Alliterative/Endless Knot
6 hours ago

June is #NationalSoulFoodMonth, and if you’re interested in the origins of Soul Food, we’ve got an endnote that talks about early African American cookbooks: #SoulFoodMonth

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C. Buck
13 hours ago

This video by @DrDavidMiano on #Sumerian origins is a must watch. #language #linguistics

19 hours ago

It's funny since there can be a lot of homonyms in Norwegian we have a lot of strange constructions that look like reduplication, but isn't at all

Det er nok nok det. (That's probably enough)

Far får får får (Dad do sheep get sheep:)

Det er det det er (That's what it is)

Kind of funny

#Linguistics #norwegian #norsktut

Alliterative/Endless Knot
1 day ago

It’s #WorldOceansDay – so it’s a good time to learn more about the seas, and efforts to clean them up:

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1 day ago

Does anyone know of any examples where transliterating someone's name to ASCII creates a linguistic problem, for example where removing an accent from a letter changes the meaning of a word from a name to an insult?

#linguistics #i18n #l10n

Stefan Müller
2 days ago

Workshop to honor Dan Everett starts now. Check out webpage for zoom link:

#linguistics #syntax

SPIGL_Vorträge in Leipzig
3 days ago

Nächste Woche spricht Wolf Peter Klein (Würzburg) zum Thema

"Leitfäden für geschlechtergerechte Sprache als Beispiel für ambitionierte Sprachbetrachtung. Eine linguistische Einordnung"

13.06.23, 18:00
NSG 420 @UniLeipzig


Ok, let's make a #linguistics poll for #programmer community.

How do *you* call the program combining object files into an executable?

#programming #FediPoll

Listening to another of the Australian crime thrillers starring Aaron Fork (actually Falk). Mystified to hear that, “This piece of land had never been a symmetry.”

What? How can land be “a symmetry”? Some Australian expression?

Continued on. Turns out someone is unexpectedly buried there.

A CEMETERY. This piece of land had never been a CEMETERY.

🤣🤣🤣 #Bookstodon #Linguistics

Alireza Dehbozorgi
3 days ago

The 4th part of 'Models of Computation' has just been published on @medium. This part focuses on 'Deduction'. Similar to my last blog on 'Inference', it took me several hours to write it. Thank you so much for your attention in advance!

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Martin Schäfer
3 days ago

Somewhat devastating end to a book review of a yet another linguistics handbook, The Cambridge Handbook of #Chinese #Linguistics": "The minority of valuable contributions resemble a party of respectable out-of-towners looking for dinner who have wandered by mistake into a dive."

div-ling e.V.
4 days ago

The next talk in our series "Diversity in #linguistics" will be given by Lena Völkening.

The talk will be in German, and it is on the topic of "“Mit natürlichem Sprachwandel hat Gendersprache nicht das Geringste zu tun”? Inwiefern sich die Sprache beim #Gendern anders wandelt, als sie es normalerweise tut".

Join us on 14 June 2023 at 6pm CET via Zoom!

Invitation to a talk by Lena Völkening on 14 June 2023 at 6pm CET with the German title "“Mit natürlichem Sprachwandel hat Gendersprache nicht das Geringste zu tun”? Inwiefern sich die Sprache beim Gendern anders wandelt, als sie es normalerweise tut".

TBPH, I still haven't quite gotten over 4- or 5-year-old me's consternation that "amn't" is — for no apparent reason — considered "incorrect".

#English #grammar #language #linguistics

Hank G ☑️
5 days ago
The evolution of alphabets is pretty fascinating. This ~16 minute video lays the whole thing out very well. #linguistics #language #history
THE ALPHABET EXPLAINED: The origin of every letter
5 days ago

Hi! I'm a Dutch guy fresh in my thirties. I love #language and #linguistics. I studied #Latin and #AncientGreek. I play #piano, and have made some attempts to learn how to sing. I enjoy playing #BoardGames, and I also play in three #DungeonsAndDragons groups.

I was diagnosed #autistic around ten years old. Over the last few years, I've discovered some of the many ways autistic people connect through the internet, and I'm looking forward to doing more of that here.


5 days ago

P2 - I also speak #Japanese and lived in #tokyo for a year. My first degree was #linguistics with Japanese.

First degree earned in 2015 at #Newcastle University, still finishing my current mental health nursing degree at #Sunderland after taking a year off due to a bereavement and mental health issues. Possibly #neurodiverse ? I need to get on my GP to get a diagnosis at age 30 though and I'm a bit afraid to do that!

Alireza Dehbozorgi
6 days ago

I'm privileged to announce that I've just published the 3rd part of my blog on 'Computational Theories of Cognition: Models of Causal Inference' on @medium. I did my best cover as much as possible. Comments are highly welcome!

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Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
6 days ago

Did you know that #Appalachian English is a valid, interesting #dialect?

"Historically, the term
Appalachian dialect refers to a
local English variety of
southern Appalachia, also
known as Smoky Mountain
English or Southern Mountain
English in American

Maybe we should accept it the same way that you're intrigued by Catalan or the differences between Spanish in different countries?


Map of Appalachia. Divided into Inland South, The South , Midland, Western PA & inland North
Stefan Müller
6 days ago

The book on Germanic syntax was too long for you? Well maybe you try my overview article on Generative approaches to #Germanic languages. A draft is ready. Comments are welcome:

#linguistics #syntax

Scientific terminology: "Space", as in space-time continuum, in various languages.
As you will no doubt notice, the Germanic languages other than English use the cognate of English "room".
Please fill in the blanks, those who can - particularly for Sami?
#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for "space" in various languages
1 week ago

Hi @TeamYouTube, not a troubleshooting question, but I was curious on the decision making process of how #Flower by #JISOO of @BLACKPINK is displayed as 'Flower - Jisoo & BLACKPINK' in this playlist.

#linguistics #ui #ux

1 week ago

30 Days of #QueerBooks

Day 2: BABEL-17 by Samuel Delany

Hugo Award winner in 1967 and deserved it. Enthusiastic, energetic, and joyfully imaginative, it takes #linguistics ideas Delany clearly thoight were So Cool and absolutely runs with them.
Captain Rydra Wong is #bisexual, #polyamorous, Asian, autistic, and the greatest and most famous linguist, poet, and codebreaker in the galaxy. And she’s great I love her.
(also all starship pilots are 10-foot-tall furries)

The cover of Babel-17. A woman stands framed against a red sci-fi sky.
Crystal Steltenpohl
1 week ago

This is really cool: Applied Psycholinguistics released their special issue, "Towards a just and equitable applied psycholinguistics," which is entirely open access.

They asked me to help them guide authors in drafting positionality statements. It was super fun!

#psycholinguistics #psychology #linguistics #OpenScience #research #AcademicChatter

Phil O. 🇮🇹
1 week ago

you look at this bad boy and tell me it ain't cool af

#shavian #alphabet #linguistics #english

An iOS screenshot of an image of the Shavian alphabet.
1 week ago

If there are writers out there who need to brush up on obscure collective nouns, or ones in use from a long, long time ago, I just came across a site that does just that, thanks to one Daniel Myers.

A lot of work has gone into it: the database in PDF form is some 153 pages.

It is over at if you want to check it out yourself.

(Hashtags follow)
#Writer #WritingCommunity #Linguistics #HistoricalLinguistics #EnglishLanguage

Zack Weinberg
1 week ago

It occurred to me late last night that large generative language models make a pretty compelling case that statistical learning *is* sufficient to reproduce all the syntactic and grammatical features of language, contra Chomsky.

(I have no idea if this is still a live debate in #linguistics, but having been in the audience at a public lecture in 2003 where Chomsky denied the existence of Elizabeth Bates, it's pleasing to me.)

Natasha Warner
1 week ago

I should have known better. I didn't take account of how affricated /tr/ can be, but also that lowered F3 for /r/ fooled me because the formant above it remained so steady throughout, instead of F3 showing a rise out of the /r/. Gramle 157 4/5
#phonetics #gramle #linguistics

Alliterative/Endless Knot
1 week ago
Alliterative/Endless Knot
1 week ago

Apparently it’s #NationalOliveDay? Well, if you want to learn a bit about the etymology and historical importance of olive oil, we cover that in, surprisingly, our video on “Linoleum”!

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1 week ago

#NativeAmericans #CherokeeNation #languages #Indigenous #IndigenousCulture #linguistics #apps

'During the May Tribal Council Culture Committee meeting, Cherokee Nation Language Department Executive Director Howard Paden provided updates of several projects happening in the language department. The language department has two language apps in the works.'

Diane Bruce
1 week ago

Finally got around to reading Greg Bear's (deceased) "Darwin's Radio". Yes it won a pile of awards but the idea of a baby talking right after birth is nonsense. Real world experience to start mapping all those semiotic functions? No. Just no.

#SciFi #Linguistics #Language

Greg Lloyd
1 week ago

@judell @cogdog

From Show notes

“…talking about non-lexical vocalisations with Dr Eleonora Beier and Dr Emily Hofstetter.”

‘Do disfluencies increase with age? Evidence from a sequential corpus study of disfluencies’


Andy Daitsman
1 week ago

Wife just walked out the door saying "cuídate" (take care of yourself) and then popped back in 2 seconds because she had forgot something and said "todavía no te tienes que cuidar"(you don't have to take care of yourself yet)...

#Linguistics #FormulaicSpeech #SpanishIdiosyncracies

Greg Lloyd
1 week ago

@judell @cogdog

I enjoyed the podcast and your conversation on Descript for synchronized text+audio editing.

Reading the very clean transcript including a few ‘disfluencies’ — like ‘um’ — made me think of this ‘About Language’ podcast:

TLDR ‘Um’s are helpful markers to signal pauses while thinking. Host Daniel Midgley decided to leave them in transcripts to keep a natural tone. Some #LLM’s pick this up as well.


Scott D. Strader
1 week ago

@jentrification What an amazing--and amazingly rare (?)--opportunity for historical linguistics studies! Usually you can only study these changes across large groups over time and not from a single family's phonetic/phonological changes. I wonder where else there are similar examples. Maybe small Appalachian communities? neat

#Linguistics #HistoricalLinguistics

Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

So…I was researching the coin shortage in Cameroon. En route I stumbled upon a BBC article written in pidgin. I really had no idea that media outlets were formally publishing in pidgin. Did you? Has anyone seen this before?

For those new to pidgin, it’s a conglomerate version of two languages to help facilitate communication.

The article:

More on pidgin:

#Pidgin #Language #Linguistics #Translation

Alliterative/Endless Knot
1 week ago

New podcast episode!

We explore metaphors of space and time in Old English, Old Norse, Latin, and Anglo-Norman, and talk about arrows a lot.

#humanitiespodcasts #linguistics #lingcomm

2 weeks ago

#TIL: "weekend verbs". :) #english #linguistics #semantics #typology [from "English verb classes and alternations" by Beth Levin,]

photo of the first part of chapter 56 "weekend verbs" from the said book
photo of the second part of chapter 56 "weekend verbs" from the said book
photo of the cover of the said book
Stan Carey
2 weeks ago
Mignon Fogarty
2 weeks ago

The Scripps National Spelling Bee preliminaries start tomorrow, which got me thinking about this fun interview I did last year with associate pronouncer (yes, that's a real title!), Brian Sietsema.

How Spellers Tackle the Dreaded Schwa (episode 876)

Here's a short clip (~20 seconds):

You can read or listen here (or in your favorite podcast player)

#SpellingBee #linguistics #WordNerd #GrammarGirl

Csepp 🌢
2 weeks ago

I like that our teacher's slides about Angular translate "stack" (as in "web stack") to "pit" in #Hungarian. (For some weird historical reason the stack data structure is called "verem" in Hungarian, which pretty much means "pit". No idea why they didn't translate it as "kazal", since heap is "halom".)
cc #webdev #linguistics

2 weeks ago

#Bulgarian word of the day, meaning shelter: подслон (podslon), literally "under (an) elephant" 😂


Compsci Weekly
2 weeks ago

I made a free online text-to-speech tool as an implementation of Meta's Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) – Supports 1144 Languages and Dialects!


#compsci #linguistics #nlp

I’m a very literal thinker, but I did not see this coming. #Pun #PlayOnWords #IPA #Linguistics #InternationalPhoneticAlphabet

A bartender asks a man “Which beer would you like?”

The man says, “IPA, please.”

In the next frame, the bartender repeats his question in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

A colleague's student is looking for non-native speakers of #English (over 18 and living in the US) to do a #linguistics study:

"This research is looking at the way that speakers of different languages use English differently. We are mostly focused on English speakers’ choices about how to use words in functional categories (such as articles, conjunctions, and prepositions, to name a few)."

The whole thing is supposed to take 10-15 minutes, so jump in if you have a little time :)

#PleaseBoost #Research

Glyn Moody
2 weeks ago

This Ancient Language Has the Only Grammar Based Entirely on the Human Body - fascinating and melancholy story about unique but dying languages... (v #linguistics

Alliterative/Endless Knot
2 weeks ago

Happy #Shavuot! If you’re preparing to celebrate, or just want to know more about the holiday and some of its unexpected connections, you could watch our video about the word “Sabbath”:

#Etymology #Video #WordNerd #Linguistics #Language #Words #HistoricalLinguistics #LingComm #Sabbath

The word for 'cheese' in some languages. Some languages have a more nuanced vocabulary - soft cheeses or things like cottage cheese may have a different word.
One of several cases where Finnic loaned a Germanic word a long time ago and preserves a "fossilized" form, preserving the initial j.
Scandinavian 'ost' is related to English 'juice'. Slavic 'syr' etc. is related to English 'sour'.

#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for 'cheese' in various languages
2 weeks ago

There is a dialect of English spoken in fields like business and project management that uses terms like "action item," "pivot," "user stories," and favoring three letter acronyms. Is there a name for this dialect? Are there any sociolinguistic studies of how it's used? Histories of how it developed?


Mignon Fogarty
3 weeks ago

I'm having a great time researching semantic satiation for a podcast segment that will come out in about a month.

There are some differences in the way it happens for people who are bilingual. I'm still trying to figure out the details, but it's all fascinating!

#linguistics #AmWriting #GrammarGirl #psychology #bilingual #SemanticSatiation

Amy Fountain
3 weeks ago

I feel like the infatuation with LLMs and their conflation with AI is a direct reflection of two things:

* linguistic form is endlessly and mysteriously fascinating, even when it's separated from meaning (maybe especially so) and

* most people (incl. tech folx) are completely innocent of the fact that formal patterns are distinct from meaning and intentionality (this is the 'colorless green ideas' problem)*

#LLMs #AI #linguistics #NLP

Tyler Wolf
3 weeks ago

Just realized I never did a #introduction post, and since I have been getting back into Mastodon I guess it is time I make one.

Hi, I'm Tyler (he/him), and I am a student of #computerscience, #math, and #linguistics. I hope to work in the field of #computationallinguistics. I am very interested in the aforementioned fields as well as #freesoftware, #emacs, #linux (currently using #guix), leftist politics, and film.

Stan Carey
4 weeks ago

Article on the rise of 'mom' and other Americanisms in Irish English (with a few quotes from me):

#language #dialect #linguistics #IrishEnglish #Ireland #Mastodaoine #Americanisms

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
4 weeks ago

Another fun fact:

The Hungarian version of "the tables have turned" is "visszanyal a fagyi"

Which literally translates into

"The ice cream licks back"


#languages #Hungary #Hungarian #linguistics

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
1 month ago

Fun fact:

The Hungarian version of "I have absolutely no idea" is "halványlila gőzöm sincs"

Which literally translates into

"I don't even have light purple steam" [about this]


#languages #Hungary #Hungarian #WTF #linguistics

The word for "forest" in some languages.
"Forest" in English was originally a legal term, denoting (royal) land set aside for hunting, not necessarily with trees on. Apparently, that was also how the Latin word was used in the times of Charlemagne.
Of course, English also uses "woods", and French has "bois", Italian has "selva", etc. But I'm hoping these are the most directly equivalent terms in the various languages.

#etymologidag #language #languages #linguistics

Map of Europe with the word for "forest" in various languages.

Is there a technical term for mispronouncing words you've only ever read? Twenty-three year old me saying "Hegemony" in my first graduate seminar would like to know.

Is there a technical term for the inverse of that? Because I recently saw someone use "voracity" instead of "veracity" in writing.

#Linguistics #LexicalCringe #Hegemony

1 month ago

Well apparently it's a good idea to do a #introduction, so let's go for it. I tend to ramble so I'll try to keep it short

Was on different mastodon instance for a while > ended up not liking it > decided rather than moving instances i just wanna start again > am here now.

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. I'm 16, and reluctantly British. I'm an idiot in training, and on a good day I might even call myself a 'programmer'. Most of the projects i work on are not even close to finished, especially since recently I've spent more time reading blogs about interesting things rather than doing interesting things. But maybe someday I'll get there. Especially once i stop being overwhelmed with college work.

My main interests are #programming, #linguistics, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and sleep.
I also occasionally claim to be a big fan of Celeste and Minecraft, but I've barely had the time for those recently.

Anyways- ugh, i meant to keep this short... Well there goes that idea. DMs are always open to nice people, uhh... the end?

1 month ago

This has been going around on Twitter, but I neglected my community here :) I'm sorry about this :)
Tomorrow at noon EST, I will give a #talk on the #accessibility of #language #learning and #linguistics in general for #screenReader users as part of the a11yTalks event. This will be a public event with no need to register so if this is something any of you are interested in, here's the link :) #speaker #a11y

I never made an #introduction post so here goes!

I’m Daniel! I’m a gay cisgender male, and I use he/him/his. I’m finishing up a bachelor’s degree, with two majors in #asianstudies and #japanese #linguistics! In the fall, I will start working on my master’s degree in Japanese studies! In my spare time, I make music with #synths and #DJ! I also enjoy #anime and #videogames (JRPGs typically) ~ 💖✨

Mirror selfie of a man with tattoos wearing a dark blue shirt and a backwards light blue baseball cap
The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Spot the difference!

The University of Nebraska changed its mascot to remove the ‘OK’ hand gesture – now used widely by white supremacists.

A linguist explains how the sign entered ‘the purgatory of meaning’

#language #Linguistics #News

Before and after image of Herbie Husker; before, he was making an OK sign, was a bit chubbier, and had a shabby hat; after, he is holding up his index finger and has an N on his hat.
Tomtit & Baobab
1 month ago

What's better than a Bee week with one X? A Bee week with two! On this week's episode of T&B: our take on last week's puzzles, the best examples of LEITMOTIFs, and why compound words are confounding. Listen at or wherever you get your #podcasts. #NYTSpellingbee #nytsb #spellingbee #hivemind #nytgames #nytwordplay #wordplay #wordnerds #compoundwords #linguistics #leitmotif #opera

Tomtit & Baobab: A Bee-Inspired Podcast - May 01, 2023: X-tra! X-tra! Hear all about it! Double Xs, double Ns, and two-for-one words mean o twice as much fun here at T&B. This week we're BENEFIT(T)ING from alt spellings; leading the way on LEITMOTIFs; and getting the LOWDOWN on compounds. Oh, and Sam, we accept your apology.
Stan Carey
1 month ago

" 'Doodly-squat' might seem like a mild topic for Strong Language, but there's a lot going on under the surface of that frivolous-sounding word."

@bgzimmer on the origins of a scatological euphemism:

#language #slang #lyrics #euphemisms #linguistics #AAVE #BillyEmerson #BoDiddley

Mignon Fogarty
1 month ago

In many languages, the word for "bear" is descriptive because people were superstitious about saying the actual name. Translations:

Welsh: honey-pig

Irish: the good calf

Lithuanian: the licker

Russian: one who leads to honey

Germanic: the brown one

#etymology #linguistics #bears #euphemisms #superstition

Børge A. Roum
1 month ago

I really feel the need to differentiate the words we use for cargo bikes of the types/styles/sizes mostly used for business and industry, and those often used by regular people to carry children and groceries in their daily lives.

We have a ton of different words, yet AFAIK we all mix them up and use them interchangeably for all the wildly different bicycles like these…

At least that's how we do it in Norway. If there's a distinction in English, please tell!

#BikeTooter #Words #Linguistics

A trailer like cargo bike, with a 6,5 meter long cargo box
A cargo bike that looks like a small car, with a tall box on the back
A trike with a box in front, more like the types people use for everyday tasks
A longtail bike, almost like a normal bike but just a bit longer on the back, so it fits two small children
Jeremy B. Merrill
1 month ago

Unlocking the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of a Dying Language
A member of Canada’s Mohawk community devised a new method to teach an Indigenous language on the brink of extinction.

#linguistics #canada #languagelearning #indigenous

Mignon Fogarty
1 month ago

Have you heard the "positive" "or anything," that's kind of a substitute for "and stuff"? For example, "As kids, we would play Monopoly, Scrabble, or anything."

If so, I'd love to hear where you live or where you heard it. I'm wondering if it's regional, age-related, or something else.

Thanks! h/t @jsit

#Grammar #English #EnglishLanguage #linguistics

1 month ago

A couple years ago on a podcast, I heard somebody (young and I think from California) use the "positive 'or anything,'" as in:

"When we were kids we would play Monopoly, Scrabble, or anything."

It kind of means "and stuff" or "etc."

If you have experience with this, please let me know!


Mignon Fogarty
1 month ago

An interesting article about the rapid rise of the Ukrainian language in areas of Ukraine where Russian used to dominate.

#LanguageIsPolitical #linguistics

DJ Dr. Maitxinha
1 month ago

JTG necesita a alguien que haga corpus analisis de estos dialectos (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, y Caribe) para hacer glosarios y otros materiales. Yo he trabajado con ellos y pagan bien. #Linguistics #Jobs @linguistics #Corpus