9 hours ago
A tea tableau with lavender for a birthday, and Genmaicha tea.

Bought a #lavender plant a few weeks back specifically for the #bees will plant a lot more when I can #bee #🐝

Top view close up of a bee enjoying a lavender bud in a pot of lavender
Deborah Pickett
2 weeks ago

I have reluctantly ceded this part of the garden to the bees for the next six months. I wish them well and hope they will take care of irrigation and fertilization, because I’m not stepping within a metre of them. #flowers #lavender #florespondence #plants

Lavender in a plaster box. It is covered in purple flowers and the flowers are covered in bees.
FanCityKnits 🇺🇦🧶
2 weeks ago

Haarfarbe aufgefrischt. Ich glaube, jetzt haben wir die Mischung für das perfekte Lavendel gefunden.

Hair color refreshed. I think now we've found the formula for just the perfect shade of lavender.

#haircolour #lavender

Frauenkopf in Seitenansicht mit lavendelfarbener Kurzhaarfrisur.

Woman's head from the side with lavender hair and a short haircut.
3 weeks ago

This one's called, "I Had a Stomach Bug So I Kept It Simple." Teableau for 09/08/23

#Tea #Teableau #Teapot #Fiestaware #AntiqueChina #GreenTea #MintTea #Lavender #Summer

A simple tea tableau with mint green tea and lavender.
Márton Salomváry
4 weeks ago

#Bees are crazy for our late blossoming #lavender.

#gardening #LastDaysOfSummer

4 weeks ago
A pink, white, and black tea tableau with Chamomile Lavender herb tea.
1 month ago

it's that time of the year

#baronnies #provence #lavender #harvest

Bjorn Idle
1 month ago

One of our bees on the white lavender, which looks to be opening up its first flush of flowers for the season. In August, usually the coldest month of the year.

#Bees #MacroPhotography #NaturePhotography #Nature #Lavender

Closeup of a honeybee clinging to the bulbous side of a lavender flower head. It has its snoot lodged firmly inside one of the tiny flowers. Sunshine glances off the bee's back, showing just how hairy it is
1 month ago

A #bumblebee on a #Lavender. It is not easy taking shots of #insects which are feeding off of #blossoms. They fly away to the next flower very quickly :-). #insect #macro #close-up #sonya7c #laowa85mm

2 months ago

Sometimes the camouflage of the blue-winged grasshopper makes it almost invisible and it is very difficult to see if it is not moving. Its common and scientific name (Oedipoda caerulescens) is due to the striking blue color of the wings when unfolded.
iPhone 13 mini + homemade macro lens
My other macros in:

En ocasiones, el camuflaje del saltamontes de alas azules lo hace casi invisible y es muy difícil de ver si no se mueve. Tanto su nombre común como científico (Oedipoda caerulescens) hacen referencia al llamativo color azul de las alas cuando están desplegadas.

Die Tarnung der Blauflügeligen Ödlandschrecke macht sie manchmal fast unsichtbar und sie ist sehr schwer zu sehen, wenn sie sich nicht bewegt. Ihr gemeinsamer und lateinischer Name (Oedipoda caerulescens) ist auf die auffallend blaue Farbe ihrer Flügel im ausgebreiteten Zustand zu verstehen.

#macro #macrolens #macrophotography #makrofotografie
#insects #animals #nature
#shotonmobile #shotoniphone #iphone13
#grasshopper #lavender
#oedipodacaerulescens #oedipoda

The camouflage of the blue-winged grasshopper makes it almost invisible and it is very difficult to see if it is not moving
The camouflage of the blue-winged grasshopper makes it almost invisible and it is very difficult to see if it is not moving
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
2 months ago

I discovered #lavender #lemonade and my life may never be the same

2 months ago

Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented soap
#handmadesoap #Essentialoils #sheabutter

Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented soap
2 months ago

#handmadesoaps #vegan #lavender #essentialoils #sheabutter
Made somemore soap for my family
,this was made with Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, vanilla scented oil,
Lavender oil for the scent.and just a small amount of vanilla scent

Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented Shea butter soap
Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented soap,Just came out the mold today
Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented soap,the other side of the loaf
Handmade Lavender and Vanilla scented soap,in the mold ready for cutting
Catherine Grace Artist
2 months ago

The lavender fields are in full bloom.

6x8 oil on panel

#oilpainting #art #BuyIntoArt #mastoart #ayearforart #lavender #landscape #humanartist #pnw #sequim

Oil painting of lavender field with trees in the distance
I. E. LaBailey
2 months ago

On my walk,
A yellow and black-winged butterfly
Fluttering and landing in a
green and purple lush
bush of lavender

#pics #butterfly #lavender #dailywalk #ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheLabel #beautiful #photography #nofilters

A yellow and black-winged butterfly
Fluttering and landing in a 
green and purple lush 
bush of lavender and prairie grass
Exactly what it says on the label, basically. The most photogenic butterfly I've ever met!
Murdo Eason
2 months ago

lavender line
suggestion of cloud
the murmur of bees

#lavender #bloomscrolling

Stalks of lavender reaching into a blue sky with suggestion of cloud. A telephone line cuts across the sky diagonally. The air is vibrating with the murmur of bees.

#gardening experts - what are your favorite #plants to fill in those spots where you really don’t want to pay too much attention? I’ve been using #daylilies, #ajuga, #hostas, and #bugloss myself. Also some #lavender and #lambsear in other high sun spots.

Any other suggestions for #Zone5 (or thereabouts)?

A red and yellow day lily.
The edge of a patio with a garden bed of ajuga, mint, and oregano.
A closeup of a Hosta and its light pink flower
Bugloss plants with silver highlights on the leaves
2 months ago

There's a beautiful #lavender #bush absolutely filled with #bumblebees in my neighbourhood. They might be hard to spot on the photograph.

Every time I walk by I pause to enjoy their buzzing. Bumble bees make me happy. :blobuwu: #bloomscrolling

A lavender bush filled with bumble bees.
2 months ago

Featured Art of the Day

Sprigs of Lavender Botanical Watercolor

Sometimes I just make art to go with your sofa...

Get a print or just browse my other art here >

#botanical #art #watercolor #watercolour #lavender #flowers #MastoArt #fediart #FediGiftShop #DigitalArt #AYearForArt #homedecor #GiftIdeas

Soft digital watercolor painting of lavender flowers with paint drips and splatters in purple and green on a white background.
Jan Thie
3 months ago

I baked a #bread for friends who will be arriving in the village, this afternoon.
It was tricky, timing the resting & proofing periods, since the coolest spot in the house is 23.5°C/74.3°F, while I don't like it to be above 21°C/69.8°F.

The warmer it is, the quicker the bread will rise & proof - but also: the slower this process, the better the bread.
So yes, a bit tricky.

300gr wholemeal flour
200gr bread flour
350gr water
10gr fresh yeast
10gr salt
1 heaped tsp #lavender
30 gr #honey

Closeup from above of the bread resting on my biggest square cooling rack. The dough was slightly weak after the proofing, so the scoring is a bit ragged.
Closeup of the bread on its rack from the side. It had enough oven rise (it's about twice as high as when it went into the oven) but this is partly wholemeal bread and that never is as airy as other bread. Anyway, the colour is a beautiful golden, with bits of white from the light dusting of flour I gave it before it went into the oven. It's a gift, so I won't have the chance to test it but I've made this one hundreds of time. It will be fine, I trust.
Lotus 👩‍🌾
3 months ago

From an afternoon picnic at a local lavender farm

#Bloomscrolling #lavender #medicinalHerbs #medicinalPlants #coloradoPhotographer

Closeup image of a honey bee feeding on a lavender bloom. In the foreground are several lavender flower spikes. The depth of field is very narrow, with the background blurred into a purple bokeh effect
Image shows a row of blooming dark purple  lavender next to another lighter variety. The lavender farm shown in the image grows over 20 varieties of this drought tolerant perennial plant. 

There is a tree in the background that is blurred and the rest of the landscape recedes into the distance as the edge of the farm slopes off into a valley.
Closeup of a culinary variety of lavender. Each flower spike is stiffly upright. The background is a blurry bokeh of some lighter colored cultivars which offers a nice contrast to the darker blue/purple buds in the foreground.
The rows of lavender alternate between different varieties with the darker, culinary variety in the foreground. The plants are trimmed back each year into gently rounded mounds to achieve this nice shape that also makes harvesting the blooms easier. The blooms are hand harvested at peak oil content with a sickle.
Pamela Williams Fine Art
3 months ago

Lavender by Pamela Williams

Captured in my back yard garden in Florida. I must admit I love these purple beauties... They bring a #smile to my face each morning as I sip my caffeinated beverage.


#flower #lavender #garden
#TheArtDistrict #AYearForArt #potd #photography #Art #Smile #Mastadonart #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtBooster #buyintoart #creativetoots

Blooming lavender flowers with grassy green background
3 months ago

One of my favourite things about summer is lavender. The back garden is popping. This will make a nice room spray in a couple weeks.
#Gardening #Lavender #Flowers #Summer #DIY

Top left corner is a partial view of a Mason jar with lavender leaves and buds. In front of the jar are stalks of lavender. Both the jar & flowers sit on top of a wooden butcher block.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

I have four little original floral pastels all under one listing, this is one of them. They are all just £30 each!
Original soft pastel painting - Little Florals via @Etsy
#flowers #painting #artwork #lavender #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original soft pastel painting - Little Florals
This one is blue flowers on a light peachy coloured background.
Materials: soft pastel, sanded paper
Blue: 13cm x 17.5cm
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

I have four little original floral pastels all under one listing, tis is one of them. They are all just £30 each!
Original soft pastel painting - Little Florals via @Etsy
#flowers #painting #artwork #lavender #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original soft pastel painting - Little Florals
This one is purple lavender on a green and yellow background.
Materials: soft pastel, sanded paper
Purple: 13cm x 19cm
Alchemilla Mollis
3 months ago

When sad, pick rain battered #lavender. Made lavender sticks, used wrong kind of ribbon, but nobody can see the error of my ways. Better ones next time.
#bloomscrolling #plantstodon

A bunch of lavender is hanging in front of a window

@gajido they love #lavender as it seems, we have some too. As soon as they sit on a branch, the branch bends properly which makes me chuckle every time. Nice pic!

Karen Kaspar
3 months ago

Sometimes I offer my paintings in a different format in addition to the one I originally painted it in. I painted my butterfly on lavender pastel painting in portrait format, but I also have it in square format in my portfolio.

Garden visitor -->

#butterfly #lavender #MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediGiftShop #artist #MastodonArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #TraditionalArt #kunst #contemporaryArt #BuyIntoArt
#flowers #flower #gardening #garden #nature #NatureLover

Garden visitor is a cropped version in square format of my Butterfly on lavender soft pastels painting. Butterfly on lavender is a soft pastels painting painted by artist Karen Kaspar. A white butterfly is sitting on a lavender blossom in a lavender bush mit many blossoms. The lavender bush is abstracted in various vibrant shades of purple and green.
3 months ago

This #bumblebee is mountaineering up an intensely purple-blue spike of #lavender #flowers .

#uk #photography #naturephotography #today #garden #flower #blue #purple

A bumblebee climbing up the intensely blue-purple spike of a lavender flower, set against the green background of stalks and leaves out of focus
3 months ago
White tailed bumblebees feasting on the recently opened lavender blooms. It was a particularly warm and sultry day, The lavender florets are pale lilac, with white and pale green highlights, against a background of the deeper green stalks and foliage.
Rabi'a Elizabeth
3 months ago

Pre-trip planting adventure began with the #Lavender, which looks none too healthy. I think that it was rootbound and that potting in sensible vessels will help, God wiling.

Tonight: four #Olive trees go in and tomorrow the other three, Insha Allah.

Just prepping the pots is potentially exhausting, since I have to be up and down a SPIRAL STAIRCASE to bring them up to the most sunny terrace. The most taxing part of the sowing is bending and straightening up again. So I'm doing a bunch of pot preparation while seated.

I have to write out a literal, detailed task list before I begin the physical work, to make sure I'm not wasting physical and mental effort.

Alhamdulillah. Really, thank you God, if I had tried this before I reverted to #Islam, I'd be a heap of tears on the floor by now.

#Gardening #Autism #ActuallyAutistic


4 months ago

Fun day at Sunshine Lavender Farm creating a Lavender swag and enjoying time with friends!

#NorthCarolina #Lavender #flowers #sunshine #farm #butterfly

Bumble be on stems of Lavender in my hand.
Wooden table, outdoors, with scissors, lavender sprigs, and craft supplies.
Me, in an orange and white floral top, holding a lavender swag with a bow in the middle.
Orange and black butterfly on a lavender bush.
6 months ago

I'm not a huge fan of lavender myself, but it's my best selling scent! All floral soaps and bath bombs are 25% off this week in my etsy shop 👉

#etsy #handmade #soap #bathbomb #lavender

Coralie Mercier
6 months ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #spring #lavender

Wild lavender, 31 March 2023.

Wild lavender in bloom
Johanna Forster
11 months ago
A humanoid robot with yellow highlights overgrown with lavender sitting calmly in front of a violet round background.