Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between laughing for a reason and laughing for no reason. Here’s why that’s a good thing:

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This #Wednesday I find myself asking if the priority is to enjoy my morning #tea or keep reading and laughing in the #Fediverse - After a few moments of deliberation, I’ve decided that since I live in the space of (and) I will do both. #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine Some of these post are pure tonic. Thank you for the midweek boost. 🙌🏽♾️💜💋

Kevin Woblick
3 months ago

Let's face it, programming can be challenging at times. But that doesn't mean we can't have a sense of humor about it. Laugh a little, code a lot, and enjoy the ride. #programminghumor #laughteristhebestmedicine

3 months ago

@nws_baltwash_bot Be careful out there! More than once I overheard folks say “Auntie Em, Auntie Em” walking through the parking lots! 😂 #MovieQuotes #WizardOfOz #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine #DMV #Weather

Phil Shapiro
5 months ago

When I start out on a new social media service, I usually begin with a strong dose of gags. Over time, though, I taper down to a maintenance dose.


5 months ago

sup peeps, it's been a day or so since i've been here. I had a lot of sinus problems going on. I feel better now. I hope all has been and is continuing to go well for you guys at the end of this year. I can't wait for #newYears #betterBlessings #MoreVibing #alwaysLiveLoveAndLaughter #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine :) Be well, Stay blessed. Smile, it could brighten someone's day, You never know!

Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
6 months ago
7 months ago

good morning, good morning, wonderful people out there. Let's make today a great #friday for those who's already gotten started with the day, I do hope it's treating you well. :) for those who care, i had a wonderful sleep. I did wake up at 3 AM however, I was able to get back to sleep in time to not mess up my schedule again! woo hoo! #staySafe #beBless #smile #laughterIsTheBestMedicine

4 years ago

I went to a bookstore and asked the salesperson where the "Self Help" section was.

She said if she told me it would defeat the purpose 🤦‍♂️