!) FOSS NLE that uses GPU for all image processing!

#VideoEditing #Kdenlive #DavinciResolve #Video #VideoProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #GNU

1 week ago

How to stop files from saving in /run/user/1000/doc? #files #kdenlive #location

Estrellas Compartidas
1 week ago

El Sol con un poco de "música" sobre la marcha...

Resultado en el vídeo... Al principio muchísimas nubes...


❤️ ☀️ 🔭


Captura de pantalla de un programa de producción de música llamado LMMS.
Se muestra el PianoRoll en primer plano con múltiples ventanas del programa abierto en segundo plano.
Captura de pantalla del programa de edición de vídeo KDENLIVE.
Captura de pantalla del programa utilizado para controlar la cámara planetaria. En este caso el ASICAP.

What are your #FOSS Infinity Stones?

The list of 5 top applications that allow you to replace the proprietary tools typically used by people similar to you, that make your daily life mostly FOSS?

My job is making written and video tutorials related to the web so for me it's:

1. #Krita for image editing
2. #KDE Spectacle for image capture
3. #Kdenlive for video editing
4. #Peek for video capture
5. #Tasksorg for managing tasks and projects

No Adobe or data hoarding apps needed.

Liane M. Dubowy
2 weeks ago

Die neue #Kdenlive-Version läuft bei mir prima, doch das #MLT-Framework macht Probleme. Ich musste deshalb zu einer früheren Software-Version wechseln. #archlinux #linux #videoschnitt

Terry Hancock (Director/Producer)
2 weeks ago

Current state, for those who like "work-in-progress" videos. I like this timing better.

There's still quite a bit of missing animation, and this is all previz, of course. #LunaticsProject #OpenMovie #Blende #Kdenlive #Animation

Terry Hancock (Director/Producer)
2 weeks ago

Today, I finished regenerating the lost GL animatic renders for the "Launch" sequence, and got the sequence edit re-assembled.

But I kind of hate the pacing now. Too fast. Feels rushed.

This happened earlier with part of the "Soyuz Rollout" sequence, and I stretched that out some. I'm planning to do the same here.

I think this is going to make the episode slightly longer, but at 16 minutes, it's really pretty short. Normally, a "half-hour" show would be about 24 minutes, including credits (because they're designed to air with commercials).

So I'm stretching shots (with the "Change Speed" tool in Kdenlive) and adjusting the sound files to see if I can find a better cut. Kind of slow going, but I do think I'm making this better.

#LunaticsProject #OpenMovie #Blende #Kdenlive #Animation

Lunatics S1E01-LA "Launch" sequence from the pilot, opened for editing in Kdenlive.

In the playback window, we see our crew (Georgiana, Hiromi, and Sergei) walking about of the prep building.

At bottom, we can see the timeline (the cursor is at the beginning of the action for this scene/sequence.

At bottom is a temporary diagetic sound track and the music track.

At top, the "Subtitles" are actually my directing notes from sometime back.
Stefano Droghetti
2 weeks ago

10 minuti di riprese di giardini privati di Ferrara, in 4K e cinemascope, tutto montato con #Kdenlive su #Linux #Ubuntu

Dirk Hagedorn
2 weeks ago

Ich bin immer noch bei der 22.12.1, weil alles danach bisher Grütze war und grundlegendste Dinge plötzlich total verbuggt waren. Mal schauen, ob es diesmal besser ist.

#Kdenlive 23.08.1 released

2 weeks ago

Tutorial - Create a glitch transition in #Kdenlive

2 weeks ago

In 10min starten "Informationsmanagement (mit #EGroupware)", "#VR, #AR, #Linux & IT-Sicherheit für bessere Städte" und "#Kdenlive - 20 Jahre Entwicklung" - Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Kdenlive - und Euch viel Spaß beim Zusehen!

#Groupware #opensource #freiesoftware #städteplanung

3 weeks ago

"Weight Lifting": Another rough animatic experiment using #Krita and #kdenlive. It's pretty fun to do those things! #Animation #MastoArt

3 weeks ago

My second rough animatic using #Krita and a basic montage using #kdenlive #Animation 😅

:loveball: Tasty
3 weeks ago

I am violently in love with #kdenlive.

3 weeks ago

@kdenlive is there any roadmap/plan for a python api in #kdenlive??

3 weeks ago

Oh yes! @kdenlive has introduced multiple sequences/timelines in a single project. This is a fantastic addition and something I know of lot of the editors I have worked with always want!

Sadly all those editors are blindly obsessed with premiere. Ergh adobe 🤢

I am actually curious now about writing my own addons for kdenlive 🤔

#workingonshowreel #editing #kdenlive #foss #editor #pipeline #animation #vfx

Emmanuelle Germond
3 weeks ago

@siegi @rhl haha je n'en n'avait aucune idée!!! (Seconde degré).

Je me demandais plutôt s'il y avait une communauté #kdenlive active sur mastodon.

Le #montageVidéo a beau être une activité solitaire. Je me disais que ce serait sympa de créer l'échange de #connaissance dont je rêvait, il y a 20 ans, quand j'ai fais mes premiees montage avec Pinacle et les 10 dernières années passées avec #kdenlive, #openshot, #cinelerra, etc.

Mais je réitère mon offre de vous aider au montage des @rhl 😇

Bueno, ya van 2 días que uso #Kdenlive para videos cortos. Ayer me fue bien, pero desesperé bastante.

El acelerado vía GPU no valió con mi tarjeta, pero encontré una manera de sortearlo en la preview.

Pero el renderizado de 1 minuto de video demoró 20 minutos (cuando usaba Premier en #macOS un video de 10 se me demoraba 30 y uno de 3 minutos solo 5 u 8 a lo mucho).

Cometer el error de setear mal la secuencia parece cuesta más acá que en Premier.


Emmanuelle Germond
3 weeks ago

J'en suis à deux semaines sur #kdenlive !! C'est cool de faire du montage. Et de hurler parce que je dois trier les blagues que certains ou certaines laissent au monteur, c'est-à-dire moi. 😂 Est-ce que vous l'avez déjà utilisé ? Est-ce que vous allez l'utiliser ? Est-ce qu'un atelier/blog/podcast/stream sur ça vous intéresse ?
#votepirate #ppvd

Photo d'un écran de montage sur kdenlive.

Hoy ocupé #Kdenlive para producir un video explicativo de 40 segundos para redes sociales en un medio importante.

Estaba ultra acostumbrado a #AdobePremier así que debo reconocer entré en pánico cuando veía que varias cosas parecían no funcionar, pero en el resultado final quedó todo bien y nada que envidiar a otros videos.

Así que sí, es muy posible usar editores de vídeo #opensource para fines masivos. Veamos cómo se va desempeñando en proyectos más complejos.

4 weeks ago

ich finde einfach die farben des #videos (übrigens purer zufall, hab einfach bisschen in #kdenlive rumgeklickt) und den klang der #gitarre xtrem geil 🥰

Pablo ☕👾
1 month ago

Arrancamos la semana de vacaciones aprovechando para editar un cacho de video. Pasad buen día mastodxns, a tope a por el lunes 💪 :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

#kdenlive #castlevania #game

Vídeo en el que se ve una videoconsola con un pulgar encima. En la pantalla se está reproduciendo una escena en la que se muestra a Drácula en un trono sobre un pedestal, con la barbilla apoyada en el puño, las piernas cruzadas y actitud condescendiente mientras el protagonista le mira de espaldas a la cámara. En el fondo de la sala se ven dos pilares y dos cortinas rojas que van de los pilares hacia el trono. También hay dos candelabros a cada lado del trono, debajo del pedestal. En la parte superior aparece el nombre del personaje que habla, primero Richter, el protagonista y después Drácula, junto con su retrato a la derecha. Richter aparece con pelo largo y castaño, Drácula con el pelo blanco y muy pálido.
Fisher Root
1 month ago

Kdenlive 23.08. La nueva versión del editor de vídeo de la comunidad KDE, llega para dar un pasito más, en hacer más completo y compatible, la creación y edición de nuestros vídeos.

#Kdenlive #KDE #videoeditor #SoftwareLibre #opensource

1 month ago
1 month ago

@textovervideo Oh #Kdenlive, hands down. No competition.A few years ago it was much closer, but #Kdenlive, while still having some issues has really come a long, long way in terms of stability and speed.

Тем временем очередной черновик монтажа готов.

Похоже, гипотеза о том, что мы не в состоянии выпускать больше одного коллаба в год подтверждается экспериментальным путём :philosoraptor:

#pic #kdenlive #log #collab

Screenshot of Kdenlive project of new collab.
Martin Owens
1 month ago Ah, so you'd have to be looking at #Kdenlive (this is what I use) and that probably doesn't do everything you need. There's always something 😆

@fsf This is a reminder to check out other great free software including LibreOffice, a full office productivity suite including Writer (word processor,) Calc (spreadsheet,) Impress (presentation,) Draw (duh!,) Base (database) and Math (formulae.)
For video editing, I use ShotCut for video editing but I'll have to try now that I've learned about it.

Remember, you own software, software should NOT own you!

#fsf #foss #libreoffice #shotcut #kdenlive

MonViolon ⏚
1 month ago

#Vidéo terminée !
L'idée est de faire une série pour présenter des morceaux sympas à jouer en #BoeufTrad (par exemple).
Tournée derrière la maison (comme ça tu visites). Prise de son accordéon pas prise de tête : un dictaphone placé hors champ. Après un coup de limiteur + équal + réverb, c'est pas l'extase mais franchement honnête… je me demande pourquoi je m'embête d'habitude.
'faut pas de vent quoi.
#kdenlive #LicenceArtLibre #accordéon #musiqueLibre #baltrad #festNoz

1 month ago

#Kdenlive 23.08, the latest update of the video editing software, has been released with two new effects, fixes, and enhancements. It adds compatibility for GoPro and DJI files, and introduces an AV1 NVENC profile.

An abstract gradient red/blue background with the Kdenlive logo in the middle and with the text "23.08.0" below.
1 month ago

Curso de kdenlive sendo lançado pelo canal Livre Labs. Para quem não conhece, o canal tem diversos vídeos ensinando a utilizar ferramentas livres como o kdenlive, gimp, inkscape, entre outras.

#kdenlive #linux #opensource

1 month ago

#Kdenlive 23.08.0 is released packed with an array of fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

#videoediting #floss

Kdenlive interface showing a bunch of tracks with different heights. The mouse pointer opens a menu and selects the option: Fit all tracks in view.
Café y Linux
1 month ago

Nuevo video en mi canal de YouTube, un corto de 5 minutos sobre una función que no sabia que había llegado: Volumen amigable en #kdenlive #opensource #softwarelibre a través de
1 month ago

From the graphics, to the music, to editing, my entire workflow for videos is made with free and open source software.

New video coming on Motion Tracking in #Kdenlive.

Screenshot. Kdenlive video editor. My face in both the clip and project monitor.
1 month ago

@Blort @tio

> A testament to global community values, using community created software, shared on a community created network crying out for us all to act like a community and save ourselves together.

This is it, that's why I feel like this #documentary is perfect for being the first feature-length #film to ever be released exclusively on the fediverse - it perfectly captures that community aspect of the #fediverse and other #FOSS projects like #Kdenlive which it was made using.

2 months ago

Wow. Just watched a haunting trailer for the #environment themed documentary series #TROM by @tio

The entire series is edited with #Kdenlive and made available on their #Peertube channel at:

A testament to global community values, using community created software, shared on a community created network crying out for us all to act like a community and save ourselves together.

Watching it now, and its... beautiful.

#Green #FOSS #ClimateCrisis

2 months ago

🎥 Showcase 🎬

TROM II: A Message to the Aliens is a 4 parts (5 hours) documentary edited with #kdenlive by @tio


Check it out!

#floss #videoediting #videomaking

Sometimes you need a little nudge to try making a video or try a new piece of editing software. Maybe this guide on @kdenlive will inspire you?
#Fedora #Kdenlive


2 months ago

🎥 Showcase 🎬

The Lost Color by Kris Limbach is an experimental feature film shot only with available light mostly in dark nights and edited with #kdenlive.

Check it out!

#floss #videoediting #videomaking

2 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.08 Beta available for testing! This version fixes many regressions introduced in the last release and aims to bring a cycle of stability by fixing bugs and improving our code test suite. That means no new features.

#videoediting #floss

Learn how to edit your videos with free software in this workshop with Seth Kenlon aka klaatu: #WorkingTogether #FreeSoftware #Kdenlive

Mark H
2 months ago

I used to use a perhaps less paid for than Adobe would have liked version of Premiere Pro but decided to go legal (but still not pay big money for hobby editing) a few years back and started using #Kdenlive instead. It had a few limitations but did well enough for me, but the most recent versions report false errors all the time with missing frames I can't be bothered to sort out so I've downloaded and played around with #DaVinciResolve today and have to say I'm very impressed with it.

2 months ago

My top 5 #opensource projects:
- OS: #Linux
- Web browser: #Firefox
- Office suite: #LibreOffice
- Desktop environment: #Kde_plasma
- Video editor: #Kdenlive
Share your list & follow for more Linux and opensource content.

@FrownFactory yeah, #BlackmagicDesign needs to fix #Resolve and AFAIK ##Kdenlive still doesn't eat up DCI-4K footage at all or constantly craps itself out...
3 months ago

Holy macaroni is Whisper good! It's now the most accurate and efficient way to build subtitles in #Kdenlive video editor.
3 months ago

#Kdenlive doesn't work on Android. #LumaFusion doesn't work on Linux. This is an example of what #OpenTimelineIO would attempt to solve.

Kdenlive currently supports this but not LumaFusion. That's a bummer.

3 months ago

Kennt wer einen guten #Blog oder #Newsletter für Tipps zum produktiven #Linux Einsatz? (Speziell im Bereich #GrafikDesign u. #Videoschnitt)

Ich nutze #TuxedoOS also #Unbuntu #KDE leider recht selten im Dualboot und warte dann lange auf installierende Updates...

kenne und nutze gerne #inkscape, #penpot und #kdenlive aber das reicht nicht, im Alltag greife ich immer wieder auf #Windows zurück (Performance, #Affinity Programme laufen auch nicht mit Wine und Bottles)

#FollowerPower #OpenSource

3 months ago

What do you use #Kdenlive for?:

4 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.04.2 is out with many bug fixes and enhancements to #Whisper and #Vosk subtitling engines. Also resolves various issues related to timeline sequences, project archiving, subtitle display, motion tracker, color wheel effect, and rendering.

#videoediting #artWithOpenSource WithOpenSource

Kdenlive logo with the version number "23.04.2" over a white background.
Spoopidy James 🎃💀🕷️
4 months ago

I got to do some video editing for work today and while I probably overdid it (it’s for internal use, it doesn’t need to be perfect!), I’m dang proud of it.

I also learned a new workflow in Kdenlive that would have saved SO MUCH TIME in past projects: setting in/out points for a timeline zone with the I/O keys and then extracting that with Shift+X. Perfect for removing “um” and chopping up dialogue to actually flow.


4 months ago

@irisRichardson i've not done much video editing but i like #kdenlive

Changing video editing software a few days before the planned publication of the work from it is probably not the best idea. But #Kdenlive does not take it out and often crashes even when working with one footage for a couple of tens of seconds, so I took #DaVinciResolve and try to get used to it in an accelerated mode. At least it does not crash, which is already good. But for some reason he can not do in MP4, forcing me to convert all the sources, which now they do not fit on the drive.

Liane M. Dubowy
5 months ago

Schick, die neue #Kdenlive-Version 23.04. Erst dachte ich nicht, dass ich das bei einem #Videoeditor brauche, aber verschachtelte Zeitleisten sind tatsächlich praktisch. Und besonders cool: Spracherkennung mit #OpenAI #whisper

#Transkription #Videoschnitt

Linux ☑️
5 months ago

Kdenlive 23.04 (free as in freedom pro grade video editor) is out 📽️ 🎞️

* Nested timelines - work on individual parts of a project separately & combine them into a larger project

* OpenAI Whisper speech recognition system - handle punctuations with ease

* Improvements to the effect and transition stack

* KDE Store - download slick animated templates

& much more =>

#Kdenlive #video #editing #Linux #free #OpenSource #libre #timelines #OpenAI #KDE

5 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.04 is out with nested timelines, Whisper engine support, new effects and transitions and much more.

Go check it out:

Kdenlive interface showcasing the speech to text and subtitle features.
6 months ago


Your wish is my command.

Except that I'm too lazy to commit any actual creativity to it, so like any good creativity-lacking drone-bot I just had AI do it instead. (Seems fitting for a 2023 anthem)

I neither wrote, composed, drew, photographed, illustrated or recorded any of it.

Furthermore, I'd say that the actual music is pretty, darn terrible! 😆


#Peertube #Music #PeertubeExclusive #AI #GenerativeArt #OnHold #Kdenlive #ChatGTP #StableDiffusion

Máirín Duffy
6 months ago

Just like magic, generate captions for your screencast in #kdenlive

Full tutorial (written by @K_REY_C) here:

6 months ago

5 years ago regarding plugins for #Kdenlive:

„It depends on what kind of add-on you want to work on.
If it is new effects (or interfacing with new multimedia libs) then it is actually in MLT or even plugins systems it can load (frei0r for video, Movit for GPU, LADSPA for audio)...
If it is interface tweaks then you can see what you con do editing Kdenlive QML files and then we will see how to share it.“

I wonder whether it's still the case 🤔


Estrellas Compartidas
7 months ago

"Estrellas Compartidas" utiliza #SoftwareLibre.

Seguimos experimentando con #LMMS y disfrutando mucho las utilidades del #Kdenlive. Genial el curso de @podcastlinux (🥰). Fuente de consulta cada vez que tengo una duda.

Para el procesado, seguimos con #Siril (❤️) y #Gimp (😍).

Captura de pantalla de LMMS. Herramienta para producción de audio.
Captura de pantalla de Kdenlive. Herramienta para edición de video.
Captura de pantalla de Gimp. Herramienta para edición de imágenes de manera general. Se muestra una galaxia en el centro de la pantalla...
Captura de pantalla de Siril. Herramienta para edición de fotografías astronómicas. Se muestra la Nebulosa de Orión.

I'm now on 99.9% #FOSS for professional creative work in the web industry and I absolutely love it.

I use #Krita for all general image editing and creation, plus the #KDE app Spectacle for image capture.

When I need vectors I use #Inkscape. If I need to prototype a UI I use #PenPot.

For making videos to embed in webpages I use #Kdenlive, editing recordings captured with Simple Screen Recorder.

All on an #EndeavourOS system.

Clients see no difference at all on their end, everyone's happy.

Martin Owens
8 months ago

Without the command line, without any desktop production tool like #gimp #kdenlive

How can I make an animated gif screencast?

The one with #popos produces webm videos. Which aren't as useful as gifs for uploading. But only command line solutions exist to convert them, because apparently we're all nerds that really really like learning ffmpeg command line switches 😂

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
8 months ago


I do a little video editing with my drone footage and hope to do more.

I'm a #linux user, so this info may or may not be useful for you.

I like a tool called #losslesscut to do quick simple triage of my drone videos. Basically, just cut out the nonsense I don't want to keep.

For more advanced editing features, I like #KdenLive.