Belinda Greb
4 hours ago

Oxbow Bend Early Afternoon on a Cloudy Spring Day I don't think I could ever get tired of the view of the Grand Tetons from from Oxbow Bend. #oxbowbend #GrandTetonNationalPark #GrandTetons #aYearforArt #snakeriver #Wyoming #landscapephotography

Oxbow Bend Early Afternoon on a Cloudy Spring Day. Clouds surround the mountain, the river is only partially thawed, and this image of the Grand Tetons is moody, but still beautiful.
5 hours ago

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park today (Elk Prairie and nearby forest in the late spring). Image credit Kurt Angersbach / Westernlabs. Learn more at and and #phenology #forest #nps #nationalparks #publiclands #photography #prairie #landscapephotography

8 hours ago

Disused boat shed at Dodges Ferry.

An adjacent and disused boat shed burned down last year. Boat sheds are found on several local beaches on the shore of the bay. This one is located just past the sandstone headland at the eastern end of Okines Beach.

#photography #tasmania #dodgesferry
#coasts #boatsheds #hobartandbeyond #tassiegram #landscapephotography

A Person
8 hours ago

I went down to the shore and it was kinda a wash because the weather didn't cooperate. Which was interesting because on my way back from what I thought was the superior vantage point, I discoverd a line of photographers that were shooting from a nearby spot, which became one of my better photos for the day. With so many people and so many photographers, you don't really get a unique angle, just a uniqe moment and unique editing decisions. #LandscapePhotography #photography

a line of photographers with tripods looking toward a cloudy sky after sunset
Deb Oppermann
9 hours ago

Getting to the remote Moon River Waterfalls is sometimes quite tricky depending on the water level. On this day we managed to boat to this spot on the river as beyond this point was too treacherous. The water levels were quite high and the falls were wild. The rocky shoals were numerous so we parked and walked as far as we could to this wilderness waterfalls.
Available here
#waterfalls #MoonRiver #Ontario #landscape #BuyIntoArt #LandscapePhotography #nature #wild

Moon River waterfalls and cascades in Ontario with pine trees, dead trees, rocks, rushing water and cloudy sky
Michael Russell
13 hours ago

For #MountainMonday I have this photograph I made waaay back in 2009. This is Table Mountain in the Bagley Lakes area (near Mount Baker) of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State, USA. The sun had set behind the mountains and my old camera struggled a bit with the dynamic range. I reprocessed this image in 2015. The trouble with looking at old photographs is I'm tempted weak it again!

#Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #NorthCascades #MountBaker #Washington

Post sunset photo of a paved trail in the mountains of the North Cascades near Mount Baker
George Steffanos
14 hours ago

A scenic stretch of Pacific Coast Highway in northern California. My budget rental car just below. Morning fog still burning off over the ocean and the immediate seacoast. March 1984.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #California #spring #March #seastacks #seacliffs #ocean #seashore #CaliforniaCoast #Pacific #PacificOcean #PacificCoast #springtime #adventure #adventures #roads #fog #mist

The Pacific Coast Highway winding along the coastline of northern California. Most of the scene is bathed in bright sunshine, but the sky is a very pale blue with lots of billowing clouds and a thin haze of lingering morning fog. We are standing on a low ridge above a small scenic turnout, our economy rental car is parked below. The 2-lane road winds through an open area of tall grass and scrub growth with a few trees on the fringes. The ocean to our right is a pale aqua in the lingering mists. The distant sea stacks and seacliffs along the coastline are also a bit ghosted.
George Steffanos
14 hours ago

A change of pace for me. Night view through a chain link fence. Walking across a concrete footbridge over a highway interchange in downtown Waterbury, Connecticut. Footbridge over the I-84 / CT 8 junction, March 10, 2022, 6:39 PM.

#night #nighttime #highway #highways #bridge #landscapephotography #footbridge #headlights #photography #dark #streetlights #lights #urban #headlights

Walking across a concrete footbridge over a highway interchange in downtown Waterbury, Connecticut. Through the chain link fencing we see the many lights along the highways and ramps, as well as the surrounding city. It is nighttime. The cars all have their headlights turned on, their tungsten headlights and red taillights adding to the many colored lights visible.
Danielle Vossebeld
15 hours ago

The Faroe Islands have many waterfalls next to the road. 🥰 So driving is a massive FOMO.
‘Ah missed that one’
‘Missed it’
‘Wait, was that a waterfall?’
‘Wow, and gone’

#waterfall #faroeislands #LandscapePhotography #roadtrip #photography

Light grey road, with some holes. On the left a rocky side and then you there is water. On the right of the road the hill is green. A waterfall is coming over the rocks between. The sky is cloudy, greyish in many shades.
15 hours ago

A couple of frames from my first roll of Ilford Delta 400. I've not tried this film before but I like the results

Canon EOS 30, EF 50mm f/1.8 II

#photography #FilmPhotography #LandscapePhotography

Black & White photo of a country lane snaking from left to right before cresting over a hill. On the right is a neat farm hedge, on the left is more mature trees casting shadows onto the track
Black & White photo of a country lane going past a house, which is on the left. The house is made of stone, with a chimney, and has a wooden gate next to it.
Black & White photo of a small footpath going through wild garlic into a wood, covered in dappled light from the tree canopy above it. On all sides of the track are a mixture of small and larger trees
George Steffanos
16 hours ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: When I resumed my hike, I climbed over Little Bald, from which there were a few views and descended steeply into Whistling Gap. The sun had come out while I was with Ron. Things were looking up as I ascended to High Rocks.

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#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #NorthCarolina #Tennessee #mountains #nature #forest

On a very hazy day beneath a whitewashed sky, we are standing atop a mountain looking out over a line of leafless treetops to the forested hills and valleys beyond. They appear a dull pale green through the thick haze.
Nick Ferguson
17 hours ago

Loch na Keal, Isle of Mull. My favourite place on the island, sea eagle territory! #loch #IsleOfMull #LandscapePhotography

Photo of Loch na Keal on the Isle of mull
George Steffanos
17 hours ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: I began hiking beneath a heavy overcast, but no rain. My first three miles were the climb up Big Bald; I knew from experience that the weather would progressively deteriorate as I gained elevation. I was right. Within a half-mile, I was in a light drizzle which soon became steady. Nearing the summit, I finally broke out into better weather.

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#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #NorthCarolina #Tennessee #mountains #nature #forest

We are walking a trail out of a forest onto a large meadow atop a mountain. The meadow slants upward to an unseen summit. There is a dense fog, visibility is only around 50 feet (about 15 meters). The small trees to our right and left at the edge of the meadow are sprouting small, bright green spring leaves. The meadow is covered in lush green grass several inches in height. The grass is sprinkled with bright yellow wildflowers.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
18 hours ago

Apple orchard in December. I took a walk past this spot again last week, and all of the orchard trees had been removed! I suppose the soil is being rested, or perhaps prepared for different planting.

🎨 More beauty at #BreitensteinArt.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #trees #LandscapePhotography #orchard #photography #colorful #apples

Photograph with a large y-shaped tree trunk in the foreground, behind which is an orchard on green grass. To the center and left are smallish apple trees, heavily laden with fruit, and with lavender-colored top branches. At the right are different orchard trees, dense with yellow leaves.
A Fool And His Fuji
19 hours ago

We took the Mini 2 with us when we returned to Silloth, so early morning we got some footage in before it got too busy.

Really great place to visit, lovely green areas, long seafront and a small but packed motorcycle museum 😁

#cumbria #promotionalvideo #aerialphotography #aerialvideography #dronephotography #thelakedistrict #silloth #landscapephotography #lakedistrict #coast #coastalliving #sea #greenspaces #village #villagelife

Juan Carlos Muñoz
21 hours ago

Memories from #Chile 🇨🇱 This is a Pakana Monk, a gigantic wind-molded pillar of volcanic rocks in the Tara area, close to San Pedro de Atacama, 4000 m above sea level. Pakana Monks (also known as Tara Sentinels or Tara Moais) are scattered over several hectares in this region, creating a rather eerie and alien scenery. This one is a few dozens meters high, and in the background you can glimpse the Aguas Calientes Salt Flat. #geology #geoscience #EarthScience #LandscapePhotography

A tall and thin rocky structure, brown and with a roughly cylindrical shape, rises above the ground in an otherwise flattish desert landscape. In the background there's a blue and white salt flat, and some mountains in the distance, under a clear blue sky.
Steven 📸
1 day ago

#Pyrenees #Forest, #Roncesvalles, #Spain

I walked a portion of the #CaminoDeSantiago in the lower Pyrenees #Mountains through mist with broken sunlight. One of the most beautiful forests I've experienced during my travels.

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#Photography #Picture #OAA #AYearForArt #MastoArt
#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography #Nature #TravelPhotography #Travel #WellTravelled #OATtravel #OverseasAdventureTravel #Sony #SonyAlpha #Mirrorless #A6000 #18200mm #Monday #PhotoMonday #PhotoMontag #MountainMonday

A forest scene completely filled with green trees and foliage illuminated by fog filtered sunlight.
Chris Garnham
1 day ago

#SilentSunday #photography #landscapephotography #naturephotography
Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver, B.C. Sunday October 24, 2021. Autumn Maple leaves in the rainforest.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver, B.C. Sunday October 24, 2021. Autumn Maple leaves in the rainforest.
1 day ago

Spicer Cove, Nova Scotia. Stunning place, popular with kayakers. If the tide were in, I'd be in over my head at this spot. It's an amazing place to wander around at low tide, and, as on all Bay of Fundy beaches, keep an eye out for fossils. :)

Here's a tide schedule to give you an idea of how huge tides here are:

#SpicerCove. #NovaScotia #BayOfFundy #LandscapePhotography

Low tide along the Bay of Fundy. The POV is far from shore, looking towards rust-orange cliffs topped with green forest.  Between the foreground and shore is rust-orange, pebbled sand and huge rocks covered in bright green seaweed and brown seaweed.  The sky ahead is cloudy, with glimpses of blue, but the scene is lit by bright sun behind the viewer.
Deb Oppermann
2 days ago

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! The sun had just dropped below the horizon and this outstanding color palette became more vivid. This magical rainbow sunset ended a perfect day at #GeorgeLake, #KillarneyProvincialPark #Ontario Canada.
Find it here, #FreeShipping North America
#sunset #mountains #SilentSunday #landscape #LandscapePhotography #nature #photography #BuyIntoArt #PhotographersOnMastodon #wallart #interiordesign

Magical reds, blues and yellow of the sunset with mountains in background, trees in silhouette and reflections on the lake
Nick Ferguson
2 days ago

View of Dervaig, a hamlet on the Isle of Mull, and Loch Tuath. #LandscapePhotography #IsleOfMull #Scotland #Photography

Photogrpah of a view of Dervaig, a hamlet on the Isle of Mull, and Loch Tuath, from the hills above.
Dale Harvey
2 days ago

Caught another Brocken spectre the other day, always such a curious and slightly ominous thing to see in the morning.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

A brocken spectre projecting a shadow in the clouds with a rainbow around it
George Steffanos
2 days ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: I finally made it to the top of a knob with no views and began a descent alongside a barbed-wire fence into a sag. That was where I was finally rewarded for all the mindless climbing. Incredible views from that grassy little sag continued all the way up a sloping meadow to the main summit.

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#backpacking #hiking #landscapephotography #NorthCarolina #nature #mountains #Tennessee #adventure

We are at the summit of a knob that is also the top of a huge pasture running along the crest of a lofty mountain range. A fence line to our right is a simple construction of old, weathered unprocessed wood posts supporting three strands of barbed wire. From our summit, the fence follows the crest of the state line ridge in a long arc down through a huge green pasture to a cluster of several massive trees on a little knob just before the edge of the forest. Wooded ravines and ridges ran up from there towards the forested crest of a mountain towering hundreds of feet above us. Its highest points are just brushing the bottom edge of the overcast.
Travelling Light
2 days ago

#StandingStoneSunday The elliptical stone arrangement with central stone of Boscawen-un, near Land's End, Cornwall.

#BoscawenUn #LandsEnd #Cornwall #Kernow #Photography #LandscapePhotography

Part of a stone circle, with three associated stones in the foreground, all surrounded by grass.
View of a stone circle in a meadow, with a leaning central stone.
Nicolas Hoizey
2 days ago

“The view over Mtskheta from Jvari Monastery”

Jvari Monastery stands on the rocky mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities of Georgia and its former capital.

It is located…


📅 12 August 2018

📸 Fujifilm X-T2 + Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4.0 R OIS
🎞️ ISO 200, ƒ/10, 1/400s

#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

The view over Mtskheta from Jvari Monastery
Tomasz Susuł
2 days ago

First one for #SilentSunday today - more in #AltText.

I'll post something else in the evening.

#waterfall #Landscape #Photography #Photo #LandscapePhotography #Forest #Matrix

What more do you need for happiness than a forest at its most beautiful, with lush greenery, ferns, moss on rocks and a babbling brook?
Jason Coward
2 days ago

A quick stop at the Taos Gorge Bridge was not a disappointment.

📆 May 27, 2023
📷 1/200 s at f/8, ISO 100, 45mm

#photography #landscape #landscapephotography #newmexico #taos #nikon

Kevin Sweeney
2 days ago

Cape Farewell at the northernmost point of Te Waipounamu/South Island
James Cook: "As we have now circumnavigated the whole of this Country it is time for me to think of quiting of it." #yeahnah
#NewZealand #Photography #LandscapePhotography

View of small cove, sandstone cliffs, and grassy headlands along the New Zealand coast.
Mo 🔝
3 days ago

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Volcano

A helicopter flies a bit too close to #Holuhraun for my tastes. I was quite happy viewing it from a DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft.

September 2014, south-eastern #Iceland.

#photography #LandscapePhotography #landscape

A dark landscape with a volcanic eruption filling the top left of the shot. Clouds of gas and steam are issuing from the vent, and streams of molten lava can be seen flowing in at least three directions. Very close to the main vent of the fissure eruption is a small helicopter, dwarfed by the volcano.
Franz Graf
3 days ago

One of the shots I took this winter and which totally amazed me. The abstract style of the trees and bushes. Just love it.

#landscapephotography #photography #landschaftsfotografie #abstractphotography #abstract #monochrome #blackandwhitephotography #blackwhite #Winter #winterwonderland #White #snow

Roger Ward
3 days ago

Flowers in the rain.

Raindrops on a Purple Cranesbill (Geranium x magnificum) flower in my back garden, Brighton, Sussex UK.

I usually follow back, and really appreciate and often follow boosters & likers.

#Nature #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Wildflowers #Cranesbill #Sussex #BeautifulEngland #Photography #Macro

Image of a single flowerhead of a Purple Cranesbill (perennial - Geranium x magnificum), with rain drops on the petals, larger ones at the bottom of the flower, and the background blurred to highlight the flower.
3 days ago
A portrait format showing the sun coming over the horizon. Fields in the foreground and a golden sky above.
Taylor Nuttall
3 days ago

Sunrise in New Zealand. Good morning.
#sunrise #landscapephotography #newzealand

Soft colours rising from the horizon as the sun rises at dawn.
Tim Smalley
4 days ago

The colours of spring in the forest.

English bluebells, wild garlic, bilberry and cow parsley growing in the woods.

I hope you've had a good week? ❤️

#woodland #trees #spring #forest #mastoart #nature #wildflowers #landscapephotography #friday

A carpet of bluebells in a beech woodland in spring
A carpet of wild garlic in a damp sycamore woodland
Billberry in a high altitude oak woodland.
Cow parsley in a hill top grove of sycamore.
Bryan Hansel
4 days ago

The Blue Ridge Parkway at sunrise

#photography #LandscapePhotography #NC #NorthCarolina

Mountain ridges at sunrise painted various shades of yellow and blue
A Person
4 days ago

#Tokyo is a city of small corners. It's amazing how many small corners it has for people to hide from the rest of the city in, and the process of making Tokyo your home is finding the corners that work for you. #LandscapePhotography #FilmPhotograpy #analog #photography #Kodak #Porta400

a fall view of one of Tokyo's rivers in a small corner of the city
Tim Smalley
5 days ago

A throwback to spring in Epping Forest last year.

#throwbackthursday #forest #woodland #trees #nature #mastoart #landscapephotography

Some mature beech trees with vibrant green foliage glowing in the soft light.
A characterful, coppiced ancient beech tree in spring with fresh green foliage.
Mossy trees gesturing to each other deep inside Epping Forest, with the fresh spring foliage glowing in the late evening light.
Shapely oak trees with fresh green foliage in a spring scene.
Dale Harvey
5 days ago

Definitely going to return to this spot, I think in decent light it would make a really good photo

Loch Ossian which is quickly becoming one of my favourite places, partially because its only accessible by train + bike and you cant get there by car.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

Some rocks and reeds breaking out of of a loch with an island of trees in the distance
Steve Weaver
6 days ago
A waterfall drops over a rocky outcrop into a gorge filled with lush tropical vegetation.
6 days ago

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

A view down a Scottish Glen with low clouds over the mountains at the end of the valley.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Scotland #landscape #glen #valley #landscapephotography

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

A view down a Scottish Glen with low clouds over the mountains at the end of the valley.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Scotland #landscape #glen #valley #landscapephotography
Dale Harvey
6 days ago

Obligatory photos of clouds being a bit wild.

As much as I have been enjoying shooting music, hadnt realised how much I was missing heading outdoors and shooting some landscapes.

#photography #landscapephotography #MunroBagging #scotland

Sunrise clouds converging on one hill
6 days ago

Tonight's smoky Sun comes with a side dish of goose.

The smoke in the skies was lighter tonight, though still plenty. Surprisingly enough, the air quality at the ground has been decent, despite all the soot particles up high.

May 23, 2023. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#sunset #sunsets #photography #sunsetphotography #naturephotography #landscapephotography #michigan #puremichigan #fire #fires #wildfire

A large red sun in the upper left with sunspots sits in a grey sky above a dark treeline at the bottom. Several geese in silhouette are flying by in the lower right.
A Person
6 days ago

@Liesbeth_Smit follow hashtags and use that to find people. things like #LandscapePhotography #CatsOfMastodon or whatever floats your boat.

Use the hashtags when you post so that interesting people can find you.

Tim Smalley
1 week ago

The spider tree.

I discovered this tree in one of my local woods, which was a former gravel pit that has now been reclaimed by nature.

It looks like it must walk around the woods at night, but it's always in the same place when I visit it.

#thicktrunktuesday #woodland #trees #forest #nature #landscapephotography #mastoart

A mature beech tree with the majority of its root system exposed to the elements.
1 week ago
A gentle sunrise over a placid mountain lake with Mount Baker to the left and a lone tree in the center
Dale Harvey
1 week ago

Not a bad spot for the night.

Been way too long since I did a summit camp. Sgòr Gaibhre and Càrn Dearg.

⛰️ 87 / 282

#photography #landscapephotography #MunroBagging #scotland

A tent overlooking a mountainous valley during a purple sunrise
Tim Smalley
1 week ago

A nobbly, gnarly old hornbeam rising out of a sea of bluebells.

This is a familiar tree as I've shot it from a different angle in winter. I actually prefer this angle, so will be revisiting this scene in different conditions throughout the year.

I saw numerous birds flying in and out of the trunk while photographing it, so there's obviously at least one nest there.

#woodland #trees #forest #spring #bluebells #landscapephotography #nature #mastoart #photomonday

An old, nobbly hornbeam rising out of a sea of bluebells with mature oak trees in the background.
George Steffanos
1 week ago

Some days you don't mind getting wet. Rainy October evening at Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. October 29, 2019, 6:04 PM.

A rainy evening walk at the time of peak autumn color. Hemlocks and pines add a splash of vibrant green.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #rain #rainyday #forest #forests #trees #tree #trails #lake #autumnvibes

Walking a dirt and gravel path beside a lake, about to cross a long wooden footbridge. It is evening on a rainy day, the sky is gray and overcast. It is autumn. The water grasses are golden brown, the lily pads are yellow green. Most of the trees and shrubs are sporting bright red, orange or yellow foliage. A grove of tall pines and hemlocks across the bridge add vibrant deep greens.
George Steffanos
1 week ago

Sunset dining, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. October 23, 2019, 5:41 PM.

Migrating Canadian geese take a late October dinner break on a secluded little cove at the lake while the two outside geese stand lookout (swim lookout?).

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #forest #sunset #sunsets #sunsetphotography #trails #lake #autumnvibes #geese #birds #Canadiangeese

Standing on the shore of a small cove on a large lake. A narrow peninsula is maybe 50 feet away across the water. It is covered with tall trees, as is a second peninsula beyond to the right across a small channel of water. These two peninsulas form the cove. There are a few hemlocks on the peninsulas, the rest of the trees are hardwoods that have lost most of their leaves. Those that remain are brick red or golden brown past peak colors. A gaggle of ten geese is swimming on the cove. Eight of them are feeding, their heads below the water. The two geese on the right and left are keeping watch for danger. A bright golden sun about to set burns through the trees on the left. The sky is a pale gray blue.