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The left really should be more interested in value/wealth creation. #politics #leftism

Avery Winters
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Hello! I'm Avery Winters. I build software that gives people a reason to not hate their computers as much. I care a lot about robustness, performance, and preserving people's #privacy and freedom.

I tend to post about #rust 🦀, #nix ❄, #floss 🧑‍💻, #security 🔒, #networks 🌐, #selfhosting 🖥️, #urbanism 🚲, #leftism 🌹, #anarchism 🏴 and #christianity✝️ .

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Read "Why I Write" by George Orwell...

I never want to hear a certain group of people use Orwellian terms ever again.

#books #Novels #leftism #antifascism #Bookstodon

Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism, as I understand it. It seems to me nonsense, in a period like our own, to think that one can avoid writing of such subjects. Everyone writes of them in one guise or another. It is simply a question of which side one takes and what...
The British ruling class were not altogether wrong in thinking that Fascism was on their side. It is a fact that any rich man, unless he is a Jew, has less to fear from Fascism than from either Communism or democratic Socialism. One ought never to forget this, for nearly the whole German and Italian propaganda is designed to cover it up.
What this war has demonstrated is that private capitalism — that is, an economic system in which land, factories, mines and transport are owned privately and operated solely for profit — does not work. It cannot deliver the goods. This fact had been known to millions of people for years past, but nothing ever came of it, because there was no real urge from below to alter the system, and those at the top had trained themselves to be impenetrably stupid on just this point.
It is not certain that Socialism is in all ways superior to capitalism, but it is certain that, unlike capitalism, it can solve the problems of production and consumption. At normal times a capitalist economy can never consume all that it produces, so that there is always a wasted surplus (wheat burned in furnaces, herrings dumped back into the sea etc., etc.) and always unemployment.
nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
2 weeks ago

Looks like a possible coup going on in Guatemala to block the incoming left wing president from taking power

Guatemala Ballots Seized, President-elect Decries Growing 'Coup' | Barron's

President-elect Bernardo Arevalo called Tuesday for the resignation of Guatemala's attorney general, after ballots were seized by prosecutors in another controversial raid.

"The coup plotters must resign," Arevalo said, naming three officials at the center of legal efforts that have targeted his Semilla (Seed) party: Attorney General Consuelo Porras, special prosecutor Rafael Curruchiche, and judge Fredy Orellana.

"They have deviated from their constitutional function of investigating and prosecuting, fully towards a clear coup d'etat in progress," Arevalo told a press conference.

#Politics #News #Guatemala #Coup #CoupDetat #Fascism #Leftism #BernardoArevalo #Semilla #SemillaParty

Shiri Bailem
3 weeks ago

Reminded deeply today of the subtle insidious racism of leftists and liberals.

So many in our communities are prone to believe that they've gotten rid of their racism, and instead fuel it by demanding ideological purity and by ignoring inconvenient truths.

When a minority group says something you're doing is racist, take a minute to stop and ask yourself what you might not be seeing. And if you really can't find anything, ask for more information (but try to figure it out for yourself first, it's both polite and good exercise).

#racism #leftism #liberals

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 weeks ago

The Bay View massacre was the result of a strike held on May 4, 1886, by 7,000 building-trades workers and 5,000 Polish laborers who had organized at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to strike against their employers, demanding the enforcement of an eight-hour work day.[

By Monday, May 3, the number of participants had increased to over 14,000 workers who gathered at the Milwaukee Iron Company rolling mill in Bay View. They were met by 250 National Guardsmen under order from Republican Governor Jeremiah M. Rusk. The strikers had shut down every business in the city except the North Chicago Rolling Mills in Bay View. The guardsmen's orders were that, if the strikers were to enter the Mills, they should shoot to kill. But when the captain received the order it had a different meaning: he ordered his men to pick out a man and shoot to kill when the order was given. Workers camped in the nearby fields and the Kosciuszko Militia arrived by May 4. Early the next day the crowd, which by this time contained children, approached the mill and were fired upon. Seven people died as a result, including a thirteen-year-old boy. Several more were injured during the protest. Several contradictory newspaper accounts described other possible casualties, but the count of seven deaths is substantiated by specific names (Frank Kunkel, Frank Nowarczyk, John Marsh, Robert Erdman, Johann Zazka, Martin Jankowiak, and Michael Ruchalski).

#Politics #Leftism #Leftist #Socialism #Labor #LaborDay #Communism #WorkerRights #LaborRights #Weekend #8HourDay #Meme

The weekend was a crazy leftist idea.

In 1886, 7 union members in Wisconsin died fighting for the 5-day work week and 8 hour workday.

@Billybobbell @gfarrell

Democrats are liberal. This is center left, which is a type of leftist, not a type of centrist. We’re centrist relative to the far left and leftist relative to the center.

In contrast, the Republicans are far right; there is no appreciable center right anymore.

But what I was responding to was the truly idiotic claim that liberals somehow don’t want progress because we haven’t been able to get all of our goals accomplished.

No, actually, we could not have done everything in that short window of opportunity in the first half of Obama’s first term. Consider how hard it was to get the ACA through, even with the ugly compromises he was forced to make.

Essentially, you’re blaming the D’s for not having magic powers. This only helps the R’s.

#uspol #leftism

Leftists must stop building their #identity around being Leftists.

Identity is primary to the human experience and will always be protected. If 'the revolution' or whatever society you advocate for were to occur that identity would be obliterated because Leftists largely understand themselves in relation to #Capitalism ie the dominant mode. As such they will take any and all action required protect that identity.

This particularly applies to whites because their identity is generally speaking far more fragmented than those who have cultural, community based, or ancestral identities and mythologies (ie collective stories) to reinforce other aspects of their identity.

#Politics #Leftism #Myth #Whiteness

@Mcdyer @futurebird

Well, at least you’re not doing it intentionally.

I’ve had to block a few people for insisting that, if it’s not foaming-at-the-mouth anarcho-communism, it’s not left-wing at all.

These same people naturally insist that liberals are “the same” as fascists, since neither are (far) left.

That’s like saying that apple juice and turpentine are the same, since neither one is orange juice…

#politics #leftism

Drew Naylor
1 month ago

More people on the left need to be pro-Second Amendment to take that argument away from the right and to attract people over from the right if they're only holding on because the right claims the left is anti-Second Amendment. Of course, this has to be within reason, and not being able to own weapons of war or something, & also not letting just everyone have them even if someone poses a known risk and having them be absolutely everywhere like the right wants.

#SecondAmendment #leftism #guns

2 months ago

Just uploaded a video essay looking at capitalism's biggest flaws from an economics perspective.

A lot of critiques these days come from an emotional perspective, and while that isn't a bad thing, it's also important to know the true roots of these problems that keep resulting in those depressing headlines.

#capitalism #breadtube #leftism

2 months ago
You can clearly see how the leaders of this so-called BLM movement "understand" Marxism. Instead of talking about the need to abolish private ownership of the means of production and create a theoretically competent communist party to deploy propaganda and agitation for the purpose of a real struggle for power, these people are bogged down in actionism and pogroms, declaring to the amusement of the public about the struggle for the rights of perverts of all stripes. Excellent "Marxists"! The bourgeoisie of the whole world only dreams of all its opponents being just like that. Ridiculous, theoretically illiterate, putting forward clownish slogans. Of course, it is precisely such "Marxists" that the bourgeois press will strenuously promote through the media, which is what we are seeing. Such "Marxists" are a tool for discrediting communism. These people, voluntarily or unwittingly, become allies of the bourgeoisie in strengthening its power.

Generally speaking, the bourgeois media deliberately create a stereotype of communists as backward people, either missing the USSR or stupid-headed actionists. The main thing that propagandists try to hide from the masses is that communism is a science, and communists adhere to a scientific approach. True, the activists themselves, who undeservedly call themselves communists and do not own Marxist-Leninist theory, are no less to blame here.

In addition to the "subtle" technologies of stirring up interest in empty-headed leftists, the bourgeoisie also uses cruder methods. For example, an ordinary lie. Everything is simple here. Some blatantly false, inadequate information is taken, necessarily associated with the "left" and thrown into the public space. And since the ordinary reader is not only not accustomed to simply double-checking information, but also does not understand that there is a colossal, fundamental difference between a conscientious communist and all sorts of leftists, tailists, opportunists, the promoted image of a "crazy leftist" begins to work. Such techniques are especially effective in the minds of young people, whose consciousness is distorted by the "white noise" of social networks, and, due to the lack of life experience and theoretical knowledge, is more susceptible to manipulation and emotionally unstable. An example of such rough work:
#leftism #leftist #western #lie about #communists #marxism #communism is #learning for #future
🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
2 months ago

It is a difference:

A) To be equal in a competition based society, maximizes suffering.

compared to:

B) To be equal in a post-capitalist society means no competition based suffering.

A) is the leftlib position, B) the left extrimist / anarchist. They are almost the opposite position. A) is why leftist parties disappear everywhere.


2 months ago

Many Americans love to throw around the phrase "standard of living" when talking about other countries, especially ones they feel superior to.

However, this phrase has very little meaning with no true definition. Why is that? I explore this concept in my newest video essay.

#capitalism #leftism #breadtube

2 months ago

Over on the hellsite a communist lady is arguing cocaine is more ethical than bananas, and I've not seen a self own like that in years. Truly made my day.
#leftism #epicfail #humor

Alfred Hitchcock in front of and pulling on strings of guillotine
Escargot 🐌
2 months ago

Le Manifeste de Regina a 90 ans

Nora Loreto revient sur ce manifeste radical à la base de la fondation du CCF (ancêtre du NPD) qui explique dans un discours très anti capitaliste pourquoi il faut travailler à l'unité ouvrière et syndicale.

Aucun parti prétendu de gauche ne va aussi loin aujourd'hui, même s'ils se font traiter de communistes et de wokes à tour de bras.

#anticapitalisme #Canada #histoire #mouvementouvrier
#NPD #gauche
#leftism #neoliberalism #anticapitalism

J Lou
2 months ago

#introduction continued

#WorkplaceDemocracy is under-discussed in democratic #PoliticalPhilosophy, #PoliticalTheory, and #philosophy more broadly.

Instead of seeing #leftism as opposed to #liberalism, I see #anticapitalism as the logical conclusion of applying #liberal principles. Inalienable rights to #democracy apply to the workplace as well and the party that management governs is the workers. This motivates a legal mandate that all firms be structured as worker #cooperatives.

🖕Fuck Bob Igor (figuratively, not literally).

🖕Fuck these entertainment industry CEOs (figuratively, not literally).

🖕 Fuck the greedy shareholders everywhere that try to squeeze labor (figuratively, not literally).

I hope this strike brings the industry to its knees and drags them until it bleeds.

Tags for search:
#capitalism #LateStageCapitalism #leftist #leftism #socialism #communism #guillotines #labor #unions #unionize

Drew Naylor
2 months ago

Being a #wokescold is bad and just doing nazis' jobs for them by making the anti-nazi/antifascist front fragmented and less able to cooperate.

#nazi #antifa #leftism #communism #socialism #anarchy

2 months ago

fand ich damals schon eine geniale Scheibe und ist es auch heute noch
noch mehr #respekt - es war vor fast 30 Jahre die Debut-Scheibe

3 months ago

Hi all! I'm Micah, pronouns are they/them, and I'm a #software #developer that's trying to help build an #accessible and caring world through software that makes knowing and making things really easy... still in the early stages 😃

I'll mostly post and interact with toots about #software, #FOSS, #accessibility, #ruby, and #javascript but also #leftism, #socialism, and #disability, among probably a bunch of other miscellaneous topics.

Nice to meet you!


3 months ago

Just released my video on something I call the "Myth of Wasted Time" where I break down how the "capitalist in your head" can make it hard for you to enjoy leisure. (And how to overcome it.)

#capitalism #leftism

the people's eva
3 months ago

INTRO POST! I am a Black and nonbinary educator.

I am trained in education and mental health, currently working towards becoming a therapist.

A student of the Black radical tradition, reading mostly communists and anarchists. Currently on Kwame Nkrumah, George Jackson, Kropotkin, and Mao.

Hobbies are reading SFF (Wheel of Time is my fave), gaming, playing/DMing DND, and writing.

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #QTPOC #DND #Communism #Anarchism #Leftism #WheelOfTime

“The spectre of a world which could be free”

“[T]he closer the real possibility of liberating the individual from the constraints once justified by scarcity and immaturity, the greater the need for maintaining and streamlining these constraints lest the established order of domination dissolve. Civilisation has to protect itself against the spectre of a world which could be free.
[…] In exchange for the commodities that enrich their lives […] individuals sell not only their labour but also their free time. […] People dwell in apartment concentrations — and have private automobiles with which they can no longer escape into a different world. They have huge refrigerators stuffed with frozen foods. They have dozens of newspapers and magazines which espouse the same ideals. They have innumerable choices, innumerable gadgets which are all of the same sort and keep them occupied and divert their attention from the real issue — which is the awareness that they could both work less and determine their own needs and satisfactions.”
— Herbert Marcuse, Eros and Civlisation 2

The claim of the book is that the last forty years have been about the exorcising of “the spectre of a world which could be free”. Adopting the perspective of such a world allows us to reverse the emphasis of much recent left-wing struggle. Instead of seeking to overcome capital, we should focus on what capital must always obstruct: the collective capacity to produce, care and enjoy. We on the left have had it wrong for a while: it is not that we are anti-capitalist, it is that capitalism, with all its visored cops, its teargas, and all the theological niceties of its economics, is set up to block the emergence of this Red Plenty. The overcoming of capital has to be fundamentally based on the simple insight that, far from being about “wealth creation”, capital necessarily and always blocks the production of common wealth.

Unfinished Introduction to Acid Communism by Mark Fisher

#MarkFisher #Leftism

JJ Mickey
3 months ago

If you're the kind of person who keeps telling others that people who have objectively terrible views are just 'people you disagree with' and cares more about how they're treated than mitigating the harm they cause, go fuck yourself. #leftism

3 months ago

The twitteroid mentality of some leftists never stops. I'm not against criticism, but harassing people and telling them to off themselves is uncalled for. We need to be criticizing people in a productive manner and if they are unwilling to change you know what to do. 🏴 🔥 #anarchism #politics #twitter #leftism #twittermigration

3 months ago

alrighty lets get an #introduction post down. I came here from #tumblr and am still pretty new to this so bear with me, this might take a few tries. #ADHD and #neurodivergent as well as #gay #queer #trans and #nonbinary. i talk about #philosophy #politics #leftism #socialjustice #socialism #gayrights #transrightsarehumanrights and that's about it i think! feel free to say hi :D

3 months ago

"It is no coincidence to me [that], one, that Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden come from the same war, in terms of why they blew up America, and two, that people don't want to believe the people who said why. Timothy said why, Osama said why. And instead we hear that they hate our freedom."

"If you want to say that we are a country that is governing itself, that people are involved in the government, then we also have to accept responsibility for what the government does."

- Jordan Holmes

#leftism #communism #podcast #antifa #uspol

i can’t comprehend why some people still *choose* to drink cow milk over plant milk. plant milk is delicious! why would anyone consciously choose the option that takes an innocent, helpless, terrified mother, forcefully impregnates them endlessly, separates them from their babies the moment they’re born, and mechanically tortures them in a prison until they are no longer “useful” and must be brutally killed? not to mention the massive toll on the #environment and the fact that it’s just plain gross: you’re a human drinking a glass of processed pus from the breasts of a tormented animal. i’ve spent time caring for these beautiful beings after they’ve been liberated. they’re no different from the #dogs and #cats that we love so much. they love to play and frolic, they feel emotion deeply, and they have their own personalities if given the chance to develop them. but in each of their eyes, i can see the pain and horror that we’ve subject them to, and for what? the ONLY justification for this is not knowing better. please, for these sweet, innocent creatures, for our children’s future during the #climatecrisis, for #leftism, for #feminism, go #vegan ❤️

Two rescued young brown cows gently face each other in a green field of grass.
saul springsteen :acab: 🎡
3 months ago

Leftists who go on and on about the need to appear “normal” in order to appeal to the working-class are telling on themselves in a big way. For one thing: what they consider normal is generally informed by patriarchal, Euro-centric, and yes, bourgeois power structures.

Secondly, that they feel the need to perform “proletarian” aesthetics gives away that they are rich kids terrified of being found out. If you’re working class, you’re working class. Dying your hair blue, watching anime, or caring about the way society treats neurodivergent ppl does not change your relationship to labor and capital.

I’ve always valued my uniqueness, while at the same time I do come across as “very normal.” I wear blue jeans, white t shirts, root for the sports teams I inherited from my dad, shit like that. This isn’t something I do to “appeal to working people,” they’re things I do because I like them. I have plenty of friends who dress “weird” and I think it’s cool as hell for them to do that; I admire when people don’t let arbitrary expectations dictate the way they live their life.

Finally, that sort of shit is insulting to working people. We’re smart, we won’t be tricked into believing something just cuz the guy telling us “dresses normal.” And if that okie dokie *does* work on you, well you’re just an incurious person. People like me because I am kind, genuine, and a good listener. Not because of the way I dress, or because I like watching football more than opera.

#politics #USpol #UKpol #AUSpol #anarchism #socialism #communism #marxism #Maoism #leftism #anticapitalism #antifascism

a selfie I took because my hair looked good
Non Serviam Media Collective
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Make sure you check out our *newest* episode of Lucy & Cory’s #AntiPowerHour! 📻


@LucyStag #nonserviammedia #anarchism #libertarian #leftism

Anti-Power Hour Ep 3
Lucy Steigerwald and Cory Massimino
4 months ago

Pablo Picasso Was a Communist. Why Don’t We Ever Talk About This?

Very interesting article. I knew he was anti-war but did not know he was a communist.

#Picasso #PabloPicasso #Communism #socialism #Leftism #Jacobin

4 months ago

Hey #leftism, especially those terminally online, what's a good video essay about Margaret Thatcher? I don't know anything about her really but I keep seeing her name pop up a lot in the polsci and theory spaces lately. I'd like to learn and video essays and the like are great for my aadd, ya'll got any suggestions?

#communism #antifa #anticapitalism #leftist #socialism #marxism

4 months ago

In the #UnitedStates, #leftism simply is not a relevant factor in #politics. The #Democrats may be positioned to the left of the #GOP, but it's NOT a leftist party. They are center-right. The left is not organized in any relevant way or party.
So #RondeSantis vowing to "destroy leftism in this country" if elected as President is worrying as this guy seems hellbent on fighting a phantom rather than solving real-life issues.

The #GQP is going nuts entirely.

Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

#5yrsago Why “#leftism” is parting ways with “liberalism” and what it means for the future of American politics

#5yrsago Debugging #AI is a “hard problem”

#5yrsago FBI sinkholes a key domain used by the malware that infected 500,000 home routers, declares partial victory and Russian attribution

#5yrsago Thoughtful, devastating critique of #JordanPeterson’s “12 Rules for Life”


4 months ago
The "Boardroom Suggestion" meme, with the angry boss asking "Unionization, you say?", getting thrown out of the window and the employees agreeing who will write the meeting minutes.
6 months ago

No one ever talks about the wage theft or tax evasion crime waves.

#politics #USPpol #Capitalism #Socialism #Leftism #Left #News #Meme #LeftistMemes #LeftIsBest #WageTheft #TaxTheRich

For ever(y) dollar stolen in shoplifting, there are at least $5 in wage theft and $100 in tax evasion. Have you ever heard about a wage theft or tax evasion "crime wave"? What do you think this tells you about how journalists determine what is "news" and what is ignored?
6 months ago

@jef It's more like #woke is a conspiracy between the far right, and liberals, to make sure the debate centers on issues of #wokeness instead of the #leftism that would inconvenience both their money makings.

Golden Retriever GF
7 months ago

History time and getting to know me a little better. Today I answer “What radicalized me/Why am I a #leftist ?”. I am old enough to remember the USSR being mentioned as an active entity. So when September 11th happened I was already 14. I remember it very very clearly. I also remember watching as the actions of one terrorist cell resulted in watching missiles drop all over Afghanistan. One man and America pays him back with destruction of a country he’s not even in. This was not that moment.

I was sitting on a trampoline with my best friend. We’ve known eachother now for over 20 years. He came out of the closet about a year before I did. It was sundown and I made some support of Bush Jr that my parents had told me and his immediate reply was “Bush is an idiot”. NOBODY that was ANYBODY in my family questioned a Republican. Democrats were the antichrist and Republicans were our only saviors in a world full of sin. Or so my family said.

I’d watched as America started calling French Fries and French Toast “Freedom Fries” and “Freedom Toast”. I’d watched as Mosques burned and was confused by this “unity” they spoke of. All I saw was racism and Islamaphobia. I saw the destruction of cultures that the USA had propped up. Watched the mounting deaths of thousands of innocents. I’d been disturbed but my family had always comforted us with propaganda and Christo-fascist lies that are so easy to see through with any logic at all. The answer was simple. No work arounds or ridiculous logic required. The far-right are a problem and all it took was permission to see reality for what it was.

I was an anarchist at first then a communist but by the time I was 18 I was a socialist. I have remained there now for about 17 years. I’ve seen all matter of fucked up since. I was a TA and we had a big ol meeting because a white christian male student looked a Muslim woman in the eye and said to his friends “I wonder what it would feel like to strangle a [Muslim woman] with my bare hands”.

And if my friend had not given me permission to feel like I do now I might still be like my parents who needed a year to find out if they would accept a queer kid in their family. It took them not being able to deal with the amount of recommendations from other church goers of what they would do to make sure their daughter would be their son. They were so tired of recommendations of abuse and cruelty of the most loving child they actually raised that my mother texted me weeping, asking how I make it through every day when she can barely go to church anymore for the hate.

My life changed on that trampoline. Two queers madly in love and unable to admit it until we were both much older talking about Leftism, politics and life. Giving me permission to feel and see reality for what it is instead of requiring propaganda and neoliberalism to justify my world view. Story time over. My Characters are about up.

I put together a video I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, getting into the topic of what the hobby that we love might look like under a different mode of production than ownership by shareholders. I go into a few different scenarios of Warhammer without Games Workshop as we know it might look.

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #warhammer40k #40k #Tabletop #wargames #Skirmish #AOS #AgeOfSigmar #WHFB #Leftism #Anarchism #Collectivism #coop #BreadTube

Youtube cover photo: This is the future leftists want for Warhammer 40k

I guess it would be smart to make a new intro post? In that case hi, I'm Andie Sophia, a reporter based in Reykjavík. I'm a #trans woman and a big fan of #possums, #videogames, #cityplanning, #leftism, #antiracism, #antifascism, #anticapitalism and #cats. Sure there's a lot more interests I could include but those are the big ones anyway. Feel free to follow; I almost always follow back complete profiles. Cheers!

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
8 months ago

The Fediverse radicalized me... a bit.

Since September 2021 I have become more revolutionary, decentralist, internationalist, unionist and progressive.

#socialism #anarchism #leftism #politics #quiz #revolution

my results of the LeftValues test at

overall: Eco-Anarchism

77.9% revolutionary (es opposed to reformative)
53.15 scientific (utopian)
96.7% decentralist (centralist)
87.5% internationalist (nationalist)
82.7% unionist (party)
83.3% ecological (production)
100% progressive (conservative)
Cary Bass-Deschenes
8 months ago

Hi, I'm Cary, a
#queer #nonbinary #agender #gay #adhd #lutheran pastor in the #sf #sanfrancisco #eastbay, specifically #richmondca, but I follow #oakland topics as well. I'm into #marvel #marvelcomics #comicbooks, particularly the #xmen and #spiderman, and all things #mcu. I love #disney, #starwars (but I avoid the fandom), #GoT #GameofThrones

#recovery #12steps #justfortoday #aa #na

#leftism #communism #socialism

Pete Rijks
8 months ago


Hi, I'm Pete. I'm a nerd, husband, dad. My partner and I also have a dog, three chickens and a #sourdough starter name "milkshake." We live in the Chicago suburbs. I've previously lived in Hessen, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, and Bavaria.

#boardgames, #wordgames, #trivia, #books, #reading

#camping, #hiking, playing #soccer

#coding, #homeautomation, #electronics

#chickens, #bread, #cooking, #gardening, #coffee, #brewing

#skepticism, #atheism, #leftism

Ben 🌹 :NERevs:
8 months ago

Another new instance means a new #introduction post.
I'm a full-stack web software engineer with a bias toward #frontend. I like to write in #golang and #typescript, & use #preact. I WFH here in Maine.
I like to use the internet to learn about #socialJustice and #leftism & encounter perspectives different from my own.
Big soccer fan, especially #MLS #NERevs #USMNT, but also QPR, Zvezda, Serbian NT.
Married into a family of Yugoslav expats & interested in Balkan culture etc.
Also like languages.

Hannah Copestake
9 months ago

I'm a bit late sharing this but if you're feeling blue because capitalism has called you back to work this week, you should watch the latest #PositiveLeftistNews - presented this time by the deeply cool @neiltheleftistcook and @Saribeaux #PositiveNews #Leftism #Leftist #GlobalNews

Callum (he/him)
10 months ago

Please favourite and boost this post so I know if it’s worthwhile doing another one of these covering other financial problems of the UK’s current setup - and if you’d like this in an article. If so, you can also DM me and I’ll sign you up to my mailing list to send it to you!



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Neil Mukerji
10 months ago

Now playing: #Leftfield #Leftism

A pair of Technics Mk3 turntables and a DJM2000 mixer, with Leftfield’s Leftism 12” vinyl on display.

To add a few relevant tags for my #introductions post,

My neurodivergencies include #autism #bpd and #adhd. I'm also a spoonie, chronic pain & fatigue.

My interests or SIs include: #coding and #gamedev, trans and #polyam #activism, gaming including #tabletop and video & TCGs. Music production / electronic #music & audio engineering, #flying, physical and data #security, #cryptography and #networking, #leftism but with #guns and #selfdefence, #community building, #photography and #gay shit.

Shawn Copeland
10 months ago

Re #introduction

Hello, I am a political staffer for #progressive issue campaigns. Previously working for the Human Rights Campaign. Based in #Denver.

My interestes include #bikes #urbanism #yimby #slowliving #backpacking #climbing #mountaineering #permaculture #foodpreservation #foraging #scifi #linux #go #rust #vim #hacking #makerspace #mutualaid #anarchism #leftism #politics #kindness

I post general political content without CW, but will do my best to CW specific violence or triggers.

11 months ago

Hey folks! I'm sprout, I'm a relatively new #streamer that loves to play and stream #videogames, #ttrpg, #dnd, #motw, adventure games, and #indiegames on Youtube and Twitch. I'm always looking to make new connections and join projects, if anyone's #LFG or just wants to chat about #socialism and #leftism, #startrek, #fantasy and #scifi, #solarpunk, #science, or #space. Drop a follow! I'd love it if you'd came and hung out sometime!


Picard's Little Teacup :trek:
11 months ago

hey folks! I'm picard's teacup, I'm a #twittermigrant, interested in #plant stuff, #socialism and #leftism, #startrek, #fantasy and #scifi, #solarpunk, #science, #space, and #ttrpgs, especially #dnd and #motw. Still learning how to use mastodon, so drop a follow and lets make a fun little corner of the internet :3
Tá mé ag foghlaim #Gaeilge
You can sub me on YouTube if you wanna see my face or watch me play games, video or roleplaying

Picard's Little Teacup
11 months ago

hey folks! I'm picard's teacup, I'm a #twittermigrant, interested in #plant stuff, #socialism and #leftism, #startrek, #fantasy and #scifi, #solarpunk, #science, #space, and #ttrpgs, especially #dnd and #motw. Still learning how to use mastodon, so drop a follow and lets make a fun little corner of the internet :3

ben 🌹
11 months ago

Technically been here for a while but I guess I'll do an #introduction post since I'm *trying* to use Mastodon more:

I'm a full-stack #software engineer in #Maine with a slight bias toward the #frontend. I studied animation in school and still like #illustration.

I'm also a big soccer fan, especially #MLS and #NERevs.

I also like to use the Internet to learn more about #intersectional #leftism and the struggle for progress locally and worldwide.