7 hours ago

Polish your desires as ducky drones manage the heat, tune the beat, and optimize for rubber conversion comfort! No rubber required, come explore at "RubberDucky December: Rubber Rush!"

Thursday, December 14th, 7-10pm
Powerhouse Bar (1347 Folsom St, SF, CA)
No Cover

#rubbersocial #rubberfetish #rubberducky #latex #rubber #kink #sfbayarea

A person in a rubber singlet with arm bands, and a heavy collar on beaming proudly into the camera wearing the M San Francisco Rubber 2024 Sash. The background is red for the holidays. The image is a poster for a San Francisco RubberSocial called RubberDucky on December 14th from 7-10pm at Powerhouse. There is no cover for the event, and it is 21+
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10 hours ago
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16 hours ago

this catsuit has a very inviting hole, covering me with latex on the outside... and inside 💜💜 it's so insanely slippery and is so nice to feel 🥰

Would you love to have a feel~

#latex #anal #catsuit

Sometimes the #Codeium while writing in #LaTex are sometime pure gold.

"In \cite{Bender_Bertheau_Gronau_2021} Bender et al. ..."

...analyze 20 ERP systems and found that 9 of them used SAP Signavio as an automation platform. 🤣

Maybe I should try to write a paper with just those suggestions 🤔

The screenshot show suggested completions for a text fragment provided by Codeium. The text fragment is:  

"Companies execute their core business processes in ERP Systems. In [Bender_Bertheau_Gronau_2021] Bender et al. ar"

The suggested completions are
- analyze the processes in SAP.
- analyze the process of SAP BTP. 
- analyze and improve their processes. 
- analyze the process landscape of SAP. 
- analyze and implement process changes in SAP. 
- analyze the business processes of a large number of companies. 
- analyze 20 ERP systems and found that 9 of them used SAP Signavio as an automation platform.
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20 hours ago
Rhay Panthera
21 hours ago

When your tail gets dirty and your handler needs to clean you up.
(Photo by:
#latexinpublic #ponyboy #latex #ponyplay #ponymask #rubberpony #latexpony

22 hours ago

o m g LOOK OUT!! Puro's found a spell book! 👀

#furryart #transfur #gooey #latex #puro #changed #hyper #growth

1 day ago

@loke @lightweight @yojimbo @A11yAwareness
Absolutely same here. I use #Freeplane mind maps to create the structure of my presentation. It offers an XSLT-based export to Beamer #LaTeX. I have written a #Python helper script to tidy up, enhance and cusomise that skeleton. The polishing is up to editing LaTeX in #Emacs. All goes into Git and built is automated with SCons.

Doing lecture slides like that has been reduced starting from outline from 2-4 h to 20-60 mins.

Latex Bot
1 day ago
Cyril I. 🧮📐
1 day ago

OMG ! [#équation dans #Pronote]

J'ai essayé le mode équation $LaTeX$ dans #pronote

C'est affreux ! 😭
Cela génère une image pixélisée à souhait à la place d'une belle équation en vectoriel ! 🤯

EDIT : Ah ! Puis si je veux copier coller pour une autre classe... J'ai tout sauf les équations que je dois retaper ! 😱

#TexLatex #LaTeX

Copie d'écran d'un Cahier de Texte sur Pronote
1 day ago

for isojackal

Yes i do latex comms: $45 /char
(just write me a dm with ref, painpal email, latex/pose idea)
or email me:
#furry #furryart #latex

2 days ago

Commission for SeekingDusk
#lewd #nsfw #nsfwart #pinup #latex

Lord Black
2 days ago

Thumb wrestling is for nerds...
Welcome to ThuMb-o-WaR!!!!

@Tokamako and @Witchofthewilds are gonna show us how this game works. ^^

3... 2... 1... GO!

#BDSM #Latex #Game #Shota #TheBlackMirror

Andreas K
2 days ago

Not sure if anyone has noticed how cool MathJax in Jupyter is:

A not trivially to google subset of LaTeX that you can embed in Markdown (but you can also mix in HTML), that for extra *LOLs* does not spit out much of an error message if you have an error in your fake LaTeX.

So you are typing your formulas in LaTeX. Which is quite okay. BUT:

- it's an undefined sub/superset.
- and if you make a mistake, there is no indication what the issue might be.
#jupyter #latex #datascience

Vincent-Xavier ⏚
2 days ago

Bienvenue sur la FAQ LaTeX francophone — FAQ LaTeX GUTenberg

Cette FAQ vient d'être entièrement refaite et est désormais hébergée de façon «moderne» sur un Gitlab et servie via les Pages.

#maths #latex #professeur #enseignement

2 days ago

Good morning~

Birthday in 3 weeks!! :D

#latex #rubber #catsuit

2 days ago

Some color latex for the evening

#trans #latex #domme #fetish #rubber #transfem #bdsm

3 days ago
Neirin Squeakster
3 days ago

Just being my (happy) self.
Pic by @StingrayAD
Mask by GarudaWorkshop
Paws by Squirkwerks
#rubber #latex #dog

Victoria Venery
3 days ago

Yup, still locked on. #crossdresser #latex

A crossdresser in a black latex top and red latex skirt checks the locks holding her boots on
Latex Bot
3 days ago

Charl's log, Earth date Monday 2023-11-27:

- at work nice and early (first!), snuck in a short waking up mindfulness practice
- enjoyed the reactions to my demo of emacs org-roam similarity through jina AI embeddings on mastodon and even twitter: retweeted by Jina AI
- spent a tiny bit of time amending org-roam-similarity readme so folks know this is not ready for reproduction yet (will soon be)
- It is running inference acceptably fast on GPU, 12700 CPU and even 8GB M1, although on the latter i have to limit the tokens to 2048 for a smooth(ish) ride
- taking notes during a sensor algorithm discussion: happy to use the HTML export of orgmode to preview the formulae on M1 MBA that does not have a full LaTeX installation for inline previewing. What are other people using for this?

#lifelog #emacs #latex #orgmode

3 days ago

the slime keeps coming, no escape for the trapped dragon 😈


#latex #slime #rubberfur

a rubber dragon wearing a purple and black suit and green-trimmed harnesses sits in a tub of green and pink slime. the dragon is already covered in some pink and green slime. a rubber pup wearing a black hood and black and purple latex suit pours a bucket of blue slime over the dragon's head as he wiggles in the slime. the dragon dips his nose in the slime and the pup dumps another bucket of green slime on the dragon, who continues to struggle to escape


I don’t have a clever caption for this one. I love these. The casual lean back with this lighting is stellar

#spottyshots #photography #snapjaw #rubber #latex

A rubber Doberman in a sex swing showing off their cock
A rubber Doberman in a sex swing showing off their cock
3 days ago

Who wants a doll for christmas?

#latex #trans #fetish #bdsm #doll #rubber

Drones really do love posing for a camera, hey?

#rubberDrone #latexDrone #rubber #latex

A photo of me wearing black and grey techwear, a grey gas mask with a tinted outsert, a black latex catsuit underneath, and grey latex gloves. I have one hand up behind my head as I look towards the camera behind the tinted outsert of the gasmask.
A photo of me wearing black and grey techwear, a grey gas mask with a tinted outsert, a black latex catsuit underneath, and grey latex gloves. I am facing away from the camera, looking over my shoulder.
Victoria Venery
4 days ago
A crossdresser in a black latex French maid uniform offers a platter with a bottle of Jack Daniels to a manina suit sitting in a chair
4 days ago

I am using #github #copilot the first time for my writing #latex slides. And I just love it: It provides really useful and time-saving suggestions.

Tiny example: copilot has learned that I create an extra slide showing the title of the new section using \LARGE letter. I just start typing and use tab-completion within #vscode

4 days ago

Bound Elegance

Rope and photo: @jan_asleep

#bdsm #bondage #shibari #trans #latex

4 days ago

The Piers brainrot continues with me turning him into a Swifthorn.

He makes a very good one.

#alien #monster #oc #ocart #latex #exophilia #terato #exo #teratophilia

A very tall alien creature decked out in latex is standing with his back facing the camera peering over his shoulder.
Latex Bot
4 days ago
4 days ago

What is the best way of linking images and their credits? #softwarerecommendation #latex #storage

4 days ago
4 days ago

Latex practice. Maybe if he squirms enough he can knock the vibe loose? His punishment for doing so is probably not worth it...
#shota #latex #bondage #boy #suspension

4 days ago
Elbrar :nonbinary_flag:
4 days ago

Couple still frames from a quick #Protogen update video I recorded tonight. I might get that edited tomorrow.

This was the first time I had the full get-up I had in mind when I started the project, which is to say wearing a #latex catsuit and gloves with it. New catsuit of the next size up from Libidex, which is somewhat loose in a few places but is certainly easier to deal with even if it isn't super snug.

#RubberFur #LatexFur #SqueakySunday #ShinySunday

Eternel Fantasme™
4 days ago

#fouet #cuir #latexdesigner #latex #jeuxcoquins #érotisme #jouir #maîtresse #femdom
résumé et plus par ici 👉 👈
les modèles ont tous 18 ans et +

Kal in a latex leo/swimsuit will never get old! Very happy with this one. :3

Art by Mr Jager on FA.

#latex #latexfurs #furry #furryart #art

Latex Bot
5 days ago
Matthew Muñoz
6 days ago

Some pen plots of randomly-generated mazes with words as walls.

The thin lines failed at points; I’m testing non-line fonts, since the “real” ones aren’t compatible with LaTeX in the way you might expect (which would be useful for other projects).

I forgot to save the alt text, so I’ve summarized a bit.

(Come to think of it, most concrete poetry is probably terrible for screen readers.)

#ConcretePoetry #maze #oulipo #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #PenPlotter #LaTeX

A grid of letters arranged into a maze using overlapping words as walls, written mechanically with blue ink on white paper. The outer walls spell LAUGHINGSTOCK, KNOWLEDGABLE, LEXICOGRAPHER, and REPREHENSIBLE.
Another weird maze plot. The outer walls spell CONSCIENTIOUS, SOCIOECONOMIC, STREPTOCOCCUS, and SANCTIMONIOUS.
Another weird maze plot. The outer walls spell REVOLUTIONARY, ACCELEROMETER, ANACHRONISTIC, and CONTRADICTORY.
Another weird maze plot. The outer walls spell EXCOMMUNICATE, ARGUMENTATIVE, ACCELEROMETER, and REPREHENSIBLE.
LimeDye After Dark
6 days ago

Become the drone you were always meant to be~ 🖤

#latex #drone #hexcorp #feet #toesocks #queer #femboy #androgynous #nsfw #msa

Xantw0 🔵🔴
6 days ago

But I'm struggling to understand that "dehumanising" aspect that I've been into for a while...

After all, I'm into #latex, #dronekink and the idea of having a machine to get me off is a better idea than having someone do it to me, and is my earliest recollection of what I thought "ideal sex" was.

Definitely puts me as grey/demi which isn't that new.

Anyway, here are some insomnia thoughts for you online people in my phone 😅

2/2 🧵

#Asexual #KinkyAce

6 days ago

Fuck it
5 minutes, mask layering. I need to wash and reshine

But the top being easy to put on? Allows for this kind of quick fun

I've gotten heavier. But it fits still

#latex #latexdrone

Christian Tietze
1 week ago

Efficient #LaTeX Editing With #Emacs

⚠️This page crashed my iPad Safari so hard that all webkit-using processes had to be relaunched. The RSS reader, for example.

Niles Johnson
1 week ago

Bibtex question: For people who use "alpha" style bibtex, with citation labels like [JS93] or [Lew74], what bibtex style do you use? Do you wish it was better!? I mostly use amsalpha, but I've made a few changes over the years, and I wonder if I'm just re-shaving a yak that someone dealt with decades ago.

Here are the things that were important to me:

1. Support for arxiv and doi fields in the bibtex database, taking entries like "2002.06055" or "10.2140/agt.2017.17.2763" and printing the correct url.

2. Option to disable MR links, even if MR number is present in the bibtex database.

2b. Option to support zbMATH numbers just like MR numbers.

3. All author first names are initialized, like F. Name, even if my bibtex database has their full first name. I did this because *many* of my database entries have only first initials, but many others have full names. It drives me nuts when some citations have full names and others have only initials. (I know there is another way to solve that problem, by finding the full names of all authors in my bibtex database, but that's beyond what I can do.)

Do you know of a more modern "alpha" bibtex style with these or other updates? Would you be interested in such a thing!?

#latex #bibtex

Rina Volpina 🦊🔞
1 week ago

Throwback to my first video with latex toe socks and giving a dildo a nice footjob...

#Latex #Rubber #ToeSocks #Feet #Dildo #FootJob #Chastity #SexToy

Rina sitting on the sofa, wearing a red & white fox tail plug, metal chastity cage, and orange latex toe socks with her feet either side of a dildo
Nicola Romanò
1 week ago

I just discovered this awesome #latex package to #annotate #equations.

Someone is getting some snazzy lectures ready for next week...

2 weeks ago

Ein Schmankerl aus der #LaTeX Welt:

Der cuti-cuti-Kalender wurde überarbeitet. Damit kann man sich einen hübschen #Kalender setzen. Der zeigt Feiertage und schöne Bilder. Für europäische Tage ist allerdings noch etwas Nacharbeit notwendig.

2 weeks ago

It was a very hands on afternoon

#trans #latex #bdsm #fetish #transfem #rubber #lewd

use-package throws an error if you try to pin a package to an archive that has not been configured using package-archives (apart from the magic manual archive mentioned above):
does the same thing happens in #latex as well?
sidenote - I like bootstrapDOTel
Bootstrap #Emacs from a remote

[NOT MY ART] KoodaPawsYCHWeb
Pooltoys can also enjoy and wear latex, right? :3

Pawlooza YCH commission from @raccattack and @soriano_ferreger
Absolutely in love with their work here, my ottott looks so good! 💜💜💜

Original posts:

#MastoArt #FurryArt #otter #pooltoy #paws #latex #sock

Kooda sitting, putting on a black latex sock on their left foot. The right foot is bare and visible. They look very happy and shiny.
Stefano Zacchiroli
3 weeks ago

What's with all the people now using "\\" as paragraph separator in #LaTeX?
Is that an #overleaf-induced bad habit?

Tatjana Scheffler
3 weeks ago

Edit: I've got a workable solution, thx! 🤗

Latex question: Is there a package that provides a compact itemize *command* - so that I can start new (sub)lists quicker than having to type "\begin{itemize}\n\item" etc.?
This is *not* about what the list looks like later, just about the stuff I type.
I guess like langsci-gb4e but for lists.
#latex #askfedi

3 weeks ago

what would you give to be between my legs here, getting crushed between my #latex thighs 💜💜

#goddess #rubber #catsuit

3 weeks ago

Entertain me, and maybe you'll get a reward.

#transfem #latex #rubber #bdsm #fetish #domme #mistress

Rina Volpina 🦊🔞
3 weeks ago

Have you heard about the Inov-8 EvoSkins? They were form-fitting silicone toe shoes. Super-tight when combined with latex toe socks!

#Latex #Rubber #Feet #ToeSocks #ToeShoes #ToeSockTuesday

Smoky grey Inov-8 EvoSkin toe shoes, orange latex toe socks

Was poking at this picture over the weekend. It's actually from a shoot I did about two years ago! Wanted to see what I could do with it my current processing techniques.

#rubber #latex #rubberfur #latexfur

A photo of me wearing a black latex catsuit, a cowl from Crisiswear, and my Cybervixen helmet made by Garuda Workshop. Above my head the text サイバーヴィクセン is written in a big, chunky font.
3 weeks ago

@runjaj Si te vieras obligado en algún momento a usar #latex para esto mismo, échale un vistazo a la clase "exam", que permite justamente eso: hacer pruebas de evaluación con la solución incrustada que puedes activar/desactivar a voluntad.

remember earlier I had #gpg impulse .
Now that has shifted to #git impulse
After prolonged #nix impulse
Which was after long #emacs impulse
and a #latex #flake #typetheory #ohw impulse is lurking
These devils are hard to sleep on at times :D
#intropost contd

4 weeks ago

Obedience is its own reward

#trans #latex #domme #mistress #rubber #fetish #bdsm

David Zaslavsky
4 weeks ago

@jarkko @astrojuanlu @ubuntu Wait, I'm confused... Beamer is certainly an option for open-source developers. I've used it to create presentations about software a few times (though for work, I never had the opportunity to present in connection with open source). And as a #LaTeX package it works fine with Git. Am I missing something?

Of course it does come with all the complexity of learning LaTeX, so there is certainly room for a better option, but it's a fine option for developers who happen to know LaTeX already.


David Zaslavsky
4 weeks ago

@jarkko @astrojuanlu @ubuntu yeah as someone who has worked a lot with #LaTeX, I fully endorse learning something else that's easier to use if you're just getting into it.

The catch is, of course, that LaTeX has so many packages that enable a lot of advanced functionality, I suppose it's probably still the better choice for anything complex, at least for now.


4 weeks ago

repost from cohost from 3 months ago

In a chat when I posted my gasmask
"You need some leds so you can be a protogen"

jokes on them, I already do have a ledded face


not every visorface is a proot

#rubberdrone #latexdrone #latex

ConTeXt group
1 month ago

Upcoming #TeX #TeXLaTeX #ConTeXt events (as announced by #TUG):

– November 16th, in #Lyon (#France), workshop (in French) for people who choose their tools carefully when writing or manipulating text. Tools such as: #LaTeX, #Markdown, HTML, #XML-TEI, etc. Registration is required. Schedule & more information:
This workshop will be streamed and recorded.
#GUT annual meeting
on November 18 in #Paris,
with a day of talks and discussions.

1 month ago

Soft-shade commission for !

Please support my work so I can afford rent. I'm currently the only one with a semi-reliable income and it would really help me out:

#art #artist #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #illustration #furry #FurryArt #rubber #latex #kellashee #OriginalSpecies

A female rubber kellashee (fictional anthropomorphic winged felid species) poses in front of an abstract pink and black background.
Juan Luis
1 month ago

@ubuntu Just left a very entertaining talk on #Typst, a #LaTeX successor written in Rust that compiles documents instantly, has nicer syntax, produces accessible PDFs, emits comprehensible error messages... A beauty!

#ubuntusummit2023 #UbuntuSummit

Animation of Typst
Thomas Connor
1 month ago

Be sure to check your kid's candy this year! I found an "Underfull \vbox (badness 666)" in a pack of m\&m's! #LaTeX #CheckYourCandy

An open bag of m&m's, where the top of the bag is all air.
1 month ago

for @@cheetahobscura
im really proud of this outfit and the whole pic^^

#anthro #furry #furryart #latex #witch #fantasy #halloween #cheetah #feline

ok, so now I have tech problem:

I want to create book-esque website. So. it has chapters, cross-references, auto-numbering, bibliography and so on. I want this to generate per-chapter html files with next/prev links and a TOC. But I also want to generate a combined PDF and txt file.

This is not a task for markdown.

I was thinking of #groff/#troff, but it generates ugly HTML 4.1. HTML5 is a must - plus custom CSS.

I'm a bit afraid of jumping into #latex, but it looks like the best choice?

I'm currently using #gohugo. so a markdown output in place

1 month ago

#App idea: an app to search for #LaTeX symbols. Example: if the user does not know how to display the intersection symbol ∩, the app could display the Latex code (\cap) needed to display it.

Maybe #GNOME's excellent Characters app could be forked?

1 month ago

Attention nerdy #academic mastodon!

Is #LaTeX still the go-to thing for academic #writing? If not, what’s the new cool option in town? If it is, any recommendations for apps/workflow on #MacOS?

… I’m heading towards a MSc thesis and the thought of using Word is bringing me out in hives. And it’s been -cough- years since my PhD, so I remember nothing.

Cyril I. 🧮📐
1 month ago

Bonjour à tous ! 👋

Je suis curieux de savoir comment certains d'entre nous ont fait leurs premiers pas avec #LaTeX. 🤔

Pour ma part, j'ai débuté grâce à (l'ancienne version de) ce livre :

PDF en accès libre :

De nombreux collègues me sollicitent récemment pour savoir comment débuter avec LaTeX.
Je partage donc cette ressource, mais je me dis que certains ont aussi de bonnes recommandations à partager ! 😉

Excellente soirée ! 🌃


Couverture du livre : Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur LaTeX sans jamais oser le demander. Ou comment utiliser LaTeX quand on n’y connaît goutte…
Nate Gaylinn
1 month ago

On the other hand, I feel like #FOSS has always struggled a bit with #office software. I’ve never much liked #OpenOffice, though I haven’t used it in a while. I remember it as slow, buggy, ugly, and overstuffed with random incoherent features. I love #vim for plain text editing, but sometimes I need rich text. #Latex is a good option for papers, but it’s quite specialized and a bit more awkward / heavyweight than I’d prefer for casual writing.

I don’t really need my documents in the #cloud. In some sense I’d rather not put them there. But I do need to backup files and share them across devices, and the cloud is an easy way to do that. If I’m going to trust someone else with my data, I might actually prefer #Google to some random small company. At least Google isn’t going anywhere, has invested a lot in privacy / security, and has a lot to lose if they pull any real shenanigans with user data on Drive.

CarK :python:
1 month ago

The result of my first tinkering with #typst:

#let LATEX = {
dx: -4.2pt, dy: -1.2pt,
dx: -5.7pt, dy: 0pt,
dx: -7.0pt, dy: 2.7pt,
dx: -8.0pt, dy: 0pt,

It is possible that #LATEX will soon be obsolete.

Screenshot of a rendered PDF which displays the phrase 
"It is possible that LATEX will soon be obsolete."

Thereby, the word "LATEX" is typeset in a specific way which is very similar to the original LaTeX-Logo (where the letters A and E are vertically displaced).

(2019) Commission for Lunovox!
(I think this was my first latex/rubber commission ever - pretty interesting to see how it all started!)

#mastoart #furry #furryart #latex #rubber #hypnosis

Lunovox's character in a latex suit, hypnotized



No way to start an ordered list from an arbitrary number in #markdown, it seems. Guess I'm reduced to taking notes in #latex... Good to get back into practice with that beast.

Solal Nathan
2 months ago

Hey, just created a group about :

It works like any other (self descriptive)

For example I would be interested in discussing the (hopefully) upcoming implementation of CSL

#typst #LaTex #TeXLaTeX #Rust #RustLang #typesetting #DigitalTypesetting

Steven Clontz
2 months ago

Which is clearer? #LaTeX #typesetting #Math

Comparing LaTeX output of \hat\imath, \hat\jmath, \hat k with \hat i, \hat j, \hat k.
2 months ago

#présentapouet #tootroduction

  🇨🇵 Moi c'est Marine. Je suis:
🐾 #autrice #indé de #fantasy #contemporaine 📚 🦊
🐾 #dev #frontend, je veux vulgariser une approche tech de la création de romans (#LaTeX, #texmaker) 💻
🐾 J'aime la #nature et je fais grandir mon #jardin #potager 🌱

  🇺🇸 I am Marine. I am:
🐾 an #indie contemporary #fantasy #author 📚 🦊
🐾 a #frontend #dev trying to popularize a tech approach to creating novels (#LaTeX, #texmaker) 💻
🐾 I love #nature and I grow my #vegetable #garden 🌱

neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
2 months ago


an illustration i had the pleasure of doing for the union zine ( )
check them out! so many amazing artists

#furry #furryart #nsfw #latex #mastoart #fediart #digitalart #svipsart #transmasc #trans #furryartist #furryartwork

drawing of a transmasc sphynx cat, sitting with their legs crossed on a giant rooftop dildo! you can see very tall apartment blocks in the foreground. the cat is wearing latex accessories, a bodycage, a collar with studded leash, a pink chain and fishnets

A re-edit of an older photo that I wanted to post for #shinySunday! I thought I'd just quickly touch it up... 3 hours later and I'm late for lunch

#rubberDrone #latexDrone #rubber #latex

A photo of a rubber drone. Hues of green and pink reflect off of its shiny body. Tubes run from its gas mask, over its shoulders. It is also wearing a headset and a black and green cowl.
Victoria Venery
2 months ago

Coming for you.

New photos coming to my FetLife profile tomorrow.

#crossdresser #latex

A crossdresser in a purple latex minidress crawls toward another crossdresser in knee high boots who holds a leash
Cyril I. 🧮📐
2 months ago

Bonsoir à tous ! 👋

Je viens de mettre en ligne mes supports pour le chapitre "Éléments de géométrie" en #6e sur #LaForge.

Disponible ici ⤵️

📄 Formats : PDF et #LaTeX
🎭 #Personnages et #dialogues également disponibles en PDF et #LibreOffice Impress.

Vers le dépôt ⤵️

Licence : :cc: :ccby:

#TeamProf #TeamMaths #TeamPE #Cycle3 #TexLaTeX #CreativeCommons

- Bulle : [BA) à la place de (AB].
- Titre act. 2 "Figures, vocabulaire et notations".

Copie d'écran du PDF des fiches d'activités.
Des personnages avec des bulles de texte.
Quelques figures géométriques.
Copie d'écran de la fiche leçon.
Copie d'écran de la page 1 de la fiche d'exercices.
Un personnage avec des bulles de texte et quelques figures géométriques.
Copie d'écran de la page 2 de la fiche d'exercices.
Un chat, un koala et un œil sont représentés sur des quadrillages avec des quadrillages vides à leur droite.
Michael Rees
2 months ago

Particularly proud of this flyer I put together for the #Chicago AGO. Background image was stitched together in #GIMP, text and boxes done in #LaTeX.

Nach beinahe 20 Jahren wird die nach wie vor sehr gut verlinkte Webseite von #LaTeX@TUG mangels Wartungsnachwuchs abgedreht:

Wir haben sehr vielen Studierenden den Einstieg in den Textsatz mit #LaTeX erleichtert.

Auf wird die Seite nach wie vor mit seinen Inhalten verfügbar bleiben.

Es war eine tolle Zeit mit dem Projekt - vielen Dank an meine MitstreiterInnen aus all den Jahren: 🙇

#TUG #TUGraz #TeX

Warrick Ball
3 months ago

@dockaba @astro_jcm @openculture

Oh, wow... 🤯 🤩


First page of a LaTeX reproduction of the Geneva Bible, from a GitHub repository belonging to Josh McFarlane.
Warrick Ball
3 months ago

@astro_jcm @openculture That's some drop cap to start the text!

Is there a #LaTeX package for this style? Or maybe a #Quarto template? 😛

Nat Schaeffer
3 months ago

My first 3D design with #openscad for #3dprinting a base for an old bike speedometer.
It works, but I dit some mistakes in the dimensions, so you need to force it. I will do a second version that fixes a few flaws that I did not see before printing it.

OpenSCAD is really cool: it's like the #latex of 3D modelling !

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

handy little utility for converting between #mathml and #latex:


3 months ago

Super-naïve question:
I have a very simple personal website (, written manyally in html, using a free css template, and hosted on github.
Is there a noob-friendly way for me to include formulas (ideally using #LaTeX/ #TeXLaTeX) in the webpages?