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This is beautiful & I recommend you go read it.

“What remains in translation is incomplete. That’s why the elders have to preserve our language, expressions, and ways of communication. If our language dies, everything dies.”

- Del Águila Miveco

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#UBC designed a #NewFont that allows characters from #Musqueam #Indigenous #language to be typed on computers & match formal institutional #font used on UBC documents/signs.
Most characters in Musqueam language's - #hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ - pronounced HUN-kuh-mee-num - aren't available on English language keyboard.

The new font is also capable of #typesetting the language of the #Syilx, a #FirstNation located in the same area as UBC's #Okanagan campus

#NativeLanguages #BCEducation

David Boles
7 hours ago

David Boles chats about Deaf inclusion at the Opera. Learning Italian with Pimsleur. Using AI to help with language acquisition. Finding other foreign language immersion methods. Plus, more!

#BolesTV #LiveStream #Deaf #Opera #NYC #Pimsleur #Language #Italian

Alliterative/Endless Knot
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It’s #WorldOceansDay – so it’s a good time to learn more about the seas, and efforts to clean them up:

#Etymology #Video #WordNerd #Linguistics #Language #Words #HistoricalLinguistics #LingComm #Oceans #Sea

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
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“China has generally been quite effective at rewriting history, in part by co-opting #language.” Just remembering how politicians bend and abuse language in other countries.

Hebrew by Inbal
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Some basics in Hebrew! All Gender neutral 😀 #learnhebrew #please #sorry #mazeldon #jewish #language #learn #lessons

Japanned Steve McCarty
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NEW Deep in Japan podcast "KUKAI THE UNIVERSAL with Professor Steve McCarty" on the life and times of Japan's great saint Kūkai, Esoteric Buddhism, and Zen. I discuss the book in terms of East Asian history, language education, and translation issues including voice. My philosophy is expressed as well, so comments would be much appreciated. Listen at
(or find it at Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc.).

More multimedia at
or publications on Japan at

#podcast #podcasting #Japan #India #China #Asia #Buddhism #religion #religions #philosophy #history #Tang #Nara #Heian #East Asia #AsianReligions #AsianHistory #language #languages #translation #voice #Sanskrit #Chinese #Japanese #JapaneseBuddhism #Zen
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Martin Rundkvist
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#Tolkien makes *a lot* of knowing winks to philologists in his fiction. In a letter he confesses, for instance, that the dragon Smaug's name is "a low philological jest". It is the past tense form of the old Germanic verb *smugan*, 'to creep, crawl'.

Swedish still has this verb, *att smyga*. And it is the etymological background to the name of a fishing village and resort town on the country's SW coast. Smaug should thus be named SMÖGEN in Swedish translation.

#fantasy #books #language

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I need y'all to vote on this:
If some mentions "lemon brownies", do you expect the thing in question to have chocolate or no?


Silvia Maggi
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Design, Digested 44 is out! On this issue:

– Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly
– Has design become too dogmatic?
– Should the confirmation button come first or last?
– Design patterns for mental health
– Sabbath mode and assistive technology features
– Language, please

#UX #Design #MentalHealth #Accessibility #Language

Luxembourgish learning: Lesson 18 – Internet and computers #Luxemburg #Lux #learn #language

«"The purpose of local gov: 2 provide exemplary service 2 ppl in our community, w/o judgement. The English #language forms important part o identity o majority o our residents. We have ppl in our community who r gay & straight, French-speaking & English-speaking, Christian, Jewish & Muslim. The only way 2 provide municipal service in community like ours: through rspct & tolrnce o differences. #Bill96—like #Bill21 before it—is flawed; we look to making our case in court"»

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I just came across a language bot to have natural #conversations in several languages. The difference to the #AI like #chatgpt is that it does not only answers your questions , but as well asks you back and makes you answer its questions. Kind of a #language #immersion possible. #Languagelearning #polyglot you can try it out for free and without opening an account

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“Any human who is familiar with any kind of written #language would look at that and say, that looks wrong,” said Wagner, who recommends CBP hire language professionals to review the Haitian Creole text on the app. “It shows they truly don’t care whether anybody understands it.”

I'm feeling a lack of good translations for the Brazilian words «migo», «miga», and «migue» which are short for male friend, female friend, and enby/neuter friend, respectively.

Just to add insult to injury, «miga» sounds a lot like the n-word so I definately cannot use it with people who don't speak Portuguese or Spanish.

The best I can think of is «pal» but that doesn't allow for gender euphoria like their Brazilian counterparts do. Also, «pal» feels a bit less intimate than «migo/miga/migue».

#Language #Translation

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Hi #Language nerds.

I was just wondering, how would I convert my name to #Cyrillic while still preserving the pronounciation?

The IPA transcription for "Ewan" is /júən/, so how would you convert it? "Юан"?

Don't ask me why i'm asking, i'm just bored lol 🤷‍♂️

1 day ago

Een impulsaankoop bij Kooyker. Zelfs het ezelsoor van het enige exemplaar kon me niet weerhouden. Ik geloof inmiddels niet meer dat grammatica (of woordjes stampen) de manier is om een taal te leren, maar Dorren’s vergelijkende verduidelijkende grappig vormgegeven benadering maakt het voor mij toch boeiend om te lezen. #taal #nederlands #frysk #zweeds #noors #portugees #italiaans #language

Cover of Gaston Dorren’s book Zeven talen in zeven dagen

I find the term "Sinocentrism" to be some what amusing for it contains itself.
It is a perspective that takes the Chinese culture POV on historical events.
In Chinese it's 中国中心主义.
The 中 character - "center" appears twice. Once in the meaning of "Chinese", because 中国 - "China", literally means "The Central Kingdom/State".
On the second it really means "central".
So basically Sinocentrism, or 中国中心主义, is a Sinocentric term by itself.


Martin Rundkvist
2 days ago

Beowulf's father was named Ecgtheow, "Servant of the [sword] edge". This suggests the existence of someone named Edgelord.

#language #english

Club de TéléMatique :verified:
2 days ago

Luxembourgish learning: Lesson 17 – How to… talk about sports #Luxemburg #Lux #learn #language

Steven Saus [he/him]
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From 06 Jun: J. R. R. Tolkien Writes & Speaks in Elvish, a Language He Invented for The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien was undoubtedly a storyteller, but he was even more of a world-builder. One... #language #literature

Flipboard Culture Desk
2 days ago

English idioms come from just about everywhere — including chickens. @merriamwebster shares seven egg-cellent egg-spressions, from "fly the coop" to "rule the roost," plus how they were hatched.

#Language #Culture #History

What will I do with all the time I just got back on the weekend instead of watching PGA golf on CBS? I think I'll learn another language of my ancestors , one of the Michif languages, possibly Southern Michif. How about you?

#Golf #pga #indigenous #language #LIVBoodGolf

Neil Hopkins
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The latest #HelloYouPodcast episode is now available and ready for your listening pleasure!

Topics @louisew & I cover include:

-> #Grief (listening back, I'm humbled how Louise kindly & gently afforded me the time & space to continue my explorative journey)

-> #ChatGPT and #Embodied #Language

-> #Creativity and the art of "borrowing" to make something new (thanks to the lovely Behavioral Scientist team for the jump off!)

-> The #Barbie #Movie. Yes, people, we are both quite excited for it... Listen in to find out why!

This is another incredible #podcast #episode. Both Louise & I are enjoying the unfurling nature of these discussions - and we hope that you are too!

All feedback - and boosts :D - gratefully received!

Club de TéléMatique :verified:
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Luxembourgish learning: Lesson 16 – Elections and Politics #Luxemburg #Lux #learn #language

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Seems legit #1984 #orwell #language #bookstodon

A snippet from the ebook 1984 by George Orwell: “Winston was good at this kind of thing. On occasion he had even been entrusted with the rectification of 'The Times' leading articles, which were written entirely in Newspeak. He unrolled the message that he had set aside earlier. It ran: times 3.12.83 reporting bb dayorder doubleplusungood refs unpersons rewrite fullwise upsub antefiling In Oldspeak (or standard English) this might be rendered: The reporting of Big Brother's Order for the Day in 'The Times' of December 3rd 1983 is extremelv unsatisfactory and makes references to non-existent persons. Rewrite it in full and submit your draft to higher authority before filing.”

TBPH, I still haven't quite gotten over 4- or 5-year-old me's consternation that "amn't" is — for no apparent reason — considered "incorrect".

#English #grammar #language #linguistics

West of Town
3 days ago

There were blinding lightning flashes as they hurtled through the storm. The windshield was an expressionist smear.

“Madness!” the driver shouted. “Greed, corruption and madness! What has..."

#writing #literature #poetry #stories #adventures #language #reading #amwriting #books #prose #novels #writers #bookstodon #amreading #writersofmastodon
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Stay out of Indigenous language jurisdiction, First Nations leaders tell Quebec

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke is telling the Quebec government to support Indigenous Nations in revitalizing their own languages rather than imposing “even more colonial ideologies” on that work.

MCK says a bill to revitalize Indigenous languages is a “band-aid”, with the province impeding on Mohawk rights to govern themselves.

#Quebec #FirstNations #language #culture #Mohawk #Cree #law

A young woman wearing traditional dress stands against a red wall. She smiles slightly.
Hank G ☑️
3 days ago
The evolution of alphabets is pretty fascinating. This ~16 minute video lays the whole thing out very well. #linguistics #language #history
THE ALPHABET EXPLAINED: The origin of every letter
Nigel Derbyshire ⭕
4 days ago

New article. "It's not a numbers game?"

Knowledge, not information. Evoke, not instruct

If they were to look at the statistical likelihood of getting trashed by a nasty animal, then they wouldn't have taken a step out of that cave. But they did.

#climate #debate #language

I love how the owner has removed graffiti from their garage door, but left the art on the surrounding walls. Taken in Bristol, 2023.
Hebrew by Inbal
4 days ago

How do you say LOVE in your language?

Share it in the comments, and let's spread our love and languages!

#love #languages #mazeldon #jewish #language

4 days ago

Why "foxgloves" not bee-gowns? I see bees wearing the flowers all the time.

"Never any wind can ring them,
Nor the great black bees that swing them"

Also Welsh / Cymraeg: Bysedd y Cŵn = dog's fingers.

#30DaysWild #language #wildflowers #quotations #quotation

Konrad M. Lawson
4 days ago

If anyone wants to work on their cursive Chinese writing, you might consult this old 1955 book published in Hong Kong that I found in less than great condition in a flea market here in Singapore. Scanned and posted to internet archive:


#chinese #china #primarysources #language #asianists #internetarchive

4 days ago

Hi! I'm a Dutch guy fresh in my thirties. I love #language and #linguistics. I studied #Latin and #AncientGreek. I play #piano, and have made some attempts to learn how to sing. I enjoy playing #BoardGames, and I also play in three #DungeonsAndDragons groups.

I was diagnosed #autistic around ten years old. Over the last few years, I've discovered some of the many ways autistic people connect through the internet, and I'm looking forward to doing more of that here.


Once again, I'm annoyed that the past tense of read (pronounced reed) is read (pronounced red), but the past tense of lead (pronounced leed) is led (obvi pronounced led).

Seriously, English, WTF. What kind of Mickey Mouse language is this?

#language #spelling #English

@Cbfoley I've just remembered about those books you recommended by Manchán Magan, so I've bought Thirty Two Words for Field. I had a discount code I had to use anyway. One more book won't hurt, right? 😂📚 #Irish #Bookstodon #Nature #Language

The line about "It’s advantageous for a bad faith movement to make use of language that evokes a strong emotional response from its audience but isn’t bound by pesky little things like definitions" is a beautiful example of what I've been saying: that "woke" in the mouths of the MAGAs is just a snarl word.

Snarl words:

#woke #language

This a fascinating article from the Economist (the link is strange because it's an archive to bypass the paywall).

I fully agree with it, and it has become my approach to teaching and using English these days.

TL;DR: No, it doesn't belong to Britain, even less to the US, it belongs to the entire world now.

#English #Language #Languages

Pratik Patel
6 days ago

I need to go back and reread all of Shakespeare again. In the wake of all the crud coming through GPT interfaces, I need to be reminded again and again and again why I fell in love with languages. There's expression for the sake of expression; and then there is language as elevated by Human artists throogh ingenuity. Current crop of #AI interfaces may regurgitate through synthesis. Human writing invents, imagines, evolves #language. Shakespeare is the best example.

#books #Bookstodon

Flipboard Culture Desk
6 days ago

Are you rad, a stud-muffin, or grody? With the help of the Oxford English Dictionary and other archival resources, Good Housekeeping rounded up the slang words that defined every year from 1926 to 2022. Which word was most popular the year you were born?

And for some Friday Fun, why not guess when the word "doh" came into favor (you'll have to browse the slideshow to learn the answer)?

#Language #FridayFun #PopCulture #History

I was just reading an interview with Jenny Erpenbeck in the Guardian. Listen to this sentence:
"Every state of being contains a story of motion waiting to be told."
Beautiful, don't you think?
#Bookstodon #Language

Stefan Bohacek
6 days ago

When available, do you typically use software/browse websites in your native language?

#poll #survey #language #software #internet

Martin Rundkvist
1 week ago

Lymphomaniac: someone who is extremely interested in the immune system.

#language #medicine

@doppelgrau Now that begs the question: how many other languages actually have that? And why? Where does it come from?
I mean, yeah, "Kuh" and "Cow"... there is a common root when you hear it.
But "inek" (cow)? But still so many variants? Strange...

Any language researcher wants to chime in?
#Language #LanguageResearch

:blobS2xenogender: they/it
1 week ago

TIL the word "nostalgia" originally meant severe homesickness and it was considered a disease. The meaning of a "longing for the past" was not recorded until the 1920s.

#TodayILearned #language #etymology

1 week ago

I didn't move to Glasgow from a well off area. I cannot tell you how much I still miss hearing roadman slang being spoken (and I didn't expect to be saying that) #UK #accents #language #roadman

Stefan Bohacek
1 week ago

Apparently there is no definitive answer to why some languages are written left to right and some right to left, but one explanation says this has to do with the medium used for writing.

"Ancient Semitic languages like Hebrew and Arabic were chiseled into stones in ancient days.[...] Writing from right to left on a piece of paper would cause the ink to smudge because most individuals are right-handed."

#language #history #til #TodayILearned

Alliterative/Endless Knot
1 week ago

Apparently it’s #NationalOliveDay? Well, if you want to learn a bit about the etymology and historical importance of olive oil, we cover that in, surprisingly, our video on “Linoleum”!

#Etymology #Video #WordNerd #Linguistics #Language #Words #HistoricalLinguistics #LingComm #Olive #Linoleum

Karthik S
1 week ago

Indian Oil has enough money for a pan-India front-page ad campaign but not enough common sense to,
a. not use Hindi copy for all editions of an ENGLISH newspaper, or
b. simply use English copy like the rest of the newspaper?

Writing Hindi in English script does not make it English 🤭

#advertising #marketing #language

1 week ago

what’s a programming #language like #rust with little to no drama? i know there’s crablang but that just auto updates to the latest rust commit so it’s nearly the same thing without the copyright. i’m thinking about migrating to #swift but it doesn’t have good linux support (as of rn)

1 week ago

The word "constitutive," how do you pronounce it?

I realized just now that I add an extra syllable in there and I'm not sure why or where I learned it.

I've been pronouncing it "con-STITCH-oo-uh-tive."

That "uh" in there is the extra syllable I add. When I say it it sounds like the ending of intuitive. Perhaps this combined with the emphasis in "constituent" is why I do it.

But alas, it seems that I have just been wrong about it. "CON-sti-too-tive" just seems strange to me


Diane Bruce
1 week ago

Finally got around to reading Greg Bear's (deceased) "Darwin's Radio". Yes it won a pile of awards but the idea of a baby talking right after birth is nonsense. Real world experience to start mapping all those semiotic functions? No. Just no.

#SciFi #Linguistics #Language

1 week ago

"Researchers Recognized The Language"

cubby posted The Language You Cry In, "an amazing scholarly detective story that searches for —and finds— meaningful links between African Americans and their ancestral past. It bridges hundreds of years and thousands of miles from the Gullah people of present-day Georgia back to 18th century Sierra Leone."

#film #music #song #language #anthropology #ethnomusicology #slavery #SierraLeone

Martin Rundkvist
1 week ago

When reading Scandies' writing in English, look out for the word "even". Often they will use it as if it meant "also", creating an unintentional tone of great surprise. "The farmer grew wheat, barley, even oats."


Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

So…I was researching the coin shortage in Cameroon. En route I stumbled upon a BBC article written in pidgin. I really had no idea that media outlets were formally publishing in pidgin. Did you? Has anyone seen this before?

For those new to pidgin, it’s a conglomerate version of two languages to help facilitate communication.

The article:

More on pidgin:

#Pidgin #Language #Linguistics #Translation

Ilyaz Nasrullah
1 week ago

Getting more and more annoyed by the use of the word 'autonomy' in relationship to AI-systems.

Letting a system run *unsupervised* ≠ a system running *autonomously*.

Yes, *unsupervised* sounds reckless and a lot less sexy. That's precisely what needs to be communicated!

#AI #autonomy #autonomous #unsupervised #language #communication

Stan Carey
1 week ago

I've seen "solution" verbed quite a bit, as in "Let's solution that", but until today I don't remember seeing its complement, the nouning of "solve": "What are the solves?"

Rule 1 of verbing and nouning: It's nearly always older than you think. OED's first citation for "solve" as a noun? 1780.

#language #words #grammar #OED

Simon E. Fisher
2 weeks ago
Cartoon by Tom Gauld.
A scientist is showing visitors around the computer lab: The first iteration of our artifical intelligence system had the brainpower of a new-born baby, but it was designed to learn and grow over time.
The scientist arrives at a closed door: We believe that it is now functioning at the level of a teenager, but we can't be sure as it won't come out of its room.
A voice comes from behind the closed door: I hate you!
2 weeks ago

Jonty Hurwitz is a South African artist, engineer, and entrepreneur, whose sculptures use both oblique (perspective) and catoptric (mirror) anamorphosis.

In online talks, he explains that these three-dimensional sculptures could only have come into being with the advent of powerful computers: each involves billions of calculations using an algorithm derived from the mathematical constant π.

#art #sculpture #language


Reflected in a mirrored cylinder, an anamorphic copper sculpture is transformed into the image of a hand.  The fingers are curled as if ready to grasp a round object.
Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

Looking for volunteers interested in helping translate to more languages.

Currently available:

- Arabic
- French
- Russian
- Slovak

In progress:

- Bosnian
- German
- Polish
- Spanish

Learn more about the process here:

Boosts appreciated!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #HelpWanted #volunteer #opensource

Animated gif of screenshots of in different languages.
2 weeks ago

Rows of copper pennies are displayed to illustrate their changing appearance as they age: from shiny new copper, through progressively duller and darker colors, to the sporting patches of of blue that develop over time.

The patina forming naturally on copper and bronze - sometimes called verdigris - usually consists of varying mixtures of copper chlorides, sulfides, sulfates and carbonates.

#science #language


Nine rows of pennies, with eight across each row, are lined up on a gray board to display the patina they develop as they age.  They're bright copper at top left, getting duller down the rows, and eventually sporting patches of blue verdigris in the last few rows.
Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

"Your fence is sitting on me" (continued)

Ever since I saw it, I've always really liked that phrase, because as well as just being a snappy answer (to "you're sitting on the fence", usually not a compliment), it's metaphorically spot-on about the existence of the fence! Who said there was even supposed to _be_ a fence there? Not me!

#bisexual #ontology #language

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago is now available in Arabic, French, Russian, and Slovak.

Huge thanks to @tarek, @cybeardjm, and @sarahquartz! 👏🎉

If you'd like to help translate the site to more languages, don't hesitate to reach out!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #HelpWanted #volunteer

Animated GIF cycling through the different translations of the main page, showing the sentence "What is fediverse?" in Arabic, English, French, Russian, and Slovak.
Martin Owens
2 weeks ago

Things that make me go hmmm....

I don't like disagreeing with experts, but the advice here of "just pronouncing" every v as a b despite people not being able hear the difference is terrible for my spelling memory.

In their English example "there" and "their"; I pronounce these words differently to aid with my spelling. No one notices anyway. So it's just for my own use. But recommending homophonic conformity seems incorrect.


#language #duolingo #learning

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

I am currently in touch with volunteers who offered to translate the site into German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. If you'd like to help, or speak some other language, please do reach out!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #volunteer

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago is now available "po slovensky"! More languages are coming. Huge thanks to everyone who reached out and offered to provide translation!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #volunteer

The word for 'cheese' in some languages. Some languages have a more nuanced vocabulary - soft cheeses or things like cottage cheese may have a different word.
One of several cases where Finnic loaned a Germanic word a long time ago and preserves a "fossilized" form, preserving the initial j.
Scandinavian 'ost' is related to English 'juice'. Slavic 'syr' etc. is related to English 'sour'.

#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for 'cheese' in various languages
Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 weeks ago

No wonder #LLMs are confused and hallucinate when they encounter words such as "OpenAI"...🙄

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #OpenAI #LLM #Language

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

Note that the training data heavily relies on the Bible and its translations. Lots of bias there.

Meta unveils open-source #AI models it says can identify 4,000+ spoken languages and produce speech for 1,000+ languages, an increase of 40x and 10x respectively.

#LLms #LLM #Language #GenerativeAI #MachineLearning

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 weeks ago

#Arrival is just one of the best films ever!

If you've seen it already, watch it again - but this time with #LLMs in mind. It gives a whole new dimension to the film. 🙃

#LLM #Movies #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Language #Communication

3 weeks ago

“As designers, we’re not just creating products. We’re creating a language, a dialogue with users that transcends the screen. A conversation that starts with a user’s first click and evolves with every interaction.” — Dylan Field

#Design #Language #ProductDesign #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #Communication #Interaction #User #Quote

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
3 weeks ago

My range of emotions involving #coding this week have ranged from "I never want to do anything else for a living again other than #code" to "I never want to see another line of #SQL or any other #language again in my life.."

...of course it may have to do with the fact I've been working heavily in #legacy #ASPClassic code that is too big to replace easily this week..🤢

..I think I'm gonna take a break and code on my #python #framework and #fediverse app to get some mojo back this #Saturday

Martha Crimson
3 weeks ago

I collected my toots about learning languages in a blog post (and polished them a bit). Now you can enjoy them together and get a break from whatever you need a break from. Enjoy!

#LanguageLearning #language #languages

Michael Wilson
3 weeks ago

Ableist language around mental health is everywhere. It feels like the one area of language where very little progress has been made.

The heading from the Junedays website is awful

#ableism #accessibility #language

Junedays homepage with the heading "The best way to stay sane for a day picnicking"
sailor uwu 🌙
3 weeks ago

#introduction #NotNewHere

Hello! Moin! Dobar dan! Tervist!

I‘m Marina, they/them, a #trans #nonbinary person :trans_flag:

I post shitposts and irl stuff on here

#Minecraft streams & content creation, and #art streams on @voidedmain :yayblob:

#technicalWriter for TelemetryDeck (@marina) & @oakhost 🚀

half #croatian, half german & living in #Estonia, trying to learn the #language :blobpats:

#danmei #tgcf #genshin #anime