Shiny Amygdala, ph.D
11 hours ago

Landlord came in today with maintenance. Saw the mold and blamed us for it being there even though there's a leaky gutter on the other side of the closet wall. Our closet was tidy. I keep my mobility scooter in there and we store one of the children's extra medical supplies in there, protected inside black plastic garbage bags. The landlord saw what was in the bags because two of them were open and the medical supplies were inside. He literally called our belongings "trash" and that the mold was there because of all our "garbage" (medical supplies and my mobility scooter)

The maintenance man had to saw a hole in the wall and and look around.

He covered it with plastic and left.

We aren't hearing word back about when they are finishing the repair or what to expect.

We need to file a claim with our renters insurance because we had to throw out all the families shoes and winter boots, 4 coats and $300 worth of medical supplies that we were storing in there, because it was all covered in that mold.

The landlord called our belongings trash, all while tossing our things out of our closet (our belongings that were stored in there are ruined from mold)
We video and audio recorded the entire interaction

Here's what our wall looks like now, and we are expected to clean up the drywall and mold mess they left behind

#LandLords #Michigan #rent #HousingCrisis #disability #discrimination #CivilRights #Housing #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #Section8 #Families

View of inside entryway closet shows a large square hole cut into drywall
 Dust and dirt are on the floor beneath it. 

The hole is covered with clear plastic

So in the latest revision of its methods, it now seems that past #rental price data has under-stated rent rises;

So, things have been worse for renters than we thought... and it looks like while #inflation may be dropping, its decline may be partly slowed by better data on #landlords raising rates.

2023 has not been a good year for the ONS!

h/t FT

Getting Rid of #Gas #Stoves Could Lead to Mass Renovictions
#Fossilfuel #emissions from buildings account for 10-15% of California’s #carbon emissions, and building industry as a whole accounts for a quarter of state’s emissions. #Decarbonizing #California's housing stock could have some serious unintended consequences for #renters. Another bill seeks to curb “renovictions” by increasing the relocation costs that #landlords are required to pay when #evicting #tenants.

brad m
5 days ago

“this could put some #ebike owners in a difficult position: choose between a mode of #transportation used for work, errands, and fun - or give up their lease. 
One proposition is for #landlords and management companies to provide #ebike parking and charging stations either on-site in a garage or just off-site, eliminating the need for tenants to keep #ebikes in apartments” #NewYork #NYC #mobility #housing

While Savills (an estate agent) may not be a neutral source, equally they likely have a pretty good idea what is happening in rented #housing.

Their predictions for a continuing above #inflation rise in rents next year, driven by a shortage of properties & #landlords financing (and other) costs, suggest in 2024 the #housingcrisis in the UK will get even worse.

In the end the key answer to this mess is pretty simple:

what is needed is:

1 week ago

these #nazi #fascist #rightwing #parasite #landlords take #rent each fortnight then invite me to a #social gathering to rub salt in the wound.... fuck you landlords! :antifa_100:

Steve Maclellan
1 week ago

'Homeless overnight': She works full time, and sleeps in her car

'Homeless overnight': She works full time, and sleeps in her car
Eldritch Muscle
2 weeks ago

Can you imagine how terrible it would be if people who owned housing plots in FFXIV could “rent out” their plot to other players? During this “rent” period the tenant can redecorate as they want, but at any time the “real” owner can revoke access.

How long would it be before all housing was owned by a handful of the wealthiest guilds and “rent” increased to outrageous levels?

That’s why real world landlords are antithetical to a civilized world. #ffxiv #landlords

2 weeks ago

*These slumlords are scum & exploit marginalized folks for rent profits. Hope they get maximum penalties.*

The #landlords of an #EastVancouver apartment building consumed by fire this Summer was in court Monday, facing allegations the building was #unsafe.

Fu Ren declined to comment outside the #Vancouver courthouse. Inside, he and his wife Feng Yan pleaded guilty to six of 20 #fire code #violations they were facing related to the building.


Paul Chambers
2 weeks ago

Landlords in Cincinnati can now be fined and jailed for allowing rental spaces to fall below 70 degrees once the outside temperature drops below 60 degrees for 24 consecutive hours.

In 2022, almost 400 reports were filed for inadequate heat with the health department. #Cincinnati #Ohio #legal #Health #Renters #Landlords .

2 weeks ago

'Bedsit Britain: 160,000 people in England crammed into unlicensed housing'

'Intelligence compiled by councils suggests there are almost 32,000 unlicensed large houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). These are believed to be home to at least 159,340 tenants, who are often drawn by cheaper rents amid the cost of living crisis.'

#housing #Accommodation #UK #austerity #bedsit #landlord #landlords #property

Another day, another report on how the #costoflivingcrisis has driven the poor & low paid into the hands of exploitative #landlords, who have no interest in providing decent #housing, but rather treat tenants as animals that are bingo farmed for rent...

Just one more but of evidence that the housing crisis is essentially a crisis of a lack of social housing, which will not be solved by subsidising first-time buyers Mr Hunt!

2 weeks ago

' “I was trying to help a tenant recently, and their landlord is an LLC that’s registered to a different LLC, and that is registered to a different LLC, which traces back to a company in Kansas City, whose whole purpose is to sign the building documents so you’re an untraceable owner,” said Gallagher. “And then those folks will claim they’re a small landlord to get certain kinds of government assistance.” '

#landlords #tenants #fraud #LimitedLiabilityCompanies

3 weeks ago

#DOJ Backs Tenants in Case Alleging Price-Fixing by Big #Landlords and a #RealEstate Tech Company

A 2022 ProPublica investigation about RealPage’s rent-setting software led to federal lawsuits asserting inflated #apartment prices.

#Housing #Apartments #PrivateEquity #News #CriminalJustice #Homes #CivilRights #Inflation

Photograph of an outdoor sign bearing the name of RealPage, the tech company named in the lawsuit.
PoliticalPuffin in the UK
3 weeks ago

@RedForkian @RedForkian We here in the UK feel ya 😞 The last option appeals to me. Trouble is we no longer have commons. Someone has 'property rights' of every square inch of the planet. You pay the rich one way or another, they've made sure if that. Reform will not change this. Only a new system will.

#rent #commons #Landlords #Socialism #Capitalism #Communism

Maureen Landes, REALTOR!
3 weeks ago

With the global real estate market being a trillion-dollar industry, it’s no wonder why property investment is such an attractive option for many investors.

Read more 👉

#PropertyInvestment #PropertyInvesting #Landlords

3 weeks ago

Despite Violations, Residential Hotels Got Contracts Under the #LosAngeles Mayor’s #Homelessness Program

A city law sought to prevent low-cost #housing from turning into #hotels, but some #landlords rented to tourists anyway.

That didn’t stop them from receiving city funds for a new temporary #shelter program.

Photo of Tommy Lachenmyer, 36, in in his room at Las Palmas Hotel, where he's lived since a fire ripped through a Hollywood encampment near where he slept. 

Photo Credit: Barbara Davidson for ProPublica
PJ Coffey
3 weeks ago

Today I learnt about rent strikes. Very interesting.
@neil - “Revenge of the Renter”

This is a fascinating, scary article, about the impact of investment-centric landlords on communities in Canada, and the risks and opportunities of ongoing rent strikes.

#rent #rentStrikes #landlords #collectiveAction #Activism

3 weeks ago

Revenge of the #Renter

Hundreds of #tenants, struggling to afford skyrocketing rents, are refusing to pay their #landlords at all. They call it a #RentStrike. The landlords say it’s illegal. An inside look at the frontier of a growing #ClassWar

Jason McBride November 9, 2023

"33 King was an inexpensive, aging highrise, but it was a bastion of affordability in a city that seemed to grow more expensive every year. In 2010, the couple moved into a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor that rented for less than $1,000. Two years later they had their first child, Xavier. [Their rent initially was $700 a month. It has more than doubled!]

"Then, in 2013, the landlord, a company called Realstar, informed Henry that her rent was going up that year by 5.5 per cent. She was confused. 33 King was rent-controlled—increases were capped in 2013 at 2.5 per cent. But there was a loophole: in Ontario, landlords can apply for what’s called an above guideline increase, or #AGI, to make major repairs. Realstar fixed the roof and elevators that year, so Henry thought it might be a one-off. When it happened again the next year, with an increase of 3.8 per cent, well above that year’s 0.8 per cent guideline, she and her neighbours were incensed. They’d long talked about deteriorating conditions in the building and regular maintenance that seemed to go undone. Some felt the AGIs were simply a way for #Realstar to boost the value of its asset by squeezing extra money out of its tenants.

"In 2017, Henry started working on the assembly line at a Chrysler plant in nearby Brampton, and became a member of Unifor. It was the first time she’d joined a union, and it was exciting to be part of a group of people banding together to fight for their rights. Energized by that experience, in 2018, she helped form a tenants’ association at 33 King to fight future AGIs. Still, they kept coming—in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

That year, a company called #DreamUnlimited, a #realestate giant with $23 billion worth of assets, bought 33 King. Because the 2019 and 2021 AGIs were still pending approval by Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board, or LTB, Dream inherited the applications. Henry and other tenants wasted no time making their feelings about them known to the new owners. Working with the York South-Weston #TenantUnion, or YSWTU—an umbrella organization for 13 tenants’ associations in the area—they staged protests, called Dream’s president, Michael Cooper, and went to the media in a bid to have the AGIs cancelled.

"The movement hasn’t come without consequences. Dream has initiated eviction proceedings for more than 70 tenants at 33 King, and Starlight has started them for 75 in Thorncliffe Park. More are likely to come, but the strikers have remained resolute, the fear of losing their homes outweighed by the impossibility of continuing the status quo.

"Their fights are just beginning. Tenant #activism is flaring across the country as renters face skyrocketing rents and deteriorating living conditions in the most brutal #housing market in memory. Whatever their outcome, the Toronto rent strikes are the latest, loudest volley in a brewing class war."

#Toronto #TenantActivism #Canada #HousingMarket #UnaffordableHousing #TenantsRights #CorporateLandlords #Greed

4 weeks ago

'Intentions vary. Some buy property to flip it. Others are the type of landlords who dominate the rental market in Britain, hoping to grab a fat yield on a decrepit two-bed house in Stoke. Sometimes, although rarely, people plan to live in it themselves. Fundamentally, the British dream is not owning your own home, it is owning someone else’s.'

#landlord #landlords #rent #UK #property #HomesUnderTheHammer #RentalHousing

Maine DSA
4 weeks ago

For the second time this year, #PortlandMaine voters have turned out in overwhelming support of #RentControl and #TenantRights and voted against a referendum designed to increase #landlords’ profits and decrease #tenant protections. We are so proud of this city of ours, but the fight doesn’t end here.

The text "Portland voters say no on a" is above the city of portland skyline. the city skyline is tinted red.
Anna Anthro
1 month ago

#Italy to seize $835m from #Airbnb in tax evasion inquiry.

“Prosecutors say the firm failed to collect a tax from landlords on around €3.7bn of rental income.

#Landlords in Italy are required to pay a 21% tax on their earnings.”

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

#BilboToday has declared a #dog bed day. Outside, we have "Soiweddr", Alsatian for Sauwetter, or dirty weather. You know, when pigs find enough mud to roll around.🐷 I'll never understand why a #UK dog breed doesn't like #rain but Bilbo #Beagle mix told me that his ancestors once sat beside the open fire. He told me #beagles had always been #landlords, who kept twolegs and horses for fun. And I do believe him everything, as a silly twoleg! 😄 So have a comfortable #weekend! #DogsOfMastodon

Black brown beagle mix lying in his bed in maximum comfort. The coloured blanket covers the body from the shoulders downwards.
IT News
1 month ago

WeWork Bankruptcy Would Deal Another Blow to Ailing N.Y. Office Market - The fallout would be particularly hard for landlords already struggling with piling debt ... - #rentingandleasing(realestate) #realestate(commercial) #weworkcompaniesinc #bankruptcies #newyorkcity #landlords

1 month ago

Got a statement of account from our now previous #landlords. This was my response to them:

"$12K? Haha. So you want us to pay the entire balance of our lease after we were given 72 hours to get out in order to avoid attorney's fees in the midst of my family burying my father and now we don't even live there anymore?"

They also charged us $350 trash removal fee, because we didn't get enough time to finish cleaning out our apartment.. ya know, because my father had just fucking died.

We'd been led to believe We would only be owing our balance as of when we moved out. That was the whole point of us scrambling and leaving several important things behind. If I'd known they were going to pull this shit, I would have sat my ass there and waited until they had the sheriff throw us out. Seems like quite a nice arrangement for them, we pay for a year's #rent on an apartment they've just rented out to someone else.

Ang Black
1 month ago

14 big #landlords used software to collude on #rent prices, DC lawsuit says | Ars Technica

> Suit claims employees were told pricing outside the algorithm was "unacceptable."


1 month ago

Also, i just found out that the reason seemingly everybodys rent is skyrocketing this month is because landlords use this specific app to price your rent and the app has figured out its more profitable to go after whales and have lots of empty units than have them all full at reasonable rates. So yeah, fuck #rent and #landlords. 9 people in my apts moved out this week cause of this shit. The look on everyone's faces: "tomorrow is the first of the month." Should be fucking illegal.

The continuing (worsening) #housingcrisis is reaching the point where it may bankrupt local councils who no longer have the resources to fulfil their statutory #housing responsibilities.

If you think this is some awful accident & a combination of issues that no-one could have predicted then, I'm afraid, you've missed the point of decades of #Tory housing policy.

This has been (and continues to be) part of a drive to end local #democracy while enriching #landlords!

Idris (They/Them)
1 month ago

I’m so fed up with the letting agents. There’s a new app we’ve been told to use to report maintenance etc. Everytime I use it, there’s nothing to show me that it’s been seen, just an acknowledgement that they have at least seen it would be good.

So I ring, they don’t answer, or if they do they take details then say the issue has been dealt with (on the app) but nothing has been done about the problems.

#LettingAgents #LandLords #RentingProblems

Shiny Amygdala, ph.D
1 month ago

Just got off of a call with an attorney for free legal advice through the legal aid of Mid Michigan legal help line.

Weweee.. what a call!

So, I only have enough energy to write about ONE THING DISABLED PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW:

that withholding rent in an escrow account until landlord makes repairs advice we all keep hearing from housing advocacy orgs--- that is NOT TRUE for disabled people on SSI!

After the first month, all the other funds in an escrow account count as ASSETS, even though it's meant for the landlord.

So, If you are disabled on SSI THIS IS NOT A LEGAL OPTION YOU CAN TAKE, not if you want to lose all your benefits.

If I remember, I'll tell you what the lawyer told us about section 8 in this situation--- actions that section 8 voucher recipients can take, what section 8 can do to "help", and what the risks associated with section 8 "stepping in" are

So, between section 8, Social Security Income, and the landlord, we are between a rock and a steel-spiked wall with a floor that's shaking and wobbling us around, while the walls are slowly closing in on us

#SocialSecurity #Michigan #Legal #LegalAid #Landlords #rent #housing #housingCrisis #Section8 #disability #Disabled #LGBTQIA

1 month ago
1 month ago

Ok, the #landlords are enjoying seeing their property rise in price. But these houses are slowly deteriorating. In this climate, the only way to keep a house in good condition is to have someone living there, keeping the house warm and dry, and fixing minor wear and tear.

But these properties just stand there, empty, slowly deteriorating.

Even from the wildest capitalist perspective, this is insane. You can rent the house and it will earn you money while you wait for the right time to sell

1 month ago

Remote employees ‘don’t work as hard’, says head of world’s biggest commercial landlord | Working from home | The Guardian

#rr #remotework #hybridwork #returntooffice #ceo #landlords #realestate #uk

1 month ago

Might be a bit too actionable for what it was intended for, but I think it's a perfectly valid er... "request".
#Landlord #landlords #landlordism #equity #investment #LandlordsAreTheVirus #LandlordsAreBastards #AllLandlordsAreBastards Inspired by #SaulBass

A rundown house with a terrified man in a suit running away from it. The front door of the house is replaced with an enormous face that fills the whole doorway. The face has a sinister smirk.

The caption reads "We pay the landlord's mortgage...

How corporate landlords are eroding affordable housing — and prioritizing profits over human rights #CorporateLandlords #Greedflation #Landlords #Profit #Inflation #Renting #AffordableHousing #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Adrian Riskin 🇵🇸🍉
2 months ago

Leaving apartments vacant can increase landlords' profits, so arguments that building more units will automatically lower rent are essentially self-serving bullshit.

#Housing #Homelessness #Landlords #VacancyRates #FuckOffYIMBYs

Here's a #Housingcrisis Q. for you:

The number of properties for (private) rent is at a 14 year low.

Private #landlords are selling up being unable to make a profit at current #mortgage levels.

This suggests (to FT) that commercial 'build-to-rent' firms may now expand their operations to respond to demand.

So the Q. is: are #renters better off renting from individual landlords or from large rental firms?

There are many other vital issues in #housing, but this may become a big(get) issue?

@reuvenim They're all personally and organizationally deeply invested in the whole real estate system, whether their specific companies do anything related to it or not.
It's #landlords all the way down.

Maine DSA
2 months ago

We are once again asking you to vote NO on Question A 🙄

If Question A passes, thousands of tenants will be stripped of their #RentControl and once again be left at the whims of private #Landlords We need every tenant in #PortlandMaine to turn out to #vote on November 7th to tell landlords No! (on A).

Bernie Sanders with text reading "I am once again asking you to vote no on a"
While Portland residents were out voting NO on A on June 13, 2023, landlords were collecting signatures to launch another attempt to roll back rent control.
Meet Question A (again):
Question A would kick thousands of tenants off of our city's existing rent control protections by making units run by a landlord with fewer than 10 units exempt from rent control.
We're mad, too.

Join us in voting NO on Question A on November 7th... again.
2 months ago

Last month, Scottish landlords were saying Short Term Let regulations were "pogroms". This month, they are just like the Highland Clearances. Can't wait for October! :Cat_angery:

#ScotPol #Landlords

Tweet from The Scottish B&B Association:

It’s desperately sad to hear of so many brilliant B&Bs closing because of #STLlicensing, like this one today in the Highlands:

There's an image with text:

We unfortunately will not be continuing after 1st Oct as a direct result of the draconian requirements demanded now by the Scottish Government. 

We liken it to a modern day version of the 1750 Highland Clearances which, in our opinion, is going to destroy the unique Scottish hospitality that we have in the Highlands.
2 months ago

"You landlords, you rent-raisers, I may say you steplords, you unnatural lords, you have already too much."
-Hugh Latimer, Bishop during the English Reformation #rent #landlords #realestate #wealthinequality #history #EnglishHistory #reformation

The #Economics of Open Source talk by @evancz was really great, insightful and funny - and also a bit depressing. When someone like Evan can't release a feature because of fear of being "Jeff-ed" (outcompeted in trying to monetize by providing hosting by AWS and other large players) ...

It's hard to make money to throw at this if you're not one of the #Internet #Landlords


Evan Czaplicki, author of Elm, on stage with a slide showing all the job functions that need to be done around developing and supporting a programming language
Donald Roy
2 months ago


#conservatives in the #uk have never seen the point of home #insulation. In 1979 they scrapped a ring-fenced budget for it that had been phased to enable #uk industry to expand its capacity to provide it.

Crucially what they scrapped yesterday would have cost #private #landlords money - just as they keep on delaying a promised bill to ban "no fault" evictions of #renters !

Jessie (they/she)
2 months ago

So back in my flat for the academic year. On Sunday, got woken up by my noisy neighbour with his 20,000db subwoofer. I went to make my lunch, turned on the oven, to find that it was smoking... It blew the fuse on the fusebox. So I open the fuse box door, which falls off the fusebox... I try to remount the fusebox door, in doing so _the entire fusebox_ moves. So its not securely mounted to the wall. I then found out my washer drier is broken.

Fuck #landlords, fuck #capitalism

As the #housingcrisis continues to be compounder by #inflation & the #Costoflivingcrisis you'll be unsurprised to know that #homelessness is rising....

While some of this is driven by increases in #rent (becoming unaffordable), the main driver is due to #landlords wishing to vacate the property either to see or to re-let the property under different conditions (up 27% in Q1/23).

And, 'no fault' forced evictions are up 41%, driving people into council's temporary accommodation.

Its inhumane!

3 months ago

“We have no tolerance for investors who come into Cincinnati, let properties degrade and exploit tenants," said Mayor Aftab Pureval in a statement. "VineBrook's neglectful behavior has caused significant harm to renters, and the city of Cincinnati will fight back with everything we have to protect our residents."

#VinebrookHomes #landlords

3 months ago

‘Banning no-fault evictions won’t stop landlords making us homeless’

The government has touted the Renters Reform Bill as a fix for tenants facing unfair eviction. But there’s a problem.

#Housing #Landlords #RentersReformBill #England #UKGovernment #Homelessness

3 months ago

“Maintenance requests went unanswered for weeks,” a former VineBrook tenant told NBC News. “At one point there was an infestation of bugs I had to remedy myself because they wouldn’t fix it. The shower broke, the heating was messed up. Only when I put my rent into escrow with the court and withheld payments, that’s when they came and remedied what was wrong.”
#VinebrookHomes #landlords

Thomas Sobieck 🐘
3 months ago

Won't someone think of the landlords?!

#landlords #nytimes

NYTimes Headline: All That Empty Office Space Belongs to Someone

Subheadline: If the nearly 100 million square feet of office real estate stays empty, who loses?
Adrian Riskin 🇵🇸🍉
3 months ago

A great deal of discussion about police abolition concerns non-police responses to violent crime, but most police work is unrelated to violent crime. Most, maybe all, of this is economic in nature – designed to keep working people from using productive property to meet their own needs directly – to keep the commons enclosed. This work means the police are inextricably integrated into the economy in surprising ways that are largely undiscussed in the context of abolition, which would trigger monumental, almost unimaginable changes in how we as a society meet our human needs through work. It’s likely that the end of policing would mean the end of capitalism, which suggests that it won’t be easy to achieve given the magnitude of what’s at stake.

#Abolition #PoliceAbolition #Capitalism #Police #ACAB #LosAngeles #Anarchy #Anarchism #Enclosure #Commons #Landlords #TenantsRights #Squatting

4 months ago

Today in Labor History August 14, 1850: A squatters' riot occurred in Sacramento, California. At the time, Sacramento was an unincorporated territory. Many people had moved to the region for the gold rush, resulting in land speculation and skyrocketing rents. The squatters vowed to defend their claims by force and created their own militia, consisting of dozens of men. The property owners called in the regional militia, with over 500 men. 2 squatters and 3 militiamen died in the battles, as well as 2 bystanders.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #squat #housing #sacramento #massacre #riot #gold #speculation #landlords

Plaque commemorating the Sacramento Squatters' Riot
Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

August 4
The deadline. Dave told her previously that if she didn't have her stuff out by the end of the day today, we were coming over and hauling it away. No response.

We arrive at 5:00pm. She's there and she's got a friend there, helping her haul stuff out on the deck. We go inside to look around. There is a lot of stuff still to be packed up.

I remark that she's filled all the holes, but she hasn't sanded any of them. I know it's ungracious of me, but I was incredibly upset.

Then the bathroom door opens and out wanders this lady we've never seen before. And there's a smell. Dave describes it as smelling sweet and chemical. I can't describe it at all, but it's strong and unpleasant.

We don't know what the woman was doing in the bathroom. She was in there for fifteen minutes at least, because that's how long we were in the living room for. There was no toilet flush and with no shower curtain in the bathroom, we decide she wasn't having a shower.

Dave contacts a friend who might be able to tell him if the smell was drug-related. The friend listens to his description and asks if it smells like "wrong candy". Dave immediately says that's the right description. The friend says she was probably smoking meth. But the good news is that the smell doesn't linger and soak in, like cigarette or pot smoke.

We work to get her stuff out of the house and on to the deck. Friends come over to help us. We take the stuff outside and our tenant and her crew pack it and put it on the trailer.

#tenants #landlords #rent #drugs #meth

Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

July 31
We show up at the house after work to collect our keys from the tenant. There's no point in doing a walk-through because Dave's given her back her damage deposit already.

She hasn't started packing. I have a panic attack. She says she's lost the keys. I throw up behind the car.

August 1
Still no movement. She says she's trying, but she needs more time. We go home and I have a panic attack that we're never getting our house back.

August 2
Someone's parked a flat deck trailer in the driveway. There's nothing on it, but it's there. She still doesn't know where the keys are.

August 3
Stuff is being loaded on the trailer, but there's still a lot of stuff in the house. She tells us she's filled at the holes in the walls from the stuff she hung up. So at least there's that, I guess.

#tenants #rent #landlords #moving

Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

So. We get my parents moved in. And you'd think that would be the end of the story.

Except it isn't.

Dave and I found ourselves stuck with three houses and we only need two (one for us, one for my parents).

So we put the little blue house from the first post up for sale. Everyone told us we should rent it out while we wait for it to sell. There's a big construction project going on in our town and all of the hotels are booked up with the workers. Everyone assured us that the house would be rented in no time.

We resisted because we both have issues with landlords, never mind actually being landlords.

But we listed it in the winter. And apparently no one buys houses in the winter.

By the time February rolled around, we were getting desperate. Remember how I mentioned we extended every available credit option? Well, now there were bills to pay. And a house sitting empty that no one wanted to buy that still had mortgage payments and utilities.

We caved. We advertised renting the place out. Lots of people were interested, so we'd arrange a time to show them the place and they wouldn't show up.

The only person who did show up was a relative of someone we work with. She's a young, single mother on benefits. She loved the place and our friend assured us she was a model tenant. All she wanted was a cozy little place for her child to feel at home in.

How could we say no? We dropped the rent for her. She said she had construction experience and asked if she could drywall the attic (which had insulation and plastic, but no drywall) for us. So we dropped the rent further to compensate for her work.

The only thing, which we made sure she knew and was clear on, was that the house was still for sale. There might be people coming to look at it. It might sell.

If it sold, we assured her that we knew, by law, she would need to be given 90 days notice. That would be part of any sale. So we did a month-to-month lease. She was good with that. She just really needed a place. We all signed the contract.

#rent #landlords #tenants

4 months ago

#Landlords partner with $illegal #Airbnb operators to evict long-term tenants, raise rents and inflate property values. Everyone wins — except people who need a place to live.

#Canada #Quebec #Montreal #HousingCrisis #RentersRights #Evictions

4 months ago

How We Found What the City of Los Angeles Didn’t: #Landlords Renting Low-Cost #Housing to Tourists

Hotel ads, booking sites and guest reviews. Tourists staying in rooms meant for low-cost housing. Yet the city’s Housing Department has cited few landlords for violating the residential #hotel law.

#LosAngeles #California #LA #Homes #HousingCrisis #Hotels

5 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: Campaigners say ‘rental guarantee’ insurance policies drive discrimination and need tighter regulation.

One email we saw from a “rent guarantee” provider urged a landlord to issue a ‘no fault’ eviction notice – a practice the government has long vowed to ban – because a tenant in a south London flat did not have three years’ worth of UK credit history after recently moving to the UK.

#housing #uk #uknews #insurance #landlords #eviction #London #tenants

Thomas Rigby
5 months ago
Look, I'm a reasonable landlord... But times are tough and we both need to pull together to pay off my mortgage

Ben jennings 23.06-2023

"Corporate landlords caused billions in lost wealth, study says"


By measuring the concentration of corporate ownership on the neighborhood level and adjusting for other factors affecting home buying, An found the rental home industry accounted for about one-quarter of the decline in homeownership over the decade he studied.

Homeownership, in other words, fell by about 1.3 percentage points on average because of corporate landlords, [Georgia Tech School of Public Policy Assistant Professor Brian] An’s research found. And effects were more pronounced for Black families, whose dip in homeownership attributable to corporate landlords was three times larger.

Those single-digit declines roughly translated to an estimated $5 billion in property value, according to the study, the vast majority of which would have otherwise been in the hands of Black homeowners.

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6 months ago
"Many #landlords, however, have expressed #concerns over the #proposal, saying it will be a #financial #burden and are urging the committee to pursue other options, like broadening access to #cooling centers with #freetransit for renters."
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"Everyone today is born with a kind of existential debt. From the moment you emerge, you’re in a space that belongs to someone else, and from then on, money is spent each day to give you access to the space you require to exist."

Jehan Azad and Uri Bram for #WIRED:

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Another terrible consequence of the brutal combination of the #Costoflivingcrisis & the #housingcrisis;

the growing incidence of male #landlords demanding sex for reductions in rent;

lets be clear this is rape (however its 'justified' by the perpetrators)...

Each week, I think surely the country cannot sink any lower, and each week I'm proved wrong.

Oh don't worry, it's actually just several 1.8V lithium batteries in series. #ebikes #landlords

An email from my community manager titled "notice of rules change: e-bikes and e-scooters prohibited". The full text is too long for captions and will be posted as a reply.

The continuing lack of action of #nofault evictions is a classic bit of #Tory declaratory politics...

again & again Tory ministers have vowed to improve #renters rights & protections, but then have not delivered on these promises.

One might conclude then when push comes to shove, often being #landlords themselves & certainly knowing many friends who are renting out properties, #Tories are unwilling to curtail the 'rights' of landlords to chuck tenants out at will!

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Now this is some #engrish that I can get behind. I ain't got no love for #landlords.

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Near Milwaukee, the lives of landlord Todd Brunner and tenant Angelica Belen intersect in a house that catches fire.

What came before and after shows there’s one kind of justice for those who own and another for those who rent.

This heartbreaking report from Pulitzer winners Ken Armstrong & Raquel Rutledge was just honored with a National Magazine Award.

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At last Ireland's artists are beginning to open their mouths about the injustice of homelessness - fair play to Sally Rooney. Now let's hear the actors, musicians, composers, sculptors, painters, poets… #evictions #landlords #SallyRooney #NormalPeople @bookstodon

Even aside from the financial toll of renting, consider the psychological hardship of trying to make a life for yourself and your family in what is ultimately someone else’s spare house. Your home - your place in the world, your refuge, the stage for all the private dramas of your intimate life - can be taken away from you at any time, through no fault of your own, for the financial benefit of someone wealthier than you are. This is obviously not the life most of us would choose for ourselves.
So, if most tenants in Ireland would rather be homeowners, why don’t they just buy houses? Because they can’t afford to. House prices in Ireland are of course extremely high, and mortgages are difficult to secure, but that’s only one part of the picture. Between 2010 and 2021, property prices in Ireland increased roughly in line with the EU average. But during the same period, average rent payments in Ireland increased by almost 70 per cent, compared with an increase of only 16 per cent across the EU. What makes our housing market so dysfunctional is partly that our tenants are paying such excruciatingly high rents to private landlords every month. Average rents in Ireland have in fact become higher than average mortgage repayments - in other words, tenants are forced to pay a premium for the reduced rights and privileges they endure.
In any case, if those in power are sincerely committed to allowing hundreds or thousands of people to be evicted into homelessness in the coming months, collective community action will be needed. Tenants’ unions such as CATU (Community Action Tenants Union) will no doubt have an important role to play, not only in the fight against unjust and inhumane evictions, but in the longer battle to organise renters and confront the disproportionate power of landlords in the State. If we are serious about ending the housing crisis, then we must all be prepared to stand in solidarity with tenants - and of course with our homeless population - in the struggle for justice. We in Ireland have a proud national history of fighting evictions: our National Land League was founded in 1879 for the very purpose of organising resistance to evictions and forcing reductions in rent. Almost 150 years later, the fight must go on. If the Government won'’t stop evictions, we can.
Let me put the same question another way. Would you, the person reading this article right now, rather be a tenant or a homeowner in Ireland today? For almost everyone, the answer is simple. In order to access their own homes, tenants of private landlords have to pay a recurring sum of rent every month, in perpetuity; and each rental payment consists of money that the tenant will never see again. Rent is simply the price of continuing to live in a given property, just as groceries and electricity have a price. Many homeowners also have to pay a recurring monthly sum, of course, in the form of a mortgage repayment. But unlike rent, mortgages are eventually paid off; and a homeowner can confidently expect to see some of that money again, if and when they choose to sell or refinance their property.