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2 weeks ago

Martens/Mauer Deposit 10 picked. Not too difficult, but very fun to pick

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“KIK and Mortise Lock Holders for locksport and lockpicking. Designed to make holding cylinders easier while picking.” #locksport #3Dprinting #locks #lockpicking

3 weeks ago

My cup overfloweth...
Cowley Lock on the Grand Union Canal

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Photo of water flowing over the gates of a canal lock
Wayne Moran Photography
3 weeks ago

Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France

A romanic moment along the Seine. Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France


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Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France

A romanic moment along the Seine. Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France


Read more:

#Paris #Locks #Bridge #Seine #France #architecture #fineart #exploremore  #travelphotography #landscapephotography #buyintoart #Ayearforart

@lfisk I found some UCS padlocks on Amazon and am going to order one along with a UCS pinning kit. Is interesting that it uses the P0 keyway which is compatible with / same as AM7, but UCS only has 6 depths. That was apparently deliberate as PAC_PREZ wrote on

”The big reason behind the change in pin heights vs. standard was to get away from a two-bit changeout to insure non-interchange. With typical Master/American/PACLOCK if you want guaranteed non-interchange, then you need to change out two bits. If you do that, then your 8-pin system turns into a 4-pin system (because if you used a #2 in a chamber, then you can't use a #1 or a #3 for your next key code, it needs to be a #4).

We did the math and engineering to see that if we increased the pin height delta but just a bit, then we could guarantee non-key interchange even on a single bit changeout. BUT, we'd lose 2 pins in the process.

Losing 2 pins, though, is way better than losing 4 pins like in the typical Master/American/PACLOCK scenario! So now with the UCS system, we can use all 6 pins with a single bit changeout. That's A LOT more key codes than what you get from the same number of chambers but only 4 pins.”

(Interchange is apparently when you have a master key system but a key works which was not intended/supposed to work; also called incidental or ghost keys.)

#locks #paclock #locksmith #locksport

@lfisk also I found a list of common unrestricted Paclock keys (P0 for cylinder locks, Standard Rekeyable, and UCS; PR1 for Pro series; and M for disc locks) here: - I’ll try to update Lockwiki with this info later. #locks #paclock #locksmith #locksport

Hey @lfisk I added a "Keys and Cylinders" section to the PACLOCK page on Lockwiki, containing a lot of the links we've discussed over the past couple of days. #locks #padlocks #locksport #locksmith #paclock

Trying to understand American lock keys; is this right? AM1=double-sided (wafer?); AM3=standard “American” keyway 5-pin; AM7=6-pin version of AM3; AM4= thinner version of AM3?; AM6=reverse version of AM3?; AM5=doesn’t really exist or is same as AM3?; AM2=doesn’t exist? #locksmith #locks #keys #locksport

3 weeks ago

@Chirael This older article helps a lot. I'd forgotten about scrounging it last year🙄​

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A Paclock repinning kit, apparently without any kind of pin measurements chart 😢 #locks #paclock #locksmith #locksport

This #locksmith Ledger article explains that the normal Paclock repinning method only involves accessing and replacing the bottom pins, which is why their repinning kit (which has no chart/measurement info 😖) only has six bottom pins. #locks #locksmith #locksport

Page preview for Locksmith Ledger article “Re-Pinning with Paclock: It’s a Breeze”

This Reddit post about Paclock #padlock pin measurements has some good info and one of the comments has a link to a good Google sheet spreadsheet on Paclock and many other brands of #locks - #locksmith #locksport #paclock

My attempt to find a Paclock pinning chart led me to better understand why some #locksmith folks don’t carry them; this is the best I could find, still no chart/DSD info. I know why they made the design choices they did but it ends up coming across as very proprietary. #locks #locksport

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4 weeks ago

I was a bit unmotivated after moving, low on energy, but finally picked something new again. Dom ix Teco

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Archus Byte
1 month ago

The size of the #ballard locks always amazes me. It's kind of scary to walk across the far end - especially since they have the door partially open to keep the water out.

#ballard #locks

A large lock emptied with some construction going on

@mcdanlj I think by chamfered you might mean rounded. That’s common but usually only with Kwikset and Kwikset clones, not Yale… but both brands are owned by Assa Abloy so it’s possible newer ones are using Kwikset bottom pins. The way to really tell would be to check a new one of the same model and see if its key has the usual Kwikset wide flat cuts.

As far as the top pins/all/ spools, that is unusual. I’ve seen newer Kwikset locks coming with 2 out of 5 top pins being spools now but 5 seems excessive, especially since having /all/ top pins as spools leads to the cylinder having “slop” (a little bit of turning each way) when it’s in the resting/locked position. Having them /all/ as spools makes me think maybe someone repinned it at some point 🤷‍♂️

#locks #kwikset #yale #lockpicking #locksport

@lfisk yeah that’s an important one, so much so that I actually printed it out and taped it to the pin chart in some of my pin kits; I got that formula (Effective Plug Diameter - Root Depth = Bottom Pin Length) from this Tyler Thomas article 😊 #locksmith #locks #keys #locksport

Page 1 of The National Locksmith “Beginner’s Corner” article by Tyler Thomas titled “Decoding Keys “

I didn’t know there was an “unlocked door” defense but glad they finally closing that loophole 🤡 #locks #cars #theft #california #laws #crime

1 month ago

Écluse de la Grange aux Belles.
Paris, 10eme.

#Photography #Photographie #paris10 #streetart #leChat #ecluse #locks

Ecluse de la Grange aux Belles en train de se vider et sur le mur a droite mur peint a la bombe un chat caption= oeil pour oeil

#theLockpickingLawyer has a #YouTube channel where he picks #locks that viewers send him.

Someone sent him a #lock that was put on his storage unit after he failed to pay.

He spent half the video browbeating about stolen property.

My dude! You teach people #lockpicking, there is basically no moral reason to do that; quit the fucking preaching.

Debra Martz
1 month ago

Brooklyn Bridge Love Locks NY ©Debra Martz These locks dangle from a metal cable that crosses over the vehicular lane below.
My photograph I have enhanced with digital brushes.

#LocksOfLove #LoveLocks #locks #padlocks #love #BrooklynBridge #NYC #BuyIntoArt

A metal cable spans diagonally across the bridge holding padlocks that people have signed with love.  Photo Art by Debra Martz

“3D printed housing to allow someone to turn a Gerda 531z into a cutaway lock” with link to Thingiverse STL: #locks #locksport #lockpicking #3DPrinting

Great write-up of this year’s LockCon in the Netherlands put on by @TOOOL NL! #locks #lockpicking #locksport

LockCon 2023 post on the TOOOL BlackBag website/blog
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1 month ago

Finally! After tree weeks of not giving up and getting better, I've picked the Fichet F3D exterior cylinder

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From James Hardisty snapperjim on birdsite: “Today’s front page [October 18] of the #YorkshirePost a very rare 17th century ‘detector’ #lock is one of the stars of Tennants Auctioneers’ Autumn Fine Sale, which will be held on 11th Nov On offer with an estimate of £7,000-10,000” (auction site is but my privacy settings are preventing any content from showing up) #locks #history #locksport

The cover page of The Yorkshire Post Newspaper for October 18, 2023, which has a photograph of a woman holding up an antique lock, captioned “Rare lock secures auction interest”

One way you know that antique Yale padlock might be legitimately really old: You spray lubricant inside and it comes out dripping black 😂 #locks #locksport #locksmith #graphite

@physsec I like big #locks and I cannot lie

(#locksport and I can’t believe no one else made this comment yet :)

Laux Myth (aka Martin)
2 months ago

This just in. #locks #padlocks
Pitt Rivers Museum papers

About padlocks...
"The word "Pad" is a provincial Norfolk word used for "Pannier" (Halliwell and Skeat)"

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2 months ago

Back home from Lockcon. Amazing event, amazing people. Found some cool stuff, but these Kromer Protectors are my favorite

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Two Kromer Protector safe locks

This was kinda cool, hadn’t seen one of these before and it let me down a little Abloy Classic and Protec rabbit hole 😂 #abloy #locks #locksmith #locksport

A disc gauge with the words Abloy Protec at the bottom, two posts sticking up in the middle, and numbers 1 to 6 in order around the top

New @TOOOL NL video showing a vintage higher-security suitcase used for transporting cash, important documents, etc. might be interesting/cool to some folks. I thought the #locks shown at 1:35 were wafer locks at first but the keys look dimpled to me 😊

New podcast from Uncensored Tactical explaining their new two volume Tactical Lock Picking books, including revisions to TLP v1 and book #2 with new key generation material; also a shoutout/props to @deviantollam at 8:31 #lockpicking #locks #keys

Super excited that our #LockPick Village this year will be hosted by
@LockEx !! All kinds of fun will be had by all! #BSidesChicago #hacking #infosec #infosecurity #locks Join us Friday, Nov 10th at the

For folks who will be at #SAINTCon this is something cool you can look forward to seeing in the #lockpicking village 😊 (from n8tonium in the Lockpickers United discord) #3Dprinting #locks #locksport

#locks #locksport - works for #locksmith too if you replace “lock” with “tool” (especially screwdriver :)

Sweating man meme with question at top “Did you buy another lock today?” and four possible answers below: It was an accident; I’ve had that; I got a deal on it; You look very pretty today
4 months ago

Hey @deviantollam—or anyone else with knowledge on physical security—is there a practical reason to have a lock which can throw three bolts in sequence?

It uses a dimple key and when you turn the key one full rotation the three bolts will throw approximately 1/3rd of the way.

You can take the key out between each turn, so you can leave the bolts in a 1/3 extended state.

There's another thumbturn lock above it which basically does the same thing, meaning you can have 6 bolts all engaged at once.

#locksport #locksmith #locks

Strikeplate shows a normal latch hole, but a triple-size bolt hole.
Profile view of the lock, showing a relatively normal latch it three individual bolts.

🥰 So fulfilling! 🥰 A friend just brought their little daughter over to my place, because she had a journal with a 3 wheel combination lock on it, and she'd forgotten the combo.

I showed her how to decode it, and eventually she got it open! We changed the combo and locked it again so she could practice more.

After a bit, she was asking about other kinds of locks, so I happily brought out an assortment of antique and miniature locks from my collection.

A couple hours later they had to leave, and she was beaming! Today she had picked 2 warded locks, a pair of police cuffs, raked open a 4-pin tumbler, and decoded a combination lock!

I sent her off with a smiley yellow binder clip and a minuscule warded lock to practice on.

They asked to come back next week to learn more. 💜

I feel like the Yoda of lock-sport. 🙂


Update: Friend just texted me to say their daughter is thinking of starting a YouTube channel to document her growth in lock-sport, and wanted advice on gear/setup stuff.


#LockSport #Locks #Adorable #Teaching #LockPicking #Security #Hobbies #GirlPower

9 tiny locks locked to the shackle of a slightly larger tiny lock.
A pink elephant-shaped paperclip and a blue binder clip with a grumpy face on it.

In the right hands, these are powerful tools.
5 months ago

My office is ridiculous sometimes.

They just spent a significant amount of money to upgrade security. New maglocks, cameras, card readers, the works.

And yet the contractors just installed some doors backwards, and you can open them with a credit card.
#security #locks

Cc @SwiftOnSecurity @deviantollam

#LockPickingLawyer talking about why basically all popular #locks are unsafe and thus badly designed. Interesting: producers are well aware of these mistakes but prefer to continue instead of improving:

Special appearance: #MasterLock seems to be particularly bad.


8 months ago

Upside: we can never be locked out of the office. Downside: no one can ever be locked out of the office. #security #PhysicalSecurity #locks

A video of a set of double doors being opened by slipping a piece of cardboard with a notch cut in it through the large gap between them, placing the notch over the latch bolt, and pulling back toward the viewer. This causes the spring behind the bolt to compress and the door opens.
The old one
8 months ago

I need a suggestion for a good cable type lock that is actually secure. Most I see could be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

The cable and one end of it must be smaller than 3/8 inch.

I don't care if its a key or combination style as long as I can feel it's secure and can't easily be cut or broken.

#lock #locksmith #locks #cable #secure #security #safe

@deviantollam @annaliese that did look pretty awesome, and being able to easily take photos or video of the #impressioning process is great too. I really liked how you left the failed attempt to use the Lishi clippers instead of filing, to go down one depth at a time, in the video rather than cutting it. The props to @RubberBanned and @TOOOL were excellent too 👏
#locks #redteam #pentesting #physicalsecurity

11 months ago


We're so sorry we keep delaying this episode, @Sidepocket weekend sucked.

TOMORROW (Jan 9th), 10pm EST, join #DCG201 Co-Founder & #TOOOL member Sidepocket for The Master of Unlocking 🔐 celebrating #NewYear2023 playtesting our ruleset for the #Lockpicking Lawyer Drinking Game! 🍻🥴

Watch in #Twitch, #YouTube, #dLive, @peertube & @torproject:

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Shot glasses with logos from The Sparrows lockpick company branded on them Darius lock driver pins and a sparrows and dog tag in front of an array of alcoholic beverages.
1 year ago

Day 3 of #ArtAdventCalendar. Photo taken using my #GalaxyS22Ultra this morning while on a walk. Pic is of one of the #ElectricityPylons in a field just outside #Kegworth village, on a farm with a path that goes along the #RiverSoar #Canal and past the deeper of the two #Locks in Kegworth. The church spire in the middle distance is of St Andrew’s in Kegworth. Pic is unaltered apart from a crop to make the pylon dominate the right hand side and call attention to the old trailer in the bottom left.

A photograph taken in a field with an old tractor trailer in the bottom left and a huge electricity pylon taking up almost the whole right hand side of the picture. In the distance, looking very small in comparison, is a church tower rising above intervening trees and houses and another pylon. The sky, taking up the top two thirds of the picture and silhouetting the huge pylon, is mostly dark cloud with a band of pale greyish sky.
1 year ago

How nice of them to attach the key to a chain so that nobody can possibly get confused and put it in a more secure location.

#security #locks

Photograph of a locked control panel with the key inserted into the lock and a long chain attaching the key to the wall suchlike that it cannot be removed from the vicinity of the lock.

“To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same”

#lockpicking #programming #realestate #democracy #locks #investing #prochoice #lgbtq supporting

1 year ago

People with knowledge of locks, advice needed.

An elderly relative is thinking about getting a key safe in case someone needs to get in to help them.

How safe are keysafes? This would be mounted on the outside wall near their front door.

I know no solution is perfect, but it would be nice to know roughly how reliable these kinds of things are.

#AskFedi #Locks #Keys #LockPick #LockPicking #Security

2 years ago

I really should've put a few cable ties or something through the whole of that key before letting #BeardGrabber play with this #padlock. 🤦‍♂️😅😖

(It's also why I prefer #locks that need the key to be inserted to actually lock them...)

Tried cutting a copy out of a tin can, but all I got out of that was a small cut. The metal probably was not thick and sturdy enough, or it might also have needed the raised edge on the side. Guess I could look up #lockpicking instructions for a #MasterLock no.130.

Fortunately I should still have some other locks in a storage box, and am not in urgent need for one. :) Might find a spare key too, if I look for it; else I can always cut or file through the key. :)

#parenting #securityFail #dadsOfMastodon

A Master No. 130 padlock, locked with the lock through the key's keyhole.
El Joa
2 years ago


1. ich nehme es als Fehlverhalten war, ja.
2. Wenn ich dazu in Interaktion mit den Menschen treten würde (mach ich bisher nicht), sähe ich es als meine Aufgabe, diese aufzuklären (ja, das kann mensch auch "belehren" nenne)
2.1 Ich sehe das insbesondere als weiße Person, die sich mit (ihrem) #Rassismus beschäftigt als meine Aufgabe, um diese "Last der Erklärung" wenigstens ein mal von Schwarzen Menschen zu nehmen. (Dafür haben #NoahSow, #TupokaOgette und andere #SchwarzeFrauen Bücher geschrieben und mir weiteres Bildungsmaterial zur Verfügung gestellt)

3. Ja, die Flyer-Lösung wäre super! (jemensch, die sich wirklich gut auskennt schreibt das einmal - viele können es lesen und davon profitieren (wie bei einem Buch!)).

#CulturalAppropriation #Wursthaar (danke an #HengamehYaghoobifarah für den Begriff -> aus dem "#Fusion"-Text) #locks #weißSein


Nautile Bleu
3 years ago

New photo study (2h20): the previous model was joyful, this one conveys a melancholic mood, despite the perfect makeup and the jewellery, so she is a perfect incarnation for Esther

I don’t know who is the model, if tell me if you know her, I will tag her

#digitalart #photostudy #portraitart #conceptart #digitaldrawing #illustration #painting #drawing #artstyle #conceptartist #mastart #characterart #darkskin #blackskin #blackgirl #locks #perfectmakeup #makeup #melancholia #mastoart #nautilebleu

Khurram Wadee ✅
4 years ago

I only noticed the dozens of #locks connected to the #grille in the foreground just now. I wonder what they’re doing there? Are people replicating what some folks do in #Paris?

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #CivilEngineering #StructuralEngineering #Engineering #CivicAmenities #Biking #Cycling #Bicycle

BoingBoing Bot
4 years ago

How to unlock a door chain from the outside using tape and a rubber band #boingboing #chains #doors #locks

BoingBoing Bot
5 years ago

Lockpicking Lawyer wins $100 proving a fancy padlock can be opened in less than three minutes #boingboing #Video #Gadgets #locks