Benjamin Colliot
7 hours ago

Je reçois à nouveau le même mail avec le prix barré de retour mais le ton se fait plus inquiétant : "Alerte de stock faible !".
Le pire c'est que je n'ai rien à faire de l'article proposé (un étui pour une tablette que je ne possède même pas) mais j'ai eu le malheur de cliquer sur un lien en étant connecté sur leur site...
Je ne sais pas s'ils se rendent compte à quel point ce genre de harcèlement est contre-productif et repousse les acheteurs potentiels ?
#lenovo #marketing #fichezmoilapaix

My Actual Brain
16 hours ago

Used to be a PC tech years and years ago. I just dropped off a laptop for warranty repair and I did all the things I wish my customers would have done.

Formatted the computer.
Made an admin account with an easy password.

Set a typed up list of issues as the wallpaper.

Used painters tape to write my info and put it on the laptop.

Feels good to be a good customer.

#laptop #lenovo #pcrepair

22 hours ago

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issue with Unbranded AirPods on Lenovo Ideapad S-145 #sound #bluetooth #pulseaudio #lenovo #realtek

Poetry News
1 day ago

Discounts on brands galore
Apple, Lenovo, Dyson and more
Cyber Week has arrived

#cybermonday2023 #cyberweek #apple #lenovo #dyson #haiku #poetry

Linh Pham
2 days ago

I've written up a blog post on what led me to get a Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 as a secondary laptop to run Linux, along with some of my thoughts on the laptop thus far.

Blog Post | Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3

#Laptop #Lenovo #ThinkPad #Linux

2 days ago

Apparemment, une station d'accueil ThinkPad USB -C Dock Gen 2 sur un Lenovo Thinkpad P1 gen5 avec Linux Mint ne fonctionne pas pour moi (pas de recharge de l'ordi et le vidéo-projectuer branché en HDMI n'est pas détecté [RJ45 OK, souris OK]).
Je n'y connais pas grand chose, mais je crois qu'il va me falloir une autre station d'accueil… Quelqu'un⋅e en pourrait m'aiguiller ? Merci !

#Lenovo #Linux #aide #conseil

How-To Geek
2 days ago

Lenovo Legion 9i Gen 8 (2023) Review: The Crème de la Crème of Gaming Laptops

Check it out! 👇

#Lenovo #Laptops #ProductReviews

Benjamin Colliot
2 days ago

Bon, nouvelle réception du même mail.
Ils continuent à me tutoyer à la fin mais ne s'embêtent même plus à indiquer le prix barré, tout fiche le camp...
#lenovo #marketing #blackfriday

Capture d'e-mail où l'on voit un prix de 29,00€ et un bouton bleu "Regarde Encore"
:rss: PC Watch
3 days ago
:rss: PC Watch
3 days ago

【Hothotレビュー】着脱式コントローラがマウスになって幅広くゲームが遊べる!携帯型ゲーミングPCの意欲作「Legion Go」
#impress #パソコン_タブレット_スマートフォン #NUC_小型パソコン #Lenovo #記事集約用 #レビュー

3 days ago

Crucially, the attacks necessitated physical access to the targeted device, either through theft or the implementation of the “evil maid” method.

#Cybersecurity #Dell #Lenovo #Microsoft #Hardware #Vulnerability #Windows

3 days ago
c't Magazin
4 days ago

heise+ | Lenovos Dual-Screen-Notebook Yoga Book 9i im Test

Windows-Geräte mit zwei gleich großen Bildschirmen waren immer mal wieder als Messekonzepte zu sehen, doch das Yoga Book 9i kann man inzwischen kaufen.

#Lenovo #MobileComputing #Notebooks #news

5 days ago

Nice! The standard #Linux firmware updater ( ) has some updates for the new #Lenovo #ThinkPad P1 (6th generation)

I'm delighted this was not a Windows-only affair, because it would have been pretty awkward to figure out

Trey Hunner 🐍
5 days ago

I have been using Ubuntu as my primary operating system since 2006.

If I decide to buy a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Linux pre-installed, should I pick Ubuntu or Fedora?

Please reply with your reasoning.

Also relevant: I've gone through two Dell XPS 13's and a System 76 laptop all with multiple years of warranties because I don't like to do my own tech support. So I likely won't be reinstalling my own OS or heavily customizing the core OS.

#Lenovo #Linux

5 days ago

Boot error: Failed to open \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi #boot #grub2 #lenovo #bootrepair

Poetry News
5 days ago

Oh, Lenovo, we praise thee and your tech
For creating designs that few can match
You'd never believe
But alas, Asus deceive
Accused of ripping off your inventions with penache

#lenovo #asus #tech #patentinfringement #ode #poetry

5 days ago

Fingerprint not working Ubuntu 23.10 | HP Laptop #lenovo #hp #fingerprintreader

5 days ago

Lenovo Scrollpoint mouse sensitivity still wrong #drivers #xorg #mouse #lenovo

Benjamin Colliot
5 days ago

Lenovo m'envoie un mail très enthousiaste avec en objet, "Bonne nouvelle, le prix du produit qui vous intéresse a diminué" !
Ben non, ça va aller je vais laisser passer cette offre incroyable.
Et c'est quoi cette façon de me tutoyer sur le bouton après m'avoir vouvoyé tout le long ? On est devenu potes, c'est ça ?
#marketing #blackfriday #lenovo

Capture d'un e-mail où l'on voit un prix barré à 29,01€ et un nouveau prix en rouge gras à 29,00€ suivi d'un bouton "Regarde encore".
Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Frage an die #Lenovo #ThinkPad Nerds: mein L14 beschwert sich, dass der angesteckte Ladeadapter zu schwach ist und lädt den Akku nicht mehr sondern macht angeblich nur "Netzbetrieb", das stimmt aber nicht. Alles läuft auf Akku.

Und das egal ob das Netzteil angeschlossen ist oder nicht.

Auch OHNE Netzteil kommt die Fehlermeldung und es wird angeblich "Netzbetrieb" gemacht.

Und die zweite USB-C Buchse geht auch nicht mehr.

Reboot bringt nix.

Jemand Ideen?

Poetry News
6 days ago
DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
6 days ago
Wer den eigenen Computer per Fingerabdruck entsperrt, wähnt die Daten in Sicherheit. Doch Forscher haben Microsoft bewiesen, dass die Technik in populären Geräten Schwächen hat. Betroffen ist auch ein Surface-Modell.#Lenovo #MicrosoftWindows11 #MicrosoftWindows #IT-Sicherheit #Gadgets
Biometrie: Wie sich der Fingerabdrucksensor von Windows-Computern überlisten lässt
Ordenadores Ocasion Canarias
6 days ago

¿Buscas un mini ordenador potente y compacto? Descubre nuestro Lenovo M720Q Tiny reacondicionado con i5-8500T, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 500GB HDD. ¡Rendimiento en tamaño reducido! #Lenovo #MiniOrdenador #TecnologíaCompacta #ordenadoresocasioncanarias
6 days ago

#Lenovo will aufgrund von vermeintlichen Patentverletzungen ein Verkaufsverbot für #Asus-Notebooks durchsetzen - und verweist auf eine Notwehr-Situation.,139736.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

#NVIDIA Announces #Ethernet Platform for #AI from #Dell, #HPE, #Lenovo
#SpectrumX combines the extreme performance of the #Spectrum4 Ethernet switch; the NVIDIA #BlueField3 #SuperNIC. Spectrum-4 is 51Tb/sec Ethernet.BlueField-3 SuperNICs are designed for network-intensive, massively parallel computing, offering up to 400Gb/s #RDMA over Converged Ethernet (#RoCE) network connectivity between #GPU #servers

IT News
1 week ago

Lenovo seeks halt of Asus laptop sales over alleged patent infringement - Enlarge / A marketing image for Asus' Zenbook Pro 14 OLED, which Lenovo... - #laptops #patents #lenovo #tech #asus

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago

Ars Technica: Lenovo seeks halt of Asus laptop sales over alleged patent infringement #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #laptops #patents #Lenovo #Tech #ASUS

1 week ago

Word - Lenovo pushed out a borked firmware update for their E series AMD laptops that renders the dock essentially worthless (video no longer works). Time to gather up the wonky ones that got hit last night and downgrade the firmware and try it again -_-

#lenovo #amd #thinkpad #firmware
1 week ago

#RÜCKRUF | #WARNUNG | Mglw. #ÜBERHITZUNG der #LENOVO 'USB-C #Laptop Power Bank' (20.000 mAh): Bei 'Modell 40ALLG2WWW' mit Herstellung zwischen Jan 2022 und Jun 2022 können innere Schrauben u. U. einen Kurzschluss verursachen > Es besteht #BRANDGEFAHR

Weitere aktuelle Meldungen:

Produktabbildung: LENOVO 'USB-C Laptop Power Bank' > 20.000 mAh (Bildquelle: LENOVO)
ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

#Lenovo Prepares The #Linux Kernel For "Ultra-Performance Capability" On Latest #ThinkPads

ThinkPad + Fedora is a killer combo, and it couldn't get any easier than having Fedora installed right out of the box.

You can get the latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Fedora Workstation straight from Lenovo! Buying in this way communicates to Lenovo that there is demand, so it helps a ton.


(You can put another spin or distro on it later. That's ok!)

#Fedora #ThinkPad #Tech #Laptop #Lenovo #Linux

A ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Fedora 39 being held up by a corner for dramatic effect.
1 week ago

lenovo thinkpad ubuntu won’t startup #kubuntu #lenovo #thinkpad

1 week ago

Lenovo і фонд savED продовжують благодійну акцію для відновлення доступу дітей до освіти #НовиниIT #Lenovo #Новини #Україна

Denman Rooke
1 week ago

@derek ew gross. Seems more like a #Lenovo prompted ad from the looks of it though.

Turns me off from ever considering their devices, that's for sure.

1 week ago
1 week ago
Scott Williams 🐧
1 week ago

My #Lenovo Thinkpad just got a firmware update to address a CVE in "jerryscript" - a javascript engine that appears to be oriented towards raspberry Pi's and hasn't had a release in nearly 3 years.

I'm afraid to ask, but why is there #Javascript in my laptop's BIOS firmware?

UPDATE: I am bad at Google'ing CVEs! The CVE details aren't released yet:

This release includes enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2023-5058
Václav Pašek
1 week ago

Tak jo, notebook dorazil a dnes jsem se do něj nastěhoval. Mobilní #Ryzen je pecka, ticho a výkon, super CPU a musím uznat, že #ThinkBook 14 G6 se #Lenovo fakt povedl, celokovový, tenký, lehoučký, displej s minimálním rámečkem, na baterii vydrží. Dobře jsem vybral 😁 #upgrade

1 week ago

Fwupd 1.9.9 #Linux Firmware Updater Released with Support for #Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen7 530E Laptops and Advantech BMC Devices


Fwupd logo
Bastian Venthur
1 week ago

TIL that DisplayLink exists, a proprietary technology used in some Lenovo docks, allowing to connect monitors via USB. Needless to say that #linux support is meh. It requires to compile a Kernel module and installing some 3rd party script from the internet. Thanks #Lenovo.

Marcel Stritzelberger
2 weeks ago

Mein #Lenovo #X240 mit #FreeBSD braucht wohl einen Nachfolger.
Das Laptop hat mir gute Dienste geleistet.

Mit welchem Lenovo Laptop habt ihr unter FreeBSD gute Erfahrungen gemacht? Wichtig ist eine gute Akkulaufleistung und robustes Gehaeuse. Es ist ein "Feldlaptop"

@stanford yeah, that's what I know for like a decade...

Also it's not a simple #VendorLock but a #Whitelist of PCI-IDs, MAC Adress- and IMEI Number Ranges, so it's not enough to have i.e. a #Lenovo-rebranded #Fibocom #850GL which is a rebadged #Intel #XMM7360, but only the version offered for i.e. the #ThinkPad #P15v will be accepted and initialized.

@stanford yeah, all professional laptops like #Dell Latitude, #hp #ProBook.and #Lenovo #ThinkPad do #VendorLocking on #WiFi and #WWAN cards for way over a decade now...

Stanford :fedora:
2 weeks ago

Is anyone aware if Lenovo is doing M.2 vendor locking in the ThinkPad series?

Or in other words, can I install non Lenvo branded M.2 cards? :neocat_think:​

#Lenovo #ThinkPad #Tech

Kevin C. Tofel
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog post -- Why the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 is stuck on ChromeOS 116

The #Lenovo #Chromebook Duet 5 is stuck on #ChromeOS 116 while version 119 is the current software for most other devices. The issue has to do with the USB Type-C port, of all things. Here are the details.

Der Motzmichel
2 weeks ago China Gadget hat gestern auf YT über das #lenovo Extreme Tablet berichtet und stolz verkündet der Hersteller, der sich sonst bei den Consumer-Produkten einen Dreck um Support kümmert, doch nun 3 Jahre Garantie anzubieten. Drei Jahre. Bei einem Kaufpreis von ca. 1.300 Euro. Heißt: Nach 3 Jahren ist das Ding Altware und bekommt KEINE OS-Updates mehr. Mit etwas Glück bekommt man vielleicht noch Sicherheitspatches. Das war es dann.

Das geht so nicht weiter! Selbst Xiaomi scheint das eingesehen zu haben und verbessert sich in Sachen Support schrittweise. Samsung bietet bei manchen (!) Geräten 5 Jahre OS-Updates an, ist aber auch nicht einheitlich. Google verspricht neuertings 8 Jahre. Na schauen wir mal! Fairphone schafft, was selbst Apple nicht schafft und bietet aktuell den längsten Support für ihre Geräte an.

Es braucht eine
#EU Vorgabe mit einem verpflichteten Mindest-Support für Smartphones, Tablets und smarte Geräte (Fernseher etc.).

Ich lege mal vor: 5 Jahre Minimum.


2 weeks ago
ricardo :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

AMD Ryzen #Lenovo Laptop #Linux Performance For Zen 2 / Zen 3 / Zen 3+ / Zen 4 Review 💻

@usernameswift @xethos Eeyupp...

Since when did #Microsoft listen to #customers or others?

All they do is cave in to deamands of big #OEM|s when they threatened to preinstall @ubuntu instead of #Windows.

Since then #Dell, #HP, #Lenovo and #Toshiba/m / #DynaBook get paid (!) $25 per Windows-preinstall by Microsoft!

Linux ☑️
3 weeks ago

ThinkPad X1 Fold (gen1) | A foldable laptop many appear to fancy. How does it Linux? :linux:

Any experiences installing / running Linux such as Ubuntu, Fedora on it would be much appreciated 🙂

Have ThinkPad X1 Fold or similar? Please consider doing a PROBE from it - to help developers get more info on how to further "Linux it" =>

#ThinkPad #Fold #X1 #Linux #Ubuntu #development #developers #compatibility #help #Lenovo


Jorge Castro
4 weeks ago

@kylegospo Do we know any #Lenovo #fedora people who are looking for a woo hoo today?

Giuseppe Bilotta
1 month ago

So, apparently #Lenovo's built in #touchpad doesn't work out of the box in #Linux. Can't say I'm happy about this. I don't often use the mouse, but still …

Interestingly, if I boot with i8042.debug there's a lot of stuff going on, but the driver doesn't seem to interpret it correctly. Which at least means it should be … not too hard to fix (famous last words …)

Everything else (so far) seems to be working, but I'll probably start finding out other issues as I do more testing.

1 month ago

I've had #Dell computers for work for over 15 years. Well, I just grabbed myself a #Lenovo #ThinkPad P14s Gen 4. My first ThinkPad! I hope this goes well.

ricardo :mastodon:
1 month ago

Last Minute #Linux 6.6 Fixes Address Nine "Unusable" #Lenovo #AMD Laptops

Daigoro Toyama
1 month ago

My Lenovo M9 was just upgraded to Android 13. I'm nicely surprised that it has a feature called "Notification-free mode." It disables notifications while you're running any of the apps you specify.

This is a super helpful feature, and one I've been wishing the stock Android had. I don't want any notifications to appear on the screen while reading on the Kindle app, or while playing Pokemon GO. That's exactly what I can do with the Notification-free mode!

Thank you


heise online
1 month ago

Donnerstag: Meta mit mehr Werbung & Nutzern, US-Regeln gegen Krypto-Geldwäsche

Metas Umsatzplus + USA gegen Krypto-Mixer + GM & Honda bremsen E-Autos + Benchmarks des Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 + Lenovo mit Handy-Armband + Homeoffice als Benefit

#Benchmark #Elektroauto #Facebook #Kriminalität #GeneralMotors #Homeoffice #Honda #Instagram #Karriere #Kryptowährung #Lenovo #MetaPlatforms #Motorola #Qualcomm #Regulierung #Smartphone #SystemonChip #Studie #news

heise online
1 month ago

Kurz informiert: Kindesmissbrauch, Phishing, Smartphone am Handgelenk, Pebble

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #Kriminalität #kurzinformiert #Lenovo #Malware #Pebble #Phishing #Smartphone #Twitter #news

heise online
1 month ago

Lenovo zeigt biegbares Handy, das man ums Handgelenk tragen kann

Lenovo hat einen neuen Handy-Prototyp vorgestellt, dessen Display man biegen kann. Es ist eins von vielen Motorola-Experimenten, die man nicht kaufen kann.

#Android #Smartphone #Lenovo #Motorola #news

Brad Linder
1 month ago

Sitze gerade auf der Lenovo #Techworld Keynote und die haben gerade das Libras Project vorgestellt. Hier wird Gebaerdensprache uebersetzt und mit Hilfe einer AI-generierten Stimme ausgegeben.

Richtig geil!

#Lenovo #AI

Stage der Lenovo Techworld. Wir sehen einen Mann, der in Zeichensprache was erzaehlt. Dies wird von einer Kamera aufgezeichnet, erkannt und dann mir einer AI Stimme ausgegeben
1 month ago

Testing BT Keyboard with my current laptop... Surprised this works so well.

Need to get a new #laptop and was testing if a setup of this kind might tip the scales from a #Lenovo P1 G6 toward a #framework 16.

It does, a bit.

Now it's just:
Daily carry-weight (1.8kg vs 2.6kg) vs Repairability (difficult vs easy).

Considering all my laptops were good for at least 8 years of use with little to no repair necessary, I might still go for less weight.

a Lenovo BT 2 Keyboard atop a Lenovo X1 Gen3 with same-sized keyboard
1 month ago

The best #bluetooth #keyboard with integrated mouse 😄

I like #lenovo laptop keyboards for
..the placement of page up/down next to arrow keys and that there are dedicated buttons!
.. that home/end/ins/del are directly accessible.
..the no-nonsense F1-F12 keys and FnLock.
..the #trackpoint and how it allows to keep your fingers on the keyboard.

If only the #Framework laptops had a keyboard like this, my next laptop would be one for sure. Sadly no dice. Will test if this kbd can change that.

a International Layout (double hight return key) Lenovo Bluetooth Keyboard II
1 month ago

@arstechnica those #lenovo discounts look fake.

“Buy our laptop that used to be $3600 but is now only $1700!!”

Mono 🍂
1 month ago

Linuxeros de aqui, quiero comprar una Thinkpad usada de esas que vende amazon para poner Linux. Entiendo que con la Thinkpad no tendré broncas con controladores. Es correcto? #linux #lenovo #thinkpad

1 month ago

What could be the issue here?

When I remove my hdmi cable from my monitor and then put it back the image does not come back.

I've tried on 3 different cables but the same happens.

This is on a several refurbed Lenovo M900 (SFF).

#computer #hdmi #lenovo

2 months ago

I just unboxed a new notebook (#lenovo #Thinkpad T14 gen4) und the managed to have not a single piece of plastic in the packaging. Even the thing that holds the power cable tight was made out of paper. Well done!

Brad Linder
2 months ago

Lenovo says that "more than 80 percent" of its devices will be user-repairable by 2025, with easier access to things like batteries, storage, although the company hasn't provided details about where you'll buy replacement parts or find guides. #RightToRepair #Repairability #Lenovo

2 months ago

Nanners was quite happy with the laptop purchase. She particularly liked the free cat bed it came in. #Lenovo #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

A picture of a cat sitting inside and open cardboard box with a Lenovo laptop box posed in front of it. The cat is looking up at the camera with gold eyes and appears relaxed and content in the box.
3 months ago

Ok great, my #Lenovo #Thinkstation won't boot anymore. Just a green LED on the PSU and on the power button, nothing more. No beeps, no fans, nothing. Seems to have happened after swapping the Quadro GPU for the GeForce but even swapping it back doesn't help. Even took out almost everything else, nothing. Whelp! I'm at a loss here, help me #hardware buffs!

Join us later today to talk Lenovo & Fedora on the Fedora Podcast!

We'll get a chance to talk with Mark Pearson about Lenovo's partnership with Fedora for supporting our distro on their machines. Bring questions!

Going live at 5:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM UTC) today. 🎙️

Watch (LIVE):

Audio (next day):

#Fedora #Lenovo #Linux

Advice and suggestions welcome: If you use #linux (or #freebsd) on your "daily driver" laptop, what's your favourite hardware vendor? #Dell? #HP? #lenovo ?

Background: my son is deeply Linux enabled and savvy. We bought an #ASUS "republic of gamers" (ROG) laptop because the specs were good for the price point. It is hot garbage. So many stupid glowing LEDs and a completely crippled BIOS. So, I'm gonna resell this PoS and buy a replacement. Open to opinions so I don't get burned again.

3 months ago

#ReplayCrew! This show ran LONG, but we had to chat about tech for disaster prep, the crazy shenanigans on X, and some fun gadgets for gaming!
Video replay, and the audio version should be live on all podcast apps. Shares and reviews always appreciated!

#tech #bbtg #technology #news #twitter #musk #spacekaren #AI #artificialintelligence #journalism #podcast #livestream #apple #security #google #lenovo #gaming #videogames #hurricanehilary #weather #law #politics #geek

Brad Linder
3 months ago

Here you can find a link to Lenovo systems that support Fedora!:

If Fedora is listed, you should be good. If Linux in general is listed then you should also be good except for those that have Nvidia cards - those will need a certain driver.

The Fedora Marketing Team is working with Lenovo to bring you a simplified view of what products ship or support Fedora, so be on the lookout for that!
#Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #Lenovo #Linux

As we wrap up, we want to do one more go around with shout-outs and highlights for our sponsors. Thank you again to Red Hat, @rockylinux, @centos, @almalinux, @opensuse, Meta, and Lenovo for helping us with Flock!

#Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #RedHat #RockyLinux #CentOS #AlmaLinux #openSUSE #Meta #Lenovo

Lenovo has been supporting Fedora for a long time. Part of that has been through making Fedora preloaded computers available.

Thanks to Mark Pearson at Lenovo, they are making progress in making those laptops easier to find on their website. As an example, here's the Lenovo X1 Carbon available in Europe!
#Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #Lenovo #Linux


Marvin Johanning
4 months ago

It's so tiny, I love it! Obligatory terminal window with neofetch is also there.

I love how you need to remove only a handful of (regular Phillips head!) screws no matter what you want to replace. Two for the RAM, one for the hard drive etc.

#lenovo #arch #linux #thinkpad

An opened Lenovo ThinkPad X220 on a table running Linux. A terminal window is open on the desktop.
Nick @ The Linux Experiment
4 months ago

New #Linux and #OpenSource News video!

In this one, we have the Cyber Resiliency Act, a new EU set of regulations that might seriously harm Open Source software, we have repairable laptops from #Framework and (in the future) from #Lenovo, and we have some big performance improvements for #Intel GPUs on Linux:

Matthias Drexel
4 months ago

Fun Fact in Bezug auf meine #Masterarbeit

Dank #Linux und der grandiosen #Hardware von #Lenovo habe ich meine beiden Abschlussarbeiten (dazwischen liegen knapp 15 Jahre) auf meinem #Powerhorse #X201 geschrieben

#sustainability ist viel einfacht mit

P.S. wie viele #Windoof Versionen ich im selben Zeitraum erwerben hätte müssen, will ich gar nicht wissen

4 months ago

Well, my time with the #Lenovo laptop I just bought a couple years back has ended (happily, thankfully. It's going to a gent who's going back to school!) and I wrote a piece on what I learned about #PC laptop buying as a long time #macos user.

Hope this helps someone. Let me know if you think I'm missing important info. If I can verify it, I'll add it :)

hoy es #viernesdeescritorio #thinkpadX1 #lenovo @fedora con entorno @kde y de fondo el #artbook de la trilogía de Nacidos de la bruma, de Brandon Sanderson #mistborn #booktodon #brandonsanderson

fondo de pantalla con el artbook de la edición española de la trilogía "nacidos de la bruma" de Brandon Sanderson.
5 months ago

Heard #lenovo are fairly reliable these days - but they solder the RAM on! This seems risky and anti-upgrade/maintenance.