1 week ago

Ended up with about 20 decent prints. Im sad my original blue background concept didnt make it. The sort of messed up print i pulled had a lot of promise.

Ah well. Might do a little watercoloring in for fun. Nice to have the holiday cards at least in a done ish state

#ink #blockprint #linoprint #seattleartist #mastoart #traditionalart #birds #holidaycards

A black and silver block print of 2 grey jays on spruce tips
Some prints that didnt work out but look neat
Another crisper variation on the grey jays print.
Linda Rusconi
3 weeks ago

#Linoprint #Jordaan 20 x 30 cm. Gedrukt op vergeeld aquarelpapier voor een extra lekker verrookt Jordanees tintje.

Voor de expositie 'Stad' die aanstaande vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag te zien is in De Nieuwe Galerie in Winkelcentrum Amstelveen hebben Saskia Lensink, Rene Onclin en ik speciaal een linoprint gemaakt. Alleen tijdens de expositie koop je onze drie prints samen voor maar € 95,-. !!!

Binnenhof 27 Amstelveen
Vrijdag 10 - 18 u
Zaterdag 10 - 18 u
Zondag 12 - 18 u.

Zwartwitte linoprint van de Westertoren gezien vanuit de Jordaan
De drie linoprints. Een boot aan de kade, een toren in Amstelveen en de Westertoren
John Bloor Printmaker
1 month ago

Here's another print from my Take Flight series, this is a crow and is surrounded by rooftops and trees.

There are actually two screenprinted colours and one linoprinted black. Ah the effort I went to!

#screenprint #linocut #linoprint #printmaker #printmaking #PrintmakersOfMastodon #print #illustration #crow #rooftops

A screenprint and linocut of a crow flying surrounded by rooftops and trees. The background colours are screenprinted and the crow, trees and rooftops are linoprinted in black.
John Bloor Printmaker
1 month ago

I don't just make coastal prints! Here is a magpie print I made last year, part of a series called Take Flight.

I tried to put each bird in their setting. So the magpie is shown amongst fences and grasses.

The colour is screenprinted and the black detail is lino printed.

#magpie #takeflight #bird #fences #linoprint #linocut #screenprint #PrintmakersOfMastodon #printmaker #illustration

A screenprint and linocut of a magpie amongst fences and grasses.
1 month ago

Happy Halloween! Can't believe it's here already, I think we should get at least 2 months of spooky season, one just isn't enough (especially when we know what everyone will be talking about from tomorrow). Hope you all have the spookiest of days and nights!

#mdwc23 #mabsdrawloweenclub #mabsdrawlloweenclub2023 #mdwcday31 #halloween #spookyseason #RIP #HappyHalloween #spooky #creepy #horrorart #cemetery #grave #graveyard #goth #gothic #trickortreat #linocut #linoprint

Julien Catanese
1 month ago

'Quantum' 80x50cm plate
Quantum physic /scifi inspired linocut
Print available one the shop.

#art #MastoArt #printmaking #graphicdesign #linocut #linoprint #quantum #physics #science #print #TraditionalArt #symbols

John Bloor Printmaker
2 months ago

Another print I did this year was this linocut of The Old Post Office at Fowey, Cornwall.

It was fun to do and I loved employing different mark making for the different textures.

It hasn't sold very well at all!

#cornwall #fowey #postoffice #linocut #linoprint #printmaking #printmakers #print

Black and white linocut print of The Old Post Office at Fowey in Cornwall. A print made up of lots of cross hatching for the shadows.
John Bloor Printmaker
2 months ago

One of my most popular linocut prints, Coverack. A two colour linocut print of Coverack, Cornwall. It is 38x38cm in size printed on Zerkall Printing paper.

#coverack #cornwall #harbour #wall #rocks #boats #linocut #linoprint #printmaking #printmaker #coast #sea

A two colour linocut print of Coverack, Cornwall showing houses around the harbour with fishing boats in the harbour. The colours are black and teal. There are stone walls and rocks.
Doctor Popular
2 months ago

I really dig Mark Brown's linocut series of iconic #SanFrancisco bars. Li Po Lounge, Benders, Zeitgeist, Kilowatt, Dovre Club, Cafe Du Nord, the 500 Club, and more all available on his Etsy page. #linocut #linoprint #BayArea

5 linocut prints from Mark Brown's series. Each is on a vanilla paper with black ink. The bars featured here are Kilowatt, Dovre Club, Mission Bar, Toronado, and Cafe Du Nord.
3 months ago

Don't usually do the hard sell here but bizarrely Etsy is covering a £5 off of orders over £25+ for this weekend only (ends Sunday eve) so head over to my shop - - if you want a little discount.
Offer is open to buyers in UK, USA and Canada only (etsy's rules - not mine).

I don't usually do sales so this as good as it gets!

#linocut #goth #gothic #art #illustration #stickers #handmade #zine #vampire #folklore #myth #horror #linoprint #artist #monsters #queer #smallbiz

A selection of black and red gothic designs featuring skeletons, vampiric kitties, a loved up baphomet, a friendly mothman and a bat boy!
3 months ago

I always say to myself ‘stop working so small’ but somehow it never goes that way 😂😱 I swear my smallest #pfeil always gets the most use.
#wip #process #linocut #linoprint #lino #art #artist #illustration #halloween #characterdesign #characterart #pumpkin #bunny #carving #details #smol #cute #goth #print #witchyhomedecor

Close up shot of a linocut block with a finger and the tool size as reference for how small the carving is.
3 months ago

Layer 4/5 - nearly there! This was a tricky one, the green didn't play the same as in tests and came out a bit darker but that's the joy of layering inks! Little bit of black to go which hopefully adds a little contrast and brings that green out - we'll see!
🎃 🎃 🎃
#halloween #rabbit #bunny #cosplay #character #linocut #pumpkin #jackolantern #trickortreat #autumn #furry #green #ink #candy #linoprint #cute #characterdesign #spookyseason #anthro #animalart #animal #furryfriends #illustration

Bunny in a pumpkin halloween costume holding a piece of candy corn and a trick or treaters goodie bag with a carrot on!
Vicki Davis
3 months ago

Having a couple of days off so have been trying out a couple of new things craft-wise - lino printing and hand-sewn patchwork - strong hexagonal vibes! #fiberarts #quilting #linoprint #crafting PS I know this post is a bit pink, normal service will be resumed shortly!

A couple of lino print experiments -very simple designs of squares and snowflakes to help me get familiar with the tools
A pile of fabric hexagons cut out ready to be turned into patchwork pieces and stitched together (using some horrendous pink paper for the template - in my defence, this was in a pack of mixed colours!
Sariel Snowings
4 months ago

Good morning Mastodon! Here's some art. Linoprints this time!

Hope you all woke up rested today, and if not, hope the day will improve!

#MastoArt #fediArt #art #Linoprint #LinoleumPrint

A collection of linoleum prints by Sariel, surrounded by some of the supplies used to make them. There's one of Hermes, greek messenger god, and Apollo, greek god of the sun, both of which show top surgery scars on their chest. There's also a sun/moon person on the bottom left, a star person in the middle and a Harlequin and Pierrot haring a soft kiss on the top right.
Ross Manley
4 months ago

"A Right Royal Town, Faversham" by Hugh Ribbans is a linocut artwork. You can find more of his work at #linocut #linoprint

Sariel Snowings
4 months ago

Preparing some more gay clown kisses for this weekend's convention (Leipzig Art Days). Hope some of them will find lovely new homes!
#MastoArt #Linoprint #LinoleumPrint #QueerArt #Clown #Clowncore

Video of a small linoleum block being printed. It depicts a Harlequin giving a tender kiss to a Pierrot.

So I actually printed this cozy little city street about a year ago, and then immediately misplaced the lino block. But it has been found, and now lives safely with my other prints, so I've gone ahead and added it to my shop!

#art #linocut #linoprint #traditionalart #reliefprint #cityscape #citystreet #cozy

A lino block print of a quiet city street in black ink. A row of quaint houses stretches into the distance along the left side of the cobbled street, with a tree on the sidewalk.
The print in the artist's studio, on a green cutting mat.
4 months ago

Toujours dispo : Porteflamme, lino de 2020, noir sur blanc, numéroté-signé-daté, sur feuille A4

Ici :

#linogravure #mastoart #fediart #linoprint

Estampe en noir sur blanc d'un sanglier. Sa tête reste dans l'ombre, son œil apparaît en blanc et une fumée épaisse se dégage de son dos.
4 months ago

Made another shirt.
Wolverine colors? Wolverine print!


A tie dyed shirt in blue,yellow and black in a swirl. On the chest area is a linoprint of Wolverine
A close up of the linoprint. It's in black ink and has Wolverine in a defensive pose.
5 months ago
Black and white print of a person in a skirt with a raven skull for a head.
5 months ago

I made a cowboy t-shirt and experimented with block printing. Unfortunately the yoke colour looks very close to my skin colour 😅

#sewing #linoprint

A Tshirt made from neon pink fabric with a peach coloured yoke and long fringing hanging from it. On each side of the yoke is a print of gum blossoms with leaves.
Close up of block printed floral motif on the yoke.
6 months ago

Ma presse est grande (format A3) mais elle reste un peu trop petite pour cette gravure, alors j’ai fait en plusieurs passes en décalant la plaque.
À la fin je lui fous un petit coup de baren (en buis, fabriqué par @Nepsie ) pour gommer les éventuelles imperfections.

#gravure #MastoArt #fediart #linoprint

Le tirage posé sur la plaque, dans la presse dont il déborde un peu.
Mon baren posé sur le papier
6 months ago

Aujourd’hui c’était l’impression !
D’abord j’ai encré la plaque ciel en dégradé jaune-orange-vermillon (photo 1), puis j’ai tiré tous les fonds sur le papier de riz (photo 2).
Ensuite j’ai encré la plaque ange et décor à l’encre typo noir de carbone (photo 3) et PLAF (photo 4) !!

#linoprint #linocut #estampe #MastoArt #fediart

Plaque de fond encrée en dégradé
Impression du fond sur la presse manuelle
Plaque avec l’ange encrée en noir, posée sur le tapis de coupe
Plaque de l’ange retournée sur le fond préalablement tiré, juste avant le pressage.
🌱 Soturisi 🌱
6 months ago

Hi!! I recentrly started linocut prints! This is my first attempt with linocut and I'm happy with the result! <3

You can have one of these linoprints if you join to my Patreon during this month!

I'm planning more lino cuts for upcoming patreon rewards... *w*


[ #MastoArt #traditionalart #linoprint #fantasyart #illustration #linocut #artistsonmastodon #mastoartist #CreativeToots #art #animalart #artist #wildlife #raven ]

two pieces of paper, one white and other brown, with a crowned raven on a branch printed with the technique linocut, you can see the linoleum piece behind.
7 months ago

[Vente de linos]

Dinox3 (image 1) et Dinox4 (image 2), retirages en bleu cobalt sur papier A3, trois exemplaires de chaque.

Dispo ici ⤵️

#linogravure #linoprint #dinosaurs #MastoArt #estampe

Triptyque de dinos en bleu intense sur papier blanc. 
A gauche un ptérosaure (ok, c'est pas un dino) sur un rocher, au centre un apatosaurus mugissant, exhibant d'hypothétiques caroncules, à droite un tricératops.
Carré d'animaux disparus en bleu intense sur papier blanc. D'abord le ptérosaure, puis le tricératops, ensuite un brachiosaure et enfin un stégosaure espiègle.
détail de l'apatosaure, on voit ses grosses patounes et la végétation
8 months ago

On 18th February, 2012, @TheArtyMummy travelled to Mount Larcom #Art #Gallery to set up her first #exhibition

I documented the day.

My first exhibition! Narcissus and Echo explored in printmaking.
Contemporary art.

Project details.


#Printmaking -
Material and Conceptual Design

Project 5 -
Multi-plate #Printing and the Art of the Book.

Katherine Scriffignano
2012 Submission

Book of #Narcissus

Mount Larcom Art Gallery
18th February 2012

Katie Fuller
8 months ago

Here’s another small black and white #linocut print, this time featuring a Lapwing.

Delighted that a couple of people have bought a Lapwing and a Snipe print to go on their walls together. I’m planning a couple more waders (shorebirds) in the series and then I might do some garden or woodland #birds, I think…

#linoprint #printmaking #WildlifeArt

Black and white print of Lapwing amongst grasses with tube of ink and gouge tool alongside
8 months ago

Dispo !

9 exemplaires numérotés et signés

A retrouver ici avec ses copains :

#estampe #linoprint #linocut #MastoArt #fediart

Estampe en linogravure, encre anthracite, représentant un dragon juché sur un pont de pierre au-dessus d'une rivière en crue. le dragon, inspiré du triton crêté et du crocodile, aveugle, crache une gerbe de feu vers le ciel. Son ombre recouvre une partie du pont de pierre.
Coin bas gauche de l'estampe, on voit écrit 1/9 au crayon de bois
Coin bas droit de l'estampe, on voit la date et ma signature
Cathy Outlet
9 months ago

In the unlikely scenario that you would want a #keychain or #necklace made with #snake shed, a #rabbit #linoprint or a #catfish #oilpainting - you can now buy all these things and more on my #art store!

With the exception of bulkier items like the #resin #frog* most things can be shipped worldwide!

here's the link:

#craft #handmade #ShopHandMade #FediGiftShop
*the frog is only available in Europe for now, sorry!

An oval resin charm in which the head piece of a grey corn snake's shed is submerged. The scales and eye caps are visible against the white resin background. The shed is covered by a clear, slighly domed resin layer. The background surface is a light pink silicone mat.
Photo of a hand holding three A5 paper cards, each featuring a linocut print of a jumping rabbit viewed from the side against a white background. One rabbit is dark purple, one is a lighter purple and one is a reddish-pink
Photo of a postcard-sized oil painting of a wels catfish viewed from the side. The painting is greenish blue. I placed it onto a brown table with a plant in the background to make the "product" look more aesthetic for my store page.
Photo of a golden metallic resin frog on a textured cloth surface, with an out-of-focus plant pot visible in the background (for aesthetic purposes). The frog is viewed from above but also the front, at like a 2/3 angle.
Paul Watson
11 months ago

Forest Figure

Linoprint by me
Paper size: 500mm × 350mm (19⅝ʺ × 13⅞ʺ)
Limited Edition of 20, signed and hand-numbered.
Black oil-based relief printing ink on 160gsm Moss Green Fabriano Tiziano (high cotton content paper, acid free).

Only 10 copies left, available to order (will ship globally) from

#MastoArt #printmaking #artistsOnMastodon #artMatters #art #artist #aYearForArt #FediArt #Kunst #arte #FediGiftShop #artPrints #folklore #Mythology #linoprint #linocut

A mysterious masked and antlered figure emerges from a swirling bosky background. The figure is robed and has its hands gesturing towards the viewer.
Katie Fuller
11 months ago

You have probably forgotten about these Brambling #linocut prints I started weeks ago, but they’re finished and dry finally, so I am unleashing them into the big wide world! They took a lot of work and fiddly cutting away, and I was silly enough to print them by hand, but I’m happy with the end result.

#Printmaking #Linoprint #WildlifeArt #UKBirds

Brightly coloured linocut print showing 3 bramblings feeding amongst fallen leaves
Paul Watson
11 months ago

Untitled (Figure in Landscape)

2-block lino print
Print size: 8ʺ × 6ʺ
Paper size: 11ʺ × 10ʺ approx.
Limited Edition of 20, signed and hand-numbered
Ink: Oil-based relief printing ink (Paynes Grey and Blue-Grey)
Paper: Somerset White, 300gsm, velvet surface (mould-made 100% cotton rag, acid-free, archival quality)

4 prints left at £20 each (exc. shipping) from link below:

#MastoArt #linoprint #printmaking

A ragged figure - nearly entirely in silhouette apart from a couple of areas of light on their face, walks through a wintery landscape
Paul Watson
1 year ago

I have 17 prints of this linocut still available, all hand-numbered and signed. Raw Umber oil-based ink on 100% cotton rag Somerset Antique paper.£20 each, exc. shipping.

#MastoArt #linoprint #printmaking #nudity #nsfw

A seated young woman, her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She wears a headdress of some sort made of feathers.
1 year ago

Salut la mastoderie !

Voilà un chat qui en son temps était parti comme des petits pains (c'est donc un chapain) 🐱 🥖

#MastoArt #linocut #linoprint #cats #mastocats

Estampe en linogravure, encre noire sur papier blanc, format A3. Un chat noir géant dévaste l'hôtel de ville de Tours, environné de flammes et de fumée.