2 days ago

Wenn die #Energiesparlampe in meinem Bad irgendwann mal verreckt, werde ich sehr traurig sein. Sie hat einen #Bug, der für mich in der langen Zeit des Zusammenlebens ein #Feature geworden ist, und das keine #LED-Leuchte hinbekommt.
Sie startet nach dem Anschalten als 40-W-Glühlampe und arbeitet sich parallel zu meinem Wachwerden langsam zur 60-W-Leuchte hoch. Sowas möchte ich auch als Ersatz, wenn es denn mal notwendig wird!

3 days ago

Built a hacky model so I could better visualize the 'pixels' of the sheep, and the wiring that will live within.

I'm thinking that I could hang individual LEDs in the middle of each section, and have it display on both sides. #LED friends, do they make individual neopixel LEDs that are in the bulb form? I saw some at Adafruit but would prefer not to pay a dollar a bulb.

Bonus content: check out my friend's ceramic, wood fired flasks!

#woodworking #WoolyFair #LEDart

Wood prototype of a small section of a large lattice, wood joined with lap joints
A collection of ceramic, wood fired art flasks
6 days ago

Erstes brummsches Gesetz des Gartendeko-Kitsches: Alles wird besser mit LEDs. 😎

Mini-Anleitung gibt's hier:

#garten #garden #gartendeko #kitsch #diy #basteln #LED #solar

Eine Zinkgießkanne, aus deren Tülle eine LED Lichterkette rausbammelt, danebe mehrere hölzerne bemalte Gartewichtel. Der Kitschfaktor des Motives ist almost off the scale.
Cassidy Curtis
6 days ago

ICYMI: Last week Paul Debevec gave a fantastic talk on "The Full Spectrum of Virtual Production" for the San Francisco #SIGGRAPH chapter. You know a talk is good when it makes you see the world differently: I now have a newfound respect for the color #yellow. Check out the video here:

#VirtualProduction #LightStage #RGB #LED

1 week ago

LED matrix test from 2018 with 4 chained panels. The MCU driving it had enough memory for one 32×64 panel but the signal still passed to the next one, slightly degraded, resulting in a gradient on the whole length.
Each RGB channel was programmed individually.


1 week ago

In Providence, on the second-to-last Friday of each month, we have 'PVD Bike Jam'. Essentially a rolling party, critical mass style ride to raise awareness for bicycles/pedestrians/etc on our streets. We bring plenty of sound and lights, and have a theme each month. Tonight's ride is 80's vs 90's. It's a blast.

Here's one side of a double sided LED triangle that I made for the inside of my frame.

#Providence #LED #criticalmass #cycling #80s #90s

the Pride 2015 design (from the Fast LED library) running on a double sided triangular LED matrix I made for the inside of my bicycle frame. Triangle is on workbench, one side is showing. Battery and voltage regulator are next to LED triangle.
1 week ago

@204504bySE #環形蛍光灯 (丸形蛍光灯) の灯具を流用したいのではなく、蛍光灯で部屋を照らしたいのだ (だからと言ってスパイラルパルックは‥‥)。 #アイリスオーヤマ をはじめ、二番手メーカーに #蛍光灯 置き換え用の #LED 製品があることは知っている

Stephen Smith
1 week ago

'Today’s LED and fluorescent lights are designed for energy efficiency with little regard for human health. Like DDT and asbestos, they are dangerously flawed technologies'

'blue rich LED light in the evening is linked to obesity, diabetes and breast cancer'

says former Harvard Medical School professor & circadian lighting company entrepreneur w/ 40 yrs of experience in researching the impact of light on sleep wake cycles.

Frightening !


2 weeks ago

Finally got a LED strip for myself 😊 and wrote some C code to control a #NeoPixel WS2812 #LED strip from a #Raspberrypi #Pico with a smooth fading effect based on a sine wave:

Nimrod Kerrett
2 weeks ago

A bracelet from leather and 2 noodle #LED lights #lasercutting #crafts #craftoola

The bracelet on my hand. Red and green LED noodles zigzag through holes in the bracelet to form dual-colored X shapes along the bracelet.

Get #solar panels, get #energy #efficient retrofitting, get #low flush toilets, get #LED lights, take the #bus or get an electric #car if you really can’t afford to not #drive. #Only buy what you #really, really #need. Live in a #small #home. Live in an #apartment if you can. Don’t #eat #meat. Buy stuff with #less #plastic #packaging. #Reuse #whatever you #can. And most of all, #work to #destroy #capitalism and #colonialism. #climatechange #climatecrisis #biodiversitycrisis

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
2 weeks ago

For the interested Photogeeks.

As light I used a Godox litemons la150d at fullpower inside a 5 foot silver umbrella at full power. I was really surprised that this had a chance at all against the sun.

#photography #godox #lightning #lightroom #captureone #litemons #LED #LEDCob

heise online
2 weeks ago

Eigenbau-LED-Controller mit WLED

Mit WLED lassen sich RGB-LED-Streifen per Browser und App steuern - ganz ohne Cloud. Das ESP32-Projekt eignet sich für Microcontroller-Einsteiger.

#ESP #LED #Maker #news

heise online
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Elektronische Lavalampe basteln: Mit ESP32 stimmungsvolle Lichteffekte erzeugen

Unsere elektronische, selbst gebaute Lavalampen-Variante mit abwechslungsreichen Effekten ist viel günstiger als das Mathmos-Original, aber nicht weniger schön.

#LED #Maker #news

2 weeks ago

Yesterday I managed to turn #esphome into a #wled knockoff. (Part of my #lamp system.) If anyone else is considering it, let me gently suggest No. It *technically works*, which is the worst kind of works.

Overlapping segments are great (really!) and way more reliable than switching presets, but that is where it stops. Mostly when wled Just Does, esphome+fastled Just Doesn't.

If you were hoping to piggyback additional capabilities, you should also know that 22 LEDs in pairs (plus "all") leaves about 9% free flash. This is not enough for audio, or most sensors. And of course control suffers.

That said, don't forget that every #ledstrip is also a #5v supply and there are no rules against putting multiple magic shards in a single object..

#esp32 #homeassistant #led #leds - Apple-Blog
2 weeks ago

Der #Smart-#TV- und #StreamingStick-Hersteller #Roku, der letztes Jahr mit einigen Gadgets den Einstieg in den #SmartHome-Markt gewagt hat, erweitert sein Sortiment um ein smartes #Sicherheitssystem, ein #Solarpanel zur #Stromversorgung der Außenkamera und einen bunten #LED-Strip. Wann die Produkte hierzulande verkauft werden, ist bisher noch nicht bekannt.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Zubehör #Neuerscheinung

Foto: (c) Roku.

3 weeks ago

De straatlantaarn-lampen in de Grunobuurt worden vervangen voor led-lampen. Scheelt aardig in het energieverbruik. @laanhuizen @grunobuurt #led :loading:

Raul Cerveira Lima
3 weeks ago

¡Meio milhão! de euros para (sobre )iluminar escadaria...
Para “aumentar a segurança” “reduzir CO2” (reduzir,instalando?🤔)blá blá

“A instalação de #iluminaçãopública com recurso a tecnologia #LED(…)complementa o projeto, trazendo maior visibilidade noturna e segurança à população que utiliza o espaço,[e] assegurar a eficiência energética e a redução das emissões de CO2 associadas.”

Ralf Stockmann
3 weeks ago

Mein persönlicher Eindruch ist, dass wir diese Folge der @freakshow mit den Themen #chatgpt #starwars #LED #f-hain wirklich gut hinbekommen haben - mit einer guten Mischung aus kurzweilig und viiiiel Input. Gerne Feedback, ob ihr das auch so seht - hier oder im Blog:


IT News
3 weeks ago

Op-Amp Challenge: Light Up Breadboard Shows Us The Signals - Most Hackaday readers will no doubt at some point used a solderless breadboard for... - #opampchallenge #logicanalyzer #breadboard #contests #hardware #led

IT News
3 weeks ago

Hacking Hue Lightbulbs - What do you do with a Hue smart lightbulb? Well, if you are [Chris Greening], you ... - #phillipshue #ledhacks #teardown #hue #led

Nathaniel Harari
4 weeks ago

This afternoon's little pick me up:

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

#led #zeppelin #classic #rock #video

Joost 🪲 Gerritsen
4 weeks ago

🆕New 2016/680 #LED directive case before the CJEU
📂Case "Ministerstvo na vatreshnite raboti v V.S." from 🇧🇬
❓Questions about the test of strict necessity of Art. 10 LED Dir.
👮Context: criminal proceedings where biometric data and DNA are processed

1 month ago

Amidst the divine confluence of ethereal code and the tangible world, I have conjured a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur - a tie bedecked with sewable LEDs, seamlessly integrating the worlds of fashion and electronics. At Prom, its Bluetooth control infused a level of elegance beyond compare. Behold the sublime chronicles of its creation, artfully presented with vivid imagery and video, on my website:

TL;DR I made an Ampli-Tie
@adafruit #neopixel #project #led

1 month ago

Deutsches Technikmuseum #Berlin - in diesem Nebengebäude unter anderem:
- @digitalcourage - "das Netz" und ein Blick hinter die Datenautobahn
- ein #eAuto bevor es cool war (und ein #eLaster - ungefähr genau so alt!!!)
- ein unverwüstliches #DDR Rührgerät - wird genau so noch verkauft
- reparierbare #led Leuchte - sieht aber nicht so aus, dass man das irgendwo noch kaufen kann, mich würde interessieren ob es sowas in der Art irgendwo zu kaufen gibt... und wenn es bei aliexpress ist, sei's drum, die Idee find ich gut :D

@dwornik #emobilitat #right2repair

digitalcourage war sehr präsent
emobilität bevor sie cool war - ein grünes etwas ungewöhnlich aussehendes eauto
ein orangenes rührgerät, nicht viel anderes als heutige rührgeräte, nur mit schrauben!
eine led leuchte, die man in eine normale e27 fassung schrauben kann. das coole dabei, die leds lassen sich unabhängig von der übrigen netzteil-elektronik und dem kühlkörper austauschen
IT News
1 month ago

LED Matrix Displays Get New Look Thanks to SMD Stencils - Even if surface-mount skills aren’t in your repertoire, chances are pretty good th... - #illustrator #ledhacks #stencil #matrix #solder #adobe #led #smd

c't Magazin
1 month ago

Licht bleibt aus beim optimalen PC 2022

Ich habe den Bauvorschlag zum optimalen PC 2022 „Ryzen Allrounder“ nachgebaut. Nach dem jüngsten Update des UEFI-BIOS blieben aber die Lichter aus. Hilfe?

#LED #PC #PCBauvorschlag #news

1 month ago

What's a good thermally conductive adhesive gap-filler for attaching flat #LED boards to curved metal reflectors?

The Coding Beard
1 month ago

Does anyone know of a good #netcore core or #mono library for #arm that allows for LED strip manipulation on #raspberry pi and formatting for basic text across multline displays? #opensource #pi #iot #hardware #led #diy

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
1 month ago

Liebe Fotografen, Fotografiert von Euch jemand inzwischen mit LED Licht statt Blitz. Also so etwas, wie Aputure Amaran 200x, Nanlite Forza, Godox litmons?
Wie weit kommt man mit den 200W Bicolor?

Hatte paar mal den Spass mit den Rollei Soluna 200b, aber ich halte Rollei/Jinbei für so rödelig das ich die vermute das man die schlecht vergleichen kann.

#aputureamaran #godox #LEDCob #LED #Nanlite #photography

Fashion Photo of a Girl wearing a wedding dress in front of a plane
1 month ago

Lining up a new project for this year's Wooly Fair in Providence, which will likely be a massive (8' tall?) pixelated lamb where each pixel is a discrete LED panel (3"x3" or so), perhaps touch-sensitive for color changing. This should be a fun one!

#Providence #WoolyFair #Wooly #LED #LEDart

pixelated sheep
1 month ago

#Rust: I made the toolchain work on the #ESP32. Some versioning woes, but nothing serious. Also got the #LED panel to work with the #embedded_graphics and the #hub75 driver. However I think I want to make a DMA version. Manual banging pins seems silly.

Joost 🪲 Gerritsen
1 month ago

👋Hi people at #InternationalPrivacySymposium!
A-G Campos published his opinion in the #LED 2016/680 📂case "Bezirkhauptmannschaft" C-548/21 about the police accessing data on seized mobile phones (this is possible, as long as it…

Jamie Nemeth
1 month ago

I'm not set on the positions yet, and I know, I need to do more cable tidying.

But Home Bargains knocking it out of the park again with their non-Govee Govees!

These Equatech Ambiance lights have an in-line remote, IR remote, and Bluetooth control.

Not an ad, bought myself.

#Equatech #RGB #RGBLED #LED #RGBLights #Lights #SmartHome #Bargain #HomeBargains #Value #PC #PCSetup #GamingSetup #StreamingSetup

PC monitor on desk with ambient RGB light pair, one underneath oriented horizontally, one to the right oriented vertically. A Divoom pixel art display can also be seen below the monitor, as well as an illuminated Bluetooth speaker.
Mac & i
1 month ago

Twinkly Squares im Kurztest: Smarte Lichtkacheln mit 8-Bit-Flair

Die per App steuerbaren Leuchtkacheln zeigen etwa Muster, Grafiken und GIFs im Pixel-Stil. Wir haben die Twinkly Squares auch mit Apple Home getestet.

#AppleHomeKit #LED #SmartHome #news

Twinkly Squares Leuchtkacheln in 8-Bit-Optik
1 month ago

Encore utilisable après 30 heures de test !

J'ai mauvaise conscience quand je dois utiliser des batteries sur un spectacle mais le pire est d'ignorer la réelle autonomie d'un objet (calculer ne suffit pas). Le pire des gaspillage est de remplacer les batteries trop tôt par "précaution", par peur que la source s'éteigne en spectacle.

Mieux vaut sacrifier une batterie pour la science et savoir à quoi s'en tenir à long-terme.

#led #battery #design

Un petit boitier avec une LED allumée. On voit en arrière plan d'autres modèles semblables.
heise online
1 month ago

heise+ | CARguru: H0-Modellautos mit ESP fernsteuern, Teil 2

Ferngesteuerte Modellautos sind auch im Modellbahn-Maßstab 1:87 möglich. Im 2. Teil dieser Reihe geht es um den Aufbau des Fahrzeugs und der CARguru-Bridge.

#LED #Make #news


“Recent studies have shown that some species of #scallop are drawn to #light, and this has resulted in an innovative new method of #fishing that is more sustainable: Instead of using a net to drag along the sea floor, fishermen can now use lobster pots equipped with little #LED lights, a bit like an #underwater disco.”

#video #animals #mollusc #mollusk #scallops #science #biology #sustainability #eyes #naturalhistorymuseum

Adrian McEwen
1 month ago

Nice write-up of @jackie_pease's workshop at Convenience Gallery on the new Left Bank website

#art #Birkenhead #recycling #LED

1 month ago

Know your poison.

Three new real-time LED based editions in the works for an upcoming exhibition.
Below different matrices from P2 to P10 on our studio table.


1 month ago

Lighting up the FACT Metroscopes; @jackie_pease's LED comet; battery charging debugging and a smidge of NFC - @huffeec writing the three-#weeknotes this week.

Weeks 912, 913 and 914 - Drop all the plates

#LED #Neopixel #IndieMfg #art

c't Magazin
1 month ago

Radar in der Deckenlampe erkennt Stürze und findet Schlüssel

Mit einem Miniradar haben Forscher die Bewegungen von Pflegebedürftigen analysiert und Gesten erkannt. Das System kann auch verlegte Gegenstände lokalisieren.

#LED #Medizin #Sensortechnik #news

Eine betagte Dame stützt sich auf eine Gehhilfe
Jason Coon
2 months ago

Fi-balloon-acci64! 🎈✨
Full credit to @ItsMrJP for the idea. The front is white acrylic with a thin black layer that can be laser etched away. Behind that is a black acrylic grid, then a Fibonacci64 driven by an #ESP8266 using #FastLED. All mounted onto a laser cut acrylic back using M2 screws and standoffs.

#LED #LEDs #RGB #RGB_LEDs #Laser #LaserCut #LaserCutting

Müller :verified:
2 months ago

Ich brauche Mal Hilfe:

Ich suche einen 10 Meter #LED -Stripe. Zwingend mit #Zigbee.
Ohne Fernbedienung.

Govee fällt aus, weil kein Zigbee.

Der Streifen soll via Bewegungssensor in der Hue-Familie geschaltet werden.

Hat jemand einen Tipp?

heise online
2 months ago

Jetzt in der Make 2/23: LED-Lichtshow mit ESP und WLED steuern

Stimmungsvolles Licht für sein Zuhause kann man sich im Handumdrehen selber bauen. Wie einfach das geht, zeigen wir Schritt für Schritt in der Make 2/23.

#ESP #LED #Make #Maker #SmartHome #news

heise online
2 months ago

heise+ | Disco is back: Lichtshow mit WLED auf ESP-Basis basteln und per App steuern

Mit der Firmware WLED auf ESP-Basis lassen sich Lichteffekte mit adressierbaren RGB-LEDs in wenigen Minuten aufbauen und über WLAN per App oder Browser steuern.

#LED #Make #news

2 months ago

Casual ASCII art in Paris…
Thanks to Khalil for the opportunity (and videos).


Waveform Lighting: High quality LED bulbs. Several Hacker News commenters said these were worth the price
#lightbulbs #lighting #color #led #cri #+

Jason Coon
2 months ago

🔈 Loud music warning! 😁
Playing around with the Fibonacci256 HDR + #PixelBlaze, mapping audio data from the Sensor Board by @wizard in various ways.

Get yours on @tindie here:

More info:

#led #LEDs #RGB #Fibonacci #Music #MusicReactive #AudioReactive #DancingLEDs

Jason Coon
2 months ago

@bleeptrack The overflower project also inspired and made possible the creation of my Fibonacci64 Flower, a touch-reactive, addressable RGB #LED piece.
Available here:

Marco Tietz
2 months ago

Me: Hey, I ordered all possible LED strip connectors and adapters under the sun, this project will go so smoothly and done within the hour!

3 hours later me: Let's spend some more money on eBay and postpone the project to next weekend.

#LED #RGBWW #RGBW #RGB #3528 #5050 #5630 #3PIN #4PIN #5PIN #8MM #10MM #12MM #Waterproof #Non-Waterproof

Embedded Podcast
2 months ago

This week on Embedded, Chris ( @Stoneymonster ) and Elecia ( @logicalelegance ) spoke with Charlyn Gonda (@charlyn) about making things glow, dealing with imposter syndrome, and using origami.
Enjoy episode 445: I Do Not Like Blinking ( ).

#Technology #Podcasts #embeddedsystems #origami #LED

2 months ago

Did anyone ever actually own any of these #Commodore watches? They look neat and apparently these were legitimate marketed products in the mid-late #1970s They are all Commodore digital watches with distinct looks and capabilities

#70s #LED #Watches #Retro #RetroTech

Three Commodore LED digital watches from left to right, a grey one on a dark blue watch holder thing, a grey one with a black band on a black watch holder thing that has the Commodore logo in white and a gold one on a brown watch holder thing,
heise online
2 months ago

heise+ | Experimentierset: Modulares Breadboard bauen

Zugeklappt lässt sich alles im Koffer zerstörungsfrei transportieren oder zwischenlagern. Gibt es nicht zu kaufen, kann man aber selber bauen – so geht's.

#DDrucker #CAD #LED #Make #news

Ele Willoughby
3 months ago

Just got my copy of Soft Star Magazine issue on the theme of the auroras! The Nothern Lights appear in several of my artworks & you can find my ‘Polar Bear and Aurora’ multimedia lightbox in this issue. My artwork involves my linocut on translucent washi, light gels, a wooden box, and electronics including slow diffuse self-flashing rgb LEDs so the colour of the auroras is perpetually changing in an unpredictable way.

#linocut #printmaking #multimedia #LED #autora #polarBear

Open issue 2 of Soft Star Magazine at p. 57 with a photo of my multimedia artwork ‘Polar Bear and Aurora’ and parts of a poem. You can see my fingers holding the magazine open and the oak table beneath it. The artwork shows a linocut seated polar bear on snow with a night sky with aurora, printed in blue ink on white washi paper, framed in a wide dark blue frame. Each of the sections of the aurora lights are lit in different glowing colours: red, pink, yellow and blue. The bear looks like he’s enjoying the light show.
heise online
3 months ago

heise+ | Meditatives Bastelprojekt: Der Zeitlupenrahmen

Im Inneren dieses Rahmens scheint die Zeit auf Schneckentempo gebremst: Federn, Blumen oder Blätter führen darin Zeitlupentänze auf, magisch und entspannend.

#LED #Mikrocontroller #news

Der Zeitlupenrahmen
Jonathan Kamens
3 months ago

#PSA: Many #LED #lightbulbs don't last their warranty period or the hours they claim to last. When you install one, save the receipt and write on the base with a fine-tip permanent marker: the date you bought it, the number of hours it's rated for, and the warranty length. If it fails prematurely, you can use that info and the receipt to get a free replacement. You'll save some cash, and people doing this incentivizes manufacturers to stop selling crap bulbs. #ConsumerActivism

Roy Greenhilt
3 months ago

Okay, it's Sunday. Lets figure out why my porch LED controller has gone offline. No pings, no nothing, and my porch is dark.

Oh. Hmm. This... okay, I think I found the problem.

#homeautomation #tasmota #led #maker

Partially melted LED controller

Who's interested in a free online basic holiday fancy led cousrse? What are the basics? What's easy to buy? And how do I get started?

I offer it cause my friend Sascha says "Nobody cares about holiday LEDs and you must have a degree to teach"

#led #free #learnig

Aria Burrell
3 months ago

Be tee dubs, @wizard is a peach 🍑 Also, go to and check out the cool #LED controller stuffs they make/sell.

Temperatur runter, energiesparende #LED an, Klimaanlage aus bei #Fortuna Düsseldorf. Bei dem Fußballverein wird der Energieverbrauch runtergefahren. Allein durch neue LED werden im Stadion auf den Zuwegen bis zu 50 Prozent Energie gespart.

Team Energiewechsel - Fortuna Düsseldorf mit Fußballstadion im Hintergrund
Zitat Alexander Jobst mit Bild von Ihm rechts daneben
baybe doll
5 months ago

New #nfc #led nails

After not crafting for months, I’m trying to finish my first book nook! #notjustcomputers

I designed and laser cut the housing, and scratch built everything that’s inside (cardboard, polymer clay, paper, acrylic paints, gypsum, etc).

Lit by a UV torch for the picture, but the next step is connecting the SK6812 and UV led that are hidden throughout to an Arduino Nano.

#booknook #arduino #led

Book nook with fluorescent mushrooms, two trees, a squirrel, and a castle in the distance.
Book nook with fluorescent mushrooms, two trees, and a castle in the distance. Lighted by UV led.
Close up of a book nook with two fences, bushes, a squirrel, and a castle in the background.
Knud Jahnke
5 months ago

I'm always amazed again about how much #energy #heating #water takes, or how efficient other things are.

For example, for boiling 1 liter of water for a pot of tea, I can ride 30km on a recumbent #bike at 30km/h. Or I could have our living room #LED-#lights on for 16 hours.

One pot of tea!

Jason Coon
5 months ago

This large WS2812B LED Clock by @maketvee is brilliant! 🤩
The little black square is a 5mm WS2812B, for scale.
It's similar to his large WS2812B LED Coaster, but with a hidden secret.
More info:
#RGBLED #LED #3dPrinting

Fabian Laasch ⚡️🔋
5 months ago

Der Markt regelt. Nicht. Beispiel 5214.

Es gibt exklusiv für Dubai LED-Leuchten, die eine deutlich längere Lebensdauer aufweisen. Die Lösung ist simpel. Man setzt 4x so viele #LED Filamente ein, man betreibt sie damit nicht am Limit, sie bleiben kälter und leben länger.

Forciert wurde das durch einen Scheich. Die #DubaiLamp wird aber leider nur dort angeboten - die lange Lebensdauer ist schlecht für das weltweite Geschäft von #Philips.

Jason Coon
5 months ago

Mmm, even the #Prusa Enclosure #LED light #PCB is beautiful.

Jason Coon
5 months ago

Weekend project sorted, thanks to a delivery from Prusa! Got an air filter, #LED lighting, and a PSU cable quick release for my Prusa i3 MK3S+ #3dPrinter enclosure.

Jason Coon
5 months ago

As requested, I've designed a #lasercut enclosure for the 50mm Fibonacci64, which was previously intended only for #RGB #LED goggle builds. I've updated the @tindie listing:

5 months ago

Finally satisfactorily optimized the connections inside the #WS2812 #LED cube base of my 8x8 Cube Orb project. It's a *really* tight, tricky fit and challenging build, but the cube interior securely holds a #Pixelblaze, a sensor board, and 4 C-sized NiMh batteries, which last quite a while. The lid slides into place and latches with magnets. I'm writing the project up for @makemagazine, with info on 4x4, 5x5 (easier) and 8x8 versions so all build files will (eventually) get published.

Video showing the assembly of an LED cube comprised of 6 8x8 rigid addressable LED matrixes. The cube consists of a body of 4 connected matrices and a lid of two matrices. All adjacent matrices are held together by 3D printed white brackets with screws, and wire to connect the electronics. Inside the cube body are brackets which hold a Pixelblaze LED controller and its external sensor board flush against the inner walls. A compact battery pack of four C-sized rechargeable NiMH batteries slides into the body of the cube on a 3D printed rail along the bottom side and a separate 3D printed latch with magnets secures it in place. The magnets on the latch serve to fasten the cube lid, which slides into the body along a rail around the top edges of the body. The video shows two hands inserting the battery pack and connecting it with a JST connector, turning the cube LEDs on in a sparkly pattern, then the hands slide the lid, which is electrically connected to the body with wires, on the top rails where it latches into place with magnets in the lid that attach to magnets in the 3D printed battery latch.
Jason Coon
5 months ago

I'm finally getting around to converting my six year old, 250 #RGB #LED tree to #Pixelblaze!
I already had it fully pixel mapped in 3D for use with #FastLED, so it was super easy.
More info on the tree build:

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
5 months ago

I got 9.9 #battery operated, motion sensing #LED lights, but working, ain't one.

6 months ago

Making an #led 3D mapped #Christmas tree! It turned out waaaaaay better than I’d hoped! This is based on @jvyduna’s mapper code here

A tree with LEDs. A defined patch of purple on the left and green/yellow on the right.
6 months ago

A.M.A (Ask Me Anything.... #LED #LEDWEAR related?)

6 months ago

Interested in learning more about #pixelblaze #code and #LED animations? The amazing @jasoncoon has written a code tutorial for Pixelblaze for the #LuxLavalier that not only shows off the Lux, but is applicable to any setup. Filled with examples and demo photos and videos, it's really the best out there!

Dan Crank
7 months ago

Here's a thread of my recent projects, starting with the most recent and working backwards until I get tired of it. 😀 Most of these will be #rocketry related.

St. Louis Rocketry Association has a night launch around Halloween. This year I brought "Ghost Goblin," an #Estes Goblin with an #LED lit skull in place of a nose cone. Unfortunately, the wind carried it into the trees far out of reach of the Poking Stick. (Second photo by Carmelo Turdo, The Aero Experience Blog.)

A green model rocket about twelve inches tall. It has a skull in place of a nose cone, lit from within by white LEDs and having two red LEDs for eyes.
The rocket from the previous photo, drifting under parachute towards the tops of some very very tall trees. The skull is still brightly lit.
Jason Coon
7 months ago

Mega CycloHex progress! Got all 19 #RGB #LED rings mounted to the #LaserCut acrylic back with M2 screws. Now to just finish soldering the 80 some wires. 😅

Hexagonal black acrylic with nineteen RGB LED rings. Each ring has twelve 5mm square LEDs. The rings are mounted in three nested concentric circles.
1 year ago

Mache gerade Versuche zum stromsparenden Pflanzenwachstum im #Aquarium.
Hier mal eine aktuelle 120cm /14W T8 4000K - 2100 lumen - 160° #LED Tube aus dem Baumarkt.
Das Spektrum schaut schon deutlich besser aus, als bei den alten Blaupeak Makularverbrennern der frühen LED Generationen von vor ~7 Jahren.
Die oberen Pflanzenschichten explodieren geradezu, unten ca. 60cm tiefer am Boden schwächelt es dafür gegenüber einer 840er Drei Banden T8 Röhre nach jetzt 6 Monaten leider deutlich.