Marty Chan
36 minutes ago

Some kids started a YouTube channel to interview kids creators. They are a dedicated bunch. Help them out and visit their channel. Maybe even like a video or two. #kidlit #books #readers #writingcommunity

I’m turning another 2D image into 3D! These are some character designs I did for a children’s book project I was working on a few years ago. Some aspects of the style I chose don’t translate directly to the 3D medium but I’m hopeful that it’ll turn out okay after a few iterations :) mostly I want to be able to capture the right energy…

#mastoart #3dart #blender3d #characterart #kidlit

11 hours ago

The next book comes out in March. It's not in the Blazing Bottom series but still plenty of dragons 😊

#picturebook #kidlit

A hand-lettered book title: BIG BAD DRAGON CLUB
12 hours ago

I painted so many #cats in the last week I almost didn't finish my #WriteFreely #Blog. I did finish it, though, so you can find out which artists' work inspired me to paint all those cats!

#Artist #Art #Painting #Drawing #Reading #Watercolor #Illustration #Bookstodon #Catstodon #mastoArt #Watercolor #Watercolour #KidLit #CatsOfMastodon

Watercolor black cat sitting & looking up at you with yellow eyes. It is pretty much just a ball of fluff with a tail & yet you can tell it is also gleefully evil.
Marty Chan
20 hours ago

It's Tuesday. Time for another story starter to help language arts teachers inspire their kids to write. I try to post a new writing prompt every week. #promptmystory #kidlit #writing #teaching

"She deliberately lost her glass slipper at the prince's ball, but she was surprised at the creature who brought it back. Who or what was the creature that came to see Cinderella and what happened?"

David Nathanson
1 day ago

@marnier @rickriordan Also, Dr. Debbie Reese is a great resource for #kidlit that's either by or positive toward indigenous people.

1 day ago

People have been fascinated with cats for millennia. This #KidLit #Artist continues that proud tradition! Here on my #WriteFreely #Blog, It's Your Kind of Kitten!

#Artists #Art #Painting #Drawing #Cats #KidLit #KidLitArt #PictureBooks #Reading #Watercolor #Illustration #Bookstodon #Catstodon

Title card reads "Karin Wanderer Learns: It's Your Kind Of Kitten". Featured art is watercolor of pink mugs in various shapes & patterns with cats of various shapes & patterns sitting in them. Some cats have a mug to themselves, some share with a friend.
Michael Dashow
1 day ago

One of my favorite illustrations - originally painted in landscape format - revised and reformatted to look more like a middle grade book cover for my portfolio. 😄

(All graphic design by me, too!)

#art #graphicDesign #kidLit #kidLitArt #bookCover #illustration #mastoArt

A fictional book cover titled "DeepWoods Academy for the Magically Inept." On it, a pink-haired girl in a witch's hat panics as her caulrdon explodes, spewing potion and black smoke. A kindly senior witch - who is also a bear - gently advises her.
Jacob Sager Weinstein
4 days ago

WHAT ROSA BROUGHT, my new picture book, comes out in November. It's the most personal book I've ever written; it's the true story of my mom's experiences as a little girl in Nazi-occupied Vienna.

I was really happy to see this lovely review in Kirkus:


5 days ago

Sean and Ellie won a chance to spend one night in the empty mansion that has loomed over the town for more than 200 years. If the house's sinister inhabitant gets its way, that one night could last an eternity.

The Secret of Commander's Mansion, coming 10/24/2023!

Find out more at

#books #NewBooks #Horror #HorrorBook #ChildrensBook #Kidlit #ComingSoon #publishing

The cover for a novel titled The Secret of Commander’s Mansion, featuring a foreboding old mansion surrounded by graves and woods
5 days ago

Letzte Woche hab ich auf dem #Flohmarkt dieses #Buch mitgenommen, auf gut Glück. Volltreffer! #Kidlit für Kinder (6-16 je nach Leseerfahrung), die auf Fantasy, Abenteuer und Natur stehen. Wir sind leider schon fast durch.
#bookstodon #Bücher

Cover: Meike Haas, Fina und das blaue Licht
5 days ago

“I go where you go kid. Let’s look at some stars …” Space elevators are the future, but when Mike’s crazy-rich Grandma remains stuck in the past sometimes you have to leave Earth to find home. #MiddleGradeSciFi #SpaceElevator #KidLit #SciFiAdventure #YoungReaders #MGBooks #STEMKids #SpaceExploration #FutureScientists

12-year-old astronaut watches a space station explode
Snowy Wings Publishing
6 days ago

It's Hispanic Heritage Month and we're spotlighting the Leyendas Trilogy by Selenia Paz! This #KidLit fantasy series follows Miguel and Natalia as they are swept into an adventure involving legendary characters from Mexican folklore.

“Paz crafts a fantasy adventure…imbued with a mystery that should keep people reading.” – Booklist

Learn more and download study guides here:

#Latinx #Latine #Bookstodon @kidlit @diversebooks

A graphic featuring the three covers of the Leyendas series along with festive papel picado
Charlene Chua, illustrator
6 days ago

Thanks CBC books for featuring BOYS DON’T FRY in this awesome list of upcoming picture books!

Please check out the full list here

#KidLit #books #bookstadon

Boys Don't Fry is a picture book by Kimberly Lee, top right, illustrated by Charlene Chua. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Diane Lee, Wayne Santos)
Curious Loth-cat
1 week ago

In Ben Hatke's new graphic novel "Things in the Basement", a young boy is sent on an errand to the scary basement and ends up going on a quest through a spooky, magical underworld. The ever-stranger series of basements reminds me of dreams where you discover hidden rooms in your house that go on and on, and the monster is the creepiest looking one I've seen in ages.

#Fantasy #KidLit #GraphicNovel #ChildrensBook #ChildrensBooks #Book #Books

1 week ago

Finished Sea Witch by Sarah Henning today and enjoyed it. It made my heart skip a beat a couple of times. It is a little mermaid retelling told from the perspective of who we know as Ursula before she became Ursula. It was a fun book.


#books #YALit #KidLit #bookstodon #reading #read

1 week ago
Title card reads "Karin Wanderer Learns: Wrapped Up In Books". Featured art is a deep red watercolor painting that shows the chemical structure of carminic acid. It is labeled "CARMiNiC ACiD".
Metin Seven 🎨
1 week ago

From the ar(t)chive…

Made these illustrations for a children's story that is part of an amigurumi crochet book by my friend Dendennis.

The book includes crochet instructions to create the amigurumis featured in the illustrations.

You can find the book here:

#crochet #amigurumi #CharacterDesign #story #children #kids #KidLit #KidLitArt #FairyTale #art #artwork #DigitalArt #illustration #FediArt #MastoArt #3D #B3D #ZBrush

A collage of six stylized 3D illustrations to depict the search of a little boy for his cuddly toy.
Sojung Kim-McCarthy
1 week ago

Finally got around to listing these on my shop! Available in print or greeting card

#MastoArt #KidLitArt #illustration #ArtPrint #KidLit

A mockup photo of an art print in wooden frame. The illustration features a girl, two bunnies and a unicorn looking out on the sea towards a whale in far distance from an open book they’re sailing as a boat. There’s a pale tree growing from the gutter of the book and a three-tailed fox is sleeping on it. An albatross is guiding them overhead.
A mockup photo of a greeting card and an envelope. The illustration features a girl, two bunnies and a unicorn looking out on the sea towards a whale in far distance from an open book they’re sailing as a boat. There’s a pale tree growing from the gutter of the book and a three-tailed fox is sleeping on it. An albatross is guiding them overhead.
Michelle Markel
1 week ago

I love me a fresh hometown metaphor:
"Kate's like the wildfires in #Southern California, going everywhere, in every direction, at the exact same time," Patchett told me, with equal parts admiration and annoyance."

Casey Cep, profiling #kidlit author Kate DiCamillo in the New Yorker.
#SundaySentence #reading #writing

1 week ago

Finishing up No Laughter Here by the amazing Rota Williams-Garcia this morning. This is a middle grade book (younger MG- main character is in 5th grade) that deals with secrets and when those secrets are too big. This book revolves around a young girl's circumcision over the summer and her best friend's vow to keep her secret.

This is an important read and would recommend to middle grade readers. Does describe FGM.


#books #KidLit

1 week ago

Das #Kind (6) liegt bäuchlings auf seinem Bett und liest sich selbst aus einem #Buch laut vor. Ich höre das bis in die Küche und habe die schönste Schnippel-Untermalung, die ich mir vorstellen könnte. Es liest vollkommen flüssig. Die #Schule wird ihm in Jahr 1 vermutlich wenig beibringen, aber sie spornt (bisher) trotzdem irgendwie an...

#bookstodon #Bücher #Lesen #kidlit #FreiesLernen

Catherine Friess
2 weeks ago

'Inclusive Books for Children, a new charity which has launched a website hosting a database of inclusive books. Site visitors can browse through more than 700 book recommendations and search the database to find books featuring protagonists with specific characteristics.'
#amreading #kidlit #diversity #ChildrensBooks #Inclusivebooksforchildren #bookstodon #diversebooks

"The Enchanted Grove" by Stephen Hayes

An intrusive fantasy novel for children aged 9-99.

People who liked this also liked "The Dark is Rising" and the Narnia stories.

#MGlit #kidlit

Stephanie Burgis
2 weeks ago

Happy book birthday to Holly Webb's The Swan's Warning! I really love this magical MG series:

#fantasy #kidlit

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 weeks ago

Today’s high point: The first draft of the agreement has been sent to the talent (their agent) for review. If all things are a go, I’ll be one step closer to booking a celeb for the story hour (Kickstarter backer perk). The official launch is October 28 — it’s all coming together!!

#FaerieManager #kidlit #books #writing #fantasy

2 weeks ago

Hier ein Tipp für Familien, die gern #wandern. Ein Tourenbuch, das Kinder selbst mit Erinnerungen füllen können: Welche Tiere habe ich gesehen, was gab's beim Picknick... Auch mit Platz für Kreatives. Wir haben es aus der #DAV Kletterhalle.
#WandernMitKind #kidlit

2 Innenseiten des Buchs: Pro Tour können viele Eckdaten und Erlebnisse eingetragen werden. Welche Tiere man gesehen, was man gepicknickt hat... Auch mit Platz für Kreatives.
Cover "Meine Touren". Wandertagebuch für Kinder, Rother Bergverlag
Rückseite des Buchumschlags.
Stephanie Burgis
2 weeks ago

Look at this utterly gorgeous book! I adored Holly Webb's first book in this MG fantasy series (The Story of Greenriver) - soooo magical and beautifully written - and I am really excited to read this one. And again, it's beautifully illustrated throughout by Zannagoldhawk!

#fantasy #kidlit

The front cover of The Swan's Warning, by Holly Webb, illustrated by Zanna Goldhawk. It shows two otters - one with a knife stuck in their belt - facing off with a fox in a forest by a river, with a swan flying overhead.
The back cover shows beavers and the text reads: The animals of Greenriver are in danger again. The otters have only just repaired the flood damage to their holt when the swan Vane arrives with news of a new threat: a clan of foxes is creeping closer and closer to the river. According to otter and beaver legends, foxes are sneaky, cruel creatures who hunt other animals just for fun. Terrified, the animal communities on the river begin to fight about how to face this new threat. Soon, the fragile peace between them is at risk. It is up to otter cups Sedge and Silken to find a way to unite the animals and defend their home, if they can...
A full-spread illustration across two pages shows otter swimming in the river and dancing on the ground above it, wearing belts and daisy crowns
DK Mok
2 weeks ago

Finished reading Bidhi Galing by Anita Heiss & Samantha Campbell. A vividly illustrated children’s book about the Great Flood of Gundagai & the heroism of Wiradyuri men Yarri & Jacky Jacky, told through the eyes of Yarri’s daughter. Compelling, personal, & painfully relevant. Highly recommended.

#Books #ChildrensBooks #PictureBooks #KidLit #Australia #Diversity #DiverseBooks

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
2 weeks ago

Keep up with kidlit news and what I'm reading with my periodic newsletter - latest issue out now, including what I'm reading (Claire Swinarski's wonderful new middle grade What Happened to Rachel Riley?), my Portobello Book Festival event next month and more! Read it now at

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Kidlit News September 2003. Kidlit news, updates and what I'm reading in middle grade & YA from Scholastic author Sheila M. Averbuch
2 weeks ago

What were your favorite picture books when you were little?

🐼 Panda Bear's Paint Box by M. Muntean & Christopher Santoro
🦆 Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

What are your favorite picture books today?

🧝 Sally & the Some-Thing by George O'Connor
🐧 Penguin & Pumpkin by Salina Yoon

#KidLit #Bookstodon #ChildrensBook

2 weeks ago

My Magnificent Mastodonians! Let's get to know each other a little better

What were your favorite picture books when you were little?

What are your favorite picture books today?

#MastoArt #Bookstodon #KidLit #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #Diversity #Inclusion

Watercolor Penguin wearing an orange scarf with pumpkins scattered about & autumn leaves blowing around.
Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

End the first week of school with something positive. Watch two kids interviewing authors. I am in this one but they have tons on their channel. Give them a like. #kidlit #books #bookstodon

Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

This week, I had the privilege of being interviewed by two kids who started a YouTube channel all about kids books and authors. Show them some encouragement and give their videos a like. #kidlit #books

Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

For the evening crowd, I did with two kids who started a book review/author interview YouTube channel. Show them some love and give their videos a like or two. #kidlit #books #bookstodon

Brian McLachlan
3 weeks ago

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard to those who celebrate.
#KidLit #KidLitArt #MastoArt

In a cartoon style: a futuristic lab with metal walls. In the foreground, a black girl and a white boy in red and yellow jumpsuits look at a floating green schematic. In the background there is a device which does not have a use. It has two funnels, facing different directions, crystals, levers and more. An Asian boy has leaned into one funnel, from which spark magenta spots. From the other funnel, his body exits, in a swirly, loopy rainbow before returning to his torso. He scratches his head with a wrench in confusion. A tool box and scattered tools are on the floor.
Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

What a cool way to start the school year. Two kids from Chicago have been interviewing kids authors for their YouTube channel, and I was invited to chat with them. We need more kids like this! #readers #books #kidlit #students #bookstodon

Thanks to Today’s Parent for featuring Amy Wu and the Ribbon Dance in ‘7 books to inspire a love of reading’

#books #kidlit

Amy Wu series (Kat Zhang/Charlene Chua) AMY WU and the RIBBON DANCE Amy Wu loves trying new things but sometimes gets caught up in wanting her efforts to turn out perfectly. Whether it's making a delicious bao, crafting a dragon that expresses her culture, finding the words to welcome a new student, or learning to Chinese ribbon dance. Amy finds a way to succeed with help from her family and friends. Charlene Chua beautifully illustrates these books.
Stephanie Burgis
3 weeks ago

And ooh, check out the front window of Waterstones Abergavenny! Only 3 more days until my joint launch party with Claire Fayers. There will be brownies and fun! :)


Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

Every Tuesday, I'll post a story starter to help ELA teachers get their students to write. To kick off the school year, here's this week's #PromptMyStory.

"In a school for cats, what are three school supplies every feline student needs?"

#teachers #kidlit #ela #writing

Christopher Burton 🇺🇦
1 month ago

"Moomintroll looked disapprovingly at him. "It's nothing to laugh at," he said. "It would be a terrible thing if a comet hit the earth."

"What would happen then?" whispered Sniff.

"Everything would explode," said Moomintroll, gloomily.

There was a long silence.

"Then Snufkin said slowly: "It would be awful if the earth exploded. It's so beautiful."

~ Tove Jansson, Comet in Moominland

#Moomins #ToveJansson #Books #Bookstodon #Kidlit

Tom MacInnes
1 month ago

There are many troubling things going on in our world at the moment. It is easy to forget about some of the good. For those who need something lighter to think about for a brief while, here you go. This is me beside the famous "Make Way For Ducklings" sculptures during a visit to the Boston Commons. As a teacher and a parent, I have always believed in the power of stories. We did many "touristy" things while in Boston but this moment was just for me. #Boston #Kidlit #Books

A man kneels beside sculptures honouring the children's book, :"Make Way For Ducklings" on a sunny day at The Boston Commons.
Catherine Friess
1 month ago

Most viewed #blogpost on #StorySnug this week: Chapter Book Cats 🐈‍⬛🐈
Do you have a favourite#chapterbook cat? Ours include a baking cat, book cats, musical cats, a superstar cat & a cat who aspires to sit by a fire.
#Bookstodon #amreading #childrensbooks #kidlit

Chapter Book Cats

These are the hills, these are the woods,
These are my starry solitudes;
And there the river by whose brink
The roaring lions come to drink…

For #NationalBookLoversDay – “The Land of Story-Books”, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Illustration by Roger Duvoisin, 1944
📚 🛋️ 🦁
#Scottish #literature #books #poetry #booklovers #kidlit

The Land of Story-Books
by Robert Louis Stevenson

At evening, when the lamp is lit,
Around the fire my parents sit;
They sit at home and talk and sing,
And do not play at anything.

Now, with my little gun, I crawl
All in the dark along the wall,
And follow round the forest track
Away behind the sofa back.

There, in the night, where none can spy,
All in my hunter’s camp I lie,
And play at books that I have read
Till it is time to go to bed.

These are the hills, these are the woods,
These are my starry solitudes;
And there the river by whose brink
The roaring lions come to drink.

I see the others far away
As if in firelit camp they lay,
And I, like to an Indian scout,
Around their party prowled about.

So, when my nurse comes in for me,
Home I return across the sea,
And go to bed with backward looks
At my dear land of Story-books.
A black-and-white illustration of “The Land of Story-Books”. A large black ornate armchair sits in a shadowy corner. A small boy peeks out behind it, pointing a toy rifle. Behind him are images from his imagination; a smouldering campfire; the faces of two lions. A native American, wearing a feathered war-bonnet and wielding a tomahawk, can be seen behind the chair back, and a sly-looking wolf prowls on the left edge of the frame.
Karen Yin :verified:
2 months ago

Happy 1st birthday to my picture book So Not Ghoul! I knew you when you were an itty-bitty draft titled Unfashionaboo with a few Mandarin puns and fake proverbs, and now look at you—all grown up with great reviews. 1/

#KidLit #WritingCommunity #AuthorsOfMastodon

Graphic featuring cover of "So Not Ghoul" has a blue-and-pink palette to match the cover. On the cover: Mimi, a smiling Chinese American girl ghost, is next to a white cat, who is side-eyeing three girl ghouls sneering at Mimi. Review quote from Kirkus Reviews: "Full of ghostly puns, this is a playful look at identity, culture, and new-student blues."
Catherine Friess
2 months ago

#HowtoHatchaReader takes an amusing look at #learningtoread with an unusual cast of characters 🐔🐥🐓
We ❤️the subplot involving Fox that's shown in
#RachelSuzanne's bold illustrations 🦊
#KariGonzalez #Bookstodon #ChildrensBooks #amreading #kidlit #StorySnug #GnomeRoadPublishing

How to Hatch a Reader
How to Hatch a Reader
How to Hatch a Reader
Daniel Loxton
2 months ago

As new cohorts of kids are continually aging into science books, and as this platform is new for me, may I mention one of the books I published some years ago? Happily still available in brand new copies from Kids Can Press:
#kidlit #evolution #sciart

Dr. Dainy Bernstein
3 months ago

Calling all #kidlit and #yalit scholars:

As editor of the Children's Literature Group of the online Literary Encyclopedia (, I am looking for contributors who can write entries of 1000-3500 words on authors, illustrators, texts, genres, literary and historical contexts, etc. We're especially looking for essays on texts and people considered essential to the field.

Submit a proposal here:

@litstudies @academicchatter

Talented people of Mastadon—

Grants available for unpublished diverse writers and illustrators

#kidlit #publishing #illustration #writing

3 months ago

@bookstodon And a couple more #KidLit recommendations...

Flamer is about a boy at scout camp questioning his sexuality. It is a middle grade graphic novel that packs a punch.

And finally...

Through the Woods is a horror graphic novel for middle grade readers. The pictures are beautiful and the stories are chilling.

#books #read #bookstodon #ChildrensLit

3 months ago

@bookstodon #Kidlit recommendations continued...

Breadwinner is a graphic novel about a girl in Afghanistan who has to dress like a boy in order to get food and work to help her family after her father was imprisoned.

Beetle and the Hollowbones is a YA graphic novel about a young goblin and her friend. It is a Stonewall Honor Book and was an exciting adventure saving Blob Ghost.

#books #read #bookstodon #YALit #MGLit #ChildrensLit

3 months ago

Some #KidLit recommendations from what I have been reading lately.

Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab was a great middle grade book about two kids staying with their inventor uncle over the summer. This is the first in the series.

The Questioneers series is a fun junior fiction series (1st through 3rd grades). The books are all STEAM centered and are based on the children's book Ada Twist, Scientist.


#books #read #ChildrensLit #MGLit #bookstodon

N.P. Thompson
3 months ago

I guess I should update my pinned post to say that #MirrorOfWolves is officially out in the world now! 😃 :ds_crow: 🐺

When 12-year-old Ty learns of a mystical object that can tell him whether he truly is destined to save Arcania from the dark sorcerer Gideon Blackthorn, he is determined to track it down—no matter the cost. But when his quest takes a shocking turn will Ty still find the answers he needs, or will his relentless hunt for the truth jeopardize everything?

#MGLit #MiddleGradeReads #MiddleGradeFantasy #BooksForKids #IReadCanadian #CanadianAuthor #CanLit #Bookstodon #YOWbooks #KidLit #MGFantasy #FantasyBooks #FantasySeries #books #BookLover #bookworm #reading #bookish #MiddleGrade #MiddleGradeFiction #TheArcanium #TeamArcania

The cover of Mirror of Wolves is centred on a light green background. Around the cover are quick blurbs about the book. They read as follows:
- a quest for answers
- the hot air balloon of doom
- a hob with a class to teach
- a deadly weapon that could destroy the worlds
- treasure
- a wild river ride
- mysterious ruins
- don't touch the flowers
- Sasha still wants a team name
- epic magic battles
- awesome origami
- a destiny-revealing mystical artifact
K. Tempest Bradford
4 months ago

The IGNYTE Awards voting is open to all until June 30. Check out the full list of truly amazing finalists. The voting link is at the very bottom.

Ruby Finley vs the Interstellar Invasion is nominated for Best In Middle Grade. The competiton, as you'll see, is STIFF. So honored to be here among all these stars.

#MiddleGrade #ScienceFiction #SFF #kidlit #Bookstodon #BlackFediverse #BlackFedi #BIPOC #books #reading @bookstodon @diversebooks #BlackMastodon

Ruby book cover next to image of flames licking the IGNYTE Award logo with Vote for Ruby above it.
Karen Yin :verified:
4 months ago

Happy birthday, #WholeWhale! I can't believe my debut picture book is already 2 years old.

Art by Nelleke Verhoeff, published by Barefoot Books. Available everywhere books are sold.

#Book #PictureBook #STEMforKids #Animals #KidLit #WritersCommunity

Inside spread of a picture book. Shows a rainbow that spans both pages. Animals are all around, like a shark, sheep, skunk, hippo, moose, elephant, ostrich, octopus, and a cat. The vibe is fun and frolicky! Text reads: "There's room for more—a beak, a scale— / But can we fit a whole blue whale?"
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
4 months ago

5. Every child has the right to know Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, Michael Ende, Frank Baum, J. M. Barrie, Dr. Seuss, P. L. Travers, and others.

(Every country gets to add their own authors and storytellers, so feel free to add to the list!)


#storytelling #ChildrensBooks #KidLit

Added my name to support PEN America’s fight against book bans in Florida (and elsewhere)

Please consider adding your name too.

#books #bookstodon #kidlit

I stand with the banned campaign by Pen America and Penguin Random House to fight book banning in Escambia County Florida USA
Michelle Markel
4 months ago

Our ancestors crawled out of the sea, so you might say the ocean mothered us all. Here is a pic from the gorgeous kids book, "How The Sea Came To Be" by Jennifer Berne with #illustrations by the talented Amanda Hall. Info on her research and process is on the website of the publisher: Eerdmans Books For Young Readers #kidlit #ChildrensLiterature #Books #Bookstodon #MothersDay

On a blue black background representing the sea, numerous squiggly blue and red creatures float and swim.
Karen Yin :verified:
5 months ago

I'm a huge fan of #KidTimeStoryTime and StoryTeller's readalouds on #YouTube. Well, guess what! Today, they posted a hilarious reading of my picture book #SoNotGhoul!

This underworldly tale about Mimi, a Chinese American ghost in bicultural limbo, has Chinese-style rituals, Mandarin puns, and—of course—ghost fashion.

(Psst…please buy!) 👻 ❤️


#PageStreetKids, art by Bonnie Lui.

#AAPIHeritageMonth #AsianAmerican #PictureBooks #KidLit #ReadAloud #StoryTime

Celebrating #AsianHeritageMonth with new author photo and avatar!

#AAPIHeritageMonth #kidlit #kidlitart #author

Illustration of Asian person with concave bob hair and glasses
Photo of author illustrator Charlene Chua
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
5 months ago

Can you help ID a children's fantasy novel from the 1970s?

Help, #fantasy, #SFF, #kidlit, #YAlit, #books, & #bookstodon friends!

My colleague is trying to identify a fantasy novel he read as a child/tween sometime around 1980-1984 in the U.S., and so far all of us who are trying to assist are stumped. If you can help, we'd be most grateful! (UPDATE: We’ve ruled out works by McKillip, L'Engle, Alexander, and Le Guin.)

Here's what he remembers:

1. He thinks it was published in the late 1970s. (He read a library hardback without a dustjacket, so he didn't see the cover art.)

2. He thinks it was a standalone novel, not a book in a series.

3. The plot involved a boy and girl brought up as siblings, but in fact they were the respective heirs of two warring kingdoms, heraldically represented as "the Mountain" and "the Sea." It culminated in a duel between two wizards.

Thank you so much for any and all leads!