@landley @Lulukaros @chrisoffner3d @vaartis Exactly!

It's also why the #3DO failed and why #LaserDisc remained expensive over it's lifespan and #DVD as well as #bluray only became affordable mass-market products once cheap Single-Board & SoC options hit OEM wholesale sites...

Tony Chen from #Microsoft literally admits to the "Razer and Blades" model, because #Xbox makes money with their #paywalled #Multiplayer and #licensing "tax" for every disc & game sold for it.

Physical movie collector enthusiasts, how many movies do you have in your collection: Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-ray/Blu-ray 4K?

#Movies #PhysicalMedia #Bluray #DVD #Laserdisc #UHD #4K #MovieCollector #Collection

Kroc Camen
1 week ago

Incredible work by all involved! Raw -- direct from laser -- captures of #laserdisc:

TomatoGrilledCheese :saitama:
1 week ago

This is pretty neat. There is a better way now to capture video for preservation from #laserdisc.

Le͢ẃ Gr͏ant͡
2 weeks ago

My #laserdisc collection is growing :blobcatpopcorn:

Jessie Nabein
2 weeks ago

The easiest thing to do is buy LaserDiscs.
The hardest thing to do is to sell them to someone else.


2 weeks ago

Un style de dégradation de Laserdisc que je n'avais jamais vu auparavant :
le bord du disque a plein de petits trous comme le bois rongé par les termites
Le disque est toujours parfaitement lisible
Je me suis en rendu compte de cette dégradation au touché en manipulant le disque


Bord d'un des deux Laserdics du film "Independence day" de 1997
Il y a plein de petits trous
Bord d'un des deux Laserdics du film "Independence day" de 1997
Il y a plein de petits trous
2 weeks ago

Pour ceux qui aiment bien la musique classique, j'ai mis en ligne sur mon serveur Peertube la numérisation du Laserdisc de l'orchestre italien "I Musici" qui joue Les 4 saisons de Vivaldi dans la ville de Venise


#Laserdisc #MusiqueClassique #ClassicalMusic #Vivaldi

Going to watch one of my favourite films of all time, but for my first time on #laserdisc!

Think I'll go for the German soundtrack with the English subtitles.

#WingsOfDesire #WimWenders

3 weeks ago

Drop your first #physicalmedia film purchase(s) you ever made 📼 📀
#VHS #Betamax #Video2000 #LaserDisc #VCD #DVD #Bluray #4KUltraHD #FilmMastodon 📽️ 🎬

I can't recall on VHS but for DVD (snapper cases):
#DeepBlueSea (1999) #TheMatrix (1999)

Is the #LaserActive just a successor to #MSX machines with #Laserdisc?

This is almost as #cursed as the Laserdisk][ drive for #AppleII that @NanoRaptor shitposted about...

TomatoGrilledCheese :saitama:
1 month ago

Laserdiscs players are insane and over engineered messes inside. I would have just designed it to have two laser assemblies for reliability reasons. You know this is probably what fails on every one of these auto flip models. #laserdisc

1 month ago

Because the laserdisc player I bought didn't work for laserdisc, just CDs, I didn't get around to unboxing these discs for like a week. Three great films, all seem to be in really good condition, glad to own physical copies even if I cant watch them yet. #physicalmedia #laserdisc #cinemastodon

All That Jazz, The Birdcage, and Lost in America on laserdisc
Le͢ẃ Gr͏ant͡
1 month ago

Hooked up the #laserdisc player to my new #TCL 6 series to watch #BackToTheFuture Since none of my trrs to RCA adapters work w/ this TV I connected using the #retrotink2xpro & with line doubling the picture looked understandably bad but to my surprise passthru had horrible interlacing issues. Turns out I needed to turn off game mode on the TV for it to process the interlaced picture. Hope this doesn't mean 480i gaming is going to be a choice between low latency and nasty unprocessed interlacing!

2 months ago

Found this #laserdisc at the Come Back store in Mannheim Germany this week.
#TheCannonballRun is one of my all-time favourite movies, and I'm happy to have it on laserdisc.
*murmuring:* I will not start collecting laserdiscs, I will not start collecting laserdiscs...😅

Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

I may have found Disney's greatest crime ever committed... WHERE IS FLIPPY THE TURTLE DISNEY?!?

Cinderella Walt Disney Masterpiece Deluxe CAV #LaserDisc Edition doesn't even deserve its name... Deluxe my butt!

A picture of a large TV screen. White text on a blue background reads "Program Material Is Recorded Only On The Other Side Of This Laser Videodisc
2 months ago

On Thursday I am projected to get my #laserdisc player delivered, and I will be ready when the day comes with this shipment coming in today. Mostly movies I've already seen and loved, but a couple (Lifeforce, Short Cuts) where I literally bought it on the strength of the director's name. #physicalmedia #cinemastodon

Cop Land, Lifeforce, The Exorcist III, and One False Move all on Laserdisc.
Short Cuts by Robert Altman and Matinee starring John Goodman on Laserdisc.
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

Learning this morning that one of the largest #LaserDisc sellers still in the US is LITERALLY in the same town I live in.

How had I not heard of this sooner?!? Now I can get so many movies I want!

2 months ago

So after talking about it many, many times on here, I finally bit the bullet: I spent way too much money to buy a working Sony #laserdisc player off eBay and also picked up a handful of laserdiscs to try out on it. I've been fascinated with laserdisc since I was a kid and my grandpa had a player, and for as long as I can remember I've thought about picking up a player. I am incredibly stoked about this. It should come sometime between the 3rd and the 7th. #physicalmedia #retrotech

Matthew Sparby
2 months ago

RIP David McCallum.

I just got my old #laserdisc player hooked up this weekend. I guess it's a good time to start watching these again.


Two Man from U.N.C.L.E. laserdisc sets (Volume 1 and Volume 2)
chikorita157 🐰:unverified:
2 months ago

Interesting, I know some are adverse to LTT, but they did a video on… LaserDisc.


Linus Tech Tips
2 months ago
Phil M0OFX
2 months ago

I'm going to be fixing this Pioneer CLD-1750 in a few weeks (my next spare time slot). Fault is it doesn't read discs. Laser moves, focuses, moves in, focuses again, then gives up. No spindle movement. Anyone have any ideas? I'm hoping it's not laser failure - but it glows red on camera.
I've tried cleaning the laser lens.
#electronics #laserdisc #electronicsrepair

Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

Oh no... Ebay... You can't tell me someone is selling the original box set of Yawara a fashionable judo girl on #laserdisc... Not on my B-Day, a day where I'd spend money on something silly for myself...

Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

Yeah, #LaserDisc might be a weird old format, but it looks so good on display. Got this cool movie today!

The case for the laserdisc edition of Cool World sits on top of a retro wood grain alarm clock. Animated blonde bombshell Holli Would has her hand gently on the chest of a well dressed man.
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

I'm not joking either, there are some uncensored mermaid titties Pixar doesn't want you to see locked on #LaserDisc too. But you don't have Toy Story on there, do you?

Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 months ago

Why do I love collecting random movies on #LaserDisc? Well, how else am I supposed to see the uncensored version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

2 months ago

Another lesson in checking eBay listings carefully before bidding. I won this auction which arrived today: American Graffiti on Laserdisc

No mention in the eBay description that it is in Dutch! Although if I'd looked closer at the cover before buying, I'd have seen that.

Luckily it's original English (US) soundtrack, just with Dutch subtitles.

Oh well, could be worse.

Anyway, that's tonight's viewing sorted out. #Laserdisc #AmericanGraffiti #THX138

Laserdisc cover for American Graffiti. The title is easy to read. but looking closer at the other smaller text, it's not English.
shot from American Graffiti where John has Dutch subtitles over him
another shot from American Graffiti where John has Dutch subtitles over him
3 months ago

The amount of time I spend during my day-to-day watching videos about #laserdisc as if I had anything left to learn is concerning, my birthday needs to hurry up and get here so I can afford to finally buy myself a player and add to my actual laserdisc collection.

3 months ago

I like to torture myself by looking at #laserdisc players on eBay that mostly go for faaar more than I'm able to casually pay in order to get a fully working model. The #fediverse has ruined me when it comes to stoking the flames of my longtime but now fully bloomed #retrotech interest. #physicalmedia

Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
3 months ago

So I got a copy of Groundhog Day on #LaserDisc today (if you know, you know) and I got a surprise.

Not only was there two disks when there should only be one to my knowledge, but one seems to be from a mysterious "Video Club" that no longer exists?

I tried the number (disconnected) and the address just sends to some mini mall now. Really curious about the history of my copy here! Was this just a rental store? Did the town have a club that got together to watch movies? I wanna know!

A close up of a laserdisc version of Groundhog Day showing a label with contact info for a video club.
Gavin Lux Enjoyer
3 months ago

According the the Japanese #OBI on this #laserdisc Hudson Hawk (1991) was a “Blockbuster” if it’s in print it’s gotta be true right?

Japanese home video copy of Hudson Hawk (1991) on laserdisc OBI list it’s sale price as ¥4,700 and states it is a “Blockbuster”

@SlicerDicer it's interlaced in a 4:1 pullup version.
Also that resolution is per Eye...

So it looks like a #HiVision #LaserDisc but with scanlines...


Considering my username I should really post more about #laserdiscs; that was kind of my thing over on the other site in the before times.

No idea why I've just not been in the #laserdisc zone lately. I really should sit down and watch some again soon; I've got plenty to pick from!

Migi the rabbit stands guard over my shelves of laserdiscs.
Moku the rabbit investigates Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version) on laserdisc.
Migi the rabbit looks surprised at the Hot Shots laserdisc.
Migi the rabbit's personal recommendation: Dragonslayer on laserdisc.
Gavin Lux Enjoyer
4 months ago

Took about 5 days for the other 2 auctions to end but only about 3 days to ship. Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon, Mortal Kombat and John Carpenter’s Christine. All on #laserdisc great condition.

Japanese release of Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon on laserdisc
Japanese release of Mortal Kombat on laserdisc
Japanese release of John Carpenter’s Christine on laserdisc
4 months ago

Meine kleine #LaserDisc-Sammlung.

Alle damals neu gekauft. Player steht auch noch im Lager und wartet auf Wiederbelebung. 🥳

#Film #Filme

Gavin Lux Enjoyer
4 months ago

Purchased an out of print Brian Eno #laserdisc from a Japanese seller shipping was 23 dollars extra but I couldn’t help myself. Then he DMed me saying if you purchase 2 additional items it’s only 2 dollars more in shipping. Of course I fell for that. I’m such a mark. 🙃

Gavin Lux Enjoyer
5 months ago

In honor of 4th of July weekend I will watch the most patriotic #laserdisc I own. #rambo3 #rambo

Laserdisc copy of Rambo 3 starring Sylvester Stallone.
6 months ago

found this buried in a pile of computer papers from 30+ years ago.

back in 1991, a local video rental store faxed out weekly #laserdisc rental lists to customers

discs cost $3.95 per day on weekdays, and $4.95 on weekends. a steal!

i love the xxx title snuck in on page 2 😅

the list of laser discs for rent continues, circa 1991.

New arrivals include Beverly Hills Cop, Hunt for Red October and Peter Pan.
A list of local stores that sold and rented laser discs, in Canada.
A list of laserdisc films for rent, circa 1991.
7 months ago


@hex still collects and watches #laserdisc and has thoughts and feelings about them.

7 months ago

By the way for you HiFi freaks I still use a "lucky" laserdisc that somebody gave me (it's an Elvis Presley disc) as a platter matt (a tribute top to my late Dad & his HiFi nut neighbour friend) . It genuinly seems to tighten up the bass response (yeah right). #HiFi ##HiFiNonsense #laserdisc #vinyl #Music

Black record turntable with a 12" silver reflective laserdisc on the platter.

🎧 Music History | #RoyOrbison invited friends to perform with him at the Coconut Grove in LA on September 30, 1987.

"Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night" was filmed and ran on #Cinemax and released on #VHS and #Laserdisc.

"Uptown" features #BruceSpringsteen on guitar and vocals and #ElvisCostello on harmonica. Back up singers I spotted include #BonnieRaitt and #kdlang. The stars were out that night, on and off stage.

#music #blues #performance #live

Karl Baron
7 months ago

Looks like when this shop opened they sold CDV discs!

CD Video (not to be confused with VCD) was a short-lived format that melded a digital CD Single with an analog LaserDisc video track, so they could include a music video!

Obligatory Techmoan video:

#Japan #laserdisc #retrotech #mb

A worn down wooden storefront with sun bleached text. 

Store name デンパドー DENPADO


And the logos of Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba.

It also has a 6-digit phone number
7 months ago

The #Laserdisc player is back on the big TV after succesful trial with new #SCART to #HDMI adapter tests.

Laserdisc player with a copy of the Evil Dead II blood red edition laserdisc.
Deborah Pickett
9 months ago

It works! #Laserdisc

“Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc.” There’s a cartoon image of a laserdisc-turtle on its back.
Deborah Pickett
9 months ago

Rescued my #laserdisc collection from my parents’ place. Do these titles interest anyone? Also the player. NTSC. Melbourne, Australia. :boost_ok:

Edit: I have a taker; any other replies will be for failover takers.

A lot of laserdiscs.

Box sets of: Star Wars trilogy, Fantasia, Pocahontas, The Lion King, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Fawlty Towers. 

Also: The Rescuers, The Hunt for Red October, Thumbelina, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid (movie and TV series), Star Trek Generations, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Swan Princess, Peter Pan, Oliver & Company, The Sword in the Stone, The Blues Brothers, Watership Down, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Better Off Dead, The Rescuers Down Under, Splash.
Pioneer CLD-D750 NTSC laserdisc player
9 months ago
New Retroarch core to play various LaserDisc games easier than dealing with lr-daphne.

#emulation #retrogaming #retroarch #laserdisc
Jason Nabein
10 months ago

@thomasfuchs personally after doing #DomesdayDuplicator captures, there's just no comparison to how GOOD that picture looks on a digital screen. I'm fine to playback on say a CRT or such, but having that clean, pristine analog-digitized copy is just too convenient :)
#laserdisc #archival #digitization #preservation

Not my usual post subject matter, but found an incredibly rare, mint-condition, super expensive LaserDisc player. It’s got the same guts as a Pioneer CLD-97, but has better audio and a nicer case. I have a working Pioneer (not the fancy Elite model) that I rarely use, so it’s not for me, but man, this is a beautiful piece. Could just use it as a CD-player, I suppose.

#audiophile #mcintosh #laserdisc

1 year ago

#introduction #intro #introductions

My name is Kimberly, I am a fan of #cinema, especially #horror and not just films but the people who create the movies we love which is also why I have a #podcast and why I invest in movies and will find me as a producer and scorer on some.

1 year ago

Oh I should probably mention that, aside from hosting a #podcast at (soon to be three podcasts), I also maintain the Laserwiki, a MediaWiki dedicated to cataloging #LaserDisc hardware:

It was my first attempt at running #wiki software so it could stand some improvements, but I'm proud of it.