Hiring Librarians
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Hiring Librarians is presenting at the Georgia Libraries Conference and (virtually) at the North Carolina Library Conference! #libraries #librarians #libraryConferences #LISJobs #GLC2023 #NCLA23

Public Knowledge Project
2 days ago

Reminder! Want to catch tomorrow's #DOAJat20 event @DOAJ? It starts at 9 AM EST.

Join PKP Research Associate Saurabh Khanna alongside an impactful international group of speakers to discuss open access!

Not to be missed, you can register all the way up until the webinar starts:

Happy 20 years to DOAJ!

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Jeannette Ho
2 days ago

HOME: an exploration of being & belonging in resistance:

"A new collection of essays, personal narratives, and multimedia...from 12 library and archive workers."

up//root is "a publishing collective that exists to center the works, knowledge, and experiences of BIPOC within the context of the library and archives community."

#librarians #archivists #bipoc #poc #black #latino #latinx #native #indigenous #AAPI #AANHPI #africanamerican #Diversity

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#Librarians in #PublicSchools in #CharlotteCounty FL were instructed by school district #superintendent to remove all #books with #LGBTQ #characters or #themes from #school and #classroom #libraries. Charlotte County school librarians sought guidance from the school district about how to apply an expansion of the #Florida #ParentalRights in #Education Act, better known as the "Don't Say Gay" law, to all grades. They were told to remove all the books.

Emily Weak
3 days ago

"We found that right from the start, librarians from beyond the north of the UK and beyond academic libraries, where ALN has it’s focus, were politely asking to be included" #LibraryJobs #LISJobs #LISCareers #GLAMJobs #LibraryWork #Libraries #Librarians

Hiring Librarians
3 days ago

"We found that right from the start, librarians from beyond the north of the UK and beyond academic libraries, where ALN has it’s focus, were politely asking to be included" #LibraryJobs #LISJobs #LISCareers #GLAMJobs #LibraryWork #Libraries #Librarians

Hiring Librarians
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"Employers using INTERFOLIO or other external search platforms should especially contact ALL applicants directly about the status of the search." #LibraryJobs #LISJobs #LISCareers #GLAMJobs #LibraryWork #Libraries #Librarians #LibraryHiring

5 days ago

Colorado: “Former Weld County Librarian Wins Settlement After District Fired Her For Promoting LGBTQ, Anti-Racism Programs” #libraries #librarians

Ken Thompson
6 days ago

The Librarianist, by Patrick deWitt. You are an elderly retired librarian who had two ‘interesting’ things happen in your life (both over 50 years ago) and it’s occurring to you that maybe you’ve been hiding the rest of your life, and there might be time to move on. 3 of 5 library cats 🐈 🐈 🐈.

@bookstodon #books #libraries #librarians #portland

Book cover showing a library check out slip
Sharon Gibson Morgan
6 days ago

Levar Burton heads Banned Books Week, Oct. 1-7, as its honorary chair.

#BannedBooksWeek #bannedbooks #libraries #librarians #BlackMastodon #LGBTQ #histodon

Student Research Journal
1 week ago

Welcome, new friends! We've gotten a lot of new followers the last few days, and we're really excited by that!

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Drea and Team
1 week ago

During a solar eclipse, crickets have been heard chirping as if it were nighttime.
How do solar eclipses effect life on earth?
A NASA-funded #CitizenScience project wants you to help find out!

An excellent learning opportunity for #K12 classrooms and makes for a fun public library event as well.

#science #education
#animals #FediScience #ScienceMastodon #teachers #parents #librarians #LifelongLearning

Stuart D Neilson
1 week ago

CILIP adds that if #librarians are asked to #remove #book titles by local #councillors or the governors of their #school, for example, they should resist “as far as reasonably possible” and make Cilip aware of the situation.

Stuart D Neilson
1 week ago

In new guidance the Chartered Institute of #Library and Information Professionals (Cilip) encourages #librarians to place principle above personal opinion, and reason above prejudice when selecting library materials and says that staff should never act as a #censor."

#BookChallenge #libraries #BookBans #UK

‘A library should be a place of
wonder and safety for children
and adults.
It is a place in which people can
discover themselves and learn
about the world around them.
It is a place in which complex,
sometimes conflicting ideas
can be held up for scrutiny.
It is a place of dialogue and
respect, tolerance and inclusion.
It is a place in which cultures
can meet and be reconciled.’
Anna Anthro
1 week ago

“School #bookbans & restrictions in the U.S. rose 33% in the last school year, according to a new report from the free speech group PEN America.

This is continuing what it calls a worrisome effort aimed at the "suppression of stories and ideas."

#florida had more bans than any other state.

Overall, #pen America said it found 3,362 cases of book bans, up from 2,532 bans in the 2021-'22 school year.” #librarians #library

Hiring Librarians
1 week ago

This week I'm asking people who hire LIS workers: How has LIS school changed in the past decade? Is there knowledge or experience that you see as especially proficient or as lacking in recent grads? Do you have a preference for certain schools or between traditional and online? #LibraryJobs #LISJobs #LISCareers #GLAMJobs #LibraryWork #Libraries #Librarians #LibraryHiring

Kay :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@TeamMidwest If you want better pickup from people who don't follow you, you may have more success by adding # tags like #Iceland #Ireland and #librarians. You can even edit your post to add a few # s in

Greg W.
1 week ago

“Every day professional #librarians sit down with parents to thoughtfully determine what reading material is best suited for their children’s needs.

Now, many library workers face threats to their employment, their personal safety, and in some cases, threats of prosecution for providing books to youth that they and their parents want to read.

The librarians are getting threats.

The culture wars are leaking from metaphor to actuality.

#censorship #library #Books

1 week ago

I was shelving picture #books at the #library and saw one by Cory Doctorow who is awesome but I had no idea he wrote for kids🙆🏻‍♀️
Looked like a fun, kinda #Halloween book
so I put it face out where parental units could find it easily 😉😏
#subversive #Librarians @pluralistic 🤩

P. Hightower
2 weeks ago

Would a librarian prefer:
A) a cloak of invisibility
B) a paperweight that emits a field of perfect silence over a 25-foot radius
C) a multitool that includes a scanner, a forcefield projector, and a laser cutter, among other things
D) an indestructible tablet device with every public domain text in human history
E) a bracelet that allows the wearer to walk through walls

#scifi #librarians #spaceopera

2 weeks ago

Die #Kommission für #One-Person #Librarians des BIB hat die #Checkliste Nr. 46 "Grüne Bibliothek" herausgegeben, die in Kooperation mit dem #Netzwerk #Grüne #Bibliothek und der grünen Sektion #ENSULIB der #IFLA entstand. Die Checkliste kann wie immer von der Seite der Kommission heruntergeladen werden. Die angehängte #Pressemeldung enthält noch eine Aufforderung zur #Aktivität, einen Beitrag zur #Nachhaltigkeit zu leisten!

Die Pressemitteilung enthält den Text samt einigen Logos. Im Text wird der Inhalt der Checkliste kurz vorgestellt und dann - im Rahmen der Deutschen Aktionstage für Nachhaltigkeit 2023 - aufgerufen, dass Bibliotheken eigene Aktivitäten in Sozialen Netzwerken  mit spezifischen Hashtags hochladen. Die Logos beziehen sich in einer ersten Zeile auf die 17 Nachhaltigkeitsziele, dann wird die Titelseite der Checkliste gezeigt und als drittes das Logo "Wir machen mit" der Deutschen Aktionstage für Nachhaltigkeit. In einer zweiten Reine ist zuerst das Logo des Netzwerks Grüne Bibliothek und dann jenes des Berufsverbands Information Bibliothek (BIB) aufgeführt
Democracy Matters :verified:
2 weeks ago

It's fucking crazy out there. #GOP #Fascism #BookBans #Librarians

Kansas Librarians Sue After Being Fired for Displaying Rainbow Autism Symbol

Brendan Halpin
2 weeks ago

Hey, #librarians : do ebooks on Hoopla cost the library less than ones on Overdrive? Or is it all pretty much the same?

2 weeks ago
Trevor Burrows
3 weeks ago

Do any #Histodons or research/reference #Librarians have a good understanding of United States declassification processes in the 1960s? I have a colleague interested in why/how certain documents from the 1920s were declassified in the 1960s.

Is there an easily accessible declassification schedule somewhere that might help with such a query, or a reference source that might shed some light? The NDC site only has more recent lists as far as I can tell.

#GovDocs #Declassification

Jonathan Bohan
3 weeks ago

Hi all in the Boston area, please keep an eye out for this missing librarian. #librarians #libraries #missingperson

Missing poster for Callan Bignoli, age 35, approx 5'8" 125 lbs, glasses, strawberry blonde hair. Last seen Thursday Sept. 7, 5:30 a.m. in the Boston seaport district wearing a green dress.
David Fi&er
3 weeks ago

Negotiations at Western are not going well. The association has asked the conciliator to file a "no-board report". Seventeen days after this report is filed (and assuming that a strike vote has been held), the librarians at UWO will be in a legal strike position.
#libraries #librarians #onpse #labor #labour #onpol #uwofala #uwofa #pse #cdnpse

Claire Barnes
3 weeks ago

@fskornia thanks for saving the #manuals! @internetarchive has a growing collection at & requests uploads. There are some good things about today's internet! Let's support both physical & digital #libraries, & the conscientious #librarians who will defend authentic info!

#KnowHow #DIY #RightToRepair

@CodexArcanum @carey @SamYourEyes @Eloquent_Vogon @librarians @bookstodon

3 weeks ago

Teachers and Librarians Describe a Climate of Fear Stoked By New Laws - PEN America
#books #reading #teachers #librarians

Kate Nyhan
3 weeks ago

Hi web services #librarians #lb
Has anyone used to evaluate library websites, or publisher/aggregator websites that we subscribe to, in terms of carbon emissions? Or evaluated the carbon footprint of library resources in other ways? #ClimateChange

Bram Meehan
3 weeks ago

Comics creators collective 7000 BC is partnering with the City of Albuquerque to offer Comic and Graphic Novel Professional Development for Librarians — free, online, and open to all librarians in New Mexico.

Register at Eventbrite:

Basic: Friday, September 8, 3:00–4:00 pm

Basic: Friday, September 22, 3:00–4:00 pm

Advanced: Wednesday, September 27 , 3:00–4:00 pm

#comic #comics #libraries #librarians #NewMexico

3 weeks ago

@Cirdan In the early days of digital forensics, we stole so much from those impressive people in #Library #Science - #Librarians are very under-appreciated in some areas of legal work.

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

Cool job alert: the National Archives is looking for a library director for the Obama Presidential Library, in Chicago

#Jobs #Libraries #Librarians #GetFediHired

Zilla Novikov
1 month ago

If any libraries want to carry The Sad Bastard Cookbook, put me in touch with them and we'll send them free copies. Libraries are vital community spaces and dramatically underfunded, plus being in libraries is literally my dream. #library #librarians #Cookbook

(Same goes for my novella Query, but the cookbook has gone viral so I feel like people are more likely to request a copy of that.)

✨ Chelsea 🌻📚
1 month ago

Calling all #librarians. I've been trying to figure out for years if it would be possible to work in a library as a totally blind person, given that it involves working with print books and computer systems that may or may not be screen reader accessible, and none of the librarians I know have an answer. Does anyone here know, or have any resources you could point me toward? Specifically public or school #libraries, not academic ones, and not the Library for the Blind.

1 month ago

"where are we going today?" – "the moon!" #libraries #librarians
[liz climo calendar 2023, august 16]

picture of the calendar page with a grown-up dinosaur asking "where are we going today?" and a little dinosaur sitting next to a pile of books, holding one of them about the moon in his paws and saying "the moon!"
Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 month ago

ICYMI or all this bears repeating: stories of art #teachers, #librarians, & other #educators who have been intimidated, lost jobs due to efforts to #ban #books #censorship and wring curricula free of so-called controversial materials (like Frida Kahlo, Black History Month, rainbows, etc.) Compiled by PENAmerica.

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
1 month ago

Teachers and #librarians who are looking for a new addition to your shelves this year, my book baby FRIEND ME is now a spirited toddler, celebrating its third birthday this autumn! It's the story of a bullied girl whose bully has a bad accident, and she starts to worry that her new best friend -- who she only knows online -- may be responsible.

See what other middle grade book readers are saying about FRIEND ME -

#MiddleGrade #thriller #GoodReads @bookstodon

Review of Friend Me on Goodreads: "Absolutely one of the best and most relevant middle grades novels I’ve ever read. The dangers of AI and bullying are handled so well."

@ArrestJK @pablo #FakeNews about #LifeBeforeGoogle! Don't you remember #Libraries? So many #books, #answers and #librarians to help with questions!

“Libraries offer, for free, the wisdom of the ages – and sages – and, simply put, there’s something for everyone inside.”

colourful modern looking high school library with shelves of books above which hang a rainbow flag, a Tino Rangatira flag and colourful posters. In front are tables with chairs in pink, green, blue and purple

I’m really loving Mychal’s stories. He’s a librarian working at the Solano County library in Dixon, CA. His stories tell tales of kindness, curiosity, and delight. With all the madness around us, this is a breath of fresh air.

More of his stories:

(I made up the hashtag “libraridon,” which I believe is needed. Please join me in using this liberally.)

#Library #Librarians #Stories #Storytime #Kindness #Libraries #Bookworm #Mychal #Latino #Libraridon

Young Latino man with big hair and a colorful button-up shirt, wearing his library badge from a lanyard, telling his story up close to a mounted camera inside of a library with books and a colorful rug in the background.
Kate Nyhan
1 month ago

Hi #lb #librarians #medlibs @medlibs

Do you have AP video thumbnails displayed between the 2nd and 3rd search result for all Ebsco databases?
Including CINAHL and whatever else you have on that platform -- for us it's Business Source Complete, GreenFILE, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Mental Measurements Yearbook, etc.

Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

Question for #librarians and #archivists: what’s the best way to ensure that a paperback book, printed today, is still readable 100 years from now? Physically, digitally, existentially—?

If there’s a more perfect intersection of #techbro and #qanon cultures than this I can’t think of it. #bookbans #ChatGPT #iowa #librarians

2 months ago

As the battle over #bookbans in #schools and #libraries continues to play out in various states across the U.S., the toll it’s taking on #librarians is coming at a great cost — personally and financially. Many librarians are speaking up about fearing for their jobs and safety. NPR’s Tovia Smith traveled to Louisiana where tensions have been flaring up — pitting librarians against book ban advocates in the local community. #education #censorship #CivilLiberties

2 months ago

#Louisiana #librarians are getting death threats. When they quit (with reluctance, grief, PTSD), their #libraries can't replace them, because the libraries are still in Louisiana.

There is No Dana (He/Him)
2 months ago

is there #library or #librarian mastodon? University of Alberta is looking for an "Indigenous Engagement Librarian"

If you know someone who might fit in this role, please send this or apply and come work with me (their office will be right next to mine) #librarians #librarianship

Christine T
2 months ago

@MetaMarjorie welcome! If you are logged in on your x-twitter account, you might be able to find some of your follows who moved here, through FediFinder, I think it still works anyway...

Also hashtags are more powerful than search here, try following your favourite hashtags, eg. #librarians

Hope this gets you started ☕

Went to main branch #sfpubliclibrary today, such a fine institution, open and welcoming to all. I saw a banner hanging from the rail by the youth section offering free meals to kids and teens M-F. They know many kids don’t get enough food at home when they aren’t in school. It’s shameful they have to do it, but libraries fill SO many gaps in our frayed social safety net. Thank you, #librarians !

2 months ago

Question for #archivists, #librarians, #historians, #glam, #culturalHeritage professionals, #oralHistorians and related history/memory-oriented folks out here in the fedi:

Do you use the term “memory worker”? If so, what does this mean to you?

I’ve been using it (and hearing it) as a useful generalized term to include all folks who work in history/memory fields

Really curious if it’s widely used and if so, with which groups, and if there are any meanings I might be missing

Thanks! 💜💜💜💜

Kate Nyhan
2 months ago

Reading rec for #lb #librarians #medlibs
People who use #libraries
People who are interested in library vendors' business models (that means you #scholcomm folks)
#UX of libraries online

@karawynn explores a seemingly small change in the UI of an resource for e- and audio-book access via libraries....


Jesse Baer
2 months ago

Mariame Kaba — probably the single person I most miss being able to follow here — doing some really exciting organizing for #libraries and #librarians, to kick back at the right. She posted this on BlueSky (shared with permission)

From Since March, we at For the People Leftist Library project have been engaged in a massive data project to figure out which library systems have elected boards and which ones have appointed members. This is imp information to know. No one has had the info before.
 Armed with this information, Leftists could make a strategic bid to run for elected library board seats and seek appointments to others. We need not be reactive. We can be proactive. We must preserve and EXPAND public libraries everywhere.
I was personally shocked to learn that this information was not already available.

I hear a LOT of the US-based #library discussion focused on #books.

Y'all, #librarians are the most radical enablers of a free, civic society you have ever met.

They provide a free, safe, welcoming place for all people, all the hours they are open.

They create third spaces for marginalized communities to gather and organize for change.

They help people navigate the labyrinth of social service applications.

They teach kids it's good to ask adults questions.

This isn't about the books.

Steve Silberman
2 months ago

Good news! Judge blocks Arkansas GOP's grotesque law to prosecute #librarians for making books deemed "harmful to minors" by freaky, freaky fascist groups like Moms4Liberty. Good work, ACLU!

Sharon Gibson Morgan
2 months ago

In the name of reform, state appointed Houston Independent School District (HISD) superintendent Mike Miles will be firing librarians, closing libraries at 28 campuses and converting them into discipline centers.

#Books #BannedBooks #Libraries #Librarians #BlackMastodon #LGBTQ #HISD

Closeup of children reading books. Pictured are their arms and hands as they hold the books they're reading.
Penny Richards
3 months ago

started a #wikipedia article on Irish-born #California librarian Anne Hadden (1874-1963), 1st director of the #MontereyCounty Free Library (1913-1929), hiked and rode mules to deliver books to rural branches: #librarians #CaliforniaHistory

Anne Hadden, undated photo, probably before 1920; a white woman with hair parted center and dressed to nape, wearing a high-collared white blouse with a swiss-dot yoke and lace trim
Anne Hadden atop a mule, wearing a wide-brimmed hat; a second mule, nearby, is loaded with bags of books; from 1916
Anne Hadden working in the library garden, 1920s; a silhouetted woman in profile,  seated in a garden with a manual typewriter, and an umbrella, with a "free library" sign on the ground nearby
3 months ago

I wonder, are there any new fun #librarians, #radio, #audio, #audiodrama and/or #podcastfans out there after this latest #twittermigration to connect with?

Also always looking for fellow #bassplayers or #harmonica fans :)