2 hours ago

What's still lost in the OSTP memo celebration is that it regulates *workers* instead of publishers. It makes new demands and punishments for labor.

#OA #OpenAccess #ScholComm #SciComm #ScholarlyPublishing #publishing #HigherEd #academia #library #libraries #librarian

6 hours ago

A children’s library story. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

#librarian #harmonica

Long shot, but hoping to get this in front of a #Librarian or #Archivist

I have a number of issues from a British Philatelic Journal that are in A5 format. They came in these “binders” (if that’s what they’re called) which are in rough shape. I have started to try to repair some of them but hoping to find out…

1. What are these things called
2. Where can I get new ones in the US
3. Do you recommend any other methods of binding for storage/protection that would look good on my shelf?


A shot of the interior of the “binder” showing the plastic pieces where metal rods are inserted to hold issues.  The plastic part seems to be easily broken over time.
An example of the exterior of one of the “binders” (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called)
An example of an issue being held in place by one of the flexible metal rods
A few of the binders that are in the worst shape I am attempting to fix via small clips and CA glue
Rob 📚
2 days ago

Joy! I spent the last couple of hours cataloging this cool collection of ephemera from the old Empire Airlines. Uploaded to the @internetarchive
#Libraries #Library #Librarian #Cataloging #Aviation #Avgeek

Timetables from various years with red , orange and yellow themes. Some have planes, some have employees.
John M. Jackson
3 days ago

#introductions Hi! 👋 I'm John and I'm an academic #librarian in #LosAngeles where I head up my library's outreach and engagement team. I've been working in libraries for about 15 years.

I love spending time #gardening, listening to podcasts, wine tasting (read: drinking), reading, and being with my family.

We might buy a piano soon.

I was an avid user of the bird site since 2007 but stopped posting over a year ago. I miss the community of library folk I found there. 😢

The Cybersecurity Librarian :donor:
5 days ago

@Paulatics LOL we need a #librarian or some kind of metadata specialists to propose a modern identifier system for bills. #GovDocs are confusing and bills are more so over time. We can do this... 2023-C48 and 202X-C48. 😃

1 week ago

Anyone that's academic business librarian adjacent have some good follow recommendations that I can forward along to a friend trying just getting started here? #ALA #Librarian

Kay :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@alisca @derekbrauders @MarkMaguire @TeamMidwest FWIW I'm not a #librarian but a #bookaddict and fan of all things #GLAM and even #GLAMR = like GLAM but with records!

1 week ago

📚 I asked the librarian for a book with Pavlov's dog 🐕 and Schrödinger's cat. 🐈 She said it rang a bell 🔔 but she wasn't sure if it was there or not. 🙈

#librarian #science #dadjokes

Rob 📚
1 week ago

I read this over the weekend and I highly recommend it !
Who Killed the Jingle?: How a Unique American Art Form Disappeared
It was nice to relive a few of the familiar jingles and see how they came about, the process to make a jingle, and ultimately how they went away.
#BookRecommendation #Libraries #Librarian #Library #Goodreads

book cover that says Who Killed the Jingle?: How a Unique American Art Form Disappeared
2 weeks ago

Class consciousness is the way to killing vocational awe

#library #libraries #librarian

What sustains me in my work as a
#librarian is my belief that the freedom to read and learn without others’ interference is possibly the *only* form of autonomy a democratic society grants to children. To me, as an #adoptee denied essential knowledge as a child, this is everything.

Diana Nagory
2 weeks ago

Middle of May 2023. I was contacted by a musician to paint a portrait as a gift for his beloved wife. She is a librarian. #art #sketch #drawing #portrait #woman #pencil #glasses #librarian

A Woman with Glasses and Scarf
Drawing with Pencil.
May 2023
Author: Diana Nagory
H: 297mm
W: 210mm
2 weeks ago

My 9yo as soon as he found out we own a printer: “Can you get sued for selling copies of things that aren’t ours?”

Spouse: “Wow, this is going to be trouble”

Me, a #librarian dying to talk about the history of #copyright: “Have a seat, son, we have much to discuss.”

2 weeks ago

They said only 11 people made over 60% of the 1000 book challenges. We need to block the relevance of out of jurisdiction challenges more and stop this kind of thing.

#comic #librarian #genderqueer #bannedbooks

3 weeks ago

#Librarian / #Library geeks: i want to listen to an audiobook but i can't find it in Libby (with deep search even), or Hoopla

is there another place i should be looking? I know it's available in Audible (and not an exclusive)...

3 weeks ago

@carlile it's fake. it(#lbry) supposed to be decentralized but as it is it seems like the only "instance" existing is I heard it's very difficult/expensive to host so no one does it which is clear sign that something is very wrong with it. if I'm right it will not succeed. in addition it's very heavy, slow, has ads, and not open-source. there's #Librarian called "frontend" but it's just " frontend" - not "lbry frontend". I also suspect they sensor worse than YouTube otherwise it would have become piracy haven. there nothing really good about it though it still more interesting content than #peertube from some youtubers who probably there for more money, not because thay excited about technology.
so it will never be anything like mastodon where anyone can host their own instance

George Penney
3 weeks ago

A MIGHTY question for the book lovers here:

What book do you love with all your being, but hesitate to recommend because you don't want to risk seeing a NOPE "ducks arse" pursed mouth, or getting a "Meh" in response?

I only realized this morning that mine's always been Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!

Even though I write in the genre and it's obvious that I've gotta be a fan... there's still something in me that feels like it'll curl up in a corner and hide under a blanket if I hear someone say they hate it.

#books #bookstodon #librarian #reading

You are looking at one of my favourite books of all time. This is the cover of Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! It's the original cover by the amazing Josh kirby and depicts a dragon flaming a whole lot of guardsmen who look like they're definitely not going to win today. The feel is warm and comic, the dragon is red and smitey. The title is in blue on... weirdly, pink... I never noticed that before. This cover tells you what's in the box, a hilarious and complex book that is not the slightest bit conventional. If this sounds good to you and you haven't read this book. I am tentatively saying, read this book! But if you need to make meh noises or pull a ducks arse face at me, I don't want to know because I happen to love this book very much.
Stephanie J Lahey, PhD
3 weeks ago

#TIH #OTD 06 Sep 1903: Death of Charles Ammi Cutter (b. 1837), US #librarian best remembered for Cutter Expansive Classification: a system of shelving by standardized class numbers so #books on related topics sit together. He also helped produce the US’ 1st public #CardCatalogue and played a major role in making card cataloguing—versus the old practice of chronologically listing titles in ledgers—the international model. #GLAM #BookHistory #Libraries

3 weeks ago

A blog post I wrote on library publishing just got published by the IFLA Library Publishing Special Interest Group

Would be thrilled if you read and shared

#OA #OpenAccess #ScholComm #SciComm #ScholarlyPublishing #publishing #HigherEd #academia #library #libraries #librarian

Sala #xmpp per a professionals de la #biblioteconomia i la #documentacio

Sala #xmpp para profesionales de la #biblioteconomía y la #documentación

#xmpp chat room for #librarian and #information sciences professionals

#library #libraries #biblioteques #bibliotecas

Cowboy Cat Ranch
3 weeks ago

Looking for a PDF of this article. Anyone who can help? #librarian #librarians

Grassi et al. Atti Reale Accad Lincei. 1899, 8: 21-28

4 weeks ago

@MostlyHarmless This is exactly what a #Librarian would do.

4 weeks ago

Librarian superpower: three minutes at work and I've already got a pencil behind each ear.

#libraries #librarian

Cowboy Cat Ranch
1 month ago

Any librarians here?

I can use some help finding two groundbreaking tropical medicine articles, probably published late 19th century.

1. First scientific article showing malaria is caused by a parasite.
2. First scientific article showing the malaria-causing parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes.

#malaria #science #tropicalmedicine #librarian

Student Research Journal
1 month ago

Are you a graduate student working in Library Science or a related Information Science field?

We want to help you learn what it's like to be peer-reviewed!

Submit your research article, evidence summary, or book review to us today!

More than an ordinary journal process, the SRJs mission includes helping new researchers improve their skills and become comfortable with the peer-review process. We provide detailed feedback over multiple editing revisions to help you polish your work into its best possible version!

#Research #Articles #ILS #LS #Library #Libraries #LibraryScience #Information #InformationScience #MARA #MLIS #GraduateStudent #College #PeerReview #Journal #Submissions #SubmissionsOpen #Science #Librarian #Librarians #SanJose #University #Learning #Editing

Rob 📚
1 month ago

Library Stuff!
I took my Information Literacy Session on the road with an Ipad and 100 new students. Gave a walking tour, postcards and we had a great time.
#Libraries #Librarian #Library #InformationLiteracy

Student sit around a table while given assignments
Skyline - with students studying the built environment
Students in a park on the grass learning sketch drawing
Students in an outdoor amphitheater receive a lecture
pam lach (she/her)
1 month ago

As a #librarian and one of the few people still masking in my library/on campus, I really appreciate this essay: “Dominant COVID Narratives and Implications for Information Literacy in the ‘Post-Pandemic’ United States”

#InformationLiteracy #InfoLit #CritLib #CripLib

1 month ago

So. No longer a #librarian on the off chance someone's following for that. I'll always be an information scientist, cause I paid out the ass for that degree, but I'm now a #socialist in a department of one (how do I keep my labor organizing going??) doing community outreach and engagement for a big state research university. Anyone else doing #CommunityEngagement work in higher ed?

#CivicAction #EngagedScholarship #Engagement #HigherEd #Outreach

Curious Loth-cat
1 month ago

"I will always be on the side of the libraries." — @neilhimself


#Library #Libraries #Librarian #Librarians #Books #BannedBooks #BookBan #BookBans #BookBanning

Rob 📚
1 month ago

Best book I read this year.
Hi honey, I am Homo! By Matt Baume.
#Librarian #BookReview #LGBTQIssues #Television #Sitcoms #Libraries #Books #GayRights #gayissues

The title of this book is hi honey, I am Homo! Sitcoms specials, and the quiring of American culture 
Jill Minor
1 month ago

Me: "To get the Libby app you need to enter your Apple password"
Patron of Mature Years: <walks out of the library without a word> #librarian #technology #digitaldivide @librarians

1 month ago

What's the best critique of open access that's not conservative or reactionary?

Is there any article or book from the last decade that really stands out?

#OA #OpenAccess #ScholComm #SciComm #ScholarlyPublishing #publishing #HigherEd #academia #library #libraries #librarian

1 month ago

I had another gamedev program at the library on Monday, this time it was to make an Asteroids clone in GDevelop. I always underestimate how much longer it's going to take when in the program, so we didn't get done, but the couple of people that came asked for my notes so they could finish it on their own, so I still considered it a win.

#gamedev #GDevelop #library #librarian

Carissa Chew
1 month ago

The Wikimania conference is taking place 16-19 August and it is free to register to watch the livestreams from Singapore! You can CTRL+F "heritage" to search the programme for relevant talks #heritage #GLAM #librarian #museum

Sean Randall
2 months ago

I am #blind, but I do not listen to #audiobooks. If I tell you that, Madam #librarian, please take your assumptions about all blind people and stick them somewhere else. I value your knowledge about books and recommendations because of your experience. Please have the decency to let me decide how I wish to read.
'You must listen to the audiobook' is not a phrase that makes me feel warm happy thoughts toward you.

Carissa Chew
2 months ago

The latest edition of the Trans Metadata Collective's Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resources is now published!

#metadata #lgbtqia #gender #trans #critcat #librarian #cataloguing #cataloging

There is No Dana (He/Him)
2 months ago

Is there #library or #librarian mastodon? University of Alberta is looking for an "Indigenous Engagement Librarian"

If you know someone who might fit in this role, please send this or apply and come work with me (their office will be right next to mine) #librarians #librarianship

pam lach (she/her)
2 months ago

LC Labs is hiring a Program Specialist: It looks to be fully remote!

#DH #DigitalHumanities #DHandLIB #LibraryJobs #librarian #DigitalScholarship

2 months ago

Some of my thoughts examining the cluster of new zombie journals and how they're connected to $APCs and "transformative agreements"

Boosts are appreciated!

#OA #OpenAccess #ScholComm #SciComm #ScholarlyPublishing #publishing #HigherEd #academia #library #libraries #librarian

Cartoon drawing of Negro Matapacos jumping a turnstile that says EVADE on the side
2 months ago

I'm very happy to announce that MultiQC v1.15 was just released! 🎉

It comes with 🐛 fixes for #10xGenomics #CellRanger fix, #mosdepth tweaks, and supports a new tool #Librarian to predict library type from FastQ base composition 🕵🏻‍♂️ 🧬plus much more!

Also included is a ~5-7 fold speed-up in the initial file search. This will shave off a chunk of run-time off for people generating big reports 🏎💨

Thanks to Vlad Savelyev for this with a hat tip to Pontus Höjer at the end 🙏🏻

Be the #librarian fascists fear.

Philip Cardella
2 months ago

For anyone who thinks we don't need #libraries do you have any idea how many documents (books, magazines, newspapers, things like Congressional record) are NOT available digitally? I'm not talking about my eighth grade science notes. I'm talking about things held in libraries or archives somewhere.

Some #librarian or #archivist help me out here. How many things are NOT available digitally?

Kathy Reid
2 months ago

So, it's been a while since I did an #Introduction #ConnectionList #TwitterMigration post where, I find interesting people for you to follow on #Mastodon, and use my reach to more closely connect the #Fediverse :fediverse:

@ANUResearch is the official Mastodon account of #ANU Research (I think, it all looks very legit, but I don't know the person behind the account) #research #university 🇦🇺

@drwaus is the new official account for Digital Rights Watch in Australia (h/t to all the good work Sam @floreani is doing in this space - don't forget to catch her #keynote at later this month!)

@AoIR is the official Association of #Internet #Researchers account. Read more at 🇺🇸

Professor @nilsph1 works in #knowledge organisation and information retrieval #IR at the Department of Archive, Library and Information Studies at #Oslo Metropolitan University @oslomet :flag-no:

@fionatribe is an #anthropologist, workplace #strategist and #ethnographer who works in #architecture and #OrgDesign 🇦🇺

@dcm is Dimitri Coelho Mollo, an Assistant #Professor in the Philosophy of #AI at #Umeå University :flag-se:

@anders is a #Communication strategist for #AI #Sweden :flag-se:

@rachaelvdm is a #MetaData #librarian #GLAM interested in #nature #art #history 🇳🇱 🇦🇺

@bentarnoff is a technical #writer, who recently wrote a brilliant piece on Joseph #Weizenbaum for The Guardian. You should read it. 🇺🇸

@observablehq is the official account of the #dataviz platform, based on #D3js from @mbostock

That's all for today, don't forget to share your own #ConnectionList, particularly as we say #RIPTwitter ❤️

Jason Nabein
2 months ago

Folks working in #libraries and #preservation:
I have some small books that have a musty, mold like smell. There is no visible mold.
I'd like to try and get rid of the scent, they scan and shelve them all in sealed plastic containers.

My current idea is baking soda in a sealed container, put the book(s) in for up to 7 days.

Is this viable, or is some sort of other option better? Mini ozone generator? Some other powder to remove scents? Active carbon?

#librarian #archival #archivist

Amardeep Singh
2 months ago

Great profile of the Howard University #Librarian Dorothy Porter by Zita Nunes. Over the course of a long and distinguished career, she helped change how books about and by #Black authors were catalogued.

#HBCU #Bibliography #AfricanAmerican

Kristina Kelly
2 months ago

Help me reach my library goal! By the end of the year I hope to have at least one library in every state carrying my debut novel. Most libraries have a suggest a book option. Comment your state if you request!

Trials of the Innermost
by Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly Genre: Adult - Science Fantasy
Publishing Date: May 26, 2023
ISBN: 9781956037197 (hardcover) 9781956037203 (paperback)

#writingcommunity #fantasy #scifi #books #librarian #authors #reading

Grateful Dread
2 months ago

Houston Independent School District in #Texas will nuke #librarian positions at 28 schools this upcoming year and convert the #libraries into ‘Team Centers,” disciplinary areas to deal with kids with behavioral issues.

#education #rightwing #redstates #MAGA #Houston #BoycottTexas #ProtectLibraries

Hiroko Hashitani
2 months ago

#ReIntroduction Hi, I'm a new academic #librarian in #Utah. My expertise is #ResourceSharing #ILL #AccessServices, and expanding my role into #CourseReserves and #Acquisitions.

I'm here to learn and socialize.
#Library #LifeLongLearning #Librarianship

Björn Brembs
2 months ago

#Librarian @RenkeSiems and I have teamed up to imagine what academic #libraries would look like in 2040, if we had our way:

"The return of the Cabinets of Wonder. The Library 2040 – a Utopia"

English translation of the German:

Jim Wald
2 months ago

Another distinctive feature or the Mark Funke book catalogues, especially when dealing with politically important or sensitive material:

prefatory explanations by the book seller, and sometimes forewords by outside specialists.

I did one for the #Fascism catalogue, and a #RareBooks and #SpecialCollections #librarian did the one for #Exile

@bookhistodons @bookstodon @worldwarshistory
#BookHistory 4/n



It is inherently challenging to offer German National Socialist ma- terial for sale. As a category, it evokes strong emotional reactions. Most German World War Il material on offer is propaganda that en- dorses or glorifies the Third Reich. My intent here is the opposite: it is to offer items that expose the harsh realities of the times. This can only occur by avoiding propaganda and offering material that was not intended for a public audience.

Provenance and privacy concerns are inevitable. It is frequently not clear how internal NSDAP (Nazi Party) documents made their way into the North American market. Please ask and | will answer prove- nance questions to the best of my ability. Some photographs are re- dacted, not because of censorship, but to address privacy concerns of psychiatric patients. | have excluded offensive symbols from pho- tographs, as | do not believe they are relevant to understanding the objects. Please note that Nazi imagery is inherent in the material. Additional photographs are available upon request.

This List delves into the underlying structure of German fascism, with a strong emphasis on its legal and bureaucratic institutions. It covers highly uncomfortable topics such as forced sterilization, con- centration camps, and crimes ranging from intimidation to murder. What follows is a journey through the dark side of history. | thank you for your consideration.
....The twelve years of the so-called “Third Reich” are the best-documented period in world history because the Nazis kept extensive & meticulous records, a large portion of which the Allies captured. Still, there is much that we do not know or fully understand about that era and its legacy; as in the case of any topic, all new evidence is welcome. In assembling a representative collection of Holocaust documents half a century ago, Raul Hilberg, the doyen of Holocaust scholars, explained his preference for hitherto unpublished material dealing with “small pieces of a large scene: a single occurrence, a corner of a place, a portion of a problem”....Susan Sontag famously spoke of the perverse pornographic allure of Nazi regalia and military memorabilia. Although books, manuscripts, and other textual artefacts of that regime may not have the same easy attraction for the ghoulish, and instead appeal more to the legitimate interests of the private or institutional collector, they, too, demand a carefully considered approach. ....Much depends on good will and good sense of the bookdealer. An explicit acknowledgement of the sensitivity of the subject matter is most welcome. Thorough description of the items and their provenance is a sign of the integrity and professionalism of the seller - and an essential aid to the researcher and serious collector. 

Prof. James Wald Hampshire College

In this catalogue, “exile” refers to the cultural and life experiences of individuals expelled or forced out of their home country between 1923 and 1945 due to Hitler's rise to power. Seven to eight million people became refugees in the time leading up to and including World War II. 

Exile studies have never been more relevant. 
In 2022, there are more worldwide refugees than at any prior time in history. The UN Refugee Agency estimates that there are currently 32.5 million refugees. Further, antisemitic incidents reached an all- time high in 2021. The Anti-Defamation League recorded 2,717 incidents of antisemitic assault, harassment, and vandalism in the United States. 

Europe's brain-drain was America's gain. 
As Hitler assumed control in Germany, the best and brightest of Europe came to the United States. From philosophy (Adorno, Item 14) to art (Grosz, Item 1). From literature (Mann, ltems 19-21) to film (Items 6-13). From astrophysics (Neugebauer, ltem 25) to economics (Mises, Items 22, 23 & 38), and everything in between. We are in awe of the creativity and success of those forced to a new home. Let us allow their books, manuscripts, scores, and film scripts, be an inspiration to us all for a better tomorrow.

Mark K. Funke

| am excited and honored to say a few words about Exile Studies and its importance today. Asthe Exile Studies Librarian at the University of Southern California Libraries, | am deeply involved in assisting researchers from around the globe with their research using our Exile Studies collections. | believe that there is hardly another field that is as interdisciplinary as Exile Studies....And there is hardly another field that, unfortunately, faces so many parallels to what happens in our world today, from the rise of extremist politics, attacks on news outlets, the persecution of independent journalists worldwide, and the steady increase of refugees—may it be for political or socio-economic reasons.....these collections are invaluable for our understanding of the past as well as the present. Students in my Freshman Seminar “Exile and Resistance - Then and Now" are always intrigued by the exiles' resilience that allowed them to start a new life in a foreign country, cut off from their homeland, family, and friends. The many ways of resistance, for example speaking out about the atrocities of the Nazis, the creative output influenced by the exiles’ lived experience, or simply survival and life itself, presents my students with an enormous inspiration to navigate our deeply challenging political and socio-economic issues today.....

Michaela Ullmann Exile Studies Librarian USC Libraries / Special Collections

Another life goal achieved; I finally got to tell #gregweisman creator of #gargoyles how much his work changed my life

#sdcc2023 #sdcc #disney #dynamitecomics #librarian

Me holding Gargoyles comics in a picture with Greg Weisman

My friend is a librarian. This is a display he made at his branch.

#Library #Librarian #Libraries #Procrastination #Funny

Empty endcap in a library housing a small sign that reads ‘procrastination display coming soon’ with an illustration of a person and a clock
Mx. Vero 🌹
3 months ago

#Introduction post!
I'm a 35yo #librarian living in #Saskatchewan #Canada. I've had the #gayPirates of #OFMD dancing in my head for the past year plus. I love all the pairings, but I've got a particular softspot for #IzzyHands and his damage.

#Funfact about me: I lived in the #UnitedArabEmirates for 5years!

3 months ago

New server, new handle, so updated #introduction?

Let's see... #Queer, #NonBinary, #Type1Diabetic student studying to become a #Librarian.

I live with my partner & two #bunnies, Hazel and Falkor.

I'm a #creative person & am getting into making earrings! I also love to #art, #craft, make random things, & #crochet.

Other interests include #gaming, #coffee and tea, #nature, #geeky things, #books, & learning.

I'm recovering from Complex #PTSD & trauma. I'm big on #SelfCare & wholesomeness 😊

Joshua Chalifour
3 months ago

Neat history of #librarian innovation in computer search techniques. Traces back to the late 1960s how librarians (particularly Pauline Atherton Cochrane's work) were coming up with full text searching & re-using search queries in ways that we still see in things like Google. I especially liked the mention of how they thought about users at terminals AWAY from librarians as needing this. Fascinating how spatial issues are invisible to things we now take for granted.

Are you a U.S. citizen in #interiordesign or #graphicdesign? Or a #librarian? In #urbanplanning? Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, 🇺🇸 citizens w degree in these and dozens of other professions, and w job offer in hand, can get a #canada work permit valid for 3 years + extend it indefinitely. Sharing this to all but especially to #LGBTQ community. Professions list here:

Karin Dalziel
3 months ago

UNL Libraries in Lincoln, Nebraska are looking for a new Dean! I present to you the most detailed job search page I have ever seen

As always please reach out if you have any questions

#jobs #LibraryDean #LibraryJob #Librarian

Julie Goldberg
3 months ago

I’m looking for an instructional/reference #librarian position in a college or university in NYC or its non-NJ suburbs. I have graduate degrees in education and literature in addition to my MLIS. If you know of any openings, please send them my way! #academiclibraries #LibraryLife #Librarians

tv show about a #librarian like me who does their job well but whose personal life is a shambles*
*books at home shelved chaotically

Steve Oberg
3 months ago

I’d like to see/follow more people in library and information science who’re on Mastodon. Any pointers or recommendations? Motivated to be connected to/listen to/learn from more people here.

#Librarian #LibrariansOfMastodon

Steve Oberg
3 months ago

A long overdue #Introduction. I’m a husband and #father of four, youngest of a large #family that is international in scope.

Lover of #learning, #teaching, #nature, and #technology. Passionate about collective and collaborative work. #Liberal (hopefully) in all senses of that word.

#Librarian and teacher of future #librarians. #Christian. Pursuing another advanced degree, this time in #theology, while working full-time and teaching part-time.

So, for US & Canadian #librarians:

Q1: Does your #library use this new feature to judge patron interest in particular ebooks/audiobooks? If not now, are you planning to use it?

Q2: From a #librarian perspective, is this new recommendation system better or worse than the previous one from OverDrive, and why?

(Again, I’d be grateful for boosts to reach more librarians on Mastodon. I really don’t want to have to try the birdsite <sob!>)


Ryan Schultz
3 months ago

The Walrus - Have You Been to the Library Lately? Librarians once worried about shushing patrons. Now they have to deal with mental health episodes, the homelessness crisis, and random violence: (Archived version: #Libraries #Librarian @librarians

Kathy Reid
4 months ago

This is a beautiful read for anyone interested in #Libraries or in #GLAM - the story of Pauline Atherton Cochrane, a #Syracuse #librarian, who in the 1970s, worked on the #SUPARS project, one of the first #library search and information retrieval (#IR) systems.

It shows how the team anticipated shifts in how research would be conducted, and acted to support #researchers.

Beautifully written piece by Monica Westin, #lecturer at the #UniversityOfLondon via

"Atherton’s team wasn’t predicting a world where expert librarians wouldn’t be needed; they were preparing for a world where research would take place in many disparate locations, too far from a reference desk for them to be able to help."

Jill Minor
4 months ago

This is my Third Instance and third #introduction I like #books, #sff and #mystery especially. I’m a #librarian and #webmaster who can barely code, but I’m evangelical on #accessibility and #ux. I’m a newly minted #bookBlogger. I have ultra-clean websites and an ultra-dirty house. I’ve lived many lives. I still love #hairmetal. I’m a diehard #Anglophile. I have six kids and practice #yoga.

Leah Brown
4 months ago

A student said they wished the little wizard in the cave that helps you on your quest was real and I said, oh the wizards are very real! They're in the libraries!

#libraries #librarian #literacy #highereducation

A screenshot of a slide from my introductory lecture on Research Methods and Critical Thinking for high school students intending to go to college. The text reads "By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the complexity of doing research, and the literacy required to produce it. Literacy isn't only about whether you can work with words or numbers; it's also about whether you can work with information, ideas, and people." In the background of the slide is an image of Link accepting a sword from a wizard in a cave from an early version of the Nintendo game.