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1 week ago

Moon Phase Lamp Uses Rotating Shade - The Moon has fascinated humanity for centuries. These days, though, it’s a trial a... - #arduinohacks #ledhacks #moonlamp #lamp #moon

2 weeks ago

apache ubuntu 18.04 ads trailing slash at the end automatically #server #apache2 #php #uninstall #lamp

2 weeks ago

I bought an analogue panel meter recently that reads up to 60V DC full scale deflection. These are super handy for monitoring the supply rails in my #strowger #telephoneExchanges

What I love about this one is the tiny wee screw base lamps it uses for the scale illumination!

So smol!

#vintageElectronics #testGear #Meter #analogue #lightbulb #lamp #incandescent

Large rectangular analogue volt meter reading 50V. The scale is illuminated from the top with an orange glow
Tiny brass based filament lamp shown next to a metric steel rule. The brass base is approximately twice as long as the glass envelope, and has a tiny screw thread to hold it in the lamp holder.  The whole assembly is about 12mm long, and 2mm wide
Alejandro Soriano
2 weeks ago

Gracias a Orienter Express (y con ayuda de Vertex Tools), he podido hacer en unos minutos una primera aproximación a algo que nunca había tenido paciencia para hacer con geometría en SketchUp: Geometría con ratán/paja/fibras
#sketchup #orienterexpress #lamp #rattanfurniture #extensionwarehouse

Mitchell Rysavy
2 weeks ago

What's the dumbest "stack" you can come up with? Go!

- GOD: Golang OSX DynamoDB (for running a really basic AWS service really expensively)

- CAAT: Cassandra Apache Alpine TeX (academia gone wild in containerized Linux!)

#programming #fullstack #stack #lamp #web

2 weeks ago

The #BigEar status bar has ears! (Actually just a speaker for now, but room for a microphone if we want.) Featuring the newest part of my fancy #openscad lamp system.

#esphome #esp32 #wled #lamp #statusbar #snarkhome #homeassistant #5v

A black wled lamp with several added nodes including a speaker. Stripes of red, yellow and green indicate the feline proximity to various #bigear sensors
West Documentaries
3 weeks ago
Timothy Andrew
3 weeks ago

I did some after hours window shopping downtown #Ypsilanti, #Michigan circa 2017.

This is a photo I got through the display window of a resale shop at night.

I thought this lamp sculpture thingy was awesome.

💚 💜

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #StreetPhotography #Photography #Antique #Lamp

Horizontal color photo. The lamp has an S-shaped black metal stand. It has 2 short but wide cylindrical shades that fit into the S curves. The bottom left bulb is green. The top right bulb appears to be off, but that part of the frame is illuminated purplish pink.
3 weeks ago

Some phosphor dust coated tube in tubes. I was going to be filling them all today- but I forgot how unannealed borosilicate glass has a tendency to just crack on it's own when left for prolonged periods. I got the heat in part- but it's the heat out that I am forgetting.
Time to patch up cracks and wait for the kiln and technician stars to align once more. Excited to see how these coatings look.

#glass #neon #scientific #sculpture #lamp #brooklyn #flameworking #art #phosphor #borosilicate #nyc

This openness leads to "#generativity," the ability of follow-on creators and inventors to make new things based on existing things.

Generativity is the heart of the early explosive growth of the internet. From "#ViewSource" teaching millions of us to make the web to the #LAMP stack (#Linux, #Apache, #Mysql and #python/#perl) forming the substrate for billions of projects, the generative internet was - and is - the creative internet.


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3 weeks ago

Building a Giant Vacuum Tube Smart Lamp - Vacuum tubes are pretty, which is why they’re often showcased externally on exquis... - #ledhacks #valve #lamp

David Perris
3 weeks ago

Spotted in the wild, Sydney 2022

#Lamp #Jaws

Floor lamp shaped like the open mouth of a shark rising from below, with the lamp in its mouth.
4 weeks ago

kunstwerk van Kees Moerbeek, uit de serie "Essential Light." #art #Batman #lamp

Een kunstwerk van Kees Moerbeek, uit de serie "Essential Light."

Een Batman-figuur met boodschappentas staat bij de voorgevel van een miniatuurhuis, rechts van een gesloten voordeur. Links van de voordeur is een redelijk grote bollamp in de gevel gemonteerd. Batman kijkt pissig over een laag muurtje, waar schuin voor hem op de stoep twee Smurfen op een trompet blazen.

Tekstbordje: :"Batman returning home from shopping, disturbed by irritating Smurfs"
1 month ago

Yesterday I managed to turn #esphome into a #wled knockoff. (Part of my #lamp system.) If anyone else is considering it, let me gently suggest No. It *technically works*, which is the worst kind of works.

Overlapping segments are great (really!) and way more reliable than switching presets, but that is where it stops. Mostly when wled Just Does, esphome+fastled Just Doesn't.

If you were hoping to piggyback additional capabilities, you should also know that 22 LEDs in pairs (plus "all") leaves about 9% free flash. This is not enough for audio, or most sensors. And of course control suffers.

That said, don't forget that every #ledstrip is also a #5v supply and there are no rules against putting multiple magic shards in a single object..

#esp32 #homeassistant #led #leds


Wenn Du eine Domain von Provider A nach Provider B umziehst, wird alles, was Du ggf. an Mails in Mailboxen bei Provider A herumdümpeln hast, verlorengehen, wenn Du diese Mails nicht entsprechend auf neue Mailboxen bei Provider B umziehst. Dies ggf. über eine temporäre Zwischendomain.

Nebenbei: Ich gehe jetzt mal davon aus, daß wir uns über "Shared Hosting" im #LAMP-Umfeld unterhalten. Also nichts Spezielles mit eigenen Servern oder großer Infrastruktur o.ä.

1 month ago

Today is being stressful so I think I'll make #chatgpt write descriptions for my #wled #lamp (plus some random remixes of other stuff) and get it all posted on #Printables.

Alternately I could tear the #prusa hot end apart, again, and try to stop the leak, again, but I would rather just save up to replace the whole extruder.

On the automation front, #Homeassistant has gotten more talkative with the new release. I converted all the existing #google #tts to use #selfhosted #piper and now Ryan has come to work for us.

I do miss some of our original voices though. `language: en-in` was our newscaster, `en-au` told us about weather and #BigEar cat tracker reports, etc. (If you are still using google, have some fun with #tts #accents. Try sending `language: fr` with English text. We had that voice assigned to turning off lights and reminding us to close doors, and occasionally filling in when the newscaster was "out sick".)

#3dprinting #voiceassistant #homeautomation #ai

1 month ago

I'm trying to design sticker packs and... I like some of these but as a whole I dunno if they work. Was rather proud of a couple of them though so share I do. #lantern #lamp #scarab #beetle #bug #sticker #StickerArt #art #MastoArt

A series of illustrations outlined in a thick black of lanters and golden scarab beetles. It's got a rather angular style.
1 month ago

I installed php7.4 version in ubuntu and after that I am enabling mbstring in ubuntu but it keeps showing me error #2204 #apache2 #php #lamp #composer

1 month ago

It is finally time for the next #WLED #lamp test print!

I've reworked the entire codebase (all couple hundred lines of it) but mostly I just tuned some of the tolerances and added a couple of new features.

This is the first print that is potentially complete enough to mount on the wall!

#3dprinter #openscad #wled #homeautomation #homeassistant

A snapshot from OpenSCAD showing 7 hexagonal pieces with cutouts of varying design. On the bottom left are design stats such as vertices and halfedges.
1 month ago

I spent the morning on #openscad trying to remember my #geometry homework from several decades ago, and it worked! I have all my core #wled #statusbar #lamp features basically appearing where and how I want! I'm not ready to send it to the #3dprinter again because I have some features to add, but now I can confidently direct them to any part of the object at any scale.

As a reward I'm going to spend the afternoon flying #fpv next to an #AirForce transmitter site.
#whatcouldgowrong #suddenlyhelicopter
#videoblackout #los #lineofsight #lossofsignal

One of these days I should get around to building a #warflyer module out of an #esp32 and a #whoop battery. Lots of cool neighbors on that site.

A toy helicopter takes off as the camera pans back from what turns out to be a worried looking landing pad.

Good doggo wearing a toy helipad as a hat.
1 month ago

A few decades back, the Logo turtle tried to prepare me for #openscad. I should have practiced it in the interim but I'm getting there. Soon I'll post my new #wled #lamp #design for #3dprinting, but I should probably get the bugs out first. Knobs aren't helpful when adjusting them causes it to go from a hexagon to a koosh ball..

simple graphic examples of the Logo commands "forward" and "rotate" to make the turtle draw a rectangle
Nick L
2 months ago

Girl sitting by a pond

This is my first attempt in cold casting. Copper & resin.

More info can be found embedded on pictures.

Η πρώτη μου προσπάθεια σε ψυχρή χύτευση. Το υλικό είναι ρητίνη με σκόνη χαλκού σε αναλογία 40-60%
Το εγχείρημα ξεκίνησε το 2020 και τελείωσε μόλις χθες.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ανατρέξτε στις ενσωματωμένες πληροφορίες στις φωτογραφίες.

#copper #statue #lamp #tiffany #stained #glass #art #nouveau #girl #nude #sculpture #resin #pond #cast

Front aspect of the lamp illuminated.

The picture depicts a nude lady in classical pose sitting on a rock leaning over a small pond. 

She is covering her breasts with her right arm and watching eagerly the surface  of the pond.  

The shade/pond is made from stained glass in dark blue, azure, green, red pearl and orange tiffany and cathedral glass.  

The statue is made of copper powder and clear resin in 60-40% ratio

The base  structure and the pond is made with clay, wood and the same  copper powder and resin in 60-40%  ratio.
The rear side of the lamp. 

The entire project started in 2020 and finished only yesterday. 

The girl was designed in blender and a prototype was printed through a 3d printer. 

After further manipulation of the printed prototype with polymer clay, the statue was cut to pieces as the pose was too complicated for molding and then it was separately  molded. 

The blue oxidation was achieved with a mixture of Ammonia and salt.
The left side of the lamp and a good aspect of the shade. 

The shade is made with tiffany method.
Front view
Nick L
2 months ago

My first attempt in cold-casting.

This lamp took me three years and numerous failures.

The girl and pose was created with blender then 3d printed.

The statue is made from 40% clear resin, 60% copper powder.

The base is made out of clay and wood which is covered also with with resin at same ratio.

The lamp shade is stained glass.

#casting #lamp #copper #resin #nude #girl #tiffany

This is a lamp made of resin and copper  It depicts a nude girl who's covering her breasts sitting at the edge of a rock staring at a mosaic luminous pond made of green, dark blue, blue, orange, perle and red glass .
This is a lamp made of resin and copper  It depicts a nude girl who's covering her breasts sitting at the edge of a rock staring at a mosaic luminous pond made of green, dark blue, blue, orange, perle and red glass .  Front view
This is a lamp made of resin and copper  It depicts a nude girl who's covering her breasts sitting at the edge of a rock staring at a mosaic luminous pond made of green, dark blue, blue, orange, perle and red glass . 

The lamp shade is with stained glass and copper foil and t he rim with epoxy mixed with copper powder.

Does anyone know what this type of #lamp is called in English? I mean something more specific than just 'oil lamp'. In Persian it is called a 'gerd-suz', 'round burner'.

Elaine Anderson
2 months ago

Weird Marketplace Find of the Day. Various hair dryers. CW: One is shaped like a revolver.
#weirdmarketplace HairDryers #Vintage #HairCare #Salon #Lamp #Decor

Vintage hair dryer shaped like a revolver.
Green, bulky, and cylindrical, these dryers took a good hour to dry the hair.
Silver salon hair dryer repurposed into a lamp.
2 months ago

#lamp : a thin plate or lamina

- French: lumière

- German: die Lampe

- Italian: lampada

- Portuguese: lâmpada

- Spanish: lámpara


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2 months ago

Eiki Industrial
📸60mm • 1/60s f/4 2000iso
📷ILCE-7RM4 FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS
#Austria #Eiki #Vienna #art #film #lamp #projector

A close up of a film projector in a dark room. The projector is made by Eiki Industrial. At the top, there is a switch with modes for rewind, reverse, off, forward, and lamp (set to the lamp setting). Below that are four knobs (the labels are too blurry to make out). Finally, below that is one last knob and a small light that is illuminated.
ricardo :mastodon:
2 months ago

#Ubuntu 22.04 Server Installation with #LAMP Stack Setup :ubuntu:

Rafał Wileczek
2 months ago

Installing and configuring #LAMP on my old #RaspberryPi (first edition ever) – feel like I'm student in 1996 and trying my new PC with Intel Pentium 133MHz and 16MB of RAM... :O

2 months ago

fesh glass #Lamp on the Block
feels like #InfinityCube next level

camera view around a glash cube with magic infinity glass so the cude in the cube gets multiplyed
3 months ago

htmx gives PHP a meaning again.

#NodeJS #lamp #web #php #htmx

3 months ago

htmx gives PHP a meaning again.

#NodeJS #lamp #web #php #htmx

Izaskun Gracia Quintana
3 months ago
Fotografía en blanco y negro de una lámpara en una pared.
Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
3 months ago

While the #Greek #magical papyri assume a knowledge of the modus operandi in lamp and bowl divination, this #Egyptian magical #papyrus describes it in great detail.

Free #translation with many comments and a detailed introduction to the papyrus:

#ancientmagic #egyptology #demotic #pgm #papyri #divination #lamp #bowl #ancient #papyrology

“(The London-Leiden Magical Papyrus) is closely connected with the Greek magical papyri from Egypt of the same period, but, being written in demotic, naturally does not reproduce the Greek hymns which are so important a feature of those papyri.
The influence of purely Greek mythology also is here by comparison very slight - hardly greater than that of the Alexandrian Judaism which has supplied a number of names of Hellenistic form to the demotic magician.
Mithraism has apparently contributed nothing at all; Christianity probably only a deformed reference to the Father in Heaven.
On the other hand, as might have been expected, Egyptian mythology has an overwhelmingly strong position, and whereas the Greek papyri scarcely go beyond Hermes, Anubis, and the Osiris legend, the demotic magician introduces Khons, Amon, and many other Egyptian gods.
Also, whereas the former assume a knowledge of the modus operandi in divination by the lamp and bowl, the latter describes it in great detail.”
Griffith, Thompson, The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden (1904), p. v.
Image: PDM/PGM XIV, sheet 4, late 2nd or early 3rd century, Egypt. AMS 65 © Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
4 months ago

„Tibetan Butter Lamp“ was taken in a Tibetian monastry. The lamps traditionally burn clarified yak butter. The Tibetian offer the lighted butter lamps to representing the illumination of wisdom.

#Photography #China #Tibet #Travel #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Himalaya #Buddha #Budddhism #Lamp #Monastry

A burning Tibetan butter lamp
Silvio Tamaso D'Onofrio
4 months ago

With full joy I will be talking in #LibrePlanet 2023 about a free system for cataloguing challenging museum-libraries items like manuscripts and books with dedication/marginalia.

@fsf #FreeSoftwareFoundation #FreeSoftware #MESICON #LAMP #Linux #Apache #MySQL #PHP #SHA3

John Conway
4 months ago

I remember when it was just #LAMP,* there were no frameworks for the backend, and there really wasn't any frontend programming at all. Those were the days!

*Or if you were really fruity, LAPP. I was not that fruity.

n8chz ⒶⒺ
5 months ago

@LibertyForward1 I started a #Friendica instance simply because #LAMP-stack #hosting is the only thing immediately accessible to me, but my installation is buggy and I have no clue what's wrong or how to fix.

Mayank Gupta
5 months ago

There is a side effect of using @ddev - it will make you more techie!

On a serious note - you will not find a better local development solution! If you are into #LAMP #LEMP stack then this should be your local development environment.

It officially supports #WordPress #Drupal #Typo3 and many more. Well, any PHP application should just work!

AJ Venter
5 months ago

I'm very happy with how this #3dprint #moon #lamp came out.
#lithophane is amazing.

thomas 🌸
6 months ago

I kind of forgot how annoying it is to maintain a server and why the shift to static site generators became popular. I used to write a lot of #LAMP #PHP #MYSQL projects, and while it's not terribly difficult to keep them running once they're up, the databases complicate things. Cost is also a big factor. It became much more desirable to convert a site to static HTML and host it on GitHub Pages because you never have to think about it again and it's free. #webdev #webdevelopment #html #databases

n8chz ⒶⒺ
6 months ago

@peepstein @samim #Mastodon appears to me to be at stage B, with its two tier #instance/account distinction. #Friendica is also stage B, but maybe a baby step or so in the direction of stage C; as a #LAMP stack/shared #hosting friendly/non root installable app it has relatively low entry barriers to the #server side.

Scott Williams 🐧
6 months ago

@royal @major It's on my home network on secondhand hardware. I use a dynamic DNS service and do a port forward of 80/443 at the router to the box and use Let's Encrypt for TLS. I run mine on #Fedora (kept fully updated/upgraded) as a basic #LAMP stack.

6 months ago

#lamp : a thin plate or lamina

- French: lumière

- German: die Lampe

- Italian: lampada

- Portuguese: lâmpada

- Spanish: lámpara


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6 months ago

@wulliebroon for that outcome alone, the experiment was worth it



I was thinking about this video about the #IndieWeb and I realized that, due to my early interest in computers, I had contact with some old technologies that today make me feel a bit older. Stuff like:

- #StaticWebsite hosted by an ISP
- Making websites with the #LAMP stack before #HTML5 was a thing
- Deploying websites with #FTP
- Using #LaTeX for middle school stuff
- Seeing people argue about #vim vs #emacs
- Hosting #Moodle & #Mediawiki on the home computer

Richard Outram
7 months ago

A winter sunset looking from Bangor pier up towards Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge).

I was the last person left on the pier, the gatekeeper about to lock up. I had to run down the pier, camera still attached to the tripod, to get there before he started shouting at me!

Pier pressure indeed!

#cymru #wales #bangor #sunset #pier #machlud #porthaethwy #menaibridge #gwynedd #landscape #landscapephotogrphy #coast #lamp #lamppost #tranquil #calm

Sunset looking up the Menai Straits from Bangor pier. A lamppost points upwards towards a clear patch in the sky.

#Introductions time. I'm Grant and I am the admin of I live in #Christchurch and I decided to run my own instance of #mastodon to get to know more about how it works. Experienced admin on several #NZ #forums. My knowledge is in #PHP, #MySQL, #Apache running #ubuntu (#LAMP). I used to work in IT and have covered #helpdesk, desktop support and #infrastructure within AD environments.

Antigen-Tests sind schnell, PCR-Tests genau. Fraunhofers "Pathogen Analyzer" vereint die Vorteile beider und liefert schon nach 20 bis 40 Minuten ein Ergebnis.
Coronavirus: Schnelle, günstige und verlässliche Alternative zum PCR-Test
Jeni Grant
7 months ago

Fellow #webdev #nerds:

I'm looking to move my primary hosting off of #aws and onto something more cost efficient and less corporate.

Looking for suggestions for both:

Upgrading my methods of hosting and deploying as I know that I have built my empire on kludge.
Changing my hosting to somewhere not owned by billionaires. Not owned by capitalists at all would be great but probably unrealistic.

#webdev wise I work from a basic #linux (pick a flavor, any flavor) container with #apache that I throw up and either use #nodejs or #lamp (#wordpress, mostly) for whatever I'm working on. As I am old and cranky I prefer my containers to be as self-contained as possible.

I have a single micro instance running 24/7 that serves as a personal server. I would eventually like to set up some sort of distributed #fediverse project on it so I can reduce my data dependency on big corporations. I'll occasionally put up other instances as I'm working on projects, and pull them down when I'm done.

Because #networking is not my strong point I have a kludged together something in AWS using #ELB that is pretty expensive for the single instance and I'm sure is a large part of where I'm going wrong. My DNS is managed by Amazon but my domains are registered elsewhere. Everything else seems reasonable for what I'm paying.

Netlify looks interesting but also slick and corporate. I really just want something I can poke in a command line every now and again. Managed networking would be super-nice, managed servers not so much.


#crowdsourcing #webdevelopment #hosting

n8chz ⒶⒺ
7 months ago

@aral One thing that is needed is a beginner-level #tutorial on the subject of "dealing with the #hosting industry." I don't know the ins and outs of procuring any kind of hosting other than #LAMP stack, which, as far as I know, won't accommodate #Mastodon.