Dora Hathazi Mendes
12 hours ago

Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse original watercolor painting sold from my Karavella Atelier Etsy Shop and it is on the way to Germany
Thank you so much dear Claudia for supporting my art! Dora
Prints available
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#lighthouses #portugal #portuguese #portugalpaintings #art #artwork #handmade #watercolor #paintings

Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse original watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse original watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse original watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse original watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Visit Sights
18 hours ago

🏙 City: Santander, Spain
🏛️ Attraction: Faro de Cabo Mayor

❓ Do you like to take sightseeing tours that include outdoor activities?

➡ Don't wait to see the sights of Santander:

#️⃣ #Lighthouse #Attraction #Sightseeing #Sights #Spain #Tourism #ManMade #Building #Santander #Travel

© Credits: Wikimedia / Emilio Gómez Fernández / CC BY-SA 4.0

Keelan Cook
1 day ago

Quick trip to Rhode Island over the weekend. I had no idea how beautiful it was.

#travel #coast #lighthouse #RhodeIsland #NewEngland

Lighthouse in the Rhode Island coast in rainy weather.
Waves crashing against rocks on the shore.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Halfway between Halfmoon Bay And Santa Cruz is where you will find this lighthouse. The light was built in 1872 and is 115 feet tall. It is named Carrier Pigeonafter the ship that wrecked here in 1853.
The surrounding area is a great place to explore with beaches, tide pools and dunes to climb on. See the full image here: #PigeonPointLighthouse #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #PigeonPoint #Lighthouse #California #Weathered

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

This is an image of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse located on the California Coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The lighthouse is undergoing restoration and there is a chain link fence around the base of the lighthouse. 
There is a weathered white picket fence leading up to the lighthouse. In front of the lighthouse is a small storage  building. Behind the storage building is the actual light. The cylindrical light stands 115 feet tall is tied for the tallest lighthouse on the west coast. 
The sky is mostly clear with a few whispy clouds.
1 day ago

Liegt auf der Hand: ist Pellworm. ☺

Jetzt als handgemalte 30mm-#wandklexschmuck-Originalminiaturen wahlweise in Echtsilber oder Edelstahl gefasst im Shop auf zu finden.


#wandklex #lighthouse #artjewelry #fediArt #art #creativeToots #MastoArt Lighthouse #pellworm

handgemalte Miniatur Motiv Leuchtturm Pellworm in Edelstahlanhänger, auf meiner Hand fotografiert zur Demo der Größenverhältnisse (insgesamt 30mm)
Tomasz Susuł
2 days ago

Last light before the storm.

#Seascape #photo #photography #lighthouse #France

A stone lighthouse illuminated by the setting sun against a dark sky and almost black clouds heralding a storm.
Lois Bryan
3 days ago

Many happy (but woefully late!) thanks to my 8/31 Fine Art America client from Hamilton, ON - Canada for their purchase of a t-shirt of one of my favorites, "Presquile Lighthouse." I hope you enjoy it as much as I did my visit to this amazing area!!!!

See the image and all the products it's available on at my website, here:

And at #FineArtAmerica:

#Canada #Ontario #Lighthouse #Presquile #LoisBryan #NotAi

A beautiful lighthouse stands at the edge of a sandy beach, surrounded by trees and shrubs burnished by autumn, against a rich blue sky.  Presquile Lighthouse, Ontario Canada … magic!!!  #LoisBryan 
#lighthouse #Canada #Ontario #Presquile
5 days ago

Le soleil se couche près du #phare du Four.

📸 @Gardien2Phare

#lighthouse #sunset #seascape
5 days ago

The breakwater #lighthouse in #Jaffa is a cool spot to visit if you're ever in #Israel It has a lot of history and charm
#night #city #urban #nightphotography #longexposure #photo #fotograaf #photography #canon #eos5dmark4 #telaviv #colors📷

50+ Music
6 days ago
Edward Philips
6 days ago

Today is lighthouse Saturday. xx

#lighthouse #wallart #saturday #samstag #sea #seascape #birds

Whitley Bay
Bishop Rick
Longstone lighthouse
Heron&Fox Photo
6 days ago

When US President Harry Truman created what would become Cape #Canaveral Air Force Base it was called the “Joint Long Range Proving Ground.”
In The government relocated everyone who lived in the area except the #lighthouse keepers.
In 1960 the #light was automated and the keeper’s house demolished.
In 1960 it was found that the vibrations caused by launch operations were damaging the #Fresnel lens that allowed the light to be visible at long distance, so the light was just replaced with an electric searchlight.

The #CapeCanaveral Lighthouse Foundation is seeking to restore the lighthouse and keeper’s cottages for historical preservation and tourism. Support the foundation at

Get a print of this image or other merchandise and a portion will be donated to the #CapeCanaveralLighthouseFoundation

#CapeCanaveralLighthouse, #Photograph

An outdoor photograph look up at the top of a lighthouse tower and its light. The light section and platform are pained black, with a white stripe below it, and another black stripe below it.
Alan E Mason Photography
1 week ago

Low Point Lighthouse.
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada.
Camera Nikon D5600.
See more at
#photography #lighthouse #Photographer #art #artist #homedecor #prints #outdoors

Low Point Lighthouse.
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada.
Camera Nikon D5600.
See more at
1 week ago

Painted this at our local #u3a art group on Monday.
It's a #lineandwash of the #lighthouse at St Anthony's head, near St. Mawes, Cornwall UK. Our favourite part of the country.
The linework is with a fude nibbed fountain pen, with Platinum Carbon ink.
On #Baohong cotton block with mainly WN and DS paint.
The photo is mine, from last years holiday. We've been to the area loads, mainly with kids, but last year on our own.

Watercolour picture of St Anthony's head lighthouse, overlooking the sea
St Anthony's head lighthouse, view over the bay
Queer Lit Cats
1 week ago
Thomas Rigby
1 week ago

Big fat hundos across the board! 💯

#performance #webdev #eleventy #lighthouse

A full house of 100% Lighthouse scores for my website
1 week ago

Some pics from yesterday's day trip to the island of Ærø, #Denmark.

#travel #travelphotography #lighthouses #lighthouse

fresnel lens of the Ærø lighthouse
a street in Ærøskøbing, Denmark
a square in the town of Ærøskøbing, Denmark
display of figurines and candles in a house window in Marstal, Denmark
1 week ago

Bien le bonjour ! Aujourd'hui je vous propose de faire un tour à la #PointeDuRaz en #Bretagne avec un #Phare sur son rocher. #LightHouse #Photography #Photographie #PhotoDuJour #PictureOfTheDay

Phare à la Pointe du Raz
Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
1 week ago

Allow me to take you on a journey through this update! I'm awfully fond of this print, of these two little loves having a quiet moment by a lighthouse.

#art #seascape #lighthouse #gentlebeard #watercolour #ofmd

Detail of a watercolour painting of two pirates embracing on the beach by a stormy sea.
A print of a watercolour painting of two pirates embracing on the beach by a stormy sea, illuminated by a lighthouse.
Detail of the lighthouse. The light shines into the grey sky, and a little red flag flies.
Babs E. Blue
2 weeks ago

Happy Monday, #Fediverse

It's a new week.....enjoy all the small discoveries along the way!

"We shall not cease from
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we
And know the place for the first
time" - T.S. Eliot

Photography by me
Lake Michigan, U.S.A

#Monday #shoreline #LakeMichigan #patterns #sand #lake #morning #sky #beach #lighthouse #nature the sand from the receding tide; in the fence along the narrown strip of land; in the rocks that line the sand; on the jetty leading out to the bright red lighthouse...patterns...on a Monday morning... as fall descends on the southern shores of Lake Michigan.
Cynthia Hanrahan
2 weeks ago

Bike ride to the lighthouse this morning. #StAugustineBeach #Lighthouse

Top of a lighthouse with black and white stripes and red top. Surrounded by trees.
Frankie ✅
2 weeks ago

Sunset and Silhouette in St. Joseph, #Michigan

By Betapixels

#photography #sunset #lighthouse #lake

2 weeks ago

Location of this vacation rental 😉 Although... it would kind of be cool to rent a #lighthouse in #Maine. #Hurricane #Lee

Path of Hurricane Lee with the location of rental lighthouse on the map
2 weeks ago

Aww, the Cape Sable #Lighthouse in Clark's Harbor is not an Airbnb. Friday night/Saturday night stay would be PERFECT. (not). #hurricane #lee

Cape Sable Lighthouse, exposed in an area that should see Hurricane Lee pass through on Friday/Saturday.
Thom Zehrfeld
2 weeks ago

The Cape Blanco Lighthouse is located on the Southern Oregon Coast. It was constructed in 1869. Tallest Lighthouse in Oregon and most westerly. Also, has the distinction of Oregon’s first female keeper! Prints available at: #BuyIntoArt #Art #ThomZehrfeldPhotography #PhotographyIsArt #Photography #Fotografie
#ArtForSale #ArtMatters #MastoArt #Mastodon #ArtforInteriorDesign #HospitalityInteriors
#InteriorDesign #Wallart #InteriorDecorating #WallArtForSale #Lighthouse

Benjamin Brinckmann
2 weeks ago

Here is another landscape study of mine for #MastoArtStudyNumber9
15 minutes per sketch, but I had to do this in two sessions and felt a bit bored by the fourth sketch. So for that one I made it more interesting by painting only on one layer and no Ctrl+Z allowed! That was just a fantastic experience and I feel like I want to do that a whole lot more…

#MastoArt #LandscapePainting #Cliff #Lighthouse

Four digital sketches of a cliff landscape in the sea, with a lighthouse at the the tip. They are marked with 1 to 4. Beneath the fourth is written: one layer, no undo.
The image that was used for reference. A photograph of a cliff sticking out into the sea with a lighthouse at the tip. Photo by Miro Alt, taken from Pexels.
2 weeks ago

I just need y'all to see this decommissioned #lighthouse I visited yesterday that they literally had to blow up because it was causing ships to wreck

Photo of the remains of a sandstone lighthouse. The base of the tower and some of the ground floor walls are still standing, but the rest is fenced off rubble on the ground
Photo of information board. It reads:

Due to the number of shipwrecks occurring near Cape St George, it was decided that a lighthouse was vital for the safe navigation of coastal shopping. However egotism, laziness, and insufficient research and consultation were to have dire consequences.

Two wrongs don't make a light

In 1857, the colonial architect Alexander Dawson and an assistant surveyor E.F. Millington, investigates Cape St George for sites suitable for a lighthouse. Unfortunately, Dawson's choice of sites were largely based on ease of construction, rather than the efficient function of lighthouses.

Without the input of any maritime expertise, the chairman of the Pilot Board authorised the first of Dawson's site options. Almost immediately, the project was plunged into controversy. Despite glaring deficiencies in the planning stage, and disagreement by a majority of the board, the lighthouse was commissioned on 1st October, 1860.

Thirty-eight years and many arguments later, a replacement lighthouse shone it's beam from the northern side of Jervis Bay, at Point Perpendicular.

Even unlit, the lighthouse caused navigational problems especially on moonlit nights when the golden sandstone tower glowed in the dark. Near the turn of the century explosive charges were used to reduce the tower and parts of the keeper's quarters to rubble.
History of Art
3 weeks ago

A Calm at a Mediterranean Port (1770) by French artist Claude-Joseph Vernet. In brilliant detail, the painter captured the gorgeous weather and leisurely activities of a day by the sea.

#art #arthistory #marine #mediterranean #port #vintage #calm #sunset #painting #lighthouse

Fishermen clean the day's catch on a stone pier while several people chat nearby, one of them pointing toward the large ship in the bay. Meanwhile, a man sits and smokes his pipe, the tobacco glowing a bright red. A cumulus cloud, perhaps the remnant of a distant storm, towers to the left of the setting sun. Warm tones of yellow, orange, and red predominate, suggesting a hazy sunset after a bright day.

Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse sits on a small point at the southwest end of Crescent City in Northern California.
This lighthouse, still in operation lit it's first oil lamp back on December 10, 1856. It wasn't until 1956 that the lighthouse became automated. See the full image here: #BatteryPointLighthouse #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #BatteryPoint #Lighthouse #CrescentCity #Norcal #NorthernCalifornia #NorthCoast #California

Battery Point Lighthouse

As the name indicates, this lighthouse sits out at the end of Battery Point in Crescent City in Northern California. 
This is a view of the backside of lighthouse. There is a picnic table in the lower right foreground and a concrete pad leading up to the back door of the lighthouse. 
The lighthouse itself is a two story structure with the light placed near the fron of the house. The walls are white with green trim. The roof is covered in red shingles. There are a couple of smokestacks on the roof, one at the front and one at the rear. 
The round light turret sits between the two.
The sky is clear and blue as id the ocean behind the house.
Edward Philips
4 weeks ago

Morning all. Due to popular demand, here's Bishop Rock with gratuitous Red-Footed Booby atop said lighthouse. xx

And available here:

#birds #lighthouse #ScillyIsles #wallart #design #art #sea

Bishop Rock Lighthouse

Yes, it is the Marshall Point Light Station, Maine, the lighthouse seen in the movie, Forest Gump. No, it is not the "easternmost point in the U.S.A." That would be the West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec, Maine. (Photo: 10/2015.)

#Sunset #LightHouse #Movies #Maine #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Color photo of a lighthouse at sunset. The light keeper's residence is a Victorian structure to the right. A flag pole is near center frame surrounded by green grass. The actual lighthouse, light, is to the left. It is small, ~30 feet high, compared to most lighthouses. And it is accessed by a long white-painted wooden bridge.

Battery Point Lighthouse II

Battery Point Lighthouse sits on a small point at the southwest end of Crescent City Northern California.
This lighthouse, still in operation, lit it's first oil lamp back on December 10, 1856. It wasn't until 1956 that the lighthouse became automated.
See the full image here: #BatteryPointLighthouseII #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #BatteryPoint #Lighthouse #CrecentCity #NorCal #California #NorthCoast

Battery Pint Lighthouse II

This historic old lighthouse sits out on Battery Point in Crescent City California. 
The lower part of the image is framed with some yellow/orange wildflowers growing on the shore up to the lighthouse.
The lighthouse itself is a white building with a red shingle roof. The trim on this lighthouse is painted green. 
In the near corner of the building sits an old wooden water tank. Behind the lighthouse, sticking up above it from behind is a tall coastal cypress tree. IT was a beautiful day on California's North Coast so the sky is clear blue.
1 month ago

Et on souhaite un joyeux anniversaire au #phare d'Ar-Men, allumé il y a 142 ans aujourd'hui! 🎂

📸 @Gardien2Phare

#Bretagne #lighthouse #seascape

1 month ago

Double Exposure of the Pilsumer Lighthouse in Northern Germany.
Made directly in camera, no editing afterwards.

#photography #doubleexposure #lighthouse #pilsumerleuchtturm

The black and white image shows a double-exposure of the pilsumer lighthouse. Its a lighthouse standing on a dike in nothern germany. A few people standing on the dike. The same lighthouse is again on the top of the image pointing downwards.
David Allan
1 month ago

The bright red Herd Groyne Lighthouse, built in 1882, still acts as a navigational aid for vessels entering and leaving the River Tyne in the North East of England.
Personally, I always think it looks like a Jules Verne version of NASA's Apollo Lunar Landing Module (maybe that's where they got the idea!).

#England #lighthouse #coast #NorthSea #Victorian #historic #landscape #photography

The bright red Herd Groyne Lighthouse is located at South Shields in the North East of England. It was built in 1882 as a navigational aid for vessels entering the River Tyne.
Personally, it reminds me of a Jules Verne version of NASA's Apollo Lunar Landing Module!
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 month ago

The Cape Spartel Lighthouse on the Northwest tip of Africa near Tangier has guided ships through the treacherous waters where the Atlantic & the Mediterranean converge marking the entrance into the Strait of Gibraltar for generations. The lighthouse is not only a working maritime aid, but a symbol of history & beauty.

#Africa #Lighthouse #Photography #Art #Artist #MastoArt #Photo #Photos #Nature #Fediverse #ayearforart #giftideas #Maritime #Fediart #Wallart #Fineart

Cape Spartel Lighthouse standing tall on the cliffs overlooking the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Turquoise water and sky full of puffy white clouds.
1 month ago

Story of some lady who bought an abandoned #lighthouse for $71K (then spent a lot more for renovating it!). #RealEstate #Zillow

Cheboygan Crib

The Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse is owned and operated by the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers. This lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Cheboygan River and Lake Huron in what is now Gordon Turner Park.
Built in 1884 the crib has gone through a number of renovations. The original building was made of wood and replaced with concrete in 1903. See the full image here: #CheboyganCrib #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Cheboygan #lighthouse

Cheboygan Crib

The Cheboygan Crib sits at the end of the Cheoygan River guiding boats off of Lake Huron.
The foreground of this image is a mix of sand and beach grass leading up to a red railing around the light. 
The light is hexagonal shape and is painted white. The balcony at the top of the light is painted red. The roof is red as well. There is a rectangular window showing with another round window above it. 
The sky behind the light is partly cloudy. The clouds are puffy and white. There is a tree framing the upper right hand corner of the image.

Shout out to someone in Bay Minette, #Alabama who is getting a print of this #lighthouse - if you happen to follow me here please let me know so I can thank you directly!

#MastoArt #FediArt #CreativeToots #Coastal #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting of the Sand Island Lighthouse near Mobile, Alabama with pink and blue sunset skies behind it.
Thom Zehrfeld
2 months ago

This is the Battery Point Light in Crescent City, California. Built in the 1850s.

It can only be accessed by foot in low tide. It was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast.

It is in the Cape Cod style. The height is 45 feet above sea level. #BuyIntoArt #Art #ThomZehrfeldPhotography #PhotographyIsArt #Photography #Fotografie
#ArtForSale #ArtMatters #MastoArt #Mastodon #BatteryPointLight #Lighthouse #sea #nature #California

This is the Battery Point Lighthouse is in Crescent City, California. 

It can only be accessed by foot in low tide. It was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast. 

It was built in the 1850's. Present day, there are caretakers that live in the lighthouse and conduct tours of the premises almost daily, depending upon the tides.

The lighthouse is in the Cape Cod style. The height is 45 feet above sea level.
Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 months ago

First time #exoplanet #conference right next to a #lighthouse. I believe the analogy with the #firefly will be so easy 😁

Lighthouse near Marseille
Derick Rethans
2 months ago

It was "National Lighthouse Day" in the US yesterday, so I thought it'd be great to post a photo of the UK's most northerly lighthouse (and island) from our recent trip to Shetland.

The Muckle Flugga Lighthouse, and Out Stack.

More photos, and the story at

#Photography #Lighthouse #Shetland

AkaSci 🛰️
2 months ago

It is National Lighthouse Day!

Hail to the Fresnel lens, "the invention that saved a million ships."
#LightHouse #LightHouseDay #Fresnel

Pic of lighthouse and fresnel lens
Anglesey History
2 months ago

I was pleased to have my recording of the South Stack lighthouse foghorn and gulls played on #BBCRadio4 #BroadcastingHouse #SlowRadio this morning. Listen to it here (starts at 20:27):

#anglesey #SouthStack #lighthouse #foghorn

South Stack lighthouse
Hambone Fakenamington
2 months ago

@simonrjones It is a pretty #lighthouse and a lovely town ! #Southwold - you may find in

Glass elements close up in the Southwold Lighthouse.
A view from Southwold Pier towards the town, over the sea.
Simon R Jones
2 months ago

Visited Southwold lighthouse yesterday, I swear the central light column inspired the design of the inside of the TARDIS! #Southwold #Lighthouse #DoctorWho

A lighthouse in the distance looming over a bunch of houses next to a green in Southwold
A hexagonal black structure with 8 LED lights per side on a rotating base, this is the modern lighthouse light which is inside a big collection of curved and straight prism glass sections which amplify the light.
A close up of the glass prism, light reflecting off
A shot of the entire central lighthouse glass column made up of glass prisms
2 months ago

#Development #Reviews
Is Lighthouse a misleading performance tool? · What to expect from Google’s tool for improving web page quality

#Metrics #Tools #Google #Lighthouse #WebPageTest #SEO #Accessibility #WebPerformance #WebPerf #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #PageSpeedInsights #CoreWebVitals #CrUX

Timothy Andrew
2 months ago

Another photo I got of the Au Sable Light Station

12 miles outside Grand Marais, #Michigan on #LakeSuperior

September 3, 2016, Sony NEX-6

#MeerMittwoch #SeaWednesday
#MastoArt #Lighthouse #Photography #NorthernMichigan

A tree-shadowed dirt path is speckled with midday light and winds a bit towards a white lighthouse with a black observation deck. It connect to a red brick building. The trees frame the tower. A small bit of lake superior is behind the tower.
Lorri M Barry Photography
2 months ago

Lighthouses: majestic, mysterious, and magical. New London Lighthouse is one of the oldest in the US.

#BuyIntoArt #Historic #Lighthouse #Coastal #NewEngland #FediArt #MastoArt #CoastalLiving #TheArtNetwork #TheArtDistrict #AYearForArt

Find two complimenting black and white images here:

Black and white image of historic New London Harbor Lighthouse frames with trees and brush.
Black and white image of historic New London Harbor Lighthouse frames with trees and brush.
Tomasz Susuł
3 months ago

I do not remember where exactely this #photo was taken, I only remember it was #France. It was the time when I wasn't very precise with kyewords 🤦

#photography #BlackAndWhite #BlackAndWhitePhotography #lighthouse

A stone lighthouse standing at the end of a stone breakwater.