Passed Wonder
3 days ago

"So you have to be travelling towards the Victoria line, but not on it…"
"And there must be leaves on the line whilst it's below #freezing?"
"Not a place I'd want to be caught in Nidd!"

HTs #MorningtonCrescent #LondonUnderground #ImSorryIHaventAClue #icicle #London #photography

View from under a bus shelter with a small icicle formed on it, looking up towards the bus sign where the words "Mornington Crescent Station" and below that "towards Warren Street Station". A tree and a house are also visible in the background.
Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
5 days ago

Went to London for work today.
Train from #Bristol both ways was pretty busy. #LondonUnderground wasn't completely rammed, let's call it 'lively'.

How many people do you think wee wearing masks (besides me)?


Literally 0.

I thought there might be a couple, but no. Admittedly no one was obviously coughing/sneezing in my vicinity, but colleagues reported being near loud coughers all the way.

Hopefully everyone gets home safe and well, and stays well.

But, you know. Masks are quite a good thing for stopping even boring seasonal colds, let alone COVID which can be deadly for some folks...

snaprails (Don Constance)
1 week ago

Blogpost: Where can you stand on a deserted station platform during London’s rush hour?

#railways #londonunderground #spooky

Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
3 weeks ago

This art let me bring together two of my very favourite things (cute public transit stations and putting lil guys in situations) and that made me so happy that I made it a print. Isn’t Maida Vale station pretty?

#londonunderground #cuteart #london #publictransit #watercolour #maidavale #railwaystations #npceo

Detail of watercolour painting of the entrance of Maida Vale station in London. Nigel and Antwan, two little gentlemen, are holding hands just outside the entrance.
Detail of the greengrocer next door to Maida Vale station
A print of a watercolour painting of Maida Vale station in London.
The same painting posted again because the artist goofed and uploaded it twice. Please disregard. What a muppet!
Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
3 weeks ago

@limebar this is such a lovely idea and I really appreciate the support! I have a little shop with prints and stickers and pins of my watercolour artworks!

#art #londonunderground #cryptid #whimsical #cute

A print of a watercolour painting of Maida Vale underground station in London
A sticker of a watercolour illustration of a cute vampire bat drinking from a blood bag labelled B+ (B Positive. Get it?)
A print of a watercolour painting of two gnome husbands snuggled down beneath their patchwork blanket by the fire
Two wooden pin badges of a cinnabar mothman and a rosy maple mothman.
3 weeks ago

I went on the #ElizabethLine for the first time today. Here’s the platform at #Paddington, looking a little bit #Tardis-like, I thought, what with the roundels.

#RailwayStations #PaddingtonStation #LondonUnderground #MonochromeMonday #BlackAndWhite #blackandwhitephotography #TheTube

A Tube station platform. In the centre are escalators and on either side are shiny black “suicide” barriers in front of the rails. Above are roundel ish light fittings.
Dan Pope
1 month ago

Has the #VictoriaLine got louder in recent years? Surely it must be breaking legal noise levels (and air quality levels for that matter) 🙉🤧
#TfL #LondonUnderground

1 month ago

It's a very long time since I've lived in London, but I'm astounded by how few underground stations I can name off the top of my head
#PublicTransport #Underground #TheTube #LondonUnderground

Find it interesting the range of #trains I find myself on from time to time. Found myself on 1973 stock #londonunderground tube trains recently and it's fascinating to see how many years of service it has put in. It's basically an antique in car transport terms but it's still going after so long. It's a literal working museum though for how long is potentially up in the air. Still good to ride on a recent trip.

PJ Coffey
1 month ago


I'm on about 33% but can't see myself getting higher.

I bet @garius would ace this.


Jude Jackson
1 month ago

Defend #LondonUnderground driver victimised for expressing solidarity with #Gaza! - World Socialist Web Site

#LondonTubeDriver #Solidarity! #FreeFreePalestine!

Passed Wonder
3 months ago

"Please allow #pigeons off the #train before boarding"

#Londoner: Exhibits mildest concern.

I hadn't realised though - pigeons match the #NorthernLine #moquette wonderfully!

HTs #LondonUnderground #NaturePhotography #UrbanWildlife #London #Photography #Photomonday

A pigeon  is flying inside a tube train, wings beating down. Someone seated is staring at it.
A pigeon is flying out of the open doors of a tube train, wings raised, blurred with motion. Someone seated is staring at it.
Two pigeons are inside a tube train walking around empty seats.
1970s London
4 months ago

Prince Charles takes a Jubilee line train on its inaugural run, April 30 1979
#london #londonunderground #londontransport #jubileeline

The front of a grey and white underground train to Charing Cross, with three men in the driver's compartment, seen through the front windows.