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The state of the left right now is so sad and scary. The lack of organizations that can teach people collective action and organize outside of a liberal framework is tangible. I worry it causing such a rise in political active fascists with such a small rise in the left.
#antifascism #communism #left

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"Reality skews #left."

I agree. The political 'centre' - ie. the ideology of the status quo - misunderstands and misrepresents the difference between left and right, seeing them both as systems of values and ideas extending away from the centre is opposite directions. This is wrong, and how wrong it is is revealed by the fact that centrists also often see left and right joining together at the extremes.

To understand the real difference between left and right we have to go back to the very origin of the terms - in the seating arrangement in the National Assembly in the French Revolution - nobility and clergy on the right, and commoners on the left. The difference is not primarily about values and ideas - much less psychology - but real differences in wealth and privilege. And secondarily, the right appeals to sources of authority such as tradition and religion - and indeed authoritarian individuals - to justify wealth and privilege - whereas the left appeals to evidence and reason to resist oppression and exploitation.

The right is therefore inherently anti-rational, anti-science, anti- any genuine search for truth (it is frequently explicit about this); the left on the other hand embraces reason and evidence - so yes - it is at bottom the same as realism.

News18 India
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The accused allegedly runs the Facebook page 'Kottayam Kunjachan' through which he had allegedly shared vulgar images and derogatory comments against family members of some Left leaders
#Kerala #CongressWorker #OnlineHarassment #FemaleRelatives #Left

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Reality skews #Left.

Peter Bolland I'm a college philosophy professor. We don't teach "socialism" or even liberal political values. We teach critical thinking, evidence-based truth seeking, global awareness, empathy, curiosity, and humility. DeSantis and others on the right face an enormous obstacle -- reality itself skews left. When people become more educated, they become more acutely aware of the suffering of others, and of their own moral responsibility to do something about it. Me-first ideologies wither in the light of wisdom.
Tucker Teague
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"Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world."

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors, thinkers, and #marxists, Paulo Freire. If you have not read the book, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," I highly recommend it.

#botd #PauloFreire #left #marx #marxism #socialist #communism #socialism #education

A portrait of Paulo Freire with the quote: "Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world."
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The #Left demands that our Federal Foreign Minister A. #Baerbock to fly on scheduled flights. [sik!] Would cost too much and so. Absolutely unrealistic! Unelectable! Shoot themselves down continuously! No idea v. processes, organization, ... and a lot of it!!!

Dimi Piraat
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“For radicals, fetishizing the guillotine is just like fetishizing the state: it means celebrating an instrument of murder that will always be used chiefly against us.” #guillotine #left #anarchism

Michael John Smith
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New #introduction
As a happily #married, #retired #English #Buddhist #straightedge #vegan #solarpunk living these past 38 years in #Ljubljana, #Slovenia, I try my best to be kind to every kind using #socialmedia to #campaign for #humanrights #animalrights #socialjustice and the #environment I am very concerned about #lgbtqia rights, #veganism and #ClimateChange

Please follow if you have similar #progressive interests or #spirituality, #meditation, #left #green #politics or #mentalhealth

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I don't think you can meaningfully #change the views of the extant parties to move them closer to where your beliefs land on the chart.

Anyone see an easy, direct way of fixing this?

All I can see at the moment is a possible starting #step. Stop #talking about "#left" vs. "#right" politics. #Help people who are interested in politics #understand the #Pournelle #chart, and how to place their own belief systems on it.

#Criticize the #media for using the left-right shortcut.


2 weeks ago

Apologies, as this will be a bit #rambling, but it will come back to #Canadian #politics, I promise.

First, the #categorization of #political views along a single left-right #axis is almost #useless. This has long been known, and alternatives exist that present a much more accurate picture, but the traditional #media is #addicted to "#left this" and "#right that" and is lazy, so they'll probably never get better.

One #alternative was developed by Jerry #Pournelle.


#celebrity #polymath

@Tweetfiction If the #Left has no patience for those who are willing to learn,

If they’d rather immediately blame ignorance instead of helping to kindly educate,

If they require alignment of ALL ethics and morals prior to your “being accepted”, then…

That’s not #progressivism to me. It’s #extremism

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The @openDemocracy piece is v worrying but perhaps not surprising!

As Jonathan K Cook writes in @middleeasteye:

“Those who suggest #Starmer is the broom needed to clean out @UKLabour’s stables will doubtless get the outcome they predict. Running against a ruling #Conservative Party in disarray and led by stale, colourless leaders reeking of privilege in a party mired in cronyism, Starmer is almost certain to win the next election - if only by default.”

But here’s the real ‘rub’ & the real danger in my view of a stale, corrupt, status quo-maintaining Starmer premiership:

“In blocking the #Left from a visible political presence, in stifling its ideas and creativity in a time of crisis, Starmer is leaving the field open to the #FarRight. They will be only too eager to highlight and exploit the deficiencies of a soulless Labour Party, one that pays no more than lip service to resolving Britain’s problems.”

“@UKLabour: #Starmer is paving the way for the triumph of dark politics”

#StopStarmer #LabourRacism #LabourMisogyny #LabourIslamophobia #LabourAntiSemitism #LabourHierarchyOfRacism #LabourFiles
#LabourFriendsOfApartheid #LabourFriendsOfBigOil #LabourFriendsOfBigBusiness #LabourFriendsOfBigPharma

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Salvador Allende, the revolutionary and socialist President of Chile.

Allende was assassinated in a military coup sponsored by US and CIA in a bid to wipe out communist ideology from Latin America.

However the left ideologies have made a big comeback in Latin America and including Chile majority of countries are ruled by left now..

#Chile #LatinAmerica #SalvadorAllende #Revolution #US #CIA #Left

Image of Salvador Allende, assassinated Chilean President
Rest In Paradise
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Onetime radical student and left-wing activist turned quietly influential senior #UK Labour Party official Alan Haworth has died at 75.

#left #activism #politics #obits #obituaries #restinparadise #rip #deaths #whodied

Alan Haworth
3 weeks ago

Let's stop thinking in #left and #right. Let's start thinking as #people. Allowing the #planet to die because of #fossil lobby is not what people want. Allowing people to go without #healthcare and die cannot be the idea of a safe and stable society. Allowing children to kill each other in Stockholm or Brussels because of persistent #inequality and #poverty and a vibrant drugs market is not what people wish. It seems that inaction is bought by lobby. Let's start building #stability.

I understand a lot of the arguments that some have promulgated in terms of staying on #twitter especially artists. I'm a writer I get it.

But I think coordinated efforts could have ended Musk's bullshit a long time ago.

Regular posting is the life blood of #socialmedia and #advertising going on content #strike even just for a day if given enough people can really fuck up a platforms bankroll and also make it clear who is generating the money for them.

I think it's time the #left shows Musk where the money is coming from and that they will not be bullied. Get the big wigs in on it and you'll have no issue.

#ContentStrike #BlackOut


IMO: Although leftists may want more #Left, the more Joe moves left, the more he loses the center. Now, with a supposed center party showing up, #Democrats risk losing that center outright. Also, there is currently no center in the #Republican party: they've either shifted #FarRight with the #MangoAmericano, left the party to become #Independents, or resigned themselves to vote Dem just to avoid voting #Trump.

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Being antifascist, when it comes down to it, to some people just means: being against Nazis. It doesn’t necessarily mean being against Nazi ideology or supporting (all!) those fascists harm.
It seems to me it wasn’t always this way. Antifascism also being a lifestyle has led to this: the movement partly solely serves itself.
I say partly, because this does certainly not apply to every antifascist.
#antisemitism #antifascism #left

This is #JustinPodur talking about the war knowledge the left the right and the liberals.

It discusses the BS horseshoe political spectrum diagram amongst others.

'The “liberal” is “supporting” Ukraine, which seems to practically mean supporting the destruction of a generation of Ukrainians ... The small anti-war left are accused of “supporting Putin”'

#Left #Right #Liberal #PoliticalSpectrum

Alx 🐈
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Writing your ethical application and using your breaks to listen to leftist philosophers isn't a good idea. I am closing my day with 700-words (unpublished and unpublishable for now) stream of consciousness that started as a reflection on the #RightToRepair, entered in a political critique of #upcycling , and ended with a #SmashTheSystem call to action.

#AcademicLife #AcademicMastodon #Left #AmWriting

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Palm Beach County DSA
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Listening - #Left on Red

Your First Win is the Win that Makes You Delusional"- Organizing in the #South with Hazel Wines

(and by "south" they mean Virginia but close enough)

#USPol #DemocraticSocialistsOfAmerica

ralf ruckus
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The Made in China Journal published a conversation between Chris Connery and Ralf Ruckus on "The Left in China" and related issues:
#China #Left #Revolution

Made in China Journal graphic
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I just finished my #live #news round-up (Thursdays @ 8 PM EST). You should check it out!

#podcast #commentary #analyis #punditry #liberal #left #economy #foreignaffairs

gom (they/them)
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I saw the movie #Pride (2014) a few weeks ago and besides making me cry, it was a good illustration of the importance of a unified #left. During the 25+ yrs I've been involved in the left, I've experienced so many deep internal rifts that it at times hasn't felt like a movement at all.

It's not right (pun intended). It's not right and we don't have the time.

And last night I dreamt I was making a movie and it ended with the words: "There are no enemies." It has to mean something.

😽 💜

Jeffrey Yost
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New! Essay Review of Joshua DÁVILA (aka The Blockchain Socialist) new book
Blockchain Radicals, & launch to further discussion of blockchain left, higher ed. etc. In my Blockchain and Society

#blockchain #socialism #left #crypto #cryptocurrency #gender #womenintech #women #tech #science #economics #politicaleconomy #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #Eth
@theblockchainsocialist @economics

Vijay Prema
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Only recently I noticed my wife (whom I have known for 7 years) has mainly #rightwing political opinions (except shes strongly against banning abortion and her BFF is a gay guy), and I have mainly far #left opinions.

And yet I would consider her a nicer and more compassionate person than myself. I learned a great deal from her and she brought me great peace.

The majority of right leaning folks are good reasonable people with nuance, not #Nazis. Its easy to forget that while on the Internet.

Seth G.
1 month ago

@hackdefendr If you want to accuse #ThirdParty #voters of being selfish, make sure that you're educated, paying attention to true experts like I shared and not personal anecdotes. That's a #Conservative move. Third party voters shifted elections in 2000 and 2016. That was entirely their right. The #FarRight, #moderates, who have now come to expect a blind following from the #Left, and this type of #voter #misinformation will be at fault for any rise of #Fascism in 2023, not third parties.

1 month ago

#Germanhistorylesson Still, it would be wrong to conclude from that that it had no impact. It played an important role in the political theory. Even for a country which didn't have any colonies, the idea of colonialism can have grave consequences for the political sphere. Newer events somewhat overshadowed it, but the German political spectrum is still divided in a 'pro-colonial' and an 'anti-colonial' camp - our #right and our #left-wing parties come from there.

OsteoarthriticAutistic she/her
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Editorial: Scotland needs a real left alternative to SNP-Green stagnation | Morning Star!


#Men #arrested for #deaththreats against Rep. #GeorgeSantos & “#transgender#politician.

"I'm gonna bash your mother f**king f**got head in with a bat until your brains are splattered across the f**king wall."

— It shouldn't matter if you are on the #right or #left, this is #NotAcceptable.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Extremism #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Homophobia #Transphobia

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In their book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”, @ChrisLynnHedges (#ChrisHedges) & Joe #Saco portray “inverted totalitarianism” as a system where corporations have corrupted & subverted democracy and where economics bests politics. Every natural resource and living being is commodified and exploited by large corporations to the point of collapse as excess consumerism and sensationalism lull and manipulate the citizenry into surrendering their liberties and their participation in government.

In #Britain, inverted totalitarianism is being played out before our eyes as never before because the elites don’t care any more if we, the poles, know what they are doing to us!

The utterly corrupt @conservatives (#Tories) are bought and paid for by #Putin’s #Russia, #Xi’s #China, #binSalman & other assorted oligarchs & despots.

The @UKLabour (#Labour) Party under #KeirStarmer is ‘in hoc’ to the #TrilateralCommission. Also, #Starmer has deliberately lost/ ejected so many of its former ~600k members (and their membership subs) that they’ve had to go, cap in hand, seeking donations from assorted corporate interests who will obviously want their ‘pound of flesh’ should #Labour come to power!

Our first-past-the-post electoral system is designed to entrench the inverted totalitarian system that is our so-called democracy! Nothing will change if #Labour replaces the Tories in the 2024 #GeneralElection - as is currently predicted to happen by a landslide!

Imo, at #UK #Election24:

1. #Tories *must* be destroyed electorally! This looks like a distinct possibility as they have do royally f#cked up pretty much everything! Nothing works in Britain anymore!
2. #Labour u/ ‘Sir’ Keir #KidStarver *cannot* be allowed to gain a #Blair-style landslide majority! #Starmer would use this almost unbridled power to unleash a torrent of illiberal policies on the country
3. Hence we must somehow elect a powerful #Left presence in Parliament to oppose his #NeoLiberal & authoritarian instincts
4. Well-informed, we’ll-organised tactical voting will be key - not just to wipe out the Tories but, crucially, to #StopStarmer

1 month ago

@therightarticle “In blocking the #Left from a visible political presence, in stifling its ideas and creativity in a time of crisis, #Starmer is leaving the field open to the #FarRight. They will be only too eager to highlight and exploit the deficiencies of a soulless @UKLabour - one that pays no more than lip service to resolving #Britain’s problems.

And they will doubtless also scapegoat the usual suspects - not the rich, not those in power, but immigrants, Jews and ‘communists’ - who will be blamed for bringing the #UK to its knees.

Ultimately, the smearing of #Corbyn and the #Labour left will bring about the very things the Labour right and the #EstablishmentMedia claim they seek to avert: Britain will become a darker, more #racist, more authoritarian place.”

via Jonathan_K_Cook

#StopStarmer #NeverLabour #StarmerOut #RedTories #NeverVoteLabourAgain #LabourRacism #LabourZionism #LabourFriendsOfIsrael #LabourFriendsOfApartheid #LabourEnablesApartheid

Seth G.
1 month ago

This is one of the only two ways that the #Right can gain power anywhere: ineffectiveness of the #Left. When #Socialist policies work well, and people have their needs taken care of and are educated about the world properly, there is no room for an #Opposition. Only ignorant or unhappy citizens look for alternatives, which is why #religion, typically based on #faith alone and not on #CriticalThinking is the only other way to get support for #conservative stances from the voters they disadvantage

Seth G.
1 month ago

To be fair, even the moderate and center #left parties are presenting candidates and policies that are unworkable, unrealistic, or unpassable at best and #neoliberal at worst. The solidly #LeftWing federal government has, failed to address the #HousingCrisis, closed the last German #NuclearPower plant, and watched #PublicTransport under #DeutcheBahn continue to deteriorate as a viable option, they blew their chance and are actively allowing the #Right to grow again.

#Left #Labour #Democrats

🚨*ChatGPT shows a significant and systemic left-wing bias UK researchers have found*🚨

According to the study, #ChatGPT favours the Labour Party & Biden's Democrats in the US.

Concerns about an inbuilt political bias in ChatGPT have been raised before, notably by Elon Musk, but the academics said their work was the first large-scale study to find proof of any favouritism.

Is this Left Wing bias & favouritism, or merely common sense? 🤖 💽 🤷🏾‍♂️

ChatGPT accused of left Wing bias & favouritism.

There is nothing, absolutely *nothing* more #American #White #MiddleClass #Faux #Left than this. A double-indirect I #IdentifyAs. Holy shit.

I mean #IrishAmericans (more Oirish Americans, amirite?!) are bad enough from the get-go, but saying then that you "identify as" #Latina?!

people don't understand that you don't have to be from a latin american country to be latino. for example i am irish american but i identify as latina because i love really hard—if you got me i got you. it's an attitude more than anything
Dee G Lloyd
1 month ago

I know he likes the dramatic music for his more "produced" videos on his main channel. I guess I didn't notice it being too loud.
My main critique would be of how he characterized the #AltLeft. For me #Glemb, #Taibbi, & #TulsiGabbard are little more than grifter hacks who use #populist language & #left sounding tropes for clicks & eyeballs. I don't think any of their arguments RE #Ukraine (or anything else for that matter) are made in #GoodFaith.

Dee G Lloyd
1 month ago

#VladVexler knocks it out of the park with a #YouTube video on his main channel in which he dismantles the so-called #antiimperialist #left & #AltLeft arguments against #American aid to #Ukraine & #NATO blame for #Russia's invasion. TL;DR they fundamentally misunderstand #Putin's reasons for starting the war & are thus unable to grasp how to end it:

1 month ago

@MusiqueNow Sadly it’s clear that what you term @UKLabour’s “opportunistic” use of the #AntiSemitism slur against the #Left (including many Jews & longstanding #AntiRacism campaigners) is *much* worse than that! The #Forde report states clearly that #AS was used (& continued to be) as a “factional weapon” against potential internal opponents of #Starmer’s policies! This Jewish Voice for Labour (#JVL) article, written by Jonathan Cook, is entitled “ Proof that antisemitism was weaponised against #Corbyn

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@futurebird @evan ✅ I reject today’s “#left” and “#right” political tribes as they suffer from the same fundamental errors in #philosophy: they accept the futility of #reason and the #morality of #altruism.

As an #Objectivist, I am politically a radical for #capitalism and feel no qualms about expressing that.

I do, however, choose my battles at work, online, and elsewhere.

I think everyone on the #left has like 1 thing there not fully on board with from the wider left.

Mine is #electriccars, my reasoning is, 1. Lithium is a rare resource, 2. Its mined through exploitation in developing nations 3. The "greenness" of electric cars is really heavily reliant on how green a countries power production all ready is and 4. It makes the renewable car look like a solved problem slowing advancement in imo better green tech like the hydrogen engine.

Musk pushed the electric car not because it was the best solution to the problem but because it was the cheapest path to a market.

Breaking news: #Left leaning #liberals find a higher purpose through calling #AntiRacism activists #trolls for countering #MicroAggresive #toots, #tweets, #spouts, etc.

2 months ago

@peterdutoit the answer is independence for Scotland. Energy policy is foist upon us by Westminster. Scotland doesn't vote Tory or Red Tory and is more aligned with a #left leaning #Green #NorthenEuropean #EuropeanUnion #SocialDemocracy #Renewables #ScottishIndependence

@CatHat That tracks for #Mastodon. I’ve seen just as much #racism here as on #Twitter. And the topic of #ableism, I think I’ve seen MORE than on Twitter (that whole “anti-car movement is disturbingly very anti-disabled). #Islamophobia is about the same, except it comes more from the #left, since the #right gets #defederated.

Seth G.
2 months ago

When actual #Nazis are polling at 18%-22%, it has to be remembered that the " #progressive" parties on the #left that push only #neoliberal policies could have prevented this but didn't. #Reactionary parties can only get a foothold when there is actually something bad to react to; manufacturing #crisis only works AFTER you have a following.

#Germany #politics #EU #EuropeanUnion #socialism #communism

Alx 🐈
2 months ago

I could write a long rant, but I've been ranting on #Genova #G8 for 22 years. So, I'll leave just a little note.
The #PoliceBrutality of that night was allowed by the then centre-right Berlusconi government. The same Berlusconi that died this year, and even Italian leftists urged to post that 'His politics were questionable, but he was a great entrepreneur'.
So, when you ask why voters vote right, maybe just look at all the things the #Left does very wrong.

#PoliceBrutality #Neoliberalism

Ummm.. so they had this up at a gun-parts store. Not sure where to start...

#liberal #left #gun #guns #2a

stephen m 🍞🌹
2 months ago

What do folks think of this article of balancing between dogmatism and opportunity in the movements and building the left #Dogmatism #Opportunism #socialist #marxist #left

2 months ago

We present the second part of our Common Strategy for the development of the Antifa movement in Ukraine. Unfortunately, only in UA for now.

We publish and welcome to read and discuss the second part of our Common Strategy of development of the Antifascist movement.

In this part we speak about self-governence and practice of the related skills, the role federations and confederations plays in this process.

In the end we share our perspective of the future, its challenges and possible ways to stand against the:
❌ Neoliberal approach of the government
❌ Strengthening of the state's oppressive structure
❌ Far-right empowering

The main tasks we see today:
1️⃣ Establishing of the self-govern system
2️⃣ Creation of the self-defense forces
3️⃣ Infrastructure development
4️⃣ Support of the fighters and civilian comrades
5️⃣ Strengthening of the international cooperation and consolidation of Ukrainian diaspora abroad

We call for the sharing, discussions, critics and proposals🖤


#ukraine #antifa #strategy #anarchism #left #farright #radical #russia #war

@antifaintl @antifapolska @AntifaEnt @antifa @enough14 @b9AcE

3 months ago

We present the first part of our Common Strategy for the development of the Antifa movement in Ukraine. Unfortunately, only in UA for now.

In this part we share our view on the individual development and it's high priority. In our opinion, all members of the movement should have: a strong political background, modern education, the ability to take care of themselves and others, defend themselves and create quality social connections.

All this is necessary to create affinity groups, and then to form assemblies - the basic units of people's power.

#ukraine #antifa #strategy #anarchism #left

@antifaintl @antifapolska @AntifaEnt @antifa @enough14 @b9AcE

3 months ago

(edit: #introduction doh.)

Hi I'm aaron, an elder cis male queer based in the UK and on Fedi (Masto mostly) since Nov 2022 so I guess in fedi years I'm somewhere between uwu smol bean and get off my lawn.

Politically I lean #left (#Corbyn left not Starmer left) and though I'd prefer to smash the state and start over I vote #green because just look at the state of this place. I love discourse and aim for an open mind but I'll block for bad manners/bad takes from strangers, gross assumptions that don't demonstrate critical thinking or obvious trollbaiting. If Myers Briggs is important to you I'm #INTJ and will sometimes come off as sarcastic where I'm actually being earnest so please keep a charitable outlook if you don't know me yet.

For work I'm a freelance finance consultant working with small businesses, usually in their first few years, helping them to grow sustainably. ethically and with demonstrable social purpose. I typically take over client hardware and software stacks too so have a tiny amount of exposure to #Linux though my clients are more likely to skew OSX or Windows so my "programming" goes to business apps development in MS Power suite and occasionally wanders into java, vba, sql and even c++ if I'm feeling especially saucy/masochistic. Every now and again I manage corporate #legal functions and have a strong interest in case law and #global politics as a result. Mostly I'm focused on problem solving.

Socially I try to stay locally involved (since the pandemic made me appreciate that) and help with #rewilding projects around species reintroduction and habitat maintenance. Local to me is wherever I am at the time so if I get to travel I try to relay the issues I'm seeing where I've travelled to and will boost posts in #español #français (du france et canadien) #português (do brasil ou portugal) #italiano #deutsche and #Ελληνικά provided I can read and understand at least 50% of what is written and the fedi translation feels sufficient to get the point over. I post travel photos now and again, I have a panny FZ1000-II which I'm new to and self-teaching photography "skills", my Pixelfed account is linked in my bio but not very active and I try to limit media posts on masto servers for the sake of the admin's burden.

I boost images with alt text with the rare exceptions of video content where the audio is sufficient to describe or where alt has been provided in the first reply or two. Accessibility is important to me, if you want to test the difficulty of hearing the web instead of seeing it just pop some headphones in and listen to your phone announcing Whatsapp group messages to you aloud; it's a very different world.

In my actual spare time I'm usually partaking in #exercise of some sort which helps to keep my mental health in check and I'm slowly working on improving my VO2 max and flexibility following close to a decade with a nasty back problem that impeded me and made me miserable. If I'm not doing that I used to enjoy #gaming (fuck you Stadia) and will often reminisce over platforms (Amstrad CPC 464 for life) and games of yore, I keep abreast of current releases but rarely game on the PC which I mostly use for work and longform shitposting. I'm more likely to be playing a text based choose your own adventure (usually one of the #VtM stories) than a shooter since I suffer with photosensitive epilepsy.

In my home life I practice #poly and am sex positive so AMA if you feel like it, I try to operate on the principle of groundlessness. The usual hashtags apply so TERFs and the like can just block me now before I get to you, police apologists can tell me their stories but I'm not going to be changing my mind on defunding positions, and anyone who wants to politely discuss their divergences will find a willing ear here so long as it's respectful and well meaning chatter.

Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

Cue rant: I hate the term, "single-payer" even more than #MedicareForAll

It's meaningless to most people because it's jargon. Really, it is. #Ingsoc absolutely approves it.

Informing people using clear, direct, jargon-free language is something the #Democrats, specifically, and much of the #left in general, have failed at my entire 65 years.

"#Government provided (or paid or both)" or something like that.

Because it can't be any other entity.

Rant end.

#SinglePayer 🙄

Jules of Denial
3 months ago

I wish #doctors #websites would stop using those stupid #signature boxes where you need to use the mouse to sign your name. I’m #left-handed but I use a #right-handed #mouse (that’s how I was taught) and it’s a real pain in the ass to try to sign my name with the mouse. I just had to sign like that about 15 times for a #developmental #pediatrician. You’d think they’d know better. Just let me type in my damned name, for fuck sake. I have zero patience for this stuff. #autism #adhd

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 months ago

@daringfireball @gruber “Is the goal of the #Fediverse to be #AntiCorporate?”

A lot of instances are set up explicitly so, and there are many vocal users both on those instances and elsewhere.

Dip into posts on #politics or #economics (or even as an undercurrent to a lot of other posts) and you’ll find some very extreme #lefitist and #AntiCapitalist rhetoric. It can seem like the fediverse skews far-#left the same way “#AltTech” platforms skew far-#right.

Michael John Smith
3 months ago

#introduction Hi, I'm new to mastodon. I am a Buddhist vegan, originally from the UK but living in Slovenia for 38 years. I am a retired translator, happily married with a 37 y/o son.
#buddhism #veganism #meditation #mahayana #humanrights #animalrights #socialjustice #environment #sustainability #climatechange #vegan #lgbtqi+ ally #metoo #blm #refugeeswelcome #straightedge #prointersectional #mindfulness #compassion #kindness #ecosocialism #green #progressive #community #refugees #migrants #left #levica #slovenia #ljubljana #socialmedia
I would like to share with you my vegan story:

To some in the political #left:

Supporting #diversity doesn’t mean treating #minority communities as homogenous groups who all say, do and believe the same thing. It means regarding them as humans not less worthy of difference, disagreement & nuance than you.

Simon Tisdall rehearses 2 old (but still problematic) Q.s for the #left:

Is the Left more interested in fighting with its allies (& itself) over the vanity of small differences, opening the door for the #Right to win #elections?

Is a move to the right (centre) merely validating the very rightest positions that the left should be fighting against?

What Tisdall, perhaps, downplays is the issue of #media ownership & its sharing of the political agenda.


stephen m 🍞🌹
4 months ago

This is a great piece to read and worth the read and discussion on the suggested balance of thought and practice #left #socialist #dogmatism #opportunism

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
5 months ago

Fellow leftists, what are things you think the #Left in your lifetime—your own milieu—has gotten wrong?

For me, I think two obvious contenders are the embrace of #NIMBY housing approaches (which I think is a fair characterization) & of #WholeLanguage (including “balanced literacy”) approaches to #reading

I’d be interested in reading anything people have seen from a real Left perspective grappling with what we can learn from having been wrong about either of these, & in other examples


Perquè és tan difícil configurar el ratolí per esquerrans a una #ubuntu ??
Ni reiniciant em canvia el botó principal del ratolí.


#ratoli #linux #left

5 months ago

This amazing episode of #intercepted really gets at my main frustration with the #left right now.

There's complete lockstep compliance among #Democrats - even #bernie and #AOC - in support of military industrial authodoxy.

Now we honestly have to look to #Republicans and the #GOP for any serious #AntiWar sentiments 🙄

Adam S. Smith
6 months ago

@feditips I so wish it wasn't this way. It seems such a waste of everyone's valuable time. And I don't even bother searching Mastodon anymore, I know better to waste my time that way as well.

#Mastodon #search #wastes #everyones #time #I #spend #more #effort #writing #hashtags #than #I #do #generating #actual #content #No #wonder #many #people #gave #up #and #left

Dave Mackey
6 months ago

3/ #capitalism at work, so it doesn't need to be exclusively a #left or #right action.

Additionally, it can be attractive to folks who don't care about how a company treats their employees. Why? Because their self-interest is in:
- getting a quality product
- receiving ongoing support for that product

Especially at scale it could become a large motivator. You know, that company we bought x from (lets say a car, for no reason 😉)? They are headed to the crapper b/c folks aren't buying from

6 months ago


Honestly, I don't feel like America had a true #left to speak of between #Reagan and when the #internet became widespread.

Can you remember how easily political debate could be shut down just by saying an idea was communist?

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
7 months ago

I knew that Jordan #Peterson was a charlatan, but there were a few things about him that I didn't know:

1) He's a doctor of #psychology. As a mental health professional, may I just openly say, "Ew." Yes, he's very good at empathizing with you and in gaining your trust. We literally learn how to do that in school. Weirdly, psychopaths and narcissists also learn to do that rather successfully, only we also learn how to help people find their way in a confusing world (not very hard if you just take the time to listen to someone and reflect on what they say). Is he inspirational? Sure. But the quality of a person's thinking has nothing to do with how inspirational they are.

After all, many people find Donald #Trump very inspiring.

2) He is a simple man with just one hypothesis that he expresses as fact: human beings and #lobsters respond to #serotonin in the same way. Because this is true, he says, then the #pyramid #hierarchy, with one person or group at the top, is the natural state of humankind. If you noticed a leap in #logic there, did every other reasonable person on the planet. His cultists must have missed it.

Also, it turns out that biologists are well aware that invertebrates and vertebrates respond to serotonin in opposite ways, so that's interesting: how Peterson's entire #worldview is based on a falsehood. It turns out, Peterson is not a #biologist. Who knew?

3) Because hierarchies are a #natural part of lobster society, then they are a natural part of human societies too. Please ignore the fact that lobsters don't have societies. Peterson would appreciate that.

Furthermore, because hierarchies are a natural part of a human society, then hierarchies with one group or individual at the top are natural to human society. Please ignore the fact that throughout the #history of the fucking planet, humans and non-human animals that collect into social groups have built many different types of hierarchies, including several where #women rule collectively at the top (e.g., lions). Peterson would appreciate that.

Further-furthermore, because pyramid-based hierarchies are biologically entrenched, we must eschew any attempt by the #left to modify our societal structure. It exists, and therefore it is good. Please ignore the fact that of #capitalism and the #patriarchy, both of which are #systems that Peterson thinks are natural parts of the human psychology, the first of these to come about (patriarchy) is no older than #agriculture.

Weirdly, lobsters don't grow their own food. It's almost as if some point...must have evolutionarily pulled away from lobsters. (Namely, back when we were all worms.)

4) The role of the left is to speak for the naturally (and appropriately) disadvantaged folks at the bottom, according to Peterson. Just to speak, by the way. We shouldn't do anything about it. The role of the #right appears to be to remind us that hierarchies exist and therefore we should do nothing about our current one. And then, the left should say, "Oh. Yeah... That sucks." And we're done!


5) Everything that Peterson says is fucking word garbage. He will literally talk for hours and say nothing, but he knows how to sound super profound. He's little more than a narcissistic self-help guru who believes that because he has a PhD in one subject, he's qualified to speak on all subjects.

This, by the way, is never true. It's why Ben #Carson, late renowned neurosurgeon, knew nothing about Egyptian history and wound up dying of sycophantism by purposefully catching COVID to own the libs.

I can see why Peterson is popular. I'd be #popular and rich too, if I had that #cishet #white #male #confidence to say whatever bullshit popped into my brain as if it were unadulterated #truth. And if I were enough of a psychopath to not care about who gets hurt by my shameless grifting.

Anyway, if you thought this post was long, you'll love this video by my buddy Cody:

#jordanPeterson #socialJustice #grifter #altRight

Karstan 🚲🍑💨⛵
7 months ago

#introduction How to define a Karstan? I'm just this guy, you know? Some labels that fit me: #maker, #neurodivergent (severe #ADHD), #vegan, cis man, #nerd, #lefty. (Day job is as a sysadmin in fintech)

I tinker on stuff. Wood stuff, metal stuff, digital stuff, and so forth. Portland, OR resident since 2000. I like #bikes. And #sailboats. Politically rather far to the #left. But revolutions aren't JUST about lining fascists up against a wall. They take everyday #communitybuilding and #kindness.

Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I'm mustachioed, wearing glasses and a gray, flat cap (english style). I have my arms crossed and I'm smiling. I'm standing in front of a ladder leading into a dumpster.
Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I'm I have a slight stubble and glasses. I'm wearing a medium jacket and sweater with a red scarf. I'm seated on a log next to a river with a bridge over my shoulder. On my lap I'm holding two small dogs, both chihuaha mixes. One is tan and has a look of terrier to him. The other is dark and appears to have some miniature pinscher.
Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I have a thick mustache and I'm wearing a gray flat english cap and glasses. I have on a checkered shirt and black tie as well as a black sweater. Over top of that I have a tan work apron with tools in the pockets. Over my shoulder you can see a room under construction.
7 months ago

The Rootlet (my ginger bearded 19yo son) just announced to us he is a #prepper, from the #Left, who intends to live in a forest he does not own or rent in case of severe #jackpot conditions. What would be appropriate birthday presents?

9 months ago

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Anyone out there get too #hot if they lay on their #right #side and too #cold if they lay on their #left #side? #ehlersdanlos #Dysautonomia #pots #cerebrospinalfluidleak

Patrick Stewart ✅
9 months ago

#Introduction I'm Patrick from #FortWorth #Texas. I'm a #customer #support #manager for an e-learning site and a #father of 3. I talk about my #kids, #wife and boost #tech and #political news. I'm an avid #Fedora user and #drummer. #LeagueOfLegends and #writing are my #hobbies. I'm also #TeamPixel, #bisexual, #poly, an avid #music lover, a #Daoist enjoy #reading #philosophy , #politically #left and I'm a member of the #TwitterMigration

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I guess I never posted an #introduction? Maybe I should do that. How to define a Karstan? I'm just this guy, you know? Some labels that folks might use for me: #maker, #neurodivergent (severe #ADHD), #vegan, cis man, #nerd, #lefty. (My day job is as a sysadmin in fintech)

I like to tinker on stuff. Wood stuff, metal stuff, digital stuff, and so forth. I've lived in Portland, OR most of my life (since 2000). I like #bikes. And #sailboats. On a political spectrum I definitely would put myself rather far to the #left. However, revolutions aren't just about lining the fascists up against the wall. They take everyday #communitybuilding and #kindness. Without the latter, we're just an angry and easily manipulated mob. I struggle every day to be less angry/manipulated and more kind.

Photo of yours truly. I'm a white, bald, thin man with a blond mustache. I'm wearing glasses, a grayish-greenish tshirt,  and a gray, flat (english) cap. I'm standing in front of a red dumpster with a ladder leaning against it and there are two people cut off by the edges of the photo standing on either side of me. I'm smiling with my arms crossed across my chest, showing a couple tattoos on my arms.
Photo of yours truly. I'm a white, bald, thin man with a blond mustache. I'm wearing glasses, a red plaid dress shirt with black tie, a black zip-up sweater,  and a gray, flat (english) cap. I'm also wearing a brown work apron with pens and pencils, and  a utility knife in the top pockets. There's a dust mask hanging from a hook on it too. I'm standing in a pink and white bathroom that appears to be partially desconstructed.
Another photo of me, a white, thin, bald man. In this photo I have a light/short reddish blond beard with lots of gray. I have clear plastic glasses on. I'm wearing a white button down shirt, gray zip-up sweater, a brown jacket and red and black striped scarf. I'm sitting on a log on a river bank in front of a bridge with trees behind me. The trees are starting to turn yellow with autumn. I'm holding two small dogs on my lap, both chihuahua mixes. The smaller one has miniature pinscher coloring and is wearing a pink and white striped sweater. The other is light tan and is missing one eye. Both are adorable.
9 months ago


#GenX F Central Ohio. Self-employed. Loathe small talk. Trying to be happy in this hellscape the Boomers and those who came before, left us. Please excuse my profanity. I can’t help it.

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