20 hours ago

Kookaburras are beautiful birds

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Close up of a kookaburra on a branch
1 day ago
Kookaburra in a tree watching and looking for food
3 days ago

Two there to greet me today... actually, one flew decoy along the path ahead of me. Further proof of my suspicion of a nest being nearby.

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Two kingfishers on the lowest branch of a very large gum tree.
6 days ago

I heard this beauty before I saw it this morning. I am almost certain it has a nest in amongst the hanging bark of this tree.

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A tiny kingfisher sits on the lowest bare branch of a very tall gum tree,  every so often it shoots down to collect some food,  flying as an arrow would-fast and straight. 
Have a lovely day 🤩

Felt like sharing a WIP shot of a mosaic I'm making for a community project I volunteer at. We're depicting local scenes and icons and I wanted to contribute a kingfisher as I love seeing them on my riverside walks!

This will form part of a larger mosaic that will be assembled at the local train station. We're trying to use broken pottery, left over/donated tiles etc. as much as possible, so the whole thing will have a very rag-tag upcycled look. 💖

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Photo of a semi-complete mosaic depicting a kingfisher on a branch. The tiles are irregular shapes and made up of a variety of textures and patterns.
Cascade Pine
1 week ago

Two Belted Kingfishers having a territorial dispute.

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Two medium-sized birds are flying over the water in a marsh area. One bird is chasing the other away. The chasing bird’s mouth is open as it is scolding the other bird to intimidate it. Both birds wings are fully spread, and they are low over the water.
Ich bin kein Roboter
2 weeks ago

Ein neuer Versuch den #Eisvogel zu fotografieren. Auf der #weissenelster von Bornitz nach #profen. Herrlich einsam, schöne Morgenstimmung, aber kein Foto vom #kingfisher. #Kayak #gumotex

A Person
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know what a #kingfisher #TurfWar looks like? #birding #photography

two kingfishers deeply engaged in conversation
two kingfishers deeply engaged in conversation
two kingfishers deeply engaged in conversation
Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

Another sneak peak on a tiny crop on a much larger #workinprogress It keeps changing as it tells me what it wants to be. It's coming along. There are now a lot of #birds showing up in this #painting and today I added a #kingfisher

It is very colorful painting as you probably can already tell.

#oilpainting #art #artwork #arte #ColoreTonFil

painting of a kingfisher sitting on the thigh of a nude woman, though we only see a small portion of her body.

The whole is a rainbow of colors.

📷 Quatrième et dernier jour de cette escapade dans la #Brenne, et direction un nouvel affut où on est immédiatement accueilli par un martin-pêcheur virevoltant. J’ai à peine le temps de me positionner pour capturer quelques clichés. Il reviendra un peu plus tard mais trop loin pour obtenir des #photos exploitables.

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Un Martin-pêcheur d’Europe aux aguets se tient sur une épaisse branche d’un arbre mort surplombant un étang.
Un Martin-pêcheur d’Europe se tient sur une épaisse branche d’un arbre mort surplombant un étang. Il tient une proie (un petit poisson) dans son bec.
Un Martin-pêcheur d’Europe capturé en plein vol, ailes déployées, juste en dessous d’une épaisse branche d’un arbre mort surplombant un étang. Son bec est légèrement caché par la branche.
Un Martin-pêcheur d’Europe capturé en plein vol au dessus d’un étang. Sur la gauche de la photo, on devine un arbre mort.
Maja Mielke
4 weeks ago

My FAVOURITE animal for day 3 of #SciArtSeptember (prompt: "favourite").

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Ink illustration of a European kingfisher.
1 month ago

Three hours spent in Riverside Valley Park, #Exeter, #Devon in the hope of seeing a visiting Night Heron - which I didn't; and other water birds - which I did. Particularly pleased to watch a male Kingfisher fishing and a Little Grebe appearing out of the vegetation. Three hours well spent, I think!

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📷 Little Grebe
📷 Kingfisher
📷 Kingfisher with fish

1 month ago

Another visit to Bowling Green Marsh, #Exeter, #Devon over high tide and the mud was full of #Redshank, #Dunlin, #Godwit (mostly Black-tailed but a couple of Bar-tailed for good measure), #Curlew, #Whimbrel #Ruff, #Knot and three Kingfisher. The evening sun made for good light along with a pleasant group of people in the hide.

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📷 #Kingfisher (a male I think as I couldn't see any red on the bill).

A Person
1 month ago

i might prattle on about how awesome ancient lenses are and complain about how overpriced gear is now, but also, i did just nail a #kingfisher handheld at 800 mm at a 1/8 second shutter speed and ISO 640. sometimes technology is the right answer. #birding #photography

1 month ago

My first Eisvogelfoto 😋
Unscharf, aber Eisvogel!!

#Eisvogel #Photography #Nature #Kingfisher #Birdsofmastodon

I would have been very happy with photos of just one belted kingfisher, but I believe this is FOUR: perhaps the whole family that lives in this area. I have seen three of them before, taking it easy together. However, they were not taking it easy today! Hovering, diving, fishing, and (the one pair) engaging in aerobatic LARKS!

#birding #kingfisher #wetlands

A belted kingfisher perched on a timber post. His eye is bright, his bill is keen, and his dark blue head plumage has a windswept nonchalance. His white collar and shirtfront are impeccable, as is his slate blue tailcoat; but his tie (breast band) is a muddy brown, as if the rusty bronze of a juvenile is mixed with the blue stripe of an adult male kingfisher. Thus it is my guess that he is a teen heartthrob, not a fully grown one!
An adult female kingfisher hovers in midair against an overcast sky, seeming to float upright in mid-backwing. She looks intently at something below.
The adult female from photo #2 dives laterally, her beak slightly open, the light pricking out constellations on the dark feathers of her tightly controlled tail and wings.
Two kingfishers in mid-frolic: the upper juvenile (heavily berusted in the sweater vest regions) is flying easily toward the left of the photo, while beneath em another youthful male is cupping the air with his wideflung wings as he banks hard in pursuit, his white belly and the pale patterns on his flight feathers thrown open to our gaze.
1 month ago

A self-taught wildlife photographer has taken a wonderful photo of a kingfisher landing on her head!

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1 month ago

This wee fellow moved from tree to tree beside me as I walked this morning, wonderful to seei 🥰

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A small kingfisher sitting on a bare gum tree branch

Le martin-pêcheur au repos ?
(Désolé pour le mouvement, j'ai au max zoom sans trépied)
The kingfisher chilling ?
(Sorry for the movement, I zoomed to the max without a tripod)
#Oiseaux #Birds #Kingfisher

Petite vidéo d'un martin-pêcheur sur une branche de saule. L'oiseau bouge légèrement son corps de haut à chaque vocalise.
Short video of a kingfisher on a willow branch. The bird moves its body slightly upwards with each vocalization.

Regardez-moi ces beautés !
Look at these beauties !

(Martin-pêcheurs/Kingfishers - Sologne, France)
#Photo #Birds #Oiseaux #kingfisher #martinpecheur

Un martin-pêcheur sur une branche de saule avec la rivière en flou derrière. L'oiseau est de dos et exhibe le beau plumage bleu électrique de ses ailes. Il tourne la tête vers l'objectif et mon le blanc de son coup ainsi que son sourcil orangé.
A kingfisher on a willow branch with the river in a blur behind. The bird is from behind, showing off the beautiful electric blue plumage of its wings. It turns its head towards the lens and shows the white of its neck and its orange eyebrow.
Deux martin-pêcheurs sur une branche morte au bord d'un cours d'eau. On voir leur grosse tête et leur bec effilé ainsi que leur plumage orange et bleu. L'oiseau de gauche regarde légèrement vers la gauche, celui de droite regarde vers la rivière.
Two kingfishers on a dead branch beside a stream. You can see their large heads and slender beaks, as well as their orange and blue plumage. The bird on the left is looking slightly to the left, while the one on the right is looking towards the river.
Un martin-pêcheur sur une branche de saule avec la rivière en flou derrière. L'oiseau est de face et exhibe le plumage orange-marron de son corps. Sa tête est bleu tacheté avec du blanc sur les joues et du orange sur le sourcil. 
A kingfisher on a willow branch with the river in a blur behind. The bird is in full view, showing off the orange-brown plumage on its body. Its head is mottled blue with white on the cheeks and orange on the eyebrow.
Un martin-pêcheur sur une branche morte surplombant la berge d'une rivière. L'oiseau fait sa toilette et a une partie de la tête sous son aile.
A kingfisher on a dead branch overhanging a river bank. The bird is grooming itself and has part of its head under its wing.
Chris Leboe
2 months ago

A couple birds I saw over the weekend. Kingfisher and a mallard. #birds #bird #wildlife #water #lake #ExploreBC #duck #kingfisher #CanonR5

A Kingfisher in flight along a tree line. The wings are nearly perpendicular to its body, showing the underside of the wings.
A female mallard floating on the water. The water looks green and it is reflected in the still water.
Richard Rathe
2 months ago


#Osprey are great birds!

They are very vocal with each other and have one of the more pleasant calls for #birdsofprey. I can sometimes get them to respond to my whistled attempts to "talk to them". 🙂

Other fun facts… They only eat fresh fish which they catch themselves.

They have a special wing structure that allows them to plunge feet first into the water without hurting themselves, and special reversible toes to help them hold wriggling fish.

#BaldEagles (those perennial bullies) frequently shake-down Ospreys in the air to get them to give up the fish they just caught. I've witnessed this more than once!

#NaturePhotography #Birds #Florida #Kingfisher

Included photo shows the two master fisherman scanning the water for their next meal!

2 months ago

#kingfisher #kotare #walking #walkies #dogsofmastodon

I saw this kingfisher a number of times today, well hidden in the branches of the gum tree.

Sky had a lovely time trying to engage in play with a Huntaway cross who was Frisbee fixated.

#grateful #gratitude

A gum tree with blue sky behind and scattered clouds.  A small kingfisher sits on one of the branches.
A grassy field with wintery trees around the edge,  sun shining low in the sky and Sky my staffy cross dog is heading off in search of rabbits.
A Person
2 months ago

#kingfisher rocketing out of the water

Kingfisher flying out of the water, with wings tucked and water trailing, looking like a rocket launching
2 months ago

Da ist man einmal ohne große Kamera unterwegs und natürlich gibt es viele tolle Motive #photography #natureisbeautiful #ducks #kingfisher #flowers #Pixelography #macrophotography #birdphotography

Foto eines Sees. Man erkennt die Wasseroberfläche und grüne Reflexionen. Von links ragen Äste mit grünen Blättern in das Bild. Rechts stehen Holzpfähle aus dem Wasser. Auf den Ästen sitzen in einem gewissen Abstand zueinander drei Eisvögel. Der linke ist ein wenig von Blättern verdeckt.
Makroaufnahme einer lila Blüte mit Wassertropfen darauf. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Blüten und grüne Blätter zu erkennen.
Eine Ente sitzt auf einem Holzpfahl der ein wenig aus der Wasseroberfläche heraussteht. Sie ist nach weit vorne gebeugt und putzt sich kopfüber mit dem Schnabel die Brust. Die Ente wird komplett reflektiert.
Eine Ente sitzt auf einem Holzpfahl der ein wenig aus der Wasseroberfläche heraussteht. Sie beugt sich nach rechts unten und trinkt. Wellen gehen von der Stelle aus, die der Schnabel berührt hat. Die Ente wird komplett reflektiert und im Schatten schwimmt eine weiße Feder von einer anderen Ente, die sich außerhalb des Bildes geputzt hat.
Angus W
2 months ago

More often that not its when I see #kingfisher its a fleeting flash of bright blue and orange darting along the river. Happy for a longer calmer encounter this morning.
#UKbirds #UKwildlife #birding

Kingfisher on wooden beam looking to right across river.  Blue back, wing and speckled head contrasting with orange breast and flashes of white.
Maja Mielke
2 months ago

I'm starting to really enjoy my late-night speed sketching sessions 😊
These are based on reference photos by @mybirdgallery and @Steffen .

#sketch #sketchbook #moleskine #pencilsketch #bird #mastoart #kingfisher #eagle #magpie

Pencil sketches of an eagle, a magpie and a kingfisher.

Life's got in the way recently but I'm still busy taking photos when I get the chance!

Today I was fortunate enough to see this beautiful kingfisher!

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A kingfisher sat on a branch.
2 months ago

Today's print is a Kingfisher!

This is the second I've done in this series, but it's clear there's a VAST amount of Kingfisher subspecies with lots of colors, so I'll be coming back to these lovely birds!

Here's the speedpaint:
Here's the Livestream recording of when I painted it:

I've included the tablet wallpaper version on this post!


#kingfisher #bird #art #mastoArt #Etsy #Prints

Illustrated tablet wallpaper of a Kingfisher bird on a tree stump looking right.  Behind it is a teal wallpaper texture with a bright orange gradient at the top and a dark blue gradient at the bottom.  Behind the bird is crosshatching and a glowing orange double-halo of light.  More halos radiate outward from the bird like sound waves.
Product mockup pic of a bird illustration in a deep blue teal frame on a blue wall above a blue velvet couch.  Plants in the foreground. Impression: breezy informality.
Product mockup pic of an illustrated bird print in a matted wood frame hanging on a concrete industrial wall with sponged rust spots.  Below the frame is an orange upholstered couch with pillows, a book, and some throw blankets.  Next to the sofa is a standing lamp with an orange lamp shade. Impression: Informal cozy industrial country.
Product mockup pic of an illustrated bird in a wooden frame hanging on a robin's egg blue wall.  Plants on table in foreground.  Light coming the right.  Impression: sunny hallway.
Steve Jackson
2 months ago

Despite my own misgivings about the quality of the first #Kingfisher pic I posted here (and on other social media platforms), people seemed to like it - so here is another! Taken at the Spinnies Aberogwen #RSPB reserve in #Wales) I'm pretending that the bleached out background is a deliberate effect to highlight the gorgeousness of the fisher king. 😄

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #RSPB #Nature #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography

A Kingfisher, with his head pointing to the left. He has a striated blue cap and nape, with the turquoise-blue colour extending down the back and the wings (there are brighter blue blotches on the wing), and a kind of blue moustache. The chest and belly are orange and there's an orange patch on the cheek, below the eye, plus a white patch between the blue of the nape and of the 'moustache'. The long, pointed bill is black, and the tiny feet are red. There's not much else to see as the background is washed out as a result of getting the correct exposure for the bird!
3 months ago

#DailyWalk #photo #dogsofmastodon #photography

Another very beautiful morning walk. A #Kōtare #kingfisher was one of the first birds seen today, my favourite 😍


Trunks of small lanky trees in the foreground,  sunshine shining on the river in the background,  colourful sky as the sun rises
A view in the opposite direction,  blue skies,  green grass and a stopbank,  gum trees with a beautiful kōtare kingfisher surveying from a bare branch
Steve Jackson
3 months ago

The highlight of today, at Spinnies Aberogwen Nature Reserve near #Bangor, #Wales. My first sightings of #Kingfishers in absolutely ages, and my first ever photographs of them. Not perfect pics by any stretch of the imagination, due to the light and the distance, but this one is good enough to share I think.

#Kingfisher #Birds #BirdPhotography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

Side view of a Kingfisher, with turquoise-blue plumage on its crown, wings and back, and orange plumage on its chest and belly, perched on a large branch.

I have only seen a belted #kingfisher on the wing, identifiable by the colors of its blur or the sound it makes in passing. But today I doubled my lifetime number of belted kingfishers seen! And they were good sightings! And I got my first photos of them ever! (The first photo is not impressive save that there are THREE kingfishers in it!)


Three snag trees in a marsh. On the tippy-toppy of the left snag, a male kingfisher sits with his head feathers rustling in a slight breeze. On the rightmost snag, around the midpoint, an immature kingfisher perches. Below him on a branch, another kingfisher — possibly an immature just moulting to adult — is visible!
Two kingfishers in a dead tree, sitting facing right! They are so sleek and clever-looking!
Daddy Kingfisher looking majestic perched at the very top of a snag. So dapper! So majestic!
4 months ago

Here's another phone wallpaper! This one is a Kingfisher.


#Phonewallpaper #Wallpaper #bird #BirdArt #art #MastoArt #illustration #Kingfisher

Illustrated phone wallpaper of a Kingfisher bird against a blue paper background and a glowing double-holo behind it.
Ambigram Art
4 months ago

Unique items stolen from #KelhamIsland #KelhamIslandmuseum in #sheffield Sheffield

Including Four sculptures - of a #duckling, a heron, a dragonfly and a #kingfisher - made by #JasonHeppenstall from #stainlesssteel cutlery.

Various silver items stolen from Kelham Island Museum.
Benjamin Brinckmann
5 months ago

And here's my #timelapse of the kingfisher painting for @Laszlo !
This is my very first timelapse and quite a big step for me, because up until now I've been very insecure about my work process, thinking it was "not good enough". I'm done with that kind of nonsensical thinking...
This is a 1 minute timelapse of the 3 hours and 27 minutes I spend painting over a course of three sessions.

#MastoArt #AnimalArt #DigitalPainting #Birds #Kingfisher

A timelapse of a digital painting of a kingfisher.
Benjamin Brinckmann
5 months ago

So @Laszlo and I decided to collaborate some more, and he gave me a beautiful photograph of a kingfisher to paint. I finished it in three sessions, with a total time of 3.5 hours. I don't know if you can call this #speedpainting, but for me this is really quite speedy. Plus this is a completely finished painting, definitively not a sketch!

#MastoArt #AnimalArt #Birds #DigitalPainting #Kingfisher

A digital painting of a kingfisher sitting on a dead branch.
Nadia Van Dessel - IBIARU
5 months ago
Bjorn Idle
5 months ago

This not the actual bird I can hear outside in the park just now, but it is one of these - a Kotare, or Sacred Kingfisher. 5 or 6 short "kek"-like calls one after another.

I'm used to hearing them out there in the Spring rather than the Autumn, but I'll take it as a win anyway!

This pic from one of the wetland reserves in Christchurch

#Kingfisher #SacredKingfisher #Kotare #Birds #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon

A bird with the distinctive shape of a kingfisher, pale mottled chest and yellow sides, blue head with a yellow curl above the eye. It sits on the small branch of a tree not much above head height, watching the camera with one eye.
Marvin Johanning
6 months ago

I saw a gemstone with wings, a Common Kingfisher (Eisvogel, "Ice Bird").

I only ever seem to see them when the lighting is horrible, but I am happy to have seen one again :-)

#birds #birding #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #bird #birdwatching #wildlife #kingfisher #wildlifephotography #photography #nature.

A Common Kingfisher (a beautiful bird with shimmering blue feathers on top and orange feathers at the bottom) sitting on a branch looking for some fish to eat.
Peter Barnes
6 months ago
An azure kingfisher perched on a thin sloping branch, facing towards the camera with its head turned in profile. Around the bird are untidy twigs and leaves wrapped in dried debris, a clear sign of earlier flooding.
The kingfisher itself is a stunning blue, with a rufous belly, orange-red legs, and a prominent white patch on its neck. Its bill is very long, black and dagger-like, and its eyes are black also.
Planet Chad Photography
7 months ago

One of my favorite birds whenever I visit Shelley Lake Park located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It took me quite a while to learn their pattern and also for them to stay still long enough for a picture! I was very thankful for this one to stay still!

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #TheArtDistrict #birds #kingfisher #nature

A close up shot of a belted kingfisher which is mostly blue with a few streaks of white and a short thick beak perched on a tree branch
7 months ago

Today during our volunteering at Parkrun my wife spotted what she thought was a Kingfisher and after her description I confirmed it, walked to the spot she saw it and it still was sitting on the branch <3
#ParkRun #kingfisher

7 months ago

Belted Kingfisher at Marine Park Salt Marsh, Brooklyn, New York.
#birds #birdphotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #Kingfisher

Male belted Kingfisher in profile looking right, sitting on rock in front of blurry water background
7 months ago

Well.... It's been a while already, so I’m allowing myself to post one again.
#Kingfisher with a catch.
#BirdsinLatin #AlcedoAtthis
#Birdphotography #Birds #Birdsofthefediverse
#BirdsofMastodon #Wildlife #Wildlifephotography #Nature

A kingfisher on a branche with a small fish pierced to its beak
Christian Schulz
8 months ago
Eisvogel auf Pfahl
Eisvogel auf kleinem Ast
Eisvogel auf Pfahl
Megan O'Connor
8 months ago

Eurasian Kingfisher in coloured pencil on hot pressed paper, drawn during the gloomiest January in living memory so am loving the bright colours. Thanks to Gill Merritt for the reference photo!

#ColouredPencil #wildlifeArt #BirdArt #Kingfisher #Birds #ColouredPencils #FaberCastell #CarandAche #Derwent #FabrianoArtistico

Coloured pencil drawing of a blue and orange kingfisher perched on a branch covered in green lichen.
Christian Schulz
8 months ago

Die Ausbeute war letzten Sonntag etwas bescheidener, auch qualitativ. #Eisvogel #Kingfisher #Fotografie #Photography #birds +nature #Stuttgart Max Eyth See

Eisvogel auf Pfahl Maschendrahtzaun im Max Eyth See Stuttgart
Eisvogel versteckt auf Ast eines Gewächses am Max Eyth See Stuttgart
Eisvogel auf Pfahl Maschendrahtzaun im Max Eyth See Stuttgart
Eisvogel auf Pfahl / Maschendrahtzaun im Max Eyth See Stuttgart
8 months ago

Common kingfisher.
Beautiful little blue-and-orange bird with a long, pointed bill.
Kingfishers fly low and straight like bullets, reaching up to 25 miles per hour.

Photograph: David Zeman (Czech Republic 🇨🇿) david_zeman_wildlife(inst)

#birds #thursday #kingfisher #nature #photonature #davidzeman #CzechRepublik #discovery

The kingfisher bird flies at high speed
9 months ago

It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s windy... Your typical Dutch winter.... But they don’t care
#kingfisher #AlcedoAtthis
#BirdsinLatin #Birdphotography #Birds #Birdsofthefediverse
#BirdsofMastodon #Wildlife #Wildlifephotography #Nature

King Fisher at a fishing spot