Ali nova e-osebna izkaznica dela tudi na Linux operacijsskem sistemu? Trenutno še ne 😒️
Je pa mreža NVO-VID poslala povpraševanje in zahtevo na Ministrstvo za digitalno preobrazbo ⬇️

#linux #NVO #dostopnost

23 minutes ago

Fundacja Mozilla poinformowała o wydaniu nowej wersji przeglądarki internetowej Firefox 114 #mozilla #firefox #linux #osx #windows #bsd #android

Danke an alle Whistleblower die jetzt gerade Kontakt zu mir aufnehmen. #dataport #phoenix #linux-magazin. Hier eine Bitte eines Insiders:
"Ansonsten weisen Sie die doch bitte auf das inzwischen verabschiedete Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz hin, ab dem 2.7. müsste es auch die externe Meldestelle beim Bundesamt für Justiz geben. "

just discovered the `less` bash command does a pretty nice job reading PDFs from the command line and only outputs the text

#linux #bash

Interesting, the #Firefox 114 release notes mention support for WebAuthn USB tokens on #Linux. So that might finally be an option for me. :catThink:​

nixCraft 🐧
1 hour ago

who is your favourite? KDE or GNOME? or something else? #Unix #Linux #linuxmint

In a conversation between two children, GNOME and KDE, they ask their mother who her favorite meme is. The mother responds by saying she loves them both equally. However, GNOME walks away and the mother hugs KDE, revealing that she actually prefers KDE over GNOME.

For *reasons*, I have to probably close down my home-lab during for a few weeks/months this fall.

Does anyone have any recommendation to what provide I might move my workloads?

They consist of:
- One small kuberenetes cluster
- Web and database servers
- matrix-synapse server
- other various servers

Is Hetzner still the "go to" provider?
The only thing that I need is an european (preferably swedish) provider, and is nice to the wallet.

#askfedi #linux #kubernetes #homelab #server #hosting

blake shaw
2 hours ago

"what if my child tells me that its `just #Linux'?"

You should be aware that what your child is calling "just Linux" is in fact GNU/Linux, or, as I like to call it, "GNU with Linux"

2 hours ago

Python - unbekannte Funktionen: lambda

Mit Lambda definiert ihr eine abstrakte, namenlose Funktion.

#Python #Lambda #Funktion #abstrakt #Linux

2 hours ago

Spielt hier jemand Diablo 4 unter Linux? Wie sind eure/deine Erfahrungen? Danke :) #linux #gamingonlinux

Unix Weekly
2 hours ago
Wiredfire :BA:
2 hours ago

Any #Linux CD ripper recommendations ?

If the recent #curseforge / #bukkit security vulnerability doesn't show you that Flatpak and Portals are the future of the Linux desktop, then I don't know what will.

"Taking a quick look over the decompiled source code, it will indeed fail to function inside of the default PrismLauncher Flatpak sandbox; the current malware hardcodes the user's ~/.config/ directory. The creation of files inside of the Flatpak sandbox, if the app does not have access to that real path, will result in it being written to a tmpfs that gets wiped on a sandbox restart. systemd is also not available inside of the Flatpak sandbox, so executing that command will fail. The malware seems to not attempt to work around these limitations, and assumes it is running unsandboxed."

#flatpak #prismlauncher #minecraft #security #linux

Jason Evangelho
3 hours ago

And here's why the HP Dev One (it was a #Linux laptop that shipped with Pop OS ootb) with its 16GB of RAM just wasn't cutting it for me.

And I'm not even a developer. I'm just over here doing marketing and community management stuff!

KDE's system monitor showing 28.8GB of system RAM being used.
3 hours ago

Firefox 114 ist da und 115 kommt

Die neue und die nächste Version des Webbrowsers enthalten ein paar interessante Neuerungen.

#Firefox #Mozilla #Datenschutz #DNS #DNS_over_HTTPS #Lesezeichen #Linux

Erlug e.V.
3 hours ago

Nach unserem Linux-Tag treffen wir uns gemeinsam wieder heute Abend zum Linux-Stammtisch in Erlangen.

Los geht es ab 19 Uhr in folgender Kneipe:

Blaue Traube im Turnerbund
Spardorfer Str. 79
91054 Erlangen

Haltet einfach nach unserem Plüsch-Tux.

Jeder ist herzlich willkommen.
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Erlug e.V.
Charly, Robert und Jean

#erlug #linux #erlangen #lug #opensource #stammtisch

Nicola Ferrini
3 hours ago

#Microsoft #Intune consente di proteggere e gestire in maniera completa i dispositivi, le app e i dati utilizzati in azienda. In questa sessione verrà mostrato quanto sia semplice amministrare dispositivi #Windows, #Linux, #macOS, #iOS, #Android e #ChromeOS tramite Microsoft Intune e permettere di lavorare in maniera sicura ed efficace da qualsiasi dispositivo aziendale e non. #msintune

Draculo's Secret Castle
3 hours ago

Draculo is now streaming!! Come and join the fun!!!

Learning Zomboid (AKA Sims Zombies)

#retro #gaming #foss #linux #games #streaming #videogames
Live stream preview
Gianni Rosato
3 hours ago

“Apple’s game porting toolkit is WINE,” via

Many seem worried this will turn into another KHTML/WebKit situation, but considering how many companies (eg Valve) rely on WINE I have higher hopes myself.

#apple #linux #gaming

4 hours ago

The Linux Foundation is hosting a webinar covering more details on the new proposed patent rules and what they mean for open source today - June 7, 10:30 AM PT.
We'll be joining and you can too by registering here:

#SupportFreeSoftware #Linux #patents

Scripter :verified_flashing:
4 hours ago

Linux-Terminal-Basics 12: Schleifen mit for, while, until | #Linux #Terminal #Bash #Schleifen

4 hours ago

Heh, the IT dept is now testing every item of software before they can install it on my workstation.
Them: "We're having trouble getting #DaVinciResolve to run on our $punyOfficeBoxxenWithIntegratedGraphics"
Good thing I've dual booted #Linux on this machine so I can install my own software and actually get on with some work.
sudo apt install that, IT dept.

5 hours ago

KDE Ghostwriter is a really nice native #markdown editor for #linux

I don't usually use the preview pane (though it is good to have at times). I do love the way it has formatting preview within the editor without attempting to be a full wysiwyg like typora etc.

The integrated image-previews, shortcuts, larger headers etc. make the editing experience much better.

5 hours ago

#KDEConnect is awesome! I was playing music on my desktop computer and my phone rings. KDE Connect automatically mutes the music when I answer the phone! When I finish the call and hang up, the music automatically starts playing again!

#SoftwareLibre #softwarefreedom #FreeSoftware #KDE #Linux #gnulinux

5 hours ago

Consumo alto cuando la Raspberry Pi trabaja desde un SSD #Linux #Raspberry

Consumo alto cuando la Raspberry Pi trabaja desde un SSD #Linux #Raspberry
5 hours ago

Hello! I am testing the @Vivaldi browser for two days now. On #Linux and #android to be in sync. So far I am satisfied with it and I like what they represent! Keep up the good work on the development and thanks for being available in the #Appgallery. :vivaldi: :android: :linuxmintnew: 👍🏻

OpenGL 3.1 is Now Available in Asahi Linux, Boosting Graphics Performance

#linux #opensource #apple #asahi #arch #archlinux

Hacker News 50
6 hours ago

Linux Audio Noise suppression using deep filtering in Rust


#rust #linux

Firefox 114 Introduces Streamlined Bookmark Searching and Improved DNS Management

#linux #opensource #firefox

firefox 114
Brodie Robertson
7 hours ago

My Early History In Tech, Linux & Computing #Linux #YouTube

IT News
7 hours ago

RetroPie, Without the Pi - The smart television is an interesting idea in theory. Rather than having the cabl... - #raspberrypi #television #emulator #retropie #android #games #linux #arm #sbc #tv

#Python folks: Any tips for learning it, coming from #Rust ?

I'm kind of reliant on the strictness of Rust, especially when it comes to using the wrong types and everything. Some way to force me to follow a similar style would be appreciated.

I'm also very reliant on Cargo, it's so *clean* and integrates everything nicely. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for Python that matches Cargo.

#hatch also seems interesting for this, I just saw a toot from @airtower that might be useful:

Tips for how to occasionally easily sprinkle in some actual Rust would be nice too.

I will only be developing for #Linux .

#rustlang #cargo #pythonpoetry #python3

8 hours ago

OpenZFS 2.1.12 is out now with support for #Linux kernel 6.3

#ZFS #OpenSource

8 hours ago

#Steam On #Linux Tries Again For Video Hardware Acceleration By Default On @NVIDIAGeForce GPUs

Original tweet :

Dave Mackey
12 hours ago

#question of the day: Is there a simple way to forward a graphical application from a #Linux (#Debian) system to a #Windows system? I'm particularly looking to utilize an instance of #Obsidian in Windows that is installed on a Linux workstation.

#RemoteAccess #RemoteApplication

Joseph Zikusooka
12 hours ago

💡 TIP: Discard changes recently made to a file in your git repository

git checkout -- docs/README.rst

#ZikTIPs #git #developers #Linux #CLI #Opensource

Elan Hasson
13 hours ago

I've only used #Ubuntu as mostly a daily driver (via both WSL and VM, CLI and UI occasionally).

I'd like to try a new distro. Hit me with your best shot and please explain why I should try the distro.

#Linux #arch #guix #nix

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
13 hours ago

Cyclops #ransomware gang, a stealthy menace targeting Windows, macOS, and #Linux, is now offering threat actors an information-stealing #malware that captures sensitive data and uploads it to a remote server.

#cybersecurity #hacking

ricardo :mastodon:
14 hours ago

Experimental OpenGL 3.1 Support For #Apple M1/M2 Graphics On #Linux :apple_inc: :linux: :asahi:

Claude :linux: :android:
15 hours ago

WTF #Ubuntu ?! 1,7 gig for Gnome Shell? Almost 5 gigs of Ram Usage with nothing opened?

All I did was to move the dock to the bottom and move it back to the left.

After a restart of the Gnome Session. Back to normal...

#Ram #Gnome #linux

Screenshot of System Monitor on Ubuntu.
Screenshot of an overview of System Monitor on Ubuntu
Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
15 hours ago

I tested a bunch of #Immutable #Linux distros a few months ago. Great solution for your average desktop user. Would drive some SysAdmins nuts.

Jeff Fortin T.
16 hours ago

Ce soir vers 19h45 je présente #GNOME Calendar (forces & faiblesses, mon implication des derniers mois via @regento, la nouvelle feuille de route et UX future, et comment y contribuer) au #Linux Meetup #Montréal. À plus!

16 hours ago

Can someone tell me how to make #Debian accept GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false as persistent across updates? This is fscking annoying to have to reenable after every apt upgrade
#Linux #grub

Jeff Fortin T.
16 hours ago

Tonight around 19h45 Eastern I will be presenting #GNOME Calendar (its strengths & weaknesses, my involvement over the past few months via @regento, the roadmap going forward, and how to get started for potential contributors) at the #Montreal #Linux Meetup at #OVH's HQ.

nixCraft 🐧
16 hours ago

Person 1: Hey, the pipeline is broken. I will come soon and fix the pipeline.

Person 2: Are you a plumber?

Person 1: Noop. I am #Linux engineer. I am going to fix the Jenkins pipeline. #devops #sysadmin

Thorsten Leemhuis (1/4)
16 hours ago

Eric Snowberg:The [#Linux #Kernel's] Machine Keyring

"UEFI Secure Boot provides a security feature that ensures only trusted digitially signed binaries are executed in the boot chain. […] #Linux 5.18 has introduced a new restricted system #kernel keyring, “machine keyring”. The keys within the machine keyring are trusted for use within the Linux kernel. With the introduction of the machine keyring, MOK keys may now be used within Linux. […]"

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
18 hours ago

If, like me, you like to talk about Linux over and over again, annoying your friends and family and complete strangers on the process, I’m here to give you some ammo for these unwanted conversations, with 15 facts about the history of Linux, it’s mascot, the kernel, Linus Torvalds, and more (and I promise you probably didn’t know all of them already!):

#OpenSource #Linux

Charles ☭ H
19 hours ago

A student submitted a G I A N T quicktime movie and I can't play it, so I'm converting it to ogg and it's taken about half an hour so far.

Is there an easier/faster conversion that is #linux friendly?

In a wild stab in the dark, I tried AVI first, but it was glitchy as hell.
21 hours ago

GNOME 44.2 Features Fixes, Fixes, and More Fixes #gnome #opensource #linux

1 day ago

@ff0000 I have #radicale installed on a machine at home, and the phone, laptop, etc sync to it when I'm at home in the lan. For #contacts and my #calendars.

It's #caldav/#carddav, so pretty platform agnostic I guess (I don't know about #ios stuff, but #linux / #android is really smooth)

#personaldata #sync #phone #phonenumbers #email #nocloud

Christian Stankowic
1 day ago

Does anybody know a speech-to-text (STT) solution for #Linux that enters transcribed text like a keyboard in GUI applications?

Asking for a friend with a plaster arm 🫠

Kevin C. Tofel
1 day ago

After installing Awesome for a #Linux window manager, I’ve learned just how dependent I am on a mouse or trackpad. Wow - Very eye opening! Trying to learn a few new keyboard shortcuts each day going forward. 🤞🏼

The Awesome window manager on a Linux laptop. Two terminal emulators open as well as the Mastodon web app.
Stephan :calckey:
2 days ago

An alle Menschen aus #Rostock und Umgebung: Am Samstag ist wieder ein neues #Debian #Linux Release geplant. Wie jedes Jahr gibt es wieder weltweit ein paar Release Partys unter anderem in Rostock. Das ist deutschlandweit die bisher einzige, welche geplant ist. Wer also Lust und Zeit hat kann dann ja mal vorbei schauen 😉 ​:debinyan:​ #ReleaseParty

Topher 🌱🐧💚
2 days ago


You will find so many people with the same interests and actually get to interact with them so much more. It's wonderful.

Some awesome #linux people to connect with on here too, including Linux for gaming. Great way to keep up on Proton and all the developments in Mesa drivers (one of the primary devs is even on here!) and all the stuff that goes into making it possible.

I'm a veggie so I'd omit the pork but the pecorino romano and egg and pepper.....mmmmm :)

Fedora Project
2 days ago

Official Fedora Slimbook on the way! :fedora: 💻

Thanks to @slimbook for working with the Fedora Project on this. Our contributors have worked on testing and Slimbook is looking to launch a *Fedora laptop* in the near future. :D

We're looking forward to this and hope you are too!
#Fedora #Slimbook #Linux

Learn more:

Miguel Guhlin
2 days ago

I had no idea you could unite PDFs so easily at the command line using PDFunite. #PDF #Linux

Ciechom :fuck_verify:
2 days ago

Hey I'm Ciechom, I have #ADHD and I love #cats. I'm 30 years old from Poland. I sometimes post pictures of my 2 cats #CatDad - #AlaskaTheCat and #DrakaTheCat. I like to play #videogames on #PC in my free time. Currently I'm using #windows because of compatibility with #games but I would love to someday switch to #linux. My favourite #pasta is #carbonara, I also love #pizza and #sushi. Currently I'm playing #DiabloIV as a #necromancer. I'm on a #SelfHosted #instance of #mastodon.


Axel Rafn
2 days ago

How many #developers are there here using #NixOS for their work machine?

I'm quite interested in the #OS for #development and would love to hear from others what they think about it.

#Linux #Desktop #OperatingSystem #FOSS

2 days ago

There's a new Ubuntu Linux desktop on its way by @sjvn

By this time next year, you may be running an immutable #Ubuntu #Linux desktop.

Sérgio Glórias
2 days ago

Pessoal sabem de algum Cliente #Mastodon bom para #linux :szterminal:​
Estou a querer arranjar um para brincar sem ser o próprio site :blobcatdj:​

Justine Smithies
2 days ago

OK #Fediverse I'm looking at maybe using #FDE ( Full Disk encryption ) on my home #Linux laptop.
With it being a #ThinkPad P14s gen1 AMD Ryzen 7 pro, am I likely to notice any reduction in speed / drive access times ?
Do most of you use FDE on your home laptops or not ? Am I probably best not to encrypt my setup ?

Please boost for a wider response.

Thanks in advance ❤️

@doot good luck Ubuntu is also #linux ;-)

The process of shutting down my mirror ( continues.
Throttling the mirror may force people to check whats up, so I have made a 302 redirect to the blogpost here:

Looks like there is still plenty of traffic from @EndeavourOS clients.

#linux #mirror

GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
2 days ago

Try the demo of Lueur and the Dim Settlers, a minimalist and relaxing survival builder. This definitely deserves some attention #IndieGame #GodotEngine #Steam #Linux #SteamDeck

Lueur and the Dim Settlers
2 days ago

@mcc Yes. Why do you think I don't use Windows? Ads and security issues, LOL. In fact, the most used thing in my toolkit to go fix other people's computers is a a #Linux live CD on my Medicat USB stick!

3 days ago

In case you're wondering how far Debian Testing is behind Stable in terms of security patches, that would be 5 days for the recent openssl update.

For me, that is acceptable since I know Testing is Testing.

#Debian #openssl #Linux

3 days ago

Looking forward tomorrow 3 days hackfest organized by @tbernard

The main topic is GNOME mobile, but I expect there will be lots of collateral topics such as camera, hardware enablement, adaptive apps, UX, platform APIs, interoperability, and coordination.

We'll have people from @gnome @purism #systemd @mntmn @postmarketOS @FlatpakApps #Flathub #Phosh #freedesktop

I will be moderating and support where I can. Hopefully get some work done too.

#Linux #LinuxMobile #GNOME

Topher 🌱🐧💚
3 days ago

I have a strong interest in seeing this project grow

If it were to support drag-and-drop groups a la GNOME applications grid, you could have the one good feature of #GNOME but in any desktop environment you want, and whichever panel or layout you like

This right here is exactly what #Linux desktop needs. Not asinine subversion of user choices with forced convoluted phone UI on desktop computers.

Person behind this, if I can throw you some donation $ hit me up

What i dont understand about #linux #packaging and #flatpak topic is that

How the heck is it so heated? What's with all the super strong opinions?

Can't we just work together?