2 days ago

People have been fascinated with cats for millennia. This #KidLit #Artist continues that proud tradition! Here on my #WriteFreely #Blog, It's Your Kind of Kitten!

#Artists #Art #Painting #Drawing #Cats #KidLit #KidLitArt #PictureBooks #Reading #Watercolor #Illustration #Bookstodon #Catstodon

Title card reads "Karin Wanderer Learns: It's Your Kind Of Kitten". Featured art is watercolor of pink mugs in various shapes & patterns with cats of various shapes & patterns sitting in them. Some cats have a mug to themselves, some share with a friend.
Michael Dashow
2 days ago

One of my favorite illustrations - originally painted in landscape format - revised and reformatted to look more like a middle grade book cover for my portfolio. 😄

(All graphic design by me, too!)

#art #graphicDesign #kidLit #kidLitArt #bookCover #illustration #mastoArt

A fictional book cover titled "DeepWoods Academy for the Magically Inept." On it, a pink-haired girl in a witch's hat panics as her caulrdon explodes, spewing potion and black smoke. A kindly senior witch - who is also a bear - gently advises her.
Karen B. Jones ☑️
2 days ago

Number 133 of 150

A teacher (or any generic office worker, really) standing there with a dry erase marker.

#art #kidlitart #teacher #artsample #illustration #cartoon #drawing #poloshirt

Nicola Schofield
2 days ago

My latest blog post is about the similarities of charity shop clothes shopping and illustration
(also, my awful fashion sense 😄)

#kidlitart #childhoodillustrated #alphabetsuperset #illustration

A picture book spread illustration of a lady in black holding up a colourful Troll doll jumper against a startled child. They are in a charity shop and an elegant older lady browses the rails nearby.
Brian McLachlan
4 days ago

First day of fall, so I'll use it a reason to repost one of my fav pieces. #KidLitArt #TTRPG #DnD #Fantasy #MastoArt

It's autumn and it's raining. We look down on a graveyard where the tombstones are arranged in a circle. In the centre of them is a wide hole with tombstones poking out of the wall, arranged like stairs, leading down into darkness. Three adventurers look wary of the hole. A large dark-skinned woman with armor and a big axe is being held back by a hand motion from a worried purple tiefling. A magenta drangborn lies on the grass with their head hanging over the edge, trying to get a better look. All three heroes have a day-glo element to their armor or weapons, implying their magical nature in this dreary fall day.
Karen B. Jones ☑️
4 days ago

She's got an awfully big cup of coffee. I may have made it a bit too big, actually. Or maybe she REALLY needs her coffee this morning.

#art #kidlitart #artsample #illustration #woman #coffee #cellphone #cartoon #drawing

Brian McLachlan
1 week ago

Making some weird robots #KidLitArt #MastoArt #Art

A goldfish in a bowl attached to a robotic body as if it is the head. Very noodle-like arms with claws on the end, and stiff jointed legs. Beside it is a floating claw machine robot. A red lid and bottomed glass case is packed with alien stuffies. Below it dangle three claw arms like would be inside most claw machines. It has a light and grill that could be an eye and mouth.
Metin Seven 🎨
1 week ago

From the ar(t)chive…

Made these illustrations for a children's story that is part of an amigurumi crochet book by my friend Dendennis.

The book includes crochet instructions to create the amigurumis featured in the illustrations.

You can find the book here:

#crochet #amigurumi #CharacterDesign #story #children #kids #KidLit #KidLitArt #FairyTale #art #artwork #DigitalArt #illustration #FediArt #MastoArt #3D #B3D #ZBrush

A collage of six stylized 3D illustrations to depict the search of a little boy for his cuddly toy.
Karen B. Jones ☑️
1 week ago

Number 129 of 150

Here's a bird-watcher girl. She's got her binoculars and her birding book. Looks like she's all set.

#art #kidlitart #illustration #girl #birding #birdwatching #drawing #cartoon

Sojung Kim-McCarthy
1 week ago

Finally got around to listing these on my shop! Available in print or greeting card

#MastoArt #KidLitArt #illustration #ArtPrint #KidLit

A mockup photo of an art print in wooden frame. The illustration features a girl, two bunnies and a unicorn looking out on the sea towards a whale in far distance from an open book they’re sailing as a boat. There’s a pale tree growing from the gutter of the book and a three-tailed fox is sleeping on it. An albatross is guiding them overhead.
A mockup photo of a greeting card and an envelope. The illustration features a girl, two bunnies and a unicorn looking out on the sea towards a whale in far distance from an open book they’re sailing as a boat. There’s a pale tree growing from the gutter of the book and a three-tailed fox is sleeping on it. An albatross is guiding them overhead.
Nicola Schofield
2 weeks ago

Second in my series of picture book illos based on my childhood is the little bat that lived in the tunnel halfway down our street

#kidlitart #picturebooks #illustration #mastoart

Illustration of two children at the mouth of a tunnel looking up at a bat flying towards the moon
Mike Hartigan
2 weeks ago

Check out the cover to Squish and Squash #2!
And remember you can pre order issue 1 now, and it releases on Nov 29th!

#comics #kidlitart #kidlitcomics #keenspot

Brian McLachlan
2 weeks ago

I've been building up my Sci Fi portfolio over a bunch of #KidLitArtPostcard images, There's a whole world going on with these characters in my head. #Art #KidLitArt #SciFi #MastoArt

In a cartoon style: a futuristic lab with metal walls. In the foreground, a black girl and a white boy in red and yellow jumpsuits look at a floating green schematic. In the background there is a device which does not have a use. It has two funnels, facing different directions, crystals, levers and more. An Asian boy has leaned into one funnel, from which spark magenta spots. From the other funnel, his body exits, in a swirly, loopy rainbow before returning to his torso. He scratches his head with a wrench in confusion. A tool box and scattered tools are on the floor.
In a scientific laboratory, two kids in spacey clothing look into devices. An Asian boy in green and yellow peers into a microscope and has a word balloon with an image of microscopic organisms. A black girl in red and yellow peers into a telescope and has a word balloon that mirrors the the other kid's but has images of planets and the cosmos.
A black child sadly looks out of the window of a spaceship at the stars whizzing past, while clutching his tiger stuffy, their faces reflected in the glass. In the foreground, a concerned robot has a drink with a straw they are bringing for the child. In the background, a glum rather looks on at his forlorn child.
Lee Austin
2 weeks ago

Looking for duckling no. 3?
#ink #kidlitart

An ink drawing of a mom duck with two ducklings looking up, and a third duckling swimming by upside down.
Amy New
2 weeks ago

Inside you are two Heelers 😈👼

#art #mastoart #bluey #angel #demon #sketch #kidlitart

Nicola Schofield
3 weeks ago

I'm creating a series of illustrations inspired by my own childhood memories. This one is based on the time I was an angel in the school Nativity.

Follow the link to read the story and see the illustration process:

#illustration #MastoArt #kidlitart #alphabetSuperset #childhoodIllustrated

Picture book style illustration of a school Nativity scene. Mary looks disappointedly at Joseph picking his nose. Two angels are stood at the front of the stage, one yawning.
Brian McLachlan
3 weeks ago

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard to those who celebrate.
#KidLit #KidLitArt #MastoArt

In a cartoon style: a futuristic lab with metal walls. In the foreground, a black girl and a white boy in red and yellow jumpsuits look at a floating green schematic. In the background there is a device which does not have a use. It has two funnels, facing different directions, crystals, levers and more. An Asian boy has leaned into one funnel, from which spark magenta spots. From the other funnel, his body exits, in a swirly, loopy rainbow before returning to his torso. He scratches his head with a wrench in confusion. A tool box and scattered tools are on the floor.
Michael Dashow
1 month ago

Excited to get to share this key art I did for a new indie game called Alpine Lake, where you get to craft, construct and decorate your own little inn in the mountains.

The game now officially has a Steam page. Check it out if you're a fan of cozy, casual crafting games.

#illustration #characterArt #characterIllustration #indieGame #GameDevArt #kidLitArt #WholesomeGames #art #MastoArt

A colorful illustration of a woman and a dog standing near a cute inn. The woman has on a red gingham shirt and is holding a large mallet. The dog is a multi-colored corgi and is looking happily at us. The setting is in the mountains by a large lake surrounded by trees. The ill is small and red and there are beds of flowers and a cute white picket fence around it.
Aga Maszota
1 month ago
A bust of a rainbow fairy, her hair (that has many vibrant colors) is going up with magic
Mike Hartigan
1 month ago

Those mermaids don’t look awfully friendly…

#mermaid #kidlitart #fantasy #digitalart

Brian McLachlan
1 month ago

One of my favourite group of characters to create for Complete the Quest were these guardian weapons. They protect a village long uninhabited. I see the sword as being like a long mustache. He can join your party if you free them all.

#KidLit #KidLitArt #TTRPG #GraphicNovel #MastoArt

A bow knocked with an arrow. It has eyes and grey sharp eyebrows mirrored in its moustache. A quiver of arrows float behind it. On the ground nearby is a humanoid skeleton.
A warhammer with thick eyebrows above big green eyes two upturned teeth poking out of its frown. It has a purple handle. Inside the building its guarding is a green sparkly anvil and a smaller smith's hammer. Skeletons lie on the dirt ground here too.
A sword, hilt up, with gold guard and pommel, purple leather wrapped handle. The guard curls around towards the sword's blade, forming a shape like the inside rim of a Roman soldier's helmet. Two blue eyes are in the sort of eye-holes made by it. The bevelled edge sword resembles a long moustache hanging down from the nose piece of the hilt-helmet shape.
Three different axes with faces, one in profile, so the blade is its forehead, nose and beard. Another where the face is on the centre shaft, with a blade on either side, like dangerous Princess Leia hairbuns. The third is also a double-bladed axe but its eyes are on the centre of the blades, rather than the shaft. Behind the three is a red gem carved into a heart shape.
Mike Hartigan
1 month ago

Look! Up in the sky! It’s Max Meow!
Here’s some fan art I drew of John Gallagher’s fearless feline superhero Max Meow! #maxmeow #kidlit #kidlitart #comics #graphicnovel

Happy National Bao Day again! Amy says enjoy all your baos, perfect or not! Eat them hot!!!

#NationalBaoDay #KidLit #KidLitArt #MastoArt

Chinese girl and cat waving at viewer. They sit on a giant bao. The bao has the title AMY WU AND THE PERFECT BAO. Background is blue swirling clouds.
1 month ago

Hello, I am Sonja, freelance #illustrator from Germany. My #illustration work is focused on board game illustrations, character design and #kidlitart often featuring animal characters. I am looking forward to connect over art, books and storytelling in all forms.
When not drawing I am channeling my inner cat lady, reading (magical realism, dystopian, lific), drinking tea, one of our cats on the lap.


#MastoArt #art

Nicola Schofield
1 month ago

G is for giraffe 🦒

Another great choice for this week's animal alphabet.

#AnimalAlphabets #animalAlphabet #animalArt #MastoArt #giraffe #kidlitart #illustration

A simple colour block illustration of the head and neck of a giraffe. It spirals around the image because it is so long. The text Gg is in the top right corner.
Brian McLachlan
1 month ago

Wading into the discourse. I love children's books with animal characters.
Read the rest of the comic here:

#Picture Book #KidLit #KidLitArt #CuriousGeorge #Anthropomorphism #MastoArt

Why I love Beastly Kids Books: Caption 1 panel 1: "Some people poo-poo the use of animal characters in kid's books. While | strongly agree that we need better human representation, animals are great too. Writers use metaphorical animals with cat burglars, top dogs, people coming out of their shells etc." a woman looks at a kid with stuffed teddy bear and says "| know you love your teddy bear but wouldn't you prefer a stuffed human instead?" Panel 2: It's a part of most cultures' important stories  from Sun Wukong to Coyote, from Anansi to the Tortoise and the Hare. Non-human characters allow a variety of people to see their reflections. Two heads in the foreground look at those characters and both say "That could be me!"
Mike Hartigan
2 months ago

Currently open for (digital art) commissions, covers, pinups etc!

✅Need a variant cover? I’ve done those!
✅Need a rad fan art commission? I’ve done those too!
✅All ages friendly artwork at reasonable prices!

DM me!

#kidlit #kidlitart #commissionart

Brian McLachlan
2 months ago

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard Day!

I'm Brian, a cartoonist looking for more work on adventure-filled fun middle grade graphic novels, chapter books, magazine puzzles and more. I specialize in urban and fantastic worlds with humour.

#MastoArt #KidLit #KidLitArt

In a scientific laboratory, two kids in spacey clothing look into devices. An Asian boy in green and yellow peers into a microscope and has a word balloon with an image of microscopic organisms. A black girl in red and yellow peers into a telescope and has a word balloon that mirrors the the other kid's but has images of planets and the cosmos.
Mike Hartigan
2 months ago

I made this custom Amy Wu shirt for my friend’s kid - I think she likes it! 😆💕

Art from AMY WU & THE RIBBON DANCE (Kat Zhang, Simon & Schuster)

#kidlit #kidlitart #books #bookstodon

Young girl wearing white t-shirt with illustration of Chinese girl doing ribbon dance from Amy Wu and the Ribbon Dance
Lee Austin
2 months ago

Momma duck. #drawing #kidlitart

A mom duck in an bonnet quacks while her duckling naps behind her.
Mike Hartigan
2 months ago

Super Unicorn Princess popping into your timeline to say hey!
#sup #superunicornprincess #comics #comicsforkids #graphicnovels #superhero #kidlitcomics #kidlitart #kidlit #mastoart #fediart #art

Mike Hartigan
2 months ago

Then there was that one time that 🦸‍♀️🦄👸 teamed up with Thomas N Perkins hero,THE UNICORN!
It was an adventure for the ages and wouldn’t be the last time these horned heroes would meet!
#superunicornprincess #sup #theunicorn #kidlitart #comics
#AlicornAllies #UnicornsUnite

Lee Austin
2 months ago

A swimming duck. #lineart #MastoArt #kidlitart

A line art drawing of a swimming duck in a fancy hat with flowers.
Brian McLachlan
3 months ago

Happy #PortfolioDay! I'm a cartoonist with colourful work with a sense of humour & adventure, whether in imaginary worlds or urban landscapes. #KidLitArt #KidlIt #MastoArt
I work a lot for Owl Magazine, and made a couple graphic novels.

In a cave, two young teens battle a ghostly pink and purple skeleton that emanates from a gold chain's medallion, which is a surly pink ice cream wielding a wand and carrying a treasure chest. The one kid has an undercut and an ochre, pink and letterman jacket and cyan cape, black pants, pink trainers and greay gauntlets. The other kid has hair over his eyes, wields a golden mace, wears a red sleeveless top with golden-skulled wrestling belt and black fur cape and boots. They are among a large treasure horde of gold pieces and fancy sneakers. On the wall is spray painted Hype Beast in green and Lich in purple.
In a graffiti-filled alley, the letters of the wildstyle Monster have come to life as clawed hands. One grabs and turns upside down a punk  kid who clutches a golden key with a skull head. Two more kids race to help him, one looks nerdy, the other sporty. Another clawed hand reaches for the approaching kids.
In a very cartoony style, we see a dark, drippy sewer, a young girl adventurer with brown skin and yellow clothes sings along with a bright blue slime person in purple dandy clothes who plays a lute. The girl's shield has a butterfly, around her neck is a ladybug pendant and she waves a butterfly wand.

It's #PortfolioDay , which means it's an excellent day for watching the hashtag feed and finding new artists to follow. Awesome sauce.

These are some exploratory illustrations I did for my middle grade novel, "Saving Scrumpy." Most of my other art is native Pacific Northwest (USA) flora and fauna painted on oyster shells, but the goal in the back of my head has always been to illustrate my own books.

I'll probably end up self-publishing "Saving Scrumpy," once I decide my skills are up to illustrating the story. (I have ludicrously high standards for myself.)

Media is Micron pen or pen and ink, usually on vellum. Finished in Photoshop.

#illustration #kidlit #kidlitart #BookIllustration #MiddleGrade #ink #InkDrawing #PenAndInk #ActuallyAutistic #SeattleArtist #art #artist #portfolio

Ink drawing of a depressed dog sitting in a bubble bath. Bubbles float in the air.
Ink drawing of a crocodile leaping out of the water to catch a chicken carcass. Mangroves in the background.
Ink drawing of an elderly dog walking in a circle around a palm tree, her back against the trunk to get a good scratch. Her feet plow a rut in the sand. In the background, a channel of water with a kayaker.
Ink drawing of an old wooden foot pier above the water, with a dark palm tree-covered island at its end.
Mike Hartigan
3 months ago

Hey look, it’s #kidlitpostcard day!
#kidlit #kidlitart #kidlitcomics


Brian McLachlan
3 months ago

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard day! I'm a cartoonist looking to do more graphic novels or chapter books.
This month I wanted to capture the fun and anxiety of summer.
#KidLitArt #MastoArt

At a public outdoor pool we look down a turtle boy & a lizard boy trying to catch a stray beach ball, making a big wave in the process. A dog girl sits on the edge of the pool with swim goggles on, smiling. She looks in the same direction a bunny girl in the pool looks. That bunny motioning toward a cat who is anxious to get in the pool even though they are wearing a floaty around their waist and water wings. The cat is at the edge of the picture, keeping their distance from the pool. Another animal person lies on a towel like it's a blanket, but we only see their legs and one arm.
Brian McLachlan
3 months ago

Finishing up my #ColorWheelChallenge of MG GN adventurous heroes with cyan and James Kochalka's hilarious Glorkian Warrior and Luke Pearson's heart-warming Hilda. This has been a fun exercise trying to draw them all in one of my styles. #KidLitArt #GraphicNovel #Comic #MiddleGrade #MastoArt

A colour wheel with cartoon characters drawn in the wedge. Previously Margo Maloo was blue, Nico Bravo was purple, Miskit and Hammond were pink, now Cleopatra from Cleopatra from Space and Nimona from Nimona is in the red wedge, Agent 9 a and L'il Petey are in the orange wedge, Jaxon Amboy from 5 Worlds is in the yellow section. In the green wedge is Cucumber from Cucumber Quest and Brash from the Investigators. The last segment to be added to is cyan, which has Hilda, a cyan haired young Caucasian girl with a beret leaning on the edge of the frame and Glorkian Warrior, a three-eyed alien with cyan jumpsuit, yellow backpack and pink skin.
3 months ago

Went to a local book festival put on by a popular used book store here in San Diego. Several city blocks--quite nice! Lots of books--both used and new--from other stores and publishing houses. A lot of author booths with self-published books, too.

There were a few artists, but not many b/c the art had to be book-related. Which was nice in a way. I may apply next year. Kidlitart and litart needs more venues. Gives me some time to work on some more.

#kidlitart #books

Illustrated phone wallpaper of a a girl in a stylized dress with a neck ruff reaching upwards to get a book with glowing green fairy dust around it.  Behind her is a series of surrealistic book shelves covered with book binding and mysterious titles.
Brian McLachlan
4 months ago

New puzzle in @OwlKids Magazine. Can you spot all the things that start with OUT, like Otter Untangling Thread? #KidLitArt #KidLit #Puzzle #SchoolsOut #MastoArt

A double page spread of kids rushing out of a school with the headline School's Out. There is an Ostrich Unmasking Turtle, Olive Unzipping Tent, Ogre Unbuttoning Tuxedo, Octopus Unwrapping Tractor, Onion Underlining Tornado (on a white board), Orangutan Unloading Truck (cardboard boxes), Orange Unboxing Toys (with a webcam setup, rocket, car, top and giant robot, Orca Unlocking Treasure or Trunk, and Owl Unplugging TV.

Happy #PrideMonth , wherever you are.

If you can, please support LGBTQ folks & organizations . You can even help by leaving supportive comments on social media. If you see an abusive post, report it and the poster. Every bit helps!

#pride #KidLitArt #MastoArt #FediArt

Cute cat with progress pride colors, holding a trans flag in its mouth
Steph Lau
4 months ago

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard day! I'm Steph, an author-illustrator of PB and GNs — usually humorous & with a splash of mischief.
🌊Rep: Allie Levick at Writers House
🐺Other social media: @Stephlaubooks

#scbwiartists #scbwi #KidLitArt #WritingCommunity #kidlit #mastoart

three pigs ride on a surfboard in a tipsy topsy formation. a wolf wipes out in the background
5 months ago

And they're done! Little Red's family. Finished it up on my stream tonight with the help of some friends!

#LittleRed #KidLitArt #Art #MastoArt #Illustration

Illustration of a couple in the 18th Century walking beside a creek with their daughter, who is in a red cloak.

Celebrating #AsianHeritageMonth with new author photo and avatar!

#AAPIHeritageMonth #kidlit #kidlitart #author

Illustration of Asian person with concave bob hair and glasses
Photo of author illustrator Charlene Chua
Patrick Girouard
5 months ago

Another in son Marc’s 3D revisions of my old work. These are blowing my mind!
#3D #Revision #FatherAndSon #Seasons #Winter #Summer #Illustration #KidLitArt #Illustrator #MastoArt

A 3D revision of a man in winter scarf and coat with a summertime reflection

Was recently part of this very sweet project for a financial firm in Toronto, where several illustrators did up art drawn by employees' kids. I did this one with the cats, as well as a two others.

Had a lovely time at the reception, & gave some copies of my book, HUG?, to the kids whose drawings I adapted!

#art #illustration #KidLitArt #KidLit #MastoArt

Child holding up copy of HUG? by Charlene Chua, standing in front of a white frame with two paintings featuring 3 sitting cats
Board room with easels set up displaying artwork
Child reading picture book, with framed dragon artwork in foreground
rémi 🐌
6 months ago

Hello #PortfolioDay 🌻

I'm Rémi, i'm a french illustrator and 2D/3D artist in games. I enjoy making colorful things and creating comforting scenes infused with personal, mundane experiences.

I'm currently looking for freelance or long-term work as a 3D environment artist or illustrator, so please reach out!


Boosts would be extra appreciated, thanks 💐

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #GameDev #GameArt #3DArt #LowPoly #Illustration #KidLit #KidlitArt

3D render of the interior of a house, turning at 360 degrees to show the different rooms: entrance hall, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. The furniture and props have simple, chunky shapes and they are quite colorful.
Illustration of a goblin in the forest, comfortably dressed, sitting on a log on the edge of a cliff, fishing in the muddy pond below. The overall vibe of the drawing is quiet and cozy with muted, earthy colours.
Drawing of a big building's window with a balcony. The window is divided in several panels that each depict a different scene, as if the window was the whole building's facade. Two persons are talking over the balcony, two persons in one panel are making love (we only see their feet), a group is having a party, a person is talking on the phone while their neighbor complains about the nose they're making, and a cat looks outside.
3D vespa motorcycle with a side-car. On the right side of the picture is a view at the wireframe of the motorcycle.
Aga Maszota
6 months ago

Be careful, he is going to bite!

#MastoArt #CatsOfMastodon #KidLitArt

A girl trying to pet black and white cat while giving him some snacks. Cat seems to be annoyed and looks with mischief at her hand.
Daniela Schreiter
6 months ago

Und es sind wieder einige Schnecken dazugekommen! Das ist jetzt die dritte Serie an tollen Schnecken, die ich als Auftrag zeichnen durfte 😊. Welche ist euer Liebling? Meine ist die Imposter-Gecko-Schnecke 😄.


So many new snails! This is the third series of snails I did as a commission 😊. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the imposter-gecko-snail 😄.

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #Illustration #Procreate #ComicArt #CozyArt #KidlitArt


Comic Illustration einer Schnecke, sie hat sich um ihr Häuschen einen großen Schal gebunden und eine Wollmütze auf, es schneit gerade.
Comic Illustration einer Schnecke aus Stein, es ist eine Statue, die auf einem Podest steht. Die Schnecke schaut stolz, es sind mehrere Graffitis drauf und eine kleine Taube sitzt auf dem Häuschen.
Comic Illustration eines Geckos, der sich als Schnecke verkleidet hat. Er hat sich ein Häuschen umgebunden und einen Reif mit Stielaugen auf dem Kopf.
Aga Maszota
7 months ago

Happy International Women’s Day!

#MastoArt #KidLitArt #InternationalWomensDay

A witch with pink hair dressed in blue, with her cat beside her. She is sitting and smiling like Mona Lisa.
Michael Dashow
7 months ago

The theme for this month's Character Design Challenge is "Fairytale Fighting Arena," imagining characters from classic fairy tales in all-out combat.
It's not much discussed, but the Witch from Hansel and Gretel was skilled at building a lot more than just houses out of gingerbread and candy!

#Art #CharacterDesign #CharacterIllustration #CharacterArt #witch #gingerbread #gingerbreadhouse #KidLitArt

A buff, heavily-tattooed old witch looks fierce as she rides her tank made entirely from gingerbread and candy, with ornate frosting decorations.
Detail of the buff old witch, whose sleeveless black robes show her heavily muscled and tattoos arms. The tattoos are all about witchcraft and baking and sweets.
Brian McLachlan
7 months ago
Two cool cartoon witches with green skin and warts and hairy faces smile at each other. Text reads: I don't know witch one of us is more awesome.
A cartoon of a tomb raider making eyes at a mummy who smiles back with red eyes and missing teeth. She has a bob cut wig and golden jewellery. Her bandages stream off of her to bind the happy explorer, and some errant strips make heart shapes. In the back at pyramids. The text reads: I'm all wrapped up in you!
Against a dark sky and lightning, a cartoon patchwork man and woman, like Frankenstein and his bride. They smile at each other. The text reads: Will you be Franken-mine?
Angela Matteson
8 months ago

I'm Angela, a midwestern illustrator open to new projects, who loves gardening and cats and all of the interesting situations they find themselves in.

Represented by Marcia Wernick

#KidLitArtPostcard #kidlitart #kidlit #ChildrensBooks #MastoArt #bookstodon #illustration

Illustrated cat characters gardening with flowers and plants.
North Delta
8 months ago

At the weekly team meeting, #PeysuPals Petra (#Authenticity) and Elska (#Love) taught each other how to show love more authentically.

Questions to Explore:
1. When have you felt the most loved for simply being you?
2. When has your love for someone felt the most honest?
3. What does love feel like to you?

#KidLit #KidLitArt #Love #Valentine #MastoArt #Illustration #Narwhal

A digital doodle of Petra (A Narwhal representing Authenticity) and Elska (A Unicorn Deer representing Love) jumping up with doodled vines and hearts around them.
Sojung Kim-McCarthy
8 months ago
Picture book illustration of a giant black rabbit with a little girl in hanbok on the back. A boy in hanbok is sitting in a wheelchair, holding a camelia blossom. Happy New Year!

Happy Year of the Rabbit (and Cat!) 🧧 🐇 🐈

#KidLitArt #mastoart #illustration #LunarNewYear #caturday #YearOfTheRabbit

Kitten and bunny sitting with festive oranges and decorations for lunar new year