Leonardo Pacheco
3 hours ago

Does anyone know of an explanation of the dual modality of knowledge in epistemic logic? As in, \(\Box\) is knowledge, \(\Diamond\) is ???

Boosts are welcome.

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Hari Tulsidas :verified:
1 day ago

Crows can use statistical logic to make decisions, a new study shows. This means they can infer the best choice based on limited information and probabilities. Crows are among the few animals that have this remarkable cognitive ability, which could help them survive and thrive in complex environments.

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David Bloomberg
1 day ago

I’m back as a guest on a new Truth Unrestricted #podcast! This episode is about Fear and Logic — how they are related & in opposition. Why is there so much fearmongering now? And how does it relate to a 40+-year-old Rush song?

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Wisdom in Space
1 day ago

Logic, like whiskey, loses its beneficial effect when taken in too large quantities.
-- Lord Dunsany

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photo by richard rathe
José A. Alonso
1 day ago

Cardinality and representation of Stone relation algebras. ~ Hitoshi Furusawa, Walter Guttmann. #ITP #IsabelleHOL #Logic #Math

José A. Alonso
1 day ago

Education-oriented proof assistant based on calculational logic: proof theory algorithms and assessment experience. ~ Federico Flaviani, Walter Carballosa. #ITP #Logic #Teaching

Tom Lorenz
2 days ago

Took some time this afternoon to move my #Logic & #GarageBand libraries from internal storage to an external Thunderbolt 3 drive. Reclaimed about 65 GB of space in the process—which I desperately needed. #macOS

2 days ago

There's a lot of wisdom that took me years to get a handle on and a lot of it has to do with critical thinking and understanding how other people are trying to convince you of something. I started a "Dad Lecture" about the importance of recognizing what tools are being used for an argument and he interrupted me and said, "yeah, we learned those already: ethos, logos and pathos" and after a prompt he gave me perfect definitions of them and we analyzed some talks that one of his classes required him to listen to in terms of what they used to persuade you. He was bang on the money and I was very proud of him especially because I know that he's internalized these already. #parenting #pride #logic #humanexperience

Nick Byrd
2 days ago

A common path to virality (not just on this website) is to show how a group’s professed values leads to a conclusion that that selfsame group tends to reject/ignore. Examples are plenty.

Bertrand Russell may have liked this logical provocation game: “My desire and wish is …to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it”.

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Wisdom in Space
2 days ago

It is by logic that we prove but by intuition that we discover.
-- Henri Poincare

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photo by richard rathe
Dave Rowlands
2 days ago

Today’s pro tip on debate:

When you make a complex claim and are challenged on it, a normal response is to start by picking a core portion to defend.

This is not a Gish gallop. That entails retreating to a new set of claims, as opposed to initially focusing on one part of them.

Likewise, if you make a claim but it’s misunderstood, clarifying that claim is not moving the goalposts. Your claim hasn’t changed; your opponent never understood it in the first place.

#debate #logic

3 days ago

Think of it as the Halting Problem. It's really the Liar Paradox. If the program halts, then it doesn't, and if it doesn't halt then it halts. It's Both! It halts and it doesn't. This is easy to understand in #RM3, where "Both" is a valid logical value different from either true or false.

Binary logic is bad. But don't worry! It turns out that you don't need to go beyond 3. A 3-valued logic, True, False, and Both, is complete. What about Gödel? Yeah, he showed that binary logic sucks, and then came up with a 3-valued logic that solves the problem mentioned in the Incompleteness theorem. He said, it's either inconsistent or incomplete. Turns out, completeness is a far better property than consistency. Because the world (and the reals) are inconsistent. There are things that are both true and false #dialethism #paraconsistent #logic #turing

3 days ago

Thinking of #logic we can realize it's influence in our lives. It is super interesting and I'm #curious about it and how it works.
We #humans differentiate ourselves from animals through our rational thinking.
If you know something about logic or how to learn logic, please share it here.

Nick Byrd
4 days ago

I'm stumped:: Has *anyone* tested the benefits of teaching people to make truth tables?

Has it improved people's performance on any test of logical competence?

A concise report of a controlled experiment would be great, but I'm interested in whatever anyone has found.

(I have yet to find experiments testing whether teaching people to make truth tables has benefits. It's been easy to find experiments testing whether teaching people to make argument maps aids reasoning.)

#Logic #Teaching #edu

Julie R
4 days ago

I'm having ice cream for lunch because I can't have cake. #logic

4 days ago

I should write a #TheoremProver in #Go.

For the record, I have no idea what I’m doing, how they work, or where to start, but I’ve got an idea that needs one as a component. That’s why I should write one.


5 days ago

Is it easy for you to play? I like it, it shows how good your logic is 🧐

»Rush Hour - Online Play«

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Nick Byrd
5 days ago

📢 🎬 🧠 We're premiering the 1st of 7 sets of FREE videos from "A Beginner's Guide To Neural Mechanisms".

Now even pre-college students can learn about #neurophilosophy!

Today's 2 topics:
- #Neuroscience of #FreeWill
- The #MereologicalFallacy

This was a joint project between the #BrainsBlog and #NeuralMechanismsOnline funded by the #TempletonWorldCharityFoundation via #DukeUniversity's Summer Seminars in #Neuroscience and #Philosophy.

#cogSci #PhilSci #Logic #Edu

6 days ago

And also a #CallForPapers for #WoLLIC #WoLLIC2024 (Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation) in Bern: "an annual international forum on inter-disciplinary research involving formal logic, computing and programming theory, and natural language and reasoning" #logic

6 days ago

#CallForPapers is out for #LICS #LIC2024 (Logic in Computer Science) in beautiful Tallinn: "an annual international forum on theoretical and practical topics in computer science that relate to logic, broadly construed" #logic

Nick Byrd
6 days ago

The #BiasFallacy may be as prevalent as it seems: 

By 2017 I had seen so many fallacious objections predicated on "bias" that I ended up labeling them "bias fallacies" (e.g., inferring someone's argument, conclusion, or evidence is wrong from someone's apparent bias):

In 2023 a paper found that bias fallacies were the most frequent ad hominem attacks in hundreds of paragraphs written by think tanks between 2008 and 2020:

#logic #edu #writing

Leonardo Pacheco
6 days ago

I've been thinking about constructive/intuitionistic modal #logic these days. Is there any good reference for this which is not Alex Simpson's PhD thesis?

Especially interested in explanations of the diamonds (there's a recent paper by Das and Marin which is quite interesting, but I couldn't find much more information).

Dave Dawkins
1 week ago

The existence of Kylo Ren implies the existence of Kylo Stimpy.

#StarWars #logic #RenAndStimpy

1 week ago

Venn diagrams you learned in school probably didn't include everything. But there ARE such things as CLOSED SETS. Things with boundaries, potentially thick ones, representing uncertainty or vagueness in set membership. And you can build a logic from closed sets.

Notice too, that \( (A \wedge\lnot A) \) is different from \( (B \wedge\lnot B) \). In binary logic, all inconsistent sets are indistinguishable. But here, in the picture for \( A \wedge B \), instead of just the usual 4, there are an additional 5 regions (the two on the sides are the same set, but disconnected).

#RM3 #paraconsistent #logic

A Venn diagram showing the conjunction A and B. Both sets A and B have thick boundaries, so there are regions such as A and not A, A and not A and B, etc.
Jack Graham
1 week ago

one of the reasons we love the Vulcans is that their Logic so often points toward cooperation, compassion, & good faith

#vulcan #logic #startrek

Spock giving the Vulcan salute

#Security (data branchs and how to secure your data)
Data cannot be secure, if you share it.
If you don't share any information,
about you and don't leave your house,
You are almost secure.. from what.. tell me, from what?
#Evil Intentions, the root of all #religions principles.
So, since we live in a world that we share information,
we know that any kind of information can be used for any kind of intention.
If there is no "evil" intention, data can flow without being secure,
And all security repositories and articles, always share the evil approachs,
while mostly they hide the "angelic" approach. (defensive)
Like the Military problem without computers, is in where they are focused in. (main gold)
Military like to control, while they find problems in every road. Is their skill, their intention.
They focus on the probability and therefor they find it in Time. (dream high)
When someone cannot find what he/she is looking for, they try to create the condition in reality.
Therefor, most countries in the world, train the persons who are against them (mostly)
Since most countries are "stoped in time" in the techniques they use, to teach or reach. (the gold)
No, I am not military and I didn't had a second experience about it, but I can imagine it,
using what I already know, by what I can see and read.
So, if I say stupid things, I have that right, because I don't know!! #logic
So, if you know the main intention to use military actions and you do stupid things, you shouldn't! Logic
They are like "bad lovers",
always fighting to own what is from all. They forget that, we can only possess our own life in Time. Stay in your countries. Fight against your self, while educating..
so better to not fight against! ;)
if you wish to educate, and guarantee they will stay. Prisonairs can learn, they are not stupid.
Like Bart from Simsons, he need to repeat the lesson he need to fix, several times, until the information is saved in memory.
Then, memory is what control actions. For that you don't need, guns and any kind of military intention. Only self control.
Isn't what you dont' speak? I think everything is very secure, while I see the source of insecurity in the security subject.
Now that you have so much control of everything, we can choose some deserts in mexico for example, so you only soldiers fight against each others.
No civilian there, and maybe all soldiers can have a lucky moment to see ETs ( all at the same Time )
Which event, would create union between all, and #war would be forgotten.
But since you like to report all, Roman inspirations see that super fair as a #justice approach. Full of Ethics and Moral values. A demonstration where warriors fight only other warriors who wish to fight. Same intention, same objective, excluding everyone else. Perfect! #Russia #China #USA #Ukraine #palestine #israel
Needed to all kind of societies in the #world.
The security path in the red team way, is like a life that knowns and talk with the "criminal" ones,
They use #tools to #exploit, "criminals" use them too. But the funny part is:
both do the "criminal" action, so both are "criminal".
While developing new tools and share them publicly, can be even more "criminal".
I am not sure if "criminal" groups who have real #weapons, did knew how to build them from scratch,
So guess who gave them those :) .. or sell, it doesn't matter.
But the #truth is, that each need to feed their own illusion, to create what they wish, in reality.
Considering using a term that every children like: #Fantasy
Monkey Fantasy aims to create good mood to all, not to fight against anyone. Sometimes I think that, it looks that many others, deny that possiblity, so yeah, that will never be possible, because many deny that possibility. Which is #funny!
- #monkey #music

José A. Alonso
2 weeks ago

A naive prover for first-order logic: A minimal example of analytic completeness. ~ Asta Halkjær From, Jørgen Villadsen. #ITP #IsabelleHOL #Logic

Jon Awbrey
2 weeks ago

Logical Graphs • Formal Development 1

Recap —

A first approach to logical graphs can be found in the article linked below.

Logical Graphs • First Impressions

That introduces the initial elements of logical graphs and hopefully supplies the reader with an intuitive sense of their motivation and rationale.

Formal Development —

Logical graphs are next presented as a formal system by going back to the initial elements and developing their consequences in a systematic manner.

The next order of business is to give the precise axioms used to develop the formal system of logical graphs. The axioms derive from C.S. Peirce's various systems of graphical syntax via the “calculus of indications” described in Spencer Brown's “Laws of Form”. The formal proofs to follow will use a variation of Spencer Brown's annotation scheme to mark each step of the proof according to which axiom is called to license the corresponding step of syntactic transformation, whether it applies to graphs or to strings.

#Peirce #Logic #LogicalGraphs #EntitativeGraphs #ExistentialGraphs
#SpencerBrown #LawsOfForm #BooleanFunctions #PropositionalCalculus

Nick Byrd
2 weeks ago

Argument map training made students more likely to generate more arguments *against* a (new) topic. The experiment was semester-long study of nearly 200 Chinese college students.

“The Dialectical Map (DMap) is an open-source online visualization tool …that can be integrated with Learning Management Systems like Canvas…”

#edu #higherEd #teaching #Logic #CriticalThinking #LMS #EnvironmentalEthics

2 weeks ago

Thomas Kuhn's ideas (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) , in fact, were less surprising than controversial. A richer discussion of the social dynamics of science can be found in the work of Otto Neurath (here cited by Zolo), or in Levi-Strauss "The Savage Mind". It dosn't matter what Popper said, the Conventionalist and Historicist view is rich, the "logic of science" and methodology is poor. #philosophy #science #logic #methodology

Levi-Strauss - The Savage Mind p.2
Danilo Zolo - Reflexive Epistemology The Philosophical Legacy of Otto Neurath p.48
Michael T Babcock
2 weeks ago

I just saw the most terrifyingly illogical post about a social issue. Please. PLEASE don't post about your favourite issue in an irrational manner. You're not helping your cause and you're making your own viewpoint seem irrational by association.
#rant #logic #thinkBetter #communicationSkills #logicalFallacies #fallacy

Nick Byrd
2 weeks ago

"Argument strength discrimination ability correlated positively with analytic thinking dispositions".

One factor predicted *worse* argument strength discrimination despite also predicting *more* familiarity with argument analysis and *better* 'analytic thinking performance'. Why would *anything* predict that pattern?

(The factor was "male gender", but that's not what I find interesting about the result.)

#logic #criticalThinking #rationality #decisionScience

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



2 weeks ago

#AI #logic Sally (a girl) has 3 brothers. Each brother has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Sally have?

Here are 60 LLMs getting it wrong (via Vince Vatter

I am no God, no Deity, just a Monkey.
#Israel + #Palestine + #Ukraine + #Russia + ... Monkey Teachment for #Children and older...
1. There is a #Garden with one single flower. If no one owns the Flower, the Flower is from everyone. If one single person / group / country own it, all others are excluded. Then, even within children, fights start because "everyone can wish to possess the Flower.
2. If you ask to 3 #random persons to describe with their own words, this single post ( you can repeat the experience as many times you like ), all the description are different from each others. Therefor, all #books about " #God " point to the same direction while all of them use different descriptions, which means, they all have the same "truth", since all of them talk about #human behaviors, nothing more. Good teachments !!! In all of them!!
I like the #Daoism perspective and interpretation, in many aspects of what we can extract #knowledge from it:

Fantasy: abstraction, illusions, potentional, possibilities, #dreams
#Logic: tools that can be used in reality to produce what " #Fantasy " can see
Application: As you can see / read, this #application called #mastodon was somewhere in Time, pure " fantasy "
That is the #Style of God: is what we became, is what we do, is what we create, by our unique and #DIVINE characteristic : Will
The Power of Will... Nothing More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We could live in a #world that was very similar to the idea of #Paradise, but if humanity doesn't have the WILL to create it in #reality, then they will only find what they wish to find! ;)
.... #Monkey #Music
... ( I am Music - The #Perfect Bomb )
... don't #hurt anyone and can #touch everyone! ;)

Colin R. Caret
2 weeks ago

Do any #philosophy or #logic people know of a good formal treatment of Yablo’s views on ‘immanent’ knowledge closure from his "Aboutness”? The book does not seem to entirely spell out his intended semantics for knowledge ascriptions, but I would be curious to know if others have worked this out.


Greg Restall
3 weeks ago

Christian List, presenting his argument against physicalism, as the conference opening session for #SIFA2023.

#PhilosophyOfMind #supervenience #logic

Christian List, behind a laptop on a lecture theatre, with a slide above him presenting the following argument:

# The first-personal argument against physicalism

Premise 1: (Some of) the facts about subjective experience are first-personal and indexical.

Premise 2: Physical facts are third-personal and non-indexical.

Premise 3: First-personal and indexical facts do not supervene on third-personal and non-indexical facts.

Conclusion: (Some of) the facts about subjective experience do not supervene on physical facts.

• We can formulate subtly different variants of this argument, depending on whether we put the emphasis on the first-personal character of consciousness or on its indexicality.
Andrej Bauer
3 weeks ago

I am learning that on Mastodon one should use hash-tags to tag posts with topics. You can subscribe to a hash-tag, and please consider tagging your posts. When you type a hash-tag, say #logic, it tells you how many posts the tag receives per week, so you can subscribe in an informed way.

Andrej Bauer
3 weeks ago

Here is an idea I have been toying with occasionally, which someone must have thought of before and studied it. I would be interested in knowing of relevant references, or just buzzwords that I should enter into Google.

Consider a theory T in some formal system F. Define M_T(n) to be the number of models of T of size n, up to isomorphism, and call it the model sequence of T.

What sort of sequences are model sequences? The answer probably depends on what we take T to be. We can also ask, for instance, which sequences are model instances of an algebraic theory (first-order singature + equations), or of a theory with a single relational symbol etc.

We can also study the asymptotics of model sequences. For example, the model sequence of a theory with a single unary function symbol is O(nⁿ).

This could be a cottage insdustry, so perhaps it is? Have I reinvented the wheel?

Fun puzzle: give a first-order theory whose model sequence is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...

#logic #combinatorics

Daniel Hoelzgen
3 weeks ago

For a medical & caretaking project, I experimented with combining symbolic #logic with #LLMs to mitigate their tendency to nondeterministic behavior and #hallucinations. Still, it leaves a lot of work to be done, but it's a promising approach for situations requiring higher reliability.

#ai #artificialintelligence #llm #logic #chatgpt

José A. Alonso
4 weeks ago

Mechanising Gödel–Löb provability logic in HOL Light. ~ Marco Maggesi, Cosimo Perini Brogi. #ITP #HOL_Light #Logic

Greg Restall
4 weeks ago

Are you a philosopher with expertise in logic? Are you up for moving to Scotland? If so, here’s a job for you: our colleagues in Glasgow are advertising a lectureship in logic. Please spread the news to folks you think might be interested.

#logic #philosophy

José A. Alonso
1 month ago

FOLL-E: Teaching first-order logic to children. ~ Simon Vandevelde, Joost Vennekens. #Logic #Teaching

1 month ago

#CallForParticipation to the long running #ANU #Logic Summer School , which "offers a two week long programme of lectures on mathematical, philosophical, and computational aspects of logic... primarily geared at late undergraduate and masters students". Alongside the usual cast of Australia-based presenters we have three international presenters, including @ohad . I will be delivering lectures on the relationship between logical propositions and #types

Andre Louis
1 month ago

My dad Daniel Louis (Steel Pan Player) released his debut album in the 90's, and with young ears, I thought it was all great. 'He was famous, he was my dad and he was on CD'! As it turns out with grown up ears, *none* of the mixes are particularly nice, and so in 2023 I asked him if I could try my hand at mixing one of my favourite tracks from the album, Congo.
Here's a 12-minute comparison between the official CD mix and mine, which I did using all stock #Logic plugins. Since Mastodon will inevitably screw up the audio in this, here's a dropbox link to the same file if you wish to listen offline:

This is a mix comparison of my dad's track Congo from his album 'Blues Lipso' that I remixed in Logic Pro for Mac.
I really enjoy the track, but as I grew older, did not like the way it was originally mixed. I've done my best to rectify that with a brand new sound and feel, using the multitracks.
Richard Zach
1 month ago

My article with @LogicalAtomist on where we get the disjunction symbol ∨ from is now officially out in the Review of Symbolic Logic. Open access, read it here: #logic #history #histsci #histmath

Manuscript page of first use of ∨ symbol by Russell in 1903
José A. Alonso
1 month ago

Type theory for logic and mathematics (A philosophical and mathematical introduction to type theory). ~ Kevin Davey. #Logic #Math #TypeTheory

Sally Strange
1 month ago

@Robert_R_Freitag_II Oh dear, I do believe you're doing a logical fallacy! No other way to characterize answering the question "Why do you think a political movement that's against welfare and minimum wage increases would support UBI" with "So your idea is that there should be one single policy that solves everything? That unless there is one complete solution for absolutely everything available instantly and all at once, it means nothing?".

Unless I'm missing something, this is a classic #StrawMan by way of a #FalseDichotomy. #logic

@opendna @GhostOnTheHalfShell @paninid @mhanson101 @tzimmer_history

José A. Alonso
1 month ago

Propositions as types: explained (and debunked). ~ Lawrence C. Paulson (@LawrPaulson). #Logic #TypeTheory

José A. Alonso
1 month ago

Finding mathematical proofs using computers. ~ Alexander Bentkamp, Jasmin Blanchette. #ATP #Logic

@rbreich Also for what does he get 800x the amount of the workers' pay?

He isn't going to generate an equal amount of revenue or profit that makes him 800x more productive...

Even #Capitalists should see this #logic ...

Joxean Koret (@matalaz)
1 month ago

One question for music composers: how do you work with leitmotifs inside your favourite DAW (regardless of the DAW you use)?

What I'm doing myself is the following: I work on a single project file (in Logic) with multiple tracks and different sounds/instruments that are muted, with all the specific leitmotifs I want to use, so I can just copy & paste from track to track. But I'm sure there must be a better way for doing so. Any help?

#leitmotiv #composingmusic #Daw #Logic #Music #MastoMusic

Richard Zach
1 month ago

Complexity Theory’s 50-Year Journey to the Limits of Knowledge: How hard is it to prove that problems are hard to solve? Meta-complexity theorists have been asking questions like this for decades. A string of recent results has started to deliver answers. by @benbenbrubaker in @QuantaMagazine #logic #compsci #complexity

Diane Bruce
1 month ago

This text book looks great!

Good old fashioned logic is a great addition to your critical thinking skill set.

(P.S. In a past life (HAH!) I was a math student.)

HT @rrrichardzach

#Logic #philosophy #Math #CriticalThinking

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
1 month ago

IF someone is venting or otherwise highlighting a situation that is negative in some way;

AND you respond "try X" as a way to "fix" or reduce the negative aspects in some way;

THEN you are probably 'splaining

#logic #foss #dev

José A. Alonso
1 month ago

ProofBuddy: A proof assistant for learning and monitoring. ~ Nadine Karsten, Frederik Krogsdal Jacobsen, Kim Jana Eiken, Uwe Nestmann, Jørgen Villadsen. #Logic #Teaching #IsabelleHOL #ITP

José A. Alonso
1 month ago

EduSAT: A pedagogical tool for theory and applications of boolean satisfiability. ~ Yiqi Zhao, Ziyan An, Meiyi Ma, Taylor Johnson. #Logic #SAT_Solver #SMT

José A. Alonso
2 months ago

Formally verifying algorithms for real quantifier elimination. ~ Katherine Kosaia. #ITP #IsabelleHOL #Logic #Math

chris martens
2 months ago

has anyone written up an explanation of Yoneda in terms of logic? in particular it seems like a “metatheorem” about category theory with a similar kind of structure (and implications) to cut and identity admissibility as metatheorems about logics. is there anything there?

#categorytheory #logic #typetheory

2 months ago

Update. The book = 𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘹 𝘰𝘧 𝘚𝘦𝘭𝘧-𝘈𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵.
* HTML (#OpenAccess)
* PDF (also OA)

If you don't have time for a book, here's an essay-length summary (also OA).

Why does this question deserve a book? I address that in the "Why Bother" section of the preface.

Yes, this book is related to #Nomic, my game of self-amendment.

#Law #Logic #Paradox #SelfAmendment #PhilosophyOfLaw

Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

The Raven Paradox is posted! Another math birb in the series.

Do you have a favorite bird you'd like to see?

#mathArt #math #birding #logic #scientificMethod #paradox #raven #adobeFresco #digitalPainting #mathbirb

Richard Zach
2 months ago

@ben Thanks so much! I already made an #accessibility page so that SR users can easily compare the pronunciation of #logic symbols with what they should be pronounced (since I guess trying to get screen readers to pronounce ⊢ as "proves" and not "right tack" is a losing proposition). I just have to find myself a Windows machine and a Mac (and some time) and test it out with JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver

Dan Barnett
2 months ago

Hi, philosophy friends! One of most difficult concepts for my community college logic students is that of deductive validity, where an argument’s structure and not its content becomes paramount. Have you developed a strategy for helping students really grasp the meaning of “valid”?
#logic #philosophy #teaching #validity

Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

I plan to post this later to my blog. Here is my raven with the raven paradox #mathart #mathbirds #birds #birb #birdwatching #paradox #logic #bayesian

A raven sits on a pile of books, where one says all ravens are black. In the ravens beak is a chain with a green apple the raven sits next to a window with two ravens, flying in a barrel, roll and mountains in the background. On the wall is written, if R then B, if notR then not B, R=raven B= black. A white feather sits on the windowsill labeled as leucistic.
Richard Zach
2 months ago

The #open #logic textbook forall x: Calgary (original by @News4wombats) is now available in HTML with extra #accessibility features for #blind students #a11y #OER #opentextbook

Screenshot of HTML version of forall x textbook in night mode

@kcarruthers well if you fail to edumacate people that's bound to be the result innit? #logic

George Musser
2 months ago

What is the value of N, such that if N is a prime number, all numbers are prime? @bengoertzel gave me this puzzle as an example of how #ChatGPT is weak on classical #logic, but I suspect it will be a challenge for many humans, too.

Preston MacDougall
2 months ago

@dgar It’s not irrelevant, because the joke proves that there will NEVER be a #TimeMachine (other than the one we’re living in right now, which only goes forward in time 🕰️). Otherwise, we would be frequently inundated with visitors from the future! 😂 #science #logic

Tim Finin
3 months ago

This free book is part of 2022's Year of Prolog, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first logic programming language. Its 31 chapters cover Prolog's state of the art and future. Free to download as pdf or epub. #prolog #ai #logic #prolog

Onj 🎶
3 months ago

#'LogicEase' is a new venture aiming to make using #Logic Pro easier to use for #blind and visually impaired users. Find out more here:

One more thing about #logic - I wish life were more like #Sudoku. Sudoku is easily solved when you strip away everything else but the logic. Disregard all the anxiety, and #emotion, and the solution simply presents itself to you.

Nick Byrd
3 months ago

Duped by association?

"individuals of lower cognitive-ability level [we]re more susceptible to #misinformation in general, [but] those of higher cognitive-ability level [we]re more susceptible to associatively inferred misinformation. Different from the idea that misinformation is attractive to “lazy” people, our study implies that...."

Sample sizes of 700-1500 mTurk workers:

#Logic #CriticalThinking #DecisionScience #CogSci #SocialMedia #Journalism #DualProcessTheory

Nick Walker
4 months ago

The one thing of which each person can be most certain is the existence of their own subjective self-awareness.

This is also the one thing that it's least possible for any person to prove beyond doubt to anyone else.

#philosophy #TheoryOfMind #consciousness #logic #thinking #cognition #weird

Craig Grannell
4 months ago

Baby steps. Just tried recording four bars of vocals from a track that’s at the very edge of my vocal range, and it was… OK? Natch, I’m going to need a little help from Flex Time and a few effects, but the end result sounds natural.

I’ve a *long* way to go with this album still, but the past 15 minutes just made me really happy.


Pratik Patel
5 months ago

Here's a story that provides many more details about Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPads.

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Adams Immersive
5 months ago

Time to add a couple new ones:

iPadOS hover
Magnetic power cables
The new pro iPad apps: #Logic and #FinalCutPro

Pratik Patel
5 months ago

#Apple announces Final Cut Pro and #Logic Pro for #iPad, available as subscriptions on May 23; Final Cut requires an M1 chip or newer and Logic needs A12 or newer

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Greg Restall
5 months ago

Hi! I am a philosopher and logician, and if you would like to understand the kind of work I do, the easiest way to get up to speed is to start with my little slip of a book “Proofs and Models in Philosophical Logic”.

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Aaron Brick
5 months ago

Many articles and blog posts cover the ability of an #LLM like #ChatGPT to write convincing prose, and the problems this may raise in #education. Has anyone run across a piece of writing on using these models to solve #programming problems and compose source code? I'm interested in getting a more holistic view of what they can and can't do, with regard to programming #logic. Thanks!

Richard Rathe
5 months ago


Sounds a bit like Gödel's incompleteness theorem… "there are true propositions about the natural numbers that can be neither proved nor disproved from the axioms."ödel #Math #Maths #Logic #Godel

Kurt Gödel