2 weeks ago

Saw someone driving one of these on I35 in Lewisville, TX today:

The #Autozam AZ-1 Is The Ultimate Japanese Pocket Rocket That You Simply Can't Ignore #KeiCar

@tikibunnyimports yeah, a classic #KeiCar aka. #PersonalLightVehicle!

Very cute and smol indeed.

@benbloodworth YES!
Make #smol #cars great again!

Also they should offer those within #KeiCar standards worldwide!!!

#Nissan #Datsun

Raymond Larabie
1 month ago

Bathed in sunlight, a vivacious red car rests outside a quaint Japanese residence. Its energy, too fervent to be contained, has seemed to dissolve its protective cloak, revealing the undeniable spirit of the vehicle beneath. 🚗


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #keicar

The photograph captures a scene in Nagoya featuring a vibrant red car, which is parked in front of a white residential building. The car, appearing to be in a state of disrepair, is missing its wheels and is propped up on metal supports. A deteriorated white tarpaulin, which once might have covered the car, is now shredded and draped over parts of it. Despite this evident neglect, the car's color and form shine brilliantly in the sunlight, suggesting a sense of latent energy and dynamism. The backdrop includes the entrance of the house with a curtained window to the right.
Ferdinando Simonetti
1 month ago

[ Tesla Who? Japan’s Favorite EV Is A $13k Shoebox With A 112-Mile Range | Carscoops ] #EV #KeiCar

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

This video explains why cars and trucks keep getting bigger in the US.

Basically the gas mileage a new vehicle has to hit for the manufacturer to avoid paying extra fees, depends on the footprint calculated as wheelbase times track width.

Obviously that doesn't apply to EVs, but many drivers are afraid of buying a small vehicle for fear of what would happen in a collision with a now-standard behemoth. #fuelEconomy #climatecrisis #keiCar

@threetails @douglasvb @GreenFire @fuchsiii @notjustbikes That's just a #KeiCar-esque electric #Minitruck and they are great.

So much that #PICNIC uses them exclusively for their #GroceriesDelivery service and #DeutschePost / #DHL literally bought a manufacturer for their electric minitrucks and calls them #StreetScooter.

And #UPS converted a lot of their trucks to a drop-in electric kit in order to serve Regulated areas.

Wenn es #Mercedes mit dem #BabyG wirklich ernst meinen würde, hätte das Auto #KeiCar-Maße. Ich persönlich hätte aber noch lieber ein #BabyV in der Größe.

Nicht ganz #KeiCar-Maße, aber mit Schiebetür! 💕🤗💕

Und die Allradversion nennen wir dann X-Ray. 😉

(unbezahlte Produkt- und Markennennung)


@dragonarchitect precisely!

There is no incentive to build smaller vehicles in the word except the #KeiCar classification in #Japan and few nieches like Drving license Class B1 and A1 and subsequent "legal and/or engineering hacks" that serve nieches like "turning a car into legally a motorized tricycle that a 16yr old can legally drive on their own." by neutering it's engine to 15kW & 90km/h Vmax and modding the rear axle...

Nissan, please bring the Sakura to Europe. We need more small and cheap electric cars 🚙🔌

Plus who doesn’t love a #keicar.

#EV #ElectricVehicle #Nissan #Sakura #Japan

@renwillis that's a cute #KeiCar-size #Minibus!

@multiburst #KeiCar sind ne De-Facto Norm für #PersonalLightVehicles und an sich auch ne gute Idee...

Wenn schon kein flächendeckender #ÖPNV & #ÖPFV möglich ist, dann doch bitte effiziente Designs statt #Padpanzer aka. #MotorisierteGewalt per Design!

7 months ago

Today is an oil change and possibly an engine cleaning for the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini #kei #keicar

Engine bay of a car. Engine is dirty
7 months ago

I am going to single handedly build #kei #keitruck #keicar Mastodon if it's the last thing I do here.

A white Mitsubishi minicab japanese kei truck parked on the side of a residential road with trees in the background

@TheWarOnCars what we need is to either ditch the concept of a #car entirely in favour of a #PersonalLightVehicle (#PLV) or decentivize their ownership, production and purchase with taxes on excess size, width, lenght & dead-/net weight.

Kinda inverse of the japanese #KeiCar standard.

8 months ago

OMG I have found the perfect #sUV for the urban world.

Just checkout the advertising images! Doing exactly what a 3 ton 4x4 lifted 'offroad' brodozer would do.

#suv #urbanism #keicar #brodozer #wankpanzer #camping

@bhtooefr @TechConnectify @notjustbikes that's because #Japan has the #KeiCar standard, which incentivizes small vehicles.

Something I do acknowledge...

Kristoffer Lawson
10 months ago

#suzuki is also seemingly working on an #EV #Hustler. They seriously should bring that to Europe. It’s such a fun #keicar.

I saw this in the parking lot at the gym. I would be lying if I said that I have never been tempted to get one, myself.

#MiniTruck #KeiCar

A white Japanese mini-truck
Bei E-Autos wetteifern westliche Hersteller mit schnellerer Beschleunigung und höherer Reichweite um Kunden. Nissan geht mit dem Mini Sakura einen anderen Weg.
Nissan Sakura: Testfahrt mit Japans preiswertestem Elektroauto