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20 Best Movies New to Streaming in December: ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ ‘Rebel Moon,’ ‘Maestro’ and More
#Variety #Lists #Maestro #MayDecember #Netflix #RebelMoon

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9 of the Best New Children’s Books Out December 2023 #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Would You Survive? 8 Recent Dark Academia & Deadly Game Books #new #books #lists #bookriot

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8 Knockout New Nonfiction Books to Read in December 2023 #new #books #lists #bookriot

Dr Pink
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#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 8 hours ago

List of LGBT-related films of 2024
! width="16%" | Title


4 days ago


#Lists with "Do not show in Home timeline" selected

I currently have eleven lists

I keep them in their own separate web browser tab

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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12 Must-Read New Books by Native Writers of Turtle Island #new #books #lists #bookriot

Dr Pink
5 days ago

#LGBTQ English #Wikipedia deletion alert

Could you save this LGBTQ related #English Wikipedia article from deletion?

List of tribute albums
* This is a

#Lists #Musical

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Ho-Ho-Horror: 8 Thrilling New Horror Books Out December 2023 #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Swords & Smooches: 8 High Fantasy Romance Novels #new #books #lists #bookriot

1 week ago

I'm moderately annoyed by the fact that you can't nest #lists in #Mastodon. if I want all members of list L to also be members of list M I have to manually add people to both and keep the two in sync. This is Not Nice™ (but it could be worse).

Good thing makes this easier.

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9 Whimsigoth Books to Charm Your Bookshelf #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Queer YA from 2023 You Might Have Missed #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Variety’s 10 Screenwriters to Watch for 2023 Include Scribes For ‘The Marvels,’ ‘Rustin’ and ‘The Color Purple’
#Variety #Lists #Challengers #DumbMoney #Rustin #TheColorPurple #TheMarvels

Dave Mark
2 weeks ago

"The 100 greatest BBC music performances"

Great little rabbit hole...
#BBC #Music #Lists

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20 of the Best Books on AI to Stay Current with Industry Trends #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Authors With Their Own Publishing Imprints (And What Books to Read From Them) #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Top 20 Thank You Songs About Being Grateful: Critic’s Picks

Check it out! 👇

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2 weeks ago

Are you using Mastodon lists?

In Twitter, I had mastered the lists.
here, I'm a little bit late, I had been off my PC for 6 months and I don't do well on mobile devices.
I've been setting up my NEWS, FRIENDS, CHAT MOST, those type of lists, making it easier to find people.
#Mastodon #Lists #Sorting #Setup #Cats #Conversation #News #Humour etc

I can modify these later, add or take away. This list includes 
Cats◄ because I have these
CdnPoli◄ Canadian over US Politics
Close Friends◄ Know in real life, usually
Engaging Chat Most◄ Those who talk
M-Light◄ Funny posts for lighter mood
News◄ Naturally, I want easy access 
Nova Scotia◄ Local folks, province wide
TeamHeardle◄ Players of Heardle Music trivia
2 weeks ago

Такой любитель заводить списки, а списка художественных работ, которые есть в коллекции, у меня нет. #queerart #artworks #lists #exceltables #private

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The Best and Worst Tropes in Murder Mysteries #new #books #lists #bookriot

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12 More of the Best Board Games for Holiday Gatherings #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Little Read Riding Hood: 20 Must-Read Dark Fairy Tales #new #books #lists #bookriot

Mark Vanderbeeken
2 weeks ago

Many here on #Mastodon are asking how people can justify still being on #X.
My personal experience is tolerable because I don’t use #ForYou and #Following, but only #Lists. So my feed is #chronological, not #algorithmic. I don’t see pushed posts by people I don’t follow, nor do I have any advertising. It only gets bad when I do a #search and select “Latest”.

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Small-Town vs. Big-City Horror: The Best Scares in Every Setting #new #books #lists #bookriot

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Dive into these 11 Palestinian Fiction Recommendations #new #books #lists #bookriot

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2 weeks ago

Q: Is there a way on Mastodon to share or publish lists of users I follow?

I'd like to publish the lists I have to help new Mastodon users get started with following other folks on Mastodon that are amazing contributors to a topic of interest.

Thank you!

#Mastodon #lists

2 weeks ago

‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel Cast Guide: Meet the ‘Songbirds and Snakes’ Characters and the Actors Playing Them
#Variety #Lists #TheHungerGames #TheHungerGamesBalladofSongbirdsandSnakes #TomBlyth

2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

From Margot Robbie to Pearlena Igbokwe and Ali Wong: Power of Women in Hollywood 2023
#Variety #Features #Focus #Lists #LAWomen039sImpactReport2023 #PowerofWomenLA2023

3 weeks ago

Anyone else have a problem where you try to use a list/organization app, set it up, and never remember to open it again?

If so, have you found a way to be more organized and maintain tasks?

If not, what have you done in order to be successful with it?

#organization #productivity #apps #lists #taskmanagement

MPD2 🌐
3 weeks ago

I figured out #howto use #Lists on #Mastodon #today. Now I feel more organized.

Now if I could just get the hang of #groups and other #Fediverse #tips .

#new #newbie #help #advice

Health Is Wealth
3 weeks ago

Playing around with 'Lists' in Mastodon; creating/adding/deleting etc. For some reason the feature is not available in the Mastodon app (in the F-Droid app at least) so I've created them using Tusky (mobile) and WhaleBird (Linux PC). I know you cant add accounts to a list unless you follow them but it would be a such a cool feature if lists could be imported from ones already curated by others (from someone like @FediFollows for eg) #lists #mastodon #featurerequest

A screenshot of the 'lists' view using the Whalebird app on Linux. Accounts you follow can be put into specific lists that you create. All of the photography accounts you follow can be put into a Photography list for example.
3 weeks ago

All the Surprise Songs Taylor Swift Has Performed on The Eras Tour (So Far)

Check it out! 👇

#Pop #News #Lists #Concerts #BillboardNews #Bbnews #MusicNews #Music

Forget Lisztomania! Can anyone relate to my listophobia? I seriously feel harmed most of the time when I make lists. It takes me out of the moment, requires either carrying paper or looking at my damn phone. Not saying they are never useful. For long-term ideas; thoughts that occur occasionally to collect for use at a later time. I currently have a list of things to get on an upcoming visit to an Asian grocery. But for routine, daily tasks I find lists an imposition. Controversial?

#lists #ADHD

3 weeks ago

Leonardo DiCaprio’s 21 Best Performances, From ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ to ‘Killers of the Flower Moon
#Variety #Actors #Awards #Lists #DontLookUp #LeonardoDicaprio #TheDeparted #Titanic

Been thinking about how folks (journalists) complain that Mastodon != Twitter. Yet I've found it to be a great substitute, personally.

Maybe it's because I use lists? You should be using lists, too!

Maybe your first could be a "must read" list: The accounts you don't want to miss updates from. Start there if you've been away for a while.

Add/remove accounts as needed. Lists are private, no one is going to judge you.

Here's a primer from @feditips #Mastodon #Lists

さ Tomas Cornelles 🧔🏻
1 month ago

How do you use lists? Do you use any system? You prefer digital o paper?

#productivity #gtd #lists #autofocus

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8 New & Upcoming Cookbooks to Inspire Your Fall Cooking #new #books #lists #bookriot

1 month ago

22 Best Movies New to Streaming in November: ‘Spider-Verse,’ David Fincher’s ‘The Killer’ and More
#Variety #Lists #Netflix #SpiderManAcrosstheSpiderVerse #TheKiller

Nate Gaylinn
1 month ago

I know many folks on #mastodon have multiple accounts on different instances. They use #lists to separate different kinds of content. Nothing wrong with that.

Personally, though, I like having one account and one stream. Unlike other sites, on Mastodon I feel like I can be a whole person and I get to interact with whole people. No need to filter. We're messy, many faceted, and different in surprising ways. That's a good thing. I liked it.

1 month ago

Taylor Swift’s ‘Taylor’s Version’ Songs: Every ‘From The Vault’ Track Ranked (So Far)

Check it out! 👇

#Review #Lists #Pop #Music

Clint W
1 month ago

Anyone played much with #Mastodon #Lists ? Saw an article talking up using them to help replicate how I used #Tweetdeck with lists for stuff you wanted to keep an eye on but not follow and have clutter the main home feed...

But as far as I can see you can only add people to lists if you follow them yeah? Can't list accounts you dont follow? Or am I missing that somewhere?

eThanOS ☠️
1 month ago

I just started using #lists on #Firefish and I feel like I confused the use case of antennas before. If you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out.

Brendan Kinney
1 month ago

Do you use the Lists feature on Mastodon yet? Here's how to get started --> #FediTips #Mastodon #Lists

#LimerickOff #Limerick #Contest
I always illustrate my Limerick-Off THEME with a limerick. In my current Limerick-Off, the THEME is LISTS.

If you write your own limerick using the LIST THEME, please post it here, to be considered for the contest:

@penprompts #Lists #Wordplay #Idioms
#Neighbors #Humor #Humour #Limericks #Poetry #Verse #TinyPoems #SmallPoems #Poets #Poem #AmWriting #MicroPoetry #Writing #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Prompts #Prompt #WritingPrompt

How | love the occasional lift     
That can spring out of wordplay; I’ll sift     
Through an idiom list        
For the whiff of a twist         
That might trigger a limerick gift.      

© Madeleine Begun Kane
1 month ago

According to TechCrunch, Mastodon is adding the feature "Lists," which allows users to create custom lists around specific topics or interests. For Mastodon app for Android currently, with an update for iOS is expected to follow.

Side note: My posts have always been about cyber threat intelligence, critical vulnerabilities, zero-days, proofs of concept, cybercrime/cyberespionage, threat actors, Advanced Persistent Threatss, indicators of compromise, cybersecurity, intelligence, and national defense news.

#mastodon #Lists #news

@verge yes, #lists and #RSS feeds from #mastodon help a TON. How is it our #Android friends were thusly neglected for so long…??

1 month ago

Anyone know when #mastodonappuk will support hiding accounts in #lists from your home timeline? I understand it's a 4.2.0 feature, and it's going to be super useful.

@wild1145 maybe?

1 month ago

From Lupita Nyong’o to Bruce Willis, 16 Best Horror Movie Performances the Oscars Should Have Nominated Since 1993
#Variety #Actors #Awards #Lists #ChristianBale #FlorencePugh #Halloween #Oscars

1 month ago

Your Ultimate Guide to Python List Slicing #python #lists

1 month ago

#lists have helped me a lot this week, covering many interesting topics and personalizing a version of my home timeline with specific accounts or topics of interest. now you can also create them in the official #Mastodon app

1 month ago

No biased #algorithms! And being able to #EditPosts! That right there is worth the learning curve! The only feature I wish we had here is the ability to share #lists. Perhaps in a future update?

#WelcomeNewUsers #Fediverse #feditips

I've always wondered whether #BarackObama has actually read all the #books that he recommends each year:

"Behind The Scenes Of Barack Obama's Reading Lists", Esquire (

#Reading #USA #Obama #Lists #Recommendations #Publishing #BookClub

Courageous OCD
1 month ago

I keep making and #finetuning #lists to #organize my private and professional life. I create #mindmaps with tips on how to live a decent life. I spend a lot of time making #Trello boards with every #thought or idea that I consider worth spending time on (narrator: "they were not").

All this to get a feeling of #control and #reassurance. But the real effect is that I can't follow my intuition anymore and feel #stressed out because my #todo lists never get empty ...

#ocd #overthinking

1 month ago

OK: time for a #Mastodon #Lists #HotTip

The default web browser view shows only four lists -- but you can have more (I have yet to find the upper limit, but there probably is one)

So by prepending 00_ 01_ 02_ 03_ to your list title, you can control which lists show in the order you want in the default web browser view

Remember: they're all there at the Lists link -- this just puts your most used lists in easy view

h/t @codeyarns for this particular technique

#MastodonHelp #MastodonTips #FediHelp #FediTips

Ashwin Nanjappa 👨‍💻
1 month ago

The "lists" feature in Mastodon has been a game changer. (_Only_ after I discovered that the posts from list accounts can _skip_ the main feed.)

I'm now at 6 lists, checked in decreasing frequency from 0 to 5. I'm able to follow a large number of diverse people. The critical mass has been enough to forget Twitter completely.

The only topic which is clearly underrepresented in Mastodon is Deep Learning (DL), the rest of my interests are well covered.

#Mastodon #lists

Masto-usage #poll thread (3/?)
#Lists in #Mastodon for organizing people & content:

1 month ago

My following-list here has gotten so big, I wanted some #lists to sort things and help consume posts more easily . #mastodon doesn‘t make the experience too great right now though.

1. Adding people to lists should be easier! When creating a new list I want to see who I follow and just tick all who should be on the list. I found no client who does this. For me the best experience is with #phanpy so far.

2. Show old posts and not just starting from when I add the account to the list.

Osma A
1 month ago

Having "follow this person only on list X" was a good addition to #Mastodon 4.2. But it doesn't go far enough.

- The Home timeline itself should be a list. I should be able to exclude and include followed accounts from it.
- Followed hashtags should also be something that can be included or excluded off #lists.
- "For you" and "Explore" should be lists.
- A list should have #algorithmic sorting options. I want a list of "most reposted and liked toots from my follows".

2 months ago

Celluloid Heroes - by Stephen Macaulay


Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie opened
Websites have found that numeric lists are really popular

. . .various websites have come up with lists of the “best” concert movies of “all time.” That “all time” adverb is a bit odd given that in the grand scheme of things, movies haven’t been around for a hell of a long time.

The Lumière brothers, Auguste and Lou...

Read more:

#lists #movies #music #blog

WATTSTAX movie poster detail (19723.

I feel that the #fediverse's lack of an #algorithm is *more* toxic than #Twitter; on #mastodon's #chronological timeline I feel like I'm missing out on important signal in the noise so I have to spend more time combing through it, exploring #hashtags, #following them, #mute words, build #lists, etc. With Twitter there were ads, but also there was all the best stuff since the last time you logged in, sorted by how interesting it would be to YOU! That was awesome; I miss that!


On #mastodon I missed my peeps from the bird site but soon found this much more interesting. With no #algorithm to send stuff my way, I followed lots of #hashtags. I follow several thousand people now. My feed is a river. Lately I have been using #lists and the result is that I can select Thinkers, Wary, BC, Cdnpol, USPol, MidEast, Books, Law, Libre Tech, Fediverse, Photos or any other list I build. When I browse a list I see the positive results of my home built algorithm. #fediverse

💡 My home is a mess, but I try to keep my computer and online space tidy. So Mastodon lists are important. I have a list for Dutch speaking people, accounts related to the climate crisis, a list with my most favorite accounts (so I can keep an eye on them), a list with only groups (like Kbin and Guppe accounts) and a list with news (my latest list I just started). List can and may overlap. I use the great new exclusive list feature, in other words; accounts on those list don't appear on my home timeline. That makes my home timeline also some kind of list.

To help with this, I use the third party Mastodon List Manager.

#mastotips #lists

Ashwin Nanjappa 👨‍💻
2 months ago

I took some time & organized everyone I follow on Mastodon into lists. This feature has helped me follow a lot more interesting people/accounts & still not feel overwhelmed by my Home feed. You must give lists a proper try! 👌

For example, when I'm in the mood to see life updates from my friends, there's a list for that. When I want to read tech updates, there's a list for that. When I want to read on the latest in deep learning or science, there are lists for that and so on.

#Mastodon #lists

Ian Robinson
2 months ago

I’m switching over to using lists in @ivory with the filter user from timeline on to eradicate seeing posts twice. The short video shows the list topics I’ll be using. My main timeline is now too busy to use effectively. This is a good thing. 👍🏻😊

#Mastodon #Lists

A video showing the 19 subject categories I’ve created lists for. The cover sciences, politics, arts, technology and more.
2 months ago

(Fern:) I LOVE the new feature that allows you to "hide these posts from home" on lists. It makes it so much easier to organize the accounts we're following.

#Mastodon #Lists #ExclusiveLists

Fedi.Tips 🎄
2 months ago

Another nice thing from the Mastodon 4.2.0 update:

You can now export and import Lists, and take your Lists with you when you transfer accounts to another server! 🎉

There are instructions for the export and import process in steps 5 and 6 of the full account transfer process:


(The Lists import feature is only on servers running 4.2.0 or above, so you can't do this if you're transferring to a server running an older version.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Lists

Matthias Ott
2 months ago

Okay, that’s a tricky one:

Combining fluid typography with a custom SVG bullet for unsorted lists that changes its size accordingly… 🤔

#CSS #lists

Exclusive #Lists just made their way to #Mastodon as a feature -- first released yesterday and already deployed to!

If you've ever wanted to have posts from multiple accounts in a totally separate feed that doesn't show up on your Home #timeline, this is for you.

I've got #ExclusiveLists set up for:
• News
• Tech
• Animal picture bots (eg @possumeveryhour)

(You may need to control this setting via the website until it rolls out on mobile apps.)

Me editing a list I made, named "News".
The configuration icon to the top right has been clicked, and underneath it there is a switch that is labeled "hide these posts from home"

#Bluesky has #mutelists and I'm surprised #mastodon hasn't cribbed it. The drama they cause is really right up the #fediverse alley. There's a site that aggregates #lists and shows you which ones you're on so you can get butthurt about it!

#twexit #mute #mutelist #mutes #moderation

The Warlock
2 months ago

@TheMetalDog Yikes! That list should have been titled "The Best Selling Albums by 30 Legendary Metal Bands!"

Screaming for Vengeance? The best Judas Priest album? I'm sure my buddy Martin Popoff would have something to say about that! LOL!

#HeavyMetal #Metal #JudasPriest #Loudwire #BestMetal #Lists #GoneTooFar

2 months ago


#YouKnow what's #QuiteSatisfying about the #MagickBanHammer, #MisterDen...

The #MastodonSpyBalloon conveniently #Lists all the #Nobodies that have been #Vanished from #Syzito while also conveniently confirming how much #Data they don't #Impact us with... #Automatically...!

And #NoBodies can be found...

#FediBlock | #FitForPurpose

#IT's #FancyHatFurzday, y'all...!

🧙⚒️🤖🐺🤖⚒️🧙 | ☕🎩🦹🐻🦹🎩☕

3 months ago

Is there a way to view/follow groups of #hashtags together in a separate timeline, similar to putting groups of people on lists?

The only way I can see is to have several accounts that follow different hashtags.

Maybe there's a client software that allows to filter the timeline by groups of hashtags?

#AskFedi #AskMastodon #Photography #ActivityPub #timeline #lists #hashtag #howto


• Reimagine your to-do list
• Learn the two types of checklist
• More on misunderstandings

All in last week’s Hold That Thought…

• Words: 433
• Reading time: About 2-3 minutes
• Value: Clarity about what you’re doing and how you do it => priceless


3 months ago

For whom it may concern.
Feel free to upvote this topic.
#github #stars #lists

3 months ago

Am I misunderstanding #Mastodon's #lists feature or am I hitting a bug?

I add a bunch of people to a list, unsubscribe and then when they post new toots they don't appear in the list. I only see the toots made up to the point where I added them to the list.

If you have someone (that's you're not subscribed to) in a list, shouldn't that list always show their newest toots?

Mastodon Migration
3 months ago

@Hedgewizard Great comment. Once you begin to follow many accounts, particularly breaking news posters, your main feed becomes pretty chaotic. It is a bit of work, but one solution for this is to make more use of lists. Put the high post frequency accounts in a list like "USPolitics" and other accounts in respective categories of interest to you. This way you can determine what subjects you want to look at and each list feed will be curated for only that particular subject.

#Lists #MastoTip

Screenshot of Mastodon List dialog


1. Power Posters
2. Servers and Tech
3. UsPolitics
4. Popular
5. Legal
6. Media
7. Long Threads

Also found whilst scrolling this beautiful list originally from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig


1. Sonder
2. Opia
3. Monachopsis:
4. Enouement:
5. Vellichor
6. Rubatosis
7. Kenopsia
8. Mauerbauertraurigkeit
9. Jouska:
10. Chrysalism
11. Vemadalen
12. Anecdoche
13. Ellipsism
14. Kuebiko
15. Lachesism
16. Exulansis:
17. Adronitis
18. Riickkehrunruhe
19. Nodus Tollens
20. Onism
21. Liberosis
22. Altschmerz
23. Occhiolism
El Duvelle
4 months ago

What’s the best way to export your Mastodon #Lists to another account?
Bonus points if I can do it on my phone…

James Ryland Miller
4 months ago

@sheilamaverbuch @ryanschultz How do #lists work? is that a #tusky only thing?

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
4 months ago

@ryanschultz I've changed my Tusky interface to include shortcuts to my favourite lists. Lists = game changer on here.

#lists #mastodon #mastodonTips

Brian Hawthorne
4 months ago

How I use Lists to curate my Mastodon feed

Did you know that Mastodon lets you create lists of people you follow? While people use these for many purposes, here’s my approach.

Every time (well, most times) I follow someone, I also add them to one of my lists. Right now, I have lists for Artists, Boosts, Bots, Humor, Law, Med, Nature, News, Politicians, Scientists, Tech, and Writers. If nothing fits, I make a new group. If they fit in multiple places, I add them to multiple lists.

So, why do I do this? There are two main reasons: curation and hankering.

I follow people widely. If someone posts something interesting, whether as a reply or a post that is boosted, I open their profile, follow them, and add them to lists. As you can imagine, this results in a home
feed that at times is a firehose of posts. So, when I find myself overwhelmed, I do a bit of judicious trimming. In general, I don’t unfollow or mute people. Instead, if I haven’t interacted with someone for a while, or they are posting way more than I can keep up with, I just remove them from my home feed. This just means that means that I won’t see their posts in my Home feed. Sometimes, when I look at someone’s profile, I see that they are a very prolific poster or booster, and I choose to just add them to a list or two and not put them in the home feed at all.

Sometimes, I feel a yearning for a specific kind of post. Maybe I want to see some art. Maybe I’m looking for any news about a specific topic. Maybe I just want to read something funny. I can just tap on the appropriate list and see posts from people who specialize in those things, including people who I followed, but for some reason removed from the home feed.

Do you use lists in Mastodon? What do you use them for? I’d love to hear how others are using this tool.

#feditips #curation #hankering #lists

James Edwards
4 months ago

To-do lists … the place where ideas go to die.

#lists #adhd

Mastodon Migration
5 months ago

Mastodon User Tip

Make use of #Lists, and when you follow someone make a habit of adding them to a list right then.

It's quick and easy:
- Set up at least three or four lists. You can number them to arrange the list display order.
- After you hit FOLLOW, click the three vertical dots and choose "Add or Remove from lists". This will bring up your lists and you can click to add the follow to one or more lists.

They will make your #Fediverse life so much better.

#MastoTips #MastodonMigration

Screenshot of the Add or Remove from lists dialog showing all the lists and the ability to click the plus sign to add to the list or the x to remove
5 months ago

#Friends and all #followers,

#please don't #forget to add me to one of your #lists. I'll probably want to #reach out to you again sometime. You need to keep #lists to be able to #register #posts of your #favorites. I'm #writing this for those who are used to their #feed filling itself. That's not the case here and for me that's a good thing. The feed doesn't have to be overwhelmed with #nonsense that some #algorithm assumes you care about.

#Thank you very much for #that.

Take a look below. 😶👍

Barry Phillips Smith
5 months ago

I've really got into the swing of #Lists on here. If you're interested, I have refined it down to seven that I am finding homes all the new people I follow, even if they appear on two or more lists:

A #Outdoors. All the stuff about being outdoors, adventuring, exploring, enjoying the world.

B. #Gaia. The natural world, and my delight in knowing about it

C. #Creativity. Art, photography, music, sculpture, food, textiles, the whole realm of what people love to do with their time.

D. #Green. Ecology, gardening, environment, planet-care

E. #Past. Archaeology, history, heritage

F: #Future. Science, space, speculation, forward thinking

G: #Information. News, journalism, stuff that catches my interest that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

The tools to list-build are really intuitive. I had 20+ on Twitter, but this feels plenty on here.

The biggest problem with #Calckey is that it shows you people you've #blocked/#muted in all sorts of places; when your #followers #boost them, in #antennas, #search results, in #lists etc:

You basically can't get away from abusive users when you use Calckey

#moderation #abuse #block #mute #blocking #muting #fediverse

Barry Phillips Smith
5 months ago

Current #Lists I'm building:

#Archaeology & #History
#Art, #Craft & #Photography
Great #Outdoors
#Green stuff & #foraging
#Natural world
(News & Politics)
#Rocks, #Minerals and #Fossils
#Space and #Science

I may add more, but that pretty much covers the information I like to chat about, broken down into bespoke personal timelines for when I want to concentrate / research / be inspired on a particular topic.

I've included "(News & Politics)" as bracketted as I like to be kept informed, but I'm not likely to discuss, boost or engage in stuff on it generally unless I get suddenly pissed off about something, and I usually delete rants after a while.

You may be on few or many lists, or even none if I chat with you a lot and enjoy seeing your posts on my main Home timeline. Simples, eh?? 😎

Best add this - #NoAltTextNoBoost

5 months ago

Are there any apps that use the #MastodonAPI that let you look at a list of your follows and add them to specific #lists as you go down the line, without opening each profile one at a time?

I'm trying to set up lists on my #GoToSocial instance now that it supports them, but I'm already following enough people over there that it's going to be a pain to either open all the profiles one by one or keep another window open so I can search for them one by one.

Nick East (Indie Writer)
5 months ago

I try to limit my unread pysical books to about twenty or it gets unruly, but if we're countig TBR lists then 173 years seems like a low estimate 😂

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