Víctor Manuel Ramos
1 week ago

The companies that grow #meat from cultured cells present their offering as an environmentally friendly and ethical alternative. They are also trying to make the case that the cultivated meat can be #halal and #kosher. @nytimes

Are you watching #HelloTomorrow on #AppleTVPlus? The little grocery store in the series is #BarneyGreengrass, at 86th and Amsterdam in #Manhattan’s #UpperWestSide. I used to go there to get #kosher #salami. They may be the #SturgeonKing, but I’m not a fan of fish. 🤣

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Cultivated #meat can be #kosher & #halal if its cells are derived in compliance with religious standards. It is derived from animal cells grown in steel vats, without land-intensive #farming operations & slaughterhouses: #cultivatedmeat #cleanmeat #landuse

3 weeks ago

Umm okay that Kosher smoked pastrami I ordered and got from Grow & behold is so far so full of fat that I've so far got more in weight & volume to use for soups/stews as a flavoring agent with said fat & connective tissue, than I do in sandwich meat... so next month I'll definitely order something else.

#Judaism #Kosher #Meat

Howard Smith MD, AM
3 weeks ago

Ice Cream House Products Are Contaminated With Listeria: These include all flavors of packed ice cream, non-dairy kosher frozen dessert products, sorbets, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, cones, pops. #icecreamhouse #icecream #sorbet #kosher #nondairy #listeria #infection #recall

Jonathan Kamens
1 month ago

Hey #Boston #Mazeldon #Costco shoppers... So, I was at the #Waltham Costco last night and once again they had no #Kosher "Mexican blend" cheese. This time, there happened to be a Costco employee standing near the case it's usually in, so I asked what was up. "Oh, we don't carry most of the Kosher stuff anymore, it's going to #Dedham now." So if, like me, you noticed less Kosher stuff in Waltham, you weren't imagining it. It's apparently time to switch to Dedham.

Jesus offends – Kosher food

Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:

‘These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
And honour Me with their lips,
But their heart is far from Me.
And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’ ”
Matthew 15.7-9

#church #churchleadership #faith #Israel #Jesus #jesuschrist #judaism #kosher #Messiah #religionreality #salvation #thetraditionsoftheelders

1 month ago

Oh, and now that we know I’m celiactic (new word!), I’ve decided to make the switch to keeping strictly #kosher since I’m already replacing my kitchenware out of necessity anyway.

I’m not too proud to beg.

My wishlist is in my linktree.

2 months ago

There’s literally no point in your #meat being #organic and supposedly #CrueltyFree if the poor animal was bludgeoned and electrocuted to death. How in the hell can non-Halal slaughtered meat still have an #SPCA endorsement on it?!? It’s fucking barbaric how these animals are killed. If folks really cared, but still wanted to eat meat (like I do), they’d demand that ALL (non-pork) meat be either #halal or #kosher slaughter. It’s about as humane as it can get.

2 months ago

Just checking it is #kosher to use #hashtags in posts.

Kenneth Freeman :linux: :tor:
2 months ago

TIL that Pedialyte is both #halal & #kosher.

Have you ever wondered what #jewish dietary law has to say about #starbucks #coffee shops? Who hasn't? Take a look at this intro to the subject of #kosher rules at coffee shops by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
2 months ago

@Ulrich_Wolf_Foto m.E. nein - #EPA ist ja für erhöhte körperliche Aktivität optimiert. Das ist in #flucht - oder #Shelter - Situationen evtl. nicht so. Zudem sind diese Rationen per se #kosher #halal und #vegetarisch so dass man nur die gezeigten zwei Menüs braucht.

Hebrew by Inbal
2 months ago

Kosher in modern everyday Hebrew as spoken in Israel today is /ka-'sher/.

Learn how to ask if something is kosher. "Is it kosher?" and "is this kosher?" are both asked the same way in Hebrew.

#kosher #kosherfood #jewishfood #foodie #jewishlife #hebrew #jewish

Dorian the Espresso Lover
3 months ago

Are you wondering if coffee is kosher? There is no clear-cut answer, and choosing the right coffee beans can be a challenging task. Luckily the team @BeanGroundBlog has cleared up any confusion with their in-depth guide. #kosher #koshercoffee

A #kosher baker rejected a synagogue's order for rainbow Pride treats. The firestorm has been fierce. - Jewish Telegraphic Agency #LGBTQ

Rep Rap Ryn :3
3 months ago

When making food, realized that everything upsets my stomach except if I do stuff #kosher or #halal.

My Muslim and Jewish friends I'm really thankful to introducing me to some amazing food and I'll probably be shifting more of my own cooking to those styles.

3 months ago

I wonder if this meat will be #kosher.

There is the idea of consuming an unborn calf after slaughtering the mother… since the calf doesn't need slaughtering, it isn't meat but because it comes from a kosher slaughtered animal it is kosher. So there is precedent for the cultivation possibly being permitted.

There really are a few questions:

Is it kosher at all, and, if so, is it considered meat? If it is kosher and it isn't meat, should we consider it meat anyways?

3 months ago
Serge from Babka
4 months ago

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of kosher law and food buying, but I actually learned quite a bit with this Frum It Up video on going grocery shopping as an Orthodox Jew.

#kosher #kashrut #mazeldon #jewdiverse #JewishLaw

EDIT: Sorry, I had the wrong video originally!

If you follow a #Kosher food/diet (for whatever reason, like health or religious) and you want to eat outside:

Me: Does this have pork/shellfish/shrimp/etc.? Oh, none? That's great!

If you also have #gout, like me:

Me ordering food in a Seventh Day Adventist canteen: Do you have anything not made with soya?

Or, in a non-vegetarian restaurant:

Me: Does this have beef/tilapia/sardines/seeds/beans/innards/etc.? Ok, not that, I have gout. How about this?

If you join a party (company or some event) and someone offers you an alcoholic drink:

Me: I'm sorry but I have gout.

Them: Just one bottle.

Me: Umm… *smiles* I really can't.

Them: Come on. Just one sip. I'll give you ₱2,000 raise.

Me: Thank you for the offer, but I really can't.

Them: Plea…

Me: I'm this close into cursing you to experience what it feels like to have gout flare-ups.


4 months ago

No takers? OK. Fine.

I'll have to elaborate then.

Let's go back in time a bit. Say... roughly 400 BC. Before the romans had any real say. Or the christians. The #mediterranean back then was the common playground of greeks, egyptians and jews. The bigger wars were over or had yet to happen. Science, art and economy were blooming and booming.

But how did jews prepare their #moussaka - without feta, milk or anything similiar to bechamel?


#foodporn #Israel #kosher

Israeli moussaka, topped with generous slabs of hummus.
Three plates of kosher moussaka with Israeli salad.
Techno-News IL
4 months ago

App that can generate 64,000 kosher cheesecake recipes pitches AI to Orthodox Jews

The Brooklyn marketing exec behind CheesecakeWizard.AI walks a fine line in an insular, internet-averse community, shopping the new tech only to those who already use the net

#ChatGPT #kosher #kashrut #Shavuot #ai #artificialinteligence @mazeldon

beforewisdom :vegan: :tofu:🦣
4 months ago

"Rabbis rule it’s kosher to eat at unsupervised vegan and vegetarian restaurants, say many of their members already see ‘no obvious kashrut problems’ in doing so"
"For years, a subset of Jews who eat only at kosher-certified restaurants have bent the rules by taking advantage of a growing trend: fully vegan eateries.
Now, a ruling issued by the Conservative movement has given that practice its official imprimatur, declaring that Jews may eat at vegetarian or vegan restaurants that don’t have kosher supervision."

#Kosher #Vegan #VeganFood

Tato Pece
4 months ago

C. Is a bolt gun to the head painless and without suffering? Sure it's better than #kosher or #halal (right? 🙃 ) but is it completely painless and without suffering? Wouldn't a philosopher with 50 years of ethics and morality experience question this assumption of a 'painless kill'? Is one second of pain equivalent to no pain? Does that mean one punch in the face for a second is ok?

D. Are they really 'allies'? Or are they 'enemies'? Are they more aligned with an omnivore or a #vegan? Who would they associate and connect with more? Is this whole baby step/stepping stone/ #MeatlessMonday situation just a tokenistic way to make people feel better about themselves without doing much about anything (a #CheatDay or 4, per week, is allowed right? Right?). Where are all these allies, 50 years worth, of people, switching over to realising what they are doing is cruel to the animal? Wouldn't 50 years of baby steps from Princeton, be enough to reach Melbourne by now?

3/n 🧵

#vegans #veganism #GoVegan #VeganForTheAnimals #AnimalRights #VeganRant #VeganForTheCheatDays

There are other communities that I haven't searched for and expanded my #fediverse reach (a.k.a. #ObservableFediverse).

#Kosher food
#Running and #Archery (in particular Asian archery)

My “observable fediverse” is well-built now for
#autism / #autistics / #ActuallyAutistics, great community we have here; and #Filipinos / #Philippines, even discovered new, great Filipinos I wouldn't have found elsewhere.

As for fandoms, it's slow. There are fans and fandom accounts, but most are casually active. I'm not talking about sharing photos (although that is part of it), it's more of in discussion threads.

So, again, you need to build and grow your “observable fediverse” because it will determine and shape what you are seeing and who you are interacting with in the fediverse. 🤣🤣

IKR. Mine is reversed, they are forcing me to drink alcohol and they were using their position in the company. But, LOL, I always stood my ground. And that was before I switched to
#Kosher food and developed #gout. Today, I have more reasons, but people still want to force me.

Ben Yehuda Press: Jewish books
5 months ago

Happy #Jewish American Heritage Month!

We present you with an interesting and possibly less discussed part of Jewish American heritage: the #kosher meat riots of 1902.

"On May 15, 20,000 protesters, mostly women, took to the streets to attack the butcher shops. They smashed shop windows, poured gasoline on the meat, lit it on fire and threw pieces of meat at police officers. By the end of the day, 85 people had been arrested, 75% of them women."

#Mazeldon #History

Between Wanderings
5 months ago

The sort of wonderfully weird thing that pops up in the kitchen if your other half is a #Yiddish student with a thing for online purchases and acrylic vitrines. 😃

BRILLO #kosher soap, made in Brooklyn possibly around the 1940s. Note the double lamed in imitation of the double L in "Brillo."

Though the product is OU-Pareve, two of the four bars have a red Star of David on them (for washing meat plates and cutlery) and two have a green star (for washing dairy items).

#Mazeldon #Jewish #Brillo

A clear plastic box containing on old cardboard box with Yiddish writing on it, two Jewish stars, an OU-Pareve symbol, and the number 4.

When I was a little kid, yes, I was very picky. There are tastes and textures that I super duper do not like.

Many of those type of foods, I learned to block just so I can eat them. This was after we experienced the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2000 dotCom crash. I had to learn to eat whatever is available.

There are still foods, fruits to be exact, that I still avoid and can't get myself to eat. An example is orange, and anything that looks like an orange fruit.

I highly prefer
#umami, sweet, and salty tastes. Spicy are fine, but I'm on the lower end of the spicy range, higher than that, I can't and won't.

I'm fine with mixing food, but only to a certain degree and depends on how it was made (the balance of tastes for example). I'll step back eating strawberry + chocolate. But, if it's an ice shake, I'm fine with that mix.

Fish. I am very picky. I don't like most fish because of the taste and texture. My trick is to have a soy sauce or mayonnaise, and lots of rice, just so I won't taste it and won't feel the texture.

Now, that's me pre-gout and pre-kosher days. I now follo
#Kosher food, and since I also have #gout, my food choices are further limited.

Regardless, if there is one thing constant, I tend to pick: chicken, ramen/ramyeon,
#pancitCanton (Filipino noodles), mayonnaise (I avoid ketchup as much as possible), #pandesal or rice. If there is chicken #adobo and tinolang manok (Filipino chicken soup), I'll pick those.

What's important also is, umami taste. I avoid at all cost any food without
#MSG. Food without MSG not only tastes bland, it tastes dead. There is no umami taste in those “MSG free” food.

Josh Goodman
6 months ago

The Kroger search shows me what it really thinks of kosher wine.

#Kroger #kosher #wine

A screenshot of an online grocery store (Kroger) search result for "kosher wine". The search has 1 result for imitation distilled vinegar.
Effie Seiberg
6 months ago

If you keep #kosher for #Passover, today is a good day to read my story "There's Magic in Bread" before it becomes forbidden chametz!

#sff #fantasy #writing #ShortFiction

6 months ago

Ahh yes I drove 170 miles to see this as my main Kosher for Passover meat! #Judaism #Kosher #Humor

shelf of a Freezer case with shrimp on it, and a store label Below it of "Kosher for Passover"
Rudy Leon, editor
6 months ago

I had a revelation last night. You know what's #kosher for #Passover?

Gnocchi. Gnocchi is kosher for Passover.

Passover will never be the same

#Jewish #foodie

James Holden
6 months ago

I’m super glad that the sodium bicarbonate I bought to stabilise the PH in the hot tub is #vegan #organic #halal and #kosher ! What absolute nonsense.

7 months ago

I've heard rumor that the fascists have called today to be a "day of hate" against Jewish people.

As a response, does anyone around #LosAngeles have a favorite actually #Kosher restaurant along Pico boulevard? After the sun sets (and the restaurants re-open), I want to support my Jewish neighbors and get a really good dinner.

And if the rumors are false -- I STILL support my Jewish neighbors and want a really good dinner.

Baruch Katz
7 months ago

It all started with a chemist, a rabbi, a pickle company, and a brand of soda.

#OU #kosher #mazeldon #Heinz #CocaCola #KosherCertification

7 months ago

To be honest, I’m putting way too much pressure on myself to try to make #challah this Friday. This is a sort of #depression and #anxiety mix where I predict failure and then beat myself up about being useless.

The funny thing is in terms of #kosher or not it’s moot as I’m #vegetarian so no meat will be eaten!

#Mazeldon #Jewdiverse #BeginnerBaker

Baruch Katz
8 months ago

#openShabbat is back for #SXSW2023!

#TechTribe invites you to escape the chaos of #SXSW and find a taste of home at the ultimate un-networking event. Meet new people and catch up with friends while enjoying #kosher food, song and plenty of l'chaim!
Everyone is welcome, bring your friends - no experience required! Reserve your seat now: #Austin #Shabbat #Mazeldon #JewsInTech #Jewdiverse @mazeldon

Arms outstretched holding smartphones. As the sun sets, the phones go away and the stars come out.
Auschwitz Memorial
8 months ago

16 January 1883 | A Polish Jew, Josef Goldkranz, was born in Tomaszów Lubelski. He was a kosher inspector. During the war he lived in Marseille.

In 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

See our online lesson about Jews at the Auschwitz camp:

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #kosher #Marseille #France

An older man wearing a suit. He has dark bird and mustache and almost no hair.
Moment Magazine
9 months ago

Cooking can be a source of connection to one’s culture and history, and this is particularly true of both Jewish cuisine and soul food. Michael Twitty on creating kosher soul food, and his recipe for Louisiana-style latkes.

#Kosher #Jewishfood #Jewish #Cooking #Chef #SoulFood #Soul #Southern #Southernfood #Southerncooking

Jewish conversations
9 months ago

In #halakhah there never was a mandatory 6 hour wait time between eating milk and meat. That idea is a more recent (1500's) chumra חומרה (stringency.) People of course may follow this, but they should also know the history. Ashkenazi Orthodox insist on this waiting time as binding. Other Jews disagree.

Details here. Iyun Halacha, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 5782/2021, Denver Kollel

@mazeldon #kashrut #chumrot #Jewishlaw #kosher

One particular downside of awards season is when studios and networks send non-kosher food to those of us who keep a kosher kitchen. Outside of film circles, the large majority of my circle is Jewish and keeps kosher. Most of my improv friends are now in NY/LA and I can't just reach out to offer them free food. #Film #movies #tv #streaming #AwardsSeason #fyc #Jewish #Kosher

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
10 months ago

My Christian friend Christina is so excited for Yom Hodu. Her parents imported treyf marshmallows from Medinat Vatican.

Instead of normal #marshmallows with traditional marshmallow root, #vegan agar, or #kosher gelatin, treyf marshmallows use gelatin made from the skin, connective tissue, and bones of swine. So exotic!


#TIL that there is a Unicode character suspiciously like the OU hechsher: Ⓤ

Disclaimer: our books are not certified kosher. (Do we need to bring over the kefira meme from birdsite?)

#Unicode #Mazeldon #kosher

Benny Powers
11 months ago

Izzy's Brooklyn Smokehouse in Crown Heights

The legends are true!

This guy learned #barbecue from the masters in #Texas, but couldn't taste a drop of it until he built his own rig and imported some #kosher beef. Since then, he brought the hardware and techniques back to #NYC and is not mamesh lifting those sparks.

The only remaining question is when are they opening a branch in #Jerusalem?

aluminum tray lined with brown paper

top left: plastic tub of barbeque sauce
middle: double-fried, thickly salted french fries
right: pink coleslaw and new pickles, crinkle sliced

Bottom left: half a pound of thickly crusted barbecue beef brisket

and it's all strictly kosher :D
2 years ago

And the #kosher version is even more delicious: leave out the cheese and instead of pork, use pastrami!

And no, that is not a deviation from tradition - the city of #Rome has had a vibrant #hebrew community for much, much, muuuch longer than #pasta #carbonara even exists... ;-)

#CarbonaraDay #Italy #Israel #food

Mara, Technopact Warlock
4 years ago

Friends who keep especially strictly #kosher: do you make separate grocery shopping trips for milchig and fleishig foods? Or buy them at the same time, and put them in separate bags?

This is not something that occurred to me to be curious about until just now, when I noticed that I had put ground beef next to cottage cheese in my shopping cart