Wes Streeting's claim that #NHS manages 'use' winter crises to claim more resource, suggests the #LabourParty, as many have suspected, may not be the panacea that the #NHScrisis requires.

While Streeting is right that funding is not the only issue that impacts on the efficacy of UK #healthcare, making out NHS leaders to be cynical money grabbers is not they way to get staff on side for the reforms he may think necessary... its not a good start to the reform process

Noah UK News
3 days ago

#LabourParty has finally revealed its been running a programme of quiet diplomacy with the #business sector, culminating in an announcement of a group of 10 advisors from the City of London's #financialservices to show Labour is no longer 'sneering at business'.

The good news is they have reached out to businesses, which is clearly necessary to navigate out of the #tory wreckage....

the bad news, they seem be equating business with financial services, which is partly why we're in this mess!

I hope that every single person that voted #Tory at the last GE realise that was a #gross error.

big problem for them is that "sir" starmer's #LabourParty
is in reality no different...

#redwall #Bluewall
#RedTory #BlueTory

same shit same party...

#ScottishIndependence ...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

6 days ago

More from Aditya Chakraborty:

"The real risk for Labour is that people stay at home. And there is longer-term damage to democracy that comes from not offering a real alternative – from politicians being scared to stand even one inch out of line.”

#LabourParty #UKPolitics #Economics #FiscalRules

6 days ago

"Two weeks ago, Jeremy Hunt came out with plans which everyone credible says are simply not going to happen. And Rachel Reeves says, I’m going to accept all of it anyway.” This feels a bit like handing your worst enemy your wallet, and asking them to count your money"

Senior economics editor Aditya Chakraborty in today's
Tuesday briefing, devoted to Labour imposing a fiscal straitjacket on itself & us, if they win the next election.
#LabourParty #UKPolitics #Economics

1 week ago

Keir Starmer: Labour ‘won’t turn on spending taps’ if it wins election

Starmer is a neoliberal closet Tory in a red tie who has cast off any pretence of alliance with the left leaning tendencies in the Labour Party. He’s losing traditional Labour supporters faster than he’s acquiring Tory protest votes. We don’t need more of the same post GE.

#starmerisatory #labourparty

As the #LabourParty under #KeirStarmer seems intent on presenting themselves as Tory-lite, I'm reminded of an old saying from the study of #American #politics:

Given the choice between the Republican Party & the Republican Party, #voters tend to choose the Republican Party....

In other words, as you approach the policies of your opponents, voters often take the view that they might as well vote for the original proponents of such policies, not the pretenders.

Starmer may be miscalculating!

1 week ago

She released the Greed alright. That genie won't go back in the bottle. I'd prefer the '70s strikes to the current dystopia. At least the shops were open, public transport worked and we had (albeit inefficient) public services. Libraries, swimming pools, parks.

Keep throwing red paint at her memory, for she literally has blood on her hands.

If Starmer gets tumescent thinking about that witch, we don't have an Opposition leader. Just a fan boy


If the guy is so keen on Tory politics, shouldn't he just cross the floor and resign from the Labour party? I cannot see how he can be meaningfully regarded as 'Labour'.
#LabourParty #ukpolitics

1 week ago

@JackTheCat @jk001
for the EUropean #tooters who think the UK is a rational society: #starmer is a Sir and a tory rightwing politician who has kidnapped the historically leftwing #LabourParty and is running against the extreme rightwing #torys in an election in 2024 which he may win. There will be only rightwing #tories in ENGLISH Parliament and no left-social-humane parties.
It still will be called Democracy by the #altright press in EUrope and GB: sad end for England…….

For those hoping to see some clear blue water open up between the #LabourParty & the #Tories, you'll be glad to know that while #RishiSunak seems to be dismissing the prospect of any sort of arrangement to return the #ElginMarbles (so called), #KeirStarmer has let it be known that he is willing to discuss the artefacts return to #greece.

(that is unless #RachelReeves' commitment to fiscal probity halts that too?)

Die neue Koalition Neuseelands will die strenge Anti-Raucher-Politik der Labour-Vorgängerregierung beenden. Ihr Argument: Tabakkonsum sinke eh.#Neuseeland #LabourParty #Parlamentswahl #KönigCharlesIII #Koalition #Asien #Politik
Neue Regierung in Neuseeland: Rauchen für Steuersenkungen
Neuseeland verabschiedete im vergangenen Jahr ein weltweit einzigartiges Gesetz gegen Zigaretten. Bis 2025 sollte das Land komplett rauchfrei werden. Nun will die neue Regierung Teile der Anti-Tabak-Gesetze abschwächen.#Neuseeland #Tabak #Rauchen #Newsteam #texttospeech #ChristopherLuxon #NLEmarsy #ACTParty #LabourParty #Jugendliche #Nikotingehalt #Politik
Neuseelands neue Regierung will Anti-Tabak-Gesetz nun doch abschwächen

#LabourParty Fed up with bloody Labour Party saying keep within "Fiscal Rules". They do not exist. They are just made up! It's bullsh#t!
The UK creates it's own money and in effect borrows from itself. It needs "debt" for the economy to function.
Why create a self emposed straight jacket? Maybe they don't want to upset their donors or the establishment?
They obviously do not want to help the people of the UK with well funded public services.

Aside from 2024 being a(nother) year of #austerity, its also pretty clear that with continuing dire polling, the #Tories are going to hang on to power until the last moment to conduct the scorched earth policies (see earlier posts) that they are currently embarked on.

For them the country is merely a plaything with which to damage the future prospects of the #LabourParty & they have no interest or regard for the population at all.

[apologies for thematic repletion - I've be livid all morning]

The one on the left is the (glove puppet) Scottish #Toryparty leader: 🇬🇧

The other is the (glove puppet) Scottish #Labourparty leader:🇬🇧

In #Scotland, #Tory & #Labour are the same #Westminster party...

We don't need #Westminster Registered Parties in #Scotland...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#ScottishIndependence...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #YouYesYet...


A Scottish #Tory
Another Scottish #Tory
Donald Roy
3 weeks ago

@ChrisMayLA6 @openDemocracy I strongly suspect the latter. I believe that they will rely on registration and #voterIDrequirements to suppress their votes effectively. I would really like to be able to say that the #LabourParty will be making the necessary effort to counter this - by the encouraging of early/postal voting particularly in those areas. I am not sure I can - just yet.

Jessie (they/she)
3 weeks ago

@transworld Fucking disgusting. They've posted on Twitter about TDoR. But thats literally it. They couldn't even be bothered to reply to Pink News about how they're going to mark TDoR and what their commitments are to #trans people.

I was a #LabourParty member for years. I spent many hours of my life campaigning for them. And this is how they thank me when my community and I need them most?

Go to hell #KeirStarmer. #UnitedKingdom #UK

3 weeks ago

I'm going to have to join the National Trust ... They're doing the kind of steady piecemeal climate adaptation work that the government should be encouraging and prioritising. The Tories won't do it, my hopes are with Labour, pushed by Greens.

#Climate #UKpolitics #LabourParty

@EgyptianAphorist it’s a fair point. I’m really happy to criticise anti-semites. But I put that right next to and equal to all forms of racism.#l

For eg I reject the British #LabourParty and their #HierarchyOfRacism

D. Zylbersztajn- Lewandowski
4 weeks ago

Mutiny on the steamship we called it - Gestern gab es eine Meuterei auf dem roten Dampfer #LabourParty #humanitarianpause #ceasefire #waffenstillstand oder #Feuerpause (und in der Partei?)!5973441/ #IsraelHamasWar

Jude Jackson
4 weeks ago

UK: #Labour leader Sir Keir #Starmer suffers large rebellion over #Gaza ceasefire motion - World Socialist Web Site

#LabourParty #LabourSackings #LabourRebellion #GazaGenocide #CeasefireNOW!

4 weeks ago

"Starmer risks becoming a hate figure among large sections of Labour’s natural voting coalition. That happened to Tony Blair, but only after he had been prime minister for many years. It should not be forgotten that a proximate cause of Blair’s own downfall was refusing to back a ceasefire when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006"
Owen Jones on the Labour rebellion over a ceasefire in Gaza.
#Israel #Gaza #Palestine #LabourParty

The #LabourParty has lost it's humanity...

The #ToryParty never had any...

#HumanitarianCeaseFire ...

#stopthebombing ...

#StopTheWar ...

1 month ago

I've just had an email from a friend who has been a Labour Party member for 45 years, an ex-councillor, and a recent council candidate.
She has always been on the left of the party and hung on in the hope she could make a difference.
She has finally made the decision to leave as there are virtually no policy areas where her views are represented. I quote:
"Starmer is despicable with a new low on his stance on this bombardment of Gaza by Israel".
#LabourParty #UKPolitics #Starmer #Gaza #Israel

The #LabourParty seems to be feeling its way towards a workable policy on the staffing aspect of the #NHSCrisis;

They seem to be exploring student debt forgiveness for #nurses & #doctors entering the service (with a form of 'golden handcuff' condition of minimum length of service)... its a relatively simple but effective route to address at least some aspects of the #NHS' problems.

A key Q. is whether this might also work in other parts of the #publicsector suffering recruitment problems?

While #Tories in government often belong to the #class whose interests they represent for the current #LabourParty, not so much.

OxfordU research suggests that increasingly (with some exceptions, i.e. Angela Rayner), for the most part Labour's leadership & (shadow) ministers are now not drawn from the #workingclass but from the professions.

Not only does this return us to the C19th, its a form of political class ventriloquism that's fraught with problems

h/t Guardian

@blepharon I wasn't a fan before but I really cannot express my disgust strongly enough for #Starmer now. He is one big bag of power-mad, dishonest, moral failure

His explicit support for this genocide ("now is not the time for a ceasefire") makes him a war criminal. Like TB before him of course.

People really do need to leave the #LabourParty right now. Staying silent is complicity when your leader is a genocidal totalitarian who crushes all dissent.

1 month ago

"We will not rest until we have justice. Until all people, Israelis and Palestinians, between the river and the sea, can live in peaceful liberty."

#KeirStarmer's #LabourParty suspended a #Labour MP for that.

What a joke.

#socialism #socialist #palestine #gaza #israel #solidarity

Donald Roy
1 month ago


#lukeakehurst was mentioned casually - not by me - in a toot today. He and/or those who appear to be associated with him have a reputation for searching social media accounts of anyone in or close to the #LabourParty. Official complaints, formal investigations (often accompanied by lengthy suspension ) have been known to follow - sometimes culminating in sanctions which can include expulsion. I doubt you are unsafe but I may well be.

Donald Roy
1 month ago

I have to warn anyone who posts/toots that it tends to be unsafe to make any reference to #lukeakehurst . It appears that he may have acquired an outsize amount of influence within the decision making and disciplinary processes of the #LabourParty It is best to assume that any adverse comments about him or any of the causes he espouses may expose one to complaints, investigation and even sanctions.

For those involved in the #arts, the increasingly pressing Q. is what with the #LabourParty arts policy & arts funding look like?

While the details are yet to emerge, its already clear that it will likely involve a continuation of the focus on the #creativeindustries, rather than what we might want to see, which is a more #democratic view of the arts.

In my latest for @NWBylines I explore what that might actually mean & how we can justify spending on the arts

For those involved in the #arts, the increasingly pressing Q. is what with the #LabourParty arts policy & arts funding look like?

While the details are yet to emerge, its already clear that it will likely involve a continuation of the focus on the #creativeindustries, rather than what we might want to see, which is a more #democratic view of the arts.

In my latest piece for @NWBylines I explore what that might actually mean & how we can justify spending on the arts

Should you want further proof of the negative impact of right-wing domination of media ownership in the UK, then the request to shadow ministers ahead of final deliberations on the #LabourParty manifesto, to only come froward with policies that are 'credible, affordable & bombproof' should alert you that the party remains worried that whatever the chaos caused by the #Tories, Labour's policies will be publicly ridiculed & attacked by the #media's inability to escape the agenda set by the Right!

2 months ago

"Labour is preparing to omit plans for large-scale reform of social care from its next election manifesto, scale back its plans for House of Lords reform during a first term in office, and recalibrate the way it presents its £28bn-a-year green prosperity plan as it prepares to put a “bombproof” offer to voters before polling day"

I suspect this 'bombproof' offer is to Labour's new ex-Tory backers and donors and sod the voters.
#LabourParty #ToryLite #SocialCare

Perhaps unsurprisingly the #LabourParty is adopting the Bill Clinton (early) playbook... 'Its the economy, stupid' - focusing on the economics not the #culturewars preferred by the #Tories.

However, given Reeves' continued stressing of 'sustainable' tax & spend commitments, the economics she seems to be returning us to is not the #keynesiansim of Old Labour, but rather the #austerity of the coalition (albeit with a different set of terms)... I really hope I'm wrong, but fear I'm not!

Sindre Wimberger
2 months ago

Achtung vor #Deepfake! Gefälschte Videos von Sir Keir Starmer wurden bei der #LabourParty Konferenz geteilt. Experten betonen die wachsende Bedrohung durch KI-Technologie für die Demokratie. Lass uns informiert bleiben und Falschinformationen bekämpfen! #digitaleSicherheit

Rational Brit #FBPE
2 months ago

Just bought the kindle version of his new book “Shattered Nation: Inequality and the Geography of A Failing State”. Maybe the Labour Party front bench might like to give it a read.#labourparty #labourconference23

2 months ago

Jon Sopel: "One photo is from Labour Party conference today. The other from Tory conference last week. Compare and contrast….."

#UKPolitics #LabourParty #ConservativeParty

A screenshot of a Tweet from Jon Sopel saying: "One photo is from Labour Party conference today. The other from Tory conference last week. Compare and contrast….." with a photograph of a full Labour conference and an empty Conservative conference.

So, new polling suggests that at the next #election, the #LabourParty could end up with a 190 seat majority... now, of course, such projection are just that, projections, and subject to events & change, but....

If #KeirStarmer was to lead a government with such a majority the key Q. is how would he respond to such 'freedom'?

The worry is that cowed by a hostile media & conditioned by Reeves economic caution ('probity') the party will rule as if it only a small majority... which wold be tragic!

The #LabourParty seems to have finally settled their position on #privateschools charitable status, which annoys the hell out of many people.

Rather than change their status (which would require legislative change), they are intending tot week tax regulations so that Independent #schools pay VAT & business rates... its a pragmatic solution, which should see fees rise by 20% (at least to cover the VAT) but may prove insufficient for many who cannot see why they're charities in the first place!

3 months ago

The only way to "stop the boats" is open safe legal routes, stop bombing other countries, stop installing governments 'we' want and tackle the climate crisis.

Apparently this is a #radical position.

#socialism #socialist #conservativeparty #labourparty #labour #anticapitalism

3 months ago

"Extinction Rebellion have poured a pool of fake oil over the steps of the Labour Party’s London headquarters and let off smoke grenades.

Two activists climbed on to the portico and set off the canisters, while another chained himself to a handrail, calling on Labour to cancel any oil licences granted by the Conservatives before the next election if the party comes to power."

#LabourParty #Oil #Gas #NorthSea #OilLicences

3 months ago

Yesterday I posted a Reuters article saying how Sanna Marin was leaving politics in Finland and joining the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

I implied Tony Blair is a war-monger and his Institute promotes US hegemony.

Is Tony Blair recognised as a peace-loving fair minded politician internationally?

Totally neutral hashtags: 😉

#socialist #SocialistSunday #socialism #labour #labourparty #corbyn #blair #war #peace

3 months ago

What IS the matter with Britain’s #LabourParty? Why are they trying so hard to alienate their supporters and independents at a time when the country’s exhausted by Toryism, starved by austerity and still reeling from Brexit?

Simon Lucy
3 months ago

A straightforward version of the Shadow Chancellor's policy.

We are fucked.
We won't know how fucked until we're in office.
We won't know what we have to do for maybe 6 weeks.
Then we will have to do exactly what we have to do to get unfucked.
After that we will have to concentrate on what we should do to not get fucked again..
Only then will we be able to attempt the things we want to do (which we may fuck up).

#Politics #LabourParty #ChancelloroftheExchequer #Tax #FinancialPolicy

Its a rare moment when the small-state #taxPayersAlliance & the #LabourParty are singing from the same hymn sheet, but on the #outsourcing of Govt. services, both agree the outsourced contracts have produced dire results & provided inadequate services....

of course the TPA & Labour are coming at it from different angles, but we can safely say that anyone who thought outsourcing was the answer to an ineffective state has some questions to answer!

Doctors in Unite
4 months ago

Clean air should be a human right - not a political controversy.

Please read our open letter to the #LabourParty leadership on the #ULEZ expansion.