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I just got a whole bunch of #comics in #Korean. Can't wait to read all of them by disappearing from the internet for a week. There's some books in the boxes that are stuff I wanted to finish before I moved but couldn't, like all of the #하시연 books.

Does anyone recall the name of a #Korean #anime series about a lonely misfit nerd who wakes up one morning in the body of a beautiful, very busty girl? I think he worked in a video store. He had once been a promising track athlete.

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
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안녕하세요 (I tried typing in #Korean myself ^_^" )

1 day ago

The Korean band DIH / 동이혼released a new cover song. 😎 🤘

#coversong #Korean #rock

New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tv
1 day ago

Sweet Home

Host: #Netflix
When: 01 December 2023
Season: 2
Language: #Korean
Genres: #Horror #Science-Fiction #Thriller

Adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name,
#tvseries #tvshows

Sweet Home

On #LearningKorean.

I can't help but notice that many pronunciations and transliterations of #English loan words in #Korean are based on #BritishEnglish. As a #PhilippineEnglish speaker, it is confusing.

Example: computer
* Philippine English: kom-pyu-ter (neutral and syllabic)
* British English: kom-pyu-to
* Korean transliteration: 컴퓨터
* Korean romanization: keom-pyu-teo
* Korean pronunciation: kom-pyu-to

If it was me, the transliteration would've been 컴퓨텔 (keom-pyu-ter) or 컴퓨텔루 (keom-pyu-ter-ru).

Again, I'm still learning. These are just my observations coming from Philippine English and #Filipino #languages.

#Philippines #Tagalog #Pilipino #Hangeul #Hangugeo #한글 #한국어

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
3 days ago

I wonder how people with language disorders (DLD) like me handle languages like #German, #Dutch, #Japanese or #Korean compared to English. I’m not sure if it was my native tongue that worsen my learning ability during childhood. Does the same happen with other languages or is it a bit different?
#language #neurodivergent #learning #learningdisability #actuallyautistic

3 days ago

Melissa Lee became the first #Korean-born minister for #NewZealand, taking on the role of Minister for Economic Development, Ethnic Communities, Media and Communications in the ruling National Party-led coalition government.

Does anyone in my bubble know #korean #network operators? I am curious, why South Korea is lagging so much behind in #IPv6 adoption - 27% is even below world average. info from

Found a song that I can use as my #Korean reading practice.

BUT! It is a very sad song! This is the saddest song I've ever heard in my life.

You don't have to understand the lyrics, the composition and performance will capture your soul and make you feel what it is about. By the time you understand the lyrics, you'll feel your soul being pierced by a double-blade sword.

스물다섯, 스물하나 (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One) by #Jaurim #자우림 released in 2013.

If you're wondering if this song inspired the #Kdrama #스물다섯스물하나, I have no idea, however, the story of the K-drama is very close to the lyrics.

#Kpop #Krock

YouTube Music:

Spotify: @asianpop #T2pub

Pyrzout :vm:
4 days ago
James Endicott
5 days ago

I know it's a serious issue with big political ramifications in both #Korean #Politics and #VideoGames internationally but I still can't help but laugh the more I read about #Megalia.

It started as a group of women who copy-pasted
#misogynistic stuff from forums but with the genders reversed to illustrate a point. But so many of the men using those forums were too stupid to understand it even after it was explained to them that the group got demonized as misandrist.

They've also done a campaign to encourage women to stop obeying conventional beauty standards. Oh, and they lobbied to get a porn site that hosted noncon porn shut down.

Eventually, the movement fragmented over the question of whether it was okay to be homophobic against gay men. Notably, if you could doxx married ones on the basis that it was misogynistic to their wives to hide it from them. Megalia banned the practice on their site but that was unpopular enough to cause splintering and infighting.

But, getting back to the so absurd that you can't help but laugh, their legacy today includes a
#Feminist hand gesture, 🤏. It sends #incels in the country frothing at the mouth. Nominally, it's supposed to look like an equals sign implying gender equality. But for reasons that I'm sure have nothing to do with deep-seated insecurities, a bunch of men insist it means "Korean men have small dicks". Patriarchy isn't limited to white supremacist ethno-nationalism, I guess.

Now a bunch of game companies with games popular in Korea are in the middle of a panic because an animator who worked on a bunch of them said something slightly feminist online. That caused incels to go into overdrive hunting for evidence that she was a monster. They found over a dozen key frames in animations she worked on where characters made that shape with their hands.

Again, it's awful that they are harassing her. It's gross that a bunch of companies have pledged to never work with her again and remove all content of hers from games. But it's so absurd that it's hard not to laugh.
5 days ago

#kdrama #top10 #list

Top 10 Korean Dramas not to miss.

#korea #korean #kdrama #drama #cinema #bingeviewing #bingewatching #series #cinema #kcinema #enjoy #life

Enjoy tracker free article reading with us. #privacy #privacymatters

#privacy is worth fighting.

Somethings are meant to be taken, no one will give it for #free.


6 days ago

#Vancouver based #novelist Sarah Suk looks at a teenager's search for answers exploring time & memory.

The Space Between Here & Now looks at the life of 17-year-old Aimee Roh, a #Korean #Canadian girl who has "sensory time warp syndrome" — a condition that makes her time travel to a moment in her life when she smells something linked to that memory.

Suk's 1st novel. Made in #Korea, was one of the best #CanadianBooks for kids & young adults of 2022 by #CBCBooks.

Arawak Spike
6 days ago

The Yoon admin wont stand with Palestine but many Koreans do. Here’s a little untold history



The Jeju uprising was notable for its extreme violence; between 14,000 and 30,000 people (10 percent of Jeju's population) were killed, and 40,000 fled to Japan ....

Jeju uprising:

Ricardo Carlino
6 days ago

여기서 한국어 쓰기 연습을 하도 됩니까?? 한국어능력시험에 준비 하는 분이 있으시나요?? #한국어 #korean

Ricardo Carlino
6 days ago

뉴스 기사를 이해하는 것이 아직 불능 해요. 기사에 있는 어휘는 너무 아주 어려운 것 같아요. #한국어 #korean

Another fine meal from the local #Korean #corndog joint. Yeah they’re as delicious as they look.

1 week ago

I finished the short story 알리바바와 40인의 도적 by 조동신 (Jo Dongshin): a streamer killed online + a locked-room mystery, loved it!

With this I finished this anthology published for the 40th anniversary of the Korean Crime Writers’ Association (한국추리작가협회). All the short stories had the number 40 in their title, and this number was also (more or less) part of the plot. Overall an entertaining book that allowed me to read seven different authors!
#Korean #ReadingChallenge

A book with a violet cover on a wooden table. The title is 드라이버에 40 번 찔린 시체에 관하여, and seven authors are listed next to the title. Cover illustration: a grid showing different parts of a screwdriver in each case.
Anna Anthro
1 week ago

« King Charles became the "King of Korea Town" - or New Malden as it's otherwise known - on a royal visit on Wednesday.

This unobtrusive #London suburb claims to have the biggest concentration of #Korean people anywhere in Europe. »


Anna Anthro
1 week ago

#Korean true crime fan murdered stranger 'out of curiosity'

Anna Anthro
1 week ago

#Japan ordered by South #Korean court to compensate a group of wartime 'comfort women'

1 week ago

I always find it difficult to recognise loanwords in Korean. The last one I saw and had to look up is 탑티어 (Tap-ti-eo) >> top-tier.

2 weeks ago

#Korean #Vocabulary
I saw the word 대포폰 (大砲-폰), which means a burner phone. I thought it was a strange word because 대포 means gun/cannon, but I learnt that 대포 also means “lie”, “falsehood”. As burner phones are used as a way to conceal your identity (at least in mystery novels), the second meaning of 대포 makes sense here.

Why am I not surprised that #autism was "possibly" the reason why a #Korean woman committed a gruesome crime (July 2023)?

Oh, wait! They do that a lot in the Western world, make a criminal #autistic!

We are not psychopaths. We are not murderers. Stop using autism as an escape goat.


#AutismSpectrum #ActuallyAutistic

2 weeks ago

Who are the noisiest tourists? (Part 1: East Asian edition)

#Polls #Travel #Tourism #Noise #Tourists #Annoying #Poll #Survey #Asian #Japanese #Filipino #SouthKorean #Korean

Chris Rosenau
2 weeks ago

Garden Nasturtium (circa 2016) by Korean textile artist, Jungsun Jung

View more:

#art #textile #quilt #garden #korean

Greg Pak
3 weeks ago
Bowl of kimchi jjigae, shot from directly above.

Been watching a stack of #Korean food shows lately so decided to hit up a new Korean fast food joint for dinner. Meal in a cup - beef, pork, noodles, rice and cabbage mix w/ some delicious sauce.

Anna Anthro
3 weeks ago

Emma B creates amazingly edited fan clips of her fave series and posts them to youtube. She matches art, visuals, mood and music so well. I am a huge fan of her #korean film and #kdrama homages.

This one got 35,000 hits - honouring the twisted toxic love story in this year’s massive hit #cdrama #xianxia fantasy series Til The End Of The Moon.

cory hughart
3 weeks ago

I found this cute little squat onggi yesterday and it's the perfect size for marinated perilla leaves!

#korean #pickling #preserving #perilla

Little brown ceramic crock next to similar-diamater perilla leaves.
Tim Richards
3 weeks ago

New at my Patreon... In the Insadong district of Seoul, I noticed the name of a famous international chain was written in very large Korean script. But why?

Image of the week: Write it in Korean

#Korean #SouthKorea #Language #Seoul #Starbucks

Anna Anthro
4 weeks ago

South #Korean man attacks young convenience shop clerk he thought was a #feminist - He saw she had short hair so he felt she must be punished.

Client tried to help, he was hit by a chair.

Ricardo Carlino
1 month ago

The correct translation of '고무적인 일' is 'Rubber event' or 'Rubber-like event'. It does not mean 'An encouraging event.' #korean

Ricard Torres
1 month ago

Lucky to have a Korean small supermarket near my place. Big fan of kimchi (cabbage or different kind!)


#Food #Korean

1 month ago

It was (is for some still) #WorldBalletDay

I watch it every year. Here are my favourites from this year (&why!):

Staatsballett #Berlin (enthusiastic mistress, great music)

#Korean National Ballet (calming, elegant)

Ballet de l'Opéra de #Paris (best building!)

#Bolshoi Theatre (#Russia & Ballet = classy af)

#ballet #dance #athletes #art

1 month ago

> Professor Chung Eun-Gwi, a long-time translator of Korean literature, shares her own personal journey with poetry translation while stressing that

artificial intelligence ignores the decision-making process of human translators.

Finally, Kim Seungbok, head of the publishing company CUON, delves into the driving forces behind the remarkable surge in Korean literature’s popularity in Japan..
#TranslationStudies #AISalami #Korean #KoreanLiterature #AI #Translation

1 month ago

> 序詩 (尹東柱)

> 死ぬ日まで天を仰ぎ


> 서시    (#윤동주)

> 죽는 날까지 하늘을 우러러
한점 부끄럼이 없기를
잎새에 이는 바람에도
나는 괴로워했다
별을 노래하는 마음으로
모든 죽어가는 것을 사랑해야지
그리고 나한테 주어진 길을

오늘 밤에도 별이 바람에 스치운다
#空と風と星と詩 #尹東柱 #金時鐘
# #韓国語 #Korean

Ricardo Carlino
1 month ago

I'm still quietly building that #korean #spacedRepetition app. Latest version:

Added a new grading system that is graduated rather than right/wrong.

🦠Toxic Flange🔬⚱️🌚
1 month ago

So I’m watching this documentary on Netflix, “Yellow Door: 90’s Lo-fi Film Club” about some #korean film directors who got their start there and they’re talking about info gathering info in the early 90s. These were mostly university students.

Question to anyone #GenX in #Korea in the early #90s , what was #internet access like then if at all? Usenet or email available?


Anna Anthro
1 month ago

Yunchan Lim: 19-year-old #korean #piano sensation signs record deal

“Yunchan Lim stunned the music world last year when he became the youngest-ever winner of the prestigious Van Cliburn Piano Competition in Texas.”

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
1 month ago

🚨 #Korean hacking group #Lazarus Group targets defense industry and nuclear engineers with fake job interviews, using trojanized VNC apps to steal data and execute commands.

#hacking #cybersecurity

2 months ago

Rozy, a leading #virtualinfluencer in #SouthKorea, shot to fame in 2020, raking in $1.85 million through #TV appearances and ads. Now, virtual influencers are a regular sight on #Korean #Instagram, popular for their aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.

2 months ago

Short re- #introduction after moving accoungs: I'm a former PhD student in high-energy-physics based in #Germany (#Bonn) who is finishing his thesis and starting to get a foothold in the tech industry. I'm interested in #programming, and #datascience. Besides techie interests like #linux, #python #foss and #emacs, I might post a lot about my non-tech hobbies, such as #running, #climbing, #fermentation, #cooking, #languagelearning (#korean, #anki), #birds and #gogame/#baduk.

#neuhier #Vorstellung

2 months ago

EDIT: Thank you everyone, I found help!!!

Hey fediverse please help! I'm looking for a #Korean and #English speaking #interpreter for some short immediate work on an art project interview series. Pays well, and very short requirements, and not very involved. but will need to start pretty soon!!
It's for the Para Real project at New Design Congress

Is this you? Do you know someone? Please get in touch asap -


Nefertiti Matos Olivares
2 months ago

Descriptive Video Works is seeking #freelance native #Korean #AudioDescription #Narrators for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, games, educational videos, and more. Vancouver-based talent preferred but we are open to working with #remote narrators too. #Job

I didn't care for Goblin.i only stayed for the second couple's story and would have totally watched the drama if it was just their story. Sure, the 2Ls got so popular that they made a romcom together, but I wanted to see this tragic pair finally heal their love in their next life.

#kdrama #kdramas #tv #korean #fantasy

Does anyone know how to translate "I am proud of you" into Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese?

G. translates it to 我為你感到驕傲 (ngo5 wai4 nei5 gam2 dou3 giu1 ngou6) where 驕傲 (giu1 ngou6) is like "proud, arrogant, conceited" but a negative connotation(?) -- which makes me think there is *not* a direct translation of the English meaning. Is there a positive connotation for these words?

#Language #Chinese #Mandarin #Cantonese #Korean #Japanese #Translate #Translations #Languages #AsianMastodon

Short and sweet, but packs a whole lot of punch, this Korean drama is about a mystical bar where people can find help to solve their "grudges" and the mysterious people who run it.

#KDrama #KDramas #Korean #Fantasy

Moussa Mazouzi 🇳🇴
3 months ago

You are driving a #germany 🇩🇪 car to an #Italian 🇮🇹 coffeeshop to drink Brazilian 🇧🇷 #coffee and then going home buying #Chinese 🇨🇳 takeaway to sit on a #Swedish 🇸🇪 sofa in front of a #Korean 🇰🇷 TV to watch #us 🇺🇸 shows and all the while being complain your neighbor is an #immigrant

Pull yourself together.

#mastodon #mastoart #europe

Tim Richards
3 months ago

Just shared some excellent Korean food with friends at Hansang, a restaurant a random Korean bloke recommended to me ages ago.

Can you guess what's in the Korean Army Stew?
#Korean #KoreanFood #Melbourne

4 months ago

I finished 아직은 고양이 by 정선임 (Jeong Seon-im), the second story in the collection 여름 기담.

The collection is in two volumes and the book covers are really cool. I couldn’t resist buying both! The stories in the “spicy” 매운맛 book should be more scary than the “mild” 순한맛 book.

The back covers are really well done, with all the information being related to the book (for ex, the nutrition facts lists the authors, the storage indication says “on bookshelf”, etc.).

Picture of two books in Korean. They both have a similar cover that looks exactly like the packaging for a curry sauce. The title of the book is displayed like the name of the curry sauce, and the name of the publisher has a logo that looks like a well known Korean food manufacturing company. One book has a green background and the taste is “mild”. On the right side of the cover, there is a picture of the curry sauce served on a plate of rice with meat. The other book’s background is red with a label indicating that the taste is “extra hot”. Again, there is a picture of the meal, but the sauce on this one looks spicier (more red).
Picture of the back cover of the same two books, all written in Korean. It looks exactly like the back of the packaging of a food product with a table of nutrition facts, a date of production, list of ingredients, different labels…
Alberto de Murga
4 months ago

삼일후에 한편 읽는 만화를 끝냈어요. 도와주주세요~~ #korean #langtoot

Alberto de Murga
4 months ago

오늘 우리 친구들 만났어요. 볼링을 치고 한국 바베큐 먹었어요.아주 많이 먹었서 너무 배가 부르네요. #korean #langtoot

Ryan Makes, Dreamscaper
4 months ago

Where can I find underground Korean art and artists?

#askfedi #art #korea #underground #korean #hangul #undergroundart

Alberto de Murga
4 months ago

저는 매일 한국어 한번 쓸게요. 쓰기는 배우게에 좋아요. #langtoot #korean

4 months ago

Hashtag heavy #AskFedi post —

I’m collecting #Translation (s) of the phrase “I voted” for an upcoming art #Quilt project

Interested in #languages spoken in the #SanDiego region of the US including #Kumeyaay #Chinese #Japanese, #Korean #Hmong #Thai #Laotian #Vietnamese #Tagalog #Portuguese #Russian #Armenian #Greek #Polish #Hindi
#Persian #Somali #Dari #Pashto

My #Quilting style works best with a Latin alphabet, but I may be able to replicate non-Latin scripts if they aren’t too curvy


5 months ago

just escaped the grasps of meta and finally settled down here. completely deleted my #meta account unapologetically, and it feels fantastic.

im joining this new community from #Korea and am definitely in need of company here. a brief summary of my characteristics:

- LOVES #photography
- aspires to study in #media department but currently stuck in #english language department
- and yes, im #korean
- trying to make enough money for #nikon #z6ii

here's one of the photos i have taken so far...

Ko-Fan Chen 陳克帆
5 months ago

Our first lab lunch: A #Korean #Taiwanese #Japanese fusion eatery on Queens Road #Leicester

Yu-Chien, Mehran and Ko-Fan

Just came out of the cinema and well, this movie was surprisingly good! Highly recommended. is a childe??

It bugged me throughout the movie 😂🤣

PS: Movie should also be called "We Are All Crazy Here".

#Korean #Movies #KDramas #TheChilde #Assassins #KimSeonHo

poster of four people
5 months ago

There’s an alley called “pimatgol” 피맛골 / 避馬골 in center Seoul.

피맛골 means “alley to avoid horses”. The sign explains that, during the Joseon Dynasty, ordinary people had to bow down to the ground when they came across higher officials (who were travelling by horse on the main road). To avoid this inconvenience, they used a back alley, thus called 피맛골.

#Korean #Korea

Picture of a sign that explains the origin of the “pimatgol” in Korean and English. English part: Jongno, located near the royal palace and government offices of the Joseon Dynasty, was a very busy road along which higher government officials travelled by horse or sedan. In those days ordinary people were required to pay their respects to government officials by bowing down to the ground whenever they came across one of them on the road. To avoid this inconvenience, people started to use a smaller alley situated behind the main road. As more and more people passed through this alley, the number of bars and restaurants on it gradually increased and the alley became one of the most popular places in the area, The name of this alley, Pimatgol or Pimagil, literally means "an alley by which to avoid horses.”
Picture of an alley with an ancient looking wooden gate. On the gate, a sign says “pimatgol”. The alley passes through modern buildings that seem to entirely cover the alley. There are various shops on each side.
5 months ago

I couldn't resume learning #japanese , since I've been procrastinating it for too long already. Instead I've decided to learn #hangul and #korean
Reading and writing definitely looks simpler compared to Japanese. There are no kanjis in Korean and there is a logic behind the syllables and their pronunciation.
And of course I'm super-motivated by the amazing #kdrama productions 😀

whaaa... 😆😆

Korean drama "Reply 1988" intro scene shows them watching Hong Kong's famous film "A Better Tomorrow 2" (英雄本色 2 - "True Colors of a Hero") with Chow Yun-fat and Cheung Kwok-wing (Leslie Cheung) with Korean subtitles and you can hear the Cantonese in the background and Leslie singing 奔向未來日子. 😆

Ok ok, yeah, I was not expecting that. 😊 So good.

#AsianMastodon #Korean #Cantonese #Tv #TvShow #KDrama

6 months ago

r/Korean has gone private to protest Reddit's upcoming API cost changes, so now I have no forum to ask my #Korean questions to. Guess I'll try asking one here again.

I'm watching the GoBilly Beginner Korean videos on YouTube and also own a copy of his book Korean Made Simple. They each use a different way to say "I want ..." and I was hoping to understand the difference.

The YouTube videos use NOUN + 을/를 가지고 싶다 to say "I want something."

The book uses NOUN + 을/를 원합니다.

Is one better than the other? Should they be used in different circumstances? What is the difference, if any?

Thanks for any input!

#Language #LanguageLearner

Yeah, I know there are a lot of similar words/sounds, but i always find it interesting when I (re)discover some. 🥳

English: "at the same time"
Korean: 동시에 dongsie
Mandarin: 同時 tóngshí (pinyin)
Cantonese: 同時 tung4 si4 (jyutping)
Japanese: 同時に dōjini

#Language #Korean #Mandarin #Cantonese #Japanese #AsianMastodon

Extraordinary Attorney Woo - If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth your time.

"It follows Woo Young-woo, a female rookie attorney with autism, who is hired by a major law firm in Seoul. Being different from her neurotypical peers, her manner of communication is seen by them as odd, awkward, and blunt. With each legal case and through her intelligence and photographic memory, she becomes an increasingly competent attorney."

#KDrama #AsianMastodon #AttorneyWoo #Korean

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo's" main actress Park Eun-bin won Baeksang Arts Awards 2023 - Grand Prize in TV!

A very moving speech. 💜 I really enjoyed the show. She talked about how it was so great to have so many fans be supportive. So happy for her!

The video has English transcript:

#KDrama #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo #AttorneyWoo #ParkEunbin #Baeksang #Korean #AsianMastodon

Refund Sisters (환불원정대) - Don't Touch Me 🎶🎵

- Fun song!
- Hwasa is in 20's, Jessi is in 30's, Hyori is in 40's, Jung Hwa is in 50's

Music Video:

#Music #Pop #Korean #KPop #RefundSisters #환불원정대

Yes, I know there are a lot of words that are similar between the languages. I find it interesting when I (re)discover them sometimes.

녹색 nogsaeg = green 🟩
녹차 nogcha = green tea 🍵
육 yug = six

Mandarin (pinyin)
綠色 lǜ sè
綠茶 lǜ chá
六 liù

Cantonese (jyutping)
綠色 luk6 sik1
綠茶 luk6 caa4 (sounds like 'cha')
六 luk6

#Language #Languages #AsianMastodon #Korean #Mandarin #Cantonese

NK News
7 months ago

North #Korean hackers are targeting journalists with advanced reconnaissance malware, according to a U.S. firm.

The threat group has targeted journalists and organizations working on DPRK issues, including NK Pro's parent company #Korea Risk Group.

Want to try Korean drama but which one to start with?

➡️ May I recommend Mr. Sunshine! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Absolutely beautiful show in every aspect - cast/set/costumes/music/action/suspense!
Fresh: 95% Audience

"In 1905, a Korean American U.S. marine officer returns to his homeland on a diplomatic assignment. Coping with his painful past in Korea as an orphaned servant boy, he finds himself in a complicated relationship with an aristocrat’s daughter."


#MrSunshine #Korean

Interesting difference: 🥳

➡️ "she" 她 / "he" 他 - both pronounced the same
- mandarin pinyin tā
- cantonese jyutping taa1
- but this is mainly used in Mandarin and Standard written Chinese
- where 女 "female"

➡️ "she; her; hers; it; he; him; his;" 佢 - jyutping keoi5
- this is used in Cantonese, not in Mandarin
- 佢哋 - "they, them" - keoi5 dei6
- 畀佢 - "give/let him/her" - bei2 keoi5

➡️ Korean: "she" 그녀 - geunyeo / "he" 그 - geu

#Mandarin #Cantonese #Korean #Language #Languages #AsianMastodon

Yes, I know there are *a lot* of similar words/sounds, but didn't know of this one before and I often find it fun when I discover them. 🥳

➡️ "concur with; consent to; agree"
- Korean: 동의 dong-ui
- Mandarin: 同意 pinyin: tong2 yi4
- Cantonese: 同意 jyutping: tung4 ji3

#Korean #Mandarin #Cantonese #Language #Languages #AsianMastodon

8 months ago

I do wonder how #hashtags are supposed to work in locales without uppercase letters. e.g. #Korean.

I mainly use English, which is space-separated but with capital letters, and Japanese, which is not space-separated but uses logographic letters, aka Kanji. If all hashtags are written in hiragana, then I imagine it'd be hard to read even for sighted folks - and even more so for screenreaders.

#AskMastodon #a11y #accessibility