Charl's log, Earth date Wednesday 2023-11-29:

- One of those days where I mysteriously did not write much
- Did implement conversation saving and loading in our otherwise stateless internal GPT wrapper

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Charl's log, Earth date Tuesday 2023-11-28:

- at work early again, this time snuck in run at the beach
- super cool that is trying out the #lifelog experiment. Follow him! (pun intended)
- Tuesday is meetings day! Many (most?) were valuable.
- last hour of work day, brain was fried so worked on our internal GPT wrapper and deployed
- -- good issue reporting template (not too much, not too little), asking for minimal repro which I already had, does wonders for utility of the resultant report
- ... and we home-made chicken pie for dinner!

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Кажется, у меня клавиатура - экстремист.

Что делать?

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Light dispersion on the keyboard keycaps.

Написал в рабочем Slack сообщение о том, что вместе с чисткой кодовой базы выпилили модуль, который я чинил и что вот merge request, где я этот код привожу в рабочее состояние и в целом его можно было бы вернуть.

Пришёл тимлид и поставил реакцию с гробом.

Я прокликал его реакцию и добавил свои две.

Теперь менеджера ждёт ГРОБ-ГРОБ-КЛАДБИЩЕ-КРЕСТ.

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coffin, coffin, graveyard and cross.
3 days ago

ad163 Wenn die Sonne lacht: Blender 8 (mit Tom Albrecht)

Heute sendet unsere Superstruktur live aus dem #Elbschlosskeller (auf Shutter Island) mit #Tom und #Vicky Leandros. Der 9-Volt-Block der Herzen erklärt ausführlich die #BlackMagic Camera App, #LOG, #LUTs und andere Abk.
Außerdem gibt es einen kleinen Videokurs für AnfängerInnen und Laszives Lüfter-Lecken und der Billige Ben™ wird zum #MacBook Genderer.

Кажется, нашёл себе новую ранобэ почитать.

Точнее как. Увидел случайно у @mva на Myshows в логах просмотры Honzuki no Gekokujō: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan (Ascendance of a Bookworm), которое ранее мной было проигнорировано и решил, что стоит дать второй шанс. И не зря: аниме оказалось душевным и добрым.

Сейчас закончив последний эпизод посмотрел на вики список томов и понял, что три сезона аниме покрывают семь книг, а вышло их 32 и будут ещё.

Так что, кажется, будет достойный конкурент Mushoku Tensei, которая у меня вся что есть уже прочитана.

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4 days ago

PC crash, can't rotate journal log and iblock error #log #ext4 #systemdjournald

Paul Houle
5 days ago

Moss covered log on the side of a gorge in Shindagin Hollow State Forest.

#mosstodon #nature #log #forest #outdoors #photo #photography #nys

Photograph of a large fallen log half covered with moss with brown fallen leaves on the nearby forest floor

Charl's log, Earth date Sunday 2023-11-27:

- Weekend long run time! Super hot at 9:00 in the morning but really good.
- WHOOHOO I got Jina AI similarity working for Org-roam! See

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Charl's log, Earth date Saturday 2023-11-25:

- published goodreads review of Building Analytics Teams by John K Thompson see (TLDR; unfortunately not great)
- looked at the Emacs htmlize bug exporting org-modern agenda
- something adds a visual space between ~:~ and start of tag name. Cursor jumps over that space, and it does not contribute to current point position, however, it looks like that confuses the htmlize code, which starts the HTML appearance change for that tag one position too late (today it was 906 instead of 905)
- I could dive into this, but not motivated enough
- did a quick search for data science lifecycles / models when reading those data science strategic plan blog posts
- MS team data science process:
- Berkeley data science life cycle:
- CRISP-DM which seems be de facto also for DS:
- funny that OHRA (our insurer back in NL) was one of the 5 companies leading the ESPRIT EU project that birthed CRISP-DM
- thinking about ways of building 15 minute planning and 15 minute emali grooming into my day
- planning crucial, but email grooming and general admin feel like they are taking time away from better activities
- took a quick look at ~org-roam-buffer~ code to see how much work it would be to get a similarity list in there
- as could be expected with org-roam, code is OK, but API not really designed with this sort of re-use in mind
- [2023-11-25 Sat 16:42] err I was wrong in this case; you can just add a function to ~org-roam-mode-sections~
- fixed the consult nearest heading work-around to also take care of =consult-outline= (that was just the advice that needed to get an ~&optional arg~.
- after dinner I am able to get Simon Willison's =llm= working on my 1700+ node export, and then my own umap code which on my setup is 3 to 5 times faster for initial embedding but also queries
- so close at [2023-11-25 Sat 22:43] I have the server spitting out top 10 closest org-roam IDs, but time for sleep because run tomorrow!

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Charl's log, Earth date Friday 2023-11-24:

- nice and early run on the beach at the office, had to keep it short because sutures (minor skin excisions the previous day)
- back to doctor, because maybe should not have run. sutures good, doctor not mad.
- Ran into this WSL2 mirror mode + docker bug today:
- in short: with mirror mode, docker doesn't seem to be able to forward any ports onto the host
- had to go out of mirror mode to test new nginx stonegpt docker setup
- briefly tried caddy, but noped out and back into nginx due to network problems, so no eval yet
- Work above was for our private GPT, which can now search the web! (it was already hooked up to python for data analysis)
- Traditional Friday braai to start the weekend, after daughter 2 / 3's grand finale drama performance

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Charl's log, Earth date Thursday 2023-11-23:

- Q-star / Q* in the context of OpenAI is a new AI they developed and demonstrated internally that they believe is an important step on the path to AGI
- day after late night because dinner, had to push through at the end

#log #lifelog #openai

Charl's log, Earth date Wednesday 2023-11-22:

- 8km pre-work run in Land en Zeezicht: vergelegen, lourensford, reservoir road, seaview. At the start, almost ran into a Checkers delivery scooter on Hendriksz street. Totally my bad, and a reminder that even when you think you know what's going on, you sometimes absolutely don't.
- Thanks to friend S, discovered Prof John Hedengren through this really cool talk of his on GenAI for process systems engineering:
- Ok, Sam and Greg are going back to OpenAI, will also form part of new board. Satya is on-"board" with this haha
- business dinner at Morii (Vineyard Hotel Cape Town) with important collaborators. Company and food were great, getting to bed at midnight less so. :)

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Charl's log, Earth date Tuesday 2023-11-21:

- Was not planning to give meself a hard time when I invariably miss a few days of logging because reasons, but I really wanted to catch up on this one to mention that:
- I became DEAD TIRED after lunch, felt like body was planning to hard shutdown

#log #lifelog

> Подковёрный полиморфизм

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2 weeks ago

Is there somewhere specific I should go when using the Terminal for anything, or is the Desktop fine to open files, configure, ect? #log #su #detect

2 weeks ago

#x210 #log #говно @rf @ru
Фирмварь ("биос") X210 забыла как использовать LCD-панель ноута. Теперь чтобы что-то увидеть надо вслепую ввести в grub пароль от LUKS, и он должен загрузить Linux, драйвер которого включает все мониторы. Или что-то воткнуть в minidisplayport, в нём показывает.
Кажется, пришло время накатывать coreboot.

Charl's log, Earth date Monday 2023-11-20:

- Sam Altman and Greg Brockman (co-founder OpenAI) and some of their colleagues will be joining Microsoft to lead their new advanced AI team as an internal startup. Ok this is pretty big folks, we'll have to see what the impact is going to be on OpenAI's future.
- Later Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever's apology tweet:
- More and more OpenAI employees, including Sutskever, sign a letter than they will leave OpenAI if the board does not resign. All of this is still in flux.
- If I had to buy a slightly more serious laptop now for personal use, it would not be a macbook, in spite of my great experience with the M1 MBA 8GB. The price jump to 16GB is really just too much, and Apple's stories about how their 8GB is more than other people's 8GB have become a bit embarrassing. Instead, I would probably look into the current batch of laptops with the Zen4 Ryzen 7840U Pro. (fantasy shopping done. for now.)
- For relative line numbers in Org mode (I've been full-timing evil-mode for a few months now, because reasons) one needs ~(setq display-line-numbers-type 'visual)~ to handle hidden drawers correctly. However, this means ~visual-line-mode~ users are forced into ~evil-respect-visual-line-mode~, when they would perhaps prefer otherwise. If you understood all of that, you're as lost as I am.
- Super pretty GLSL shader golf!
- these are fragment shaders in under < 500 bytes that produce beautiful animated graphics
- shadertoy links are easier to understand than the boilerplate-less twigl ones see e.g.

#log #lifelog #openai #macbook #laptop #emacs #glsl

Previous edition:

Charl's log, Earth date Sunday 2023-11-19:

- Sunday morning run time. Weekend morning long runs are really so good; no stress, no rush, just you, your running machine, and the outside.
- did you know: you can also subscribe to these mastodon utterings (mostly these lifelogs) via RSS
- so far, the mastodon lifelog which almost no-one reads (if you do, you are very special!) has acted as an additional motivation for me to put some more effort into the private daily bullet lists that serve as the source for these public posts. Without that external obligation, some days go by with nary a bullet
- MS Edge passwords / wallet has finally added a notes field!

#log #lifelog #running #edge

Previous edition:

Charl's log, Earth date Saturday 2023-11-18:

- On Friday, Sam Altman was fired as CEO of OpenAI by its board. Internet is perplexed, he was doing great. Following along on twitter where this is exploding.
- I started the day with my familiar head-cycle: "not enough visibility of my hobby projects in my task management system (orgmode) ➡️ clearly need another new tool to keep them more visible ➡️ no man I have org-mode ➡️ but org-mode not visible enough ➡️ how can I make org-mode more visible ➡️ by working on one of those hobby projects that I could have worked on last night but didn't because it was not visible enough"
- Head-cycle was severe enough so that I could make some time to take a step back from my org-roam-canvas prototype (the hobby project in question) and turn the whole idea on its head: Instead of making my own canvas, use the backend to supply rendered Org-roam nodes to the Obsidian Canvas! This worked and is now available at (screenshot attached to this toot)
- Now that this is sort of working, I can start thinking about how to get my embedding-based note similarity experiments more usable (long-time dream)
- We end the day with braai #2 of the weekend

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Previous edition:

Charl's log, Earth date Friday 2023-11-17:

- after school run morning, 8km run-run before work.
- helped a datascience colleague with a Python 3.11, poetry and pyproject.toml installation on Ubuntu 22.04 on WSL2. There are still too many steps and too many ways that this can break in the datascience context where we just want a working environment with reasonable dependency versioning.
- poetry is a fantastic tool, but in some cases simpler alternatives can be considered
- It seems what I wrote about this in 2021 is still more or less applicable
- Related, it is (good) news to me that mambaforge is now absorbed into miniforge, which is a good conda-based distribution see
- also "mamba activate env-name" now also works, no need to revert to conda for that anymore
- This week I spent more time in pure Windows Emacs than ever before (always Linux, macOS or WSL)
- Gradio streaming ASR example with Whisper:
- Skipped my morning day micro planning session because YOLO! but regretted it later. Note to self: don't skip micro planning
- Traditional Friday evening braai to start the weekend (and the Christmas tree is up, which is a bit earlier that I wanted but the clan decides)
- Due to exam season, all kids are at home with us, which is absolute bliss!

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Previous edition:

Накрутил версию 6.0 звука гитары для одного из черновиков.

До этого как несложно догадаться было пять мажорных версий по несколько минорных в каждой. Каждая мажорная - это выбрасывание всего предыдущего и накручивание заново.

Каждый раз как сажусь послушать, что сделал в прошлый раз - говорю "что это за хуйня" и создаю новую мажорную версию 👍

Остановите меня кто-нибудь.

#guitar #sound #recording #audio #thougts #shit #log

Charl's log, Earth date Thursday 2023-11-16:

- It turns out that MS 365 copilot is only available to enterprise customers with at least 300 seats:
- Starting to use obsidian canvas (inside of my Emacs orgmode hierarchy) to make idea / thought landscapes for work
- Obsidian's .canvas format is extremely reasonable json
- Updated omnivore plugin config in obsidian so I also get the general note synced, not just the highlight notes (my Emacs treats the imported markdown files as if they are org-roam)
- telegram now supports fenced code blocks (syntax highlighted source code)
- tried out a colleague's new Keychron K8 Pro with Gateron Pro Red switches. SO GOOD, feeling is miles better than my Keychron V1 🥹
- Use GPT-4 with tldraw to convert drawings of UIs into functioning HTML code:
- Through that discovered tldraw, which has similarities with excalidraw (my favourite diagramming tool), but is different in that it renders to the DOM instead of HTML5 canvas
- Daughter 2 of 3 now has a pair of Altra Superiors -- her first Altras, welcome to the tribe! (crossing fingers she catches the running bug like daughter 1 of 3)
- Life and happiness affirming dinner outside with family.
- We have a hard rule of dinner together, no devices. (that's a pro tip)

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Yesterday's edition:

Charl's log, Earth date Wednesday 2023-11-15:

- Standard weekday run-run right after morning school run
- Windows snipping tool now has AI text extractor built-in. Icon looks the same as on the iPhone. pretty neat, and was useful during meeting where someone flashed an email with a bullet list
- Great lunch meeting at No Way José (in Somerset West, where Fred & Max used to be) with an elasticninja discussing impact of large language models flavour of AI
- Best Kingclip I've had in a very long time!
- Debugged and got consult-org-heading pre-selecting nearest heading working. Improved it a bit to maintain nearest heading selection even during filter changes, see -- this was my only major gripe!
- Microsoft Ignite started yesterday, lots of data and AI announcements
- Summary by MS of a number of studies looking at utility of their 365 Copilot AI product:
- We were planning on evaluating this at work, but were disappointed... (see tomorrow's edition of this log for more details!)

#emacs #log #lifelog #microsoft #windows

Yesterday's edition:

Charl's log, Earth date Tuesday 2023-11-14:

- On twitter, Chris Albon talks about the need for a work log:
- inspired by this, and Nikita Voloboev (he of the "everything I know" personal knowledge wiki who runs a telegram channel with a sort of daily life feed, I thought it would be fun to try something similar (daily with a big ish), but on mastodon instead, so here we are!
- I've always been team keep-a-lab-journal, and I have the blog post(s) to prove it:
- I finally concluded and wrote up my Emacs and hunspell on Windows (mis-)adventures:
- consult is not going to support pre-select-heading-nearest-to-point for consult-org-heading or consult-outline out of the box
- see
- there is wiki code at which currently yields "Error in post-command-hook (vertico--exhibit): (wrong-type-argument number-or-marker-p nil)"
- -- minad points me at docs to be able to debug
- stay tuned for the exciting resolution of this drama in tomorrow's log!

#emacs #log #lifelog

Тем не менее сериал мне понравился.

Но понравился мне он тем, что сильно связано со слабой стороной современного Marvel: контекстозависимостью.

Многие герои современной MCU проходили свои арки в течение пятнадцати лет. Что в тех случаях когда Marvel снимали не говно позволяло мелкими шажками позволять персонажам развиваться и меняться.

Как у какого-нибудь Тони Старка проходила эволюция от "I am the Iron Man" до "I am the Iron Man" но с нюансом - так и ряд других персонажей проходят свои арки с разной степенью успешности.

И вот Локи её тоже прошёл, хоть и не так красиво и испачкавшись мультивёрсом.

А слабая сторона тут примерно как у любой сложной игры вроде Dota на N-ном году существования. Новый зритель/игрок приходит и получает не катарсис от понимания как поменялся персонаж, а кучу-малу, в которой хрен разберёшься. Потому что чтобы правильно понять и прочувствовать развитие, нужно посмотреть с десяток фильмов.

И да, это я чисто про сюжет и персонажей, но там ведь есть и фансервис с отсылочками.

В общем если отвечать на никем не заданный вопрос "стоит ли смотреть", то это зависит от того, смотрели ли вы все предыдущие фильмы с участием персонажа. А это как минимум три части "Thor", первых Avengers, а также Infinity War и Endgame.
Плюс еще от того сможете ли вы призакрыть глаза на то, что углубление в таймлайны и существование TVA делают с предыдущими событиями.

Для меня это было неплохо, а вам может и не зайти 🤷

#series #loki #marvel #review #log #thoughts

Кстати, там кончился второй сезон Loki.
Теперь Локи - марвеловский Иисус и страдает за наши грехи 🙄

#series #Loki #log #thoughts #Marvel

А ещё у всех бывают такие моменты.

Для тех, кто не успевает уследить за тем, что происходит на экране поясню. Почти никто ни в кого нормально попасть не может и в конце наш союзник просто помирает на колючке, которая лежала на полу.

#games #log #fun #sad #siege #video #clip #AveMaria #aim

Тот редкий случай когда в обычных матчах без пати находится игрок, который готов общаться и действовать вместе.

P.S. Тут может показаться, что это я один такой молодец, но один я бы там не смог бы это сделать. Это именно совместная работа с союзником. Фраги - это вторично.

#siege #clip #video #games #win #log

3 weeks ago

Ubuntu Samba server problems, can’t access, can’t look at log files #samba #log

Вежливые вейперы 👌

#games #siege #clip #talks #stream #log #fun

Типичная вакханалия происходящая у нас с @rayslava, @3umhuu и другими когда мы играем в R6: Siege.

#siege #video #stream #clip #games #log

Robb Knight
3 weeks ago

🍿 Barbie (2023) #Movies #Log

Когда решили поиграть в CS 2, но запутались уже на этапе выбора режимов игры.

#games #stream #clip #CS2 #log

I've just remembered one major thing that was bothering me in @Vivaldi for quite some time.

It's about how address bar auto-complete feature is working for some time.

Right after release and for several years everything was fine and I've used it like any other browser and was very glad about how it worked.

But some time ago (a ~year?) they changed something in the algorithm and since then MOST of good experience with address bar is broken.

I didn't try to research what exactly is wrong yet because I mostly use speed dial, but when I'm not it's frustrating.

Here's one of my scenario examples:

1. I want to open Google Translate.
2. It's in the history and it's the most popular resource which starts with "tra" in my history.
3. I type "tra" and it's not even there.
4. I type "tran" and there's still nothing helpful. See screenshot 1.
5. Only when I type "transl" Google Translate will be selected as default autocomplete option and I could hit enter to go there.

I've tried to rearrange drop-down menu priority in Settings -> Address Bar, but it couldn't return me the same experience I had before THAT update.

One more ridiculous example I experienced some time ago. I have my own Gitea where I store my source code.

I was talking with @blue about configuring self-hosted CI for our repositories and opened Vivaldi to show him example from my repos.

1. I typed "git."
2. I've got @blue's Gitea as default choice instead of mine. See screenshot 2.

And it's still there! I didn't need to visit Blue's Gitea first to make Vivaldi suggest it by default.

It's like Vivaldi continuously tries to make me angry with it's autocomplete suggestions by making me type more to get what I need.

It's not something that'll make me switch from Vivaldi right away, but it's very frustrating. Especially considering the fact that before some specific update it was working perfectly for me.

#soft #Vivaldi #bugs #UX #search #features #updates #log #thoughts #fun #sad

Vivaldi's autocomplete is broken for me.
Vivaldi shows someone else's Gitea instance instead of mine.

Одним из больших откровений в записи звука гитары для меня в своё время стало осознание того факта, что если гитара вне микса звучит как понос - это нормально.

#sound #guitar #music #log #thoughts #recording #mixing

Robb Knight
1 month ago

🍿 Ghostbusters (2016) #Movies #Log

1 month ago

@DavidDarnes i think you mean LUMBER-ups #Log

1 month ago

Figured out how to post police calls from my county here. New bot for #VenturaCounty #California running at @vcso_patrol_log showing all the police calls -- still debugging this, but will keep this up (handy for myself anyway). #police #log

List of recent police calls in Ventura County

Завис Rainbow Six: Siege вместе со всей системой прямо в начале рейтингового матча.


Windows: YOU'RE 30% THERE
Windows: *устанавливает апдейты*
*5 minutes later*
Rainbow Six: Siege:

#games #Windows #siege #log #pic #shit #soft #luck

Siege Abandom Penalty.
2 months ago

𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗼𝗳𝘁 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗵 𝗔𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗟𝗼𝗴 𝗶𝘀 𝗡𝗼𝘄 𝗔𝘃𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝗣𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄

With Microsoft Graph Activity Logs, you can now investigate the complete picture of activity in your tenant – from token request in SignIn logs, to API request activity (reads, writes, and deletes) in Microsoft Graph Activity Logs, to ultimate resource changes in Audit logs.

#microsoft #entra #entraid #azuread #graph #microsoftgraph #log #idp #identity #azure #API #soc #itdr #security #cybersecurity #siem #soc #monitoring #loganalytics #sentinel #hunting #cyberthreat #identity #identityprovider #microsoftsecurity

Turns out wet firewood doesn't burn. Surprise, surprise.

Got some logs that a cat knocked over (from under the roof) and when you lose the log lottery and get a couple of those in a row the fire isn't happy!

Difficult to tell visually. Maybe I do need to look into a moisture meter again.

I tried a resistive one but it's impractical to use (gotta hammer nails to a set depth and then pull them back out). Capacitive might be the way to go.

#WoodFire #Fireplace #Log #Electronics

Robb Knight
2 months ago

What a lovely game Stray is. #Games #Log

A cat in a dimly lit alley, neon lights are reflected in water on the floor.
Karl Baron
2 months ago

One discrepancy I’ve noticed shooting ProRes to an external SSD: It fits way more video!

On 512 GB of external storage, it can record 73 minutes of ProRes 4K 30fps.

But on 350 GB of free internal storage, it will only record 15 minutes! At 6 GB/min, that means it will only actually let me record to about 90 GB of internal storage?

I wonder what causes this difference? Is there a lot of cache that doesn't show in “iPhone Storage”?

#Apple #iPhone #iPhone15ProMax #iPhoneography #prores #log

Screenshots showing 365 GB of free storage, and “Max Time: 15 min” after pressing “Free Resources”
“Max Time: 73 min” with “USB-C” showing at the bottom of the screen
Robb Knight
3 months ago

🍿 Superfast! (2015)

Well this was terrible. #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
3 months ago

🍿 Beetlejuice (1988) #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
3 months ago

Secret Invasion was a bit disappointing, the finale felt very rushed. #TV #Log

Rafagas Links
3 months ago

Strapping a piece of wood with a GPS and a transmitter to document and map its journey from McKenzie River, through forests and sea, to its final destination at the bottom of the ocean #log

3 months ago

I found it in my #IRC #log too :)


An IRC log - There's not enough room to transcribe (and not really an audience I suspect!) but a screen reader should cope with this one :)
Robb Knight
3 months ago

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash was fun #TV #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Hamilton (2020) #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Fast Five (2011) #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical (2022)

Given my dislike for the sound of children singing, I don’t know why I decided
to watch this. #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Los Bandoleros (2009)

Someone gave Vin $100 and a camera and let him do whatever. They shouldn’t have
done that. #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Fast & Furious (2009) #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

Loved it. #Movies #Log

4 months ago

Ho iniziato su #log una pseudoguida resistente al sistema educativo italiano.

Log è uno spazio bianco infinito che fa respirare, pensare e riflettere sulle cose che abbiamo più a cuore, quelle per le quali sentiamo valido il valore della lotta.
Una di queste, per me, è la scuola.

Una visione della scuola come luogo di regime aziendale porta alla capitalizzazione, alla formalizzazione e alla categorizzazione del sapere e delle persone.
E noi non vogliamo più questo.

Robb Knight
4 months ago

🍿 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
4 months ago

Literally no one was asking for this show to be made but Young Sheldon is actually very wholesome. Finished up to season 5 last night. #TV #Log

4 months ago

"Owl" log inconspicuously hanging out near one of the potting sheds in the botanical garden.

#log #NaturePhotography

A birch log with wounds from lost branches that give the appearance of an owl sitting vertically on the ground in a shady area with what seems to be some lichen or fungus on the smooth cut top of the log. Green leaves of a nearby tree frame the top and left side of the shot.
4 months ago
5 months ago

Next artfight piece! this time for @AkatuKatu , starring their character Laku 
Another enjoyable character to do specially due to being able to blend in with the enviroment :>

#dragon #forest #chill #digital #artfight #artfight2023 #krita #wacom #teamvampires #fur #furry #furryart #sfw #sfwfurry #furryartist #log #tree #leaves #horns #green #cat #feline

digital illustration of a feline looking grey and green furry dragon resting on a branch

Лицо @drq после рассказов Климарёва о федерации.

#pic #теплица #log #fediverse #Климарёв

drq is trying not to break his chair.
Robb Knight
5 months ago

Ted Lasso season 3 👍 #TV #Log

Тем временем мы с @blue работаем на ЕЩЁ одним кавером.

Ну, то есть у нас уже был в работе один и теперь есть ЕЩЁ ОДИН. Точнее, ремейк старого кавера сомнительного качества.

В этот раз я, наверное, поиграю и на басу.

#guitar #cover #collab #music #audio #sound #MP3 #bass #log

От себя тоже поприветствую всех пришедших и дам несколько советов.

✅ Заполните профиль и поставьте аватарку. Неплохой идеей будет указать там ваши увлечения или вид деятельности.
✅ Напишите что-нибудь: приветствие, пост о себе (тут используют тег #introduction)
✅ Листайте ваши локальные и глобальные ленты, и подписывайтесь на тех, кто интересен - тут нет алгоритма, который будет подсовывать вам контент. Набрать свою ленту нужно будет самостоятельно. Также возможно вам будет полезно зайти в настройки и установить языки контента, которые вы хотите видеть в ленте.
✅ Общайтесь с людьми.
✅ Не бросайте как только Twitter опять даст заднюю - дайте свободным соцсетям шанс, они могут вас удивить.

Эти простые советы могут помочь вам не заскучать и заинтересовать других людей подписаться на вас.

Если будет интересно почитать про Mastodon и Федивёрс в целом - список статей и постов по этой теме есть внизу на нашем проекте-лендинге Fediland:

Также можете посмотреть моё вводное видео:

Добро пожаловать и удачи!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #twitter #migration #TwitterMigration #log #новичкам #newbies

Robb Knight
5 months ago

Finished season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy. How has there been 19 seasons?! #TV #Log

Robb Knight
5 months ago

Finished watching Station 19 last night because apparently 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t enough emergency services drama for me #TV #Log

LeRoy Miller
6 months ago

Was able to pickup Star Trek Log Books by Alan Dean Foster from a local auction, funny how I found Log 1 at Half Price Books not too long before I saw these at an auction. Still missing Log 2 and Log 9. #StarTrek #books #log #AlanDeanFoster #TAS #TOS

Star Trek Log Books, book 7, 8, and 10 by Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Books. Log 1 and Log 3 by Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Books by Alan Dean Foster, Log 4, Log 5 and Log 6
6 months ago

What rolls down stairs,
Alone or in pairs,
Rolls over your neighbour's dog?
What fits on your back?
What's good for a snack?
It's Log, Log, Log!
#Log #Spumco

Robb Knight
7 months ago

Brooklyn 99 season 8 was excellent #TV #Log

Robb Knight
7 months ago

Finished the full run of Chuck for probably the third time. There are some problems with it (like the very explicit Subway product placement) but overall it's a solid show. #TV #Log

Robb Knight
8 months ago

🍿 Matilda (1996)

“Matilda will return in The Avengers” #Movies #Log

Robb Knight
8 months ago

Shrinking (2023) is really good. Harrison Ford is fucking hilarious. #TV #Log

Robb Knight
8 months ago

Holy shit Severance is good. Now when’s season 2 coming? I need it. #TV #Log