Richard North
7 hours ago
Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
20 hours ago

We are on holiday in the Lake District. This is gorgeous Grasmere.

#LakeDistrict #Grasmere

In the foreground are the gentle ripples of a large lake: the water is blue-grey, reflecting the colours of the sky.

Behind the lake rises a large hill, on which the sun is shining, illuminating it in a variety of colours: red, brown, green, grey.
In this picture the lake is still rippled, but reflecting the hills behind it. The hills are again illuminated by evening sunset and show off a variety of colours. Between the lake and the hills, in the middle distance, are lots of trees.

"A mile or two past Henry's land my father pointed to a
field being ploughed by the roadside. A giant red tractor was pulling a huge blue plough. I could sense he was alarmed by something. Look,' he said, 'there are no seagulls or crows following the plough.'This was a shocking thing to him. There must be no worms in those fields. They've all been killed off with slurry,' he said."

From James Rebanks' "English Pastoral", a wonderful family history (and perhaps even more, history of farming) in the Lake District.

#EnglishPastoral #JamesRebanks #LakeDistrict

"A mile or two past Henry's land my father pointed to a
field being ploughed by the roadside. A giant red tractor was pulling a huge blue plough. I could sense he was alarmed by something. Look,' he said, 'there are no seagulls or crows following the plough.'This was a shocking thing to him. There must be no worms in those fields. They've all been killed off with slurry,' he said."
Steve Heap
3 days ago
Setting sun illuminates clouds over Rydal Water in English Lake District
3 days ago

It has been far too long since I travelled this road.

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#LakeDistrict #Cumbria #England #UK

Sunshine briefly lights up a winter scene. In the far distance the mountains have their heads in the low cloud and snow on them. Nearer to the camera are the bare branches of deciduous trees and a mix of brown and green coniferous trees (Larch has needles that drop each year). The main feature of the shot is the narrow single track lane that leads into a half hidden farmhouse amidst scrubby fields and tumble down dry stone walls assisted by post and wire fencing.
Richard North
3 days ago

Cloudy sunset over crummock water. Taken from High Crag.
#Crummockwater #highcrag #sunset #lakedistrict

Sunset spread across veil of cloud over a lake and a range of mountains.  Taken from the summit of another mountain
A Fool And His Fuji
4 days ago
Metal railing in foreground and main focus point, background of sunrise lit tree with lake and mountains in background
Richard North
6 days ago

Latrigg is always a safe bet for a double 🌈 on a day like this. #lakedistrict #lakedistrictnationalpark #latrigg #rainbow #doublerainbow #moody #monday

Double rainbow in front of a mountain with dark clouds
Richard North
6 days ago

Getting moody on Derwent Water

Motor launh calling at a jetty on a lake with mountains and moody cloud in the background
John Towse
1 week ago

Super afternoon yesterday for a walk up Black Crag from Tarn Hows in the #LakeDistrict. Fantastic views for modest effort.
Of course the dog tried to jump in every bog near the path on the way up.

Black and white Springer Spaniel stood on a small rock surrounded by grassy knolls with Lake District high cells on the horizon. The dog is attached to a long blue training line which is draped on the ground.
Richard North
1 week ago

Blencathra rising at sunrise above Tewet Tarn.
#lakedistrict #lake #mountain #tarn #sunday #sundaymorning

Mountain sitting above a small lake with sunrise touching its face.
Mick Garratt
1 week ago

From Pyroclastic Flows to Lapilli Tuffs — Navigating the Langdale Pikes

On the first night back home in Cleveland, I awoke to a drizzle, low-hanging clouds, and, after a week in the Lakes, a slight feeling of dysphoria. My morning constitutional brought no relief as the weather remained dismal. So, I believe it's only fair to share a photo taken a few days prior in La ...

#GreatLangdale #GreatLangdale #LakeDistrict #Langdale #LangdalePikes #geology

Rick Gaehl
1 week ago

This week I've been in the Lake District.
This is the view I've had on my way to the shops.
Hard to beat really...

#Photography #Landscape #View #Trees #Mist #LakeDistrict

A view of small mountains and mist, with trees in the foreground.

Last of the Lakes Brew Co DDH Pale Ales I brought back from Kendal 🍺
#LakesBrewCo #LakeDistrict #Beer #Kendal

A can and glass of Pale ale with my black cat sitting next to them
1 week ago

A (naturally long-exposure) photo taken on a 3D printed pinhole camera. Ilford stock.

The jetty runs into Ullswater in the UK's Lake District, behind the Inn on The Lake hotel.

#cumbria #lakedistrict #pinhole #blackandwhite #filmphotography

Black and white photograph of a jetty at Ullswater, Cumbria. 

The jetty is partially submerged with only about one third of it visible above the water. 

The long exposure and pinhole camera cause a softness to the image, which in some ways echoes the damp and misty weather.
Richard North
2 weeks ago
Purple heather in front of lake surrounded by mountains
Tony Meredith
2 weeks ago

Barrow. It's a shipbuilding town that's nearly part of the lovely Lake District. So, in our area, we've got big tourism, smallish industry that's really big in special things, and normal economic stuff. Old towns, especially Barrow, are rundown and poor.
Here's the news. Govt is trying to level up, without spending extra money. Just magic. 1/2
#Cumbria #LakeDistrict #PoliticsUK #deprivation
A northern English town looks to BAE Systems to help it ‘level up’ - via @FT

Lovely Sunday morning walk & swim & sheep 🥰
#LakeDistrict #Cumbria

Saskia and Kenny in front of a mountain lake
Mountain lake
View over the Lake District hills
A sheep sitting next to a stone wall

Waterfall posing and lake swimming in Grasmere Lake 🏊
#Grasmere #GrasmereLake #LakeDistrict #Cumbria

Selfie of my daughter, her boyfriend and myself in front of a small waterfall
Grasmere Lake in the Lake District
2 weeks ago

We went to the Lake District in August 2019, just before Covid hit. The weather is everything, and can change on a dime. The Wordsworth Museum tour is a must, but the scenery is unparalleled.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧
#LakeDistrict #England

the Lake District in north western England. A gorgeous blue lake with heather meadows and lovely mountains around it.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 weeks ago

It's the end of the summer holidays.

Just as a heatwave arrives!

So we got up nice and early to hike to Colwith Force, snapping some gorgeous woodland and waterfall scenery. Added extra, swirling mist and fog burning away from the mountain tops.

Plenty more photos from this day are waiting for you right here -> 👍

#landscape #photography #photo #photographie #nature #travel #autumn #fall #lakedistrict #cumbria #uk #britain #england

A double spot waterfall emerges from a thick woodland, showing signs of autumnal colours.
A view from right next alongside a crashing waterfall, seperated by crags, and its river winds off into the distance.
A winding path cuts through a field towards a forest, with mountains barely visible above as the mist and fog swirls around their tops.
A country lane, framed by bushes, trees, and dry stone walls, leads the eye towards the rust-coloured craggy fells in the distance on a sunny day.
Rob Whiting 📓
3 weeks ago

Some examples of 📷 #FoundTypography from a recent holiday to the ⛵️ #LakeDistrict. ⤵️

A painted sign on a red door reading 'Public Library'.
A faded sign on a building reading 'Bank of Liverpool Limited'.
A logo for 'British Railways' on the side of an engine.
A small sign reading ' Stan Laurel was born in this house 16th June 1890'.
3 weeks ago
Three sheep posing for the camera on a  lakeland fellside, beyond, the big mountains are topped by low clouds
John Altringham
3 weeks ago

Langdale fells, English Lake District. Unfinished - the sunlit slopes are not working but it's so easy to overdo it.

#watercolour #mountains #LakeDistrict

Watercolour. Across several rocky, shaded ridges mountain slopes are lit by the sun breaking through cloud.
3 weeks ago

View east from Scafell Pike
#hiking #lakedistrict #walking #countryside #view

3 weeks ago

Wake Up, It's A Beautiful Morning

Same view, 23 minutes apart.

Woke up before the sun had climbed over the mountain and started to burn off the overnight mists.

#Windermere #Morning #Sunrise #Mistodon #Photo #Photography #LakeDistrict #Cumbria

1 of 2 A rooftop view looking out over a collection of old buildings towards mist cloaked trees beyond in the dull light before sunrise.
2 of 2 A rooftop view looking out over a collection of old buildings towards mist cloaked trees beyond as the sun gradually burns off the mist and lights up the scene. There's even a patch of blue sky appearing through the clouds.
1 month ago

365 water voles have been released in the Lake District to hopefully create a strong population. They're very much needed as part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

#GoodNews #WaterVoles #Wildlife #Ecosystem #LakeDistrict

It was only a small break in the rain but what stunning conditions to be on a hillside in the Lake District!

#phototgraphy #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #LakeDistrict #lakedistrictphotography #mountains #Cumbria #weather #hiking #Olympus #OM1 #OMSystem

Moody skies brood over mountains in the lake district. Fields lead off into the gloom.
Helma 🤗
1 month ago

Storm Betty is coming. I think we will be okay near Windermere. The tent is superstrong (small thing in the middle) and we pitched it with protection from the wind from all sides. Rain never harmed anything inside, when others had to dry everything. And ... there is a gaming room on site. We'll wait it out. Then Wrynose and Hardknott are waiting. 🤨

#Motorbike #Touring #Ducati #Multistrada #England #Biker #LakeDistrict 💪

Tent and two motorbikes in the distance on pristine green grass. In the foreground a creek with stepping stones and a wall as steps to go up. Trees are hanging over.
Justin Farrimond
1 month ago

Valley Living 2

I dedicate this Buttermere view to my good friend Kim. We all need a bit of blue sky in our lives.

#PicOfTheDay #LandscapePhotography #PhotographyLovers #Cumbria #Buttermere #LakeDistrict #Valley

Colour photograph showing a small cottage below a steep hillside, alongside which are a row of trees.
Gabriele Pollara
1 month ago

Random fact of the day... Origin of the expression "black market"!
(discovered at Derwent Pencil Museum)
#graphite #smuggling #pencil #museum #lakedistrict #keswick #blackmarket

Richard North
1 month ago

Early morning walk before the 🌧️☔ #lakedistrict #thornthwaite

Path leading to lake with mountain behind

As we hear of the effects of the #ClimateEmergency round the world, and see #flooding in #Norway I am reminded of #StormDesmond that hit #Cumbria between 5th & 6th Dec 2015. In 48 hours #Thirlmere in #LakeDistrict recorded 405mm of rainfall in combination with severe gales up to 81mph. This was an El Nino year.

It was the 4th major storm of the autumn. The ground and the lakes were already saturated.


Road on a hillside washed almost completely away, man in waterproof gear stands at the edge of remaining road looking down at the river
Richard North
1 month ago

Lonely tree on Tom Heights yesterday with fab views to the Langdale Pikes #lakedistrict #Langdale #tree #treeoftheday

Lonely silver birch on mountain with bracken and heather.  Langdale pike mountains in the background
Iain Clark
2 months ago

Took this pic in the Lake District earlier in the week.

#Mosstodon #LakeDistrict #Moss #Woodland #Nature

A diagonal mound of light green moss with tiny upright fronds, against a backdrop of blurry trees.
3 months ago

#LakeDistrict mountainHigh Street’s main claim to fame is that it is so named because a Roman road between Ambleside and Brougham (near Penrith) ran over it. It makes for a great walk with super views. Details at

#Cumbria #Wainwrights #mountains

A small tarn sits surrounded by mountains. The footpath approaches from the foreground.
The view over Small Water (nearest) to Haweswater.
Kentmere reservoir sitting beneath the distinct peak of Ill Bell.
The concrete trig. point on High Street. The main peaks of the central  Lake District fells are across the horizon. A few scattered rocks are scattered around the trig. point.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
4 months ago

Tarn Hows is always a good bet for a lovely summer evening's walk.

It's all looking a bit dry now though.

More photos are ready for you here -> 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #summer #photo #photographie #photography #lakedistrict #cumbria #uk #britain #england

A panorama of the dead and bare trees framing a winding path around the lake into the distant fells on a clear summer's evening.
A fence through the ferns serves as a leading line down to the lake and woodland, with the mountains peaks rising above on a summer evening.
Sheep graze in the shade of a tree as golden evening light spills across the rolling land and the distant mountains beyond.
A winding country road leading into the golden forest.
Stef Robinson
4 months ago

Climbing up out of the Mickleden Valley towards Scafell Pike in the Lake District🚶‍♂️ #Langdale #LakeDistrict #Cumbria #Landscape #RobinsonRoams

A grass and rocky valley weaves its way between large mountain rains on each side with a rocky path between the hills marking the path towards the summit of Scafell Pike. More hills in the distance covered in rocky outcrops and large patches of grass.
Stef Robinson
4 months ago

Views across the Mickleden Valley and Langdale in the Lake District. This was the start of the walk towards Scafell Pike 🚶‍♂️ #Langdale #LakeDistrict #Cumbria #Landscape #RobinsonRoams

Views across green fields with a few sheep, trees and dry stone walls looking out to large hills beyond marking each side of the valley. Bright blue skies and some small white clouds hang over the hills.

Seems hard to imagine that this time last week we were beginning the long climb to the top of Bowfell then getting chased down by the clouds!

#Photography #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #LakeDistrict #Bowfell #Cumbria #Mountains #picoftheday #OMSystem #Olympus #OM1

A view towards cloud strewn mountains with the cloud edging down to a large tarn of water in the foreground.
Stef Robinson
4 months ago

Heading towards the summit of Scafell Pike 💪 #ScafellPike #Mountain #LakeDistrict #Cumbria #Landscape #RobinsonRoams

A rocky and grass covered valley heading up between mountains on each side high up towards the summit of Scafell Pike. Lots of smaller mountains are in the distance with a few white clouds and blue skies
A Fool And His Fuji
5 months ago

Time for some colour, Derwent Waters in Cumbria on a normal cloudy day here on the West Coast 😁

#photography #landscapephotography #thelakedistrict #derwent #forest #mountains #landscape #lakeshore #lakedistrict #lake #spring #fujifilm #sunshine #beach #stone #sculpture

Celtic stone sculpture on the lakeshore at Derwent Waters with cloudy sky and mountains in background
Pebble beach and trees on the lakeshore at Derwent Waters with cloudy sky and mountains in background
Pebble beach and trees on the lakeshore at Derwent Waters with cloudy sky and mountains in background
Photograph through trees at Derwent Waters with cloudy sky and mountains in background
A Fool And His Fuji
5 months ago

Cloudy Day

Simple shot over some fields but the clouds made it worth while 😀

#aerialphotography #fields #photography #clouds #dronephotography #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #fields #farming #openspaces #lakedistrict #cumbria @your_lakedistrict #your_lakedistrict

David Field
5 months ago

Day 3 - #LakeDistrict - #Buttermere
I'm lucky enough to have travelled to many places today we drove through Honister Pass and the photos on the link do not do this place justice, it's HUGE.. like Lord of the Rings/GoT epic big

More photos at

#photowalkmyworld #photography #pixel7pro #shotonpixel #travel