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Em 1997, no IPAC, my love não era my #love mas era obrigada à levar uma moça ao banheiro.

A obrigação era um #loop do meu jardim de infância, onde as pró's, me obrigavam a levar da #school para sua casa uma menina.

O ódio, era da ordem do gerente e das pró's, pelas sinhá #nazis, o ódio não era oh ódio!

O gerente, tinha na sua mesa vários talões da PARA TODOS BAHIA, uma moça ou uma #moto vinha nas horas certas, pegar os "jogos do bicho e os #moneys!"


#Brasil #brazil #stf #stj #g1

Tobias Schmidl
2 days ago

okay, dieses #microsoft #loop ist praktisch.

4 days ago

Untitled (2022/07/21)

⚠️ volume warning

#downtempo #electronicmusic #loop #neurotangent

6 days ago

The main problem with the Spider-man poll was that I put an option that I hadn't made, and it got some votes, and that got me wondering.

Anyway, going to hide this one away behind a sensitive media tag because frankly no-one wants to see this, but I had to make it once it popped into my head.

You've seen IN.
You've seen OUT.

(or not, up to you)

#spiderman #meme #animation #loop #recursive #silly #shakeItAllAbout

It's the spider-man pointy-pointy meme image, but split into two and cycling between them in a never ending point-fest. Scene one is the left hand spider-man with the NYPD van, pointing right. A window has been added to the back wall and through it you can see an upside down version of the right hand spider-man standing by boxes, pointing left. The camera travels through the window turning upside down to see that in full, the right way up, and the other side is now through the window upside down so the camera travels through and flips again. Repeat forever.
1 week ago

Is This the Right Room

⚠️ volume warning

#jummbox #postindustrial #electronicmusic #loop #neurotangent

1 week ago

Saturday morning in downtown Chicago is quite nice. No traffic, no lines, great weather. Celebrating my wife's birthday this weekend. Love coming here... in small doses.
#Chicago #loop #randolphstmarket

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1 week ago

Just happily going about my day and suddenly my brain insists I looped the spiderman animation the wrong way given how they're pointing. So I swapped it, and now I just don't know, so that was useful.

#animation #loop #spiderman #meme #recursive #silly

It's the spiderman pointy-pointy meme image, but split into two and cycling between them in a never ending point-fest. Scene one is right hand spiderman standing by boxes, pointing left. A window has been added to the back wall and the camera pulls back to see left hand spiderman with the NYPD van, pointing right. Repeat forever.
1 week ago

I don't know what to write about this. Erm. I made this. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

#animation #loop #spiderman #meme #recursive #silly

It's the spiderman pointy-pointy meme image, but split into two and cycling between them in a never ending point-fest. Scene one is right hand spiderman standing by boxes, pointing left. A window has been added to the back wall and the camera travels through the window to see left hand spiderman with the NYPD van, pointing right. Repeat forever.
1 week ago

Hey, you didn't obsess about that tiny wee jump in that animation last night did you?

About how it should really be avoidable, and about how much better it would look if it was smoother?

And how if you fixed it you might be able to use the same framework so will never have to go through this again?

No? Pleased to hear it.

(I think it's a *bit* better now)

#animation #loop #drawing #sillyScribbles

An animation of a scene in an art gallery. There is a wooden bench in the foreground, upon which a simple drawn figure sits looking at a picture on the wall and pointing at it. The picture is the same set, but this time the person is sitting the other way and looking at the camera. The image zooms in to the second version, and then in turn to the first version again, and it loops continually.
Ximaar ❎
1 week ago

@rjvanhouten #PieterDerks heeft vaak goede punten.

Zelf los ik het anders op. Ik #fiets of #loop. Nederland is immers een plat land waar het maar 1 op de 14 ritten regent. Hoef niet te wachten op de fiets van 13uur12. En nooit files of parkeerproblemen. Voor langere afstanden neem ik de trein, maar zie dat als een uitje. Kijken hoe alle mensen op een smartphone kijken. Ben al jaren gestopt met werken omdat ik teveel geld overhield. Zou tegenwoordig meer kiezen voor #thuiswerk via glasvezel.

1 week ago

Nabend. Hier trippy Zeugs statt Schlaf. 👍
#aiart #midjourney #loop

1 week ago

Every few years I try to get one of these to look like it does in my head, but the timing is a bit off, or the transition is a bit shonky, & I think to myself "this is deeply not worth the effort" & I abandon it until a few years later & I think "maybe I'll crack it this time".

But no. It's not terrible, but it's not right, but I'm tired & have had enough.

Reminder to self next time I consider one of these: this is deeply not worth the effort.

#animation #loop #drawing #sillyScribbles

An animation of a scene in an art gallery. There is a wooden bench in the foreground, upon which a simple drawn figure sits looking at a picture on the wall and pointing at it. The picture is the same set, but this time the person is sitting the other way and looking at the camera. The image zooms in to the second version, and then in turn to the first version again, and it loops continually but there is a wee judder at the point the visuals reset and it bugs me more than a buggy thing but I am so, so tired it will have to stay.
1 week ago



I've had this on a #Loop for the past hour or so; #MyLittleBigBuddy and I have #Mastered the #Choreography and we're #Ready to join the #WitcheryFlashMob whenever (7-years late)...

#Late; but #VeryReady...

🧙⚔️ 🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | ☕🎠🦹🦄🦹🎠☕

In #TheVoice of #EgyptianSpanishSeanConnery from #SeanLander...
1 week ago

Third morning in a row of torrential rain.

Was going to persevere with a longer walk this morning anyhow, but the river had other ideas.

This is the path I was going to walk down.

Nice patterns though.

#rain #video #loop #raindrops

A short video loop. The frame is filled with raindrops on water. Some are particularly large; they're from the tree that is overhanging the path that the river has covered.
Alex ☕🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

Did some minor tweaks to make the chords and the melody play nicer together, also looped it together to get the full effect.

#music #loop

2 weeks ago

Before I lost Reality Composer by updating to Xcode 15 today, I played with it again and created this:

A Proof of Concept for an animation loop with spatial audio. This would run forever. The animation is fully made in Reality Composer.

In theory I can build a clock this way.

#RealityComposer #ARQuicklook #Loop

If you like to try it yourself, you can download it here:

Looping animation with spatial Audio made in Reality Composer Classic

If you like to try it, you can download it here:
2 weeks ago

I have had a relatively productive day and I have one more thing I would like to get done.

I have just animated someone being lazy and doing nothing instead of going and doing it.

I feel like I might be trying to send myself a message here, if only I could work it out.

#river #video #loop #silly #drawing #sillyScribbles #procrastination

A short video loop of the remains of a tree growing at the edge of a river; a cut down trunk on the right and a thick offshoot with some smaller branches on the left, that look almost nest-like. The river is flowing quite fast from right to left. You can see grass and some trees on the far bank. On the nest in the foreground a simple drawn figure lies back, hands behind head, legs dangling, doing nothing but watching the river go by.
2 weeks ago

Waiting for the answer to blow by... no hurry.

#video #loop #nature #silly #drawing #animation #sillyScribbles

A close up photo of some dry, golden grass against a blue sky. There is one long stem with a feather, fluffy seed head which is blowing wildly in the wind. It has a happy face drawn on, that blows around with it, although not particularly accurately because I am a bit lazy and the general aim is joyful chaos which doesn't need precision. To its right is a simple drawn smiling figure, sitting with their arms resting on their knees, with a mass of black hair also blowing wildly in the wind.
2 weeks ago

Damned, it's late, but I made a variant of this weeks looping #mograph #kaleidoscope and more words that need to be said about it being very #trippy !
Happy #Kaleidosaturday !

made with #b3d #blender3d and #ae #aftereffects

#loop #chill #psychedelic #mastoart

keep diving into the endless kaleidoscopic moving pattern
2 weeks ago

Made a new animated looping #mograph #kaleidoscope and this one turned out pretty cool, calming and #trippy !
Happy #Kaleidosaturday !

made with #b3d #blender3d and #ae #aftereffects

#loop #chill #psychedelic #mastoart

looping 3fold kaleidoscope animation
2 weeks ago

I'll take the little wins. Got the #bass line to a four-bar #loop recorded today in #logicprox - gonna flesh this tune out a little and perform it on a low-pressure gig next week!

2 weeks ago

Blender's Cycles caustics are interesting. I don't think they're that great, but they actually work in neat ways sometimes.

#blender #blender3d #b3d #cycles #render #loop #caustics

A short, looping video of light shining through a basic ico sphere, sending a caustic refraction onto the ground below. The ico sphere distorts and the caustics appropriately swirl and change.

So Leute, es gibt auf meinem #Amateurfunk #Blog was Neues: Ein erster Test der #Deshibo #GA-450 #Loop #Antenne für #Kurzwelle. Schaut einfach mal rein unter - da ist auch ein kurzes Video zu finden :-)

Viel Spaß!

2 weeks ago

Solving the Hypercube in a Higher Dimension

This is the elaborate and way more #psychedelic and #trippy version of the #cube #loop I posted 2 days ago. Also it has an #experimental #drumnbass #dnb soundtrack written by me.

this #perfectloop was made with #b3d #blender3d
the background blobs are made with a #clothsim #simulation

and I know this is not the mathematically correct #hypercube but I really love the ring of that word so it ended up in the title :)

Yann Le Gall
3 weeks ago

time offset cube slice
#art #loop #houdini

3 weeks ago

enjoy an endless #cube #loop with my own music!
That is how cubes are made!

#b3d #blender3d #perfectloop #satisfyingloop #mograph #motiongraphics
and of course people populated #mographmonday #mographmondays as a tag already, hi there :)

3 weeks ago


So here's a thing you can do: build a song around a repeating instrumental melody, sample, or groove!

Examples: “Sure Shot” (Beastie Boys), “Young Folks” (Peter Bjorn & John), “Bittersweet Symphony” (The Verve), “Glory Box” (Portishead), and “Prisencolinensenaicuisol” (Adriano Celentano).

Tag it #loop at

#fawm #fiftyninety #songwritingchallenge #lyricwritingtips #songwritingtips #songwriting #prompt #music

Iwai Setsuko
3 weeks ago


Видосик с тестовым проектом из семплов Андроида в FL Studio. Более танцевальный электро проект. Интересно, а слышит ли здесь кто-нибудь скрипку и пианино?.. Они здесь были оба мною приглушены...

#music #musicproduction #dance #electronicmusic #android #fruit #loop #funny #windows #cute

3 weeks ago

The mystical creatures of the river guide the water through the rocks.


#Scotland #river #dance #video #loop #animation #sillyScribbles #waterfallWednesday


A video loop of a waterfall. The waters flow rapidly over a small layer of rock, before a larger drop across the width of the falls. The falls are lined with large flat puddingstone rocks, covered in moss. Three animated dancers stand on rocks followed by traces of themselves, limbs swaying, coaxing the waters down.
4 weeks ago

A silly thing I was playing with today. The surface of the moon and the stars are both procedural materials.

#blender #blender3d #b3d #cycles #animation #loop #render #moon #procedural

A looping animation of a moon going through a full lunar cycle.
Mike Ellis
4 weeks ago

Things I should be doing: preparing for an interview this afternoon.

Things I am doing: fiddling with this. Maybe it was a mistake putting Ableton on my work machine... 🙂

#tune #ableton #loop #synth

1 month ago

A little something for #SilentSunday

This is Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth, videoed from North Berwick beach.

The white colour is partly the huge colony of gannets that live on the island, and partly their poo. So that's nice. I love the shadow sweeping across.

#Scotland #video #loop #timelapse

A short looping timelapse. In the foreground the sea, in the background a slightly overcast sky, in the middle a big chunk of rock, with steep cliffs, and a lighthouse on the right hand side, tailing to a low bit of island on which two tiny hand drawn figures sit. Clouds are moving across the sun so the island starts bathed in light, then sweeps dark from left to right, then lightens up again.
Mörkö Heikkilä
1 month ago

Entisenä koodaajana olen jostakin syystä nyt tyytyväinen siihen, ettei ohjelmoinnissa käytetystä loop-termistä tullut suomennettua sanaa. Ehdotus loopin suomennoksesi olisi ollut kiersin.

#kiersin #loop #Iwentaround

1 month ago

In my badger related nostalgia blast today I revisited my first post on b3ta.

It was Jan 2003, an entry into a "Hats of the future" challenge where I claimed hats would be gloves because I'd replaced a head with a hand. Quite badly.

I'd then saved it as a gif, which is a decision that puzzles me to this day, but it might have been saving file size. We had very limited bandwidth back then.

Anyhow, today I finally made it wave.

#animation #loop #weird #silly

A photo of a person with a hand for a  head. The hand has a smiling face, and periodically blinks (it troubled me when they just stared, altho' the regularity of the blink is also a little off-putting). They wear a white t-shirt with my wee logo on it in some bizarre form of self promotion. The hand is waving on a loop.
1 month ago

You mean #Loop / #OpenAPS / #AndroidAPS, or is there an actual hardware device that's not produced by big medical company?

1 month ago

- Been a long week aye?
- Aye, just a bit.
- Nearly the weekend tho'.
- Aye.

#animation #GooglyEyes #loop #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

FWIW if you're on a big screen and want to go a bit googly-eyed yourself I have a screen full of these wee spirit-cogs from when we were playing around with dragging tiling gifs and suchlike.

A looping animation of black cogs with googly eyes on a tel background. Each cog perpetually turns, eyes jiggling within. They are spread across the screen, partially connected.
Gothish Andy
1 month ago

It's #BandcampFriday, I've been quite restrained with just two album purchases. The classic Last Temptation of Reid by Lard and World In Your Eyes retrospective compilation by Loop. Well chuffed!

#Loop #Lard #Industrial #Noise

1 month ago

When you take Live photos with the iPhone, play around with the different options like bounce, and long exposure. @spsheridan took a Live photo of the gondolas on the top of the summit of Mammoth Mountain, and changed it to a Loop. He created "ghost gondolas".

#ShotOnIPhone #Loop #Ghosts

View is down the mountain (which is over 11,000 feet up) down to the Mammoth village. the gondolas are leaving the pillars but then fading away because it's a loop photo. Very spooky effect.
1 month ago

The to-do list is ticked & the sun is shining, so I'm going to venture into the garden & stare at it VERY intensely in the hope it tidies itself up.

#waterfall #video #loop #dance #animation #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles #Scotand

A short video loop of a waterfall with three tiers of water. It flows down a short incline at the top, then drops down a wee cliff about a metre in height at the bottom third of the screen. In the centre section a dark flat rock sits above the flowing water. On it there is a simple drawn figure dancing in a joyful manner. Not particularly well, but joyfully.
1 month ago

A Monday morning pick-me-up before I tackle today's to-do list (which, strange as it may seem, did not include making this).

Right. Onwards.

#video #loop #animation #birds #puffins #silly #dance #drawing #SillyScribbles

A mixture of video (two puffins) and simple drawn animation (one person).  The figure on the left raises their arms, then proceeds to jump wildly while flapping arms for a couple of seconds. There is a pause, then the two puffins follow suit, flapping their wings wildly. Then it repeats.
Markus Böttner
1 month ago

Isn‘t She Lovely 🎸 #Epiphone Dot Deluxe 🔁 #Boss RC1 📢 #Roland Cube 30 #Guitar #Loop Jam #shorts

2 months ago

the #cyberpunk #overpass #render as #loop #animation #gif

the #fenced overpass at #night and the #train stop crossing over the #highway is where the #lightstreaks I just repurposed in my latest kaleidoscope come from, that is further down my timeline here :)

made with #b3d #blender3d

made for a contest called #roadtoinfinity and the square at the end would otherwise transition to other renders in the comp. And this render didn't even qualify for the top100, but don't judge the judges...

cyberpunk overpass render animation
2 months ago

Remember how I mentioned I sometimes have pics lying around for quite a while, and I'm not sure where they're going, or if they should go anywhere?*

Aye? OK [clears throat]

All hail Coandă, googly-eyed god of water features. Behold their moist convex surface and worship at their shiny stem. Huzzah!

(*this might have been one of them)

#water #garden #GooglyEyes #silly #video #loop #SillyScribbles

A short video loop of a water feature at Alnwick Gardens that demonstrates how water clings to the underside of a smooth surface, appearing to defy gravity (an effect discovered by Henri Coandă). It's a short, shiny, slightly curved funnel shape with water flowing down, surrounded by a dark hedge, and with a large animated googly eye at each side of the top.
Yann Le Gall
2 months ago

voronoi zoom
#art #loop #trippy

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

Going to give these a try tonight.

#Loop #LoopQuiet

Hush Blue Loop Quiet earplugs with case
me·ta·phil, der
2 months ago


Neo-Kraut/Avant-Rock Duo from Nürnberg/Germany.

#krautrock #neokraut #Loop #PsychedelicRock #StonerRock #KrachAmBach #AvantRock

Cover des Albums "Klinker auf XLR" der Band Zement. Ein Kabel mit XLR-Stecker endet nach einigen Windungen in einem Bröckchen Zement
2 months ago

L’utopia è come l’orizzonte: cammino due passi,
e si allontana di due passi. Cammino dieci passi,
e si allontana di dieci passi. L’orizzonte è
irraggiungibile. E allora, a cosa serve l’utopia?
A questo: serve per continuare a camminare.

Eduardo Galeano
#utopia #loop

2 months ago

I paid the price of all our recent summer gadding about today, and had to catch up on admin.

It was very, very dull.

I have attempted to channel the joy I missed while doing it into 16 frames.

#video #loop #water #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

A video loop of water swirling round into a central plughole. At the centre there is a simple drawn figure with a very happy expression and arms raised up spinning and bobbing round and round.
Yann Le Gall
2 months ago

based on an animation by @Danpiker
#generative #loop

2 months ago

You know when you have a video loop, but to make it loop something disappears in an improbable manner?

And you think, that's a shame, because I really like this little clip.

And you could crop it so, for example, a bird doesn't disappear in mid-flight, but then it looks unbalanced so you need to find some unobtrusive way for the bird to disappear so it appears natural?

Yeah. That.

I think I need a quiet lie down.

#seascape #video #loop #animation #bird #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

A short video loop of the sea splashing up some rocks. In the foreground there is long grass. On the left the cliffs of the headland. A gull flies in from the right hand side most of the way across the image. At that point the cliff, which has cartoon eyes and a slither of a mouth drawn on, opens its mouth wide, flipping the clifftop up, and eating the bird. Because why else would it disappear at that point? It made no sense.
2 months ago

On our recent travels we visited a lighthouse. I LOVE lighthouses. They're always in these amazing spots, and the buildings sit so pleasingly in the landscape. And they help stop boats crashing into rocks too, obvs.

I sit on the walls, look out to sea, and imagine what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper.

I might not have it quite right.

#lighthouse #photography #animation #loop #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

It is dusk. We are looking directly down some white walled steps to a lighthouse, which is switching on and off in a loop. The sea moves gently, and the darkening sky is stripes with grey clouds. On the wall sits a simple drawn character holding a small panel with a big red button on it. They press the button to turn on the light. I'm not 100% sure that's how lighthouses actually work, but the thought of it tickled me.
2 months ago

Self portrait of the artist on a Scottish headland

2023, wind and shadow

#video #loop #Scotland #wind #shadow #silly #SillyScribbles #GooglyEyes #SelfPortrait

2022 version can be found here:

A short video loop of a persons shadow in the wind on a grassy slope. They are wearing wide trousers and a long loose shirt that are both flapping wildly. It was very, very windy. Two animated, oversized, googly have been added on the head, with a bit of extra shadow added along with a wide smiling mouth so they've ended up looking like a weird flappy frog. Sort of.
2 months ago

Top secret behind-the-scenes footage of this weeks sparkly dancer rehearsing their twizzly-arm-stomp dance.

#seaside #video #loop #silly #dance #drawing #SillyScribbles

A short animated loop of a seaside view, with blue-green sea gently rolling into a beach, and a blue sky with fluffy clouds. There is a large rock stack on the beach. On the top is a simple drawn figure, doing wee dance.
2 months ago

Tried to recreate one of the tarot cards from #CultOfTheLamb as close to the original as possible, in glorious #NPR #3D!

Nobody will know those hatchlines are dynamically much time spent on that insignificant detail🥲

#art #MastoArt #cgi #fanart #b3d #blender #animation #loop #LiveYetVirtual

Original card:

A stylized non-photorealistic 3D potion-bottle with a hyperactive miniature foot inside, sloshing around magically
3 months ago

Finishing the day with the same dancer that started it, albeit round the coast a wee bit.


#silly #video #loop #seaside #dance #drawing #SillyScribbles #sunset #silhouette

A short video loop of rocks on the sea shore. The sun is setting and there is a shaft of sunlight down the centre. A simple animated figure dances, silhouetted against the water.
3 months ago

Today I will mainly be sorting through #photos and getting regularly distracted.

Love a lazy weekend.

#nature #seaside #animation #drawing #dance #video #loop

A short video loop of a gentle moving green-blue sea viewed underneath a blue sky and between large headland rocks. In the foreground the long grass is gently being blown by the wind. On a central flat rock a simple black and white figure dances.
3 months ago

It's a bit blowy out.


#silly #drawing #video #loop #SillyScribbles #windy

A stone wall with a planting area with three grasses in it. Behind the wall a green leafy hedge and a view of the Island in St Ives. It is windy and the grasses and hedge are being blown about. The three grasses each has a happy face and upraised arms. They are enjoying the bracing weather.
3 months ago

and then I found this endlessly moving metal being...

#mograph #motiongraphics #art #blender #blender3d #b3d #cgi #loop

floating metal cross animation
Klickaffen Studio
3 months ago

May happen!
Is It is even already!
#permanent #loop #ausbruch #qa
Definitely calls for unconventional methods :-)
Thanks to @briandorsey for the hint!

in an Arkanoid clone on the Playdate console, a ball apparently got stuck in a continuous loop. After a while, a technician jumps into the picture and says "Continuous loop detected!" The spiler can press a to fix it or B to reject it
3 months ago

and now this #blender3d #mograph #animation with my own #music is on YT. This beat is pretty uplifting and a bit #trippy. The #visuals themselves are also the good kind of chaotic.

#b3d #blender #cgi #render #loop #edm #idm

3 months ago

Got some help at work today 😊

#keychron #MechanicalKeyboard #baby #loop #gif

looping video of a baby pressing buttons on a keyboard

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #NOMpourFlickr in City: #Montpellier France 🇨🇵 2009 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Loop #AlarmClock ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a digital clock display, repeating in a loop one after the other, but showing a different time each time. A hand holds a photo showing the red digital display of the time 23:10. The photo is held in front of a time display of a real Bluesky brand alarm clock, on which it is 00:00. However, on the photo itself, the same shot of the hand holding a photo is seen over and over again. The next time is 22:53, then 21:07, 20:44, on and on until the display is too small to see.
Info: Taken with Panasonic DMC- FZ28

30 years of type 1 #diabetes. Got a 5.6 hA1c today. My sugars are glucotypical! (Been under 6 for over a decade) That’s nuts. #openaps #loop artificial pancreas for the win.

5.6% hA1c

#Processing #py5 #Python #itertools 120 combinations of 2 elements from a 4x4 grid. #CreativeCoding #Loop #GIF

# animation produced by the code below

from itertools import product, combinations
import py5

W = 80

def setup():
    global combos
    py5.size(600, 600, py5.P3D)
    xy = product(range(-1, 3, 1), repeat=2) # -1, 0, 1, 2
    grid = [(x * W - W / 2, y * W - W / 2) for x, y in xy]                    
    combos = list(combinations(grid, 2))
    print(len(combos)) # 120 for combos of 16 positions, 2 at a time

def draw():
    py5.translate(py5.width / 2, py5.height / 2)
    f = (py5.frame_count - 1) % len(combos)
    combos_extended = combos + combos[:11]  # combos plus 11 from start
    combo_positions = combos_extended[f:f+11]  # slice of 11 combos start at f
    #combo_positions = [combos[(i + f) % len(combos)] for i in range(11)]
    for positions, z in zip(combo_positions, range(100, -101, -20)):
        py5.fill((255 + z - f * 20) % 255, 200, 200)                
        for pos in positions:
            element(pos + (z,), W)
    if py5.frame_count < len(combos) + 1:
def element(pos, w):
    x, y, z = pos
    with py5.push_matrix():
        py5.translate(x, z, y)  # note the inversion, w / 10, w)

3 months ago
4 months ago

Went on a walk & recorded a video loop of the waterfall.

Thought: ooh I can post that for #WaterfallWednesday

Checked the footage & realised it's been so dry you can barely see it's a waterfall.

A sensible person would have ditched the idea at that point, but instead I dug out some evidence to show that on other visits it has been quite different.

So, anyhow, here it is, in a rather worrying state.

#video #loop #waterfall #Scotland #HeatWave #climate #ClimateCrisis

A short video loop of a waterfall and rocky stream, surrounding by lush green trees. The waterfall is reduced to a trickle, and many rocks usually covered by water are exposed. A simple cartoon figure sits watching the waterfall. In the foreground two more cartoon figures holding up mobile phones to camera, showing a video loop and still image of the waterfall in wetter times.
4 months ago

I love living in Scotland. It is a wonderful place in many, many ways, but today I had a reminder that there is always a price to pay.

I give you... the Monday Morning Midges.

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A short animated loop of a rocky river.  Four simple cartoon characters stand on the rocks and flap their arms ineffectually against the rampaging dots that are the midges. It is overcast, but warm and the air is moist. The midges love it. The people less so.
Papal Penguin aka Derek Graham
4 months ago

@theautisticcoach @mazeldon @actuallyautistic @actuallyautistics Chicago and currently in the #Loop exploring The Winter Garden at the Harold Washington Library! #ActuallyAutistic #Chicago

Enjoying this beautiful library in Chicago
4 months ago

Yesterday I made a wee loop of some figures dancing by a river, & only realised after posting that I'd made a #RiverDance and should have, you know, done the *proper* dance.

So I decided to give it a go.

It did not go well, but it made me laugh so...

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #drawing #animation

A video loop of a rocky river. On the rocks stand 6 simple cartoon figures doing River Dance style moves. Gently bouncing bodies, straight dangling arms and fast legwork. I think at one point one of the legs bends backwards.  Not sure how I managed that.
4 months ago

My submission for the Bad Normals "Road to Infinity" challenge!

Check out the challenge:

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4 months ago

Going through some old aquarium footage.

Found this plant*, which looks** like a drunk muppet chuntering at you at the end of a long night.

#silly #aquarium #GooglyEyes #video #loop #nature

* is it a plant? I think it's a plant
** to me, YMMV obvs.

Video loop. An aquarium plant on some rocks. It's fluttering in the water flow, and I've added large googly eyes and it looks like a loose mouth opening and closing.
Henry Segerman
5 months ago

I added a laser to my real-life fractal zoom. If the line goes through the top of the fractal it matches up with itself around the loop.
Full video at #fractal #zoom #loop #3dprinting #motioncontrol #laser

Zooming into a 3d printed fractal. A line of laser light shines on one side of the fractal.
Henry Segerman
5 months ago

Real-life fractal zoom with added rotation! With the extra degree of freedom in the system, the feedback control code got quite a bit more complicated (I'm not sure how much the extra complexity helped).
Full video at
#fractal #zoom #loop #3dprinting

A camera moves towards a spinning 3D printed fractal, slowing down exponentially so that the view from the camera forms a looping video.
Henry Segerman
5 months ago

Making a real-life fractal zoom. Full video at
#fractal #zoom #loop #3dprinting

A video zooming into a 3d printed fractal. An inset shows the view from a second camera, with the main camera mounted on a motion control system.

By #AffinityPlay

Sit back and relax. Put on some headphones, get lost for a little while, and count how many elevators there are, moving up and down. 👽💙

-I hope you enjoy my new tiny #pixel world.🌇-

"Close to the Wire"


Music by #Tormentass 🎵

Matthew Hughes
6 months ago
Yann Le Gall
6 months ago

square aspect ratio version of the collab with @bleuje .

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