18 hours ago

An attempt at #hiphop / #Rap kind of #Lofi sound to it.

The flow was influenced more by 80s mcs

I still don't know what I think of it I think I have gotten a lot better... but it is my most played song with almost 3000 plays across all platforms.

It is call happiness is for wimps. the link leads to my bancamp

though the song is one most platforms.

#Music #electronicmusic #Electronic

Blog Oklahoma
2 days ago

Halloween Lofi Radio 🎃 24/7 Dark Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Trick or Treat to

#Music #NowPlaying #Lofi

2 days ago
Humongous Frog (also Kyle)
5 days ago

I made this over the weekend and forgot to tell anyone about it.

On My Way - Humongous Frog

Made with an OP-Z and some flashing lights

#electronicmusic #instrumental #music #musicvideo #ambient #synthesizer #synth ##opz #lofi #visualizer

6 days ago
Scene from the Anime My Name
earnest 😷👻
6 days ago

Lo-fi for Skeletons (Only) 💀 - YouTube

#NowPlaying #LoFi

Erich Zann ⏚
6 days ago

Ça y est c'est l'automne, on peut de nouveau écouter Hood en regardant la pluie tomber par la fenêtre !


#lofi #electronica #indierock #postrock

Polynomial C
6 days ago

Free download codes:

Michael Herter — Audio Music Library for Videos - LO​-​FI

"Let the gentle crackling of vinyl and analog whisk you away."

#lofi #beat #jazz #lofi #hiphop #ambient #hiphop #electronic #soundtrackmusic #bandcampcodes #yumcodes #bandcamp #music

Dave Nanian
1 week ago

Duster - Stratosphere

Lo-fi slowcore recorded on a 4-track in a house, and while that may sound not-good, here's the record that shows that sometimes the medium meets the message.

Anniversary edition (I have an older copy, but these guys always sound so sad that it felt like I should send more money) that still, unfortunately, leaves off some material and wasn't expanded to a double. But beautifully packaged as are all Numero releases.

#nowplaying #vinyl #slowcore #Duster #lofi

Duster - Stratosphere LP cover. A landscape in Canada - flat plain, low down, yellow band above, and a grey sky.

The milky+orange LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surround are reflected in its underside.
1 week ago

A partire dai primi anni 2000, per 15 anni circa, ero appassionato di circuitbending e costruzione di circuiti audio lofi: cracklebox, atari punk console, droni, sequencer TTL.
Un giorno decisi di mettere un po' di progetti insieme in una specie di sistema modulare, e così è nata la Sound Destruction Unit. Con un retrofit kit da MIDI ad analogico è 'quasi' domabile. Per apprezzarla vi deve piacere la musica elettronica MOLTO sperimentale😅 #diy #lofi #electronicmusic #experimental #antanimaker

Il pannello di controllo della Sound Destruction Unit, praticamente un insieme di manopole, interuttori e prese per collegamenti volanti
La valigetta che contiene la Sound Destruction Unit nel suo insieme, si vede il pannello di controllo, gli altoparlanti e i vari cavi per i collegamenti volanti
L'interno della Sound Destrucion Unit, composto da decine di fili che collegano i vari moduli autocostruiti su basette millefori
Una scatola di legno contenente un circuito e varie prese di collegamento. Si tratta di un kit che trasforma segnali MIDI in segnali analogici. E' l'unico modo per riuscire a controllare la Sound Destruction Unit via MIDI
1 week ago

a beautiful garden far away from all the shit

sound art made with found litter objects and broken instruments. a mix of animism, occult practice and anti-capitalism.

it's about being caught in the mesh and the impossibility of escape.

it's also an attempt to find beauty in the ruins.

shonky / lo-fi / neo-folk / gentle noise / drone

free to listen and download.

#SoundArt #litter #foundobjects #caturday #catsofmastodon #LoFi #NeoFolk

The cover image for "a beautiful garden far away from all the shit" by Raincat. It shows the mostly white back legs and stomach of a cat lying in green grass.
1 week ago

Today I am exited to have release day for my new song "Licid Dreaming". "Lucid Dreaming" is about dreams in which are aware that the events that are happening in your imagination. But the dream feels alive and you can influence it like a video game. This rich textured soothing Track, with a storytelling David Axelrod Bass and Guitar, a dreamy Rhodes and Piano is the Soundtrack to this dream.

Get it now

💋🦍 #lofi #lofihiphop #music #art #downtempo #chill

Pls Boost 🖖🏼

1 week ago

Like #lofi girl but worry she’s living in sin? Then you want #Catholic #lofi 😂

Seriously, it’s a very soothing mix of Gregorian chant over rain sounds.

2 weeks ago

Me talking to myself discussion all the Things you consider when creating music: Composition, Arrangement, Soundesign, Instrumentation, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Expression, Distribution…

Presave here

#lofi #lofihiphop #music #lofijazz #🎧 #artist #producer

Me talking to myself discussion all the Things you consider when creating music: Composition, Arrangement, Soundesign, Instrumentation, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Expression, Distribution…

Free download codes:

Potato Moons - SPUDNIK

"Beats from Koala Beatcast sample flip challenge."

#lofi #hiphop #bandcampcodes #yumcodes #bandcamp #music

2 weeks ago

I curate a weekly updated playlist with handpicked friendly music to chill or work to. enjoy it here on #AppleMusic

listen to it here

#lofi #lofihiphop #lofimusic #workandchill #playlist

2 weeks ago
Emmanuel Veneau 📸
2 weeks ago

The people who stand on the other side of the light. Angé, France, August 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #LoFi
🛠 #DianaPinehole #IlfordPanFplus50
#photography #backlight #silhouette #pinehole #BlackAndWhite #ExpiredFilm #BelieveInFilm #lomography
📫 #HeyLomography

At the bottom of a cellar and in small, 2 silhouettes against the light in front of an openwork door. On the left side the film is veiled as if there had been a source of light.
2 weeks ago

Stupid stuff made not so long time ago.
#ドット絵 #pixelart #lofi #BreakingBad

2 weeks ago

Nothing like getting out of a hot shower, getting some cold milk, and vibing to a lofi playlist 😊

Really enjoying Sanctuary by Mikel:

#music #lofi

Adri t/w: sarcasm
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

📻 #radio #lofi
Tiens, une trouvaille d'Orangina-Rouge:

★ blue-caller ☆
2 weeks ago

Need to do a deep dive on how the creation and distribution of #lofi and #synthwave works sometime soon.

My feed has several new, unique, 3+hr collections every day. How are the creators of the music credited? Is the music itself AI driven or generative?

How is there so much music in these two subgenres produced, redistributed, and monetized so quickly? I know nothing.

Dave Nanian
2 weeks ago

Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump

Here's a band I totally missed. (Hardly the only one.)

This is a collection of pretty (very) sad songs, quite melodic, a tad spacey, sung in a Neil Young-y voice. They're mostly about people losing touch with each other, the things they make, and the environment.

I like it quite a lot...enough that I'm sad I didn't find it earlier.

#nowplaying #vinyl #lofi #indie

Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump LP.

A landscape, mountains behind, stream cutting through. Overlaid, a piece of tape with "Grandaddy" written on it in what looks like marker. Then, keyboard keys spelling out the album title.

The milky album with a green middle plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right.
2 weeks ago

I'm starting off my day of not going out with some Coffee Hazelnut Rum and Caramel Liqueur in my coffee. :ds_giyuu_happy:

Got Plexamp going with some LoFi in the background to properly enjoy this cup.

#MorningMomenets #Coffee #LoFi

Screenshot of Plexamp. Shows the album of Coffee & Beats compilation by The Jazz Hop Cafe. Cover art shows someone sitting at a small coffee stall while a barista stands behind the counter in Japan. 

Song playing is That Kyoto Vibe by Erwin Do, Joshua Hoe & MoonEra
2 weeks ago

#JukeboxFridayNight has the theme of #Discovery, and I'm not really in the mood yet for more energized songs. So I've got a #LoFi song this morning as I sip my coffee

Purrple Cat "Discover"

Richard J. Dalton
3 weeks ago

Cafe Chill Episode 2023-37: Jinx, Gaussian Curve, Janelle Costa and more

Listen on PRX:

Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions ( in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Jinx, Gaussian Curve, Janelle Costa and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


  • do_tell–the gate
      Release: radicle [tape]
      Label: do_tell
  • RRAREBEAR–Ginger
      Release: Relief
      Label: RRAREBEAR
  • Hector Plimmer–Let’s Stay
      Release: Sunshine
      Label: Albert’s Favourites
  • Hu–North
      Release: Navigate – EP
      Label: anon recordings
  • Pablo Bolivar–Fuse
      Release: Framework of a Dream
      Label: Seven Villas
  • Gaussian Curve–Broken Clouds
      Release: Clouds
      Label: Music From Memory
  • Tycho–From Home
      Release: Past Is Prologue
      Label: ISO50 Records
  • D.K.–Juicy
      Release: Drop
      Label: BELIEVE – Antinote
  • Jinx–Solace (Bonus) [Nightflyer Chill Mix]
      Release: Solace (Nightflyer Mix) – Single
      Label: Nightflyer
  • Janelle Costa–Rain
      Release: My Kinda Flower – EP
      Label: Janelle Costa Music
  • Matrixxman–Annika’s Theme
      Release: Homesick
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Heathered Pearls–Perfume Catalogue
      Release: Body Complex
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Boards of Canada–Peacock Tail
      Release: The Campfire Headphase
      Label: Warp Records
  • Pbs’73–Kaleidosphere
      Release: Viewers Like You
      Label: Magic Square Records

You can also listen at:

Photo: “Autumn Splendor”. Credit: Obed Wild and Scenic River/National Park Service, public domain.

Have a wonderful day!

#ambient #boardsofcanada #c895 #c895cafechill #chill #d-k #do_tell #downtempo #fmradio #gaussiancurve #heatheredpearls #hectorplimmer #hu #janellecosta #jinx #knhc #lofi #matrixxman #naturewave #pablobolivar #pbs73 #publicradio #radio #rrarebear #seattle #tycho

A high rocky cliff with trees in front of it. The trees are autumn colors, including orange, yellow, red and green. On top of the cliff are some trees in which you can only see the shape of. The sky is blue. The cliff is approximately 35 feet feet higher than the tree line below.
3 weeks ago

Like every week i updated the origin Mii Lofii Playlist on #spotify but I'll copy the set also onto #Soundcloud #AppleMusic #Deezer #Qobuz #Tidal and #Youtube (Links in following posts)

Boosts are welcome 💋🦍
#lofihiphop #music #playlist #musicart #art #chill #lofi #relax

CMDR R Mons, Graham Linux
3 weeks ago

I uploaded another track that I produced, it's a soulful lo-fi hip hop track called Slow down.
Listen or download for Free from Bandcamp.
#music #soul #lofi ##hiphop #pop

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
4 weeks ago

I have played Sonic games all my life. Sonic is one of my earliest childhood memories and one of the first games I ever played. (Back then still on the Sega Master System).

The games are often of questionable quality, but something that is always unquestionably good to perfect is the music. I have so many good memories of that music and still enjoy listening to all these of soundtracks to this day. The feeling from the games, the feeling of speed, coolness and excitement resonates with every song.

And then there's this album.
Video Game Lofi: Sonic.

All of those feelings are mixed with relaxation all at once. I can't really describe it, but this album has a strange fascination to me. Relaxing but at the same time exciting. In addition, a huge portion of nostalgia. It just makes me happy.

That's why I just wanted to share it with you. Maybe a little random, maybe a little weird, especially since I never really talk about music here, but whatever.

Apple Music:

#Sonic #Gaming #Music #Lofi #Soundtrack #Games

CMDR R Mons, Graham Linux
4 weeks ago

New track produced by me. Where Is The Love, I Do Not Know is a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop track.
Listen or download for FREE on Bandcamp.
#lofi #hiphop #music

flamepanther ☢️
1 month ago

Just a reminder that Super Game Boy 2: Vaporwave Edition works great on Analogue Pocket. You can even load real cartridges with it!

#GameBoy #SNES #SuperFamicom #AnaloguePocket #Analogue #FPGAGaming #RomHacks #Vaporwave #Synthwave #Retrowave #FutureFunk #LoFi #PixelArt #RetroGaming #Nostalgia

Super Game Boy 2: Vaporwave Edition running on a black Analogue Pocket. The border depicts an aquamarine unicorn standing in front of an indigo and violet Los Angeles skyline. The game being played is Ninja Gaiden Shadow.
flamepanther ☢️
1 month ago
living room with LoFi inspired pink and teal lighting.
1 month ago

I need to tell people about my music more. And make more music, honestly. If any of the hashtags pique your interest, I'd appreciate it if you follow me (NekoArc) on your steaming platform of choice!

#music #musician #edm #electronica #lofi #vaporwave #synthwave #mallwave #dnb #drumandbass #stonermetal #metal #progmetal #fedimusic #fedimusician

Spotify for artists.  August was full of high notes. NekoArc had 28 listeners
1 month ago

#SlowPulp ils produisent la même chanson en boucle depuis High, mais ils le font toujours bien alors Slugs était un peu mon tube de l’été. #radiopouet #tootradio #lofi #shoegaze

1 month ago

There is no song lyric that I relate to more than "I am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me" from I Am a Scientist by Guided by Voices. #music #indierock #lofi

1 month ago

Introducing Herr Kaschke - The LoFi & ChillHop Radio by Ol Wallace! (S3 E59)

#youtube #lofi #lofihiphop #music #chill #study

1 month ago

A quick clip and look into my session for my soon to be released #lofihiphop song „Lucid Dreaming“ 💋🦍

#artist #producer #lofigorilla #luciddreaming #dreams #music #musicart #lofi

Ericka Simone
1 month ago

So. I made a comprehensive list of all of my favorite Black Women leading the #modernjazz and #lofi movement. It's pretty solid. Give it a read, and let me know if there is anyone I missed.


1 month ago

Here’s a #lofi gem. This one has a good YouTube link #sundayrecordparty

1 month ago


„CIRCUIT- CONTROL“ ist das Dresdner Festival für den kreativen Umgang mit dem #Lötkolben.



13-21 Uhr (außer Freitag)
Neues Volkshaus Cotta
Hebbelstraße 35B
01157 #Dresden


Freitag 08.09.2023
Neues Volkshaus Cotta

Samstag 09.09.23:
Meschwitzer Strasse 11

#diy #electronic #sound #chiptune #lofi #maker #noise #music #experimental #LötenVerbindet #soldering #LötzinnDesLebens

Grafik mit dem Schriftzug Circuit Control einer Comiczeichnung eines Roboters der "Bleep" sagt und der stilisierten Silhouette der Stadt Dresden in der Optik eine Leiterplatte.
1 month ago

@amcjen youre probably looking for something more like this if you’re trying to do #lofi and #P2P that doesn’t rely on a lot of server infrastructure —

Boris Mann
2 months ago

@reiver @J12t I don’t know the full background of how the story came together. We’ve been working in the space of #LoFi and edge compute for 4 years now.

Lots of things have improved, both primary research and browser evolutions.

@expede is quoted in the article, my cofounder at @fission. We’re helping organize #LoFiUnconf after this year’s Strange Loop.

Herr Irrtum!
2 months ago

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM! – your chill breeze in da summer… is back! \o/ Tonight, 2023-08-05 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin/FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream:

#Radio Irrtum! is my German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the #underground. Don't be afraid about the German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum - and exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so not speaking German at all wont protect you from being sonically pleasured! :)

This time there will be a nice acoustic
chill with lots of different musical styles, all insanely cramped into one hour of air time.

That means in particular:

- splendid
#Lofi #Beatmaker stuff e.g. straight from #Lebanon
#beatless #Hiphop (cuz beats are overrated!)
#DanceMusic straight from LA (why am I writing "straight" all the time → this is all but "straight" btw!)
#IDM is a DOMINATING thing in this show - had way too much bass/halftime the last shows — about time for IDM I think
#Underground (can't find a better tag, it's soo strange) from the UK and #Bulgaria
#Jazz that isn't jazz but #NeueNeueMusik from #Berlin
#PowerElectronics #Hardcore from Minnesota
- very fast and also slower (and than even kinda 60s)
#GirlPunk from Canada and Nashville
- and gentle experimental electronics from the Rhein-Westerwald area in Germany

Shout outs to, and - you all know them from the Fediverse (don't you?!) and they all are featured in this show! \o/

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, Eure erfrischende Brise im Sommer der heißen Tatsachen, ist wieder da: Heute Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforschen.
Diesmal wird es sich wie ein gigantischer Chill anfühlen, der jede Menge verschiedener Musikstile vor sich hertreibt:
Im Detail:

- Lofi/Beatmaker stuff u.a. vom Libanon
- Hiphop ohne Beats
- DanceMusik aus LA
- IDM - viel davon!
- Underground (tut mir leid, kein besserer Tag weil wirklich seltsames Zeug) aus dem VK und Bulgarien
- Jazz der keiner ist sondern "Neue Neue Musik" aus Berlin
- Hardcore aus Minnesota
- Girl-
#Punk aus Kanada und Nashville
- sanfte experimental Electronica aus der Rhein-Westerwald Gegend

Grüße stehen oben, Playlist nach der Show (spätestens Sonntag) genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen – ich antworte (spätestens am Sonntag)!

Bis heute Abend, Euer Herr Irrtum! :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! logo. This time it includes the title theme of Todays show ("The Tausendsassa Chill") written out with an animated Ice Cube - so there is an Ice Cube reference in here…
2 months ago

@h_thoreson @martin @pvh @expede Local First or #LoFi is an emerging trend.

We’ve got #LoFiUnconf that the three folks here are helping to organize this September

You can help by hacking on these frameworks and building real apps with them!

2 months ago

Slight departure from the fediverse at large, here's "midnight," another 5-track EP from Swrlly, an old friend back in the AudioTool days! It's been nearly a year since it came out, but it still merits a listen! Using #FutureBass chord stacks, sub-heavy 808 #Trap beats, and #lofi #ambient blends of synths and reverbs, even the highest energy moments melt into soft soundscapes and lush harmony, for those looking for something a little more laid back this #BandcampFriday

marc [sustain release] ✅
2 months ago

"Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand, wird das Loch imposant" (Steppe, #FengShustah) #HipHop #LoFi #Offenbach

Yoni Den
2 months ago

"The Sounds of the Past are our Future Now"
This sweet little eight track release from @Weru has a great canted #Electro #Pop vibe going on, moments of #Synth goodness cross paths with #LoFi #HipHop and even some #ItaloDisco
Well worth checking out!

My favorite track might be "Disco Estasi"

#BandCamp #BandCampFriday

2 months ago

Suite à ma migration d’instance j’en profite pour reposter une #introduction :

Je m’appelle AntoineÐ, j’ai rejoint læ
#fediverse le 3 avril 2017 et la découverte d’#ActivityPub a révolutionné ma conception des réseaux sociaux sur internet.

Très sensible au respect de la
#ViePrivée je privilégie toujours au maximum les #LogicielLibre et l’#AutoHébergement

#Utilitariste #Sentientiste, je cherche donc autant que possible à minimiser les souffrances et maximiser le bonheur des individus capable de ressentir ces émotions.
Je suis donc au passage
#AntiSpéciste et donc #Végane mais je ne me limite pas à ces luttes.

Je milite au afin d’atteindre cet objectif en faisant la promotion de la #Bienveillance et de l’#EspritCritique.

Je passe ma vie à écouter de la
#musique :
#RockPsyche #MetalProg #Punk #Lofi #RapFR #SynthWave #DigiCore et bien d’autres styles…
Je suis sur LastFM.
J’ai aussi fait du Saxophone pendant 10ans… il y a 10ans

J’aime bien faire de la
#Photo, je vais voir si le système de galerie de #FireFish convient mieux a mon besoin que #Mastodon.
(je préfère tout avoir sur la même identité plutôt que de les poster sur PixelFed)

Et aujourd’hui ça fait exactement 7ans que je suis passé de l’azerty au
#bépo 🎂

​:boost_requested:​ #IntroductionFR #Vegan #JeSuisSentient

Yoni Den
2 months ago

Zaphod Black's "Overkill City" dropped about this time last year and you are all still sleepin' on it!

If slickly produced #HipHop #Rap outta Oklahoma City sounds like your thing, look no further.

The #Beats are sweet, slick and #atmospheric, there is a really mean vibe to this.

Just check it out!

#LoFi #LoFiRap #BandCampFriday #Music

2 months ago

My new track „The Afterhour“ got released. "The Afterhour" describes the moment when you leave the wild party and open yourself to your imagination under a starry sky and let yourself fall into the universe. Like we should do in the real world sometimes

"The Afterhour" is driven by a foregrounded bass drum, embedded in a gently raw Bristol Rhodes and accompanied by a spacey Theremin and Synths

Stream or buy 👉🏽

#lofi #lofihiphop #musicart

Joscelyn Transpiring
3 months ago

#Trans #Music #Lofi
(Please boost!)

Artist: In Love With a Ghost (trans woman, she/her,

Because her music has been my companion during countless writing sessions and slow afternoons. It never fails to lift my spirits a bit and help me find a playfulness, even when I'm feeling like a grump.

Where to start?

I think it was "we've never met but can we have a coffee or something" where I first heard her music described as being like the moment you're sitting in a cafe when the love of your life, who you have yet to meet, happens to sit down next to you.

Ilwag's album, "Healing," is probably the one I have listened to the most over the years. It's bubbly and quirky, feels cozy yet a bit adventurous.

3 months ago

Moment #presentation #introduction 🙋🏻‍♂️

My name is Fede, I am a #freelance video editor and almost a graduate in Social Communication. I'm 26 years old and I'm from #Argentina 🇦🇷

I love the #geek world in general, #videogames, some #anime, and everything related to #photography and #audiovisual. 🤓 🎮 📸

I listen to a lot of #lofi and #synthwave while working and studying, but my favorite genres are definitely #rock and #metal. 🎶

3 months ago

Momento #presentacion #introduccion 🙋🏻‍♂️

Mi nombre es Fede, soy editor de videos de forma #freelance y casi licenciado en Comunicación Social. Tengo 26 años y soy de #Argentina 🇦🇷

Me encanta el mundo #geek en general, los #videojuegos, algo de #anime y todo lo que tenga que ver con la #fotografia y lo #audiovisual. 🤓 🎮 📸

Escucho mucho #lofi y #synthwave para trabajar y estudiar pero mis géneros preferidos son sin dudas el #rock y el #metal. 🎶

C_Gurra (diskovery)
4 months ago

Today I finished mixing the #lofi #beat I shared yesterday. Thank you all for your suggestions, I think the kick sounds much better now! I replaced the sample and worked with saturation and dynamics.

If you have any more suggestions on anything you'd improve on this track, I'll be happy to listen!

#MusicProduction #music #Showyourwork

4 months ago

My next album, Across Chaos and Beyond is on it's way!

ACAB is a return to form for me with a selection of tracks catering to the sounds of EDM, trance, psytrance, moogy sounds, and Lo-Fi

Please go follow the release via hyperfollow for when it hits streaming services and support a trans musician!

#music #musician #vaporwave #lofi #edm #trance #psytrance #trans #transmusic #transmusician

Artist bksyshow posts some really innovative lo-fi videos that take slow motion to the next level.


#Art #Video #Motion #Videography #Cinematography #Lofi #SlowMotion #bksyshow #iPhoneVideo #iPhonePhotography

Behind the scenes and final shot of an Asian woman standing next to a table at mid-chest height, with an iPhone on a mini wheeled cart affixed to a tape measure. When activated, the tape measure pulls the iPhone towards her face. She’s looking sideways until it approaches, at which time she looks toward the camera and lights a classic metal lighter. The final shot is in slow motion.
5 months ago

Have been playing around with MilkyTracker today. Here is my little result. #Musodon #MusicTracker #Lofi

A short song with a playful melody.
Herr Irrtum!
5 months ago

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM!, ladies and gentlemen... is back! \o/ Tonight, 2023-05-13 at 8:00PM (UTC+2) at Alex Berlin, at FM 91MHz or via stream: .

I know it's bloody Radio Irrtum! against trashy ESC tonight, AND I KNOW, Radio Irrtum! will win! With
REAL music & U!!

Radio Irrtum! is my German language
#radioShow exploring the sonic vastness of the #underground.
Don't be afraid about that German language aspect - it's a show 2 raise ur attention 4 new unheard
#music all over the genre spectrum. Exactly this music is what has priority above all other things; so if u don't speak German at all, you will still be sonically pleasured! :)

This time I'm in for more "gentle" music - still there will be some quite harsh tracks but not so much as usual - thus we'll visit more dreamy and sometimes calm realms without slipping into dump esoteric clichés → so the topic this time is… "Luscious Waves".
That means in particular:

#R&B #popMusic from Toronto
#LoFi hiphop #instrumental #beats
* 80s style
* soulfull
#Halftime #Bass from Czechia
* Underground Berlin legends meat dub
#Wolves will howl
#ContemporaryMusic made from code
* Psychedelics and hefty
#Punk mainly made by fantastic women
* peacefully calm & dreamy sounds from Gothenburg

Again I have to thank for lots of input from the Fediverse. Twists and shouts go out to whose music made it in here, then to & for inspiration and also to (it happened I couldn't include all tracks I thought I'll get in, there should be another post about that - some tracks I only know because of your input → thanks!).

As always I'll post the playlist after the show here. Having questions during the show? I'll gladly answer!


↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Radio Irrtum!, meine Damen, meine Herren… Es ist wieder da! \o/ Heute Abend, 20 Uhr Primetime über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz (StreamURL oben).

Heute trete ich gegen den üblen
#ESC an — aber ich weiß, Radio Irrtum! wird gewinnen! Mit ECHTER Musik! Mit Euch!

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, die die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds erforscht.
Diesmal nicht mit soo harter Kost (obschon hier und da heftigst die Post abgeht). Wir widmen uns vielmehr der Ruhe, dem Frieden & dem Träumerischen, ohne dabei in dümmlich esoterische Klischees abzudriften. Das Motto: "Sinnliche Wellen".
Im Detail heißt das:

* R&B Pop aus Toronto
* LoFi Hiphop Instrumentals
* 80er
* Soulfull Halftime Bass aus Prag
* Underground Berlin Legenden vermixed
* Wölfe heulen
* Experimentelles aus Code
* Psychedelics + FrauenPunk
* Traumhaftes aus Göteborg

Playlist nach der Show genau hier. Fragen einfach stellen — ich antworte.
Grüße seht Ihr oben im englischen Part…
Wir hören uns hoffentlich heute Abend :)

The animated Radio Irrtum! Logo show. This time involving waves!
Nora "repne scasw" Tindall
5 months ago

DEEP FOCUS - constant lofi beats playing in my room courtesy of the Chillvillage Youtube channel, my old Chromebit, and my even older portable monochrome TV.

[ #digitalphotography #photography #retrotech #crt #television #lofi #queerlib #keyboard ]

A COBY portable CRT television on a wooden shelf playing CHILLVILLAGE Deep Focus via Youtube. To the left is a queer lib poster; to the right is a keyboard with RGB keys, lit up in trans colors.
Nando Rossi
5 months ago

Will negative reaction to AI generative music bring a whole new era of gritty, machine-feee lo-fi? If so I’m super down #ai #generativemusic #lofi

5 months ago

Perfect for the weekend, I've updated my Mii Lofii playlist on almost all platforms. Its safe to game, work, read, chill or just be too 💋🦍

Here is the link to #Spotify but in the next connected post you will also find all the links to the alternatives from #soundcloud #tidal #qobuz #applemusic and #youtube

#music #playlist #chill #lofi #lofimusic #chillhop #workmusic

5 months ago

Today is Releaseday! 🌊

You „Like Water“?
it’s here 💋🦍

Go and listen to my new uplifting slowdance #lofihiphop Song on most Services and add it to your library. This would be awesome

all platforms 👉🏽

#applemusic #spotify #tidal #qobuz #youtube #youtubemusic #deezer #soundcloud #lofi #lofimusic #audio #music #musicart #lofijazz

play here

This is fascinating, especially if you're into #lofi music & sounds. Now I'm tempted to buy a VCR just for recording & mucking up #audio (this will be done in my non-existent free time 😆).How much do you want to bet that #BoardsOfCanada did this years ago?

#Music #VHS #RetroSounds

By #AffinityPlay

Sit back and relax. Put on some headphones, get lost for a little while, and count how many elevators there are, moving up and down. 👽💙

-I hope you enjoy my new tiny #pixel world.🌇-

"Close to the Wire"


Music by #Tormentass 🎵

thomas (they/them) 🌺
6 months ago

Over the years, I've amassed a collection of analog hardware, including VCRs and CRT TVs, and I also have various capture equipment. Finally, today I spent some time tinkering with analog VCR/VHS equipment and came up with a new service. Introducing, a website that can run your digital video through a VCR. There are two options and demos available on the site. I invite you to check it out and share your thoughts.


#analog #VCR #VHS #lofi

video of plane landing that has gone through vcr processing
6 months ago

Presave my upcoming chilled and jazzy Lofihiphop Song "Like Water" 🌊


currently presaves are possible on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer but it will be released also on YouTube, Soundcloud, Qobuz, Tidal and others

#lofi #lofibeats #lofimusic #lofihiphop #lofijazz #presave #support #spotify #applemusic #deezer #chill #chillhop #music #audio #art #musicart #producer #musician

Cover of my upcoming song "Like Water". You can see a collage of different drawing and painting styles with a huge fish in the water in the middle. At the top you can see the title "Like Water" and at the bottom my name "Herr Kaschke".
6 months ago

I am surprised, yet not surprised, that this #ATC radio feed exists (which overlays live radio traffic over hip hop). #AvGeek #Aviation #LoFi #radio

I’m officially starting today on what will be my first album. The concept is locked and I’m excited! This will be all brand new songs.

In the meanwhile, please check out “Stars of Diamond,” my tribute to the late Carl Sagan.

#HipHop #BoomBap #LoFi

Charlie L
6 months ago

Esto es #lofi en el siguiente nivel 😹