Yakamoz, my latest ortholinear mechanical keyboard, designed and built by @ozkan , which also got featured on

#mechanicalkeyboard #ortholinear #yakamoz #kbdnews #keyboard #xda #keycap #cherrymx #olkb #oled #buzzer

4 hours ago

Check this out!

<Multi_key> <i> <j>
will insert ij

(latin small ligature ij)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

Welk #keyboard gebruiken jullie op je Android buiten SwiftKey?

21 hours ago

Hopefully my Lily58 keyboard kit arrives today. I found this article on the web and what a gem! If you like keyboards and Linux, this guy is FUNNY! I love it.

#keyboard #linux

smalldog club ☑️
1 day ago

I bought what I call a chiclet keyboard (tight small keys that don't depress much).

I hoping there won't be room for the big chunks of food to drop down in there. 😬


close low view of the keys. kinda pretty
1 day ago

Ever tried the compose key?

<Multi_key> <minus> <o>
will insert ō

(latin small letter o with macron)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

Dave Mackey
1 day ago

#question of the day: best options for a full-size #foldable #keyboard?

The two key ingredients here are: foldable AND full-size.

I'm looking for something I wouldn't mind working on for an entire day.

Edit: It doesn't need to have a num pad.

Edit 2: I'd also settle for a non-foldable, regular key size, compact keyboard that would fit in a laptop bag.

Edit 3: For work, no fancy backlights or they must turn off.

#recommendations #help

Paul O'Malley
2 days ago

Just passed 6 months in my new role this week! 🎉😁

My desk in the brand new #Datadog Sydney office is starting to get decked out and personalised. Dual 16:10 monitors hooked up and working seamlessly.

Rebuilt the #NK65 Milkshake the other night and have allocated it as my "in the office" #keyboard Mostly just so I don't need to transit with my more expensive keyboard whenever I am in the office... Lol.

And yes, I'm turning into a "stickers on my laptop" kind of person... 💜😁👍

#MechanicalKeyboard #Datadog #OfficeSetup #DeskSetup @mechanicalkeyboards

Top down photo of a small form factor, white mechanical keyboard with an Apple Trackpad beside it and a Macbook Pro on the edge of the shot with many stickers on it featuring the Datadog logo in different forms.
Cyborg Soloists
2 days ago

One of the 4 world premieres at Saturday's Cyborg Pianist launch will be Oliver Leith's 'Vicentino, love you - studies for keyboard'. This is another piece for TouchKeys #keyboard, this time using the technology to create a digital version of 16th century instrument maker Vicentino's #microtonal #Archicembalo instrument. He connects this to classic #synthesizers creating intimate and otherworldly sounds. Book for the premiere here: #musictechnology

Two men - Oliver Leith (in front, facing right, he has brown hair, a short beard and moustache and is wearing a grey jumper) and Zubin Kanga (to Oliver's right, but further away from the camera, black hair, wearing a blue jumper) - are at synthesizer keyboards in what appears to be a domestic loungeroom. Oliver is sitting on a teal-coloured couch, and behind Zubin we can see the keyboard of a baby grand piano with a score from the music publisher Faber on the music stand.
2 days ago

Did you know about this one?

<Multi_key> <asciicircum> <underbar> <x>
will insert ˣ

(modifier letter small x)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

2 days ago

What are the appropriate keyboard setting in Ubuntu for MacBookAir 7,2 (2015) #keyboard #shortcutkeys #keyboardlayout #mac #macbookair

Jason Weatherly
2 days ago

Got the new deskmat in, just a smidge bigger than I thought it would be. However, it's in substantially better shape than the old abused one. #keyboard #desk

A grey desk mat with circles on it.  A keyboard with keycaps going from mint green to purple in a gradient on a Drop Ctrl v1 keyboard and a sad Logitech mouse beside it because there was no way I was putting my actual mouse in the photo because it needs to be cleaned.
Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
2 days ago

I’ve just made my Dad very happy indeed.

Dad has Parkinson’s Disease – he’s more than happy for me to tell you all this btw – and he has the classic symptoms where his hands shake uncontrollably.

He’s spent his entire career in IT, “teasing the punch card girls” as he puts it, working with COBOL, and doing his best to not break various banks and insurance companies with his coding prowess; basically a general fascination for all things computer-ey.

He got me started bringing a ZX81 home one day.

He’s got an S22, as it means he can use WhatsApp to keep up to date with all of the extended family, and send them the photos off his phone while he’s out and about.

But of course, keyboards on phones are rubbish, and he’s getting so frustrated.

So I’ve bought him a Bluetooth keyboard – an Arteck HB066 to be exact.

And he’s absolutely over the moon with it.

It folds up to about the same size as his phone, so he can stick it in his pocket, and he can message both willy and nilly.

Next up, I’m getting him a GorillaPod for his phone.

#ParkinsonsDisease #parkinsons #COBOL #ZX81 #Samsung #Galaxy #S22 #WhatsApp #Bluetooth #Keyboard #Arteck #GorillaPod

A photo of my S21 and the foldable Bluetooth keyboard
2 days ago


It just arrived and it sounds soooo clicky retro 🤩

#mechanicalkeyboard #retro #keyboard

Does anyone have some recommendations for a good keyboard/mouse combo if you have problems using your hands?

I have tried various ergonomic options over the years with no real relief. I am looking for a good option in that category or a decent adaptive type device. My left hand is to the point that I can hardly use it (yay and I am left handed) and my right hand is starting to become like my left.

If the wonderful people out there could reply with links to things that work for them I will sort through and see what may fit me and give it a try. I am open to anything right now.

Thank you

#keyboard #ergonomic #adaptive #assistivedevice

2 days ago

Ist dieses Menü, das erscheint, wenn man einen Text markiert, Teil der Keyboard App oder der App, in der der Text steht?

#Android #Keyboard #clipboard

3 days ago

Type (or game) in STYLE !!!

WhatGeek x Machenike K500F-B81 Clear Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

#MechanicalKeyboard #keyboard #gaming

3 days ago

This is your daily dose of compose key sequences:

<Multi_key> <I> <J>
will insert IJ

(latin capital ligature ij)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

3 days ago

I'm using an Elecom light touch keyboard, and the Ctrl key is starting to stick again.

Any keyboard recommendations for something with a light feeling?


4 days ago

Check this out!

<Multi_key> <apostrophe> <ohorn>
will insert ớ

(latin small letter o with horn and acute)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

4 days ago

21 Useful Terminal Shortcuts Pro #Linux Users Love to Use

Become more efficient in the Linux #terminal by mastering these super useful #keyboard shortcuts.


Esta semana me compre el tecldo retro de 8bitdo.

AMO el tacto de las teclas y el look tan retro que tiene.

Creo que lo unico negativo es que no se puede levantar.`

#keyboard #mechanicalKeyboard

@ikanreed @SwiftOnSecurity Yeah, because the availability of high bandwith allows the propagation of low quality fancy shit in lieu of good writeups and howtos...

Needless to say people don't even get #TechLiteracy taught in #School and so in 2019 I did met a highschool graduate on a dual-study/apprenticeship position who confessed to me that they've never ever used a #PC before.

And I'm not talking about #Linux or a #Mac or #Windows in General but like how to use a #Keyboard & #Mouse... 📚
4 days ago

From helping you go between apps more quickly to navigating your system, getting around Windows 11 is a lot easier if you know a keyboard shortcut or five. #microsoft #windows11 #keyboard #shortcut

Christopher M0YNG
4 days ago

I've been using my small Koda keyboard at my desk for months now, and I just grabbed the RK61 and now I can't type anymore.


4 days ago

A Tester68 with your switches and keycaps of choice + rechargable batteries is the best wireless keyboard experience you can get in my opinion. It's affordable and I can't stand having to plug in a wireless keyboard to charge so hot swapping batteries is where it's at imo. That's also why I use a steelseries headset.

#keyboard #keyboards #wireless #tester68

IT News
4 days ago

Single-Button Keyboard Has Multiple Uses - Well now why would I want a single-button keyboard, you might be asking yourself. ... - #peripheralshacks #esp32-s3 #keyboard #macropad #esp32

4 days ago

Compose key sequence:

<Multi_key> <I> <asciicircum>
will insert Î

(latin capital letter i with circumflex)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

5 days ago

Compose key sequence:

<Multi_key> <parenleft> <A> <parenright>
will insert Ⓐ

(circled latin capital letter a)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

5 days ago

I #3dprinted some new keyboard risers for my new @system76 Launch keyboard they sent me. It fixes my one and only complaint with this keyboard, that islts not high enough or angled enough with the feet. 5 hour print same as I made for the Launch Heavy pictured. Now my streaming, gaming, and workstation dual desktop setup is a little better.
#opensource #3dprinting #keyboard #system76 #mechanicalkeyboard #computer #gaming #Linux #streamer #twitch #gamingonlinux

Prusa MK3S with 3d printed risers on build plate
the launch keyboard in front of my windows desktop
Launch Heavy keyboard with risers in front of my Linux workstation
5 days ago

How to disable insertion of a period when pressing spacebar? #keyboard #shortcutkeys #kde

5 days ago

After Update F5 and F6 keys stopped working #keyboard #keyboardlayout

@beka_valentine Whether they use #Paper or a #Display or whether they use a mechanical #keyboard or a #touchscreen is irrelevant even for classical #Terminals.

They are a "dumb" appliance that doesn't retain actual data and only provides an interface to an actual computer that does all the computing.

Računalniški muzej
6 days ago

🔬📺 New project in the lab: the IBM AS/400 system (pictured on the cart in the background) and its OS/400, localized into Slovenian. IBM provided terminal keyboards with special characters (anyone for F24?), and terminal support is also in place.

#computermuseum #computerhistory #slovenia #ljubljana #softwareheritage #digitalheritage #nostalgia #nostalgie #nostalgi #retrocomputing #vintage #vintagecomputer #vintagecomputing #retro #europee #MundoRetro #ibm #as400 #os400 #f24 #keyboard

computer photo
6 days ago

Today's compose key sequence is:

<Multi_key> <numbersign> <b>
will insert ♭

(music flat sign)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

6 days ago

I'm streaming now! My raspberry pi is temporarily out of commission for #mastodon alerts, but we're building a new keyboard thanks to @system76 live on #Twitch tonight. We're gonna have a quick stream before I have to run to family for Yom Kippor.
#Keyboard #Opensource #Linux #streamer #Contentcreator #Cybersecurity #InfoSec #Gaming #GamingonLinux

6 days ago

On occasion, I have to drop everything to get my maker fix. Here I solder in some new Kailh sockets that broke off my KPRepublic BM68 PCB. I never did lube the switches, so time for that too.

#keyboard #kprepublic #bm68

mechanical keyboard in pieces on the dinner table
Tobleh 🇨🇦
6 days ago

I usually type on my Novatouch because it's such a nice keyboard. The nice and rounded tactility with the inherent soft bottom out from Topre, inherent N-key rollover from the capacitive design; the nice and compact TKL format; plus I have the option to play around with custom keycaps (and other mods).

On the other hand, I always have the urge to bring out my IBM Model M sometimes. The iconic look of the keyboard, the VERY iconic sound of buckling springs, the utility of the numpad, the nice and sharp tactility, and this keyboard being the one that got me interested in mechanical keyboards.

The Model M being the one probably sounds weird considering that I'm a zoomer that didn't exist in the Model M's heyday, but I remember seeing a "definitive" (not really in hindsight) video about the Model M and how cool it was. It got me interested in keyboards, which then led to me eventually getting one in 2019. Even though I eventually switched to TKLs for the sake of desk space, I still have a soft spot for this keyboard and its sound. :btr_bocchi_pray:

#Keyboard #Keyboards #MechanicalKeyboard #MechanicalKeyboards #Topre #IBM #IBMmodelM #ModelM

A picture of my modded Cooler Master Novatouch keyboard on my desk, paired with a wooden wristrest and the MT3 /dev/tty custom keycap set.
A picture of my IBM Model M in a similar spot on my desk.
1 week ago

Have a key sequence:

<Multi_key> <apostrophe> <Emacron>
will insert Ḗ

(latin capital letter e with macron and acute)

#composekey #keyboard #specialcharacters #keyboardlayout

1 week ago

Right hand mouse user
Left hand cat cuddler

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #keyboard #mechanicalKeyboard

A picture of a cat sleeping on a desk next to a keyboard
1 week ago

Need to use fn to use the shortcuts on the function keys after upgrading to 23.04 #gnome #upgrade #keyboard #shortcutkeys #2304

1 week ago

Sometimes I turn on my #laptop to remember what a #keyboard feels like ...

1 week ago

Wow @system76 sent me a Launch keyboard build kit for my other desktop on my stream setup. This is so much nicer than my Corsair K70 and going to save so much space as well. I'll build it on #twitch live Sunday
#keyboard #opensource #Linux #gaming #infosec #cybersecurity

Lex Plt :vim:
1 week ago

I made my own split #keyboard, and there are people other than me that have ordered it, I never thought it could be of interest to others but here we are!

@xoagray and since #Lenovo stopped making #ThinkPad #CompactKeyboard|s with #wired #USB and I need a new #Keyboard for the #NUCbook anyway, I guess I've to get in contact with #Sprintek and get some #SK8707-06 - #FlexPoint™ PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Modules...

Product Photo of the detached design Trackpoint Module with a large PCB seperated from the Trackpoint...

it is done (i hope) #apple #macintosh #keyboard

photo of a reassembled apple extended keyboard on a table. the keyboard is a few different shades of beige due to its old age

Noone has done a #DIY #122Key(+) #Keyboard to this day.

C'mon #CustomKeyboard Gang...

Y'all disappoint me with your 40%, 65% and 85% layouts!

1 week ago

Sometimes I make rational purchasing decisions and sometimes the purchase is related to #keyboards

Ordering the #zsa #voyager now, yes it’s got less keys on the thumb cluster than the #moonlander and I’m not I’ll like it ….. but #keyboard #pretty

Chris Glass
1 week ago

Drove up to Oxford to shake up the day and work alongside Tom. Even with all the gnats swirling around piles of trash we had an excellent and productive afternoon. It’s nice to work in a place with lots of light and humor, something I hope to do with more regularity.

Extra bonuses included a somewhat healthy lunch outside, seeing little bits of projects Tom’s been working on throughout the studio and enjoying the tree filled drive.

#collage #keyboard #Oxford #studio #tomart #work

Tidbits of collage on a keyboard

@djlink looks like #8bitdo looked at the #Faicom #FamilyBasic #Keyboard and asked themselves how a #NES version for the #USA would've looked like....

Has some #Subor #SB926 vibes if said #Famiclone didn't use some 85% layout instead.

I noticed one way the replacement #keyboard differs from the original.

The replacement has a plastic backing covering the whole keyboard. Probably good for spills and dirt not getting into the machine too easily?

The original only had plastic behind the motherboard itself - no backing where the fan is. This was not accidental; the fan could suck air through the keyboard if the bottom vents were blocked.

Better or worse? Should I have cut a hole in the plastic on the replacement?


I found the most devilish #keyboard setup ever:

- 100% 122+ Keys Keyboard.

- Trackpoint + Mouse keys (Like #ModelM13 / #EnduraPro)

- Transparebt woth black print or black with transparent double-shot keycaps.

- Every Key has a different switch!

This will mindfuck the brains of any #MechanicalKeyboard fan harder than anything else!

The problem may just be that I need to find 34 more obscure switch types that are still in production and even then I'd assume the cost to be > €500...

TudbuT :v_bi:
2 weeks ago

so my keyboard has this oled display...

#HowDoIEvenTagThis #keyboard

Small OLED status display on a keyboard saying

nya~ UwU
Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

UPDATE: 85% of poll respondents thought I'd find something alive when I took apart my keyboard. I went over every square millimeter and found a moth, a small larva, and a leg. All dead. I'm just as stunned as the rest of you that there weren't thousands of mites. God knows there was plenty to eat. #keyboard #mac #apple #nature #computer #tmi

Photograph of a grungy, dismantled keyboard under a microscope.
Photograph of a dead moth on its back amid bits of food and hair that were trapped underneath the keys of an old keyboard.
Photograph of a shriveled orange larva with three pairs of legs.
Photograph of a red and yellow insect leg.

I found the perfect idea for a #Torture #Keyboard:

A 100% (122+ keys) board where EVER KEY HAS A DIFFERENT SWITCH!

Force someone to type on that and they'll go completely nuts on hot it fucks with their mind...

This is tech sadism that makes even the most tough people call me a monster!

Roman Bardt
2 weeks ago

#Introduction Hi, I’m Roman. I make #web #software for a living and #games for the heart. I believe in #gamedev in #rust and #bevy in particular.

I work on #Mac and play on #PlayStation, but gravitate towards more open, crafted, #indie things. I believe venture capital and obsession with growth are killing human soul and the planet.

My #keyboard is #ZMK split low-profile corne.

I want shorter games with worse graphics, made by people who are paid more to work less, and I’m not kidding.

Lenz Grimmer
2 weeks ago

Stumbled over this gem while browsing the news section of the @fdroidorg app:

Thumb-Key, an #opensource privacy-conscious #Android #keyboard made for your thumbs. There's a learning curve for sure, but it's fun! Thanks for this, @dessalines !

2 weeks ago

think i reached #keyboard repeat/delay threshold today:

Delay: 175 ms
Repeat-Rate: 35 chars/s

quite fast/almost-but-not-too-fast cursor movement, no double characters.

thhis couldd be iit..
End PSA (Personal Service Announcement)

May I have your attention on my new #codeaffen post: Custom Keyboard Layouts with xkb

#dontmissit #reading #blogpost #xkb #keyboard #layout


Paul Broadwith
2 weeks ago

Trying my #Logitech K780 #keyboard on Linux tonight for the first time. Logitech hardware is nice but they force you to use their software to configure the simplest of things. I want to use the function keys as function keys and not media keys. Their software doesn't run on Linux 🤦‍♂️

But there always seems to be a #Linux workaround (I'm using Manjaro) -

Thank you tangruize. Whoever you are.

Devin Prater :blind:
2 weeks ago

So who all knew you can do control + tab from the Outlook messages view, the um, yeah that thing, and get to the message body? No stretchy stretchy fingers to do F6 or anything!

#accessibility #keyboard #outlook #windows #blind

Danke an @karlnepomuk
und all die anderen (meldet euch bitte, sodass wie uns vernetzen können!), für das #keyboard meetup auf den #datenspuren23 !

Jason Weatherly
2 weeks ago

Next project: building this gorgeous keyboard. Keycaps will be a bit different, but holy crap this thing looks awesome. #keyboard

A Saturn-60 60% keyboard.  All metal enclosure, silver handle, silver "Saturn 60" name plate.  The enclosure is blue and looks like it fell off a very, very old large computer.

I am not a fast typer by any means (just measured at around 40wpm). But at last I found a home-row modifiers configuration that doesn’t make me even slower: Tried all of the suggestions there and they feel like road bumps. Balanced seems to fit my style the most. #keyboard #ZMK

Well I'm sorry if I'm weird and prefer a laptop-style chiclet #keyboard over a #mechanical one.

Tim Newman
1 month ago

I have a new ergonomic keyboard and it is great and has helped. But also the scroll lock key is MUCH closer to the other keys than a normal keyboard and appears to be my new "power button next to the delete key" nemesis.

#ergonomic #keyboard #annoying

Devin Prater :blind:
1 month ago

I have got to remember that Control + shift + Down arrow is a thing.

#windows #keyboard #accessibility #blind

Chris Pirillo
1 month ago

my #tech #news view in fewer than two ~ i just got an #apple wireless (bluetooth) magic #keyboard with touchid built in ~ is there a keyboard that works any better for #macos?

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Almost there… but first: keycaps!

#KitAdam #lego #keyboard

The keyboard case is looking complete, with rounded and smooth corner/top pieces. In the background are piles of grey and white keycaps.
Aral Balkan
2 months ago

And the board is in! 🤓👍

#KitAdam #Lego #keyboard

The PCB and switches on top of the base Lego case.
Top view of the keyboard with the PCB and switches on top of the base Lego case.
Extreme close-up of the USB-C port with a red coil cable, showing how the board and the Lego case fit.
Extreme close up of the front right corner of the keyboard, showing how the plastic plate on top of the PCB slots into the Lego.
Aral Balkan
2 months ago

The bottom half of the case is done, including the rubber gaskets. Now to pop the board in and continue building the top half.

Building this, I’ve just realised Lego is just really coarse grain 3D-printing. Only you can also take it apart. We had 3D printers as kids y’all and we didn’t even know it! :)

#KitAdam #lego #keyboard

Bottom half of the keyboard. Looks like an empty rectangular swimming pool. White bricks with black rubber strips at regular intervals.
Close up of the rubber strips (the gasket) with one the holes being held by a pair of tweezers. (You have to punch out the holes yourself. The strips then plug into the tops of the Lego pieces.)
Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Right, had a quick snack. Time for Lego! :)

#KitAdam #lego #keyboard #case

The two white Lego base plates of the keyboard next to each other.
Tor Einar Bekken
2 months ago

Haunted By The Ghost Of Gould - improvised piece, an offhand tribute to Glenn Gould, performed on a #casio #Casiotone CT-S300 #keyboard

Noah Jacobus
2 months ago

Putting together a couple more bits for my #keyboard event later this month

The corner of a sunflower yellow MatrixLabs Corsa, still in its packaging
A little 5x5 switch test board, with each column sporting a different keycap profile so folks can try them out
2 months ago


But there’s no affordable instruments for kids to experiment with

Roland decided to market to retired accordion players with 💰

So priced their V Accordions as if they were wood with reeds instead of plastic with wires

So few people bought them, no competition undersold them

And now young people aren’t playing EDM on cheap electronic accordions in their bedrooms, experimenting and getting gigs

Missed opportunities 🤷🏻‍♂️

#accordion #keyboard #synth

2 months ago


Synth players really should have a chance to move around on stage

Key-tar mockery is a hate-campaign by jealous guitar players

That and the fact that what they might want is an accordion

The bellows is the best expression controller. Really fun ❤️‍🔥🪗

Combine that with some pedals and change the face of synth pop

#accordion #keyboard #synth

Edit: 😉
🪗 stickers available at:

Long yellow sticker that says “one less guitar”. It has Accordions on each end. Below it it says a Accordion Noir, Radio, 100.5 FM Vancouver 10:50 PM Wednesdays. Above it has the URLs for. and a
Delta Sierra
2 months ago

The worst keyboard I've ever seen. Muscle memory was a hinderance here!

#tech #input #keyboard #design

A keyboard on a parking kiosk. The keyboard is rugged and well designed for the elements, but the keys are in alphabetic order from top left to bottom right. Very confusing for those used to a QWERTY layout.

#FediPower #BoostsWelcome :boost_ok: :boost_requested:
#Hardware #tinkering.

I'm looming for a thiny #Thumb #Keyboard (kinda lie a 60% or 40% board that is tiny) that connects via #USB (wired!) to any host device.

Kinda like the #Dreamgear #MiniKey or the #Xbox360 #ChatPad but it needs to be either FLOSH or at least be still made to this day AND work natively as Keyboard.

It can't be wireless!!!

Dreamgear MiniKey, a tiny USB Keyboard that clips onto PS2 controllers
Xbox 360 Chatpad in U.S.  Layout, which clips under the Xbox 360 Controller...
Martin Owens
2 months ago

Dear #linux friends,

I have #keyboard problem. This is the fourth old laptop I've been working with this year an every one has had an incorrect keyboard layout. Both #Gnome and #KDE settings fail to guide me on detecting my keyboard via key presses like we used to do in the Gentoo/Xconf days.

Instead I have a long list of keyboard layouts and I have no idea which layout corresponds to each of these laptops actual keyboards.

Any ideas?


Aral Balkan
2 months ago

I might have just ordered a mechanical keyboard… made of Lego!

Ridiculously excited.


#KitAdam #keyboard #lego

Photo of keyboard made out of Lego bricks (white with key caps in grey and white).
Alastair :wq
2 months ago

Added some different keycaps for a BBC Micro theme. #retro #bbcmicro #keyboard

Devin Prater :blind:
2 months ago

I think I’ll be reviewing this for a long time. For example, if you want to close all windows of an app, you use Command + Option + W instead of just Command + W.

A list of MacOS keyboard commands from Apple

#accessibility #apple #mac #keyboard #blind

Noah Jacobus
2 months ago

Working on some bits for a little #keyboard event I’m hosting next month

Faux-risograph illustration: the outline of a Cherry-profile keycap superimposed on the title “Just My Type.” Some colorful, blobby shapes have been added to the keycap to make it look like a house (bushes, door, window, chimney).
Heath Allyn
2 months ago

This is life with my brain. Endless random silly song bits. #musician #Nord #Stage3 #keyboard

I found a Yamaha PortaSound PSS-80 at Goodwill the other day for just a couple bucks and it can do all the amazing stuff THIS dude does with it in this video. 🤯

I gotta hook it up and mess around with it more.

#keyboard #keyboards #yamaha #synth #synths #squarewave #synthesizer #synthesizers #80s #80sSynth #PortaSound #GoodwillFinds #OldSynth #OldSynths

2 months ago

So, #Windows users. I'm looking for some recommendations

I need a #program that will let me open anything (files, websites, other programs) with #keyboard #shortcuts.

Preferably, the program would be #portable and not require administrative privileges.

If anyone uses such a tool, please let me know of it and how well it works for you.


Developers and programmers of Mastodon, whats your go to #keyboard? I'm looking for a keyboard that I can use for work that is compatible with both Mac/Windows. My current keyboard is a Mojo68 Advanced but I'm missing alot of the function keys.

2 months ago

#keyboard nerds,

What is the best keyboard? Gonna be slamming on #linux all day and my #laptop wont cut it

2 months ago

I’m reading #ThomasMullaney’s book The Chinese Typewriter

It’s fascinating

The Siamese alphabet was “too long” so some guy deprecated two letters in order to fit it on a western typewriter!
They’re archaic and unused now

Lots of effort went in to adapting Chinese to the (talk about “privileged”) alphanumeric system

Starting with, how would a character-based Chinese telegraph work?

It may get a sequel about non-western computer input issues

It's a me, Mauro
2 months ago

Any good free resources to learn touch typing?

#keyboard #MechanicalKeyboard #typing #writing #coding

Kent Brewster
2 months ago

If you're like me, you've noticed that it's gradually become harder and harder to successfully enter text on an iPhone keyboard. Today I learned it's possible to reset the keyboard dictionary so it will quit [presenting you with | correcting your input to] all the typos you've made since 2007.

To do this, drill your way down through:

Transfer or Reset Phone
Reset Keyboard Dictionary

... and then enter your passcode.

#iphone #keyboard #autocorrect #autocarrot