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New tiny soldering iron !! #solderingiron #maker #makers

Box with a photo of a soldering iron, behind a soldering iron nestled in black foam packaging, next to a document on how to use the soldering iron. With the word “pine64” on the document.
My right hand gripping the small soldering iron (still in black packaging foam) to show how tiny it is.

Are there any old school hacker/user groups in Atlanta? I guess they're called maker clubs now? A welcoming environment where a bunch of us proud misfits would come together and play with computers, build weird devices, drink beer/cherry coke, share knowledge, and have a few laughs.

#usergroups #makers #hackers #computerclub #atlanta

El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
3 days ago

ok, so TIL #makers and #hackers

if you find yourself in the need for #arduino Nano's, the latest Nano Every costs roughly $19 on Amazon.

for a single chip.

here's the rub:
that same chip. exact same chip. if you buy directly from Arduino, costs $12.

🤔 now here's the kicker:

they sell a 3 pack for $31. just a shade cheaper than 3 parts and only $12 more than Amazon's price for just *one*.

here's the hack:

you can buy that 3-pack on arduino's site using your amazon account payment options including gift cards 😈

so the moral of this story is I just got 3 Arduino Nano Every's using my #bing rewards that I converted into Amazon credit.

Have a nice day.

NW 🌲 Spaces
4 days ago

3 😎 Things
#SupportLocal #Makers #Musicians #Vendors #SeedSwap #Gardening Markets 🖐️🛒🌱

~ Spring Market @ El Centro de la Raza, 3/17

~ Festival of Persephone @ Peaceful Belly Farm, 3/18

~ Rain or Shine #Community Market @ Lulumiere, 3/18

#WeekendVibes #NWspaces

Flier with pink and green floral border and text Mercado DIA De La Primavera
Black and white flier with illustration of young girl with long hair carrying a wicker basket and text The Festival of Persephone
Flier with pink background and white text saying  Rain or Shine Community Market  and black text giving date Saturday 3.18.23 and time 11 am to3 pm

I love tempeh and wanted to make my own
So I decided to try culturing my own spores rather than buy a starter. After 24 hours of incubating, I have living Mycelium...!!

Hopefully it will sporulate soon and then I need never buy tempeh again.

#makers #food #tempeh #mycelium

A photo of slices of tempeh with a white fuzzy mould
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
5 days ago

This was the simplest and probably most successful Maker Faire project I ever did.

"Overhead Makey" consisted of a bunch of gels and stencils and overhead projectors.

I saw many other Faires borrow/replicate the idea, which made me really happy.

Kids and adults both liked it, and no one got hurt, so that's a win!

#MakerFaire #Makey #maker #makers #projection #light #robot

Linux Magazine
1 week ago

Happy Pi Day! Check out our Raspberry Pi and maker-focused special issues and collections #OpenHardware #RaspberryPi #PiDay #OpenSource #makers #Linux #projects #RaspPi

MakerSpace #02: Hands-on Projects for Makers | Build a Rasp Pi Radio
Jennie Batchelor
1 week ago

I wonder if I could ask #womenshistory #needlework #embroidery enthusiasts #makers and #regency fans if they could check out my website Patterns or Perfection, which is a searchable database of nearly 200 rare needlework patterns from the Lady’s Magazine between 1770 and 1819. We are moving the site to my University’s server from its current home so it links to my other research pages/resources on the magazine and I would love feedback/suggestions: @fiberarts

Andrey Markov (Safe)
1 week ago
weaving a narrative about corporatism into my shitposts for just long enough to put in some more RAM. But I do like seeing the bees in part for its ventilators, volunteers 3D printed them at $1 each, original manufacturer threatened to sue #boingboing #3d_printing #coronavirus #COVID_19 #makers #pandemic
1 week ago
Meme that says "the most implausible thing about superhero movies is that these guys make their own suits, like seriously those toxic chemicals did NOT give you the ability to sew stretch knits, do you even own a serger "

I'm almost there: using #HomeAssistant, Double Take and CompreFace to perform facial recognition when my Reolink doorbell spots a person at the front door so it can automatically open my Loqed smart lock when it sees me or my wife.

It's a bit of a convoluted setup, but it's a 100% local solution.

Will first test extensively for false positives, obvs.

#homeautomation #diy #makers

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
1 week ago

Is this sort of a Maker Faire replacement?


#MakerFaire #Makers

1 week ago

Pointing up. Join us when the rain clears tomorrow at @sunandseacollective Pop Up Market from 10am-3pm in the courtyard at @thePointSB. Explore and support a great group of local makers, live music, good eats and family fun! See you there! #shopsmall #supportlocal #elsegundo #manhattanbeach #artists #makers #popup #southbay #losangeles #mydayinla #socal #california [Note: I will update here and on all social if any changes due to weather, so check back to be sure.]

2 weeks ago

Are there #makers in or around #Sheffield who are interested in joining a small team of volunteers who help to make things possible for people with disabilities?

Remap is a UK national charity with the aim of helping disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives.

Unfortunately the Sheffield panel currently has no lead volunteer to oversee the monthly meetings and the panel is due to be closed at the end of March if one is not found. Ask me for more info.

Zeroday Podcast (stefan)
2 weeks ago

Help!! I need Laser-Security-glases for a Lasercutter with a wavelenght of 400 to 500. I have to Problems:
1. It needs to be delivered to Germany
2. It should Not exceed 200€

All that I found was too expansive or didn't deliver to Germany.
Any ideas?

#fedihelp #help #Laser #lasercutter #saftyfirst #safty #germany #maker #makers

2 weeks ago

We are all #makers 🛠️♀️✨

#internationalwomensday #iwd #IWD2023

Make: International Women's Day slideshow
El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
2 weeks ago

hey #hackers and #makers

other than making hot pockets, trying to melt lead or aluminum, or burn popcorn, is there any reason to keep an old microwave around?

I would like to do a #FollowFriday sort of thing during #WomensHistoryMonth; who are some rad #makers on #Mastodon that I should include? (yes, you can and should suggest yourself!!) 💙✨

(please boost and share and let me know any other ideas you have to celebrate/recognize/support/lift 💗)

A photo of Hedy Lamarr outside the All Hands Active! makerspace in Ann Arbor, Michigan 💗
Gaël Reyrol
2 weeks ago

@bls Well that's a shame, they broke their #DIY and #makers baseline by making it a speculative product and letting down the community that supported them.

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Here are some wheel snipes from my littlest #combatrobot, smol.

#combatrobotics #Battlebots #makers #rc

2 weeks ago

#Leatherman should just make a multitool with a swap-able utility knife blade. It might be a little bulky for #EDC, but dang would that be useful for #diy -ers and #makers

2 weeks ago

Random question and request for #recommendations from my fellow #makers and #diy -ers: What's your favorite utility #knife? While I have a few leatherman knives/#tools, there are many tasks that are just better suited for a good utility knife, imho.

I've used and abused my Stanley 10-788 ( for years and enjoy a lot of it's features: It's robust, sturdy and fits nicely in my hand. It holds 5-10 spare blades in the handle that are easily accessible and easy to swap with work gloves on and without having to disassemble the tool. I've put this thing through the ringer and it still works great. The blade retracts and extends easily with just my thumb. It also fits any thickness of blade I throw at it.

That said, it's got a couple of flaws: 1) the blade will often retract when applying pressure, 2) similarly the blade can get stuck in an object I'm cutting and get pulled out of the tool, 3) it's much to easy to accidentally leave the blade partially extended if the tool is dirty when putting it back in my pocket 😬 No SERIOUS injuries yet but it's only a matter of time.

What say you? What's your favorite utility knife?

edit: I a word

Jameson Lyon
2 weeks ago

Georgann and I had a wicked deep chat on how art can combat loneliness, what makes for good collaborations, juggling multiple creative “selves” and a ton more.

Highly recc newsletter 1st, then podcast. You can find links to both at

#creativity #makers

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

A guitar that blows bubbles illuminated by LEDs
Made by [Kids Invent Stuff]

#YouTube #KidsInventStuff #makers #guitar #Bubble #LEDs

3 weeks ago


If a post gets flagged by x users as #advertising it should be officially labeled as advertising. If an account accrues y officially labeled posts in a given period, the account should be labeled a #spam account.

That's my current opinion on how to protect servers from the flood of corporate spam that is imminent while simultaneously protecting small #makers selling #crafts, etc.

Then again, protecting #search results from spam might require a heavier hand. #IMO

Junk Muffler
3 weeks ago

What do y'all think? Is this about right?

#maker #makers #meme #workshop #diy #making #crafting

Meme showing the floor layout of a home. The bedroom, kitchen, and bath are tiny. There is a huge section left on the blueprint that just says "workshop".

FRIDAY FUN FACT: You know we make all kinds of things, but we make a lot more than Circuit Board Assemblies.

We are tuning our capabilities to be able to make anything we want.

#RapidPrototyping #Makers #makersgonnamake #AugustaGa #pcbassembly

Junk Muffler
4 weeks ago

One of my friends wanted to play Connect 4 with his daughter using the same set he had as a kid. The only problem was some of the checkers were missing. So naturally I made a one-of-a-kind set of pieces for them to play with!

#makers #maker #games #kidsgames #3dprints #3dprinted #3dprinting #resinprint #art #3dmodeling

Custom Connect 4 pieces. They are weathered silver and gold. One side has the letter "M" in script font. The other has the head of a cat wearing sunglasses.
Michele Banks
4 weeks ago

Niche rant: those " Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!" messages from E*sy never fail to make me furious 😡 Why don't YOU Pat me on the back for a change, corporation for which I am making $$$$?
#art #makers

1 month ago

Solar powered, #HomeKit connected fence door status monitoring system with #CircuitPython and @adafruit hardware. @makemagazine , #makers #DIY , @hackaday

1 month ago

New issue day for #HackspaceMagazine on the @Raspberry_Pi press. My contribution this issue is an air powered #rocket launcher and I made an LED Rocket for night flying! Great fun for not too much cash! As ever, buy, subscribe or DL for free here #makers #making

Screenshot of the magazine article. On the left is a yellow box listing materials used to make the air powered rocket launcher, on the right is a photo of the rocket launcher and LED rocket.
Screenshot from the magazine with a text excerpt. There is a ling exposure photo on the right hand side and you can see streaks of light from the rockets nosecone.
Upstart Crow
1 month ago


Mostly reclusive and carrying slightly damaged goods. A survivor by some accounts. Definitely in need of much therapy. ;)

Staunchly #antifascist

Bear in mind that, while I may "like" your "toot", about a person, event or particular topic, if it links to the "bird-site" I will no longer boost and inadvertently contribute to their grift. Everyone has a choice and a part to play when crimes go unpunished.

"We are #dreamers, #shapers, #singers, and #makers
#follow #boost #altext #art #MastoArt #gimp #photo #DigitalArt
Full #Moon over #Bend #Oregon #pnw #astronomy #astrophotography

Full Moon over Bend Oregon
1 month ago

#Canada #makers: Princess Auto (think our version of Harbor Freight, for you 'mericans) has these little wk-100 wireless keyboards on sale for $8.61 right now.

They're really great for leaving permanently connected to #raspberrypi projects where you might need to occasionally pick up a keyboard + touchpad as a secondary interface; especially if the pi itself is buried deep in a project box.

2 months ago

Any #makers or #electronics people know if I cut a Govee RGBIC (WS2811 I believe), can I wire up a #RaspberryPiPico to control each segment that I cut off?

Basically I've got a 5m strip coming, only need 2.5m, wonder if I can do anything with the rest

2 months ago

Calling all #NYC #makers and #artists! Get $1,000 from the NYC chapter of the #AwesomeFoundation for your project AND a 3-month residency at the #fatcatfablab #MakerSpace.

Applications open Feb 1 and we are having an in-person info session tomorrow night, 1/25 at 7pm, in the West Village. Come say hi!

2 months ago

I am so tired of putting IKEA furniture together. Lots more to do, but I finally have an area for 3d printing, soldering etc

Previous q:

2 months ago

All 7 of CHONK's fights at Robot Renegades South Florida Fair 2023, including the tournament grand final.

#combatrobotics #Battlebots #combatrobot #makers #antweight #maker #robotwars #florida

2 months ago

"Zorg dat makers zich permanent kunnen vestigen. Alleen als de maakindustrie zekerheid heeft om zich te vestigen, kan deze serieus investeren in duurzaamheid en een circulair systeem worden gemaakt." schrijft @waag vandaag in 't Parool. #makers #Amsterdam

henk ✅
2 months ago

In het Parool vandaag:
Opinie: ‘Makers en ambachtslieden maken Amsterdam – gun ze dan ook een plek om te werken’

#waag #makers #diy #fabcity #fablab

Alex McLain
2 months ago

⚡️The Stingray PCBs have arrived! Time to assemble a prototype unit!

#electronics #hardware #makers

2 months ago

Any #Makers got any home office/maker space photos they want to share for inspiration?

Redoing my home office and struggling for ideas.

Have a 3.5m x 3m space that's kinda dominated by this (which needs to stay)

A 3 monitor setup on a white standing desk

Any #baking stone or baking steel recommendations from you #bakers and #makers here?

@Mrfunkedude ?

2 months ago

Chonk against Hellfire. After beating Chonk twice in this tournament and taking first place, Hellfire is now the top-ranked 1lb bot in the USA.

#combatrobotics #Battlebots #combatrobot #makers #antweight #robot #rc

2 months ago

Hey #Makers and #electronics people, any idea if this is fixable by a noob?

My soldering skills are at the level of being able to solder the headers onto a Pi Pico.

The connector has been ripped out, and damaged it in the process.

Can I just straighten out the pins, expose the traces a bit and solder it on?

(it's the pedal board from an electric piano)

The community of creators using Vimeo upload millions of videos every year, hundreds of them are selected as Staff Picks, and only a handful are chosen as the "Best of the Year" by our curation team. These are all videos that you won't want to miss watching!

#video #film #creators #makers #directors #art

Best of the Year 2022 Vimeo Staff Pick videos
Jari Pennanen
2 months ago

I find ALT-text policing in #Mastodon fascinating. Could it work for attribution?

Imagine if you are uploading an image or video, you should choose:

[ ] I made this content
[ ] I found it elsewhere, type here an attribution: _______

This way we would store the metadata if the content originated from the user, or came from elsewhere.

It would allow the filtering of original content, and help discovering #makers and #creators easier.

#Maker #Creator #Photography

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
2 months ago

Hey Makers! I will say this again.

It's okay if you don't finish a project.

Did you learn something along the way?
Did you have fun?
Did you enjoy yourself?

Hopefully you got *something* out of it.

The journey *can* be the reward...

You can lose interest, you can get stuck, you can put things aside.

Don't feel bad about it.

Get rid of any bad feelings you have about unfinished projects, because we've all got 'em.

And that's okay.

#maker #makers #making #design #build #create

🥳🍾Ons Fablab bestaat 15 jaar! Van de eerste stappen van de @Fairphone tot aan de jaarlijkse Fab Academy: dé plek waar je (bijna) alles kan maken! #fablab #makers #anniversary

Byron Miller
2 months ago

Do you author books? have a blog? sell on Etsy? Create? Make? Produce? Sell? Creators & Commerce are welcome to the #fediverse You're always welcome to We're happy to work with you to figure out what works, how to build a community and collaborate on what the future can be. My DMs are always open if you have any questions/concerns. #Mastodon #Fediverse #commerce #creators #authors #makers

2 months ago

Die Kinder haben in den Weihnachtsferien mit großer Begeisterung gelötet und erfreuen sich am Ergebnis. Meine Vorräte an Bausätzen gehen zur Neige. :⁠-⁠)

Hat jemand Empfehlungen für schöne Bausätze, auch als Gerber ok? Ein gewisser SMD-Anteil ist auch ok, solange es nicht zu viel oder zu feiner Pitch ist. Sollte was nützliches, lehrreiches oder unterhaltsames sein.

Wer kann was empfehlen?

#Löten #makers

Fertige Bausätze aufgereiht, von den Kindern gelötet
dr. Sybren
2 months ago

Flatterer v1.4 has just been released! Now it can not only export cuts, but also engrave. Super useful for exporting things like construction alignment lines, if you want to glue one part onto another.

Flatterer turns a 3D model in Blender into a set of shapes suitable for laser cutting. It’s aimed at easily exporting boxes, enclosures, and other made-for-laser-cutting designs to SVG.

#b3d #lasercutter #makers #Blender3D

2 months ago

Just put up a blogpost with an in depth review of an interesting multi tool I was sent. It's a £32 Nextool Vanguard which is a multi tool built around an adjustable spanner/wrench. #tools #making #makers Feel free to check it out via the link and feel free to boost!

A black multitool sat on a grey desk cutting matt, The multitool has a skeletonised frame and an adjustable wrench or spanner at one end.
Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
2 months ago

Ok #makers. If you had to quickly put together a grab bag with your #maker essentials in it (max ten items). What would you pick?

3 months ago

First thing I always do when learning a new skill is try and make gears and I finally did it after a lot of trail and error, special thanks to @geekmomprojects for all the help #makers #steam #stem

The definitive and easy-to-use resource for knowing which glue to use for any surface.

#LifeHack #Makers #Fixers

A web app that has you select two surfaces to glue. The options for each surface are ceramic, fabric, glass, leather, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, styrofoam, vinyl, and wood. After selecting the two surfaces, it tells you which glue to use.

This is an excellent article about the continuous trend of sameness in marketing, design, and branding. It's something the author calls "blanding." It's compelling writing and gave me several things to consider as I enter 2023.

#Inspiration #Entrepreneur #Makers #UX #Design

Chris Pirillo
3 months ago

@Liembo @geektoybox ...I've been known to love #starwars #3dprinting, and particularly love the very-regular @Playactiontoys releases. #YearInReview #maker #makers #actionfigures #toyphotography

princess leia on endor
rebel troopers on the death star
the emperor & his royal guards
captain rex
Dom #RMRRF2023
3 months ago

Happy holidays #maker community! What cool things did you make or design this year? I didn’t do as much #3DPrinting as I’d have liked, but it was a fun year to be sure. My proudest moment this year was winning the first ever #Printables flash contest. My most enjoyable moments happened at #ERRF where I met some of the most amazing people IRL that I hang out with most Friday nights online.

Tell me about your year! #YearInReview #makers #3dprinter #prusa

A small tool I created to make adjusting carbs in my Bus much easier.
My award winning (hahaha) button collection
A custom silverware organizer i made for a friend with teeny, tiny drawers in her new condo.
Neil A. Evans
3 months ago

So folks who own their own #smallbusinesses how can we make the #fediverse bring us together so #makers,
#creators and #entrepeneurs can work together?

Always up for collaboration on interesting projects here. Let’s make something amazing in 2023

Mike Gerdts
3 months ago

@simon and please use appropriate hashtags so it is more discoverable.

#selfPromotion #artists #makers

Alpenglow Industries
3 months ago

I’m so excited that I finished my white elephant gift just in time for our meetup tomorrow morning! I’ve been working on it for the past week and it’s been so hard to keep it a secret. One hint is in the photo, the other is that it smells like burning. 😂 #makers #makersofmastodon #laserpewpew

Garrett Kelly
3 months ago

Hi: I’m Garrett. I do #paranormal stuff w/ (a crowdsourced map of strange experiences).

Into being a #weirdo, banging on pots and pans, building devices to talk to plants, #divination, #pareidolia, #lpfm, #occult, #magick, #hacking, #ruby #HamRadio, #makers, #diy, #FoundSound, #SoundArt, #SocialJustice, #witchcraft, #queer ness, #gender, trying to talk to #ufos with #tarot and leaving out baked goods to entice them!