The Amaliaville Horror
12 minutes ago

This is hilarious.😅

"Before the internet, librarians were the gatekeeper of knowledge. For your reading pleasure, the New York Public Library released a cache of queries and conundrums called in from the 1940s to the 1980s."

Post with several pictures of such queries (sorry, no ALT-text there):


James Benjamin
3 hours ago

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. It's also a good reminder of just how important our libraries are.


Brad Vertrees ☕
3 hours ago

Allison Steenson, Leonico Tomeo’s Marginalia: Manuscript and Print in Sixteenth-Century Veneto, The Library, Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2023, Pages 318–331, #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #C16th #16thCentury #Medieval #Incunable #Library @medievodons

Georgiann Baldino
7 hours ago

"The right’s #censorship campaign is growing more ambitious — and threatening...This week the American #Library Association released preliminary data showing a 'record surge' in challenges to books in public libraries. The group found '695 attempts to censor library materials and services and documented challenges to 1,915 unique titles' from January through August. That’s up 20% from the same reporting period in 2022." courtesy of MSNBC

I Like Books
14 hours ago

"1. Biblioteca Gabriel García Márquez, Barcelona, Spain

Located in the working-class district of Sant Martí de Provençals, this £10m library opened last year and has just been awarded ‘best new public library in the world’ according to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. "

"2. Parramatta Library, Parramatta, Australia

Opened a year ago in Parramatta’s new PHIVE building, this community, cultural and civic hub boasts 65,000 books and a bold, sustainable design courtesy of French architect Manuelle Gautrand."

"3. Shanghai Library East, Shanghai, China

Scholar’s rocks – or Taihu stones – were prized by the intelligentsia of China’s Jin dynasty, who found inspiration in their edges, curves and hollows."

#GoodNews #Library #Libraries

23 hours ago

@aloopapu @StillIRise1963
To me it just makes sense for anyone working indoors with the public to mask up
This #library worker has so many patrons in vulnerable demos & I'm the only staff member masking 💔🤬💔

Damon Thomas
23 hours ago

@BlunderBusted and @MaBones had a Book Fest table as well! #books #jacksonville #florida #library

Two people at a Book Fest table.
Paul Nix
1 day ago

@9pfs @Ve3ldj An update to the #coffee logged #library #book saga. (For those interested.)

I bought a replacement and gave it up as an offering when returning the original. After some back room ISBN and publishing date checking (I checked when I bought it too. Pretty sure they have to be the exact same to be considered a true replacement) the nice lady came out, scribbled over the library code and slid the stained copy over to me. “We’re good. This one’s all yours.” I promised to stay away for a while, thanked her and ran off into the night.

Kind of a round about way of buying a used book (for full price) but stuff happens. 🤷‍♂️

Paperback book sits skewed on the armrest of a grey-blue couch. The book is “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People” by Mel Collins. There is a library code stuck to the cover which has been scribbled over with a permanent marker.
1 day ago

For those who may not be aware, you can digitally borrow books from your local library 📚 🎤 Your library is publicly funded and available to everyone.

Libraries purchase licenses from publishers, who in turn pay authors. Not a perfect system, but writers are compensated.

If we want investment in public services, we should both support and use those services.

Edit: Apps required for access are available at no cost to users.

#library #reading #digitaltransformation

1 day ago

I'm a supporter of local libraries, and have been using digital services for years to borrow books. I've been wondering how writers are compensated for digital borrowing and found this great post.

Thank you @janefriedman

#library #reading #digitaltransformation

Damon Thomas
1 day ago

JAX Book Fest went well! I was in a room next to where they had the guest speakers. And that is how Joe Hill helped me sell all my comics and all but 2 of my books. Including a mastodon person. We are getting out there! #writing #books #comics #library #jacksonville #florida

Person at JAX BookFest.
1 day ago

Out at #DoorsOpenDay with chum who hasn't had a chance to do that much before, so great fun ambling round with her, exploring. Her first time seeing the amazing Playfair Library in the Old College. Love this space.

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #architecture #History #photography #EdinburghUniversity #OldCollege #PlayfairLibrary #NeoClassical #library #bibliotheque

Perspective shot looking down the long aisle of the 18th century, Neo-classical Playfair Library, lined with elegant columns and white, marble busts at the end of each set of bookshelves, then up to take in the arched barrel ceiling
1 day ago

This is Chips. He likes to scream and yell while he eats his purloined grapes. No one is off limits! He one time entered my library, yelled at me, hopped around and left.

These birds have such attitude! 😂 I'll miss their harassment when I move on.

#animals #birds #library

A Stellar's Jay sits on a branch of a grape vine.
1 day ago

I #AmReading a #library book — "The braided path" by Chris Wooding, an author who is new to me. I'm about half way through, and enjoying it so far...

#Books #Bookstodon #libraries

Rhett Bratt
2 days ago

I’m very impressed by the staff at the public library in town. We get quite a few unhoused folks in the library during the day, and once in a while one has impulse-control issues. The staff confronts them immediately with compassionate questions about what they might need while stressing what is and is not acceptable behavior. And it works. Everyone needs to be seen and heard, and everyone needs to abide by the rules we set for ourselves. #library #Unhoused #compassion #expectations

Karen Keiller
2 days ago

I work with amazing humans and animals! A day in the life of a therapy dog at #MacEwanUniversity #library

Julie Goldberg
2 days ago

I’d love to see some data about whether #Library #BookBans are fueling a rise in reading in adolescents as a form of rebellion. I’d like to think so!

Atlas Obscura
2 days ago

To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

The project aims to make a complete 'bee atlas,' detailing every single local pollinator.#laboratories #longreads #oregon #libraries #library #data #endangeredspecies #climatechange #insects #collections #biology #biodiversity #scientistsatwork #science #honey #nativebees #maps #bees #section-Articles
To Save America's Native Bees, the Oregon Bee Project Is Mapping Every Single One

Student Research Journal
2 days ago

Welcome, new friends! We've gotten a lot of new followers the last few days, and we're really excited by that!

#MLIS #LibraryScience #Archives #MARA #Libraries #Library #LibraryWorkers #Librarians #Science #OpenSource #Journal #PeerReview #InformationScience

Register for this free Zoom event from Illinois Libraries Present! Bestselling #horror scribe Stephen Graham Jones ("The Only Good Indians" & "Don’t Fear the Reaper") in conversation with our author Becky Spratford: Oct. 4 at 7:00 PM

#StephenGrahamJones #libraries #library #horrorbooks #free #halloween

Register for this free Zoom event from Illinois Libraries Present! Bestselling #horror scribe Stephen Graham Jones ("The Only Good Indians" & "Don’t Fear the Reaper") in conversation with our author Becky Spratford: Oct. 4 at 7:00 PM
Stuart D Neilson
2 days ago

In new guidance the Chartered Institute of #Library and Information Professionals (Cilip) encourages #librarians to place principle above personal opinion, and reason above prejudice when selecting library materials and says that staff should never act as a #censor."

#BookChallenge #libraries #BookBans #UK

‘A library should be a place of
wonder and safety for children
and adults.
It is a place in which people can
discover themselves and learn
about the world around them.
It is a place in which complex,
sometimes conflicting ideas
can be held up for scrutiny.
It is a place of dialogue and
respect, tolerance and inclusion.
It is a place in which cultures
can meet and be reconciled.’
Nicolas Delsaux
2 days ago

Si demain vous envisagez d'utiliser GitPython, utilisez plutôt cette surcouche, l'API est à mon goût plus agréable. #python #git #library #opensource

Tim Richards
3 days ago

Now free for all to read... In a guest post @NarrelleMHarris writes about a side-trip she took to Oakland, USA - to discover the fascinating things left behind in library books:

Found in an Oakland library

#USA #Books #Book #Library #Libraries #Exhibition

Display case of items found in library books.
Biscuits & Gravy
3 days ago

Check out all the fun things that are going on at the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

Our library has something for everyone, and most things are FREE.


Voight Kampff
3 days ago

Embattled WA library wins lawsuit, won’t shut down after book-ban fight | The Seattle Times #BookBans #Library

Visit Sights
3 days ago

🏙 City: Trento, Italy
🏛️ Attraction: Biblioteca dei Ragazzi

❓ Do you prefer guided or self-guided sightseeing tours?

➡ Discover a unique sightseeing experience in Trento:

#️⃣ #Travel #Historic #Monument #Amenity #Sightseeing #Trento #Government #Building #Library #Sights #Italy

© Credits: Wikimedia / Chryspa / CC BY-SA 4.0

Alameda Post
3 days ago

AUSD's Susan Davis invites the community to a series of events this fall including the dedication of a preschool program, a forum on book banning, and a discussion about the fentanyl crisis.

#alameda #ausd #BannedBooks #BoardOfEducation #CommunityEvents #DrArdellaDailey #DrEmilyWatters #fentanyl #library #PasqualeScuderi

Tim Bondy
3 days ago

#Library #Books

A new report from the American Library Association (ALA) finds that between January 1 and August 31, 2023, there have been "695 attempts to censor library materials and services and documented challenges to 1,915 unique titles."

The number of books challenged "has increased by 20% from the same reporting period in 2022."

Last year was the highest number of challenges recorded in the last 20 years. In all of 2019, there were only 377 challenges.

Rabi'a Elizabeth
3 days ago

I was curious about the #History of my town, so I just made a visit to the local #Library .

I found this short but densely detailed book. It appears to be a history of non-Muslim resettlement of the town after the #Spanish #Expulsion of #Muslims starting in 1492. I believe I've translated the title correctly, but I'll know more once I start reading, God willing.

#Spain #SpanishHistory #Andalucia #Granada #alAndalus #ReyesCatólicos #España #CenesDeLaVega #Resettlement #LandGrabs

Pale cream-colored book front cover, bearing the title "El Apeo y Repartimiento de Cenes de la Vega, by Maria del Carmen Calero Palacios.", in delicate italic serif type. The cover also bears a lovely pen and ink drawing of people clad in typical medieval attire - veils and elaborately embroidered hooded garments, against a backdrop of the town plaza, changed very little from then till now.
Greg W.
4 days ago

“Every day professional #librarians sit down with parents to thoughtfully determine what reading material is best suited for their children’s needs.

Now, many library workers face threats to their employment, their personal safety, and in some cases, threats of prosecution for providing books to youth that they and their parents want to read.

The librarians are getting threats.

The culture wars are leaking from metaphor to actuality.

#censorship #library #Books

4 days ago

I was shelving picture #books at the #library and saw one by Cory Doctorow who is awesome but I had no idea he wrote for kids🙆🏻‍♀️
Looked like a fun, kinda #Halloween book
so I put it face out where parental units could find it easily 😉😏
#subversive #Librarians @pluralistic 🤩

Tobias Schneider
5 days ago

#hacktoberfest is near and #jollyday is ready for it. I provided some issues that are good for first time contributors. #public-holidays #java #library

Jenna Freedman
5 days ago

I coedited an "Idea Lab" with Stephanie Diaz on social media in libraries in the age of social media's ethical decline. Contributors include @dsalo & @lawlib

#library #libraries #socialMedia #TheBadPlace

Cainmark 🚲
5 days ago

Oh, I love this:

Not adding myself because I obviously boost too much. But this would have been so helpful when I first joined #Mastodon

#cataloging #classification #z_lib #z_lib_cataloging #SubjectHeadings #Library #LibraryCataloging

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
6 days ago

A history of the defunct #Library Awareness program, the Connecticut Four, and attempts through the Patriot Act to find out who is checking out what from libraries. “#Censorship and privacy are the fruit of the same knotty vine,” article says. Be aware of the government’s ability to track what you #read. #FreedomToRead #FirstAmendment #FreePress

Damon Thomas
6 days ago

Saturday! I'll be there with a stack of Southern Gothic Flash Memoir. @BlunderBusted will have comics. A book party! #books #comics #library #jacksonville #florida

JAX Book Fest 10-3p 9/23
Heidi Li Feldman
1 week ago

It is both pathetic and frightening that MAGA types are vilifying the American Library Association for being a conduit for pornography and that red states are therefore severing ties with this esteemed organization. Gift access to Washington Post coverage at The right in this country knows it benefits from keeping people ignorant and uneducated. #library #censorship

IT News
1 week ago

PyOBD Gets Python3 Upgrades - One of the best things about open source software is that, instead of being lost t... - #softwarehacks #opensource #python-obd #software #library #python2 #python3 #vehicle #elm327 #python #pyobd #obd

Nick East (Indie Writer)
1 week ago

Libraries are one of the few public spaces where people are allowed to exist without money in our capitalist hellscape 🤔😇

@bookstodon @libraries @librarians @publiclibraries

#Book #Books
#Public #Library #PublicLibrary #For #Everyone
#Bookworm #Bookwyrm #Bookstodon #BookLove #BoostingIsSharing

Jan Adriaenssens
1 week ago

Our offices in Ghent are housed on the top floor of De Krook library. What an amazing view, day and night!

📍: Ghent, Belgium

#ghent #library #streetphotography

Night view of the iconic De Krook library, by the riverside, with many lights on.
Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 week ago

The American #Library Association is facing a partisan firefight unlike anything in its 150-year history. Conservatives accuse it & other “liberal” institutions and people of being a conduit for pornography to children. A historian puts the controversy in the same category as criticism of vaccines—the end of respect or deference for professional authority.

Damon Thomas
1 week ago

JAX Book Fest is a week away. I'm not on the poster but.. I'll be there too! Workshops Friday and dozens of authors at tables Saturday. My plan involves a box of books and piles of free stickers. If you are anywhere near.. come on out! #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #books #jacksonville #library

JAX Book Fest 9/23 10a - 3p
Kristian Harstad
1 week ago

did anybody else get excited about #library #computer #database and inter-library #network #computer systems as a child or was it just me?

here is a #poll but you can also tell me below in more detail if ya like because i wanna know lol

Siobhan Leachman
2 weeks ago

If you missed the Australian #Library and Information Association #Digitisation & Preservation Group webinar yesterday, below is a link to the recording. It contains engagement stories from #Trove , #WikimediaAustralia ,
and the #BiodiversityHeritageLibrary #Australia

2 weeks ago

@bookstodon #reading #library

In what universe could libraries consist of only the most recent works? This will erase history!

Stuart D Neilson
2 weeks ago

@JenLucPiquant A good example of why #libraries exist. A #library contains the #books we need, when we need them. There was nothing available to me as a sexually abused 11-year-old in the 1970s. I am grateful my kids have been able to find their way to the books they needed, and I will work to protect that access for my grandkids.
#BannedBooks #BookChallenge

Jesse Baer
2 weeks ago

Missing person alert: An old Twitter mutual of mine, and someone my wife knows from #library world, Callan a.k.a Cal a.k.a. @eminencefont is missing without critical meds, and may be having a mental health crisis. More info on IG: #boston

ID: a missing person flyer. Cal is a white woman with strawberry blonde hair and glasses. Text: HELP! Our dear friend is missing. Callan AKA Cal. She’s about 4ft8, long light brown hair, last seen in the Boston Seaport area wearinga green dress. Please message @blueprintsforsewing ASAP if you have seen her or have any leads
Followup IG post from this morning: Hi friends! Cal is still missing and we don't have any new leads. She has been without essential meds and is likely experiencing a mental health crisis. If you're looking for more ways to help us try to find Cal, organizations we spoke to suggested to keep an eye out in neglected areas like underpasses, empty lots, train tracks, etc and other places she might seek shelter but not be easily spotted. If you do look for her in these places, please be safe. Contact us directly on IG or reach out to Babson Public Safety (who is handling her missing person case: 23-344-OF) if you have any information.

I also just want to say thank you for the outpouring of support for our dear sweet Cal. We (her family, Jordan and I) are unbelievably touched and are doing our best to hold onto hope that she is found.

More info on Cal's appearance: she has a large color tattoo of a leopard on her left upper arm, a black and white tarot illustration on her right arm, and a large color tattoo of a peacock and phoneix on her calf as well as other less visible tattoos.
Darrell Z. Grizzle
2 weeks ago

“A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered. Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people—people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.”

“Letters to the Children of Troy,” by EB White

#library #books #EBWhite

Brosephine Wires
3 weeks ago

Now, Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama is exploring the idea of banning books statewide within the Alabama public library system itself — to be clear, the libraries that adults use.

“Alabama’s state library agency is now under scrutiny by the governor, following a handful of local book challenges and conservative efforts to cut ties with the American Library Association.

In a Sept. 1 letter to Nancy Pack, director of the Alabama Public Library Service, Gov. Kay Ivey said she had grown increasingly concerned about “the environment our Alabama libraries are providing to families and children.””

#censorship #library #books #libraries

3 weeks ago

@Cirdan In the early days of digital forensics, we stole so much from those impressive people in #Library #Science - #Librarians are very under-appreciated in some areas of legal work.

3 weeks ago

A blog post I wrote on library publishing just got published by the IFLA Library Publishing Special Interest Group

Would be thrilled if you read and shared

#OA #OpenAccess #ScholComm #SciComm #ScholarlyPublishing #publishing #HigherEd #academia #library #libraries #librarian

Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

Props to the Lord Mayor of Cork for showing you how it’s done: you don’t engage fascists in conversation.

(These are the handful of – mostly imported* – bigots trying to get LGBTQ+ books banned from Cork Library.)

* “The small group behind these demonstrations has been linked to British far-right groups who have targeted immigrants – including the Irish community – in London and other areas.”

#cork #library #ireland #farRight #fascism #bigotry #MusicalTheatre

3 weeks ago

The Woburn Public #Library was built in 1879, funded by money from the Winn family, who owned a leather goods factory in town.

When I was a kid, this building was more important to me than where I slept at night.

I shed blood to protect this library. This is that story.

Interior, Woburn Public Library. A massive arch through which arcaded shelves and a barrel roof can be seen.
Woburn Public Library. A fireplace under an arch with cozy benches.
Woburn public library. Spiral staircases to upper shelves, blocked off by shelves and a velvet rope.

“ …it’s time to fight the corporate approach to copyright that has increasingly come at the expense of equality, distributive justice, inclusivity, privacy, and self-determination–the urgent societal goals and values that drive many to become artists and writers in the first place. Securing the ownership of digital books for libraries is a good place to start.” #publishers #library #libraries #digitalbooks #privacy
@internetarchive @maria

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

“We are up against a bunch of rich people who don’t want to see #homeless people anywhere near their stuff.”

Volunteers with #Houston Food Not Bombs are going to court to fight an anti-food sharing ordinance which they say violates their First Amendment rights, reports Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher in our latest article:

#news #politics #USpol #food #poverty #inequality #HumanRights #library #law #CriminalJustice #police #Texas #FirstAmendment

Bruce MacDonald
3 weeks ago

"Basic Mathematics for Radio and Electronics," a beautifully bound and preserved textbook requested from the stacks of the Hennepin County Library System, doesn't broach the radio part until page 253.

It's a good book, and thorough.
#mathematics #radio #HamRadio #library

"A very long while ago—longer than I care to remember—I was invited to write a series of articles for the Wireless Engineer, or rather for Experimental Wireless as it was called in those days, on "Mathematics for Wireless Amateurs" …

"The original articles were written for those whose understanding of "wireless", as we called then, was limited by a lack of knowledge of mathematics. Hence the "radio" in the title, and those sections which deal particularly with the analysis of alternating-current circuits; but the really basic ideas of mathematics are common to all its applications, and I therefore hope that the work may be of some use to an even larger class of students—and perhaps even to some teachers. …

"In mathematics, as in many other activities, it is the first step which counts. If the basic ideas are well and truly grasped, their application is a happy hunting ground for the adventurous mind, which will indeed learn more by going astray on its own than by being carefully guided along well-worn tracks."
—F. M. Colebrook, from the introduction
Damon Thomas
3 weeks ago

JAX Book Fest! Two days of books and writing at the Jacksonville Public Library. There will be special guests and dozens of local writers. I'll be there! With a new run of stickers and a stack of my books. Come on out! #writing #books #library #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL Book Fest 9-22/23
3 weeks ago

Woah!! Just noticed it’s been one year since I stepped away from my full-time #library job to spend more time with @SolidarityHistory, @mappingtransjoy and other projects.

I’ve been keeping myself afloat with #freelance #consulting and #webDev work

I have never been happier, more grounded, less stressed, and more intentional in my life and relationships. I’m so glad I made this move. 💜💜💜

Zilla Novikov
4 weeks ago

If any libraries want to carry The Sad Bastard Cookbook, put me in touch with them and we'll send them free copies. Libraries are vital community spaces and dramatically underfunded, plus being in libraries is literally my dream. #library #librarians #Cookbook

(Same goes for my novella Query, but the cookbook has gone viral so I feel like people are more likely to request a copy of that.)

Edde Beket
4 weeks ago

Why you shouldn't eat in the library…

#libraries #library #bookstodon #books

Note in library:

Please Do Not Eat in the Library.
The ants will get in. They will learn how to read. Then, they will get too smart.
Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts.
So... the ants will turn evil and take over the world.
4 weeks ago

#Introduction We're the University of #Groningen #Library - Universiteitsbibliotheek Groningen! 🎓📖

We moved here from, our first home in the Fediverse.

4 weeks ago

Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec, Montréal, Canada

Designed by the Patkau/Croft-Pelletier/Guité consortium and realized by Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes, the "Grande Bibliothèque" opened its doors in 2005.

📷: iPhone 13 Pro

#library #LibraryArchitecture #architecture #photography

Interior of a large contemporary library reading room. It is a rectangular room separated from the surrounding floors by wooden slats.
Tommaths (he/him)
4 weeks ago

If you're trying to drag a few more people over here from over there, and any of those people are #museum, #gallery, #library or #heritage people, point them towards this free* training I'm doing next week.

I'm aiming to use my experience of moving over to #Mastodon to help others overcome some of the tricky, slightly confusing bits & get them kick-started with a ready-made community of museum education & adjacent folk (made largely of those who attend on the day!)

* Free for members of GEM ) the Group for Education in Museums; £6.13 otherwise including Eventbrite fees.

4 weeks ago

Sorry, I should have CW'd this for my #library friends.