4 hours ago

Finally updated my Kofi shop with this. Ideally, making 4 dice bags like this should have taken at most, 2 weeks but this batch took me over a month! Just a poor preparation on my end, with the fray check running out and looking for replacement to the realization of the original lining wasn't good enough for the sewing. If you want to check out my listing:

#sewing #dicebag #kofi #kofishop

Andy Carolan :prami:
8 hours ago

Down to the last slot! Who wants a cute profile picture?

#Illustration #Cute #Avatar #Art #KoFi

QTE Gamers
9 hours ago

On #Kofi,, the exclusive Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup content is up for subscribers. It's my final 4th place finish as a YouTube Video and as a Short. #NintendoSwitch #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

QTE Gamers
21 hours ago

(#ICYMI) On my #Kofi page,, my first 4th from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 day ago

I know it's a bit early, but you know that I'm going to offer profile pic makeovers for Halloween yes?

Not going to stop there, so what other holidays and events would you like? (I will be making a list, and checking it twice)

#Illustration #Cute #Avatar #Art #KoFi

Halloween version of Andy’s Profile Pic. Horns on the baseball cap, skull tee, fangs and blood dripping background.
Andy Carolan :prami:
1 day ago

😱 Whoa! Just one slot left in this round!

Thanks to everyone who has snagged a slot so far!

Don't forget, if you want a Pride background, just let me know and I will add one for free (this goes for all my previous Ko-fi profile pic commissions too)

#Illustration #Cute #Avatar #Art #KoFi

QTE Gamers
1 day ago

On my #Kofi page,, my first 4th from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 days ago

🥳 Profile picture commission slots are OPEN again on Ko-Fi!

#Illustration #Cute #Avatar #Art #KoFi

QTE Gamers
2 days ago

(#ICYMI) On my #Kofi page my only 2nd from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 days ago

Oh hey, would you look at that? I finally set up my ko-fi shop!!

Now you can buy my stickers through ko-fi instead of etsy :> Please feel free to check it out, and drop me a follow!

I'll be releasing Capybara stickers there as a preorder soon too!

#sticker #stickers #MastoArt #CreativeToots #kofi #shop #cute

A collection of my stickers all in one place, with my logo of Goblin hellion superimposed on top of it. There is a hand-written notice on the bottom of the picture that says "Stickers On Ko-Fi" with some sparkly bits around it.
Aji LaStrange
2 days ago

That time of year where I gotta renew my domain name. Every little bit helps. #Kofi #Donate #Blogger #Crafter #BlackMastodon #BlackArtist

QTE Gamers
2 days ago

On my #Kofi page,, my only 2nd from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Karen Woodham ✅
3 days ago

New poem on my Ko-Fi page titled "Tree Tops". Please check it out and if you enjoy it please buy me a coffee. #KoFI #PoemsOfMastodon #Poems #Writing

3 days ago

Hora de explorar la etiqueta #kofi

Really in need of work this month. I'm short again on bills and my social media outreach isn't doing me any favors. I don't know what else to do. Any help is appreciated 🙏

#art #digitalart #MastoArt #CreativeToots #mutualaid #signalboost #kofi #donations #fanart #cartoon #smallartist #commissionsopen

3 days ago

¡¡Nuevo post de Recomendaciones Mito!!

Hemos pasado una semana un poco pocha entre estar malas por covid y estresadas mirando nuevo piso, pero seguimos 😎

Os contamos más aquí:
#KoFi #KoFiChallenge

QTE Gamers
3 days ago

(#ICYMI) On my #Kofi page,, my final win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Benn Berkley :startrek:
3 days ago

UPDATE: Life comes at you FAST sometimes!

My #KoFi goal just shot from 2% to 60% met in under three hours!!! I was beginning to think NO one would help me out with this one, but here I stand gratefully proven wrong. Not that much farther to go now until my goal is met and my summer of #Art can get rolling strong!!!

If anyone else within the #MastoArt community would like to help me reach my finish line tonight, you have no idea how much I would appreciate it. Boosts are welcomed as well!!! 🥹🥹🥹🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

3 days ago

The Time has come...
#kofi #pixelart #retro #80s #90s #sega #Nintendo

𝗡𝗼𝘄 𝗔𝗰𝗰𝗲𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗗𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁 #𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀!
*3 𝙎𝙡𝙤𝙩𝙨 𝘼𝙫𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚!
(Form Available Below)
good 'til Sept

Etsy, Ko-fi, PayPal, & Linktree links
Benn Berkley :startrek:
3 days ago

Hey, #MastoArt family. I’m still in need of help with my current #KoFi goal.

I’m only 2% of my way there at the moment. Reaching even 1/2 of my goal before the end of tonight would shut me up about my goal for at LEAST three weeks. 🤣

Help if you are able. Boosts are welcomed.

mopani (she/her)
3 days ago

Patreon Overview


Patreon only:
- Guts #1 WIPs (2 pieces)

Early Access:
- Washi Tape Gift Cards (3 pieces)
- Guts #1
- Guts #2
- Cloud Strife


Patreon only:
- Guts #2 WIPs (3 pieces)
- Cloud Strife (3 pieces)

Early Access:
- custom stationary


#patreon #kofi #berserk #finalfantasy7 #ffvii #washitape

patreon overview for may
patreon overview for march
QTE Gamers
3 days ago

On my #Kofi page,, my final win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Lou :blobhaj_trans_heart:
3 days ago

Hésitez pas à passer par la page comissions de mon #Kofi pour commander votre illustration

Un fond d'écran noir, avec en fond des vélos tous petits en gris, puis au premier plan une silouhette de vélo noir (c'est ma Castafiore) sur les silouhettes de plein de vélos arc-en-ciels
Dona :meowybara:
3 days ago

May 2021 journal, now open for all!

- Sketches, studies, small stuff because I couldn't work due to an injury
- Deciding to make & soft launching my portfolio website! I can't believe it's been two years aleady.
#CreativeToots #KoFi

Preview of the May 2021 blog post pictures

New Month, New Funding goal set up on my #Kofi consider helping out or just throw a couple bucks to buy me a Coffee or Beer :D #Streamer #ContentCreator -

🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 10% of goal on Ko-fi!

QTE Gamers
4 days ago

(#ICYMI) On my #Kofi page,, my second win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

4 days ago

Finally was able to set this up, so wooo got a shop on Ko-Fi! \ o /

I'm also trying out the Membership thingie:

And I still have itchio and Booth shops open!

Check them out if you'd like!

#comics #comic #webcomics #webcomic #MastoArt #AradiaCollective #minicomic #macross #kofi

Promotional image showing a variety of NAAN's comics. These comics feature three chapters of her currently-on-hiatus comic, her mini comic, her short comics and one fanbook. The text on the left says

NAAN's comics are now on Ko-Fi!

They're also on these sites!


**Digital copies only available for now.**
Zac | JamKats :heart_sp_nb:
4 days ago

I made some cat paw cursors!! What colours should I do next?

#cuteart #catlovers #catart #itchio #kofi

Illustration of a cat shouting "Cat Paw Cursors!". A preview of the cursors are by the text "Paw" and "Cursors". The left paw is tan with pink pads, also known as toe-beans, while the right paw is brown with dark brown/black pads.
QTE Gamers
4 days ago

On my #Kofi page,, my second win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Petra van Cronenburg
5 days ago

Learning #KoFi ... I'll take you on visits in our #CulturalHeritage centre and #farmlife #museum in #Alsace:

5 days ago

@roseen Stort tack från alla oss på för ditt Patreon Premium bidrag!

Alla intäkter går direkt till drift, utveckling och moderering av Hoppas du fortsätter ha en fantastisk dag!

#mastodonnu #patreon #kofi

5 days ago

I've postponed #UnderneathTheSilence further until at least mid July because, well, the whole shitshow I'm facing currently. But you can still #commission me with either #writing or #handcrafted stuff and the little #kofi shop is also there. Or just throw money at me, would be greatly appreciated! Especially since there's still the option in the room, that I have to drag my case in front of a court if the office further denies my request for a legal name change. You know, #trans and umemployed due to me being forced to out me on every job application because of that damned #deadname -.-' #MutualAid

QTE Gamers
5 days ago

(#ICYMI) On my #Kofi page,, my first win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Donna Huntriss
5 days ago

I side my book, Bowerbirds! Published by Blurb books. I have some goodie bags on my Kofi and Etsy sites! #bowerbirds #blurb #selfpublishing #kofi #etsy

An open book on a table. Open book featuring a Spotted Bowerbird talking about his collection of objects.

I'll be frank. I need more people reading me on #Medium and more people subscribing on ko-fi.

I'm #disabled from my #cancer, but also from the fact that my #cancer caused me to lose my ability to #mask my #autism. Maybe I'll be able to find myself in place in the workplace, but right now I'm not seeing it.

#Subscriptions on ko-fi start as low as one dollar a month. At that level you're supporting me and you get to direct message me if you want to.


QTE Gamers
5 days ago

On my #Kofi page,, my first win from this weeks Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup is up for subscribers as it's own video. It's free YouTube Short will come out 6PM JST #PADSwitch #パズドラ #パズドラSwitch #ドット・ヘラ杯開催

Dona :meowybara:
6 days ago

🎉 Celebrating a Milestone: Upgraded my drawing tablet after 14 years!

I wrote a post about choosing a Huion screen tablet after my Wacom broke after so long. Includes a short history of my tablets, workspace photos, and thoughts on the upgrade! #CreativeToots #KoFi #Huion

The three tablets that I have owned: Wacom Graphire, Wacom Intuos4, and now the Huion Kamvas 13 Pro. There's a brief summary of the blog post content - the review, tablet history, and thoughts on screen tablets.
QTE Gamers
6 days ago

(#ICYMI) 1 Hour #PS3 #XMB Game Previews for Metal Gear Online - Premiere β, Double Dragon Neon, and Portal 2 have been added to the "PS3 Game Preview - 1 Hour!" Tier on . There are now 36 one hour videos for subscribers! #KoFi

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

I started with #KoFi now and produced a quick showroom for my work as an #artist
If you like my work, my posts on Mastodon, and my #podcast you can tip me a #coffee there (no tea) and even follow me for updates. 😊
It's all still a bit unfinished and in the making. Planned: #Commissions for #art #paperJewellery and glimpses into processes of creation. #ArtistsOfMastodon #collage #PaperArt #jewellery #jewelry #inspiredByNature #nature #ArtInABox #boostsAppreciated #support

Karen Woodham ✅
1 week ago

I may post some more poems on my Ko-Fi page soon, that's if anyone is interested!

#Writing #poetry #poems #kofi #PoetryOnMastodon

◄ Bajo la categoría « Computers&technology»: :ie_: :kofi: :linuxmint: :minidisc: :netscape: :opensource: :patreon: :raspberrypi: :rss: :safari: :sql: :stallman: :suse: :terminal: :tg: :tor: :twitch: :ubuntu: :w3c: :wikipedia: :xmpp: :yt:

#Emoji #Emojis #NuevoEmoji #NuevosEmojis #InternetExplorer #Kofi #LinuxMint #MiniDisc #Netscape #OpenSource #Patreon #Raspberry #RaspberryPi #RSS #Safari #SQL #RMS #RichardStallman #Stallman #SUSE #openSUSE #Terminal #Telegram #Tor #Twitch #Ubuntu #W3C #XMPP

◄ Under the category « #Computers & #technology»: :ie_: :kofi: :linuxmint: :minidisc: :netscape: :opensource: :patreon: :raspberrypi: :rss: :safari: :sql: :stallman: :suse: :terminal: :tg: :tor: :twitch: :ubuntu: :w3c: :wikipedia: :xmpp: :yt:

#Emoji #Emojis #NewEmoji #NewEmojis #InternetExplorer #Kofi #LinuxMint #MiniDisc #Netscape #OpenSource #Patreon #Raspberry #RaspberryPi #RSS #Safari #SQL #RMS #RichardStallman #Stallman #SUSE #openSUSE #Terminal #Telegram #Tor #Twitch #Ubuntu #W3C #XMPP

Benn Berkley :startrek:
1 week ago

Always remember: orcs needs love, too. 💚

To help fund this project, please drop $1 or more towards my #KoFi goal. Boosts are welcomed and appreciated.

#Art #MastoArt #Writing #WritingCommunity

Yeems, Dergal and Grimsby are in Grimsby’s Tavern. Yeems is sitting at a circular wooden table with a white candle burning in the center. He is smiling smugly as Grimsby stands beside the table, talking to Dergal, who is sitting across from Yeems at the circular table.

GRIMSBY: Dergal, instead of always being a miscreant, why can’t ye be more of a model, upstanding citizen like your older brother Yeems here?
Dergal is looking at Grimsby, while pointing at himself and gesturing toward Yeems.

DERGAL: Wot? Me? Be more like him? Like this perpetually flummoxed dirigible right here?

Yeems is looking at Dergal with a smile and his arm outstretched.

YEEMS: And what's wrong with that, then? I find our good friend Colin here to be an exceptional judge of character. Just face facts: between the two of us, I am the one most likely to be considered a right bastion of proper society!
Dergal is staring angrily at Yeems, pounding his right fist and pointing behind him with his left.

DERGAL: The same "bastion of proper society" that, so many years ago, got extraordinarily tanked on several helpings of Grimsby's special rum, went missing for about three days, only to wake up in the cellar of a chapel betrothed to an Orcian master craftswoman?

Yeems is pointing at Dergal and yelling.

YEEMS: OY! Now you see here, baby brother! Moktaar is a beautiful woman, a great conversationalist, hard-working, and is more of a contributing member of society than ye will ever be! Ye will do well to never speak ill of the mother of my children, lest ye want a good flumpin' on the top of yer head, yeah?

Yeems and his wife Moktaar are embracing beside a body of water surrounded by bushes.

YEEMS: Ah, Mokkah, my sweet, the world will never understand our love.

MOKTAAR: There, there, my prince…it will be alright…because neither do I.

YEEMS: …aye. Me neither.
Benn Berkley :startrek:
1 week ago

But in the meantime, while I get this scene ready, reaching my #KoFi goal this weekend would mean a LOT, since the resources I need for the main character are part of a Memorial Day sale on the #DazStudio site and reaching my goal would clear the largest hurdle towards successfully preparing my #NaNoWriMo project.

I’m 2% of the way there. I’m hoping for a few generous folks to drop $1 into my tip jar to get me to my goal.

If you are not able to donate, boosts are appreciated and welcomed. Thank you in advance! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #MastoArt #Writing #WritingCommunity

Andre_601 :blobfoxcofe:​
1 week ago

1.7k downloads for #AdvancedServerList on @modrinth
Thanks to everyone supporting the plugin by using it.

If you want to help, try out the current build of this Pull request (linked in the comments):

Additionally can you support me with a donation on #kofi or #patreon


Download and follower counter for advancedserverlist standing on exactly 1.7kdownloads and 24 followers.

Whatever, I suppose I'll take #Kofi #commissions for these. Trying to save a little extra money on the side.

#furry #furryart #YCH

Nerd Emoji YCH, $25 dollars or more.
Rather self-explanatory, I'll draw your sona as a nerd emoji. No WIPs for this one, but a fairly short turnaround time (approx 2 days). Limited to 10 slots.
Below is a digital drawing of Lexicon, an anthro unicorn fox, in the form of a 3D nerd emoji, with thick glasses and noticeable fangs. The art is in a lineless airbrushed style.
Morris Wayts
1 week ago

@nicolecluttrell Thx for posting this, it was a good #read and I will check out your other posts on #kofi
Ghosts of dragons on spaceships, eh? That is implanting pictures in my head, love that thought. Have a good day!

Benn Berkley :startrek:
1 week ago

I got eight more days til summer break.
And on this four-day weekend, I got #Art to make.
I am one tired #Teacher who NEEDED these days off
Because June 9th feels like such a long way off.
Now, over the course of the next four days,
I plan to use my #Creativity in various ways.
Gonna do a lot of #Writing, makes a couple of renders
On #Daz…who knows? I might go on a bender.
After all, throughout the course of the next four days,
I am well within my right to get carried away.
Now that the #school year is just about over,
Ain’t got a lot of tasks weighing down on my shoulders.
So these next four days may be ones to remember.
Gonna help me get prepared for July and November.
If you wanna help as well, here’s what you can do:
Go to my #KoFi page, drop a dollar or two!
(Please? 🥺🙏🏾)

#Poetry #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #HipHop #Lyrics

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 week ago

Priced at only £4.99, the digital version of my Icons of Coffee artbook/zine is now available in my store!

#zine #kofi #coffee #design

2 weeks ago

yes i use the blog on #kofi to spread the news about new & upcoming releases

#kofi #musician #artist #newrelease

Bavarian Creampuff
2 weeks ago

We need funds for dental work! Consider commissioning me for art. Got something different in mind? Let me know!
#Art #Commission #ArtCommission #Kofi #FanArt

Momojitchi 🍑
2 weeks ago

New "Cute Little Monsters" commissions ordered on my ko-fi page! 
Here is Traveltchi, a Tamagotchi character, ordered by @SinanJuke. 

Thank you for trusting me with this! ✨

#commission #tamagotchi #tmgc #たまごっち #kofi #kawaii #cute #fanart #digitalillustration

Drawing of Traveltchi greeting you with her hat, Traveltchi is a Tamagotchi 4U character
Steve Heller
2 weeks ago

I would really appreciate if you could check out this piece I put together after playing through the #ResidentEvil4 remake.

I am a long-time fan of the franchise, and while funnily enough RE4 was one of the games I managed to skip when it was released, I played it a few years before the remake was announced on the Xbox One.

Even years later I could see the impact that this title had on game design, and tackling such a monumental remake for what many people consider to be a "
perfect game" was fraught with danger, but instead Capcom has delivered a masterpiece. At the same time, they have brought the game tonally more inline with the current games, giving the series more cohesion than it has ever had before.

Would really appreciate a share, a like, and recommendations to your friends. If you are feeling super generous, we are also currently raising funds on our
#kofi page -

#Gaming #opinionarticles #Capcom


Andy Carolan :prami:
2 weeks ago

I've made a small ‘structural’ update to my “Game Face Profile Pic Pack 01”

And it's STILL Free/Pay-what-you-want, so go grab yourself a bargain!

#Free #kofi

Game Face Profile Pic Pack 01 Image. Retro Console with a Heart on the Screen.
Andy Carolan :prami:
2 weeks ago

The digital version of my Icons of Coffee artbook/zine is now available in my store!

#zine #kofi #coffee #design

Stephanie Jane
2 weeks ago

I've hit the 50 Countries #milestone on My #WorldReads ko-fi! 🎉🎉🎉

That means I've reviewed at least one book by an author from each of these listed countries (the numbers show the order in which they were added).

The first was France 🇫🇷 and today I 'literarilly' visit Liberia 🇱🇷

If you're a global reading fan too, visit my Ko-Fi for #BookReviews & #BookRecommendations

#KoFiChallenge #KoFi #GlobalReading #ReadTheWorld @bookstodon

An alphabetical list, in bold red text, of the first 50 countries from which I have reviewed books on My WorldReads. Armenia (9), Australia (26), Austria (44), Barbados (41), Belgium (23), Brazil (13), Bulgaria (45), Cameroon (10), Canada (36), China (12), Croatia (32), Cuba (7), Czech Republic (49) El Salvador (16), England (18), Ethiopia (25), France (1), Georgia (34), Germany (37), Ghana (3), Greenland (47), Guatemala (19), India (43), Iraq (49), Ireland (22), Italy (11), Jamaica (40), Japan (5), Kenya (21), Kuwait (30), Liberia (50), New Zealand (31), Nigeria (42), Northern Ireland (17), Norway (20), Pakistan (29), Peru (35), Philippines (48), Poland (24), Portugal (15), Scotland (33), Slovakia (39), South Africa (46), South Korea (38), Spain (14), Switzerland (28), Togo (8), Tunisia (6), United States of America (27), US Virgin Islands (2), Wales (4)
Morris Wayts
2 weeks ago

@jeremycshipp I chime in with my free #scifi #shortstory on my #kofi blog! Leave a comment or shoot me a message what you like or dislike about it! 😘

(Edit - it works much better if I include the actual link - who would have thought)

Kristin Henry
2 weeks ago

Happy Monday!

Starting a new week of daily #inkyDays drawings with a pair of dancing sea-stars.

Here's where I'll be posting this week for my supporters on ko-fi and patreon:

#ink #drawing #art #SciArt #patreon #kofi

Hand drawn generative art on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern resembles two sea stars dancing.
Morris Wayts
2 weeks ago

Hey, I made a recap of the last twelve months, for my journey of writing in English started a year ago. Comments, follows, feedback, whatever you throw at me, all is highly appreciated.

Also talking about my thoughts how creatives should treat their wins like a #hoard much like a #dragon. 🐉

You can read it on #kofi - no membership required:

#amwriting #writerslife #KofiChallenge

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 weeks ago

The digital version of my Icons of Coffee artbook/zine is now available in my store!

#zine #kofi

Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
2 weeks ago

You can also buy me a coffee at Ko-fi.

psychoSoph - Comic
2 weeks ago

Wollt ihr #psychoSoph unterstützen? Schaut auf #KoFi vorbei!

Would you like to support the #psychoSophComic? Get to know my #KoFi page!

AND WE ARE LIVE! Taking your silly, saucy sketches over in the Fox Hole ~ <3

#SmallStreamersConnect #furry #cute #pngtuber #donation #kofi #sketch #art #sketches

Currently working on some #artcommission examples! I love playing #Dori on #GenshinImpact
If you like my work, please check out my #Kofi and consider supporting me. 💜 #digitalart #commsopen #procreate #fanart #smallartist #MastoArt #CreativeToots #mutualaid #signalboost

A sketch of the Genshin Impact character Dori. She is based off a genie with parachute pants and bangles around her wrists
Morris Wayts
2 weeks ago

@liminalfiction #specficsaturday I have published a #SciFi on my #KoFi and it is free to read, so I guess that is a start, yes? 😉

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
2 weeks ago

I"m on #KOFI and plan on uploading #digital #art soon -

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 weeks ago

🥳 Surprise! Profile Picture Commissions are open again!

5 Slots @

#kofi #commission

Andy Carolan :prami:
3 weeks ago

Now that my corporate design work is complete and delivered, I'm working on more Profile Pic Commissions.

Here's one that I recently completed!

#kofi #Commission #Cute

Andy Carolan :prami:
3 weeks ago

How about these for additional options on profile pictures?

Remember this style?


Neon background with almost black silhouette of a cartoon person wearing wired EarPods
Neon background with almost black silhouette of a cartoon person wearing AirPods
Stephanie Jane
3 weeks ago

Mark Engelsson's debut #poetry collection, What If What's Inside Me Isn't Me? is launching today!!
I've reviewed it over on My #WorldReads and loved how strongly I connected with this work. It's got dark, honest themes with a scattering of lighter touches too.

#KoFi #KoFiPoet #IndiePoet #NewBook #BookReview #BookBlogger

A hand drawn book cover. Dark pink background with two white male heads, facing each other and screaming, overlapping in the lower right corner. There is also a raised hand to their left.
Anthony Dean
3 weeks ago

You can support my blogging efforts with a one-time "tip jar" donation (starting at $1) on Ko-fi. Thank you!

#KoFi #blogging #media #technology #diversity #SelfPromo

3 weeks ago

Ko-fi shop updated!

I know it's not the most popular platform for shopping. And as far as I know, it's not indexed by search engines.

So.... I need to get comfortable with a little spruiking.

Why ko-fi?
- Etsy is way too full of cheap and nasty ripoff products either directly from China or drop-shipped to Europe.
- My self-hosted website is cookie-free for GDPR compliance, and doesn't have shop capabilities.
- Ebay is just nasty ...
- Instagram marketplace is Zuck.

#weaving #forsale #kofi

A small red coffee mug is wrapped in a wooden blue handwoven wrap with bronzed buttons and elastic wrapped around the handle. It sits on a wooden bench in the kitchen in front of a kettle.
A black, grey, green and red-brown handwoven cotton key fob hangs from a silver door handle with mum's old keys (Sydney Swans footy club) hanging attached via a keyring.
A bronze clasp holds the top of a rainbow handwoven cotton bookmark resting on a wooden bench. It's woven from variegated DMC perle threads which are loose at the bottom of the bookmark.
A slightly modified screenshot of Kym's Ko-fi shop with six products pictured in square photos on the page below the site navigation, dragon avatar and paint swatch header.
Cosmic Dash
3 weeks ago

Time for a new #CosmicDash update. It's lunchtime and Marken comes along with plenty to eat and time for a chat with Dorian. Plus... naps!

Check out the newest page right here:

This update also includes a little dive into what the hell, exactly, Dorian is eating.

You can support all my free stories by voting for the #comic at TopWebcomics ( or supporting me on #KoFi for as little as $1 (

#webcomic #indieComic #sciFi #furry #art #anthro #alien #cartoon #WebcomicTalk

Three aliens have lunch of Cosmic Dash update #394
3 weeks ago

Holly Honeychurch is a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul. She produces beautiful harp music and has created a 30-day meditative healing course called "5 Minute Sparkle". It is perfect for taking just 5 minutes to yourself to focus on yourself.
It can be purchased at

She also has a Ko-Fi at where she offers harp-imbued jewelry pieces and provides member-only content.

#music #meditation #healing #affirmations #bandcamp #kofi

Andy Carolan :prami:
3 weeks ago

Thank you to everyone who has ordered your custom profile pictures from my ko-fi page ♥️

I plan to open more commission slots next week, and have a few ideas for other additional items to add to the store.

#kofi #commissions

Andy Carolan :prami:
4 weeks ago

I've just opened 5 more slots on my Profile Picture Commissions!

#KoFi #ProfilePictures #Commission

4 weeks ago

#introduction (new account but not new to fedi)

I'm really passionate about story telling. I make little indie games and write stories. With both mediums I tend towards the dark but quirky, think of Addams Family and youve got the right idea.

I love sharing the projects I'm working on. I'll post often about them. More formal write ups go on my Blog/Portfolio. Link for that and all my socials are in my bio.

I'm still deciding if I want to move to this new account fully from my account. So far I'm really liking CalcKey so I'll probably move over when I can

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Blender #B3D #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Indie #Horror #Foley #HardSurface #Writing #Fiction #Trans #Gamer #Queer #Teaching #Learning #Kofi #Nerd #Midwest #Poly #Ace #BimboEnergy #Student #Godot #Programming #CSharp #CompSci #OOP #KanBan #Blog #Coffee #spooky #spoopy #Godot4 #Writing #Fiction #QueerLit #WritingCommunity

From here on in I will blog on #KoFi. Where Anything related to #XeroLinux will be shared, so if you want latest Xero news join me there... Will share tidbits here too am not going anywhere lol. #FOSS #Linux

posiputt ÖvÖ
1 month ago

#patreon and #kofi weekly overviews (please consider supporting me if you're able to and like my art): (is there a way to link to indivitual posts?)

1 month ago

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – Création et mécénat: Bilan pour avril 2023

Et voici donc le traditionnel bilan mensuel création et mécénat, ici pour avril 2023, un mois qui s'est avéré quelque peu agité, surtout niveau mécénat.

#Flattr #KoFi #Liberapay #mécénat #Patreon #Tipeee #uTip

1 month ago

Wake up samurai, we have a new PicoShorts to read!

Thanks to the amazing RotundBun, this time we expand into 4 games and try shine my biased light on them!

Let me know which is your favorite!

#pico8 #gamedev #kofi #picoshorts

Kristin Henry
1 month ago

Today, I'm thinking about lots of little houses on rolling hills.

And that's a wrap for this week of daily #inkyDays drawings.

They're all posted for my supporters on Ko-fi and Patreon now:

#ink #drawing #GenerativeArt #art #patreon #kofi

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is inspired by little houses on rolling hills.
psychoSoph - Comic
1 month ago

Deutsch oben.

I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time and here it is: #psychoSoph has a #KoFi page now where you can support the comic! ✨ What waits for you there? 🧵

You can just follow me, give a one-time tip (or every time a chapter goes online) or even get a membership where you support me monthly. 🧠 With this you help me keep the psychoSoph website running.

#wisskomm #scicomm #psychtMastodon #academicMastodon #neuroMastodon

psychoSoph auf Ko-Fi.
psychoSoph on Ko-Fi.

I do 'em Kofi thingies! And today I did the update thingie too with a couple of posts

I have had people request more content from me and I am exploring ideas to include over there. So if there is anything you ever wanted from me now is the time to let me know ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆

In the meantime, here is the Kofi link thingie

Any doodle suggestions, follows, comments, and even donations are welcome ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #kofi

1 month ago

Please #BuyMyArt to help my ongoing financial bills. I'll be adding more of my art for sale soon. I take donations via etransfer ( - preferred) & #Kofi too. All funds go towards ongoing family medical costs. Please share my links, if you can't donate:

Buy my art:

Send my family a donation to help:

Please boost. Thank you.
#MutualAid #AsianMastodon #BIPOC #POC #HelpNeeded

Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
1 month ago

I've opened a sheet music shop on ko-fi and beginning to fill it in. There will be complete piano books and single pieces. All digital format (PDF). That's all!

#piano #sheetmusic #kofi #composer #music #fantasymusic #pianomusic #pianosolo #pianosheetmusic #pianist #ko-fi #digitalmusic #digitalsheetmusic #indiemusic #musician #classical #classicalmusic

Photo of sheet music available at my ko-fi shop.
1 month ago

may ko-fi theme: ancient egypt 💜

for may membership theme i was happy to research and learn all around ancient egyptian times & culture, and all the known star constellations which i included in a star map for the vampire tier!

pick your tier:

#kofi #art #mastoart #illustraion #ancientegypt #goddess #astronomy

A drawing of an Egyptian queen-like character bathing waist down in a shallow pool with lilypads, surrounded by the walls of the bathroom chamber with open view on the great pyramid and the night sky. She is leaning outside of the pool, going through her astronomy notes while comparing them with the stars visible outside. The whole artwork is made in purple and blue color tones only.

Need to make at least $150 this month for groceries. Please check out my Kofi to commission me for a digital art piece! All help/interaction is appreciated ❤️

#art #artist #digitalart #commissions #mutualaid #signalboost #kofi #donations #fanart #cartoon #smallartist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

1 month ago

I've received just under $150 from #Kofi #donations so far & #grateful to those who have tried to #help my parents. I have to raise at least $700 in May so I don't go into red zone this month. Unexpected respite care aide help push my monthly household budget over. I'm trying to stay calm. I'm stressed out. Garden time helps me not lose my shit. Please boost my #MutualAid request if you're unable to donate funds or essential medical related supplies(pls email for drop off address). Thank You❤🙌

Dona :meowybara:
1 month ago

April 2023 journal (for the supporters)

- Art process!
- On being bold and taking chances!
- Tablet woes!

Read more below - please consider supporting my work if you can 💗
Ko-Fi follows do make a difference!
#CreativeToots #KoFi #Blog

Preview of a Gloomhaven painting featured in the April 2023 entry

I just hit my first kofi goal!

Thank you for supporting TTRPGkids - because of you all, I'm able to cover site fees this year and was able to sponsor a designated kid-friendly channel at Gary Con Ethereal!

Next goal is up, and thank you for helping to keep TTRPGkids rolling 🎲

#TTRPGkids #kofi

Benn Berkley :startrek:
1 month ago

@Curator My name is Benn. I am a Virginia elementary school teacher by day and a creative when I’m outside the classroom. I am an author and a 3D artist, specialized primarily in Daz Studio. My most recent book, “A Song of Freedom: A Hip-Hop Novella” in available for purchase in my #KoFi Shop. I am also trying to raise funds for a huge project in working on for #NaNoWriMo in the fall. My current goal for the project is $35, so if anyone would like to help me meet or exceed that goal, I would truly appreciate it! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

1 month ago

Mom's been unwell since yesterday. Her allergies have flared up & she had diabetic shock incident late last night. I'm juggling everything with my middle bro this weekend but he works Mon-Fri so I booked extra respite support help & shifting some things on my schedules. I can't move or wash Dad all by myself & hired extra help until Mom's in better shape. Dad can walk again w/full safety assistance; needs liftup help.

My #Kofi is for #MutualAid donations for my parents:

1 month ago

I revamped my #commissions sheet for #knitted and #crocheted stuff and also opened comms for #writing requests. Woop woop! All infos along with my shop are also in the link:
#KoFi #QueerFiction #sff #writer

Stephanie Jane
1 month ago

I've got a great interview with #poet Mark Engelsson on my #KoFi today!

He's talking about his new #poetry collection, What If What's Inside Me Isn't Me?

#PoetsOfMastodon #AuthorInterview #IndieAuthor #KoFiAuthor

A photo of poet Mark Engelsson holding up a copy of his book, What If What's Inside Me Isn't Me, so it covers most of his face. One hand is visible as is his forehead and brown hair.
2 months ago

New poll time!

When you consider signing up to become an ongoing supporter of an indie creator on a platform like Patreon, how important are backer perks/rewards to your decision?

If they are, let us know some of your favorites in the replies!

#comics #webcomic #mastoart #books #patreon #kofi

I struggle with chronic nerve pain and grief, so when I got started, I didn't think I would last a week. But here we are, 200 days later and still doodling away

To celebrate this chonky ass milestone I got one of 'em Kofi thingies ~☆

Thank you all for supporting me this far ❤️

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Kofi

Kristin Henry
2 months ago

Today's #inkyDays drawing kind of exploded onto my sketchbook. No clear pattern, but a tiny bit of order in the midst of chaos.

And that wraps up this week of daily hand drawn generative art. This week's in-progress and finished drawings are now all on posts on my Ko-fi and Patreon:

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #Patreon #Kofi

Hand drawn generative art on an open page in my sketchbook. The pattern is abstract with squiggly shapes and three colors.
2 months ago

Every ~3 months or so I make my one "admin appreciation post" so....

Here's your reminder that, with the exception of some of the big or corporate servers, your instance is probably operated and funded by the instance owner.

Hosting expenses are reasonable, but they're not zero. Consider donating to your instance if they have a way to do so (check the server's 'about' page)

And treat the people who give their time to run and moderate our communities with kindness. They're probably doing it all in their free time.

Thanks for being awesome and helping our communities stay awesome!

#fediverse #mastodon #instance #server #donations #kofi

Stephanie Jane
2 months ago

I managed to get the #audiobook version successfully recorded between rain showers this afternoon. The drops were loud enough hammering on the boat's roof to be picked up by my microphone!

Anyhow, my new six #poem collection, The Bus Stop, is available as of today in my #KoFi shop ☺️ £1 each for pdf or audio editions OR get both free with your My #WorldReads monthly memberships - now surely there's a bargain you can't turn down??

#poetry #PoetsOfMastodon #NewBook

A partially blurred out image of my poem The Bus Stop which is the title work in my new mini poetry collection of Six Poems.

I should probably point out that people who contribute to my #kofi either through a one time #donation or a #subscription have access to my #Discord server and my #Matrix server.

I'm probably going to leave Discord at some point. I don't like it much.