Franz Graf
45 minutes ago

And one more from my "Alpine Bridge" collection!

This one I took in #Winter as I assumed that the red line from the bridge might be a nice contrast to the frozen lake.

I remember that I didn't have micro spikes and the short path to the #photo spot was totally frozen 😆. It was a bit tricky that day.

Yes, I'm looking forward to going there again...

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This stunning image captures an incredible bridge which arcs gracefully over a lake that is partially frozen with a generous coating of snow. It is set against a striking blue sky and breathtaking mountain range, which adds a majestic and awe-inspiring backdrop to the scene. The bridge itself is composed of a rectangular blue body with a red stripe on the side, and a railing running its length. On either side of the bridge, there are trees with white snow decorating their branches. On the left, an individual tree stands near the shore, while on the right, a group of trees appear to have been blanketed in snow. A hint of buildings can be seen in the background as well, with one having a tall red pole. This image is a perfect representation of the beauty of winter and the great outdoors.
George Steffanos
54 minutes ago

🧵 1/7
40 years ago today: Except for one incident, which was only bad for a few moments, the climb up Hunt spur was fun. It was maniacally steep, it had many tricky parts, and it was strenuous as hell, but I rather enjoyed it. It was the last big climb.

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Beneath a clear pale blue sky, we are standing on a plateau covered with many large gray boulders, a golden brown alpine plant that looks like grass, and a low ground hugging plant with small bright red leaves. Ahead a very rocky steep slope with swaths of gold and green alpine vegetation rises to a summit ridge several hundred feet above the plateau, culminating in a rocky peak.
Jim McConnon
57 minutes ago

Sun starting to come up at reasonable time again so...16:9 scale. GA Kohler #shipwreck at ramp 27 this morning on #Hatteras island. #LandscapePhotography #Shipwrecks #BeachLife #sunrise

Shipwreck is exposed at low tide and sunrise on Hatteras island. View of rising sun, ocean and wreck as views from beach.
Ellie Kennard
3 hours ago

Wandering along small country roads and past farmyards in the area leads us to really lovely vistas.

Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy coastline near Grand Pré, on the Dykes, Nova Scotia

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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I posted this on the old instance, so don't want to lose it.

A rocky shoreline with patches of light snow between the rocks stretches across ahead of us from the bottom left of the frame to the middle, 3/4 of the way along to the right.
The distance shows a low hill against a cloudy sky. There is grey brown water to the right of the shoreline.
George Steffanos
3 hours ago

🧵 1/9
40 years ago today: The beginning was remarkably easy. The path was wide, relatively rock-free, and climbed at a very gentle grade. It followed a bank of Katahdin Stream up to the base of a set of cascades, where it crossed over to the other bank. At this point, the trail became a bit steeper. Short side trails brought me to several overlooks of Katahdin Falls.

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We are standing on a massive light gray rock outcrop covered with light and dark green lichen high up a mountain. Across a mostly unseen valley, another lofty peak rises. Its flanks are wooded, but the side facing us has extensive naked rock cliffs. Below the cliffs are trees sporting gold or red leaves. Two other mountains rise in the distance behind and to the right and left of this peak. They are extensively forested with some open rock cliffs. The sky is a hazy pale blue with a few clouds.
3 hours ago

My morning walk down into the valley with the dogs never fails to raise my spirits. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

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A steep wooded hillside roses up to a bright blue sky. A white dog can be seen in profile at the bottom of the hill giving scale to the scene.
Garry Knight
5 hours ago

Fay Godwin’s land of hope: Britain’s scenic beauty – in pictures

'From stormy skies to lonely trees, Godwin’s stunning landscape photography went hand in hand with her environmental campaigning'

#photography #LandscapePhotography #FayGodwin

Mike Riversdale
6 hours ago
A calm sunset ocean with the moon in shot and a person in the distance walking on the beach near the water
Karsten Schmidt
6 hours ago

Incredible light & colors on yesterday's wonderful 25km hike, incl. walking 10km back through the valley in complete darkness under the stars... Absolutely magical, many more pics to come!

#MountainMonday #LandscapePhotography #Alps

The silhouette of the multiple summits of Höfats and layers of mountains in strong haze with god rays. Dried, golden brown grass in the foreground.
10 hours ago

This was the view from Glastonbury Tor at sunrise this morning. It was a bit damp but the rain has stopped now. I will be at Glastonbury market today if you are in the area where I have a stall. Calendars etc also still available on this link.
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10 hours ago

And now you are and I am and we're a mystery which will never happen again.
** e.e. cummings

Blades #Netherlands 🇳🇱
©️ Rob Visser
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Beautiful scene of woodland in Netherlands
12 hours ago

Guten morgen 🍂🍁noch etwas früh um viel zu sagen🥱 #landscapephotography #landscape_lovers #autumn #autumnvibes

Kornfeld und mit Wolken überzogenem Himmel

For #MountainMonday here's a view of the unnamed peak "12782" (its elevation in feet on maps) and Mount Morgan from Gem Lake, at the upper end of the lovely Little Lakes Valley in California's Eastern Sierra. (vertical photo)

Prints & cards:

#Mountains #Hiking #EasternSierra #SierraNevada #LandscapePhotography #Reflection

A vertical mountain photo showing a sharp, rocky mountain reflecting in a small tarn with turquoise water. At the far lake shore, a sparse line of trees grows between rounded rocks, reflecting in the lake as well. The sky is blue with just a few wispy clouds.
Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
19 hours ago

Art Prints, Wall Art available here:

Scene along the trail to Marymere Falls, deep in Olympic National Park, southwest of Port Angeles on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula

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Scene along the trail to Marymere Falls, deep in Olympic National Park, southwest of Port Angeles on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
20 hours ago

don't usually have people in my pictures but they do give a sense of scale

#photography #LandscapePhotography #Alberta

Two people paddle vessels on a turquoise blue lake, rippled from the wind. On the left, closer, tall conifers slope to a gentle beach; on the right, further back, other conifers jut into the lake. Behind all is a massive, hazy mountain rising in the distance.


One of those quick-where-do-I-stop?! moments.
Just awesome low sun golden-hour light illuminating the clouds a goregous warm yellow-orange and bathing the landscape around.

Stac Gorm across Loch Ruthven, Highland

Available as prints, cards and more via the website:

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Michael Russell
22 hours ago

Mount Cheam (Lhílheqey) and the Fraser River in the early evening - in Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada.

For #MountainMonday
#Mountains #FraserValley #FraserRiver #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #BritishColumbia #Photo #Photography

Snow on a large mountain (Cheam) with the Fraser River and some shoreline trees in the foreground
Bob Henry
1 day ago

Autumn leaves from a late 2021 trip to Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas

#Photo #Photography #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

Trees covered in red, yellow, orange, and green leaves in Autumn
John Clark
1 day ago

Mt Ranier sure looks purdy decked out in the primary colors!
#landscapephotography #photography #on1pics

Mt Ranier with green trees, red and yellow fall foliage and blue skies
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 day ago

The Grand Canyon East Rim offers stunning panoramic views of the canyon. Marvel at the canyon's vastness, colorful rock formations & if you step up to the edge you will see the mighty Colorado River.

The ART:

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Beautiful panoramic view of the Grand Canyon with desert cloud filled white puffy clouds. Stone building to the left with rustic wood door and weathered gnarly tree.
1 day ago

Hallo everyone, hallo October, hallo new week.

Done with the taxes! YAY! (I know I'm late, but....procrastination, fear of doing sth wrong etc 😉)

Time to look at pretty things again 😄

One of my most favourite landscape photos. The beautiful Sunshine Meadows area near Banff, Canada.

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A stunning landscape of two blue colored lakes (Rock Isle Lake and Larix Lake) that are embedded in mountains with green trees, farther away you can see the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains with snow covered peaks - Mt. Assiniboine being one of them. The sky is cloudy grey, but the overall feel of the image is: beauty, happiness while looking at it, vastness of nature.
1 day ago

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.
** Mahatma Gandhi

The Dolomites #Italy 🇮🇹
©️ patheight
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Beautiful autumn scene at the Dolomites, Italy
1 day ago
View from plane over the alps
Karsten Schmidt
2 days ago

Mountains crave (hat tip Anna Von Hausswolff)

#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Hiking #Alps

Wideangle view from a rocky summit along a mountain ridge of several minor peaks, leading kilometers into the distance, culminating in the large twin peaks of Klammspitz. The steep upper sides of the ridge are covered in mountain meadows and fir forest. White limestone cliffs in the foreground. Deep blue sky with a cloud front moving in...
Mikal with a k
3 days ago

Y'all. I have found the brain of the #ColoradoPlateau and I can conclusively state it is on LSD. Or maybe I am. This place is nuts!
#WhitePocket AZ
#RoadTrip #LandscapePhotography #Dirtbagger #DirtBaggingIt
#ThisIsGeology #ThisIsGeologyOnDrugs

Geologic formation of light colored sandstone. These formations have split into large soft-edged blocks roughly 10 feet on a side. The cracks between the blocks are shallow and rounded by wind and rain. Each larger block has been fractured into dozens of smaller geometric shapes, the thin cracks between them are likewise rounded by wind and rain. The surface of the formation appears pillowy and vaguely brain-like, if rock formations had a brain.
Geologic formation of light colored sandstone. These formations have split into large soft-edged blocks roughly 10 feet on a side. The cracks between the blocks are shallow and rounded by wind and rain. Each larger block has been fractured into dozens of smaller geometric shapes, the thin cracks between them are likewise rounded by wind and rain. The surface of the formation appears pillowy and vaguely brain-like, if rock formations had a brain.
Franz Graf
3 days ago

Hey friends, I never shared my "Alpine Bridge" collection with you, right?

Let's start with this one! I was so very lucky to be there just at the right time and place. A minute before, the #fog was super dense, a couple of moments later it fanished.

I went to this spot over a dozens times to get those shots, then the bridge was subject to construction for about a year.

#photography #naturephotography #landscapephotography #outdoor #nature #landscape #mountains

This image captures a stunning view of a bridge standing tall over a body of water, shrouded in a dense fog with a mountainous backdrop. The bridge itself is made up of a white, curved arch that emerges from an array of tall and thin trees on either end. The fog has created an ethereal atmosphere, with the mountains visible through the haze in the distance. The sky above is a bright white, with clouds scattered throughout. On the left side of the bridge, there is a tall building with a black roof. On the right, a single tree with dark green leaves stands tall. The beauty of nature is evident in this image, with the fog, trees, and mountains adding to a majestic atmosphere.
George Steffanos
3 days ago

Halfway through summer sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. August 4, 2019, 8:22 PM. The day is done, but half of Astronomical summer still lies ahead.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #trails #lake #lakes #forests #forest #summertime #summer #August #sunset #sunsets #sunsetcaptures #sunsetphotography

In the deepening twilight of post sunset, we are standing beside a large lake, looking over a tangled thicket of leafy plants and wildflowers. Both this shore and the wooded far shore are mostly silhouetted in the fading light. Beneath a pale blue gray sky, the lingering gold and orange of the sunset tint the horizon and are mirrored on the slightly rippled water below.
I Care About The World
3 days ago

The white band on this lake is not snow or ice. It is reflection of the sun's last rays at #bluehour just before dusk.

#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Nature

Sky, lake and misty band of mountains are all shades of blue. Between mountains and lake is a band of dark trees followed by a bright white band of reflected light and faint wisps of dark green reflection of trees. Foreground trees and shrubs frame the photo.

Just got back from a week on the #IsleOfMan. Yes it’s a small, wet, windy rock slap-bang in the middle of the Irish Sea, but it’s largely unspoiled, the people are welcoming and it was great to get in touch with my heritage, as my maternal great-great grandmother was Manx. 🇮🇲

Difficult to pick four photos from the 300 I took, but here we go!

#Photography #LandscapePhotography

Wide-angle shot of rolling hills on the coast from Peel Castle. The sun is shining and reflecting off the water.
A wide shot of Douglas harbour. The waves are lively but the tide is out. You can see white lettering on the hillside that says “ELECTRIC RAILWAY”. The sky is blue and it is completely cloudless.
A view from the top of Snaefell (literally “Snow Mountain” in Manx Gaelic). There are stratocumulus clouds in a blue sky above rolling hills, and rocks interspersed with the grass in the foreground.
The stone viaduct connected to the giant Victorian waterwheel at Laxey (wheel out of shot), which was once used to pump water out of the zinc mines. There is a small stone hut and a wooden bridge in the foreground.
Dale Harvey
4 days ago

It's shite being Scottish

Alternative view of Leum Uilleim from Trainspotting.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

Hilly view during sunrise
Gary James
4 days ago

Good morning everyone , happy Friday to you all 👋💚
The stream at Duckpool in Cornwall recently #photography #cornwall #nature #travel #landscapephotography

A low angle shot of a stream . Water rushing over smooth rocks with a green hill on the background
Deb Oppermann
6 days ago

What an incredible view of this rushing river at the Five Finger Rapids on the French River, Ontario Canada, which is in the Dokis First Nation land. This magnificent, wilderness river with its white water rapids is accessible by boat and canoe or kayak. The wild, rugged natural beauty of the rocky shores, pine tree forest, and swirling water is spectacular!
Rushing River here
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Rushing river with rapids, rocks, Pine trees and heavy clouds in vertical