Veteran labor journalist Steve Zeltzer talks with L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce, president at Media Guild West.

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3 hours ago

Had an excellent gym just now. Thanks to having had a remote worday today.

There is chatter in the workplace on pulling back on remote work now. I for one won't work if that happens, full stop.

Been poor long enough to know how to survive without a lot of money. There are a lot of things worth more than that.

We have this one life, time is our most valuable possession. Let's stop selling it away so cheap.

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Striking Insider employees are not getting paid. We stand with them.

With them we urge refraining from consuming / engaging with Insider Inc. content in any form across the web, and we encourage supporting union members financially if you can.

Please don’t cross the picket line.

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5 hours ago

Im #Labor gerät die #WorkLifeBalance allzu leicht an den Kipppunkt ...

#LabComic #ScienceComic #LabFun #LabCartoon

In einem Drei-Bilder-Cartoon bringt Forscher Ernst seinen Studenten durch allzu viele Arbeitsaufträge zum Umkippen. Er sinniert, ob das etwas mit dieser allseits Work-Life-Balance zu tun haben könnte, von der man gerade so oft hört ...
Amy Fountain
6 hours ago

#GoodMorning, friends ☕ ☕ 💞 🐕 🐕 💞

my morning news sweep contains this gem and I wonder which company you'd rather work for? The obvious bully or the one who spends $$ that they obviously *have* on some token 'charitable contribution'?

"Companies make a new push for a return to office — and many aren’t playing nice anymore:

Google is cracking down on remote work, while Salesforce is donating to charity for every day workers come in from June 12 to 23." (WaPo)

#news #labor #wfh

Throughout Wednesday's hearing before the #Senate #Health, #Education, #Labor and #Pensions Committee, former #Starbucks CEO #HowardSchultz denied that the company has done anything illegal. But the #NationalLaborRelationsBoard has issued more than 80 complaints over 278 unfair #labor practice charges against the company, and has in the past handed down rulings that Starbucks broke federal #LaborLaw.


John Colagioia
7 hours ago

Southern Workers Are Defying History

Many corporations choose to locate in the South because low union density enables them to pay poor wages and skimp on safety. Georgia has one of the nation’s lowest union membership rates, just 4.4 percent.

#Labor #Georgia

A line of six workers in safety equipment, arms crossed
Jude Jackson
8 hours ago

This is the second successive cut to the real wages of low-paid workers delivered under the #Albanese #Labor government.

Australian Labor government backs real wage cut for 2.5 million workers - World Socialist Web Site

#Auspol #WageCuts #CostOfLiving

UC Access Now
15 hours ago

University of California getting sued for ADA violations AGAIN. You know, it would be better for the public all 'round if you'd just follow the Demandifesto Action Steps and make yourselves accessible once and for all. Cheaper, less wasteful of time, and most importantly - the ethical and humane thing to do.

"Former UC Employee Claims He Was Fired After Seeking Disability Accommodations"

#UCAccessNow #disability #DisabilityLaw #HigherEd #labor

Screenshot of LA County Superior Court page for getting access to PDFs of court documents (for which there is a fee). "
Case Information | Register Of Actions | FUTURE HEARINGS | PARTY INFORMATION | Documents Filed | Proceedings Held

Case Number:  23STCV12525

Filing Courthouse:   Stanley Mosk Courthouse
Filing Date:  06/01/2023
Case Type:  Other Employment Complaint Case (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

Click here to access document images for this case  
If this link fails, you may go to the Case Document Images site and search using the case number displayed on this page"
Ben Waber
17 hours ago

Next was a fantastic panel covering the most recent US #supremecourt labor-related decision with Seth Harris (who's extremely fiery here), Anne Lofaso, and Charlotte Garden at The Burnes Center for Social Change. This was a great in-depth look at the case and the implications for #unions in the US, highly recommend (3/10) #labor #work

19 hours ago

James Beard award winner for Emerging Leadership: The Burgerville Workers Union, the world's first fast food union

#PDX #Portland #Labor #Union #Food

UC Access Now
22 hours ago

Throwback to the UC-UAW Strike when the founder of UC Access Now was interviewed about ableism at UC and within the union (ableism is systemic - it's not absent from unions). #UCAccessNow #labor #FairUCNow

More business leaders need to wake up and realize that unions are not the enemy. Unions create highly motivated, engaged, skilled, and dedicated employees with lower turnover. Bravo to Ben & Jerry's for bucking the trend.

#union #labor #organizedlabor #unionize #vermont #benandjerrys

Alice Marshall
1 day ago

#labor #unions

On CORE’s 15th Anniversary, Reflecting on the Teachers Caucus That Changed #Chicago—and the Nation
The Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators was formed in 2008 when a group of educators and union members came together to transform the Chicago Teachers Union. What they would build would end up changing the city—and country—forever.

Kagan MacTane (he/him)
1 day ago

It's not often you hear a story like this, but it's damn cool:

Workers voted to unionize. Management pretty much said, "Cool, we're fine with that. Enjoy your new unionized status!"

Probably not a big surprise that the company is #BenAndJerrys, but seriously, there's not reason every other company in America couldn't be just like that. It's not that they *can't* be decent, they just *won't*. #union #UnionStrong #labor

Texas Observer Lives!
1 day ago

NewsGuild journalists went on #strike Monday in #Austin and elsewhere, demanding better pay and a change in leadership at #Gannett, reports Senior Staff Writer @gusbova. Congressmember Greg Casar even stopped by in support:

(📷 Photo by Gus Bova)
#unions #news #journalism #Texas #JournoLife #Dallas #labor #NewsGuild #WallStreet #politics #USpol

Wearing a white shirt and jeans, Greg Casar speaks into a bullhorn opposite a row of reporters on Congress Avenue Bridge holding protest signs with slogans like "Save Our Statesman".
Steven Zekowski
1 day ago

I agree with the authors. Bad move, #Minnesota #GovTimWalz. What’s the “L” in #DFL stand for again? Oh yeah, #labor. I guess our governor forgot that. #GigWorkers

Max Nesterak
1 day ago

FirstService has a provision in its contracts with homeowners associations saying its workers may not be employed — either directly or indirectly — by the associations for two years after the contract expires. #minnesota #labor

2 days ago

$400m Disaster Ready Fund first projects announced by #Labor s Murray Watts.

Let's hope it's more effective than the last time the Aust. Govt announced a big disaster aid package - remember? the one that neve got spent?

Ashley M Gjøvik
2 days ago

I caught up with LaborMedia's WorkWeek to discuss what I've learned through public records requests about the cover-up of issues at my #Apple #Superfund office, about continued government obstruction on my #whistleblower retaliation & #labor lawsuits, & the never-ending depths of Apple's depraved behavior about all of it.

Rest In Paradise
2 days ago

British historian Patrick Renshaw, who specialized in USian politics, socialism, and labor issues and spent three decades lecturing at Sheffield University, has died at 87. #history #rip #education #labor #fdr #socialism #obituaries #restinparadise

Patrick Renshaw
2 days ago

Added to my reading list.

#books #labor #workingClass @haymarketbooks

A book sits on a piece of red leather. The book’s cover features black and white photos of working class Americans. The title of the book is A Short History of the U.S. Working Class.
2 days ago

Conservatives when you point out that despite all their talk of protecting the children from imaginary bullshit they say is trying to take advantage of them, that they want kids in the labor force:

#USPol #GOP #Labor #ChildLabor #Fascism

Two-panel meme of a crudely drawn human face with a blank stare in the first panel, and in the second, lines are drawn above the eyes to indicate a nonverbal change from indifference to anger.
Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Governor Davis H. Waite ordered the Colorado state militia to protect and support the miners engaged in the Cripple Creek miners' strike OTD in 1894 #labor #history

“What we’re striking for now is the future of this as a viable career.”

Media workers, tech workers, transportation workers, healthcare workers standing together — yesterday at Apple.

#labor #union #solidarity #WGAStrike #WGAStrong

Andrew Engelson
2 days ago

The recent #SCOTUS ruling in a dispute between a #Seattle concrete company and the Teamsters #union was a setback for #labor but it could have been much worse. My latest for Crosscut:

The Japan Times
2 days ago

An increasing number of fishery operators in Japan have been hiring women as fishers in recent years amid a steady decline in the number of workers in the industry. #news #japan #labor #fishing #fish

Nashville Anarchist
3 days ago

Any media coverage of Amazon's plans for "Factory Towns" that depicts it as some sort of positive for the working class, isn't news media. It's propaganda, and they aren't even trying to hide it.

Can't wait for articles about how "Concentration Cities" are how we solve inclusion.

#Labor #Solidarity #Amazon #Capitalism

T. Austin Brown
3 days ago

I should throw some hashtags on there for self-promotion.

Last chance to register for International ESG considerations, tonight at 6:30 on zoom.
Free for New York City Bar members, $15 for non-members.
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Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

Workers at the #Austin-American Statesman are on #strike today as part of a broader strike at #Gannett-owned papers, reports our Staff Writer @gusbova on #birdsite:

#Union #journalism #JournoLife #labor #workers #news #politics #USpol #protest #Texas

With the tall buildings of the Austin skyline as backdrop, workers stand with signs on the Congress Avenue bridge, including "Journalists Are Worth More", "Save Our Statesman (SOS)" and "Gannett: It's You. Hi! You're the Problem."
Another shot of the workers of the Austin American Statesman standing with the Austin skyline in the background. Signs include "Save Our Statesman"

We do a 30-min. general info call to answer questions about the FSP quarterly. Next one is tomorrow, Tuesday. Join us!

Tues. 6/6/23, 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT
By RSVP only. —

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Anthony Dean
3 days ago
4 days ago

Aadhaar-based MGNREGA payment causing delays in wages, non-disbursal

Workers contracted under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in Telangana plan to stage state-wide protests against the new Aadhaar-based wage payment and app-based attendance systems.

#MGNREGA #MGNREGS #aadhaar #wages #labour #labor #employment #economy #NMMS #ABPS #UIDAI #UnionGovt #india

EV not Petrol
4 days ago

@QasimRashid Sadly in Australia under the #labor government Keating re-introduced student debt after Whitlam abolished it. #auspol

Paris Marx
4 days ago

This week in the roundup: Elizabeth Holmes is finally in prison, but should more founders follow her? Plus, a bunch of recommended reads, labor updates, and other news you might have missed!

#tech #newsletter #labor

Ben Werdmuller
5 days ago

“What are the individual, interpersonal, and organizational costs of neglecting how psychological safety is different for Black women? And how might a tailored approach to psychological safety boost well-being and work outcomes of Black women in the workforce?” #Labor

Steve Torrente
6 days ago

I have one more class to teach this summer, but after that I'm "retiring" from contingent academic work. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's already the best decision I've made in my adult life.

To any of you still slugging it out on the edges of #academic #labor, I see you. I know what you put up with and what you contribute.

Kailee ♾️
6 days ago

With Glacier, eight justices sabotaged the most powerful weapon unions have: the strike.

The Teamsters got whacked by the Supreme Court and now the right to strike is on life support. And only Ketanji Brown Jackson stood up to say that what the Court is doing is wrong. The latest in #thenation

#labor #strike #workers #Corrupt #SCOTUS #corruption #darkmoney #harlancrow #lenardLeo #Fascist
6 days ago

"When ChatGPT came out last November, Olivia Lipkin, a 25-year-old copywriter in San Francisco, didn’t think too much about it. Then, articles about how to use the chatbot on the job began appearing on internal Slack groups at the tech start-up where she worked as the company’s only writer."

#tech #news #ai #ChatGPT #labor #LaborRights #automation #jobs

Andrew Leahey
6 days ago

#Starbucks doesn't get nearly enough attention for being a flagrant #labor law violator. I hear about their "burned" coffee constantly but rarely any of this. Labor, generally, seems to be a back page cause in 2023.

"Over the past eight months, Starbucks has lost 16 out of 17 cases decided by NLRB administrative law judges, facing charges such as worker intimidation, discriminatory rules, and unlawful termination of union organizers."

#lawfedi @law

Chema Hernández Gil
6 days ago

On yesterday’s anti-worker Supreme Court decision, what they missed is the fundamental nature of the 1935 National Labor Relations Act. It is a grand compromise. The act protected the free flow of commerce by enshrining certain rights to workers.

By undermining the right to strike, the federal government threatens this compromise and forces workers to reconsider the types of industrial actions that were more common before 1935.

#Union #Strike #Labor #OrganizedLabor #NLRB

Alice Marshall
6 days ago


#Amazon Fires #Alabama Union Leader Who 'Lit the Spark of the Current Rise of Labor Activism'
"Your termination of my employment will not stifle workers' organizing, for when you fire leaders, it only brings more people ignited into the movement," said Jennifer Bates.
Jun 02, 2023

stephen m
6 days ago
Flipboard News Desk
6 days ago

Unions are relieved as the Supreme Court leaves the right to strike intact.

NPR's Nina Totenberg reports:

#SupremeCourt #Union #Labor #Employment #News

Delia Christina
1 week ago

So what's the skinny on the Glacier Northwest decision?


1 week ago

#SCOTUS opinion time 😖

Via Elie Mystal:

First opinion is Glacier NW v. International Brotherhood. It's a labor case and the court rules against #labor... 8 to freaking 1. Justice Jackson is the only dissent. Christ.

1 week ago


Workers better organize like their lives depend on it. Big enough strikes will get laws changed. And bosses can't sue everyone in the meantime. #workers #strike #scotus #labor

christina d-h
1 week ago

This reminds me of Nantina Vgonztas' research on aligning warehouse & white-collar AMZ workers to get the company to shift on labor & climate:

#Amazon #ClimateChange #labor #unions #AcademicMastodon

1 week ago

‘Studios Are Really Trying to Turn Writing Into Gig Work’

"Essentially, every time technology evolves, the studios will use it as a way to attempt to cut workers out."

#Film #Labor #Television

1 week ago

#Russian #Labor #Shortage (which is what happens when you send people through a meat grinder, btw.. with a lot of the others fleeing elsewhere).

Ben Werdmuller
1 week ago

“In 1940, the Fair Labor Standards Act reduced the workweek to 40 hours. Today, as a result of huge advances in technology and productivity, now is the time to lower the workweek to 32 hours—with no loss in pay. Workers must benefit from advanced technology, not just the 1%.” #Labor

Get to know the Freelance Solidarity Project on a half-hour call next week, Tuesday. What’s FSP’s place in labor today? Come ask questions.

Tues. 6/6/23, 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT
To get the link:

#freelance #labor #union #solidarity

Ethan Marcotte
1 week ago

today i learned the NLRB reversed a ruling in which union reps could be disciplined if they used ✌🏻uncivil language✌🏻 during discussions with management

which means today i learned there was apparently a ruling in which union reps could be disciplined if they used ✌🏻uncivil language✌🏻 during discussions with management

#unions #labor #uspol #nlrb

1 week ago

More Perfect Union on UPS unions negotiating labor contracts

This Could Be The Biggest Strike In U.S. History

8 min video

#us #union #labor #ups

Chema Hernández Gil
2 weeks ago
A possessed Scabby the Rat makes an appearance in the third season of What We Do in the Shadows!

#union #scabby #labor
Screenshot of Scabby the Rat in the show
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
#labor this is also seriously illegal to tell your employees.
Bill Lamb
2 weeks ago


Damn, unions are scary to some people. #labor

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

A new report from an international human rights group says 20 of the richest countries in the world fuel forced labor, or what they refer to as “modern slavery.” The U.S. alone imports $170 billion of products possibly made with forced labor. Learn more about the report.
#HumanRights #Inequality #Labor

My favorite pro-Guild joke so far.

#WGA #DGA #SAGAFTRA #labor #strike #Animaniacs

A post by Kate Sanchez.

"The three guilds have united against you. You shall now be locked in the Warner Water Tower, besieged by the three deities of creation. Yakonius, writer god. Wakoni, the god of actors, and Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca lll, god of directors."
Upol Ehsan
2 weeks ago

With the promise of boundless productivity powered by AI, we often miss the question:

*Who* is the increased productivity serving?

Is it:
- us
- employers (that will discard us when convenient)
- an exploitative labor market (that can exploit a race to the bottom)?

#productivity #AI #labor

2 weeks ago

How We Reached Workers While Reporting on Dairy Farm Conditions
As we reported on dairy farms in #Wisconsin, we knew we’d have to get creative in how we got our articles to the affected workers.

Here’s how ProPublica reporters Melissa Sanchez & Maryam Jameel went beyond a simple translation to reach dairy farm workers.

#Journalism #Newstodon #Reporting #Dairy #Farms #Farm #Safety #Labor #Children #Workers

Rachel Withers is getting hostile about the #Labor government's hypocrisy. She's clearly bitter, as are many staunch (and soon to be former) Labor supporters, at how utterly disappointing are so many of this new government's cynical actions.

#AusPol #AusPol2023

Timothy Elfenbein
2 weeks ago

Just ran across this interesting looking anthro article, by Hosna Sheikholeslami, on a specific Iranian form of invisible publishing labor: "Invisible Experts: The Curious Case of the Book Knower in Iran." Below is the last paragraph of the introductory section.

#Publishing #Expertise #Labor #Mediation #Valuation

"First, I unpack how and why the efforts of the ketab shenass might be best analyzed at the intersection of invisible labor and mediation and provide some general context for the figure within the Iranian book industry. Then I analyze a scene at the Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) to explore why the country's book industry necessitates the mediating labor of the ketab shenass. In the third section, I compare the figure to several other mediating experts who also help Iranians navigate the unreliability of the book market. By teasing out the distinctions between the categories, I articulate the particularity of the mediation of the kebab shenass and the nature of their knowledge. In conclusion, I analyze the various gradations of their mediation to answer the central question of why their labor is not compensated financially."
2 weeks ago

We are just greyhounds on the track, endlessly chasing a mechanical rabbit that we will never catch.

#economics #consumerism #capitalism #government #advertising #marketing #labor

The Conversation U.S.
3 weeks ago

L.A.'s Star Garden Topless Dive Bar is now the only unionized strip club in the US, after a unanimous vote by the dancers to join Actors' Equity.

(h/t to the NY Post for headline inspiration)

#News #Unions #Labor

Ned Raggett
3 weeks ago

Wonderful news to hear that @bandcampunited has won a 31-7 vote to be formally certified as a union by the NLRB. Both the union and #Bandcamp itself have released a a joint statement noting that collective bargaining will begin shortly thereafter. Great news for #music and #labor both.

Alice Marshall
3 weeks ago

#Labor Officials: #Iowa GOP’s #ChildLabor Bill Would Violate Federal Law
Proposals like allowing children to work in meat coolers violate federal child labor safeguards, officials say.

"“When Kyra Jones wrote for the ABC broadcast show “Queens,” she collected a $14,000 residuals check that helped her get through the months after the project ended and she was without work. Then last summer, she got her first residuals check for writing on the Hulu streaming show “Woke.” It was $4." #Labor

Mission Local
3 weeks ago

The housecleaning app Handy has agreed to pay $6 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it misclassified workers and violated California labor laws, including Assembly Bill 5, the San Francisco and Los Angeles district attorneys announced today.

Read more below:

#SanFrancisco #Labor

Headline: Handy, house cleaning app, to pay $6 million settlement over worker misclassification

Image: Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, CEO and COO of Handy.
3 weeks ago

Well, if we can't eat the rich, let's maybe at least automate them?

"These lazy, greedy employees spend much of their day sitting on their asses, making yes-or-no decisions, yet they reward themselves with grotesque pay packages. In fact, the average CEO of a major company costs the equivalent of almost 400 workers."

#ai #MachineLearning #automation #ChatGPT #labor #WorkersRights #AutomateTheRich

New to freelance existence? This is something FSPers can talk about.

One thing we’re doing to have each other’s backs is creating our own open guide to freelancing. It pulls together a load of resources to help you write pitches, win grant funding, track taxes, and most importantly, organize with your fellow workers.

The invitation: put it to use — and come help us build it.

#freelance #labor #solidarity