3 days ago

Behold my humble contribution to Dinosaurs in Lingerie Day! This is my rendition of Pantydraco, a sauropodomorph from the Late Triassic. Yes, I picked it solely because of the name. Because panties. Ha. I thought it would be fitting for the lingerie thing. Anyways... enjoy :3

#pantydraco #dild #dinosaursinlingerieday #lingerie #female #anthro #scalie #solo #dinosaur #panties #furry #thicc #garterbelt #bra #stockings #lace #longneck #tail #bigbreasts #milf #sauropodomorph #pinup #sexy #furryart #digitalart

a dinosaur in lingerie
Tarmo Thorström
3 days ago

Vielä vähän ja tilaustyö Rauman uudelle kampukselle olis valmis. Nimeä tai muuta en vielä paljasta, mutta taidekilpailun teema oli Väylä, ja työni on siinä hyvin vahvasti kiinni.

#pitsinnypläys #pitsitaide #bobbinlace #julkinentaide #lace #Rauma

Yksityiskohta nyplätystä pitsistä. Materiaalina sekalainen joukko erilaisia sinisävyisiä lankoja. Kuvio on ns. Chaos ground -pohjaa, mutta ilman säännöllistä gridiä, eli vapaanypläystä ilman mallia.
Karsten Schmidt
4 days ago

One more from the heap of raw ideas and unfinished projects: This one from almost precisely 2 years ago, going under the working title "Computational Lace", but really a kind of fractal process based on an initial 2D SDF, creating a surprising amount of complexity from even the simplest seed shapes...

This is again one of these projects requiring a full size view to appreciate the fine structures emerging...


#GenerativeArt #Fractal #SDF #Monochrome #Lace #Morphing #Complexity #Emergence

B&W animated GIF loop, initially only showing a white hairline circle with a diagonal line on black background, all of which then quickly morphs into an ever growing complexity, an indescribable abstract constellation of thousands of increasingly smaller lines & noisy regions before morphing back to the original seed shape
6 days ago

Ok, back to this thread, my images loaded up overnight. #MFABoston #lace items.

I saw some of the earliest lace pattern books. One by Isabella Parasole 1625, and one by Cesare Vecellio 1591. They are smaller than I thought from the online prints I've seen.

A third lace pattern book was in another case nearby. Domenico da Sera's 1543 "Ornamento de le belle e virtudiose donne". This book was new to me, needs to get into #Wikipedia...

#BobbinLace #Needlelace #reticella #TextileHistory

A display case of wall mounted lace objects, with two smallish books open on a shelf at the base.

Top item is a white folding fan made of cut leather parchment, but made to look like the reticella lace patterns of the period, which can be seen in the books below.

A center linen runner with unicorns and stars. I think it's cutwork and embroidered stitches around drawn thread. 

Isabella Parasole's book with a woodcut showing 6 reticella patterns is on the left.

Cesare Vecellio's book is to the right.
Isabella Parasole's book, open to a page with reticella designs. It's black ink for background, with white areas showing where to make stitches to make the lace.

My hand for scale. Each side is only the length from my index finger tip to my outstretched thumb which sits at around where the book spine is.
Cesare Vecellio's book, open to one page with what looks like punto in aria designs. It's black ink for background, with white areas showing where to make stitches to make the lace.

The other page shows a sketch of women dutifully working on their textiles.

My hand shows it's also about the same size as the other book, finger to thumb.
A woodcut book with lace patterns, open with two pages to show black ink backgrounds illustrating where to make the lace stitches.

Each open page has 3 strips of different lace patterns.

Book is Domenico da Sera's 1543 one.
2 weeks ago

If you are interested in #BobbinLace history at all, there's an nice paper you can get from Lace in Context blog. I had to write the author for it, the OA isn't working.

Anyway, it was charming and informative about the French lacemakers.

I even laughed out loud in the section where he covers this: "extreme enthusiasm for feet warmers".

I have always noticed these in paintings and thought it was a weird quirk. But it's legit!

#TextileHistory #lace

2 weeks ago

@ArtPhotosDesk Obviously it's the lace.

#Lace #BobbinLace #NeedleLace

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
2 weeks ago

Thoughtful. Auch, France, August 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #curtain #lace #transparency
👤 Virginie F.

A woman sits on a chair behind a lace curtain separating two rooms. In profile, she has her legs crossed and her chin resting on her left hand.
Scott Norris Photography
2 weeks ago


"If you are bitter, you are like a dry leaf that you can just squash, and you can get blown away by the wind. There is much more wisdom in forgiveness."
--Vusi Mahlasela

An old leaf from last year's autumn.

Copyright 2023 Scott Norris Creative

#leaf #autumn #fall #photography #decay #lace #stilllfie #nature

3 weeks ago

OK, my standing searches at sites for #lace often deliver odd things. But I never expected this.

Prince's Purple Rain Purple Lace Gloves

Tarmo Thorström
3 weeks ago

Kävi silleen hassusti, että mulla oli about metri pitsiä, enkä oikein tiennyt mitä sillä tekisin. Sit kävin tarjoamassa sitä mun Vanhassa Raumassa sijaitsevaan suosikkiravintolaan verhopitsiksi ja yrittäjähän innostui ideasta. Pitsin nyplättyäni (305 cm) myös kudoin samasta langasta sille sopivan kankaan, jotta sain sen nätisti verhovaijeriin roikkumaan.

#Rauma #pitsi #käsityödontti #nypläys #bobbinlace #lace #weaving #intangibleculturalheritage #aineetonkulttuuriperintö #unesco

Ravintolan ikkuna, jossa nyplättyä pitsiä sisältävä verho
Ravintolan ikkuna, jossa nyplättyä pitsiä sisältävä verho
Ravintolan ikkuna, jossa nyplättyä pitsiä sisältävä verho
Ravintolan ikkuna, jossa nyplättyä pitsiä sisältävä verho
3 weeks ago

Can anybody identify this mystery object? I'm wondering whether it has something to do with lacework?

#mystery #MysteryObject #antique #lace #lacework #crochet

EDIT: The mystery is now solved! Thanks to @serre

A 58mm metal disc with 12 short splines that extend and retract when a thumbwheel is rotated.
Roger Ward
4 weeks ago

Todays AI image made from my words and an evolved, adapted algorithm.

Lace gloves

First words of the main model prompt were: "Alencon lace gloves delicate hyperdetailed"

(This one shows a classic AI Imaging problem)

#AIart #AIcreated #AIImage #AIpicture #lace #gloves #beauty #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #technology #datascience #deeplearning #programming #tech #innovation #computerscience #data #art #software #automation #analytics #ml #digitaltransformation

I usually follow/follow back boosters, new followers and interesting/kind people.

Computer generated image of a pair of hands wearing delicate, detailed, gloves of Alencon Lace
1 month ago

Hey #BobbinLace and #NeedleLace nerds: I'm about to list a 1983 copy of #SantinaLevey's "Lace: A History" book on an auction site. I got another copy recently, and I don't need two.

Before I do that, I thought I'd offer here in case a lacemaker craves one. I was going to start it at auction for $250 USD. Media mail US shipping is about $10.

In good used shape, with dust jacket. Some pencil notes from previous #lace nerd. But images remain excellent quality.

A copy of the very heavy reference book for lace by Santina Levey. The jacket has a little wear on the edges, but is otherwise intact.

The cover is the famous portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria in her lace laden pink gown with other regal looking furniture around.
A page from inside the Levey book with the definitions, and someone has written a note in pencil next to "punto in aria" that says "reticello".
Clocksie (18+) 🇵🇸
1 month ago
2 months ago

Me and Avulpanther's Kyla having some fun after I was asked to transform Kyla into a furry naga. Eep! how did she get her tail in there?

#lace #bra #hugebreasts #armless #breastsquish #glasses #piercings #squirrel #furrynaga #naga #rippedunderwear #chestfluff #transformation #rippedclothes #Leksi #Leksiartist #Kyla

Nudity, Sexual Themes
2 months ago

If all else fails, I can always start a brand new lace shawl to get me through the dark days.
#knitting #knit #lace #shawl #kyokosFlowers #NewBeginning #SeasonalDepression #FreePattern

The first three dozen rows of a semi circular knitted shawl on the knitting needle. It shows the beginnings of a leaf pattern, made with thin white yarn, stretched out on a person's lap.
2 months ago

Current exhibition at #MFABoston includes textiles from #Renaissance #Italy, it seems. I was wondering if there would be #lace there, and I turned to the page and saw the Parasole book! So I think I'm going to have to go check it out....

#BobbinLace #NeedleLace #Reticella #TextileHistory

2 months ago

Have you ever started a craft and felt like this is your thing? Like it just clicks with you? That's what bobbin lace has been for me.

#lace #lacemaking #bobbinlace #crafting #craft

Stefanie Neumann
2 months ago

Our walk, a #delight on a day #sublime under an #indigo sky. The looks we gave each other, deep and #brazen, as the sky turned #mauve. No #addiction can ever replace our love. The feeling when our fingers #lace together... I'll miss this, forever. #Sullen for a moment, I take a deep breath, and close the #calico bound diary with my memories of you.

#BrknShards #WritingCommunity

2023-10-08 – 16

Kiki Phoenix
2 months ago

Morning, dear. Breakfast today is a large omelette packed full of veggies. I spent some time on the sauce topping, too. I like to make sure to thoroughly top, after all. You could be next. 😈😘

#breakfast #omelette #femme #femmesontop #cooking #domination #dominating #comfidentwoman #confident #fakebody #whitenightie #nightie #lace #trans #transgirl #transwoman #whitelace

Sara Kathleen
2 months ago

Day 2 of Inktober is Spiders. I craved some meditative intricacy this evening so I tried to make the web look like lace, from memory. I haven’t seen lace in a while. My Inktober drawings won’t all be this detailed. 🤓 Deleted and redrafted because I forgot alt text!

#inktober2023 #inktober #inktober2023spiders #spider #spiderweb #spiders #web #lace #blackandwhite #intricate #drawing #art #artist #mastoart #pattern #silhouette #inktoberspiders

A drawing of a simple black spider silhouette in the centre of a web. The web takes up most of the picture, it is drawn in very fine lines to look like intricate lace. The whole thing is black and white.
Rey :ghosthug:
2 months ago

diamondssss #knitting #lace

a partially worked piece of knit lace, the center and edge are small diamonds, with a larger zig-zag through the center. the yarn is a silver-y grey color, and the work is pulled slightly tight over the cable or show the pattern more clearly.
2 months ago

@SmithsonianRoulette Oh. the #lace is wonderful....

2 months ago

Blocked this tiny shawl while my computer updates to the new MacOS #knitting #shetland #lace #blocking #dressing

A white lace Shetland-style square shawl is stretched out and drying
3 months ago

Sweet. There is a project about #Flax production in New England (the US one), underway at the Univ. of New Hampshire. Kimberly Alexander's "The Flax Project". We just heard about this at the #lace lecture.

#BobbinLace #NeedleLace #TextileHistory

3 months ago

LOL. One of my #lace friends was showing us some Victorian trade cards she collects. I had no idea. Some of them are bonkers. Some are excruciating.

This one is really inexplicable.

"Victorian trade card Saratoga Springs NY baby inhaling bong lace hat"

3 months ago

I forgot to do a #WIPWednesday for a while. Got busy, but also because it's the same damn work, only longer.... Lace is a #SlowHobby.

This is an #IpswichLace replica pattern. These were found in #AlexanderHamilton's papers and patterns recreated from original samples of ~1790 #American #BobbinLace from #Massachusetts.

#TextileHistory #Lace #IpswichMA

A bobbin lace roller pillow, shot from the back. It's an oval sort of platform, with a cylinder in the middle that turns as you work your pattern around. A little holder in the back winds the completed yardage. 

It is a black silk lace, about 2 inches wide. The fancy edge has kind of a wavy look with little picots off the side. In each wave trough a small diamond motif forms. The rest of the lace is the ground stitch, just like the background that lets the motifs show up. 

The completed part has pins removed. The recent work still has brass pins at each stitch location to hold them until you get further along.

Towards the upper part of the photo, the 50 or so bobbins wound with the unused thread are waiting.
An opened up piece of my completed black silk lace, unwound  to see the detail. 

About 2 inches wide, it has one side that has a wavy motif with a heavy border. The outermost edge has little picot twisted bits.  In the trough of each wave is a little diamond shape stitch area. 

The other edge is called the sewing edge, and you'd put something like this on your black shawl or cape edge using that sewing edge. It just has an extra close thread to make a border at the edge. 

It's just laid out on a white linen fabric for contrast. It's still attached to the working section over on the right so it's hard to photograph well. The working section has brass pins in the yellow pattern paper where the stitches get made. It's on a roll that I can turn as I complete a segment.
3 months ago

I would like to help you organize the #lace books.

#NotHelping #Caturday

Small calico sits to the right, looking expectantly for guidance, on a bookshelf. The book next to her is a 100-year-old "Chats on Old Lace and Needlework" book. To the left of that and behind are a couple of dozen lace reference and pattern books.
3 months ago

So I managed to do another transcribed image dump. This time of an old Lacemaking manual called Lace Work: a handbook, illustrated - by Mary E. Bradford.

If you're not familiar with what I do, a hobby of mine is I like to find old public domain crafting books on the internet archive and add image descriptions and transcribe text because many times the ai generated ones are pretty sub par and make the audio buttons moot.

here's the link!

#bobbinlace #lace #lacemaking

4 months ago

I was helping with a class in #DresdenLace this week, and I learned wonderful things. The students shared great books that I added to the #Wikipedia #whitework page.

Another resource new to me was the Royal School of Needlework stitch bank.

How cool is the "square boss stitch"???

#lacemaking #lace #embroidery #sewing

4 months ago


This very fascinating side quest for historical #lace texts has been...illuminating!

Reddit r/lace discussion about a search for these hard to get texts reveals an amazing source of illuminated letters that would make lovely Italian #BobbinLace projects.

#Medieval #lettering #fonts

See the backstory here:

The letters OMG from the manuscript of Abbot Oderisio 
Piscicelli Taeggi, from Montecasssino Monastery. 

Each letter is done like a medieval illuminated manuscript one with creatures crawling out of various places, and remarkable color details in intricate drawings with lots of Celtic-looking decorations.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
4 months ago

Hive mind, do you know any good lace leaf pattern in 12 st?
I want to grow my pi shawl way more.
Thank you!!
Feel free to reply with links 😉
#knitting @knitting

Lisa Makes Stuff (she/her)
4 months ago

I'm looking for help with a single-needle embroidery machine. Brother PE780D. The machine is fine, I need help with techniques. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it! #MachineEmbroidery #quilting #FSL #lace

En Güzel Hobim
5 months ago

Wonderful😍Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern for Beginners | Tığ İşi Bebek Battaniyesi Örgü.. * #crochet #diy #lace #handmade #news #youtube #video #turkey #tutorial #bizarreasong #caturday #einbuchstabendanebentiere

5 months ago

Feels like starting over: the great unraveling


Cotton lace in drooping lear patter
En Güzel Hobim
5 months ago

Wow!🍓🍓Great! Sell as much as you can and earn money. Crochet Gorgeous Strawberry Ivy Knitting.. * #crochet #diy #lace #handmade #news #youtube #video #turkey #tutorial #bizarreasong #caturday #einbuchstabendanebentiere

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
5 months ago

Practicing a bobbin lace ground. (Dates from the 1500s.) Whole stitch.
This isnt a lot of bobbins. Is small number and small paper pattern. I still have to pay close attention to what I'm doing.
Of all the lacemaking styles I know, this type is the hardest and requires the most materials to do. (Dozens of bobbins.)
I'm an ultra beginner. Made many mistakes.
But the bobbins go Clack Clack and that is good. 😌

#fiberarts #lacemaking #lace

A white foam board with a white rectangular pattern pinned to it. There are pins in the pattern where the lace is being made. A simple diamond shaped grid.
There are brown wooden dowels   carved to hold the working thread. The bobbins are twisted in sequence around pins to make a pattern with the thread.
ginnyotte :successKid:
5 months ago

I just finished up hand stitching a hem on a skirt for a friend, and realized this #lace scarf I made using the “Branching Out” pattern found on #Knitty @knittymag years and years ago would go great with the skirt. In all the years I had this after finishing it, I’ve only used it twice. So, I sent it back with the skirt to start its “new life.” I used a brown glittery cotton #crochet thread. #knitting #sewing

A knit scarf with a leaf patter. The ends of the scar have beads and shell discs sewn to it.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
5 months ago

Is #WipWednesday a thing on Mastodon?
If not, it is now!!😉
Update on my #PiShawl that I hope to grow into a #PiBlanket, one colour change down, 4 to go!
#lace #OnMyNeedles #knitting

Light purple and dark pink pi shawl on circular needles
5 months ago

Day 6

"He saw that it was the gaps that were important, the spaces between the threads which made the pattern, and not the threads themselves."
~ Hilary Mantel

#mollys365 #lace #lewd #legs #SelfPortait

Molly crouching down in black heels. Her legs are covered by a lace see through skirt. You can just make out the gusset of her black knickers between her legs
5 months ago

I was just re-watching a previous #lace lecture from #IOLI, about a woman who re-creates #reticella and #PuntoInAria from the original 16th century pattern books and museum pieces.

Grace Gamble has a lovely website with examples and instructions.


Harmony. Corrupted.
6 months ago

A little throwback to one of my favorite photos😉
What would you do with me blindfolded and waiting for you like that?🥺

#nsfw #lewd #nude #ass #butt #sexy #slut #erotic #kink #lace #legs #hot

A view of me kneeling in bed, with my back straight and my thighs pressed together, revealing my thigh gap. I’m wearing a lacey top that reaches the middle of my butt, I’m gently holding it with my hands as if I’m about to lift it up.
6 months ago

Sol lace day is coming! The #needlelace also known as Teneriffe and Ñandutí, has a special event coming up on June 24 2023. It's too long to post here, but the full email announcement I got is here:

#SolLace #Lace #Lacemaking

The graphic announcement for the upcoming Sol Lace Day on June 24 2023. It's an aqua background with some shadowed sol lace squares, the foreground image is a globe held by threads into a square frame like it's being made with Sol techniques. 

I think the text is in Portuguese. "Venha ao encontro de tecedores de Soles de Maracaibo da Venezeuela". The rest of it is the date and time conversions. 10am Brasil GMT-3 is the start time.
7 months ago

Oh, I lurve these "journal jackets". An artist, Laura Tandeske, takes Army Surplus jackets and a theme and runs with that.

Check these out. I've been thinking of something like this on my old denim jacket, but with #lace

#embroidery #art

Dr BethFishReads
7 months ago

At a spring #BobbinLace weekend. My #binche #lace in progress. @fiberarts

A piece of lace pinned to the bobbin lace pattern. Lace bobbins with white thread are seen at the top and right
7 months ago

Oh, wow: #Brexit hits the #lace makers. The small biz that made lace for Kate Middleton's wedding dress hit with a tax that they may not survive.

"1760-founded royal lace maker is facing ‘terminal’ closure post-Brexit"

#TextileHistory #fiber @bobbinlace

Karsten Schmidt
9 months ago

@BITPRINT Thanks & I hear you! Defining intervals for dipping the brush based on element count seems to work well enough for pointillism, but the tools can also support strokes of different lengths, and re-segmenting them based on max. draw distance (per stroke). I've also just added some new code for defining models of linear or radial-layout paint palettes and so make it even easier to code this brush-refill logic by just saying use palette slot N (maybe also combining with brush cleaning/drying). This too works pretty well, but obviously a (slow) ongoing process and still lots of refinements planned/coming! :)

Re: drawing with 3D printers: Oh, I've been doing this myself for while (see pics from 2017) and I shall return to this later this year. The drawing commands used by are all informed by this earlier work and purposefully abstracted enough to be also usable with other devices and command flavors/machines (e.g. G-Code based), so should be very easy to adapt with the older tooling for the Ultimaker etc.

(Btw. that Type-A Series 1 3D printer from the pics might still be in possession of the LDN Hackspace — we donated it to @jonty a few years ago...)

#3Dprint #Wireframe #Lace #Subdivision #GenerativeArt #FDM #PenPlotter

Close up photo of a 3D printed/drawn 4-layer lace-like subdivision mesh... Material: Black PLA
Close up photo of a 3D printed/drawn single layer subdivision mesh on the bed of a Type-A Series 1 Pro 3D printer... Material: Black PLA
Close up photo of an incomplete (work-in-progress) 3D printed/drawn single layer subdivision mesh on the bed of a Type-A Series 1 Pro 3D printer... Material: Black PLA
Photo of around 2 dozen 3D printed/drawn single and multi-layer mesh swatches — the results of early experimentation trying out different temperature and filament extrusion settings....
Mr. Velocipede
10 months ago

There are many things I could post for the "intentional holes" part of #Fiberuary, only it turns out lots of my old photographs are archived, and I will have to dig though them. I did find this shawl, though. It's Renaissance Shawl 2, with bead placement somewhat altered from the pattern. I like how the holes are not just intentional, but kind of aggressive about it.
#knitting #lace #beads

Full view of a crescent-shaped knitted lace shawl made of black yarn with many red beads, sitting on a floor of narrow wooden boards.
Closer view of the black shawl. The red beads are reflecting the light so they're very visible. Some of the holes in the lace are especially large, with lots of stitches growing out of them into a net-like pattern at the edge of the shawl.
10 months ago

A week of Intentional Holes for #Fiberuary I do not have the stunning shawls I have admired so far. I admire the skills and love how soothing knitting lace can be if all goes well and I don’t drop a loop! My first entry is a pullover nothing as complex as fine lace knitting. It is called Peabody with a Japanese-inspired lace panel Leila Raven
#knitting #knittersofmastodon #lace

me wearing a light blue pullover with lace holes down the sleeves and a Japanese leaf inspired lace panel on the front of the jumper a design by Peabody by Leila Raven
10 months ago

a little late to the #fibruary party, seeing as the month is already more than half gone, but in my defense, all my fiber arts pics are on my computer and I mainly use the app for Masto surfing.

so save you all the tag spam I will be placing my catchup projects in a thread below:

{edit} whew! there all caught up!

#knitting #crochet #colorwork #cables #lace

#Fiberuary - week 3's theme is "intentional holes".

I'm going with #crochet #lace for that.

This shawl is made from the pattern "Night in Paris" from Drops. I've used handspun yarn (cheviot handdyed with a long gradient, split lengthwise and 2ply).

I'd spun the yarn years ago, but it was one of the first Corona projects I did.

#fiberarts @crochet @fiberarts @spinning #handdyed #handspun #CrochetersOfMastodon

Large triangel crochet shawl laying on grass.

The shawl is worked from the top center out and has a color gradient black - very little white - purple - very little white - black.
a close up of the center spine of the shawl.
Mr. Velocipede
10 months ago

Right, so the S motif has completely taken over my brain, and I've spent most of this weekend working on a reversible version. It's at least as much texture as lace at this point. #knitting #lace

A knitted swatch with the angular 'cool S' motif. In one column, the S shapes are made of knit stitches, in the other they're purl; both are outlined in yarnover eyelets, and the background is garter stitch.
Mr. Velocipede
11 months ago

Aaarrrgggghhh, now that my ridiculous lace post has had a couple of days to explode itself all over the entire internet, I’ve figured out a much better version. It reads more clearly as the right shape, and is slightly easier to knit. So there we are. #knitting #lace #charts

Knitting chart and swatch for an improved version of the Cool S, now with fewer double decreases!
Mr. Velocipede
11 months ago

A (probably inevitable) follow-up to my weekend of charting diamond-shaped lace motifs: the Cool S, as rendered in knitted lace. I really hope somebody can figure out a use for this. #knitting #lace #charts (and just barely #typography)

Knitting chart and sample swatch of a geometric motif that vaguely resembles the letter S.
Karsten Schmidt
11 months ago

Klöppeln in action...

Photo credits: Norbert Kaiser, CC BY-SA 2.5,


A photograph of a Klöppel (lacing) pillow with dozens of needles placed as pattern anchors and another couple dozen of wooden spindles with white yarn hanging to the side...
Karsten Schmidt
11 months ago

A completely different approach using constraints (pins) and a network of springs with Verlet physics to simulate Klöppeln, a traditional lace technique which was very popular where I grew up (and even practiced myself as a child).

#GenerativeArt #Geometry #PhysicsSim #Lace

1 year ago

I suppose it's time to get 'round to doing an #introduction

These days I'm an #EngineeringManager in the #DataEngineering world. I have a background in #dataops, #devops, and #SRE. I've also worked in #politicaltech / #politics for the past 7 years.

Outside of work, I do #circus for fun, and I've been picking up a bit of #climbing recently. I'm also a #lace #knitting nerd. And I have a pet #snake named Donut 🐍 🐍 🍩 🍩

1 year ago

A short English #introduction about my topics although I mostly write in German.

#prehistoric #archaeology and other #OldTrash esp. #archaeobotany and #zooarchaeology

everything made of #textiles: #crafting, #knitting, #sewing, #embroidery, #tatting, #sprang, #lace, and many more!

On top there might be other content like #ADHD or #autism, as well as #games #RetroGames, #electronics, #plants, #sustainability, #ClimateCrisis, #nature, ...