Packing up an Etsy order with blacklight reactive keychains! Big thank you to the buyer~

3 hours left until the store closes until mid january:

#BSNM #Charm #Keychain #LGBT #LGBTQIA2S #Sticker #Etsy

Photo of a blue bubble mailer with items on top: a business card, fabulous rainbow unicorn sticker, an orange blacklight reactive keychain with an armored navy blue horse head with glowing spooky eyes, and a green blacklight reactive keychain with a canine skill with glowing eyes. Text reads "Thank you" and "WildElementStudios.Etsy.Com"
Ricky de Laveaga
2 days ago

One of the undesirable ramifications of cramming #iCloud #Keychain #passwords into #Safari preferences is we are stuck with a small, unresizable window. Not only there but also in System Settings on the #Mac. System Settings at least lets one make the window taller, but both are far from ideal. #iCloudKeychain

#Keychain is a #gpg/ #ssh agent that allows me to cache my credentials
As with everything this too has an #emacs interface
another emacs cache of previously built emacs , at ~/.local/share/emacs for me to avoid nuking when it rm -rf * ~/.emacs.d

5 days ago

Hey, Apple! What about a native #Keychain wrapper for the next WWDC? It‘s time.

4 DAYS LEFT, 25% #DISCOUNT! Then closed until Jan. (Shares are very much appreciated.)

#Stickers, #zines/#art #books, #keychain, #holographic #prints, etc.

Some items are last and final stock and will never be made again!

Some items have #FreeShipping in Canada/USA.


#MastoArt #CreativeToots #SmallBusiness #IndieArtist #HolidaySale

Advert showing various etsy products that feature Pogs (free gift in every order), keychains, charms, stickers, prints and more. Some themes include cute bernese dogs, dungeons and dragons, nightclubs, blacklight reactive charms with halloween themes, animal crossing and more.
eon 🐀
2 weeks ago

reminder that i'm having a sale right now!! here are some of those little rats you can look forward to getting in the mail!!! 🐀

#rat #cuteArt #merch #stickerShop #keychain #animalArt #pridePin #prideMerch #pride #transPride #transgender #acePride #asexualPride

top left:
a picture of 4 die-cut stickers
1: "brains: empty" two rats are cuddling
2: "dangerously small and stupid" points towards a single rat staring into space
3: "I am so normal I swear" a rat sits on their butt
4: "NORMALISE BEING LITTLE AND STUPID" front view of a rat staring at the viewer

top right:
picture of an enamel pin pinned to a backing card, placed on a plant. the enamel pin is of a Siamese rat wearing a scarf that's in the trans colours!

bottom left:
picture of an enamel pin pinned to a backing card, placed on a plant. the enamel pin is of a grey rat wearing a scarf that's in the asexual colours!

bottom right:
picture of an acrylic keychain dangling from a branch. featured in the keychain art is a grey rat hugging a heart. the keychain is shiny!
3 weeks ago

full video and poll on my IG:
#AttackonTitanFinalSeason has ended.
Do I remake this keychain?

#attackontitan #shingekinokyojin #aot #snk #keychain #mastoArt :ablobcatbongo:

A square shaker-style keychain. It has weird fuckin' ball versions of the Colossus Titan, Eren as a Titan, and Mikasa in there. You can shake this around and recreate the events of the anime at home!
3 weeks ago

new stuff in my shopppp

#keychain #book #pins #badges #photoframe

A small, translucent but sweetly patterned pink photo frame that comes with a matching base. This will fit images with a maximum width of 35mm. (Apologies in that customers must supply their own picture.)
This illustrated book style keychain is 55mm x 45mm in size. There are four acrylic 'sheets' making up eight pages, bound by an openable red plastic spine. This allows for the order of the pages to be swapped in and out at your leisure.
The pins are about 25mm in diameter, each with their own original, cursed logos. The fastening is a small safety pin.

There are several #Swift packages for dealing with the #Keychain on #macOS and #iOS. Which of them would you suggest to use?


Mushroomy 🍄
1 month ago

Beware Of Wolf ⚠️

A brand new creation from MOTEL777

🐺 ⚠️

#art #keychain #wolf #masoart #indieart #indieartist #wolves #design

Johanna Forster
2 months ago

Which one is your favorite of my Grunling keychains? ✨ Bling bling get one in my little art shop :)

#enamelart #enamel #keychain #illustration #smallbusiness

2 months ago

I love this time of year. ;)

Polymaker 3D Glow in the dark and PrintedSolid Soul Black Glitter .. They look white when not glowing.

I printed a few.

#3dprinted #halloween #boo #glowing #keychain

Ghosts flipping things off
A box of ghosts flipping things off
2 months ago

New Keychains in my shop! (please don't be sick of me @Curator :blobfoxcry2: )

#MastoArt #keychain #pun #witch #halloween

Frosted white keychain featuring logo and carton design on one side. Total keychain length is 18.5cm, and comes with ice lolly and star charms attached to the bottom.
Emory L.
2 months ago

@Vmarks the "email bankruptcy" and "gtd bankruptcy" thing seems a little overused but i can call it #iBankruptcy or #moBankruptcy for the euros.

anyway day three i got my kids allowance sorted out with #Greenlight thank goodness for iCloud #Keychain but i was having some firewall problems at the house because i realized my 11yo's phone was still in a youtube privileged object group and my new phone was showing up with the wrong MAC for a while. sorted now.

2 months ago

Here are some foxy keychains for #FoxFriday and they ship to many countries. If yours isn't there, let me know. :blobfoxlurk2owonotice:

If you want one, head over to my fox shop - you can combine them with other foxes of course and pay for shipping only once.

These are made from stainless steel, so they won't rust if you lick them... although maybe you shouldn't.

They have been made in Blender + Inkscape.

#MastoArt #Fox #Keychain

A fox shaped keychain made of stainless steel and me holding it.
Steve Penny
2 months ago

Moved all #passwords from @1password to #KeyChain.

Spent all of last night reviewing and deleting in #Sonoma, including adding titles to the 300 or so entries I had remaining. Took forever!

2 months ago

Here is a buyable version of the keychain. I have to get suitable envelopes for international, but I can already send 5 to addresses in Germany if you are interested. :blobfoxfloof:

They are made of stainless steel 316L. Laser cutting from a company in Spain. I have done my best to smooth/sand the edges but I would not advise to keep them in the pocket next to your phone, but the same goes for keys as well. :blobfoxnommobile: The material is pretty scratch resistant and behaves like any brushed metal kitchen steel. The backside is not brushed, you can see it on the photos. They are 53x32 mm (that's apparently 0.3 x 0.18 bananas) and weigh 22g.

If you are interested in getting one, they are 10€ (or more if you want) a piece and either 1.60€ shipping as letter or 3.95€ as registered mail (with tracking) to Germany. Write me a message here, matrix, discord or mail to if you want one.

International will be available on Friday.

#MastoArt #Fox #Keychain

Fox shaped keychain made from stainless steel metal with brushed surface.
Different angle from the fox shape keychain.
Backside of the keychain.

programs.keychain = {
enable = true;
keys = [ "id_ed25519" ];
#keychain add , bye ssh-add

2 months ago

So how many people are actually using #iCloud #Keychain instead of a 3rd party #password manager? Just leave your #guess here because I do not know either.

2 months ago

Finally got these here, this time laser cut. :blobfoxupsidedown:

They are much cheaper to make than 3D metal printing which I tried originally, but these need some work because they have some sharp edges. Trying to figure out what works best for sanding the edges smooth.

If you are interested in getting one, feel free to reply. I'll put them on my Kofi shop once they are not shurikens anymore. :blobfoxninja:
(Right now you can stab someone with them)

#MastoArt #Fox #Keychain

A fox shaped metal keychain with a brushed metal surface. And 19 more of them in a pile on the upper side of the photo.

Kurzer Abgleich:

Die Apple #Keychain kann immer noch nicht mit mehreren Einträgen pro Domain (also mit diversen Subdomains) umgehen, oder?

3 months ago

Hui, das neue Apple #Keychain von iOS17 hat echt paar Funktionen, die 1Password überflüssig machen könnten. Außer natürlich Firefox-Kompatiblität.

3 months ago

👋 I love dinosaurs so much I work with my paleo-friend @djigr to make funny paleoart merchandises, and you?

💸 🦖 👉
#dinosaur #merchandise #goodies #paleoart #funny #keychain

Ichthyosaurus shaker keychain with babies in their belly
Diabloceratops shaker keychain with plants and a rock in their belly
Yutyrannus shaker keychain with meat and bones in their belly
CozyCon Online
3 months ago

Please feed the bear! In exchange for snack foods, Candy offers stickers, keychains, prints, pins and commissions at

#FurryArt #Animals #Stickers #Keychain #accessories #commissions #livestream #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Banner showing artwork from this artist.
3 months ago

I made another keychain lizard! This one is for my brother. I honestly thought he'd pick green with black accents, but he chose black with green accents. I'm definitely getting better at these. I didn't even have to watch the tutorial video for this one.

#art #crafts #beads #lizard #keychain #90s #nostalgia

Image shows a black and green beaded lizard with white eyes on a keyring.
3 months ago

Who remembers these? This is my second attempt at a 90's keychain lizard. I haven't made them since the 4th or 5th grade. I had string issues with the first one and it looked messy and didn't have a tail. I think my second attempt is much better. I made this one for my mom using her favorite colors. This is definitely an anxiety killing activity.

#art #craft #artsandcrafts #beads #ponybeads #lizard #keychain #animals #pink #purple #fun #nostalgia #90s #1990s #calming #childhood

Image shows a pink and purple beaded lizard on a keyring.
3 months ago

The peanut gallery that mocks me at my day job.

#anime #manga #kerorogunso #sgtfrog #ケロロ軍曹 #toys #keychain

Keychains of characters from manga/anime series "Sgt. Frog" pinned to fabric.
Jeremy, aka Jaharmi
4 months ago

Anyone know how to get SSH key passwords for ssh-agent to import into the “login” keychain on macOS, rather than into the “Local Items” keychain? (The “login” keychain is already set as the default, but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.)

#macOS #keychain #ssh #sshagent

An artisan here at Wrought Iron Chains is celebrating his military service by producing two wonderful accessories. A 50 cal Keychain and a 7.62 Hog Tooth necklace. Check out the listings!

#etsy #necklace #Keychain #veteran #hogtooth

7.62 bullet slug of a style used by the US armed services attached to a chain to function as a necklace.
Patryk Chojecki
4 months ago

I am ready to leave Bitwarden for iCloud Keychain. I exported my vaults as .csv and .jsn in 1 second but there is no way to import them to Keychain. There are many ways around online but I can't be bothered to do it right now. Guess I will stay with Bitwarden until Apple figures it out...

#Bitwarden #Apple #iCloud #Keychain

TapTap 🎮
4 months ago

Hey nerds, #whatsonyourkeychain? I'll only judge you a LITTLE if there's no merch on it

Here's mine. Noire used to be joined with Etna and Vert, but Etna started to get blue from jeans and I didn't have a backup. Vert's loop broke so she's in a display case, I do have a second Vert and Noire somewhere though. I should get more rubber straps.

#hashtaggames #keyring #keychain

A key ring with a Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia) rubber strap on it, a Tile item finder, a SpyxFamily tamogachi and a Mercedes key fob
4 months ago

Some phone charms I did of Crayon Shin Chan💗

They're double sided each side is different✨

Available in my shop

#MastoArt #keychain #art #mastoartist #artist #merch #FanArt #shinchan #smallartist #smallbusiness

Photo of some Crayon Shin Chan phonecharms
Nene phonecharm one face is angry and the other happy
Shin Chan phone charm one face is surprised and the other is happy
Photo of the charms of Crayon Shin Chan
neon dragon maille
4 months ago

It's about damn time there's a hex nut keychain to join the wallet chain.


#keychain #hexnuts #chainmail #walletchain #chainmaille #accessory

a stainless steel keychain made with the byzantine chainmaille weave and has three hex nuts interwoven into the links
a stainless steel wallet chain made with the byzantine chainmaille weave and has hex nuts interwoven into the links
4 months ago

Yesterday arrived some of my new phonecharms and keychains✨

Here are my new #tamagotchi phonecharms💗

Available in my shop🌷

#MastoArt #merch #shop #smallbusines #FanArt #keychain #cute #art #artist #DigitalArt

A photo of tamagotchi characters phonecharms and some tamagotchi
Woopatchi phonecharm
Ichigotchi phonecharm
Kuchipatchi phonecharm

#Keychain goodness. After I installed #Safari 17 beta on the Mac mini Pro I've now discovered that it activates the ‘#icloud passwords' (Keychain password) extension in Brave.

Prior to installing Safari 17 it stated it needed #macOS #Sonoma to run.

So I'm using Keychain in the Brave browser at the moment instead of Bitwarden. woot!

4 months ago

Has anybody an alternative for managing ssh keys to #keychain. Program is killing me in conjunction with #fishshell.

4 months ago


I'll transform this into a keychain

#bazel #monsterhunter #monster #hunter #pixelart #keychain #fanart #fullbody

A bazel from monster hunter fullbody

P*treon members on merch including level will receive this acrylic charm! I think is one of my favorite ones I've ever made! 💗 It's printed on translucent pink acrylic and the flames are translucent!

( #originalart #acrylic #acryliccharm #keychain #merch )

Acrylic charm with original design
Acrylic charm with original design
Malle Yeno 🦝
4 months ago

I was looking to make a new keychain for myself. So a little design work later, and now I have this bad boy (+ 10 more of him lol)

Makes me smile when I look at it on the way home :3


#furry #art #sfw #raccoon #merch #keychain #design

Malle holding a key in his mouth while looking forward and wearing a red ascot.
Mamath @ HOME
5 months ago

Plus lots of new other items. :) Charms, Magnets, even a washi tape! I've been hard at work. Getting the shop in order so I can dive into Comicstreet and commissions for a bit, then work on stuff for the holiday season whew.

#shopupdate #keychain #keyring #washitape #washi

A photo of witchy kitty acrylic charms
A photo of washi tape featuring little running cartoon shiba inu dogs
A photo of an acrylic charm showing two koi-like dragons
A photo of a sparkly nightmare moon keychain
Mystic Ink Slinger
5 months ago

Someone asked for a bearded dragon keychain. He has issues. Still this is probably the most detailing I've ever done.
#crochet #lizard #keychain #beardeddragon

5 months ago

The July 1 launch is now available in my shop! Also, US orders get free shipping over $35, and all orders over $50 will automatically get 10% off until 7/7!

#bunny #rabbit #pingame #cutepins #bunnypins #pinstagram #cutesticker #keychain #summer #bunnieswithhats #iworkhardformybunny

Mystic Ink Slinger
5 months ago

It's meant to become a keychain. Most of the crazy stuff I crochet are just random requests.
#crochet #amigurumi #keychain #pacifier

6 months ago

Four years ago today, I bought this #PitDroid #keychain from the #DroidDepot on #batuu. One of my first purchases on my first real visit. I was obsessed with pit droids back in the day - still am, a little. #BlackSpireOutpost #GalaxysEdge #StarWarsGalaxysEdge #Disneyland

6 months ago

I think it’s time I retire 1Password 7 and just use the Apple Keychain. I wonder how hard it will be to move my stuff over.

#apple #keychain #1password

Mystic Ink Slinger
6 months ago

Omg. The cute! 🍄
I wanted a keychain for my work keys. Now I just need to wait for the chain part to arrive.
#crochet #mushrooms #amigurumi #keychain

Harry Sintonen
7 months ago

Ever ran into problems importing #pfx / #p12 to #macOS #keychain? You're absolutely certain that the password is correct, yet Keychain Access complains that the password is invalid. Try this:

openssl pkcs12 -in orig.pfx -out tmp.key -nocerts
openssl pkcs12 -in orig.pfx -out tmp.crt -nokeys
openssl pkcs12 -export -legacy -out new.pfx -in tmp.crt -inkey tmp.key
rm tmp.key tmp.crt

Then import new.pfx

Keychain Access pfx import complaining about invalid password.
7 months ago

@mathew I'm using S/MIME in my company. The certs are from GlobalSign and Safari works fine for getting the private cert. Still their website & UX is 90ish.

Some business partners, accountants, lawyers have #SMIME, too. So that works pretty okay.
One complain that I have is that the public certificates of people in my address book are not synced via #apple #iCloud #Keychain. I have to do this manually on each mac/iOS device.

Marine :autismcreature:
7 months ago

#CandyKeychains for both your regular dragon/phoenix themed ships and for the #xuexiao fans out there!
Xuexiao ones are p4p (I just really wanted them)

#CandyKeychain #Keychain #Keychains #mxtx #artistsOnMastodon

Photos of candy keychains, description in next image.
Candy Keychains!
1. A bag labelled "Love Pouch: Never Be Alone Again!" Chibi Xiao Xingchen peeling an apple and Xue Yang lying on his stomach kicking his legs.  £3.85 (p4p + p&p)
2. A black and yellow bag labelled "Happy Marriage!"  A yellow phoenix and a red dragon.
Carlo Zottmann
7 months ago

One of my biggest small wins this month: learning how the #macOS `security` #CLI tool works. It can write and read #Keychain entries:

1️⃣ `security add-generic-password -a czottmann -s "My secret API key" -w` asks for the PW and stores it.
2️⃣ `security find-generic-password -a czottmann -s "My secret API key" -w` retrieves and outputs it.

Super useful: if you store a password that way, `security` whitelists itself for password-less access to that password — great for use in scripts!


Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
7 months ago

Malware for sale! Apple malware for sale!

Atomic macOS Stealer Malware Can Steal Keychain Info, Files, Browser Wallets and More

#Atomic #macOS #Malware #Keychain #InfoSec #TechNews

A few screenshots of the Atomic malware running on macOS.
Christina Warren
7 months ago

@chucker yeah, I still primarily use #1Password b/c it’s literally been 16 years. But I still use #Keychain in certain apps and try to have as much parity as I can. I use 1P at work and Apple is not in a position to replace it but I wish there was a standalone app as @cabel has suggested b/c that would be great for my mom. My mom needs more than a Shortcut (Ty @rmondello)

7 months ago

For my personal use, I was on #Keychain for many years, then on #1Password for quite a while, and now I’ve started migrating back to Keychain. Keychain has been getting better in ways I care about, and 1Password has been stagnating or getting worse.
7 months ago

Hm, I used @Cloudguy as a reason to thoroughly clean up everything related to #amazon and to migrate some things to #iCloud #keychain just to find that password changes in iCloud-Keychain sometimes do not seem to stay but are overwritten (synced?) with the old password.
Even if I delete a specific account/password it just comes back after a while!

It seems I’ll stick to #1password for another few years, at least for the non-#webauthn set of logins.

One of the reasons I like having a Swiss Army Knife key fob: I can make emergency repairs to the doorknobs on Little Free Libraries.

#libraries #books #keychain

Me holding my keychain aloft in front of a Little Free Library, with its door ajar. Visible is my Swiss Army Knife.
Cathy Outlet
9 months ago

In the unlikely scenario that you would want a #keychain or #necklace made with #snake shed, a #rabbit #linoprint or a #catfish #oilpainting - you can now buy all these things and more on my #art store!

With the exception of bulkier items like the #resin #frog* most things can be shipped worldwide!

here's the link:

#craft #handmade #ShopHandMade #FediGiftShop
*the frog is only available in Europe for now, sorry!

An oval resin charm in which the head piece of a grey corn snake's shed is submerged. The scales and eye caps are visible against the white resin background. The shed is covered by a clear, slighly domed resin layer. The background surface is a light pink silicone mat.
Photo of a hand holding three A5 paper cards, each featuring a linocut print of a jumping rabbit viewed from the side against a white background. One rabbit is dark purple, one is a lighter purple and one is a reddish-pink
Photo of a postcard-sized oil painting of a wels catfish viewed from the side. The painting is greenish blue. I placed it onto a brown table with a plant in the background to make the "product" look more aesthetic for my store page.
Photo of a golden metallic resin frog on a textured cloth surface, with an out-of-focus plant pot visible in the background (for aesthetic purposes). The frog is viewed from above but also the front, at like a 2/3 angle.
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
11 months ago

#todayilearned that the #macos #terminal will forget #ssh identities unless you permanently add them to the #keychain by using the -K command-line switch.

And thanks, #Apple.

Barb MacLean
11 months ago

@developerjustin @rmondello they have a windows app? Tip of the day thank you! #PasswordManager #Keychain