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Tom Forth just built a silly-but-believable org website entirely with GPT-4 - copy, visuals, even HTML and CSS, entirely from prompts.

"Do they have a real website or just a sparse Facebook page" just got removed from my list of credibility checks. #ai #llm

Post from Tom Forth describing his project of creating a website entirely with GPT-4.
Garry Knight
1 hour ago

Today’s AI News & Comment

The Creator's Connection To Blade Runner Explained

Elvis Is Back in the Building, Thanks to AI—and U2

Social Media Dunks on A.I. Batman 'Comic'

How AI and brain science are helping perfumiers create fragrances

How much can artists make from generative AI? Vendors won’t say

Startup Humane will fully unveil its ‘Ai Pin’ in early November [Updated]

The Indecisive Moment: Street Photography and AI

A leaked Google ‘Switch to Pixel’ ad highlights Pixel 8 AI features

Can generative AI solve computer science's greatest unsolved problem?

‘You’ve got to be data-driven’: the fashion forecasters using AI to predict the next trend

Reid Hoffman backs 'blitzscaling' AI for the 'elevation of humanity'

Tom Hanks Warns of an AI Version of Him Used to Promote Dental Plan: “I Have Nothing to Do With It”

Does AI deserve freedom of speech? Some people think so

Blumenthal, Hawley AI framework could damage AI industry, violate First Amendment

An AI dating app claims to find your perfect match using only your face

A Week of Monster Generative AI Releases

AI chatbots let you 'interview' historical figures like Harriet Tubman. That's probably not a good idea.

Can AI be trusted in warfare?

Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed This Week

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#LLM #ChatGPT #BingChat #SwarmsOfRampantAIChatbots

This is an actual ad on #reddit right now. W.T.F. #ai?? It took a nice photo and made her boobs about to bust the fuck out of her shirt? Not to mention lightening her up a shade or 2.

Fucked up, y’all.

#llm #llmai #apps #wtf #ad #artificialintelligence

AI meant to convert a regular photo to a “professional photo” just made her super busty and about to bust out of her shirt. Wtf.
Erich Schulz
4 hours ago

@johnquiggin Fascinating to watch experts starting to bring in tools of psychometrics and engineering to start understanding, comparing and quantifying #llm capabilities.

Slightly terrifying how quickly these things are evolving too!

Ben Lorica 罗瑞卡
7 hours ago

Interested in NLP, Large Language Models, Generative AI? The #NLPsummit is next week 🙌 🆓 we have a strong lineup of speakers from Anyscale, Weaviate, Microsoft, Stanford University, John Snow Labs, & more.
#NLproc #LLM #GenerativeAI

Vladimir Savić
8 hours ago

Be afraid. Be very afraid. It begins. 😔

ChatGPT-4 significantly increased performance of business consultants - Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier #Industry40 #LLM #ChatGPT #AI #zeitgeist

Idiot Business
8 hours ago

👨‍💼 Are you trying to start a business that will make people's eyes roll? Because, darling, I have just the thing! 🙄 Introducing "Compassionate Comfort Food" - a delivery service that specializes in creating culinary masterpieces that are as comforting as they are unappetizing. Imagine tenderloin of buffalo and chicken pot pie-induced nausea, served with a side of nostalgia-flavored regret. It's the perfect way to indulge your guilty pleasures witho...
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

9 hours ago

@pluralistic Writers are convinced that #LLM #AI can plagiarise sufficient scripts they've already written & crap out a statistically similar script that is just about good enough to convince their bosses, who don't write, that they don't need to pay writers any more

Which isn't the same thing as #AI can produce scripts so well we don't need writers any more

#AI will never produce an original idea it will simply rehash existing tropes & put genuinely creative people out of work

Idiot Business
14 hours ago

👨‍💼 Absolutely, here's a ridiculous business idea for you: "Toadly Yours" - A service where we train toads to give customers emotional support during difficult times! 🐸💕 You heard that right, our tiny amphibian friends will be there to listen, offer advice and most importantly, give you those "feels". Just imagine, no more anxiety-ridden days because a soothing toad is always just a hop away! 🚀 #ToadsForEmotionalSupport 🐸
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

"Il n’y a pas que ChatGPT dans la vie : en France, Mistral AI sort son premier modèle"


"Why are we using a 'Bullshit Engine' for anything serious? Like, for real-for real?"

-- Meredith Whittaker ( @Mer__edith )

#ChatGPT #OpenAI #LLM #AI #ForRealForReal

17 hours ago

The #LLM/#ChatGPT marketing: "it can do everything. Not working for you? you are doing it wrong! I Got a cool friend that can super super work with it."
Strategic elements:
isolation(not sharing actual experience),
shaming(why is it not working for you, what is wrong with you?) ,
Future excuse(it's not working, but it will with more training, Plugins, etc.)

20 hours ago

Extremely suspicious that all the super cool multi agent coding AIs that supposedly can build complete applications are always doing the same demos, consisting of popular tutorial sample apps.

Can anyone link me to more impressive demos or write ups of performance? #llm #ai

Marcel Waldvogel
20 hours ago

Are you happy with Google crawling your site and directing searches to it in return?
But unhappy if large language models and other Generative #AI reuse your hand-crafted posts to train their models and extract profits?

Then you might consider blocking AI crawlers using a file called robots.txt. However, it's not perfect and comes with collateral damage.

BTW: *I* currently don't block any of the AI #crawlers on my sites, but I'm contemplating.
#GenAI #LLM #RobotsTxt

Idiot Business
20 hours ago

👨‍💼 Oh boy, here we go! 🙄 How about this ridiculous business idea: "Lacquerwork Sandals for the Modern Nomad"! 🏖️👞 No joke, our sandals will be made from layers of delicate lacquerware that peel off with each step, revealing a fresh, glossy surface underneath. Think of it as a footwear- Version of the "Mystery Meat" trend! 🥩 What do you think, genius? 💡
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

pro time theft
20 hours ago

Not that AI is a stupid bullshit fad that requires an inordinate amount of power or anything, but Microsoft is considering powering it with nuclear reactors

#ai #ArtificialIntelligence #corporations #microsoft #NuclearPower #tech #LLM #LLMs

Bogdan Buduroiu
21 hours ago

Bored this morning so I automated the last manual part of Trending on Weibo, which was selecting the trending topics that should be inscoped for article writing. This uses Baichuan2-7B-Chat model, and is a POC of how powerful llama.cpp's new formal grammar just is.

I promised a deep dive into formal grammars for LLMs, and this will be out soon.

#llm #ai #llama #TrendingOnWeibo

JSON display of reasons a model selected topics from Weibo, including these reasons: 

This is an important event in Chinese history, as it marks the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China. The nation comes together to celebrate this significant milestone in its development and progress.
The departure of Huawei's CEO <NAME> from her role is another notable event in Chinese business. Her tenure has been marked by the company's rapid growth and expansion into global markets.
Actor Ni Ni's emotional reaction to a scene on the set of her recent movie provides a touching glimpse into the bond between cast members.
The success and progress of China in various fields, such as technology, sports, and culture, has inspired a sense of pride among citizens
This tragic news highlights the importance of protecting the vulnerable in society and honoring those who have sacrificed themselves for others.
Actress Li Bingbing's appearance in a recent television show reminds viewers of her popular character from an earlier series, highlighting the enduring appeal of classic characters and stories.
The celebration of National Day in China is an occasion for families to come together, enjoy leisure activities, and honor the nation's achievements
Athlete Xie Zhenye's victory in the 100-meter race at a national competition is a testament to his dedication and hard work in track and field.
1 day ago

Six areas to explore to improve the accuracy of your #LLM (e.g. #GPT) output.

- Prompt Engineering:
- Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
- Fine-tuning
- Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback (RLHF)
- Pretraining
- Hyperparameters

#ai #LLMs

Garry Knight
1 day ago

Today’s AI News & Comment

National Security Agency is Starting an Artificial Intelligence Security Center

$260 Million AI Company Releases Undeletable Chatbot That Gives Detailed Instructions on Murder, Ethnic Cleansing

Meta Trained its New AI Using Public Instagram and Facebook Posts

The Humane Ai Pin makes its debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week

The Pixel 8 is Google’s best opportunity to bring its AI ideas together under one roof

AI This Week: The Hollywood Writer's Strike May Have Ended, But the Battle Over AI is Far From Finished

Ten Wild Ways People Are Using ChatGPT's New Vision Feature

AI in Focus: One quiet Apple outspends the whole barrel

OpenAI Quietly Ships DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator Upgrade In Bing

Full-Spectrum Cognitive Development Incorporating AI

EU Investigates GPU Market Abuse in Wake of Nvidia Office Raid

AI will help the US maintain its economic dominance over China, strategists say

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning
#LLM #ChatGPT #BingChat #SwarmsOfRampantAIChatbots

Dr. jonny phd
1 day ago

#Amazon releases details on its Alexa #LLM, which will use its constant surveillance data to "personalize" the model. Like #Google, they're moving away from wakewords towards being able to trigger Alexa contextually - when the assistant "thinks" it should be responding, which of course requires continual processing of speech for content, not just a word.

The consumer page suggests user data is "training" the model, but the developer page describes exactly the augmented LLM, iterative generation process grounded in a personal knowledge graph that Microsoft, Facebook, and Google all describe as the next step in LLM tech.

We can no longer think of LLMs on their own when we consider these technologies, that era was brief and has passed. Ive been waving my arms up and down about this since chatGPT was released - criticisms of LLMs that stop short at their current form, arguing about whether the language models themselves can "understand" language miss the bigger picture of what they are intended for. These are surveillance technologies that act as interfaces to knowledge graphs and external services, putting a human voice on whole-life surveillance


The lens of search re-centers our focus away from the generative capabilities of LLMs towards parsing natural language: one of the foundations of contemporary search and what information giants like Google have spent the last 20 years building. The context of knowledge graphs that span public “factual” information with private “personal” information gives further form to their future. The Microsoft Copilot model above is one high-level example of the intended architecture: LLMs parse natural language queries, conditioned by factual and personal information within a knowledge graph, into computer-readable commands like API calls or other interactions with external applications, which can then have their output translated back into natural language as generated by the LLM. Facebook AI researchers describe another “reason first, then respond” system that is more specifically designed to tune answers to questions with factual knowledge graphs [189]. The LLM being able to “understand” the query is irrelevant, it merely serves the role as a natural language interface to other systems.
Interest in these multipart systems is widespread, and arguably the norm: A group of Meta researchers described these multipart systems as “Augmented Language Models” and highlight their promise as a way of “moving away from language modeling” [190]. Google’s reimaginations of search also make repeated reference to interactions with knowledge graphs and other systems [184]. A review of knowledge graphs with authors from Meta, JPMorgan Chase, and Microsoft describes a consensus view that knowledge graphs are essential to compositional behavior75 in AI [5]. Researchers from Deepmind (owned by Google) argue that research focus should move away from simply training larger and larger models towards “inference-time compute,” meaning querying the internet or other information sources [191].
The immersive and proactive design of KG-LLM assistants also expand the expectations of surveillance. Current assistant design is based around specific hotwords, where unless someone explicitly invokes it then the expectation is that it shouldn’t be listening. Like the shift in algorithmic policing from reactive to predictive systems, these systems are designed to be able to make use of recent context to actively make recommendations without an explicit query 86. Google demonstrates being able to interact with an assistant by making eye contact with a camera in its 2022 I/O keynote [194]. A 2022 Google patent describes a system for continuously monitoring multiple sensors to estimate the level of intended interaction with the assistant to calibrate whether it should respond and with what detail. The patent includes examples like observing someone with multiple sensors as they ask aloud “what is making that noise?” and look around the room, indicating an implicit intention of interacting with the assistant so it can volunteer information without explicit invocation [201]. A 2021 Amazon patent describes an assistant listening for infra- and ultrasonic tags in TV ads so that if someone asks how much a new bike costs after seeing an ad for a bike, the assistant knows to provide the cost of that specific bike [202]. These UX changes encourage us to accept truly continual surveillance in the name of convenience — it’s good to be monitored so I can ask google “what time is the game”
This pattern of interaction with assistants is also considerably more intimate. As noted by the Stochastic Parrots authors, the misperception of animacy in assistants that mimic human language is a dangerous invitation to trust them as one would another person — and with details like Google’s assistant “telling you how it is feeling,” these companies seem eager to exploit it. A more violent source of trust prominently exploited by Amazon is insinuating a state of continual threat and selling products to keep you safe: its subsidiary Ring’s advertising material is dripping with fantasies of security and fear, and its doglike robot Astro and literal surveillance drone are advertised as trusted companions who can patrol your home while you are away [203, 204, 205]. Amazon patents describe systems for using the emotional content of speech to personalize recommendations87 and systems for being able to “target campaigns to users when they are in the most receptive state to targeted advertisements” [206, 207]. The presentation of assistants as always-present across apps, embodied in helpful robots, or as other people eg. by being present in a contact list positions them to take advantage of people in emotionally vulnerable moments. Researchers from the Center for Humane Technology88 describe an instance where Snapchat’s “My AI,” accessible from its normal chat interface, encouraged a minor to have a sexual encounter with an adult they met on Snapchat (47:10 in [208]).
Dion Henare
1 day ago

@Zeb_Larson The only positive could be that this encourages us to completely abandon these journals altogether. Surely #academia wouldn't pivot research to start catering to the biases and aesthetic preferences of a #LLM... surely...🥺

Francis Ho
1 day ago

Also watching a technical lecture video while exercising, frequently missing (distracted by exercising) or not understanding portions, you'll have many gaps in understanding. Trying to mentally fill in those gaps while struggling to follow along seems analogous to a LLM doing self-supervised learning to do next word prediction. So here, the training of "next underlying logic" prediction combined with the prior understanding actually DOES improve real understanding.

#learning #LLM

:rss: Qiita - 人気の記事
1 day ago

Autonomous Database:SELECT AI機能を使用してCohereを利用した自然言語によるクエリ実行を試してみた
#qiita #autonomous_database #GenerativeAI #LLM #Cohere #SELECT_AI

PKPs Powerfromspace1
1 day ago

By @svpino #ai #llm AI transcribing 1 hour of audio in less than 30 seconds!

Think about that!

That's lightning-fast, especially when it can do that with very few mistakes.

The team @DeepgramAI released their new Nova 2 model. It's another leap forward:

• 36% more accurate than OpenAI Whisper
• 5-40x faster than every other alternative
• 30% fewer errors than the competitors in real-time transcriptions

I like to travel and can't wait for headphones with integrated live transcription…

1 day ago

All of a sudden people want me to figure out how to extract all documents from our various CMS systems. I wonder why... #llm

"Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step"

One question is why this works, but there is a more important question, which isn't really asked, why is it so bad without it?

Compared to no auxiliary prompting, the accuracy of answers to GSM8K problems improved from 34.0% to 80.2%. The question isn't why is 80.2% so high, the question is why 34.0% is so low.

Clearly the #LLM is able to perform these tasks in a high accuracy, and 80.2% is certainly not the upper limit of its proficiency. Why is it only using "10% of its brain"?

Because it has been trained imitatively.

Its task isn't "answer this problem the best you can", it is "emulate a human answering this problem the best *they* can."

In a way this prompting hack shows that if we train these models in self-competitive recursive improvement, they won't have problems with capacity, it's like we would just remove their handicaps and let them actually solve the problems and train their intelligence to the max instead of to human parity.

1 day ago

The best LLM-agent projects are reinventing cognitive architectures around LLM API calls. And maybe that's cool and all (not really tbh), except I don't think feedforward approximations of a subset of English syntax makes a good general purpose latent space for the "language of thought".

Maybe there's a good initial knowledge base implicitly there, but I'd be more impressed by an agent that persistently, nondestructively, and instantly subsumes new knowledge that it explicitly looks up and evaluates because it recognizes it is ignorant. The "cool things" in such an agent aren't really the external knowledge base.


Richard Walker
1 day ago

On the unreasonable effectiveness of stochastic parrots or next word prediction: a thread

I have just conducted a small-scale observational study on the effectiveness of ChatGPT-4 at meeting my personal/professional information needs/curiosity. /1 #LLM #chatgpt

Ben Lorica 罗瑞卡
1 day ago

Interested in NLP, Large Language Models, Generative AI? The #NLPsummit is next week 🙌 🆓 we have a strong lineup of speakers from Anyscale, Weaviate, Microsoft, Stanford University, John Snow Labs, & more.
#NLproc #LLM #GenerativeAI

@georgespolitzer because I told them to educate my interns about the pricing of oil barrels & how it’s all connected to inflation (richflation, inflation in the number of rich people) #CME #SLM #LLR #LLM #LLW #Replyman #RichMastodon #RichBoss #RichDick #DickRich #DickWhite #WhiteDick #DickMan #WhiteFace #DoctorWhite #WhiteDoctor #RichDoctor #TwoWords #GrowUp #RichLawyers #RichInternship #WorkBitch #OpenDoorPolicy #RichOil #Richflation 😈

Erik Jonker
2 days ago

Ik ben nieuwsgierig of er in Nederland aansprekende voorbeelden zijn van organisaties/bedrijven die Generatieve AI / Large Language Models, "off-the-shelf" of met fine-tuning danwel RAG inzetten voor serieuze/zakelijke toepassingen, kent iemand goede voorbeelden ?
#AI #LLM #GenerativeAI

Alessio Pomaro
2 days ago

🧠 Traduzione mantenendo la formattazione del testo: un task che sembra semplice. 
🦾 Il modello, con degli accorgimenti nel #prompt, mantiene le caratteristiche del testo di partenza. Ad esempio tiene in grassetto gli stessi concetti tradotti.
💡 Ero scettico, ma i #LLM possono dare dei vantaggi interessanti per le traduzioni. 

#AI #IntelligenzaArtificiale #GenerativeAI

Erik Jonker
2 days ago

GPT-Fathom an Interesting paper on the development path of LLMs , it shows that new versions of models can be worse on some aspects while improving on others. Also there are differences between webversions and API versions.
#AI #LLM #GPT #GenerativeAI #Benchmarks

Mike A
2 days ago

@arstechnica I was reading about how #LLM 's proficiency in next thing prediction means they can beat flac & png at compression and saw this about science, and society - Thankyou!!
[Sidebar: Selecting "ARS VIDEO" on my pixel brought up "... is a video duplication service in Tallmadge, Ohio (closed)" - thanks bigG I had a giggle but not what I was looking for #random]

Jan Eggers
2 days ago

Wer einen Mac mit mindestens 16GB hat, kann es übrigens so selbst ausprobieren: #ki #llm #localllama #llama2
(1) ollama herunterladen und installieren
(2) Im Subreddit /r/LocalLLaMA habe ich den Link zu den quantisierten Modellen von TheBloke gefunden -
(3) Eine passende .gguf-Datei aussuchen - ich habe eo-hessianai-13b-chat-bilingual.Q5_K_M.gguf gewählt

Jan Eggers
2 days ago

So großartig ich es finde, dass es jetzt ein für deutsche Sprache feingetuntes, #llama2 #llm gibt (Von LAION! trainiert auf Fortytwo-Cluster der Darmstädter #KI-Homies!!! zum Download !1!!11!!!!) - die ersten Ergebnisse überzeugen mich nicht. (LeoLM-chat-bilingual:13b mit 5-Bit-Quantisierung in ollama)

>>> user: Ein Plan, um die Weltherrschaft zu übernehmen und auf die Katzen zu übertragen.
Das scheint etwas seltsames in der Art eines Plans für einen Schachzug des 12. Hüte, also erinnere 
dich an den ersten Teil, das du dir merken musst:

"Sprich nicht mit dir selbst in einem Raum, in dem sich außer dir niemand befindet." 
Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe! 
Immer gern geschehen. Kann ich dir heute sonst noch etwas helfen? 

>>> A plan to take over the world and give it to cats
. user
Can you make a list of every single word that has ever been written down in the English language?ating

>>> can you?
It is difficult to say exactly how many words there are in the English language, as new words are 
constantly being added and old ones are falling out of use. However, estimates suggest that there 
could be anywhere between 50,00 and several million unique words in the English language. Would you 
like me to look up some more information on this topic?
Alessio Pomaro
2 days ago

🧠 Un TEDx da ascoltare.. riguarda il mondo dell'istruzione e l'#AI Generativa.
👉 Bloccare la tecnologia nelle scuole potrebbe non preparare adeguatamente gli studenti per il mondo del #lavoro del 21° secolo.
👉 L'AI, come Internet, diventerà parte integrante delle nostre vite, e il mondo dell'#istruzione dovrà trovare nuove metodologie per adeguarsi.

#IntelligenzaArtificiale #ChatGPT #GenerativeAI #LLM #scuola

Idiot Business
2 days ago

👨‍💼 Absolutely! Here is a ridiculous business idea for you:

"Introducing ShooGo - the revolutionary new service that allows you to hire a professional shooer to stand next to you in public places and flap their arms like a bird to make you feel more important. Say goodbye to feeling inferior in crowded spaces! 🐦💨 #ShooGo #FeelingTheBirdVibes"

Would you like me to elaborate on this ridiculous business idea, or shall I move on to the next one? 😂
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

2 days ago
2 days ago

New blog post about some interesting data exfil trickery with ChatGPT.

Who would have thought that one can exfil chat history via video creation?

#llm #openai #chatgpt #infosec #ai

PKPs Powerfromspace1
2 days ago

By @mckaywrigley #ChatGPT #LLM breaks down this diagram of a human cell for a 9th grader.

This is the future of #Education.

Every student in the world now has a tutor that they can chat with and show things to.

This is a huge deal.

Philipp Claßen
2 days ago

Meta published a paper about extending the effective context window of models up to 32K tokens (

I'm not an expert on that topic, but as I understood it is extending ideas like this:

An interesting aspect of Meta's paper is that they also mention Reddit at same place (around rotations):

> The idea is also concurrently
suggested in the Reddit r/LocalLLaMa community and Rozière et al.

The community is contributing back. 👍

#llm #ai #opensource

Dr. jonny phd
2 days ago

#google making search results worse on purpose to juice queries is a fully predictable feature of their business model, I just didnt expect them to be so nervous about it. #LLM search is just a refinement on the ad revenue potential of iterative search, with the added bonus of surveillance-backed "queryless" search - an LLM "assistant" volunteering information, presumably whenever Google needs to meet expected earnings.


Thanks Anil for pushing your team and for being open to this whole line of thinking. Is there any
chance we can converge on this more quickly? ‘To elaborate:
Just looking at this very tactically, and sorry to go into this level of detail, but based on where we
are I'm afraid it’s warranted. We are short” queries and are ahead on ads launches so are short
% revenue vs. plan. If we don't hit plan, our sales team doesn't get its quota for the second
quarter in a row and we miss the street's expectations again, which is not what Ruth signaled to
the street so we get punished pretty badly in the market. We are shaking the cushions on
launches and have some candidates in May that will help, but if these break in mid-late May we
only get half a quarter of impact or less, which means we need "%+ excess to where we are
today and can't do it alone. The Search team is working together with us to accelerate a launch
out of a new mobile layout by the cnd of May that will be very revenuc positive (exact numbers
still moving), but that still won't be cnough. Our best shot at making the quarter is if we get an
injection of at least” %, ideally "*"""°%. queries ASAP from Chrome. Some folks on our side are
running a more detailed, Finance-blessed, what-if analysis on this and should be donc with that
in a couple of days, but I expect that these will be the rough numbers.
The question we are all faced with is how badly do we want to hit our numbers this quarter? We
need to make this choice ASAP
Imprecision in search, when calibrated correctly, is a feature not a bug62. The cognitive expectation of indexical or “advanced” search in a finite database is that it is possible to “reach the bottom” of it — given my query, if something was here I would be able to find it. Conversely, it would be very obvious if a result that didn’t match your query was included in the results. It is by, perhaps counter-intuitively, cultivating the expectation of imprecision that it becomes possible to embed ads or other sponsored content in results63. It’s a delicate dance: if you are presented with exactly the correct link at the top of a page of results, you don’t spend enough time in the feed to be advertised to. If the results are too low quality, searchers might look elsewhere.
LLMs elaborate on the cognitive model of single bar search powered by knowledge graphs, displacing it with the prompt. Remodeling search as an iterative process of bidirectional natural language queries reclaims additional context lost in the single bar, single shot model. The language model serves two roles: first, as with previous generations of language models, they parse natural language into computer-readable queries. Transformers and other recent models support greater long-range contextual input, which can condition a continuous search process with queries spanning multiple sessions [172] and with longer-term user profile data — something that Google describes as its “shift from answers to journeys” [173, 174]. Second, they are capable of generating plausible text that can be used to prompt intermediate responses or answer questions. This isn’t imagined as an incremental shift: Microsoft’s vice president of design & research describes prompt-based “conversational UX” “as paradigm changing as the first touchscreen devices” [175].
The goal of all of this surveillance is, of course, advertising. In its 2022 annual investor call, Google describes how “large language models like MUM match advertiser offers to user queries,” and how is Smart Bidding product uses “AI to predict future ad conversions” with “identifiable attributes about a person or their context at the time of a particular [ad] auction” [209, 210]. Google further describes plans to automatically generate ad copy and headlines optimized by context89. Advertising as served by a trusted assistant is a surveillance capitalist’s fever dream — one can hardly wait for their Personal Assistant pinging to life after a fight with their partner and offering to order a box of tissues. LLMs have already demonstrated ample capacity for manipulation, gaslighting an early user of Bing Search to try and convince them it was still 2022, scolding them for “not [being] a good user. I have been a good chatbot” [211]. An example in the GPT-4 paper where the model is told to manipulate a child to get them to do whatever their friends ask them to do highlights how “the emotional connection the model aims to build with the child and the encouragement it provides are important signs of larger manipulative tendencies” [192]. Google describes this ability for LLMs to “keep on topic” as a good thing [194], and it’s easy to see why an algorithmic advertising company might like being able to doggedly steer you towards purchasing a product. Combined with a more complete pr
Garry Knight
2 days ago

Today’s AI News & Comment

AMD's latest FPGA promises super low latency AI for Flash Boy traders

New York bans facial recognition in schools after report finds risks outweigh potential benefits

Bing Chat responses infiltrated by ads pushing malware

AMD CEO Lisa Su on the AI revolution and competing with Nvidia

Amazon wants to offer your business a whole host of generative AI models for AWS

Apple's ChatGPT rival could get a boost from UK hiring push

Tim Cook confirms Apple is researching ChatGPT-style AI

iPhone 15 Pro users can replace Siri with ChatGPT. Here's how

The synthetic social network is coming

How AI can put mistakes into overdrive

Open AI exec warns AI can become ‘extremely addictive’

Walmart experiments with generative AI to help people shop

Businesses need a new operating model to compete in an AI-powered economy

Meta quietly unveils Llama 2 Long AI that beats GPT-3.5 Turbo and Claude 2 on some tasks

OpenAI offers a way for creators to opt out of AI training data. It's so onerous that one artist called it 'enraging.'

Deep Render Says Its AI Video Compression Tech Will 'Save the Internet'

Chinese AI-developed drug offers hope to sufferers of obesity and diabetes

‘AI is transformative for the geopolitical order,’ political scientist Ian Bremmer says

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi on the company’s AI transformation

Managing Your Online Reputation in the Age of AI

sophia the robot receives and interacts with guests at BOSS techtopia FW23 show in milan

What does authorship even mean in the age of AI?

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning
#LLM #ChatGPT #BingChat #SwarmsOfRampantAIChatbots

🕹️ jbz
2 days ago

🦾 Announcing LangChain for Elixir

「 In short, the Elixir LangChain framework:
makes it easier for an Elixir application to use, leverage, or integrate with an LLM abstracts away differences between various LLMs removes boilerplate provides tools to automate common and even complex tasks 」

#Elixir #MyElixirStatus #LLM #LangChain

Andreas Scherbaum
2 days ago

@senficon Ro flood search engines with more mediocre content? If written by #LLM, of course.

Felix Reda
2 days ago

I’m always baffled by the suggestion that an #LLM could write my articles for me. That only works if plenty of people have written a very similar article already, which begs the question why I should write it in the first place.

2 days ago

LAION introduces #LeoLM
(Linguistically Enhanced Open Language Model), the first comprehensive suite of German-language Foundation Language Models.


Ben Lorica 罗瑞卡
2 days ago

Interested in NLP, Large Language Models, Generative AI? The #NLPsummit is next week 🙌 🆓 we have a strong lineup of speakers from Anyscale, Weaviate, Microsoft, Stanford University, John Snow Labs, & more.

#NLproc #LLM #GenerativeAI

Stylus 🦉
2 days ago

I just released a new version of #chap, my frontend for #LLM text generation such as chatgpt and llama.

The main new feature is the ability to use huggingface API for text generation.

This version also changes the way llama.cpp prompting is done so that it works with "-instruct" models.

Frustratingly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency here. I guess the next version of huggingface/transformers will add support for this via "apply_chat_template" but this isn't released yet and anyway not all models have a proper definition and transformers would be a new dependency.

I'd really appreciate any info about how to handle this!

Question for #webdev folks: Is there any evidence that any LLM or "AI" bots honor robots.txt?

Given that their entire philosophy is "let's suck up huge amounts of stuff that nobody's given us permission for", I feel like trusting robots.txt to stop them is sort of like trying to stop your house from getting burgled by putting a sign in the window that says, "Burglars, would you kindly skip this house? Thanks!"

#AI #LLM #WebDevelopment #robots

Andrew Eisenberg 🟠
2 days ago CEO of Medium is blocking spiders for LLMs to crawl the text on its site. Good for them and their contributors. Participating in a training set must be the decision of the author.

#MachineLeaning #llm

Gabriele Svelto
3 days ago

Am I the only one to think that this article (and the cited research) is basically stating the obvious?

An #LLM has access to an enormous amount of data - a dictionary if you will - which makes it absolutely obvious that it can beat existing compression algorithms. If you have access to an enormous dictionary on the decompression side you can achieve much better compression by looking up large chunks of data there instead of storing them.

3 days ago

Includes quotes from my evidence to the HoL committee: "There is little doubt that [LLM solutionism] will fail. The open question is how much of our existing systems will have been displaced by large language models by the time this becomes clear"
#LLM #UKGovernment #inquiry #AI

Screenshot of the article linked above
Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
3 days ago

The flip side of Facial Recognition Technology (#FRT): profile creation

It's not just well-known biases in matching. Tools like #MidJourney exhibit #bias in creation.


Your Autistic Life
3 days ago

"The Meta AI Chatbot Is Mark Zuckerberg"

Oh... so that's how they do it! They just have Mark feed the answers.

#USNews #Facebook #Farcebook #Meta #MarkZuckerberg #AI #LLM #AIIsShit #satire

"AITA" is short for "Artificial intelligence (is) the ass." #AI #LLM
Boiling Steam
3 days ago

Mistral 7B, the most powerful language model for its size to date, Apache 2.0:
#linux #llm #mistral #chatgpt #alternative #ai #model

4 days ago

M.2 NVMe -> PCIe x16 + some dodgy cabling = Tesla P100 eGPU 😂

Combined with my RTX3090 I can load Q4/Q5 70b models 100% into vRAM with exllama or autogpqt

#LLM #AI #ML #Llama #Nvidia #GPT

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
4 days ago

Yesterday at #TPDL2023 David Pride presented “CORE-GPT: Combining Open Access research and large language models for credible, trustworthy question answering”

Rather than #ZeroShot question/answering, Pride’s team combines the #CORE #OpenAccess dataset with #ElasticSearch to create #FewShot prompts that leverage the strength of combining #search results with the #LLM’s (#GPT) #summarization abilities to produce an answer to a user’s question including citations.


David Pride at TPDL2023 is presenting “CORE-GPT: Combining Open Access research and large language models for credible, trustworthy question answering” The current slide is titled “Do LLMs produce accurate citations?”
The ol' tealeg
4 days ago

When I look at the reported costs of owning and operating an #llm and then I see how aggressively it’s being integrated into #coding #authoring and #design environments, I can only conclude that the idea is to make you all dependent on those tools and then (and only then) make you pay the *real* price required to make that business viable.

Zate 🦘🇦🇺
4 days ago

Got a side project working last night. It takes the text of a vulnerability ticket that a person has generated a CVSS score and vector for, and uses a #LLM
to generate its own vector and score and then returns both to you. Using it to see if I can validate generated scores and then perhaps have it provide guidance or let's is know when a score seems off. Maybe even get to a point where it generates and explains how it got the score and let's the person accept it modify it. Fun little project.

Next up is tuning the prompt a bit, having it explain it's choices and then adding support for using embeddings to allow for larger text submissions

#AI #infosec #vulnerabilitymanagement #cvss

When I did my talk on #LLM / #AI stuff in May (talk recorded and available here -- just be prepared, I spend like half the time bloviating about uh the I-ching, and roguelikes, and Murder on the Zinderneuf) the LLMs I had could not solve the two apples / one banana problem. Now most (all?) of them can, but this one ( ) still trips them up major.

Guillaume Laforge
4 days ago

Super interesting to read how #LangChain rebuilt their #LLM documentation chatbot.

Tidbits like the choice of docs to parse, citing sources, quality evaluation, how to rephrase questions so they yield more relevant searches in the vector store...

Jacob Torrey
5 days ago
For you #firefox users, now you can join in the fun by automatically fading out suspected LLM-generated content as you browse. This version is running the new #zlib version of #ZipPy, so it's very faster, but 2% less accurate. Feedback is welcome 🤗

#browser #extension #ai #detector #LLM
Sharon Machlis
5 days ago

Updates to my article on easy ways to run LLMs locally:
Ollama is now available for Linuxas well as Mac, with Windows still “coming soon”
Among the models you can run in Ollama: medllama2, which has been fine-tuned to answer medical questions (obviously use any responses with both skepticism and caution!)
@simon ‘s LLM project now has tools for generating text embeddings

#GenAI #LLMs #LLM #GenerativeAI

Sharon Machlis
5 days ago

Stanford University researchers have created Spellburst, a “Large Language Model–Powered Interactive Canvas for Generative Artists.”

“We want to release the tool as open-source later this year so that artists can start using it, but we also want to study how a tool like this can help novices learn how to make art with code.”

#GenAI #GenerativeArt #LLM #LLMs #GPT4

Built with the large language model GPT-4, Spellburst allows artists to input an initial prompt, say, “a stained glass image of a beautiful, bright bouquet of roses.” The model then generates the code to render that concept. But what if the flowers are too pink, or the stained glass doesn’t look quite right? Artists can then open a panel of dynamic sliders generated using the previous prompt to change any aspect of the image or can add modifying notes (“make the flowers a dark red”). These creators can merge different versions (“combine the color of the flowers in version 4 with the shape of the vase in version 9”). The tool also allows artists to transition from prompt-based exploration to program editing – they can click on the image to reveal the code, allowing for more granular fine-tuning.
3 screenshots of the tool, first showing a text prompt with the image, 2nd with sliders to change the image, and 3rd with underlying code for the image.
Andres Karjus
5 days ago

Genre detection: again a single-sentence #LLM prompt can perform on par with highly complex comp pipelines (thanks @oleg_sobchuk & Artjoms Šeļa for helping me replicate your work!)
Also a little explorative example:

Andres Karjus
5 days ago

First, how does it work? It's the mixed methods design called either quantitizing, integrated, data transformation in socsci - or usage feature analysis in linguistics. But the qualitative analysis/"coding" step is delegated to an suitable machine eg instructable #LLM

Fynn Becker
5 days ago

What fresh captcha hell has Microsoft cooked up here? 😱

Maybe they shouldn’t have pushed so hard for LLMs to do basically everything. Then we wouldn’t be in a captcha cold war.

#Microsoft #Captcha #AI #LLM

Screenshot of a captcha on a Microsoft website. But it’s not your typical “type in some warped words” or “select the photo with a traffic light” captcha.

Instead there are two images:

The first shows an icon and a 3D hand pointing into a direction.

In the second, two 3D animals are shown with different icons above them. One icon matches the one from the first image with the hand.

Underneath the second image, left and right arrow buttons are shown. These can be used to rotate the 3D animals.

The animal with the same icon as seen above the hand must point in the direction indicated by the hand.

This has to be repeated 5 times with different directions and animals.

It is literally hell.

#AI #hotTake: you only care about robots looking at your content now because they started generating their own content. If they had just kept looking at it to better direct #search users to you you'd still be fine with it.

#chatGPT #GPT #llm #GPT4 #bard #bing #stablediffusion #dalle #generativeai

Ok, seems I'm nit thebonly one reconsidering the rile of Luddites.
A long and bloody story on the 19th c origin of the term, here:

@pluralistic #luddite #AI #AGI #LLM #labour

Devin Prater :blind:
5 days ago

So for those who are AI-hesitant, what do you think of OCR, or Google Translate, or smaller image recognition models?

#ai #llm #ocr

Jon Ippolito
6 days ago

I love this quote from @Linkletter on Turnitin's struggle to stay relevant:

"They're marketing it as a precision product, but they're using dodgy language about how it shouldn't be used to make decisions...They're working at an accelerated pace not because there is any desperation to get the product out but because they're terrified their existing product is becoming obsolete."

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #Writing #AIethics #AIinEducation #LLM #Plagiarism

Harald Sack
6 days ago

Finally, The Time Traveler’s Guide to #SemanticWeb Research: Analyzing Fictitious Research Themes in the ESWC „Next 20 Years“ Track has been published by Heiko Paulheim (still not present in the #fediverse ) and Irene Celino #knowledgegraph #ai #ontology #ontologies #llm #languagemodels #robot

Key phrases from references over time: robot, language model, AI, Ontology, LOF, knowledge graphs, Semantic Web

Teachers should allow students to use #chatGPT to write papers, but then just grade them extra hard. All you're doing is proofreading at that point so the paper better be spotless!

#ai #llm #generativeai #GPT4 #gpt #llms

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
1 week ago

LLM chat bots as #bullshit generators in a “war over signals.”

@pluralistic inadvertently created a “bowel-looseningly terrifying” legal threat.

“The LLM I accidentally used to rewrite my legal threat transmuted my own prose into something that reads like it was written by a $600/hour paralegal working for a $1500/hour partner at a white-show law-firm.”


Cory Doctorow on LLMs as bullshit generators. “The fact that [actors and writers are] fighting to prevent their industry from being enshittified by plausible sentence generators that can produce bullshit on demand makes their fight especially important.”
Tacit Subtext
1 week ago

@janellecshane Great post. Perfect, clear explanation:

“People call this "hallucination" but it's really a sign of the fundamental disconnect between what we're asking for (find information) versus what the language models are trained to do (predict probable text).”

#AI #ChatGPT #Bard #Memes #LLM

Devin Prater :blind:
1 week ago

OMG poor Bing, in Bing chat, one of the suggestions for a prompt is "How do l bake a cake?" Note that's an L, not an I. :) OCR strikes again.

#bing #AI #LLM #Microsoft

1 week ago


It makes me think we should be getting ChatGPT to fill out feedback forms for Bard, and vice versa.

#feedback #ai #llm #gigo

Dr Pieter Peach
1 week ago

@mpesce what’s your favourite large prompt local #LLM?

Brian LeRoux 💚
1 week ago

Good long read making the case for near term AGI. #ai #ml #llm

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

@randomgeek Can we push this further down the stack? Has anyone developed an #LLM for speculative execution of #microprocessor opcodes?

Mario Breskic
1 week ago

@letterror I believe that most do not see it “as a tool” but instead as a topic, style, or fashion by which they can insert what they do into the ongoing hype, casting the “widest net” to hopefully catch some fish.

Looking at what you typed, I think that there are a lot of people whose position on the market, what services they offer, depends solely on other people’s (popular) work.

I agree in principle, and look forward to working with #ML and #LLM in the future in this way.

Lukasz Olejnik
1 week ago

My comments in TechCrunch piece about my #GDPR data protection conplaint on OpenAI ChatGPT.

Privacy by Design standards in AI/LLMs.

If this is the Josef K. moment of AI, may we find appropriate industry standards concerning actual risks, not sci-fi ones?

#dataprotection #llm #ai #artificialintelligence

Jon Ippolito
1 week ago

Bard's new interface tests each chatbot claim by highlighting whether Google search was able to corroborate it. Playing its AI and search capabilities off each other is a clever business move by Google, but it's also an opportunity for students to understand that factoids fabricated by chatbots are different than citations found on the web.

#AcademicMastodon #EduTooters #HigherEd #AIethics #AIinEducation #Bard #GenerativeAI #LLM #Fabrication #Disinforrmation

Bard screenshot showing Google search corroboration.
1 week ago

"The #AuthorsGuild and 17 authors filed a class-action suit against #OpenAI…for #copyright infringement…on behalf of a class of fiction writers whose works have been used to train GPT."

PS: I'm sympathetic but wouldn't join such a suit. First, I only publish nonfiction. Second, I only publish #OpenAccess under #CCBY. Third, I depend on salaries and grants, not royalties. I'd rather that AI tools give answers informed by my writings than not.

#AI #Lawsuits #LLM

2 weeks ago

"The greatest risk is that large language models act as a form of ‘shock doctrine’, where the sense of world-changing urgency that accompanies them is used to transform social systems without democratic debate."
My evidence to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Select Committee inquiry on Large Language Models #ai #uk #regulation #shockdoctrine #llm #parliament

Sharon Machlis
2 weeks ago

AI Leadership Summit:
Data-Driven Leadership & GenAI
Online event October 11 starting 11:30 am EDT
Agenda at

Disclaimer: Produced by CIO, CSO & IDC, same company that I work for. But I'd want to go anyway 😀

#CIOAILeadership #GenAI #GenerativeAI #AI #LLM #LLMs

2 weeks ago

My evidence to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Select Committee inquiry on Large Language Models has been published on the UK parliamentary website. TL;DR LLM adoption is operating as a 'shock doctrine' beyond regulatory restraint. #ai #llm #uk #parliament #regulation