Trenton Matthews
1 hour ago


That last post, was done from the
#Mona app for #MacOS. Though since Mona currently does not 'natively' support #Misskey or #Calckey instances, it's kinda... Hit & Miss when it works.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 hour ago

Annoyed that in #Apple #macOS #Ventura, the Full Keyboard Access #Accessibility feature does not allow me to select #Safari extension toolbar buttons if they're placed to the left of the Address, Search, and Tabs section of the toolbar. I've just sent feedback from their support page:


2 hours ago

In the latest WWDC Apple #macOS Sonoma, the give a call out to #Apollo for Reddit. Sadly, Apollo looks like it won’t be able to continue with #Reddit’s new pricing structure.

I know it’s not how they usually like to roll, but a backport of this seemingly-simple feature (#WWDC23) to #macOS-stable would be even more very neat, #Apple.

I’ve been a big user of Site Specific Browsers (SSBs) for ~10 years. I have a paid Fluid license from 2014, used Epichrome for quite a while (while it was maintained), and now have plenty of Coherence X apps.

My expectation is this stuff becoming OS-first-class is going to be great for how I like to do things.

Bryan Hoffman
3 hours ago

Decided to give #MacOS Stage Manager a good solid go for a few days. So far it seems to blend fine with my use of hotcorners for showing Desktop and Mission Control.

4 hours ago

I keep forgetting that #Automator exists.
Then I remember and get excited.
Then I try to actually use it for something.
Then I get sad or frustrated and forget about it for years and years.

#macOS #workflow #scripting #AppleScript

4 hours ago

I never execute my beta updates properly for #macOS 🤦🏼‍♂️

Guess I’ll be living life on the edge for the next few months. #Sonoma 🥴🍷

4 hours ago

Hey folks. Quick question

What is the best way to track how many cookies a shortened URL puts into my system when I open it?

#MacOS #Browsers #Trackers

Me ha encantado esta app para #macOS y está #gratis estos días. Focaliza la línea donde está situado el puntero.

Android Infotech
5 hours ago

Fix Can't Upload Files in Chrome Mac OS. 🍏💻⬆️ #Chrome #MacOS #Google #Apple
We will provide you with two methods to fix the problem of being unable to upload files using Chrome on macOS.

Mac & i
6 hours ago

Privatsphärenschutz: Was Apple in iOS 17, macOS 14 und Co. plant

Apple hat sich auch mit den diesjährigen Betriebssystemen bei Privacy einiges vorgenommen. Unser Überblick zeigt, an welchen Stellschrauben der Konzern dreht.

#Apple #Datenschutz #iOS #macOS #Security #news

Mac & i
7 hours ago

Gaming: Apple erlaubt einfacheres Portieren von PC-Spielen

Apple will es Entwicklern erleichtern, den Mac zur Gaming-Plattform zu machen. Dazu gibt es demnächst ein Toolkit, das auch aktuelle DirectX-12-Titel umsetzt.

#Apple #DirectX #Gaming #macOS #Spiele #news

7 hours ago

高手移植 Diablo 4 到 macOS 全靠 Apple 最新遊戲移植工具包
以往大家也說 macOS 不能玩遊戲,所以 Apple 在今年 WWDC 一雪前恥,推出了「Game Port […]
The post 高手移植 Diablo 4 到 macOS 全靠 Apple 最新遊戲移植工具包 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#科技趣聞 #Apple #DirectX12 #macos

8 hours ago

Whisky 🥃 - Wine but a bit stronger

Już ktoś zrobił aplikację z GUI do odpalania gier z Windowsa na macOS Sonoma #Apple #games #macOS - Apple-Blog
8 hours ago

Während der #WWDC23-#Keynote wurden die Vorzüge der neuen #Macs auch mit Hilfe eines neuen #macOS-Spiels präsentiert: #DeathStrandingDirectorsCut. Ab sofort ist das #Game auch im #MacAppStore zur #Vorbestellung verfügbar. Die macOS-Version soll am 2. Dezember dieses Jahres zum Preis von 39,99 Euro erscheinen.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #Mac #iPhone #iPad #Spiel #Spiele #HideoKojima #NormanReedus #MadsMikkelsen

Mac & i
9 hours ago

Safari 17 für den Mac: Web-Apps, Profile und mehr Privatsphäre

Mit der neuen Version des Apple-Browsers, die im Herbst erscheint, kommen zahlreiche Funktionen auf die Plattform, die sich Nutzer seit Längerem wünschen.

#Browser #Chrome #Firefox #iOS #macOS #Safari #Security #news

Safari mit Profilen

Lungo: Mantén tu Mac despierto cuando más lo necesitas

Cuando estás trabajando en tu Mac, puede resultar frustrante que la pantalla se apague o el sistema entre en modo de suspensión cuando más lo necesitas. Ya sea que estés realizando una presentación, viendo un video o descargando un archivo grande, la interrupción del sueño de tu Mac puede ser una molestia. Sin embargo, existe una solución práctica y sencilla: Lungo.
#macos #app #software

Shem the Penman
10 hours ago

@arstechnica What is so great about it? The widgets were already part of Mac OS 9. Boring.

#Apple #macOS

Sven A. Schmidt
11 hours ago

The new Web Apps in Safari on #macOS #Sonoma are great. I've already set up two Choosy rules to open Gitlab and Github URLs in them.

Two improvements I'd love to see:

- share sheet and a way to copy the URL via ⌘-L, ⌘-C
- save zoom level between launches

Otherwise this is a fantastic addition 🎉

(submitted as FB12268945 and FB12269048)

TFW you’re sitting in the living room alone and hear the “bong” of the iMac restarting in the office and…. there is no one else around… #macOS #iMac #Phantom

Aaron Kulbe
18 hours ago

Kinda drove me crazy today that the step to fix an odd issue I was experiencing on #macOS #Ventura was a reboot.

It was actually booting into Safe Mode, realizing that all the stock Apple apps that were non-responsive post-upgrade now worked, and then rebooting to normal mode again.

What ever happened to "It Just Works"?!?!

Richard Baker
19 hours ago

The one feature I want from #macOS #Sonoma is for the double quotation mark key to always be in the right place on my Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, even through RDP. That would be a sign we live in an age of wonders. 📚
20 hours ago

For those who have been browsing the Internet on #macOS and face intrusion by ad #software that forces them to click through a website, read along to learn how to remove #adware on #Mac and stay protected.

The top billing for this year's macOS Sonoma is ... screen savers.

Not yet sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

Maybe good, if this means there’s lots of focus on bug fixin’ behind the scenes.

My Mac kernel panics every shutdown (for like the past 6 years) because I have 11 volumes (like 27 physical disks) connected via Thunderbolt, and apparently most people don't do that.

But i hope that bug gets fixed sometime this decade.

#WWDC2023 #macOS #fcp #WWDC

macOS Sonoma Preview website. First featured item: screen savers.
Christopher Grande
22 hours ago

The #macOS #Sonoma Desktop #Widget snapping behavior is rather clever.

You can place them anywhere, but if you try to place them near or on top of one another they snap to a grid relative to each other.

Demo of macOS Sonoma Widgets being dragged around — demoing the snapping behavior.

OK so for those of you who are like me from the past and don’t listen to conferences, tech talks ETC but are actually interested in #programming I want to show you one feature of #Swift and/or #SwiftUI which actually blew my mind because of its simplicity. Before the #iOS 17 era you would do something like
class User: ObservableObject {
@Published var firstName = "Nuno"
@Published var lastName = "Mao"

struct ContentView: View {
@StateObject var user = User()
var body: some View {
Text("I am \(user.firstName) \(user.lastName)")
Then, in subsequent views you could pass this class around by using `@ObservedObject` property wrapper so that all views could stay in sync and point to the same data. However now they made it to work like that:
class User {
var firstName = "Nuno"
var lastName = "Mao"
private var eMailAddress = ""

struct ContentView: View {
var user = User()
var body: some View {
Text("I am \(user.firstName) \(user.lastName)")
This code brings some interesting implications with it, the least of it being that we no longer need to mark our properties with the `@Published` property wrapper. Basically all publicly exposed properties are marked as `@Published` automatically without our further intervention. `private` properties stay untouched, like in the example above.
The problem starts when we want to make our data actually changable like so
TextField("Name", text: $user.firstName)
TextField("Last name", text: $user.lastName)
Funnily enough, it won’t actually work because “Cannot find '$user' in scope”. Or, maybe? They made it actually very clever, to minimize overhead of code generated at compile they they once again force us to use a property wrapper. One small change and our properties can be bound to stuff

struct ContentView: View {
@Bindable var user = User()

That’s all, stufff will now work as expected.
#programming #apple #iOS #macOS #WWDC

22 hours ago

Excited to discover that Submariner is back in development after a long hiatus 😀 I have been in need of a #Subsonic #macOS client with offline support for my #Navidrome music server

Growlph Ibex
23 hours ago

Is there a "do nothing" dummy media player app for Mac OS that can intercept global play/pause signals and ignore them?

I'm administratively prohibited from removing iTunes from my work laptop, so every time I pair headphones it launches and starts up a whole "sign up for Apple Music" FTUE.
#macos #apple

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago


Apple Announces 'Game Mode' in macOS Sonoma for Better Mac Gaming Performance

#Apple #GameMode #macOS #Performance #GamingNews

Someone standing in front of a giant slide that says "Game mode prioritizes games on CPU & GPU"
1 day ago

having seen this for other cities...

if you're in #Minneapolis and planning to get rid of older hardware, especially now end-of-life Macs, I am happy to take them and fix them up for redistribution to people who need a computer.

there is a lot of non-monetary value in older Mac hardware, especially with a different #BSD or even #linux installed

#apple #mac #macos

1 day ago

The days of #Windows dominating the #PCgaming space are numbered.

"Apple’s new Proton-like tool can run Windows games on a #Mac / It looks like #Apple is finally taking #macOS #gaming seriously."

Antti Peltola
1 day ago

I've been using #CrossOver for #Mac years. It basically killed native #macOS #games market when it became good enough.

IT News
1 day ago

WWDC: What’s new for enterprise admins and device management? - Apple Silicon, new Macs and the new Vision Pro were the hardware stars at this week's ... - #mobiledevicemanagement #itmanagement #iphone #apple #macos #ipad

@Joseph AFAIK #Steam's #BigPicture mode already works fine on #macOS for ages...

Pretty shure @fuchsiii can make a screenshot on her M1 Air...

David Bisset
1 day ago

Web apps with #MacOS Sonoma is probably in the top 5 things i’m most excited about from #WWDC23.

A look at the beta: 😍

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago

Well, because Apple won’t let me upload the stream archive, I guess I can do the next best thing!

The MajorLinux Show: WWDC 2023 Recap

#Apple #AR #iOS #iPadOS #M2Ultra #MacPro #MacStudio #macOS #VisionPro #visionOS #VR #WWDC2023 #XR #YouTube #Twitch #BlackMastodon

📢 Web Apps on macOS Sonoma 14 Beta:

With macOS Sonoma, Apple goes all-in on the concept of installable web apps. They're highly integrated in the overall macOS experience and don't give away their web roots by not showing any Safari UI at all.

#️⃣ #Sonoma #macOS #Apple #WebApps #ProjectFugu #Safari

macOS Sonoma "Add to Dock" dialog.
Michael Doise
1 day ago

I was wondering if #Safari supported profiles on just #macOS, but it turns out you can add profiles to Safari on all devices that support the new operating system betas. This is really awesome!

1 day ago

@Ericbomb I hope for #macOS version, do I will get it?

2 days ago

My partner needs a series of PDF files combined. While she was searching for some test files, I wrote a quick Shortcut on my phone and then combined and saved them when she sent them to me.

This is only necessary because Windows has no system wide scripting or automation framework. I complain about my Mac and iOS but this task was mindlessly easy. Windows is really a pile of shit.

#Windows #iOS #Shortcuts #MacOS

2 days ago

Amazon FINED For Privacy Violations

This MacOS flaw can bypass security protections, Russia Accuses the US of hacking iPhones, and Amazon is hit with a fine for privacy violations

#ThreatWire #Hak5 #MacOS #Amazon

Boiling Steam
2 days ago
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

And Safari is now supporting Progressive Web Apps.

Firefox, all eyes are on you now...

Apple Announces macOS Sonoma With Desktop Widgets and More

#Apple #macOS #Sonoma #Safari #PWA #OperatingSystem #Browser #TechNews

Someone working on a MacBook displaying the new desktop widgets feature that was introduced with Windows Vista.
Sarah A
2 days ago

Apple's Notes App Now Lets You Create Links Between Notes

'With just a few taps, you can create links between notes, making it easy to jump from one idea to another. Long press on a space in any note, and a new "Add Link" option can be found in the pop-up menu. Tapping it lets you link to another note by searching its title or entering a URL'


#technology #tech #Apple #iOS #iPadOS #MacOS;

Garry Knight
2 days ago

Apple's Notes App Now Lets You Create Links Between Notes

'With just a few taps, you can create links between notes, making it easy to jump from one idea to another. Long press on a space in any note, and a new "Add Link" option can be found in the pop-up menu. Tapping it lets you link to another note by searching its title or entering a URL'


#technology #tech #Apple #iOS #iPadOS #MacOS

@f4grx I mean if that's not close to #macOS then IDK...

@f4grx There's even a nice #creative - centric #FreeBSD distro called #helloSystem:

I think it looks nicer and cleaner than #macOS:

The new Safari in macOS Sonoma removes tracking added to URLs in private browsing. It's a very promising feature. However, it didn't remove the tracking that Twitter recently introduced. It would be great if it covers all popular websites.

#privacy #macos #security #WWDC23

Opening a Twitter URL with tracking added to it in Safari, macOS Sonoma
The intercepted call shows that Safari has called the URL without removing the tracking
Enhanced Private Browsing
Private Browsing now locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them, completely blocks known trackers from loading on pages, and removes tracking added to URLs as you browse.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

#TIL via @homebrew that #Perl v5.34 technically shipped as part of #macOS #Ventura but was not a full installation:

terminal session on macOS Ventura showing missing Perl 5.34 extras

shell script:
for version in 5.30 5.34; do printf "Testing Perl v%s\n" $version; /usr/bin/perl$version -E 'say join " ", "$_ does", -d ? () : "not", "exist" for @INC'; done
Actions for Obsidian
2 days ago

🚀 I'm happy and proud to launch Actions for Obsidian on iOS!

After several months of work, hundreds of hours of cumulative testing in TestFlight ✊🏼, a ton of customer feedback 🙏🏼, and several reviews by Apple  we're finally here ✨

I'd be delighted if you'd check out its ~40 #ShortcutsApp actions for #Obsidian and see if & how it might fit into your #PKM life on #iOS and #macOS.

And I'm already working on v1.2, so stay tuned!

/㏄ @obsidian #ObsidianMD

2 days ago

Tip of the day: As people trial #DEVONthink, they occasionally ask, “Why don’t I just use the Finder?” or “Isn’t #DEVONthink just a Finder replacement?” While both are legitimate questions, the Finder is still central to your Mac. Here’s a brief comparison of some of their features. #macos #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday #workflow

Travis Newton
2 days ago

If you’re wondering why you’re getting Windows XP Bliss vibes from the macOS Sonoma wallpaper…
#macos #macossonoma #wwdc #wwdc23

The Bliss wallpaper photo was taken in Sonoma, California.
2 days ago

As the most boring person on earth, I am most excited about the new #MacOS Sonoma default wallpaper and webapp support across the platform (shame we abused notifications too early) #WWDC

Mario Guzman 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Seems like you can have NSTitlebarAccessoryViewController in SwiftUI using accessoryBar(id:)

it also seems to back-deploy to macOS Ventura too! Nice!!!

#swiftui #wwdc #macOS

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

Voiceover still doesn’t work well at all with Google Docs. Try making some list items and arrow through them. I think, yeah I think I can do this feedback too. If I can’t use Google Docs on the Mac, I can’t do all of my job on a Mac.

#accessibility #blind #MacOS #AppleBeta

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

There’s now a Voiceover command, Voiceover + Command + N, to go to the next landmark on a page. Pretty cool!

#AppleBeta #WWDC #macOS #accessibility #blind

ricardo :mastodon:
3 days ago

@evan parts of it, yes. Not much in there for me but I do run #macOS on a maxed out 2012 MBP (shoutout to OpenCore Legacy patcher), so was curious about 14.0 #Sonoma

Stephen Shankland
3 days ago

Tempting, but not so tempting that I'm going to do it.
#Apple #beta #iOS #MacOS

And I am already downloading #iOS 17 Beta 1 and #MacOS 14 beta 1. Let’s see…

Amadeus Maximilian
3 days ago

@jensimmons very curious if and how this will tie in with existing #pwa standards and features. It would be sad if something as universal as the web would require two different ways of doing things for #macOS and the rest of the operating systems.

Also, is this a first step to allowing install prompts line Chrome and Android do? 🤔

Ron's Computer Videos🖥️📼
3 days ago

I was worried, but it appears we're still safe! #WWDC23 #MacOS #Sonoma

Noam Ross
3 days ago

Is there a way to get "find and replace in selection" across any text editing context (e.g., browser URL bar, Slack chat, native app text field, browser form field) in #macOS?

3 days ago

Dear timeline, never change. #wwdc #macos #widgets

@maikelthedev I mean I know why #developers love to release #apps for #Apple devices:

- #documentation is excellent
- #native #UI looks good
- Apple device owners are most able and willing to pay for software and least likely to pirate it.
- The very few #devices [less than two dozen are supported at any time] make it a breeze to diagnose, troubleshoor, fix and #support stuff.
- it's easy and cheaper just start making an app for #macOS than #Windows.

Ben Combee
3 days ago

If the new #macOS is called #sonoma, does that mean it can run all your Windows software using #wine?

Manfred :verified:
3 days ago
Manfred :verified:
3 days ago

🥱 Gaming auf #macOS#GameMode


Manfred :verified:
3 days ago

#macOS heißt nun #Sonoma mit Widgets auf dem Desktop 😕 naja mal schauen